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Author Topic: Tythinaden [01.01.2567] - Candidate  (Read 1230 times)

Offline RavenFlame

Tythinaden [01.01.2567] - Candidate
« on: June 04, 2017, 05:31:22 PM »

Play By:
Tom Ellis

Ty (most common), Tythin, Thin (Hates this one), Aden
Date of Birth:
01.01.2567 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Color Preference:
Black | With the hidden rage, and the need to be first, he'd be suited to the blacks who are perfectly willing to break the rules if it's needed.
Bronze | A quiet leader, and perfectly willing to do what is needed, he'd need a different kind of bronze, one not too set in the rules around him, and perfectly willing to bend them, but he'd be suited to a bronze if needed.
Brown | He isn't quiet solid enough to be a brown rider, though his healer training has made him quite capable with doing what he's told when needed.
Blue | Not his first choice, but a bluerider has more chances to break the rules. It would have to be a very exploratory blue though.
Green | Unsuited in many ways, though he happens to like all the green's he's worked with.
Red | Truthfully he'd be suited to a red, though he'd need one that's bright enough to pull him out of his quiet rages. Not hard with them really.
Future Rider Name:
Destiana was his wife from when he was 13, but she passed in childbirth. She was training to be a healer like himself.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: A tall well muscled form, with quick gentle fingers. Ty dresses sharply, though he tends to wear things that can be dirtied, at least when he's busy. His quick fingers have no jewelry, though he does wear a necklace with two silver bands on it. His hair is generally short, though never to short, and in general is a mess. He tends to run his hands through it when he's thinking. He manages to not be covered in the gore he deals with from the attacks, thread and other such things. He doesn't smile often, except when his daughter is around.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Not really knowing one's parents, or siblings, or really where you came from can leave you rather cold to the world. Loss has always been a part of Ty's life. He generally doesn't react to pain around him, but he has a deep hatred of Thread, and the damage is had raught on the world. It has also made him fiercely protective of his daughter. He also has a quiet inner rage which he has a firm grasp over, though overly emotionally charged situations can bring it out.
Response to dragon color mutations:  As someone who enjoys 'bending' the rules, he finds the blacks and reds fascinating, though after this latch hatching, he does view the reds as a bit of a menace, if only because of the pain they'd caused. He thinks the riders (and holders, and crafters) who are afraid of new things are stupid and probably should step aside for those who are more forward thinking.

Who are you...

