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Author Topic: Approved P'run [ 32.06.2566 // Black Weyrling ]  (Read 1183 times)

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P'run [ 32.06.2566 // Black Weyrling ]
« on: June 01, 2017, 11:03:45 PM »

Play By:
Ricky Whittle

First Name:
No. Nothing.
Date of Birth:
32.06.2566 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance:  P'run likes to wear his clothes comfortably, neatly and without any extravagance. He absolutely hates the way that harpers wear their stupid blue all the same, and wouldn't dare being seen wearing anything other than simple tans, browns or blacks. He likes to wear comfortable loose shorts around the Weyr, and can be seen frequently without a shirt in the summer time.
He wears no ornamental jewellery at the moment, however, if some simple leather band or necklace had particular special meaning to him, he would probably wear it, as long as it didn’t attract too much attention. He keeps some facial hair, liking to leave a little bit of beard rash on his sexual conquests, but keeps it short and out of the way.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: All that P'run has ever known was the constant thread, so he simply went about his every life just trying to survive and figure out who he was. When he was younger, he felt a little betrayed by the riders, after all, their actions caused the catastrophe, but as he grew, he began to appreciate them and their actions to save Pern.

Response to dragon color mutations: P'run thinks the mutations are a nice mix up, the world faced an incredible upheaval, so he's unsurprised that genetics responded to that. He thinks the blacks and reds are there for a purpose and he wants to find out what that is first hand.

Who are you...

- Cleanliness - he likes to have an organised room, that's why he hates sleeping with messy women or men. Given this, he also avoids spending any more time than necessary in someone else's sleeping quarters.
- Winter - The cold is his favourite type of weather, whilst most people avoid doing too much outside at this time, P'run will purposely go outside to complete his morning workout.
- Sex - hard sex where the woman, or man, will let him be in charge, love never comes into it when he is having sex.

- Shirkers - everyone must pull their weight at the Weyr, he doesn't care who you are, if you shirk, he will look down on you
- Complainers - just shut up and do your duty, everyone else has to, and most drudges would have it worse off than anyone, and no one ever sees them complaining.
- Overly happy people - P'run just wants them to shut the hell up and stop bothering him.


* DEDICATED : P'run is dedicated to whatever task he sets his mind to. If the task is to make sure a hand will heal properly, or whether it’s to complete all of his chores by lunchtime, P'run will do anything in his power to do it.

* ALERT : He is a very light sleeper and is constantly alert of his surroundings. It comes from turns of listening for his foster brothers of holders sneaking up on him in the dead of night.

* PRACTICAL : Always trying to find the most efficient way of completing a task, P'run won’t jump to any conclusions about how to best carry out his mission. 

* NEAT : His room is always neat and tidy, cot made, clothes in his trunk, nothing out of order. If he can't be in charge of everything in the world, at least he can be in charge of what his room looks like. Sharing the candidate barracks with others was a struggle, because he had to avoid throwing people's belongings out the window when they left them hanging around.

* ATHLETIC : P'run likes to spend a lot of time working out. The habit started when he first became a candidate, and has he has been one for almost ten turns now, he has become quite fit.


* INFLEXIBLE : If P'run makes up his mind about something, he will not stand down, making him a very formidable opponent.

* NONCOMMITAL : After all his turns, he still has not tied himself down to any particular lady, and doesn’t plan to, none have proven themselves to be able to handle him yet and he doesn't feel like he needs someone else in his life. He has been the only person he can trust for his whole life, why should that change?

* EASILY-ANGERED : P'run finds many things quite annoying, and the tipping point from annoyance to anger is quite small. And he doesn't really try to contain his temper, he will contain himself from physically attacking someone, ensuring that he doesn't get kicked out of candidacy, but verbal abuse is very much applicable.

* BLUNT : He will say exactly what he is thinking when he is thinking it, no matter what the result. P'run doesn't really care about other people's feelings, and so, he would never have advanced any further than apprentice in the healer craft due to his lack of bedside manner.

* CYNICAL : True love or permanent happiness is not something that P'run believes in. Short lived ecstasy is the only thing that P'run has been exposed to, so that is the only thing he understands. Whilst he can understand that there are those that need to believe in order to feel like they have a purpose, he himself, doesn't need reassurance.

