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Author Topic: Approved F'erro [ 27.02.2567 / Red Weyrling ]  (Read 1686 times)

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F'erro [ 27.02.2567 / Red Weyrling ]
« on: June 01, 2017, 12:31:17 PM »

Play By:
Konan Hanbury

Fair-oh, like pharaoh but not as kingly.
Fae, often as a child. Sometimes called “Fael” as in “Fail” by disapproving teachers, peers, parents. His nicknames might make it into his rider-hood, but he’s really digging F’erro and prefers this.
Date of Birth:
27.02.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: F’erro is the picture of a human that has given up on personal appearances. His clothing is worn thin and begrudgingly patched only when it has exceeded practical use. His sandy hair is allowed to grow to whatever length it will, and while he does brush it, he never bothers to style it out of his face. He’s never been able to grow facial hair, but surely if he could it’d be left as such, too.
He’s slender and tall due to genetics and poor eating habits. Not a fan of fish, it’s been hard for him to get protein since the move to the island and it shows. His eyes are light blue in color, and this is enhanced by the dark circles that seem to always rim them. F’erro might be tanned, sunburned or pale depending on the season, but sometimes it’s hard to tell regardless because he isn’t exactly a clean freak.
F’erro dabbled in drugs at Fort Hold and still bears needle marks in the crooks of his arms and the backs of his knees. He has two long scarlines up either forearm from a suicide attempt.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Well, he almost didn’t survive it, let’s be honest.
F’erro’s family was hit hard by the Pass. They had little to eat and the remaining adults in the family resorted to nefarious means to keep themselves afloat. The children were left to their own devices, eventually leading them into their own bad habits. As he grew and became more aware of the shit show that was his own life, F’erro looked for whatever way out he could find. At first, drugs and alcohol were a good escape, but those came at a price he couldn’t afford. Digging himself ever deeper into a hole, he saw his own death as the only real option. The attempt was a good one, but his sister’s love for him (even after all of that) was enough to save him.
It was her time and effort, her care, that kept F’erro alive in the following months. Her sacrifices for him were great and guilt stemmed from that, enough to make him actually try to make a decent living.
Response to dragon color mutations: F’erro wasn’t sure what he felt about them. The first three Reds were.. Interesting. That they shook the routine up gave them an air of excitement that rekindled the childhood wonder within him. The Black dragons from the same clutch, and their predecessor Neisoth, were similar but not as enticing.
He knew he was looking forward to seeing more of them, though.
When the time came again for Kalestath’s clutch, he made sure to get there fast. Witnessing their increased aggression was something he won’t soon forget, but in a way he can relate to it. He continues to have generally positive feelings toward mutations, and especially Red dragons. Biased, sure, but misfits stick together.

Who are you...

