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Author Topic: Private Another Day at the Beach [ 15.6.2590; 7:30 AM ] || C’ace  (Read 616 times)

Offline Vicymus

Almost skipping, Vicymus made his way from the exit of the Weyr Hall down to the Cove. As he went, he idly watched the Farmers and Herders at work in the fields and with their beasts—even waving to them as he passed. Getting to watch the growth of the bamboo that had been planted the previous month was fascinating to him; it just shot up so damn fast! From what he’d heard the other Crafters discussing, it didn’t take much to cultivate it:  just making sure that it was properly watered, which they always did early in the morning and late in the evening, so that the high tropical sun wouldn’t evaporate it as quickly and scald the plants themselves.

The fact that there’d already been harvests of it, he found the most interesting of all. There were no other crops that grew so quickly. And even so soon, the weyr was starting to feel the effects of it. Or at least, he supposed, the Fishers were. Vicky couldn’t really speak for any others. But the Farmers had delivered some of the thick, woody stalks already, from which his own Hall had been able to make more traps, weave more nets, make repairs to other tools…

It was all very exciting. Just as much so as the ship still taking shape just past the edge of the beach and into the Weyr Bowl. Every day, it seemed that the Southern Hope began to look more and more like a proper boat, like the ships that his mother had told him stories of while he was growing up.

Seeing all their progress put him in even better spirits than normal. So it was with a bountiful sense of energy that he actually made his way to the Cove more or less on time. And once he got there, he cast about for the familiar sight of Reesskith’s Blue hide, grinning as he practically bounced his way over to his brother’s dragon, knowing C’ace wouldn’t be far off.

“Hey,” he said by way of greeting when he reached them, “I need to go out and dive to look at some of the traps today. Wanna help me?”

« Last Edit: September 05, 2018, 02:10:25 PM by Vicymus »

Offline C'ace

Re: Another Day at the Beach [ 15.6.2590; 7:30 AM ] || C’ace
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 08:43:08 PM »
A lot of people could say a lot about C’ace’s perkiness when it came to work. While it was certainly not his most favorite of things to do, and he wasn’t so often thrilled to be doing it, he wasn’t one to voice a complaint and he was generally on time. Even if he happened to arrive with a friend or two in tow – or he happened to be late to breakfast – C’ace wasn’t ever late to the chores or drills he was actually expected to.

Breakfast could be missed if it meant spending more time with someone more interesting.

This particular morning, however, C’ace had arrived to both breakfast and the beach on time. Dressed in his leathers and ready to do whatever was assigned to him – which happened to be assisting whatever the fishers needed. That’s usually how it worked for the Blue Rider. He and Reesskith were nimble and agile enough to work with the boats, strong enough to haul nets, but not adept enough at fighting beach snakes. Not that either of them wanted to, mind. They’d sooner high tail it out of a fight then participate. Especially after the mess with the Hunters they’d been involved in.

No more close calls would suit either of them just fine.

When Vicy called for them, C’ace grinned and gave a lazy wave. “Diving for traps? I suppose we could assist.” If that was going to be far enough out from beach snakes… Reesskith glanced at his Rider – they both shared that particular worry, so C’ace asked, “That’s not gonna put us in harms way, hm? We can’t rightly be delivering you into the waiting mouths of snakes.”

Length: 28M || Height: 4M || Wingspan: 48

Offline Vicymus

Re: Another Day at the Beach [ 15.6.2590; 7:30 AM ] || C’ace
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2018, 12:32:29 PM »
Vicky could understand the concern about Beach Snakes—he didn’t fancy running into one either. Danger and worry were usually things far from his mind; whatever happened happened, and he wasn’t about to get hung up on things that he couldn’t control or change. But that didn’t mean he was expressly reckless with other people’s lives either. That just wasn’t in his nature, no matter how lackadaisical he could be about basically everything else.

So he waved a hand to dismiss C’ace’s concerns. “Nah, I wouldn’t have asked if I thought it was gonna be a problem.” Vicky glanced up at the sky, which was free of cloud cover and brightly sunny, rays of light piercing down even to the bottom of the Cove itself. It served to make the water look much shallower than it really was—but it also allowed both human and dragon a better chance of spotting Snakes well before they reached anyone. “If anything gets weird, we’ll just go back to shore.”

“We are gonna need some rope, though.” There was a coil resting off to one side of the makeshift dock, and Vicky was quick to snag it. “If any of the traps have stuff in them, we’ll have to haul ‘em in for harvesting. Otherwise I just need to rebait them. So we’ll need some spare fish bits too—heads or tails or the like.” All things that were normally tossed aside during the cleaning process for use as bait or feed for flits and whers.