Describe Yourself:

* SARCASTIC: ----- Many people do not like a sarcastic sense of humour, most especially, his older foster brother did not like it, so over the turns, P'run has developed a sarcastic attitude specifically to annoy others.

* ORGANISED: ----- One only has to look at his notes from the healer hall, all bound and sorted chronologically to understand the extent of his organisational techniques. 

* LEADER: ----- As one of the eldest candidates, P'run has become a natural leader. More the ‘do as I do, not as I say type’. Because he would not encourage any youngsters to take on his rude and outspoken tone, however does encourage them to follow his more organised and dedicated traits.

* PROUD: ----- P'run is proud of how he has turned out. He is slightly bitter about the lack of role models or happy relationships he had as a youngster and is quite proud of how, even if he an asshole, he didn’t become an utterly terrible person, just one who doesn't care about what anyone else thinks.

* PASSIONATE: ----- This goes side by side with the fact that P'run is easily angered. He feels passionate that everyone should pull their own weight, and therefore will let anyone know that he feels that.

The Magic Touch: P'run will start every day with a workout routine and a cup of hot klah. Without this routine, P'run will feel very disconcerted and out of place for the rest of the day.


Mother: Senior Journeyman Healer – Perianas – b. 2550 
Father: Master Harper – Rundar - b. 2547

2554: Cetorex -- Played by SirAlahn
2559: Hanelon
2562: Tiriya
2562: Blateren
2564: Canera d. 2571
2567: Yun
2568: Ludara
2570: Halnae

After his initial fostering days, he didn't keep track of his siblings, therefore he is unaware of their professions. Additionally, he parents never made any contact with him after they gave him to be fostered, and he hasn't heard any word of their life since. 

Children: Numerous around the Weyr somewhere, he didn’t keep track of them or the mothers. Possible children or jilted lovers are more than welcome to walk into his life.

Tell us a story...

* 2566-71, 0-5 Born at the Healer Hall to healer mother Perianas and harper father Rundar. However, neither of his parents are particularly interested in leaving their craft to raise him. He is fostered with a large and loud family, crammed to the brim with children from all walks of life. It's not easy for him, he is bullied, because he came from a privileged background and was still abandoned by his parents, most of the children are either orphans or from drudge-like households.  He is young, and doesn't really understand why they bully him, and this is the start of his defensive personality.

* 2571-73, 5-7 A sickness sweeps through their overcrowded foster home, and one of his younger foster siblings succumb to the disease. Canera had always been undernourished, too quiet to be able to stand up and get her fair share of food, and so when the sickness reached her, her immune system was not strong enough to fight it. Canera's passing is Perun's first encounter with death, and whilst he wasn't particularly close with his foster sister, he realises truly how tough Pern is, and he spends the next few years building up his anger, so that what happened to Canera wouldn't happen to him.

* 2573-78, 7-12 At 7, Perun gets into a fight with one of his older foster brothers, after finally snapping, he physically attacks Hanelon, and seriously injures him. His foster parents are becoming overrun with children needing homes, and they decide that they cannot continue to give a roof to Perun if he is becoming violent. They can't risk their other children around him. He turns to drudge work, scrounging for food, and spending the next few turns on his hands and knees, cleaning hearths and floors. Surprisingly, Perun enjoys the structure. He doesn't enjoy the chores, nor does he enjoy sleeping on the floor every night, but at least he knows what he should be doing. Perun hated the chaos of the foster home, and whilst he gets little deep companionship from the other drudges, he simply adjusts, retreating into himself and deciding that he can function without it.

* 2578-81, 12-15 Someone trips in the kitchens one day, and falls on one of the large herdbeast carving knives. The only person nearby with any semblance of healing skills is a wizened old woman, whose hands are too crippled with age to be able to set the stitches and clean the wound. She looked to Perun near by, and chose him because he looked like he had steady hands and was young enough to follow instructions. She talked him through the process and they saved the drudges life. It was then that she complimented his grace under pressure and the next day she had gone and referred him to the healer hall. Apparently she was the mother of the Masterhealer and her recommendation carried a lot of weight. He spends the next few turns apprenticed in the healers hall learning all he can, because he is incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to study a craft. The students there fall into two groups, those who ignore him because they are solely focused on their studies, and those who treat him as if he is filth because he had previously been a drudge. In order to block out the jeers, Perun threw himself into his work, although no matter how successful he was in his studies, he was still bullied. He became bitter and cynical about life, but also learnt to be practical and follow rules.