Solitude: Quiet, comfortable solitude. F’erro often needs alone time to mellow himself out and unbundle all of those tensed nerves. It’s hard to keep up appearances, he can’t do it forever, and so eventually he must go somewhere alone lest he snap.
His sister: Leonie has kept him alive on more than one occasion and has been the driving force behind his candidacy, and then Impression. He essentially owes his entire life to her, and she knows it. He can never stay angry with her and she’s his most-often sought confidant.
Routine: He stays on task, mentally and physically, by keeping to a strict routine. He’ll often mark out his days down to the minute with what he needs to complete, and will absolutely stick to this (with exception pending sleep) to the best of his ability. It’s pretty rare, however, that he makes all of his deadlines, but it’s the effort that counts, right? Something about seeing what he needs to do in a written form solidifies it in his mind, so he’s better in the end anyway.
Knives, Needles: They remind him of darker days and he doesn’t like to confront those emotions and memories.
Rain: In that same vein (haHA), stormy weather makes him gloomy and occupies his mind more than he wants it to. On the island, this has presented a sort of problem considering the rainy season. He’ll seek shelter far underground where the rat-a-tat of raindrops can’t be heard, if he can help it.
Hand-to-Hand Combat: As someone not-so-strong, and even less coordinated, F’erro has never excelled with physical work. His stance, footing, everything is so abysmal that often he’s stuck out on the training field for extra hours in the hopes that he’ll magically improve. No such luck so far.
Fish: The taste of fish was something fairly new to him when they came to the island, but also one he tired of very quickly. Mostly he hates white fish, but still isn’t a huge fan of crustaceans or anything else that might be dredged out from the waters.
* Charismatic : Deceivingly, he is incredibly delightful to interact with. He has an energy about him that tends to draw people in, though certainly that isn’t his intention. F’erro has learned to deal with this simply by being funny, by acting out, by making people laugh. It’s easier to live with those consequences than to constantly spurn and turn people off. His charisma was what made him excel as a dealer, and then also later on what caught the eye of his searchrider.
* Book Smart : When he learns something, it sticks. F’erro can easily recite ballads, formulas, and locations based on coordinates. He is sort of an effortless student, and he’d be an ideal pupil if he could just get to class on time. Common sense things are a little harder for him to grasp and realize, but if presented in academic format he picks it up quickly.
* Goal Setter : The weyrling has survived thus far through a combination of a few things, but one of the major things is that he will set goals for himself to meet. Every day he works toward that, and every day he aims a little higher than the last just to keep going.
* Dutiful : When F’erro gives his word on something, he will keep it. Bound by a combination of loyalty and obstinacy, this makes him a bit easy to manipulate into doing something for you. He does have morals, of course, but with the correct goading he will pledge himself.
* Forgivable : There’s something so irritatingly innocent about F’erro’s presence that makes it hard for people to stay angry with him. He doesn’t really mean anyone any harm, so why bother being mad? He’s so often under the radar that it’s hard to pinpoint any blame on him, and in the event he’s caught up in something, he’ll be the first to apologize and try to make amends. Any other mother’s dream.
