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Author Topic: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN  (Read 598 times)

Offline Notkerric

Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« on: June 04, 2017, 09:12:05 PM »
Notkerric had posted a notice in the Hall that morning: after dinner, he'd be waiting to meet the potential peacekeepers who wanted to work under with him in restoring the Hold to its former glory. He had given a few days after the announcement for things to settle down, and he made sure that those who lived in the hall saw him outside patrolling and training his new wher. Notsk, not even a month old, was growing steadily. He enjoyed the walks outside, and as much as it pained Notkerric to have him leashed, muzzled, and goggled, it was the only way he could start working on the wher.

He hoped that seeing the process of training a wher would help encourage others to join him. They could begin the physical training of the handlers whenever they wished, and Notkerric planned on training Notsk at the one-turn mark rather than two, to see if he would learn quicker at a younger age.

After dinner, he kissed Tavianna on the cheek and moved himself over to another section of the main hall, off to the side enough that he could conduct business but not disturb other diners. After all, he would be the patron of cooperation and working together. It would be the only way that they could survive.

Notsk was back in their cave, leashed tightly to the anchor bolts he and his sons had drilled into the wall. Kerrisk, on the other hand, was settled on the floor next to his handler's chair, looking like the happiest wher in the world. Notkerric was waiting for his friends to join him, but he was hopeful that a few unfamiliar faces would show up.

Spoiler for OOC Info:

Alright, here's the deal. Notkerric needs some peacekeepers to boss around! He's expecting Ophyonis, Aldrekayn, and Kyohei to show up, but anyone else is welcome! If you're interested in playing a peacekeeper but don't know where to start, Notkerric has an older brother, Ophyonis has a former captain, and I'm sure the others have adoptables or people in their history who can be played. Or, you can just make one! I'd be more than happy to help. People who aren't peacekeepers can drop in to eavesdrop or ask about training/getting a wher.

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Offline Kyohei

Re: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 05:10:42 PM »
Ever one to keep an eye on his surroundings, Kyohei noticed the moment that the notice for Peacekeepers was posted. In fact, he saw Notkerric hang it up. Kyohei had been eating breakfast at the time, a few hunks of glazed furbeast meat and a roll, and nodded to the man as he left the notice board. With a scowl to those that were starting to file to the board, Kyohei cleared a path for himself and read the announcement. After dinner, hmm...? he thought. Such short notice.... He looked over his shoulder back at the table that he left. It was still vacant, though that was probably due to the blue wher that sat nearby. He grunted in amusement as he watched the little brown wherling roll around on the hall’s floor. He was tied off to Kyohisk, who scowled at the brown’s antics. The desire for peace and calmness slowly surged through their bond and Yoheisk picked up on it. The little brown drew to a halt and looked at the blue with a tilted head and curious eyes.

With another grunt, Kyohei made his way past the table and whistled for his whers. Dutifully, Kyohisk rose and followed, all but dragging Yoheisk behind him. They had other duties to complete today… and maybe a few shrooms to find. They’d be back,  though; Notkerric could count on it.
That evening, just before dinner, Kyohei aroused from his drugged sleep. He had been successful in finding a few psilo shrooms and, while Yoheisk napped on the larger blue wher, Kyohei zoned out for a while. But, he knew that it would soon be time to meet with Notkerric.

Leaving his quarters with his two whers in tow, Kyohei made his way back to the great room of the Mine Hall. He spotted Notkerric and Kerrisk and scowled his way through the crowded hall to get to them. With a nod, he leaned against the wall behind the man. Kyohisk and Yoheisk settled on the floor to Kyohei’s right. The smaller brown curled up inside the front legs of the blue, who kept his head lifted and observed their surroundings.

Kyohei thumbed the top of the hatchet that hung from his belt with his left hand and examined the scar on his right palm. Without looking up, he spoke to Notkerric. “Expecting a big turn out?”

Offline Ophyonis

Re: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2017, 08:20:09 PM »
Once dinner was over, Ophy had more or less rushed Domni back to their shared room. In time, her little Blue flit would hopefully be trained to escort her places instead; but since it had only hatched two days ago, Ophyonis knew expecting it to distinguish the right way to and from the dining hall just wasn’t reasonable. And Ophysk’s nose was good, but not good enough to make up for his lack of eyesight in guiding her back there himself.

But even that short little errand couldn’t knock him out of his good mood now, so Ophyonis made his way back to the hall with a certain spring in his step. He’d been waiting for this day for three turns—ever since the entire surviving population of Pern had made the move to Fort Island and abandoned the only place that had ever seemed like home, dirty and cutthroat it might be. He was even more pleased because his long gamble on Notkerric’s social standing and experience had paid off in the best way possible. Even just the man getting his spot as Commander back would have been a victory. But Tavianna’s husband was nothing if not ambitious.

And well-suited to the position of Head Peacekeeper. That the former Lord Holder and his advisors had ultimately agreed just made it even better.

