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Author Topic: Approved S'nis [ Red Weyrling / 6.1.2566 ]  (Read 2578 times)

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S'nis [ Red Weyrling / 6.1.2566 ]
« on: June 01, 2017, 09:43:07 AM »

Play By:
Aaron Paul

Nope. None. He likes his name.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
No, not yet.

Your Reflection...

S’nis is a wiry lookin’ sort of guy. He’s always been sort of non-descript growing up in Fort and he liked it that way. Not particularly tall, muscled, or exceptionally handsome. Fit enough he can hold his own in a fight against most, quick enough to run away from those he’d rather not fight. A modest 5’6”. He’s always scruffy with stubble on his face and a haphazard haircut he does himself, in an attempt to be self sufficient ( and he doesn’t like people near him with sharp objects ). He wears decent enough clothes now that he’s become a candidate, something he’s still getting used to, though his clothes are usually patched and recycled whatever he could find.
He’s big on fixing clothes to the point they can’t be worn anymore. Waste not and all that.
While he’s never exactly clean, he’s not exceptionally dirty either. He walks a fine line between both.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
S’nis would never say he thrived, or even did well. He just sorta ‘made it out’. Put his head down, tried to ignore the fact that Thread was falling overhead, dragons were dying around him, and that his life was a piece of runnershit. He spent time as a whore that he absolutely hated when he was younger, and it’s a time he prefers to pretend never existed. A large, black hole in his memory that ended when he knifed a gang member and hid away in a different part of Fort, in a gambling den, and stole for a living. That was far more preferable than being a whore. Even when he got beat when he was caught. He was a thief right up until the Pass ended and he was Searched.
Response to dragon color mutations:
Becoming a Dragon Rider, being Searched, was the magical ticket to a better life. Anything was better than being a Holder at Fort. He’d take doing chores as a Candidate for the rest of his life if they’d let him. So he was super anxious and nervous since he was Searched so late in his life and was really getting close to aging out when he finally impressed. Since he impressed to a Red, one of those mutations everyone seems so hung up about, he’s rather defensive about them. And eternally grateful.

Who are you...