* Always Late : Alarm clocks don’t really exist on Pern, not in the mechanical sense, but he sure could benefit from one. His sporadic sleeping habits means that when he does get shut eye, he doesn’t easily give it up. He edged through candidacy only because he had “considerate” roommates that were fond of upending buckets of water over his head.
* Unattached : Beyond his mother and sister, F’erro has never really… opened up to anyone, ever. And really, his family only knows so much about him because they’ve been there with him through every step of the way. He prefers, instead, to present himself as a loveable classclown and hopes that no one tries to dig too deeply beyond that.
* Tunnel Vision : When his mind is set to one task he cannot easily switch off of it. He isn’t slow, per se, just obsessively focussed to the point of it being detrimental. F’erro fights to overcome this as he knows it is one of his biggest, most dangerous flaws, especially if he ever wants to become a full Rider.
* Lackadaisical : When tasked with something to do, F’erro only does it because he’s been told to. He doesn’t care to put extra effort into it and can’t be assed to care whether it has been well done or not. His apathy is probably his most off-putting trait, but it’s hard to reprimand because he’s still technically doing the work.
* Resentful : Often F’erro struggles with the “what if’s” of life, and his suicide attempt is a favorite subject here. When things get hard he likes to blame his sister for it, even though deep down he knows that is the wrong thing to do. That he is so tied down by family loyalty does make him ungrateful toward those that have helped elevate him.
Describe Yourself:
* Highly Animated: ----- F’erro uses his entire body to communicate most of the time. He’s fond of quick movements, of pounding fists to emphasize points, or even leaping on tables to make an announcement. His face is just as expressive, with pandering eyebrows and wide smiles taking over his entire jawline. It’s easy to tell his emotions based on what he’s currently doing, even if he’s just projecting what he wants you to think.
* Easily Misled: ----- Gullible isn’t quite the right word, but close enough. If presented with evidence that seems right, and then if that evidence is backed up by several people, it’s easy to rope him in to some prank. F’erro hates this about himself but he will meet it with good humor, even if he’s dying on the inside.
* Daydreamer: ----- In his free time or idle time F’erro is easily lost in thought. He often dwells on past choices or future possibilities, and rarely comes out of this with anything but a foul mood.
* Night Owl: ----- F’erro sleeps as little as possible, preferring instead to use his extra awake-time to devote to reading, studying, or practicing something. He feels like rest is wasting opportunities, however he hasn’t exactly improved his physical or mental state with this habit. When he’s on his last few hours before passing out, he’s very spacey and quick to irritate. When he does finally give in to sleep, it’s always a long stretch regardless of any appointments he has to make the next day.
* Introvert: ----- Despite his social appearances, F’erro does get easily exhausted when he’s spent too much time with groups of people. He needs to mentally recharge often and really doesn’t like it when people see him in his “tired” state. Often he plays this downtime off as tiredness, which is believable enough.
The Magic Touch: F’erro isn’t really sure what his sexuality is, nor is he all that concerned about it. Sex isn’t something that appeals to him, at least not so far. He’s far too ironclad to ever want to open up to someone and intentionally make himself so vulnerable.


