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Author Topic: Remember What You Were Taught? [34.06.2590 - 10pm] || Hatchling Feeding  (Read 2156 times)

Offline Galve

Why does your tail hurt? My tail doesn’t hurt… As if, just to check that her tail showed no signs of actual hurt, the little Red awkwardly craned her neck to look down her back. Raising her tail and flicking it around a little, just to make sure. Did you hurt it while playing? I was playing before I found Mine. Mine said they were just going to wrap it up… But then a girl put some icky green paste on it. I don’t like the way it smells… You should not let them touch you with the smelly stuff.

Galve, who had been idly listening to Weyteleth’s friend-making, and drinking some juice to replenish some of the energy that was very steadily sapping out of them now that the excitement had worn off, jumped into action. You can’t say that! It will help them heal, and it stops them from getting sick later, and it stops the pain!

But it smells! As if to prove her point, the little Red leant down to sniff Galve’s chest before cringing away. Galve crossed their arms and raised an eyebrow. You want to make friends by giving them bad advice that can hurt them? That’s not nice. That’s not how to be a friend.

Feeling guilt swell through their bond, Galve was pleased to hear the small addition to the conversation between the two Red’s. Nevermind. Mine says the smelly stuff is important. The small voice brightened a little as Galve uncrossed their arms and set to oiling up the small Red, eyebrow returned to its regular position. Did you know the smelly stuff helps the hurt? And stops you from getting sick? I’ve never been sick, but the greenstuff will stop it.

The guilt almost entirely erased from their bond as the Black joined the conversation. Oooh! Not hurt! Yours must be lucky. Or quick. Mine got hurt when they didn’t move out of the way. Yours must be faster. But that’s okay. I don’t mind if Mine isn’t fast. Did you get hurt? Quaoth did.

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Red Weyteleth - Newly hatched - 1.3 m long/0.26 m tall/ 2.15m wings

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Wa'by had some perfect timing, arriving to greet the pair just as Q'ellan was trying to decide whether or not Ooromoth was sufficiently oiled. Even after the red had stopped complaining of itchiness, Q'ellan had continued to oil, scrub the liquid hard into the dragonets skin.

"Hello Sir." He quite enjoyed that way that there were all sorts of experienced riders on hand. Having already talked to the Wingsecond of Mountain and now one of the Assistant Weyrling Masters, Q'ellan had seemed to have gotten the best of the best in terms of advice.

"I was wondering if you could check over Ooromoth's oiling for me." He gestured down at the little red in his lap, having hoisted him up into the position for easier access to the more annoying itchy parts of the red's hide. "He's not complaining that it's itchy anymore. I just wanted to see if your more experienced eyes could spot anything I've missed."

Ooromoth too returned Vicith's greeting, a simple Hello and a light thrum.

"But after that B'lye said we should be able to head over to our room."

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             Ooromoth ~ 34.06.2590 ~ Length 2.82m ~ Height 0.56m ~ Wingspan 5.2m

Offline Wa'by

“Ol’ Hop Along, eh? That bastard’s blood’s worth bottlin’ if you ask me. Fair call listening to him.” Wa’by nodded his head to reaffirm his point, eyes glancing up to take in the sight of the former wingsecond and offer him a jovial wink should the baldy decide to look his way.

“Anyway. I can certainly take a squiz at the little ranga for ya. Don’t have any of the teeny fellas chasing you around then?” He stepped closer even as Vicith craned to get a better view of Ooromoth, the glows not doing the dragonet the justice to its hide that the sunlight would.

I am Vicith. Mine is Wa’by. You have some striking markings from what I can see. Vicith crooned back softly, twisting his head to try and catch the darker patches that decorated his hide. There was no doubt the red would grow to be a striking example of his colour, just as Vicith himself was.

Not wanting to disturb the now peaceful red, Wa’by didn’t move to touch her, but gestured towards a couple of sections that were a little wetter than other sections. “You could rub it in a bit more in places but a little extra oil never hurt nobody. The little Rustbucket ain’t havin’ a sook so you’ve done an ace job so far as I can tell. Just keep the oil on hand for if she starts whinging again.”  He paused and stepped back, squinting at the young man and the dragon so comfortably held in his arms.