Chores : They give him a sense of purpose and, oddly enough, a sense of security. No one is going to bother him if he’s doing something he’s supposed to be doing, right?
Personal Space : It was so rare, so coveted, in Fort that all he really wants is some space, something to call his own.
Recycling : He likes being able to repurpose things, no matter how useless someone might think it is. He also likes being taught skills that enable him to do this, such as sewing, composting, farming, etc.
Eating / Cooking : Borderline a glutton if he’d ever be allowed. It doesn’t take much to fill him up, but he just loves the taste of food. Coming from a background of ‘have not’, he’s eternally grateful every day they just HAVE food. He also loves working in the kitchens and making things that taste good.
Sharp things near him : Seriously. He doesn’t want people cutting his hair, he doesn’t want weaver needles near him, and he’ll do his damndest to bandage / tend to any wounds he has on his own. He just doesn’t trust anyone, not even the healers, with dangerous tools around him. He gets jumpy, anxious, and starts looking for an exit.
Enclosed Spaces : Those personal alcoves in the weyrhall? You’ll never find him in one. Small weyrs? Nope. And the tight tunnels that lead down to the lake? Fuck it. He wants nothing to do with it. He’d risk the beach snakes before he shoves himself into the dark tunnel.
Holders : In his personal experience, they’re all selfish bastards and they can all go fuck off into the jungle.
* HARD WORKER : He actually enjoys work. Give him a task, give him something to do, and it’s a comfort. He believes that having something to do not only will keep him safe, because no one is going to bother him while assigned work, but it actively prevents him from thinking too much.
* SURVIVOR : He’s come from a rough background and nothing particularly phases him. S’nis has seen the darker side of the humanity on Pern and it’s not broken him, either mentally or physically. If a situation becomes dire or seemingly hopeless, he puts his head down and figures out a way through it. He is, at his base nature, a survivor. You’ll never see him as someone who lays down to accept that life is over, or a quitter.
* COURAGEOUS : While he is not courageous on his own behalf, he is oddly so for others who cannot do so for themselves. He has a wiry strength and quick reflexes he’s not afraid to use for others – be it to steal food for starving children / other drudges / other unfortunates during the rough Pass or simply help out when someone is struggling in the weyr. There’s a solid presence, an untouchable, almost unshakable confidence in him – he can be utterly relied on to do right by other people.
* SKILLED : S’nis is smart and picks up on things rather easily. Especially basic tasks or chores. He also retains these lessons rather well, as such things simply interest him. He’s always looking for ways to improve himself and ensure his independence.
WEYRFOLK : S’nis is very loyal to the weyr. It saved him from the Hold and he is likely to fiercely defend whatever action is taken against the Holders. There’s no need to guess if he’s sympathetic to the Holder’s perceived plight – he’s not.
* ODDLY INNOCENT : He thinks the worst of those he perceives to be terrible, those that prey on other people. But if you can convince him that you’re not one of those monsters, he can easily be swayed to take care of those he thinks need it and manipulated because of it.
* JUDGEMENTAL : S’nis tends to make snap judgements on people and sticks to it pretty hard. He had to rely on these quick assessments while growing up in Fort, and it largely helped him survive. So he’s pretty judgy right from the get go and sticks to his initial assessment.
* UNABLE TO COMPROMISE : It’s going to take a miracle to convince S’nis that the Holders are worth anything after what he experienced at Fort. To him, the Weyr’s way is simply the best way because they don’t have whores, take care of one another, and don’t dissolve into terribleness. In that, he just generally looks down on other Holders or wants nothing to do with them.
* AFRAID : He is absolutely terrified of former Peace Keepers, gang members, and those that lived in that world. That’s the quickest way for him to vacate an area, no words necessary. He wants nothing to do with that part of his past and he’ll physically and mentally run from it.
* ENVIOUS : He’s terribly envious of everyone that’s so happy and he wants it for himself. Desperately so, enough that he’ll probably end up trusting the wrong sort and end up getting hurt.
Describe Yourself:
* SERIOUS: He doesn’t have much by a way of a sense of humor. He tries. He is capable of smiling, it’s just that most jokes are just beyond him. He’s the sort you have to explain a joke to, then maybe he’ll get it and have a sensible chuckle. But by then it’s wasted on everyone else.
* CAUTIOUS: He doesn’t like the dark, he doesn’t like tiny tunnels, he doesn’t want to be left alone, and he’ll be damned if he’s left anywhere with former Peace Keepers, Gang members, etc. He wants to be in places with other weyrfolk, even if he’s not social, and just wants to feel safe. Preferably working with other crafters or other weyrlings.
* HOPEFUL: He’s always working toward a better life. Be it fixing clothes to be used again, cooking meals to be eaten, or just doing something in the betterment of the future. Just because life sucks in the moment, he’s always quietly hopeful it’ll get better. Proof enough that it’s possible in that he impressed.
* BUSY: Chores, drills, practice, oiling his dragon… Whatever it is, he wants to do it. To feel useful, busy, it’s all good. He isn’t the sort to laze about.
* FRAGILE: There’s a quiet, careful part of him that has always hoped he wasn’t too damaged to actually find someone that would care about him. Though he might be a former whore, he’s worked really hard to carve out a better life for himself. To improve himself and move beyond the darkness of the Pass. So he’d really like someone sweet to share his life with
The Magic Touch: He doesn’t sleep much, because he has nightmares. When he does, he stays up and sews. Or, now that he’s impressed, he likes to oil his dragon.


Mother: Ophyria. Drudge/Whore. Born 2540. Died 2566.
Adoptive Mother: Rohirina. Drudge/whore. Born 2549. Died 2577 of disease.
Father: Has no idea who his father was, since his mother was a whore. So it could literally be just about anyone.
Ophyonis. Brother. Gangmember, peacekeeper. Played by SirAlahn
Ophyrine. Sister. Drudge/Whore. Born 2556. [ Reserved for Aster. ]
Phivry. Brother. Drudge/Gangbrat. Born 2557. Died 2572.
Vyrine. Sister. Gangster/Drug Dealer. Born 2559. [ ADOPTABLE ]
Vatarin. Brother. Fosterling. Born 2562. Died 2565.
Phyris. Half-Brother. Stillborn. Born 2565. Died 2565.
Children: There’s a chance he has children, but he doesn’t know of them. A thought that drives him up a wall, and bothers the shit out of him. He wants kids, but he’d very much like a family too. Now that he has more control over who he’s bedding, he’s less likely to sleep around.