* 2581-85, 15-19 Perun is searched for Fort Weyr. He stands and watches many become dragonriders and once again starts to question his worthiness in life. He started as a child with no parents, but found structure as a drudge, then he found practical skills as a healer, but was prejudiced against for his previous duties to the hold, then he finds perhaps a new calling as a candidate but stood for hatching after hatching without impressing. He becomes secluded each turn, as more candidates come and go, deciding not to get close to anyone, so that he won’t have to worry about becoming jealous or feeling anything at all.

* 2585-87, 19-21 Perun continues to explore the Weyr life, and fathers a couple of children in this time, however, he never bothered to find out their names of keep track of them. He discovers the occasional want to sleep with men, however, doesn't stay attached to anyone. Perun feels nothing about fathering children, it is not something he ever particularly cared about, because he never felt like he would be a good father. Appreciating the Weyr life, Perun does not feel bad about letting his children be raised in the creche.

* 2587-Current, 21-Current Everyone moves to Southern Winds Weyr and the first black dragon hatches. Perun begins to wonder whether or not Pern had been making him wait to impress because it was waiting for black dragons. But he stands for another two turns and wonders simply whether he is not meant to be a dragon rider. He continues his work as a healer when he can, however, he is dedicated to sticking this candidacy out for as long as he is allowed to.

Spoiler for Roleplay Sample cause it's long as hell:
Perun stared dispassionately at the gaping wounds in the drudges side as it split the blood onto the floor. How useless. He thought to himself. The man had gone and slipped, and was carrying the knife the wrong way. Standing behind him, Perun, well trained by years of working with others who couldn’t care less what he had to say, didn’t bother telling him that carrying the knife, blade in, was an accident waiting to happen.

And happen it did.

Slipping on something insignifcant on the floor, the man had fell, shoving the large herdbeast carving knife, straight up into his leg. Unfortunately, the drudge hit the floor in a way that knocked it against the cobbled floor and shoved the knife, cutting further through the muscle and fat there, but ultimately removing itself from the leg. Leaving a spurting blood trail in its wake, and a man getting paler by the second.

As drudges ran about like headless fowls, Perun scowled around the room, the sooner they could get anyone with some god damn healing experience in here, the less time they would waste, and the less trouble they would get in for the delay of the dinner serving.

A wizened old woman was being lead into the room, a younger, more harried drudge flittering from side to side behind her, rubbing hands nervously on her legs, her biceps and her stomach. Perun grimaced, what an annoying habit. The darker drudge tried to melt into the shadows as the two women approached, not wanting to be drawn into the situation by them. But despite the older woman’s decrepit figure, her eyes were keen and bright, and as they swept the room looking for… something… they alighted on him.

“You there.” She pointed a shaking finger at him. The shaking reminiscent of the condition most drudges who lived passed the age of usefulness encountered. “Come here.” Perun scowled at her, shaking his head. “Do you want this man to live?” The dark drudged shrugged, not speaking. Perun could honestly not care less if this man lived. He didn’t know who he was or what is life was actually like, Perun’s were simply stuck inside the four walls of the hold. The old woman titled her head to the side consideringly, “Do you want this man to die?” Now this was a slightly different question and the scowl slipped from his face. He wouldn’t want anyone to die, he wouldn’t want to cause anyone to die he realised.

Perun crept closer to the situation, kneeling beside the older woman. The flittering-annoying-habit drudge was still nearby, and the old woman soon waved her off. “Begone. I have no need of your help. This child will assist.” She slowly cast a hand in his direction, and waited for the incessant rubbing sounds of the other drudges habit to fade away.

“Do you know anything of healing?” The woman asked quickly, bring to the fore a satchel which Perun had not previously taken note of. He shook his head. “Speak child. We must look at our work here. I can’t have you not speaking.” Her keen eyes alighted upon him. “You do speak do you?”

