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Author Topic: Approved Galve [ 20.09.2573 / Red Weyrling ]  (Read 1384 times)

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Galve [ 20.09.2573 / Red Weyrling ]
« on: June 01, 2017, 09:52:59 AM »

Play By:
Angel Haze[/center

First Name:
Veva (Vey-vah)
Date of Birth:
20.09.2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Weyrling – Prairie (Galve wants Mountain but Weyteleth would miss the plants too much so, Prairie it is)

Your Reflection...

Comfort above all else is how Galve chooses to present. Baggy, well-worn pants or overalls are soft and easy to slip into when there are last minute chores or lessons to attend to. Tighter shirts are preferable under rider leathers or tunics, but in childhood it was often easier to get baggy shirts from the older kids in the creche and Galve would prefer them if they could get away with it.
Their hair is often messy, but not exactly unclean, and the ‘style’ of it is often dependent on whether there is weyrling chores or not, that’s about it. They like to keep it long, mainly because it’s a pain to keep it short unless you can cut it yourself, and they’ve never had much talent for cutting hair, especially after the burn on their arm, making it difficult to behind their head for long periods of time.
The rather large burn on their left arm was from having someone spill boiling water down their side during kitchen work one day, and it matches the less extensive burns and scars on their hands, also from kitchen work and grabbing hot handles too quickly or slips of their knife. They manage to jump their lower half out of the way of the spill, but were carrying a large bowl of greens at the time, and couldn’t move their arm quick enough.
Since the hatching: Given the excitable nature of the Red’s when they hatch, Galve was one of a few candidates that have been mauled by the dragonettes. Mauled might be a little too strong a word, in that really all they did was walk on top of them, with very sharp claws. Now they has several places across their legs, stomach and chest where there are either puncture marks or long scratches from dragon claws.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: If anyone was really honest, the life of a kitchen worker wasn’t much changed by the catastrophe. Sure, people lost family and friends, but they were raised in the creche, and never knew their family other than their father, and friends came and went all the time depending on their lives and families. Galve honestly didn’t think they’d be any different without the catastrophe, so why stress over what they couldn’t change.
Response to dragon color mutations: Galve has always been very laid back about rules and tradition, so the mutations are just dragons to them, nothing really different about them and certainly no reason to disqualify someone from being Weyrleader. The guy hadn’t done anything ridiculous or terrible that caused the Weyr to go to ruin, so why would they hold the colour of his dragon against him?

Who are you...