Tell us a story...

* 2566-2576, Birth to 10 Though Rohirina was relatively ‘young’ when she took the baby Siconis in at the death of his mother, she’d been a whore her entire life. Having no children of her own, or at least none that survived, she doted on the babe with as much affection as she could. She was a naturally plump whore, despite not necessarily having much, but she did well enough to provide for both of them. She sacrificed for him, loved him like she was his mom, and did her best to shelter him. Suffice it to say, she couldn’t really protect him. Her job just didn’t allow for that sort of thing. But she did love him and he grew up, at least through the first several turns of his life, loved. It was only as he began to grow that he had to start working around the brothel, run errands for the gang, and was slowly introduced to the real hardships of the life he was going to experience. Things she just couldn’t shelter him from – like the reality of her own profession. Since he wasn’t a particularly big or strong boy himself, he became a drug runner early on for the den the brothel worked for. It was decided early on he was too weak to serve the gang in any physical capacity, so he did clean up, chores, errands. Whatever they wanted.
* 2576-2578, 10-12 This was an especially trying time for Siconis. He was transitioning to adulthood in the gang, undergoing a lot of roughening up, fights for placement, and he lost Rohirina early in 2577 to some disease that took her quick and not quiet. She died, suffering, and he watched it all. Helpless to do anything for her. She was his shelter. And when he lost her, the gang just consumed him. He became a whipping boy, taking the brunt of a lot of aggression, jokes, and whatever else they wanted to do. He nearly starved frequently, learned to steal, got caught countless times, nearly died, was almost thrown out just as many times, and ultimately ended up a whore as he came into his adulthood because he couldn’t do anything else to survive.
* 2578-2583, 12-17 This is the time in Siconis’ life he likes to pretend just didn’t happen. He spent most of this five turn stint a whore, scrounging for every little scrap he could. Frequently starving, often roughly handled, and hating himself. He had nothing by way of friends and looked like a hollow shell of who he grew to really be. It wasn’t until he hit a growth stint toward his later turns that he began to branch out, attempting to steal to make his way in life. It wasn’t until he could reliably steal that he began to act out in the gang. Ultimately, it was knifing a gang member that mishandled him that sealed his fate and put an end to his whoring days.
* 2583-2587, 17-21 Grown wiry and taller, more like an adult then his actual coming of age, Siconis spends nearly four turns slinking about the alleyways and tunnels of Fort, stealing for survival. Refusing to whore himself out or work for a gang. He’s too old for a crafthall at his point and too hollow to be trusted by most holders, but he picks up bits and pieces of knowledge by other down and out drudges. He slowly learns to be a bit self sufficient, gets caught less and less, and steers very clear of Peace Keepers and notable gang members. He’s one of the first to celebrate the end of the Pass by offering to go to the island once it’s been found to help hollow out tunnels as a manual laborer. It’s in the middle of working on the island that he’s actually Searched. It feels like some crazy, dreamlike adventure and he throws himself into the weyr work with renewed vigor and hope that maybe… maybe the future isn’t as full of shit like the past has been.
* 2587-Present, 21-24 Siconis has been a hard worker, but ultimately a quiet Candidate. O’sir didn’t need proof the man wasn’t a virgin but he’s had a couple of dalliances. Just a few, enough to reassure the Candidate Master that Siconis is capable of human interaction. They’ve been ultimately hollow experiences that reminded him too much of the time he’d rather not remember though, so after that Siconis opted not to sleep around. He’s envious of the carefree life most in the weyr live, and wants that very much for himself, but he also wants someone that will care about him like Rohirina did. Wants that sense of family that sheltered him for so long more so. He was quietly anxious the longer he was a candidate, and felt that he might very well age out. Especially at the beginning of 2590 for his 24th name day. While he’d always wanted to impress, it was more important to Siconis that he remain weyrfolk, that he keep working for the weyr so that should a Hold ever be established… they won’t make him leave. He wanted nothing more than to just stay in the weyr, even if all he would ever do is work in the kitchens – since that sort of thing makes him happy.
Impressing to Masath is just beyond anything for him. He still can’t believe it.
He felt old. Maybe he shouldn’t have, but almost aging out of Candidacy, surviving the mess of a hatching, and tending a newborn dragon had just sucked out all of his energy in a day.
He just felt old. Far more than his twenty four turns might otherwise suggest. In a large way, Siconis, now S’nis, was still reeling. Sitting in a weyr he was sharing with someone whose name he didn’t care to remember, he was just staring at her. The tiny Red that had literally tumbled into his life. A mess of limbs, a ball of energy he could scare believe she’d finally gone to sleep. Far after all the others had.
Late into the night, to the point S’nis believed it might actually almost be morning.
He still couldn’t sleep. He was afraid if he closed his eyes she’d be gone. That this was really a dream. That it’d all go away, that maybe he’d wake up in an alley in Fort. Maybe some dark tunnel that he’d been chased down. That this was the dream and the nightmares that sometimes plagued him were the real thing he was trying to escape.
Go to sleep. Your mind is bothering me, she thought, her eyes still closed. Filling his own head with her sweet voice, chasing away his circular worries with such a pristine sound. Like a reminder that this was the real thing, that she was real.
“Sorry,” he murmured. A true apology, but he didn’t exactly sound sorry. S’nis wanted her to keep talking to him.
You don’t have to sleep over there, she said, finally opening her eyes and lifting her so small head to look at him. She seemed so delicate, too small. So fragile. S’nis wanted to keep her safe from a world he thought too cruel to have something so beautiful in it.
She snorted at him. Get over here so we can sleep, she said, as though she knew exactly what he was thinking and dared him to actually call her fragile. Maybe she did know what he was thinking.
S’nis hesitated a moment but ultimately crawled away from his cot and joined her on the large ‘couch’ that could easily hold both of them. She was smaller than he was, for now. He could curl up with her. Masath was so warm. Was she purring?
Go to sleep, she cooed in that sweet voice that chased it all away. Next to her, in her warmth, with the sound of her soft thrum, S’nis eventually did just that.