Mother: Feoniella, Holder wife, b. 05.10.2549 at Fort Hold.
Father: A’rrom, Rider of Scalianth b. 06.02.2540, imp. 2556, d. 2572.
Siblings: Leonie, sister and apprentice crafter, b. 2568.
Possible half-siblings, though he was never told of them, via his father’s early dragonrider days.
Children: F’erro hasn’t ever been able to form lasting relationships, though he has been a victim of Flight Lust and may have children because of it, but none that he’s been told of.

Tell us a story...

* 2566, -1 Brownrider A’rrom of Scalianth is dispatched to Fort Hold with supplies for the holders. The conditions he finds are horrifying, death is rampant and people are giving up hope. It’s here that he meets Feoniella, a beautiful woman who pleads for his help with her ailing parents. Both elders are sick with disease and all that is left to do is comfort them in their last moments. Feoniella is visibly distraught and he extends an offer of marriage to her, then and there, with the promise of sweeping her out of this dismal place. She accepts.
* 2567, 0 Faelierro is born at Fort Weyr to a proud A’rrom and his lovely new bride. Feoniella is ever cheerful that her life has made such a drastic change for the better. Life in the weyr is still hard, but their rooms are clean and food isn’t fought for. Baby Fae is loved and cherished.
* 2568, 1 Enter sister Leonie, the second born to the couple. Threadfall continues but they find renewed hope in welcoming another life into the world. Faelierro thinks he likes this smaller, more delicate version of himself. He doesn’t fuss when he has to wait a few extra moments for the attention he needs.
* 2569-71, 2-4 Turns pass and things get a little more difficult. A’rrom and Feoniella find it hard to balance his weyr values with her conservative holder preferences. They both love their children, but the affection between them dims and they produce no more heirs. Feoniella remains at Fort Weyr, however, as she still has A’rrom’s protection for the sake of his kids. She is lonely here and young baby Fae seems to notice the shift. As his mother withdraws, he mimics it. Feoniella and Leonie are his sole source of joy and only they can crack a smile on his young face.
* 2572, 5 As happened to many riders during the pass, A’rrom succumbs to the deadly threadfall. His wingmates assure Feoniella that he had a swift death, a proud death, but it is little comfort. Unattached to a rider and with no working skills, she knows her time in the Weyr is limited. She could turn to the creche but her pride is too great for such work, and she’d never want to care for another man’s bastard anyway. Feoniella packs her belongings and tells her children that they’re all going to live with her sister, back in the Hold. Still young, Fae isn’t too certain that he likes the change in scenery. He asks if there will still be dragons, but his mother makes no promises. Regardless of his feelings, the family makes the move. For many weeks he tries to sneak outside so that he might look at the sky to see a dragon’s wing or a fount of flame, but the outdoors are too dangerous here.
* 2573-76, 6-9 Faelierro’s growth seems stunted in this environment. The Hold is loud with shouts and yells at all hours and his aunt seems to keep unsavory company. There is little to eat and most of his share he passes on to Leonie, anyway. Whereas before his apathy and distance were just him trying to relate to his mother, they become more solid here. He doesn’t enjoy making friends with the other children and has a hard time keeping up with his chores. Mostly he’s cynical without ever realizing it.
* 2577, 10 His peers begin to coin the nickname “Fael” for him. He’s always the last to class, the slowest to finish his tests. He tries to ignore their mockery, but it gets harder when his teachers start to use it, too. Faelierro decides this preparation isn’t necessary, who wants to be a crafter anyway? and promptly ends his education. He starts to tag along with Leonie in her free time, opting for and relying upon her companionship.
* 2578-80, 11-13 Fae and Leonie continue to be constants in each other’s lives. He helps her study and plays the part of a protective big brother, knowing she was soon to be approaching the age of marriage or apprenticeship. His mother has been hinting at him, too, that he ought to settle down and make a decision about his future, but he can’t. He has no passion for anything and certainly has no interest in seeking romance. He simply continues to exist, although his drive to do so and to continue this meaningless path has begun to dwindle.
* 2581, 14 Leonie enters the crafthall and her time spent with her brother diminishes. Lonely and, in some ways envious of her, he seeks other easily accessible forms of friendship. Faelierro discovers alcohol after a late night with his aunt and her cohorts. He makes himself sick on the stuff, but then goes back for more. The numbness he feels is addicting and it dulls the pang of depression that has always hovered over him like a cloud. Or, perhaps it was just the company he was keeping.
* 2582, 15 This Turn is one he doesn’t remember easily. He continues to drink and push his tolerance further until he has only a fleeting notion of weightlessness before the inevitable vomit. His sister and mother have taken notice of his behavior and try to drag him out of it, away from it, but they’re stuck in a hard place. His aunt has continued to house them and she sees no problem with Fae’s habit, and enables him beyond what they can influence. He has started to notice, however, that his depression is a constant shadow. He eats little, he sleeps less. Sometimes there’s blood when he pukes, sometimes it just makes him feel better. In a detached way he understands that this path he’s taking will lead to his death, but that just makes the liquor taste sweeter.