Perun cleared his throat. “Yes.” It was young, as of yet unbroken by the years of adolescence.

“Good, good. Now quickly. Place your hands on top of his wound.” He hesitated before moving his hands forward. “Child, if you must hesitate you are of no use. Follow my clear instructions, or he will die, understand?”

He nodded again, and at her sharp looked, uttered a small, “Yes,” in response. Perun placed his hands upon the wound, his fingers trying to find the places where the blood was pushing hardest, and trying to reduce the flow.

“What’re you…?” The woman glanced at the wound. “Are very good.” She groaned as she lowered herself to a more comfortable position on the floor and Perun could swear he heard bones creak and grind. “Now, you must find the artery, understand?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“It is the place you’re covering now, the place where the blood is pushing hardest against your fingers.” She hesitated. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes.” He truly did. Without knowing it is where he had gravitated to immediately, with only the simple knowledge of the fact that blood should stay inside the body.

“Find it and....” Perun’s small fingers made their way to the artery and pinched it, holding the pumping flesh closed. “Yes, very good.” Apparently he had pre-empted her instructions. She handed him a small metal thing, the woman’s hands shaking, and almost dropping it before it fell into his outstretched hand. “Take it, and clasp it on, the… yes very good.” Perun had already begun to move the clasp towards the piece of flesh he was pinching closed. “Now, a little higher up, yes, there.” She said as the dark drudge clamped the metal down upon the artery, effectively stopping the flow of blood.

“Now you must work quickly child.” Take this, she shook a needle and thread into his hands, which were now bloodied by the work and currently staining the pure white thread a dark red. “You see the two severed sides?”

“Yes.” Perun turned his gaze back towards the wound and examined what he had to work with.

“You must sew it back together.” The flesh was miniscule it was as if she was asking him to sew two hairs off a husk of corn back together. He didn’t even know if it was possible.

“The cut is straight, it should be simple. Now go. Straight and neat they must be, otherwise the wound will not heal, and he may loose feeling in the leg.” Perun didn’t really know why he should care if the man lost feeling in his leg, perhaps it would be better if he had something negative to show for his stupidity.

He felt a slap on the back of his head. “We must do all we can for this man. Do you understand?”

Perun did not answer.

“Right.” She eyed him warily. “Sew.” And he set to work, each stich he set he rechecked ensuring its straightness and firmness, according to this old woman, it would not do to have him lose feeling, and hadn’t she been right so far about most things?

It was a few focussed minutes later when he looked up from the wound. The old woman was eyeing him, with an expression that 12 turn old drudge Perun did not comprehend, and it disconcerted him. “Done.” He said.

“Not yet.” Her hands shook once more, and her face looked tired and worn, when she handed him a thicker thread. “Re-thread the needle, and sew the leg back together, then we have done all we can.”

So, he did as she said and when he looked down upon the leg, he realised that there was something stirring within him. Pride? Happiness? Perun looked down upon the man’s face, apparently the disgust he had felt previously to him was gone.

“Thank you.” The drudge croaked and Perun leant back from him, quite unsure as to how he felt about saving the man’s life. It seemed as if, working to save the man’s life for the greater part of a candlemark had given Perun a much better appreciation of it.

Perun looked questioningly towards the old woman, but realised, he had formed no questions to ask. She looked bone weary, as if the feat of instructing someone who knew nothing about the healings arts, to heal, had sapped all of her strength from her.

“You have grace under pressure, child.” Once more, the indiscernible look was turned upon him. “Tomorrow, go to the healer hall. Speak to the master. You shall not return to this place.”

“What do you-?“ But a shakily raised hand cut him off, the annoyingly-habited-drudge was back and the old woman turned to her, allowing herself to be helped her to feet.

“You shall understand in time child, you shall be a healer.”
Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable because lovely black riders are lovely
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:

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Re: P'run [ 32.06.2566 // Black Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 11:09:43 PM »
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Re: P'run [ 32.06.2566 // Black Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2017, 11:10:14 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SanctifiedSavage
Dragon Details

[ SALL-noth ]
( sal as the "tal" in talon; noth as the "poth" in apothecary )
Date of Birth:
34.06.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 36.7M
Mature Height: 6.9M
Mature Wingspan: 60.92M

General Appearance...