Member Info...

Created By:
Sanctified. Savage. SanctifiedSavage.
Other Characters:
Sr Weyr Woman Halirina
Mountain Wingleader W'sar
Jungle WingsecondL'ale
 Search Rider C'ace
 Wingrider Niema
Wingrider K'eeda
Wingrider Cassipiora
 Wingrider B'nyn
Wingrider Yinaya
Wingrider Seaphonellqua
Weyrling Haithen
 Weyrling Sethunya
 JW Herder Keassa
JW. Dragon Healer Loressa
 JM Harper Sevastjan
AP Fisher Ysmersa
Candidate S'ric
Wher Butcher Tavianna
Weyrfolk Daysepona
Former Whore Domnitissa
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
Anything Else:
Kill me please.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: S'nis [ Red Weyrling / 6.1.2566 ]
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 09:43:26 AM »
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Re: S'nis [ Red Weyrling / 6.1.2566 ]
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2017, 09:43:48 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
34.06.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 13.2 M
Mature Height: 2.4 M
Mature Wingspan: 20.5 M

General Appearance...

Masath's hide is wine dark, the color of a rich Benden red on her back, sides and limbs. In particular, her feet and the tip of her tail are darker than the rest of her, almost appearing to be black except in direct light. In contrast, her underbelly, neck ridges, claws, and wingsails are by and large a vibrant and bloody red. While the undersides of her body are largely smooth and rather unvariegated in color, her spine, wing digits, and sails are speckled through liberally with a tightly mottled pattern like splattered paint. No matter how one might feel about the mutations in general, there's no denying that she's a pretty dragon.
When she hatches, Masath is a round and chunky little thing, not given to the snake-like litheness of some of her siblings, nor the narrowness of form. As she grows, the baby fat will melt away some, but she'll always be a robust creature. She's shorter than average for a dragon of her length, with a wingspan that is likewise shorter. But what she might lack in wing length, Masath makes up for in the broadness of her wingsails. While not built for endurance, she can go very fast in short bursts, and will be even quicker and more graceful on her feet than in the air. If she and her rider are ever so inclined, she'll be an accomplished runner and climber.