Klah – Galve likes to wake up in the morning to klah that is sweetened beyond belief to give them a real kick before the day starts. Unfortunately, Galve is one of those annoying people that get angsty and irritable without a morning klah, and isn’t great to wake up to in the morning on a regular basis.Cleaning Dishes – Their favourite kitchens chore, Galve is always happy to volunteer to clean the dishes after meals. They don’t really know why, possibly because it’s therapeutic, possibly because it’s an easy task to get lost in, possibly because the water is always nice and warm on their hands, it doesn’t really matter why they like it, they just do.
Storms – Specifically ‘oh is this the end of the world’ storms where you aren’t sure if it’s going to flood, cause a cave in or set something on fire. Massive storms. They’re the best storms.
People touching their hair – It’s just a thing, don’t touch their hair. Don’t do it. It’s possible because children liked to pull on it in the creche or possibly because it can occasionally get caught in things while working but just don’t do it.
Stressheads – It’s exhausting to be around people who spend all their time freaking out or worrying, honestly just chill out or at least keep it away from other people so you don’t ruin their day.
Hot days with no humidity – It’s not that Galve likes humidity, of course not, but the burning sharp heat that you get when there is no moisture in the air is a terrible, angry thing that they can’t stand.
* Easy going: In general, unless they haven’t had their morning coffee, Galve is a very relaxed person. Happy with their lot in life and ready to work with whatever comes their way, Galve doesn’t let much phase them. They do prefer things to be simple, but they’re also just happy to leave or give it up if something is more effort than it’s worth to remain around.
* Conscientious: Because Galve likes things to be easy, they try to make the people around them happy, it makes everyone’s life better in the long run and it takes a special kind of jerk not to try a little to keep people happy. Although Weyteleth isn’t the best with social ques, Galve tries to keep her up to speed, but even then there are some things that aren’t worth the trouble.
* Handy: Although Galve always felt more at home in the kitchens, they would have made a good smith and is very talented at fixing things.
* Warm: The creche is great for some, not so great for others. Galve has always been quiet, so the louder kids would often talk over and down to them. Possibly because of this, Galve has a soft spot for the broken, small and quiet, and their personality reflects with an open and warm nature.
* Versatile: Mainly because of their easy going nature, Galve is pretty good at rolling with the punches and changing it up when things go awry.
* Fidgety: Galve is just one of those people who can’t sit still. Tapping fingers and feet, playing with the ribbons they keep tied around their fingers, in general touching of those around her if they’re okay with it, those are usually what they do to keep their energy down so they can pay attention.
* Overshares: Because Galve tries so hard to make the people around them happy, and because being open and honest usually makes people like you, Galve tends to overshare. It isn’t necessarily their fault because they aren’t bothered by any of the things they say, but other people could occasionally be uncomfortable by this. And because they won’t always recognise others being uncomfortable, they won’t always stop, so those that know Galve might just tell them to shut it sometimes.
* Naive: They’re very trusting, very open with other people, so it doesn’t often cross their mind that other people won’t be the same with them. Also, given that Galve is the type of person to give someone the benefit of the doubt anyway, they often don’t know who to avoid and who not to.
* Unobservant: Because Galve fidgets a lot and finds it hard to focus at times, it means they can often miss something crucial, but will notice other things people didn’t seem to think were important, although Galve thinks are interesting. It must hold their attention for them to notice it, and often times the most interesting things are happening when you are supposed to be paying attention to something else.
* Risk-taking: Because of their easy-going and naïve nature, it can be hard for Galve to know when something probably shouldn’t be done. They like the adventure and excitement and it makes the people around them happy that either someone else is doing it, or they have someone with them to watch their back. Also, risky things are the most exciting, the only unfortunate part is that Galve doesn’t always have the quick-wittedness or the strength to pull themselves out of the way of danger.
Describe Yourself:
* MELLOW: ----- Galve’s easy going attitude, their versatility and their quiet nature all make for a very mellow person. Although Galve enjoys the thrill of danger and fidgets a bit, it isn’t in a stressed out or hurried way, and doesn’t take away from their simple, calm demeanour. Galve is mellow like breakfast in bed.
* PEOPLE-PLEASER: ----- Galve likes the people around them to be happy. When people are happy they are easier to get along with, and everything goes smoother. Sometimes people are too much effort to keep happy, but for the most part Galve is up to the task of keeping everyone cool and collected.
* OPTIMISTIC: ----- For Galve there isn’t much point in getting worked up by the things that have gone wrong or might go wrong, it’s much easier to hope for the best and plan for the worst but mostly just keep moving forward.
* LACONIC: ----- Galve isn’t shy, they’re happy to be a part of a group and enjoy making friends, they’re just a person of few words and some people may be surprised when they speak up in conversation.
* DISHEVELLED: ----- Galve isn’t particularly caring of the way they look as long as it’s comfortable and easy to work in, so often times this can come across as messy or dishevelled.
The Magic Touch: Agender but doesn’t really feel the need to correct people when they consider them one or the other. Any pronouns are acceptable, because Galve is generally relaxed about the whole thing, but to describe themselves, they’ll use they/them.


Mother: Rider of Green Awirth, Henna (Hennaialve), BD: 2550, ID: 2574 (Palmoth’s Clutch)
Father: Rider of Blue Nith, G’alli, BD: 2548, ID: 2565 (Rayneth’s Clutch), DD: 2583
Siblings: They don’t know of any although they’re sure there is a few, G’alli slept with Hennaialve so that she could stand for impression (and since became Henna), and found Galve in the crèche a couple of years later, but doesn’t know of his other children.
Children: Galleme – 2588 – Given to the boy’s family

Tell us a story...