Cream Cakes - It's a little dumb, but the sweet desert reminds him of his lost Dest, and he really enjoys the treat, when he can get it.
Helping People - Helping people get better is something he does find joy in. It calms his inner rage. Weather it is seeing a small child get back up from a scrapped knee or a dragon get back on it's feet after a bad accident he enjoys seeing healing happening.
Night Sky - It is usually cooler at that time, and he loves the stars, and the black parts between the stars. When he can he spends his time staring up at them at night.
Klah - It's an addiction. He needs one to wake up fully, to keep going at about midday and he drinks it often, enjoying the taste.
Being First - This is one of those things he doesn't ever say out loud. He likes finding places first, or seeing things first. This also means he likes being on top, and in charge, though again, he tends to keep this to himself. He does know he has to work with others, but being first is important, at least for him.
Sour Fruits - Lemons or things like that are not his favorite, and while he knows they are good for him, there are just some things you just... don't eat.
Heat - Being to hot sucks, and he dislikes it greatly. He won't complain, much, but he dislikes this jungle quite a bit. He prefers the cooler weather of the mountains.
Bugs - It's not that he can't handle them, it's more they are annoying and tend to get in the way and cause more infection, not less.
Arrogance - He doesn't much like unneeded arrogance. Just because you ride a particular dragon or have a particular job does not mean you deserve to have everyone bow down to you.
Being Held Back - He has always pushed himself as hard as he could, never once really being willing to stop, and when someone tells him to do something over, or that he's not quite good enough it pisses him off.
* ADAPTABLE : Ty has always been good on landing on his feet. Much like the felines of old, he will find a way to make himself at home.
* GENTLE : A gentle hand can be all that's needed to calm a wounded being, and he uses that to his advantage when he's in the field helping those he can.
* STUBBORN : Ty is unwilling to bend to just anyone's will. He's his own person and no one will change his thoughts, or actions, without a lot of evidence. As a healer it can lead to him refusing to give up on one of his patients.
* MATURE : The knowledge that he's a father, that he has responsibility to his patience, and that he has a job to do from a very young age has made him mature.
* ENDURANCE : Ty has a lot of stamina, weather physical or mental. He's always pushed himself hard, and that's honed his abilities both physically and mentally to last a great deal longer than most. That doesn't mean he doesn't tire, but that it takes longer.
* HYPOCRITICAL : He may not like how someone else acts, but if you try to call him out on his similar actions he'll tell you that you are wrong.
* ARROGANT : This is the main point he's hypocritical about. Ty knows he's good at his job, and knows that he can do almost anything if he puts his mind to it and isn't afraid to make that clear.
* AUTHORITY : While he knows he has to follow rules, he's never been good at doing things the 'correct' way. Usually the way he does it does work, it just isn't the way he was ordered to. He's gotten in lots of trouble throughout his life, though rarely when he was on the job.
* PERFECTIONIST : Ty has a need to be the best and do everything right the first time. If not he’ll keep trying until he gets it right.
* IMPATIENT : He wants things to happen right now. Not tomorrow, but today. He'd really rather have it happen yesterday.
Describe Yourself:
* DRIVEN: ----- A need to be the best, to do the best, to make the world a safer place for his daughter has made Ty very driven in life and that can be seen in almost everything he does.
* MISCHIEVOUS: ----- Ty enjoys playing small tricks and jokes on his daughter, and friends. He enjoys causing just a little bit of trouble in people's life, if only because people are just a little too serious.
* PROTECTIVE: ----- Ty knows he is protective, if a bit to much, of his only daughter. In his mind she is his world and there is nothing he wouldn't give for her, including his own life. This also applies to his patience and anyone else he considers under his protection.
* BRILLIANT: ----- Ty holds nothing back and is very smart. Smart enough to catch onto things he shouldn't. He's a fast reader, a quick learner and in general just enjoys using his head as much as his hands.
* CHARISMATIC: ----- Ty doesn't consider his words all that important, but it seems that people listen to what he says, even if he doesn't intend them to.
The Magic Touch: Under all of this is a bubbling rage. He is not happy with life all the time, and while he has a very strong control over his rage, he is a bit scared that someday he'll let loose and hurt someone.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Tarinda, Whore, 2553  (b.), 2573 (d.)
Father: Completely unknown, as he could have been any of Tarinda's clients.
Siblings: Londilia, Sister, Whore, 2564 (b.) bonded to gold Londisk
Children: Testhinia (Tess), Daughter, 2580 (b.)
Craft: Healer
Rank: Jr. Journeyman
Date Apprenticed: 2579/12. When they were taken into the Craft Hall. No one younger than 12 without permission.
Date Tapped: 2586/19.
Specialty: Emergency Healing/Field Medic
Education Details: For a rebellious teen, he did strive to be the best at his studies. He always knew he wanted to be a healer, and even if he didn’t always think the rules applied to him, you couldn’t deny he had a strong work ethic. Though no one is surprised because of his being with the Hall most of his life.

Tell us a story...