“… ‘scuse the assumption. Rustbucket’s a Sheila, yeah? Red reckons so but couldn’t glean much from just a hello.” Not a complaint, just a genuine hesitation as to whether he may have caused offense.

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Rustbucket. That is what my genius amounts to right now. "Rustbucket" @RaynePOTM  for metnion and @Inki for Q'ellan

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He's very interesting. Ooromoth said, almost in awe, looking up at the Assistant Weyrling Master as he spoke, the man's unique choice of words something that one didn't hear much despite the eclectic bunch that were now living at the Weyr. Thank you! He said genuinely and excitedly to Vicith, the happiness that exuded through their bond unmetered by the young red.

"Right." Q'ellan said, trying not to be overwhelmed by the untempered emotions. "I'll do that, thank you. Oh no! Ooromoth is male." At least, that's what he thought the man was asking. Paired with the fact that Wa'by had indeed said 'she' earlier on, it seemed like a logical assumption. He wasn't offended, Red dragons were unique in that way, appearing as both male and female unlike all the other colours.

Ooromoth's voice was gentle as well, relaxed and soft, so Q'ellan didn't blame the dragon for assuming such. It occured to him that he too should probably figure out what colour dragon Wa'by rode, if only to fill out his knowledge of the Weyrleadership further, as he went to open his mouth, Ooromoth shoved the image of Vicith's pale, icy body into his mind, and his eyes glazed over, a grin forming across Q'ellan's face.

"Vicith is very handsome sir." He managed to say, before looking quickly down to rub more oil into Ooromoth's hide, trying to conceal some of the emotion from the sight. Q was going to have to get used to the idea of actually seeing colour every now and then, to try and temper some of his reactions to avoid affecting and confusing Ooromoth with them.

"Well. I think I'm done." He said, after he managed to pull himself together a little bit. "Do you know what room we are in Sir?"

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             Ooromoth ~ 34.06.2590 ~ Length 2.82m ~ Height 0.56m ~ Wingspan 5.2m

Offline W'um

S'nis and Masath, a lovely looking pair. He made the mental note to Liramyth, the two would collate their knowledge at the end of the night to make sure the new Weyrling ledgers were accurate, W'um would have to get to know each of the new Weyrling pairs and whilst he couldn't get it all done in one night, it wouldn't hurt to try and see each of them anyways.

When S'nis didn't have any other questions for him, he moved on, taking note of injuries, numbers of Weyrlings, writing new pairs down on the room assignment list as he went. It was this kind of duty that he loved, something that actually meant he was helping.

He loved Prairie, that was for sure, the people in it and everything it involved, but drills and firestone, what was the point anymore? He would be dead if another pass ever did come around, and so would everyone else.

Regardless, he was here now, working underneath someone as experienced as D'zel, and given the privilege to mentor and guide such a strapping class of young future riders.

Liramyth rumbled happily at the pleasant thoughts before shuffling forward and turning W'um's attention to a Weyrling pair that he could address.

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W'um is open for anyone to ask questions of, room numbers, etc.

Length 28.5m ~ Height 5.7m ~ Wingspan 47.31m
W'um oversees the Weyrlings of 2590, click here to find any Weyrling info you need.

Offline W'lleni

W’lleni couldn’t help but stare at the little dragonette beside him as they headed towards the feeding pavilion. He had done it. He had impressed! Although the revelation was slow in coming, it was accompanied inch by inch with a continuously increasing smile. By the time his cheeks hurt by how big his smile had become, he was practically skipping alongside the dark coloured dragonette. A Brown! He was a Brownrider! Honestly, if felt so right. Although W’lleni couldn’t have said he would be unhappy with any colour, if felt easy to picture himself with the other Brownriders he knew and had been tutored by. And it would make his family proud, although W’lleni was sure he would have fought any of his brothers that chose to mock his Bonded, regardless.

You would not need to, there is nothing they could mock me for, I am exactly as I should be.