* 2578, 5 A father figure
G’alli was not an especially sentimental man, he was an easy-going dragon rider who enjoyed his position and didn’t mind the work that needed to be put in, in order to keep it. He’d never put much stock in being a father, and wasn’t trying to keep track of the oats he’d sewed over the years. It was purely by chance that he was one of the riders the creche workers had cornered into allowing the children to meet his dragon, after all, having weyrfolk that are scared of dragons is a silly thing to say the least.
Galve looked so strikingly like Hennaialve, now Greenrider Henna, that G’alli new quite quickly that they were related. He kept in contact over the few years before his death, and Galve enjoyed having someone to visit them in the creche, although as they inherited their father’s relaxed notion, there wasn’t a hugely strong bond between the two.
* 2583, 10 Toll of a Knell
It didn’t hit Galve as hard as they thought… it didn’t even hit them as hard as they wanted. Yes, it was sad, they had enjoyed their visits with their father and his blue, Galve had even hoped to maybe follow in his footsteps and become a rider one day, but largely it was a momentary discomfort. The worst part about the death of G’alli was that Galve realised they’d wanted to know him more but it was too late. Still, taking it in their stride, Galve moved on and chose that they would rather not have children, and if they did would stay separate from them. It was better than seeing them only sometimes and leaving them wondering what it could have been like.
* 15, 2588 Children and Candidacy
After much grousing from the older women in the kitchens that a women without a dragon or a craft had no reason to stay single and not continue on the blood of Pern, Galve relented and went hunting for a guy to get themselves pregnant. It wasn’t as hard as they thought and it wasn’t an unenjoyable experience, but the pregnancy was about at painful, physically and mentally, as Galve imagined. Still, having done their duty to the weyr and their bloodline, they could happily say they’ll never do it again if they can help it. And, when they were searched towards the last month of their pregnancy, Galve was greatful for the evidence that would allow their to stand immediately for the next clutch.
* 17, 2590 Impression
Pain, real pain. Galve knew what small knife cuts were like, and they’d been burned before, but they hadn’t actively been stabbed in the chest with several knives at once, pushed in with the excitable weight of something Gold-flitter sized.
Although at this point in time, Galve was just trying to breathe through the worst of it, later they would be more annoyed the punctures and scraped weren’t deeper, for all it hurt and upset them at the time.
Galve, like most of the candidates, wouldn’t blame the Red’s for their over enthusiasm in the light of the next morning, but now they were rather miffed that the hatching they were so ready for had been begun so… indignantly.
Caught in the rush of candidates struggling to get out of the way, Galve moving with the crowd because really, what kind of stupidity left a person standing still when a ball of teeth and claws came running at you? It hadn’t been long before one of the bigger candidates had knocked them sideways and down. Curling in a ball to minimise being stepped on, Galve had just unfurled themselves to breath again when an excitable dragonette crawled over their chest.
Of course, the creature didn’t stop to think for long about why the squishy thing underneath them cried out, instead continuing the chase after the white robed candidates still standing. Galve just lay there for a short moment, until the heat of the sand on their back got too hot, and the pain almost overtaking the puncture wounds on their front.
Standing up, regretting being a candidate at all for a long moment, Galve tried to head towards where they’d last seen the healers at the side of the sands.
Tried to, because a little way along, they were waylaid by a dark, small dragonette.
Even more reserved than usual, Galve walked wound their way through the eggs in silence. They hadn’t yet picked which ones they would like to touch, and it had been absentmindedly that they had bowed to the Queen and Weyrwoman and shuffled onto the sands.
The heat of the sands, uncomfortable through the thin leather of their shoes, reminded them how important this was. This could be their future bonded, a dragon they would spend the rest of their life with. It was not something to be glib about to them, and not something to be disrespectful to by touching all the eggs, although Galve didn’t really blame Cabryn for wanting as much of a chance as possible. Standing at her age must be hard, although Galve wouldn’t leave until the absolute day they turned 25.
What colour would they be? Galve didn’t really mind, not exactly. They knew that no Queen would look at them, nor the Bronzes, and they didn’t mind it. They weren’t meant to lead anyway. They didn’t know enough about the Blacks to tell whether they would impress to non-men, but given they currently held similar ranks to Bronzes, Galve didn’t think it would be likely for them.
The rest of the colours Galve was happy to fit with, they could find a place among the Greens and Blues, even Browns. And the Reds… well, the Reds didn’t really have a place yet, they were strange, saw things differently, did things differently. Galve of all people could understand that.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Kill them off or have them fade away
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:
Listed as non-binary please

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Re: Galve [ 20.09.2573 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 09:54:21 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Way (I’m on my way)-tell (tell me I’m pretty)- eth
Date of Birth:
34.06.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 13 m
Mature Height: 2.6 m
Mature Wingspan: 21.5 m

General Appearance...