* 2567, 0 Born to Tarinda as the second child to the whore, Ty was given away at Fort when she visited to the Healer Hall, after she threatened to kill him. From this point on, Ty never actually met his mother again.
* 2569, 2 Ty meets Londilia, his older sister by three years. Apparently she was kept with Tarinda, and used as a way to gain sympathy. She is given to the same group that Ty is, and Londilia finds herself saddled with helping the healers raise her orphaned brother. Ty is only 2, so doesn't really remember much and Londilia is there in all his young memories as his sister. He's told through his early childhood that she's his sister and he believes the healers. As a two year old his emotional state is that of a rebellious terrible two year old, so throwing tantrums, and getting into trouble all the time. Ty assumes he was pleased, but as he was 2, has no memories, emotional or otherwise of the meeting.
* 2572, 5 Ty happens to be deep inside the Hold as thread is about (he got lost) and he finds a terrified little gold and her clutch. With quick, gentle fingers, the little five year old picks up the queen and her five eggs and, using his shirt, brings them back to the hall. He got quite a few bites, but once the queen realized he was trying to help she settled down. Londilia claimed what she thought was the little gold egg for herself, as well as another smaller egg, and the rest of the kids that Ty happened to like (all two of them) got eggs as well. He kept the smallest for himself. It hatched into Sunset, his golden queen, which was exciting and a moment he will always cherish. Londilia was not pleased her 'Gold Egg' was actually a bronze.
* 2574, 9 Harpers from the hall started to really teach Ty when he was seven, and by the time he was nine, he was excelling in everything they could throw at him. Londilia decided to leave him at this time, seemingly to fade into the Hold's darker corners. While Ty had never really liked Londilia, he hadn’t hated her and that loss was something that would always stick with him. He would never forgive his sister for abandoning him.
* 2578, 11 Sunset fly's for the first time in almost seven years, and her clutch is much bigger than expected with about 23 eggs. She's protective and refuses to let her eggs out of her site. They all hatch healthy and end up sticking with quite a few healers in the area. It's about this time that Ty decides to become a healer, and readies himself to really start helping out. He's been doing so his entire life, but now he's ready to do it for real.
* 2579, 12 Ty officially becomes an apprentice to the healer hall. His gentle hands and quick mind lead him towards the path of becoming a medic, having lived in the hall his entire life, he does has a bit of a jump on the other equally aged apprentices.While this is an important moment in his life, Ty doesn’t view it with much emotion. It was a logical step in his life, he just knows that it’s important.
* 2580, 13 Ty meets, falls in love and marries Destiana. He's quick to woo her when she joins the healer hall, making his claim clear to the other boys who also made a move on the beautiful blonde girl. He meets her soon after his birthday and they are married only a month later. Lots of happiness, obviously because falling in love and marrying.
* 2580, 13 Testhinia is born at the end of the year only a few days before her father's birthday. Sadly as she comes into the world, Destiana finds her own life leaving her. She dies with the baby in her arms, which is then quickly transferred to Ty. He tries to name her as close to the holder standards that Destiana would have wanted. Even as the baby falls asleep in his arms he calls her Tess. Ty didn’t have much time to be sad as his daughter needed him, though figuring out how to bottle feed her was a challenge all it’s own.
* 2582, 15 A fight with a Tillik holder who seemed to believe that he'd gotten a lay with Ty's mother and sister leaves him bloodied and his two year old daughter sees her father break down in tears for the first time. He's soothed by her little hand and vows to do better.
* 2586, 19 Midway through the year, after waiting impatiently for his name to be called, Ty is called to walk the tables and gains his Jr. Journeyman Cords. While Ty’s entire life has been filled with getting in trouble, his skill with healing and seriousness about the job gave him that edge when being called to be a Journeyman. The joy of that moment is often something he returns to for the next four years when things get even harder. He's sent to Fort Weyr to help with the wounded, as he has trained so far to be a Field Medic and his skills are needed. He takes his six year old daughter with him and they find a small little room all to themselves while he gets to work helping riders get fixed before handing them off to other healers for long term healing. This is difficult, more for his daughter then himself. There is some internal pride at finally getting to do what he’s good at, but not much else. He’s got a job to do, and he’s going to do it.
* 2587, 20 The 9th pass ends. The second time Tess sees Ty cry is when it's announced that no more thread is falling. Ty finds relief in the fact that Thread will no longer fall. He'd seen so many die to it's attack and was done with the sharding thing. What happens next isn't pleasing to either of them though, as in the seventh month of the year the two are moved, along with everyone else, to Southern Winds Weyr, where it is hot, sticky, and oddly aggressive.
* 2590, 23 The Hunter attack was something that Ty got to see up close and personal, and while he got to work helping those he could, the hatching that followed was almost as bad. While many around him got emotional, he didn’t, focusing on healing and keeping his daughter calm. He'd gotten used to the dragons around him, and hadn't truly given them much attention. The next hatching, where eight reds ripped into the candidates has left him a bit wary of the red creatures. This is another one of those less than emotional moments for him. He knows its important, but beyond all of the work and keeping his daughter from freaking out, there isn’t a whole lot of fear or anger. So the reds are more bloody than expected. As far as Ty can tell that’s probably a good thing.
It was quiet for once. The little room that Tess and Ty shared was empty but for him. It seemed his daughter and his gold had wandered off to explore. There was no reason to be worried, at least for now. Ty settled down on his bed, his feet still on the floor. It was half way through the day, but already he was exhausted. He'd been at Southern Winds Weyr for only a few months but the many ways riders and dragons got hurt always amazed him. He had been relieved as he'd technically been up since about 2am the day before and was starting to have issues.
The dark haired man closed his eyes and let the sounds wash over him. He could hear the laughter of children, the roar of a dragon outside the weyr. The soft sounds of the weyr speaking to one another was another comfort. Oddly the usually active, impatient man found himself drifting to sleep. This was before his feet left the floor though, and when he woke it was because he was on the floor and his blond daughter poked at him with her fingers, as he felt the heavy weight of his queen on his back, kneading at his neck.
"Hey Kid. Just sleeping. You ok?"
"You were on the floor. Why weren't you here when I woke up?"
"A Weyrling tried to break his neck getting off his dragon last night. I was needed. Sorry kiddo."
The floor under his cheek was warm, from him laying there. He wondered how long he’d been there. He pushed himself up and dusted off his pants and shirt as his daughter watched. He reached out and pulled her close, the gold on next to her squeaked as her friend was pulled away. Today was just a typical day, wasn’t it?