Offline C'ace

Re: Another Day at the Beach [ 15.6.2590; 7:30 AM ] || C’ace
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2018, 11:00:26 PM »
C’ace nodded at the answer then waved at Reesskith to make his way to the beach. There were always guards along the beach – larger wingmates that would try to quickly interfere if snakes did crop up – but the beasties didn’t usually show up on clear, bright days when they couldn’t sneak up on anyone.

So, with fair weather and clear skies, C’ace didn’t feel so anxious about hauling Vicky out.

When he said he needed some bait, C’ace nodded and jogged over to the Hall. He’d dealt with traps before and knew where to get such smelly, slimy bait. There were a lot of crafts that C’ace thought might be fun, if he’d never been a Rider, but Fisher wasn’t one of them. It was messy and smelly. Those in the craft perpetually smelled like fish.

C’ace didn’t usually mind, but it wasn’t generally his forte.

Bringing back a woven basket of bait, he made his way to Reesskith who was idly splashing in the shallows. “If you’re ready?” he asked, grinning some as he handed the basket of bait off to Vicky.

Length: 28M || Height: 4M || Wingspan: 48

Offline Vicymus

Re: Another Day at the Beach [ 15.6.2590; 7:30 AM ] || C’ace
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2019, 02:27:14 PM »
While C’ace moved to get some of the aforementioned bait, Vicky collected more rope than just the initial small coil he’d picked up. It might be a hopeful, optimistic thing, but he was cheerful enough to plan for the best—that there would be lots of catch in the traps, and he’d have to tie them up and string them together for Reesskith to bring in to shore. As thin as some of the fishing had gotten in the Cove of late, he didn’t know how true that would prove… but it made more sense to bring the rope just in case, rather than have to make multiple trips to get more just out of cynicism.

Once he had, he returned to where his brother’s handsome Blue was cavorting in the water, grinning as he playfully splashed Reesskith. With the water swirling around his ankles, he nodded when C’ace approached again and took the basket of bait, tucking it under one arm with the rope coiled over his other shoulder. “Nothin’ else to wait on,” he answered easily.

As bright and sunny as the day was, with the chance for them to be on the water, this hardly seemed like work—which was another reason Vicky had been eager enough to start it. Any opportunity to go diving for the Fisher Hall, he would take. All the better if he got to spend time with someone he was so fond of while he did so.

Offline C'ace

Re: Another Day at the Beach [ 15.6.2590; 7:30 AM ] || C’ace
« Reply #5 on: March 16, 2019, 11:00:10 AM »
Reesskith was utterly oblivious to the fact he had been momentarily left to his own devices while both humans were off gathering supplies. He splashed, snapped at the water that was kicked up, and swirled his tail in the crystal waters. It was such a nice day, it was difficult for him to focus on anything that resembled work. He just wanted to play, to have a bit of fun, even if it was with just himself.

When Vicky returned and splashed at him, Reesskith responded in kind with a draconic splash in the fisher’s direction. Trumpeting his amusement when he invariably drenched the other person in salt water. Not that it would matter shortly, since Vicky would be setting traps in water.

C’ace returned to the pair of them still messing about in the water. Rather than insist they stop, he chuckled and dodged a wave. He was likely to get just as wet as Vicky before the day was over – and he didn’t overly object to it – but it was in the spirit of fun that he at least make it a little difficult for Reesskith to splash him.

With the bait and rope collected, C’ace easily scaled the side of his dragon and, once up him, offered Vicky a hand. “Let’s get out and bait some traps, hm?” No matter how much he might not like the smellier side of fishing work, C’ace absolutely loved being on Reesskith on the water.

Length: 28M || Height: 4M || Wingspan: 48

Offline Vicymus

Re: Another Day at the Beach [ 15.6.2590; 7:30 AM ] || C’ace
« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2019, 01:40:14 PM »
Reesskith splashing him drew a delighted laugh from Vicymus. Prior to the move to Southern Winds, he hadn’t had much interaction with dragons. But though they seemed like imposing creatures at first, he’d found that many of them had a playful streak that rivaled his own. It made him smile to know that they were as moved to enjoy themselves as any human, and that fact had really solidified for him that they were their own people even before he’d connected with C’ace and Reesskith.

That he had ended up drenched bothered him not at all, and he just wiped his hair out of his eyes with a grin.

Watching how easily C’ace clambered up the Blue always put Vicky somewhat in awe of his brother. It had to be born of long practice and turns being bonded to him, but it was still impressive. Such a different kind of life than the one that Vicky had—not that he was jealous or resentful. Being a rider seemed like far too much responsibility for it to be something he wanted. But as curious about people as he always was, it was an interesting glimpse into a whole other world for him.

“Let’s.” He grinned again and took C’ace’s offered hand to climb less gracefully up Reesskith’s side. Settling in place where his brother directed him, he settled the basket of bait between his knees. They’d be out on the water soon enough, and getting to see it from dragon back was something he relished too.


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