“Shards, yeah you are! And you’re mine! My brothers are gonna be so jealous! I’m finally a dragon rider! Well… a weyrling, and you’re a little small to ride, but still, this is awesome” W’lleni had to accompany each part of his speech with wild arm gestures and a little jump of excitement at the end. He had to. All of the tiredness that he’d felt before he impressed had been replaced by an energy. Like a faint buzzing of each and every one of his atoms and he just needed to use it. He didn’t go so far as to leap into the air and whoop at the top of his lungs, although he wanted to, it just simply didn’t occur to him as he kept staring at the little Brown.

“We’re going to be the best rider pair ever. You’ll see. The absolute best. And the way you broke up that fight? Awesome. It’ll go down in history, I tell you.”

Although Iaoth didn’t say anything, W’lleni felt a small warmth of amusement and smugness spread through him, and the ex-candidate had to clench his fists and hold them down at his side to stop himself from punching into the air with excitement. He could feel his dragon! They were really bonded!

But even as the thought passed through him, the dragon made a small coughing sound, of course you can. You are W’lleni and I am Iaoth. There was no other way than for us to bond.

Again, W’lleni could only beam.

Forgetting entirely to test out their mental connection, W’lleni spoke aloud as he explained to his Brown that he’d have to eat slow to make sure he didn’t choke. Initially, the Brown had not liked the idea, he was very hungry, but after he’d been made to understand, he didn’t kick up much fuss. The pair sat and ate, and W’lleni was eventually palmed some oil and smothered it over the Brown.

Although still brimming with excitement, by the time the food was finished and the oiling had been done and checked, both members of the pair were very tired. Asking once more, the candidate said, “you sure you’re done eating?”

With a yawn that looked comically oversized, even on the bulky Brown, W’lleni felt the smooth voice in his head, yes. I am full and tired. It is time to sleep now, I think. And with that, the Brown crossed his front feet together and rested his chin on them, closing his eyes.

Getting up from the table, W’lleni stretched his arms over his head and replied, “right then, off we go.” But the Brown didn’t move.

No, it is time for me to sleep, not to go.

“Yeah bud, but you can’t sleep here. We have a room to go to.”

But I am comfortable here. There is no need to go anywhere else.

“But… there is. You can’t sleep here.”

I am sure I can.

“Iaoth, bud, you sleep in a room, on a dragonbed. We don’t sleep by the hatching sands.”

But the little Brown was done talking. W’lleni hadn’t managed to provide him a legitimate reason to move. Here was comfortable. Here was perfectly safe. There was no need to move. W’lleni couldn’t believe it.

“Iaoth. Iaoth seriously. Iaoth, bud, c’mon. Iaaaaooooth.”

But the Brown didn’t move.

“I’ll leave you out here.”

I do not need you to sleep beside me. But I am also sure you will not leave.

W’lleni’s mouth fell open. This was unfair, totally unfair. The room wasn’t that far, and he’d asked nicely, he’d explained, why wasn’t Iaoth listening?

But still the Brown didn’t move.

Crossing his hands over his chest in irritation, and glaring at the dragonette, he stood there for a moment before letting out a huffed breath. “Fine, but you’ve brought this on yourself,” he said in a low voice, before reaching down to pick up the dragon. Purposefully carrying him awkwardly so the Brown couldn’t fall asleep in his arms. He kept his arms locked around Iaoth’s middle, letting his back legs hang down and his wings fan out over his locked arms.

I do not like this.

Well, you were being rude.

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How I envisioned Iaoth's punishment carry:

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Offline L'anna

She had stood on the sand when the reds had harmed candidates and killed one. She had been there when the Queen threw one into the stands and she had been there to see the black and bronze start to fight that was when the blue had ran over to where she was standing and was mewing at her. It was then that the impression happened and she was smitten with the blue before her. L'anna can we get out of here please. I am hungry and scared. L'anna yes that was her name now and she was going to take care of this handsome blue beast. Yes lets get you out of here Gyoth. The food is that way.

