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Author Topic: Remember What You Were Taught? [34.06.2590 - 10pm] || Hatchling Feeding  (Read 1504 times)

Offline Galve

Why does your tail hurt? My tail doesn’t hurt… As if, just to check that her tail showed no signs of actual hurt, the little Red awkwardly craned her neck to look down her back. Raising her tail and flicking it around a little, just to make sure. Did you hurt it while playing? I was playing before I found Mine. Mine said they were just going to wrap it up… But then a girl put some icky green paste on it. I don’t like the way it smells… You should not let them touch you with the smelly stuff.

Galve, who had been idly listening to Weyteleth’s friend-making, and drinking some juice to replenish some of the energy that was very steadily sapping out of them now that the excitement had worn off, jumped into action. You can’t say that! It will help them heal, and it stops them from getting sick later, and it stops the pain!

But it smells! As if to prove her point, the little Red leant down to sniff Galve’s chest before cringing away. Galve crossed their arms and raised an eyebrow. You want to make friends by giving them bad advice that can hurt them? That’s not nice. That’s not how to be a friend.

Feeling guilt swell through their bond, Galve was pleased to hear the small addition to the conversation between the two Red’s. Nevermind. Mine says the smelly stuff is important. The small voice brightened a little as Galve uncrossed their arms and set to oiling up the small Red, eyebrow returned to its regular position. Did you know the smelly stuff helps the hurt? And stops you from getting sick? I’ve never been sick, but the greenstuff will stop it.

The guilt almost entirely erased from their bond as the Black joined the conversation. Oooh! Not hurt! Yours must be lucky. Or quick. Mine got hurt when they didn’t move out of the way. Yours must be faster. But that’s okay. I don’t mind if Mine isn’t fast. Did you get hurt? Quaoth did.

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Wa'by had some perfect timing, arriving to greet the pair just as Q'ellan was trying to decide whether or not Ooromoth was sufficiently oiled. Even after the red had stopped complaining of itchiness, Q'ellan had continued to oil, scrub the liquid hard into the dragonets skin.

"Hello Sir." He quite enjoyed that way that there were all sorts of experienced riders on hand. Having already talked to the Wingsecond of Mountain and now one of the Assistant Weyrling Masters, Q'ellan had seemed to have gotten the best of the best in terms of advice.

"I was wondering if you could check over Ooromoth's oiling for me." He gestured down at the little red in his lap, having hoisted him up into the position for easier access to the more annoying itchy parts of the red's hide. "He's not complaining that it's itchy anymore. I just wanted to see if your more experienced eyes could spot anything I've missed."

Ooromoth too returned Vicith's greeting, a simple Hello and a light thrum.

"But after that B'lye said we should be able to head over to our room."

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Offline Wa'by

“Ol’ Hop Along, eh? That bastard’s blood’s worth bottlin’ if you ask me. Fair call listening to him.” Wa’by nodded his head to reaffirm his point, eyes glancing up to take in the sight of the former wingsecond and offer him a jovial wink should the baldy decide to look his way.

“Anyway. I can certainly take a squiz at the little ranga for ya. Don’t have any of the teeny fellas chasing you around then?” He stepped closer even as Vicith craned to get a better view of Ooromoth, the glows not doing the dragonet the justice to its hide that the sunlight would.

I am Vicith. Mine is Wa’by. You have some striking markings from what I can see. Vicith crooned back softly, twisting his head to try and catch the darker patches that decorated his hide. There was no doubt the red would grow to be a striking example of his colour, just as Vicith himself was.

Not wanting to disturb the now peaceful red, Wa’by didn’t move to touch her, but gestured towards a couple of sections that were a little wetter than other sections. “You could rub it in a bit more in places but a little extra oil never hurt nobody. The little Rustbucket ain’t havin’ a sook so you’ve done an ace job so far as I can tell. Just keep the oil on hand for if she starts whinging again.”  He paused and stepped back, squinting at the young man and the dragon so comfortably held in his arms.

“… ‘scuse the assumption. Rustbucket’s a Sheila, yeah? Red reckons so but couldn’t glean much from just a hello.” Not a complaint, just a genuine hesitation as to whether he may have caused offense.

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He's very interesting. Ooromoth said, almost in awe, looking up at the Assistant Weyrling Master as he spoke, the man's unique choice of words something that one didn't hear much despite the eclectic bunch that were now living at the Weyr. Thank you! He said genuinely and excitedly to Vicith, the happiness that exuded through their bond unmetered by the young red.

"Right." Q'ellan said, trying not to be overwhelmed by the untempered emotions. "I'll do that, thank you. Oh no! Ooromoth is male." At least, that's what he thought the man was asking. Paired with the fact that Wa'by had indeed said 'she' earlier on, it seemed like a logical assumption. He wasn't offended, Red dragons were unique in that way, appearing as both male and female unlike all the other colours.

Ooromoth's voice was gentle as well, relaxed and soft, so Q'ellan didn't blame the dragon for assuming such. It occured to him that he too should probably figure out what colour dragon Wa'by rode, if only to fill out his knowledge of the Weyrleadership further, as he went to open his mouth, Ooromoth shoved the image of Vicith's pale, icy body into his mind, and his eyes glazed over, a grin forming across Q'ellan's face.

"Vicith is very handsome sir." He managed to say, before looking quickly down to rub more oil into Ooromoth's hide, trying to conceal some of the emotion from the sight. Q was going to have to get used to the idea of actually seeing colour every now and then, to try and temper some of his reactions to avoid affecting and confusing Ooromoth with them.

"Well. I think I'm done." He said, after he managed to pull himself together a little bit. "Do you know what room we are in Sir?"

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             Ooromoth ~ Newly Hatched ~ Length 1.4m ~ Height 0.28m ~ Wingspan 2.6m


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