Mind Voice: From the moment she hatches, Masath sounds like a bonny, quick-talking, fiery woman who has no problems voicing her opinions or her affections. S'nis is the only person who will ever hear the sweeter tones of her voice, though she can sound downright maternal to people he ends up being fond of. For a dragon, Masath is both very witty and very blunt.
Staying Busy : Masath doesn't like idle moments. Much like her rider, she appreciates having something to do as an outlet for her energy and because it grounds him and makes him feel safe. She might even be the one to suggest more or extra training for them in their off hours, if for no other reason than because she thinks it will make S'nis happy.
Protecting Others : Whatever form that might take, this Red has a maternal bent to her that is very protective and nurturing toward those she cares about -- and S'nis above all else. She doesn't have a cowardly bone in her body, and will readily take on dangerous things for those who can't. This will include even venturing into the jungle, if that's ever something that she and S'nis decide they're interested in.
Excitement : Masath gets bored easily, but rather than agonizing about it, she'll just figure out a way to entertain herself. She'd be the life of the party if S'nis is ever inclined to be social, and will always do her best to make him laugh, make him think, and challenge him to make him grow at the same time. For things that he's unsure about, Masath will encourage him to try them anyway. How will you discover you like or are good at something if you don't take that leap? And she'll always be there to catch him even if he falls. Failure doesn't faze her, because she just sees it as a step toward being good at something.
Complications : If a situation has too many variables, Masath doesn't like it. Either it's good or bad, beneficial or damaging -- will either make S'nis happy or unhappy. Everything is black and white to her, and she'll lose interest in something or someone quickly if they are going to make her rider's life complicated or difficult. As far as she's concerned, he doesn't need that; they can find something simpler and easier that won't make him unhappy.
Snobs : People or dragons who look down on others drive her up a wall. Especially since, most of the time in her opinion, those who are overly arrogant or turn up their nose toward those 'beneath them' aren't that great in the first place. Masath will likewise not be very understanding toward people who are afraid of hard work or getting dirty.
Wasted Potential : Despite what he might think about himself, Masath knows S'nis has the potential to do great things. She won't get hung up on where others have decided her color falls in the hierarchy, nor the fact that more traditional riders dislike the mutations. As far as she's concerned, riders that are overly concerned with sticking to rigid traditions are no better than Holders. She'll always push S'nis to try new things, take on responsibilities he hasn't had before, and learn to see himself the way she sees him.
* SWEET : S'nis could not ask for a sweeter, kinder, or more empathetic dragon. Toward him, Masath will always be a supportive and gentle soul, and he's the only person she'll ever soften the truth for -- though she won't sugarcoat it into the realm of a lie, and will always maintain that he should push forward for better things. But never will she judge him for a decision he makes, even if it ends up being a bad one, and she'll always be there for him. In essence, nothing he has done will make her think any less of him, nor will anything he might do in the future. She just wants him to be happy and safe.
* ASSERTIVE : Masath doesn't think of herself as a bully, but she won't stand for anyone's nonsense and is certainly not soft-spoken or demure. She will be very vocal when she thinks something is or isn't good for her rider, be it a situation or a person, and will act as a buffer for him in that regard if necessary. Nor will she have any qualms about going toe-to-toe with anyone who thinks they can boss him around or take more from him than he can give.
* OBLIVIOUS : In the sense that she doesn't understand how or why other people might act manipulatively or because of malice, Masath has a rather narrow view of the world. That's not to say that she blindly believes the best of everyone -- she just doesn't understand any motivations other than her own and her rider's. By the same token, Masath is also oblivious to the fact that they might need other people. In her mind, the two of them can accomplish anything they need or want to, and no one else on Pern is necessary for their happiness. If someone or something makes S'nis uncomfortable or unhappy, even sub-consciously, she'll pick up on it and tell him in no uncertain terms that those things have no place in his life. In that sense, others will probably think her antisocial or cold, but she doesn't care about anyone but S'nis anyway.
* FIDGETY : She has a difficult time standing or sitting still, waiting for anything, or being patient. Masath will always be ready to go, and the only time she'll really stop moving is when she's asleep. Very much full of energy, she'll quite literally bounce in place and fidget with her claws, tail, wings, mouth… She never really gets tired, but getting her to wait for anything is quite an undertaking -- as will be getting her to stand in formation for drills.
Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #7A0B1D; Text: #3A010B

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.
When she is physically mature, Masath will fly on 20.05 and 20.06 if she Rises at all, but may not during a given Turn depending on her rider. She will not be a Force Catch on account of the fact that it's important to S'nis that he has control over who he beds.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: S'nis [ Red Weyrling / 6.1.2566 ]
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2017, 09:44:05 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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