She lead the blue off the sands and to the feeding area only looking back to see if her twin had impressed yet but noticing he had not. She was certain he would though. She made her way to the buckets of meat and got one. She walked with one and took a seat over to the side away from the black and bronze that had scared her blue she would not have them scare him again. She started to feed him one piece at a time. I am full and I itch all over. I will get that Gyoth don't worry. You stay here and I will get some oil. She went to the oil table and grabbed a can of oil taking it over to Gyoth and started to work on him. He was a beautiful blue color. She was making that blue shine she was also getting tired and could feel he was getting tired also. She knew that sleep was something they would both have soon. Well as soon as she got their room number and got them to their room.

She hoped if her twin did impress today she shared a room with him. Why do you want to share with him. Am I not enough for you. You are my only but he is my Twinnie you will love him. Gyoth looked at her and put his head to the side. If you say so She looked around to see her twinnie with a Bronze and smiled he would be happy with the bronze she was happy for him. She worked on Gyoth to make sure she got all the spots that itched.

Offline Wa'by

Oh. I like this one. Do you think Liramyth would mind if we added him to our ranga’s? Vicith asked somewhat seriously, a contented rumble at the Red’s enthusiasm an audible acknowledgement of the energetic creature’s own thanks.

/Yeah. We’ll just shove ‘im off the cliff with the other ones. See whether peer pressure can make ‘em fly/ He said back not unkindly, the comment causing him to pause as he absorbed the clarification as to Ooromoth’s gender. “Ah. Well. My bad, mate. I’ll keep that bit o’ info in the ol’ noggin for future reffy. Vicky must be getting’ old the poor dear.” The last bit was said with a sad shake of his head, as if the dragon truly was in his eighth or ninth decade and not barely halfway to his second.

He returned his attention to Q’ellan, catching the slack features an inattentiveness that was usually a surefire tell that his dragon was talking to him privately. The pause, followed by such a massive grin had Wa’by grinning in kind, the edge of laughter to his voice as he responded. “He is a beaut in’t he. Worth the wait for sure. Reckon you’d be feeling the same way about Rusty, eh?” Very few weyrlings would begrudge the time it took to impress once they had. Once the bond had been made, it was hard to think that there had been any other possibility. There weren’t many comparison’s that would give such a completeness justice.

He did nod at the request, his own face slackening as Vicith requested the room from Liramyth. “Done a fine job there, Champ.” He said as he waited, checking the red’s hide over one last time, approval colouring his voice. “There’s a spot for ya in room 11. Do you know where the barracks are?” It wasn’t a stupid question, not really. Q’ellan appeared older than some of the newly impressed, but that didn’t necessarily mean he knew how to find the weyrling barracks – or the alcoves that made up their various rooms.

“And don’t mind the whole head thingo. You get used to it. I was gobbered those first few turns with Red.” He added in response to the reaction the weyrling had earlier to Ooromoth’s chatting. He may not have known what exactly the dragonet had shared with his bonded, but they didn’t become a searchdragon pair without having at least a teeny bit of understanding for others – and without even a firelizard to get used to, there was no doubt the reds who collectively had caused a headache with their sheer enthusiasm on hatching, would be a handful to get used to mentally. His brief time with the reds in his weyrling classes was enough a testament to that.

I am pretty awe inspiring… Vicith sighed teasingly, the tragedy from the nights events all but forgotten in light of the happiness out there in the feeding pavilion.

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"No worries at all sir," he assured the Assistant Weyrling Master in response to his apology, "It'll help me remember to introduce him that way." Q'ellan was quite glad that he was learning it now with someone who didn't seem to be offended by the lack of knowledge, in the future, someone simply may not ask and might just assume. Q'ellan would now be able to prevent that.

If Ooromoth had been a canine, Q'ellan would've reached down to ruffle the fur on the back of his head, in any case, he simply gave the red a scratch as he agreed with Wa'by's assessment of his feelings with a nod. "It will certainly not be a night I ever forget."

Standing up from the oiling bench, he thanked Wa'by for the information. "No sir, I believe I'll be fine. I know where the barracks are, so I'm sure I'll be able to find the sign for the room.

He nodded respectfully at the Weyrling Master, then over his shoulder to Vicith. "Sirs, thank you for your help tonight." Before he left, Ooromoth gave a quiet, but happy thank you to the both of them, following close to Q'ellan's leg, occassionally bumping against it when he looked back to watch the Weyrlings and helpers that were still in the pavillion.