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Lokin, Elremmiria, Zarra, Zondesh
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up[/url]
Anything Else:
I'd love it if he  is going to be searched soon. I don't exactly want him to be searched until after Kalestath's clutch hatches.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Tythinaden [01.01.2567] - Candidate
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2017, 05:31:56 PM »

Image Credit:
Artwork by SanctifiedSavage
Link to line art.
Flit Details

How it's said.....
Date of Birth:
34.02.2572 9th Pass. 
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

A beautiful small gold with the colors of the sunset all over her hide, it is obvious that she is very much like her namesake. Beautiful golden hide with darker oranges at the edges of her wings and lowerbody. Sunset is a midsized gold, not standing out in the pack at all.


Mind Voice: A soft, gentle voice, Sunset sounds like the mother she is. Her tone can remind you of a warm harth in a snowstorm or the gentle waves of the ocean. Nothing about her voice is loud. She adores sharing what she sees with Ty and is often constantly connected with her bonded, mentally.

Tess - Sunset adores Tess and if it's to hot to sleep with ty can be found above the little girl's head, happily nuzzling the girl. She seems to be very taken with the little girl and always has been.

Oiling - If she doesn't get her oiling at least twice a day, from anyone, she gets upset, and throws a bit of a fit. She is vain after all.

Shiny Things - Anything shiny really. Though she can be reminded to stay on task about it, she has a small cash of things she's collected over the years in a box that Ty gave to her.

Lightning - It's loud, way to bright and terrifying. The smell is scary. She detests lightning and will hide if there is a big enough storm, usually in Ty's shirt.

Anyone but Ty or Tess Touching Her Eggs - She is a protective one and refuses to let anyone but Ty or Tess touch her eggs. She also doesn't much like her eggs being taken from her, but will allow it if she has to.

Klah - Sunset has no idea why Ty likes the bitter stuff, and she will hiss at his cup every morning, lunch and dinner. It's a sort of ritual at this point, which they both cling to.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Force catch on 02.09

She is a working flit, and helps out carrying utincils or helping calm the patience that Ty deals with every day. She's very motherly.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Tythinaden [01.01.2567] - Candidate
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2017, 01:09:00 AM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

The SWW Staff Team
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Re: Tythinaden [01.01.2567] - Candidate
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2017, 06:12:56 PM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

The SWW Staff Team
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