When Salnoth first hatched, he was a far more washed out grey in color, almost appearing to have a sickly tint of green or bronze that might make his actual color suspect when he first breaks the shell of his egg. As he ages, however, the thick speckling -- particularly focused on his neck, back, and shoulders -- will darken into a true black, as will his claws, ridges, and the length of his tail. Even his underbelly will skew more toward genuine grey, but he'll always bear a particular tint along his limbs that some might find reminiscent of a swamp. The undersides of his wingsails are a deep black with a glossy softness like velvet, while the outside of them is somewhat lighter, particularly toward the wing digits.

His wings will seem slightly too small for him when he's young, but will gradually fill out into the proper proportions for his length. Mid-range for a Black, he'll never be the hulking beast that Neisoth is nor the slender creature some of his color might be. Nevertheless, while he's somewhat shorter at the shoulder than is proportional, his physique will lend itself well to both bursts of speed and sustained flight. If he and P'run are ever directed in such a way, he'll prove to be a competent fighter.


Mind Voice: Salnoth's voice is lofty, almost regal -- though some might say it sounds stuck-up and arrogant. He speaks very precisely and measuredly, though he's not necessarily quiet or withdrawn. A mid-range baritone, he'd be an accomplished singer if he were a Harper-trained human.

Company : While none would guess it of him, this Black actually enjoys the company of others, so long as they are not disrespectful to himself or his rider and don't take issue with the color of his hide. He won't be a social butterfly flitting from conversation to conversation, but he's not shy and will freely strike up conversations with whomever he pleases.

Being Lauded : Salnoth feeds on praise, though it has to be genuinely given… or at least very well-masked if it isn't. He enjoys being respected, looked up to, and he may gather a small following of admirers due to his natural intelligence, capacity for leadership, and ability to explain things clearly. If P'run ever has to get him to do something Salnoth might not care for, the easiest way to do so is compliment him first.

Pointless Arguments : They're just a waste of time. He won't share P'run's fiery temper, and if anything will attempt to modulate his rider somewhat when he's mad about something that Salnoth doesn't see as worth it. It's not that he cares whether or not P'run is mad exactly, but that there are some people or situations that just aren't worthy of their energy and attention.

Being Talked Down To : This is one of the few things that will genuinely make him angry. Don't you know who you're talking to? Salnoth doesn't suffer condescension well, nor being patronized or treated like a fool. No one has the right to speak to him that way.


* FOCUS : Salnoth is a creature of pure will. Once something has caught his interest, he's unshakeable. He attacks problems and challenges alike with single-minded determination that will play well off of his rider's similar traits. This Black will even be able to push himself beyond his reasonable limits if he's truly set on something, which will make him doubly good in an emergency.

* HONORABLE : Never will he betray his word, and those who have earned his friendship will have one for life. While he may be just as bluntly honest as P'run, he's not needlessly cruel nor particularly devious. Salnoth will give himself fully over to whatever his duty requires of him, and he won't disobey an order unless he has good reason -- though he considers stupid or light-hearted superiors to be a good reason.


* OVERLY SERIOUS : This dragon doesn't know how to take a joke, and even when young he'll never be one for sport or play. Everything he does is with deadly earnestness, and he'll look down on those who he sees as too frivolous, silly, or undisciplined. He has no issues telling others such, which will lead to him clashing with other dragons or even other riders down the road. And if he's ever under the jurisdiction of superiors who fall into that category, he won't respect them and may get in trouble for not following orders when he thinks he knows better than they do.

* HEADSTRONG : As far as Salnoth is concerned, he's fully capable of being the best at anything he does. And truthfully, he does pick things up easily:  he'll be a quick learner and master things that may take other dragons months or even turns to do confidently. However, when he inevitably runs up against something that doesn't come naturally to him, he will get easily frustrated, potentially become belligerent about it, and will ignore or dismiss it as inconsequential -- regardless of reality -- just because he doesn’t like admitting that he might be bad at something.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #697268; Text: #1D201F

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.

I hope you like him! :love:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: P'run [ 32.06.2566 // Black Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2017, 11:14:26 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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