"Come on." Q stooped and pulled the dragonet up into his arms, to make sure they would make it back to their room without toppling over each other. "You can people-watch all you like when we've had some sleep."

Fine with me. He said, curling his tail around Q'ellan's forearm.

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Thank you for the use of Wa'by. You and he are loooooovely.

             Ooromoth ~ 34.06.2590 ~ Length 2.82m ~ Height 0.56m ~ Wingspan 5.2m

Offline W'um

There's a new blue pair over there. The blue nudged his rider's vision over to the opposite side of the feeding pavilion. She seemed to avoid that bronze and black.

Hmm, maybe something happened on the sands.


I mean, other than the dying and all that.

Yeah sure.

I'm just saying that we're going to have to keep an eye on this group. For the first month they're basically feeding, oiling and socialising, so we'll have to make sure they all know that they are peers now. Black, blue, or otherwise.

Give them a break for tonight.

I know, I know, I know.

"Lyleanna! Congratulations, I'm W'um, that's Liramyth, who is this lovely man?" he said, pointing a thumb over his shoulder to Liramyth's large head in the distance looking inside, "Can I be of any assistance, my dear?"

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@CatTiff for L'anna

Length 28.5m ~ Height 5.7m ~ Wingspan 47.31m
W'um oversees the Weyrlings of 2590, click here to find any Weyrling info you need.

Offline L'anna

L'anna smiled at the Weyrling master and then patted Gyoth "This scardy blue is Gyouth. The Bronze and Black fighting scared him so he wants to be off to the side. I go by L'anna now W'um. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. I am hoping in time he will grow out of being scared of the others of his clutch and being so clingy." I am not Clingy you just need to pay attention to me only no one else. Not even this twin thing you keep talking about. He looked at the big blue and then srunk behind her at the sight. She looked back at him and shook her head "Silly Liramyth will not hurt you. Will you Liramyth?" She looked at the bigger blue and smiled as she tried to comfort Gyoth.

Offline W'um

"L'anna, it's a pleasure, Gyoth too." He sat beside her, partly to ease the pain in his threadscored legs, partly simply because there was no reason to keep standing when it seemed this conversation would not be one of the quicker ones.

Other Weyrlings so far, had been eager to get his advice, then quickly move on. Whether it was from tiredness, or eagerness to start doing things for themselves, W'um didn't know, but he didn't particularly think it matter either. However, if L'anna was keen to have an actual conversation with him, W'um didn't mind that one bit.

"He'll grow into himself that's for sure, but you'll have to help him, he's only young, there's more than enough time for you two to work together if you have any issues." W'um wasn't going to mince things, even though it was early, Gyoth might be scared now, and he might stay that way forever, but he wasn't going to be able to do anything, or change anything without L'anna's help.

Liramyth hesitated, slightly confused by L'anna's next words. I am not silly. But no, I am a dragon, I would not hurt you.

There had never been any reason for Liramyth to ever consider hurting human or dragonkind, so he stated simply the facts.

"Well then... Is there anything you need help with L'anna? Oiling advice, room allocations, general mystical advice for life?"

Length 28.5m ~ Height 5.7m ~ Wingspan 47.31m
W'um oversees the Weyrlings of 2590, click here to find any Weyrling info you need.

Offline L'anna

She smiled to W'um "Thank you sir. I know you will be a big help to me and Gyoth. As for my room I do not know the number yet and I can tell Gyoth is getting tired. I believe I have oiled him enough for now. He does not seem to itch anymore." No I do not Itch I am tired and want to sleep can we not sleep here.

No silly we sleep in a Weyr not on the sands. We will get our rooms and if you can walk we will go there and you can sleep there. In the morning I will feed and oil you again.

She looks at W'um "He thinks he can sleep here. He is being silly."

Offline W'um

He didn't seem pleased with my reassurance. Liramyth grumbled at the lack of response from both Weyrling and dragonet. But he was tolerant enough, if picky. They would have more than enough time to marvel over him when W'um and Liramyth took their lessons alongside D'zel and Rohbarth.