* 2583, 16 Introducing passion vine. On a whim, Fae is offered a pretty purple flower. He accepts it, chews it, and experiences a euphoria better than anything he could ever dream. To pay for his drugs he begins to work for the local dealer, mostly in distribution. It’s during this time that Faelierro learns how to charm people, to coax them and welcome them into inhibition. His social skills expand dramatically, it’s much easier for him when he’s under the influence. He stops drinking and claims he’s “going straight”, his mother and sister aren’t sure what to think. Passion vine is hard to detect but his behavior is like nothing they’ve ever seen before. In some ways he hasn’t ever been happier, in other ways he hasn’t ever acted more neurotic and paranoid.
* 2584-85, 17-18 More drugs, more ways to imbibe. He’s approached with a needle full of sap and something else, warmed over the fire before it’s loaded in. Faelierro tries it, why not? His arms soon become a canvas of bruises and scabs from injecting. When he runs out of viable veins he moves on to his legs, his toes. His habit accelerates and he spends more time high than working and it is definitely noticed. He doesn’t care, he’s quite sure that his drug buddies like him. He carries on with a twisted sense of innocence.
* 2586, 19 He’s grown into something beyond control, beyond worth. One night, Fae is beaten by those he called friends. His access to the passion vine sap is revoked and the local dealers know better than to help him wean his habit. At this point, Feoniella has lost her faith in him but Leonie still tries. His sister’s encouragement and advice falls on deaf ears. He can only think of the drug, the high, and how he cannot obtain it. Faelierro takes a blade to his forearms and cuts both, from wrist to elbow.
Leonie finds him half dead, half mad. Saving him becomes her sole focus and she takes a temporary leave from her craft. The initial days after his suicide attempt are touch and go and Leonie turns to a healer, Quenneca, for advice. Quenneca is unique in that she’s very familiar with drugs and withdrawal, and she knows that the road ahead for Leonie and Faelierro is going to be a tough one.
Through the pains of his recovery, Fae is not an easy man to be around. He’s often bitter and cynical, constantly blaming his sister for his unhappiness, however his mood swings easily. The next day he might be thanking her, repeatedly, and pledging to her his loyalty for the rest of his natural life. Emotionally it’s torture for both of them but steadily Fae gets a grasp on his behavior. As his head clears and body flushes the last remnants of passion flower, he realizes what a waste the last four turns of his life have been. He makes an honest-to-goodness vow to Leonie that he will continue to get better and will do what he can to make their lives better.
* 2587, 20 Threadfall stops and Southern Winds Weyr is founded. His mother isn’t too sure she’s ready to live among dragonmen again, but they have no choice. Faelierro associates the move to the island as him finally being able to open the next chapter of his life. He is sober and recovered and though he bears scars from his darker days, he looks only toward the light of the future.
This new found outlook on life catches the attention of a Search rider. The Blue pair invites Faelierro into candidacy, despite his older age. On Leonie’s insistence, he accepts. Feoniella isn’t approving, but then she hasn’t really agreed with anything Fae has done lately. Still, his mother accepts that this is a positive turn for a man who otherwise had no direction.
* 2588-89, 21-22 Candidacy is challenging and interesting. Living among dragons is nothing like he remembered, but it isn’t bad either. During a Gold flight, Fae finally loses his virginity and isn’t sure how he feels about it. He has no desire to reproduce the experience and instead concentrates on controlling his feelings when female dragons are challenging the skies.
Clutches come and go without Impression, but he doesn’t really mind too much yet. People tell him he’s still young, still has time, and he’s one of many older candidates that seem to be suspended in a perpetual state of waiting. The mutations are a welcome change to the routine and Fae likes to picture himself as a Black rider, though none of them are quite as cheerful as he.
* 2590, 23 Boy oh boy, this Turn has been a trial. Imyth’s failed clutch has Faelierro considering other options- was he ever going to Impress? And if he did Impress would that pit him against his family? Between the bizarre attacks, dragon and human deaths and riots, he is more uncertain of himself and his position than ever before. But no, Leonie intervenes again and convinces him to try, one more time, because she felt like this time, this time it was going to happen.
It happened.
His robes were ruined but he gained a constant partner, someone to balance his failures, to fight for him when no one else can.
Mortality is a funny thing, Fae thought. He was in his makeshift bedroom, which was really meant to be three times the size but had been quartered off with tapestry to create more private space for a Hold full of too many people. In his hands he held a knife, a sharp thing that probably hadn’t been used for today’s purpose before. It’d do the job though, it had no choice.
He was drowning in debts, in depression, and in withdrawal that already had his hands shaking and a fine layer of sweat gathering over his entire body. If this was rock bottom he didn’t want to experience it.
The first cut was a slow process. He pierced the flesh of his wrist and let the blade sit there, let it have a thorough introduction to his blood. The metallic metal complimented the copper scent, he realized, with a short laugh. If it hurt he couldn’t tell, he hurt so much already that it was like a raindrop in the ocean. He knew it wouldn’t hurt to go further, and so he did.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
I mean, he’s a Red rider so Bring It On
Anything Else:

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Re: F'erro [ 27.02.2567 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 12:32:18 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
36.06.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 14.5 m.
Mature Height: 2.9 m.
Mature Wingspan: 19.2 m.

General Appearance...

Zhouth begins as a relatively average Red- not too big or too small. She looks well proportioned, however as she grows that will prove untrue. Certainly, if she didn’t have wings she’d look quite good, but the addition of shorter-than-normal sails means she won’t ever be a strong flier. She makes up for it as best she can, toning her leg muscles and training her tail to be quite prehensile.
Overall she’s the beautiful, deep red of a good wine, with only her belly and wing-webbing lightening to compliment the main tone. Muted, slightly darker colors ripple through her hide, breaking it up like a pebble hitting water.


Mind Voice: Her mind voice is a bit waspish. Zhouth has never known what it is to be soft and subtle. Often her inflection is harsh and she’s quite loud, mentally speaking. She favors double meanings and will twist F’erro’s words around on himself until he is left exasperated and confused.
Rain: Counter to F’erro’s dislike of it, this Red lady adores wet weather. She’s in her best moods when the skies are gloomy and seems energized by every flash of lightning. Eventually, she’ll probably bring her bonded around, or so she hopes.
Riddles: Zhouth avoids giving straight answers as much as possible. She thinks it’s much more fun if F’erro has to think a little bit before getting what he wants from her. She has a penchant for rhyming and this occupies a large part of her time, meaning she’s a bit of a space case and is prone to topic switching to favor a puzzle.
Firelizards, and being compared to them: She’s a Red dragon, she’s a child of the senior queen, how dare you suggest otherwise! From the day of her birth she’s constantly been picked at for her size, for her energy, but she knows she’s more than that. Zhouth will not tolerate being around firelizards for too long, she knows it isn’t their fault but being beside them will just put that topic into everyone’s minds.
Flying: Although her body is well proportioned, Zhouth’s wings just never quite grow enough to easily support her in the air. She can fly, yes, but she’s awkward and clumsy and cannot maintain any kind of stamina. She prefers short bursts of gliding, before returning to the ground.
* Competitive : Zhouth is a sore loser and always strives to do her best. She’s particularly determined to prove naysayers wrong and sees all dragons, sans her own Reds, as things to defeat. This drive will make her excel in her training, even in areas she’s physically lacking, and implore F’erro to care just a little bit more.
* Running : Where her wings fail her, her legs make up for it. Zhouth will grow to have strong muscles through her front and hind limbs, with wide set paws and gripping claws like cleats on an athlete’s shoe. Smaller Reds might be able to outpace her, but she’ll be quicker than anything else on four legs.
* Juvenile : When she’s upset about something, Zhouth is prone to fits. She’ll often go on longwinded rants at F’erro’s expense and isn’t afraid to growl and hiss out loud in response to something she doesn’t agree with. What is initially assumed to be the behavior expected of a young dragon won’t get any better as she ages, although her triggers might be fewer.
* Cryptic : Zhouth is hard to follow and understand. Her speech patterns keep her from giving straight answers and the fact that she thinks of it as a great game means that she won’t relent. Eventually she won’t really know the difference between a half-truth or a blatant lie.
Dragon Speech Code:
This is what your dragon's voice will look like.
Background: #BF2438; Text: #5B000C

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Zhouth will fly on 18.07 and 09.10 as a force catch.
First think of the person who lives in disguise, Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies. Next, tell me what's always the last thing to mend, The middle of middle and end of the end?.

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Re: F'erro [ 27.02.2567 / Red Weyrling ]
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Re: F'erro [ 27.02.2567 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2017, 03:41:35 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

As the word.
Date of Birth:
27.09.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

With a base coat of deep periwinkle blue, this flit has a very smudged look about him, as though he's been sponged with a navy colored dye. The tips of his wings and wingsails are particularly dark, as is the tip of his nose and a vague, hazy stripe down his forehead. His spine has a similar stripe, though it's even more subtle than the markings on his face. Overall, there's not much about him that seems smoothly colored; the most consistent area on him are the bones of his wings. Once grown, he'll be a mid-sized Blue.


Mind Voice: Wicked and slightly acidic in his presence, there's always a sense with him that he's amused at something, usually at his conversational partner's expense. He might not always understand Zhouth's riddles, but this Blue thrives on humor. His form of 'jokes' will be projecting images of awkward things or past mistakes, which he thinks are the funniest things ever.

Ripping : Clothes, oiling rags, bits of grass, furs, straps -- this Blue is a menace when it comes to anything that he can do damage to with his teeth or claws. He takes a very visceral sense of enjoyment from tearing things up, destroying them, and otherwise rendering them into little, unusable pieces.

Pranks : Second only to his love of tearing breakables to bits is his enjoyment of pranks. Whether it's hiding F'erro's belongings or those of his roommates, divebombing the unsuspecting, or any other playful thing he can think of. The real problem is that what this Blue thinks is 'playful', others may read as 'malicious'.

Being Challenged : With the attitude of a much larger flit -- maybe even a Bronze -- he thinks that he's lord of all he sees and should be treated as such. Anyone else challenging his authority, decisions, or presence will find him very waspish. Above all, he hates being told 'no'.

Interlopers : People in his, Zhouth, or F'erro's space? No thanks. He's rather hypocritical in this, as he has no concept of boundaries for other people, or what may be inappropriate. But get too close or do something he doesn't like, to either himself or the other two, and you'll have to contend with a very angry ball of Blue flit.

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Born of Vanity's 2590 Clutch
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