Weyteleth started off as one of the smallest dragonettes, which is fairly standard for the Reds, and her hide was fairly dark in colour on that day on the sands. As she grew, although nowhere near as fast as the other traditional colours, her hide softened a little to a more pink colour than the initial red of her hatching, although it still maintained the dark undertones. She’s small, as reds are, but perfectly proportioned so that she can look the same as any other dragon in the air.


Mind Voice: Deeper in tone than one would expect from both her size and colour, but still with the excitable edge the Reds have come to be known for, Weyteleth doesn’t seem to mind the usual etiquette of speaking through her rider, instead happy to convey her ideas to herself. As she grows, Galve will eventually teach her to restrain most of her ideas to Galve instead, but… it might take a while.
Inspiration for Weyteleth

Training Montage

Plants – After the issues at the hatching, Weyteleth is very careful with accidentally hurting things that Galve tells her are delicate. Plants are one of them. For the first few months of her hatching, Weyteleth will only be able to watch the farmers work in their fields from the safe distance of a dragon ledge, as she grows older, it will be of the very few times she purposefully contains her excitement, loving plants more than enough to hold herself in check.
Weyteleth with plants

Flying – Weyteleth loves to fly but mostly she loves to fly with Galve. There’s something freeing about being above the world with all the rules and people to get annoyed at you. Drills don’t really count as proper flying, but they are about working together so Weyteleth does like them, but when she graduates she’ll love just being able to fly when she wants. Galve likes to remind her that there are still rules about where to fly and when, but they aren’t in place yet so Weyteleth doesn’t worry about them.
Noise – Although Galve doesn’t mind the quiet, she’d much prefer noise. Singing, talking, music, bird song, herdbeast noises… even screaming… are all preferable to the quiet in the dead of night when the animals are scared something is going to happen. She likes storms, like her Galve, because of the constant changing sounds to listen to, and gets nervous when it’s all quiet, this might be due to the silence after her clutch mother had thrown the girl she was playing with, but Weyteleth doesn’t really remember.
People being angry with her – Weyteleth never tries to annoy people, in fact she really wants people to like her most of all, she just doesn’t take social ques very well. When people are angry at her and she doesn’t know why it hurts, especially when they won’t give her a chance to apologise or make it better.
Chores – What is she supposed to do while Galve is off doing chores? When she’s younger she’ll sleep a lot to help with her growing, but sometimes she doesn’t want to sleep, and then she’s just sitting in the barracks chasing her tail while waiting for Galve to come back.
* SOCIABLE: Weyteleth likes making friends, she’s got energy and love to spare so she tries to push that onto others that she thinks need it. She mightn’t always pick right but she does often enough. Some people just find her a little tiring is all, and she doesn’t really get the hint when someone just wants to be left alone.
* DETERMINED: Why give up? Succeeding is so much nicer and people are far more proud of you if you keep trying so why would you give up if you haven’t done everything possible? Weyteleth has lots of energy, and lots of motivation to make people proud so that usually turns in to what most would consider determined.
* IMPATIENT: Much like her rider, Weyteleth doesn’t like waiting around for something to happen. She likes doing stuff, even if it’s boring stuff like helping with Galve’s chores, at least it is something to occupy her mind.
* SMALL: She’s not a large dragon, it takes quite a bit of effort for her to keep up with some of the others in drills and she isn’t a lot of help in transporting chores for any of the crafts, at least, not compared to the other dragons.
Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon’s voice will look like. Background: #720026; Text: #CC8B86

Member Info...

Anything Else:
09.02 and 16.08 for her flight dates! Not a force catch please.

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Re: Galve [ 20.09.2573 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2017, 09:54:33 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Galve [ 20.09.2573 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2017, 09:54:42 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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