On the way over, W'um had consulted the room assignment chart, and was therefore happy enough to pass along her room number when he had decided he was happy with her oiling job. "No itching is a good sign. You're going to be in Room 11, you've got a nice bunch of red riders in there with you. No sleeping here Gyoth." He admonished with a smile.

He looked around the pavilion momentarily. "Both your room mates seem to have left already, so it seems you'll meet them there. If there's anything you need, L'anna, let me know."

Length 28.5m ~ Height 5.7m ~ Wingspan 47.31m
W'um oversees the Weyrlings of 2590, click here to find any Weyrling info you need.

Offline Ya'lin

The twelve turn old had awoken to her blue telling her to wake up because the eggs where hatching. Yanderlin grabbed her robe ran down the hall towards the hatching sands. She was there as the reds hatched and she was hurt by one blood ran down her left leg from the gashes one made on her but she stood her ground. She watched as her the Reds all found bound mates and smiled at them. They ment no harm to her when they hurt her they where playing and finding the right ones. Though the killing of two candidates in the process was a loss. She did not know the candidates so she did not know how to take it.

As she watched a Black and Bronze where hatched and both fought then the bonze impressed her brother she was proud of that fact and watched as others hatched as well before she stood face to face with the most beautiful green in the world. She was not sure the green was meant for her. Of course you are meant for me Ya'lin why would you not be. Now come I am hungry. You will feed me." Ya'lin was taken aback by the green and how she spoke. You are pushy Faromith but I will feed you. Lets go.

Ya'lin limped her way out of the sands and to the feeding area she smiled to the others as she limped her way through the blood starting to trickle it way down her leg again though the makeshift bandage the healer had put on it Your bleeding you need help. We will take care of you first and then my stomach last. Ya'lin looks at her green as she grabs a bucket of meat No we take care of you Faromith not me though I think we can do both. She looked around for help.

Offline L'anna

L'anna smiled at the Weyrling master and his dragon. "Thank you. Both of you. Liramyth I hope you will be able to help me show Gyoth that there is nothing but the Hunters and Beach snakes to be afraid of. Other dragons like you he should not be afraid of other dragons."

I am not afraid of Liramyth anymore he is not scary I do not think. Though I am tired can we go now?

Yes love we can

"Good night sir I will see you in the morning I guess. Thank you for the room number and the talk. I will take Gyoth to our room and sharing with some Reds is not that bad. So long as they do not hurt me which they should not now that they are bounded."
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Klah and Long Nights - 23.01.2590 x Isotarïne

Breakfast Delivery - 15.03.2590 x K'eeda

In the Radiant Sun - 15.03.2590 x T'lor

Three Cheers to Sweet Isolation - 17.03.2590 x Penderton

Napping on a Wher - 18.03.2590 x Sarinea

Coryza - 20.03.2590 x Vanelwynne

Getting the Ducks Back in a Row - 02.04.2590 x D'zel

The Down Low - 03.04.2590 x Callista

Now It's a Party! - 07.04.2590 x B'lye

Twisted Ankle - 25.04.2590 x Isalia

Dragon's Dance - 08.05.2590 x Bekareni

A Weyrling's First Steps - 10.05.2590 x D'zel

Evening Showers - 11.05.2590 x K'ran

Singing with Flits - 20.05.2590 x Lokin

They Aren't That Heavy - 21.05.2590 x Tiynnalacia

Talking to a Wher - 22.05.2590 x Omenya

You'll Do, Come With Me - 22.05.2590 x Berlya

Lunch With Mum - 30.05.2590 x B'lye

Avoiding Responsibility - 04.06.2590 x Elremmiria

Another Homecoming - 15.06.2590 x K'eir

Come One, Come All - 15.06.2590 x Notkerric

All the Pretties Shine - 19.06.2590 x Laimora

In the Dark of the Night - 35.06.2590 x Tayvelle

Try and Try Again - 01.07.2590 x Saviavi

Training for the Test - 09.07.2590 x Zilanie

Storming Brainstorming - 10.07.2590 x W'lleni

Ways of Life - 16.07.2590 x Vironethian