Ophy was grinning as he slid into one of the seats across from Notkerric. No one but Kyohei had shown up yet, but he knew that’d change; Peacekeeping was a respected thing among the Holders, and there’d no doubt be others who wanted their old jobs back, or to grab a new opportunity to make their lives better.

“Evenin’, boss.”

Offline Tiynnalacia

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Re: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2017, 05:57:30 PM »
Tiynnalacia had been mulling over the notice since the morning when she’d arrived. She spent a lot of time down at the Minehall, but she wasn’t moving here, her father had insisted and she wouldn’t move against him, not when they’d always tried to keep their family together. Her sister was different, had a family of her own and her husband needed to be close to his work, but the rest of them had to remain at the Weyr. They had to stick together.

But shards did she want to be a peacekeeper again. She wanted a job, she wanted to be useful, she wanted her time to be worthwhile again. Sure, kitchen and cleaning duty at the Weyr were more honourable a profession than they were considered at the Holds, but they were still practically drudge work, and no one would ever consider her so lowly. Not if they wanted to remain popular among the friends of her family.

She should have left with the last dragonriders of the day, but elected to stay overnight, just in case she decided she would stay for the meeting. At dinner, she couldn’t help watching as Notkerric moved over to a table off to the side, and she sighed deeply. She wouldn’t be able to sleep if she didn’t, at least, attend. She mightn’t be able to be a real peacekeeper until her family decided the Minehall was safe enough to move to, but she had to offer whatever help she could, and explain. The peacekeepers were her life before they moved to Fort Island, she couldn’t let them think she’d just abandoned them for the Weyr.

Clearing her plate and dropping it off at the kitchen for cleaning, she smoothed out her tunic with her hands and moved to join the gathering group. Like Ophyonis, she slipped into one of the seats opposite Notkerric, though kept at least a full persons space between herself and the other keeper. She mightn’t have worked with either him or Kyohei personally, but she knew of them both, and most peacekeepers had a need for a respectful amount of personal space, Tiy included.

Before she sat, she saluted to Notkerric, not overly formal but certainly with the respect he was due. “Head Peacekeeper,” she said, before dropping the salute and nodding to the others present, “gentlemen.”
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Offline Daresik

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Re: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2017, 06:49:30 PM »
Daresik's wife had told him of the notice, and so he went to the meeting. It wasn't like he was going to provide anything interesting to the proceedings, nor was he particularly curious to see who else would be showing up asking for their jobs back, he liked being a Peacekeeper to be sure, but he had still been working for Tavianna and Ophyonis since the move, making sure the family got what they wanted.

So his life would be mostly the same, although he supposed it would make his family a lot better off, be seen in a better light, at least, that's what his wife told him when she ordered him off to the meeting at dinner time, pointing Daresik in the right direction.

"Sir." He said lowly, nodding his head in greeting to the Head Peacekeeper and Ophyonis at that. He probably had worked with the others before, Kyohei was one he remembered, but the woman was unknown to him, not that he had much of a head for names and faces anyways.

Darsk slinked along beside him, but when he sat, she peeled off to the wall, sitting facing out over the dining hall so that she could analyse what was going on, stiff and alert, with eyes shifting over all of the surroundings.
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Offline Notkerric

Re: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2017, 11:34:56 AM »
Notkerric nodded slightly when Kyohei joined him. Kerrisk rumbled at the two whers who came with their master but otherwise ignored them from their perch. Kyohei was the first of many tonight, he hoped, eyeing the rest of the dining hall. He also knew that many new people had stumbled forward to impress the whers during that last hatching. He was betting on the fact that these people would want to help protect the home they had carved out for themselves in this new Hall. It was rough, much rougher than living in the weyr, and felt like starting over one more time. Despite this, it would be a Hold proper, not the hold snuffed out under the shadow of the weyr.

Notkerric actually offered Ophyonis a toothy grin when he arrived. Notkerric certainly did not owe everything to the man in front of him. In fact, he was pretty certain that it was Ophyonis who owed him much. But, he had stuck by his side since they moved to the island and he had put in a good word for Notkerric once nominations were held for the position.

This is what he had been waiting for. Not just for himself. While he was comfortable in the position of commander, her had always wanted more. It just would have taken a lot more maneuvering in Fort Hold to get his way. But here, on the island, in this manner? He could shape the Peacekeepers into a force that looked out for the Hold and its inhabitants.

Tiynnalacia did surprise him when she joined their group. He saluted back to her and was about to ask a question when Daresik joined them. This man surprised him. He was a grunt, good at being a big body, and Tavianna had immediately gathered the man into the fold with Ophyonis. Still, he appreciated the support and nodded to the man.

As others from their days in Fort Hold joined them, he greeted them by name as best he could and asked after their whers if they were not present. "I think we'll give it just a bit longer before we begin," he announced, standing from his position at the head of this group. He paused, giving a couple more moments for people to join them, before starting this meeting in full.

"As many of you know, my name is Notkerric. I was a commander in the peacekeepers back in Fort Hold, and I know I have worked with most of you at some point. This is my bronze, Kerrisk," he introduced, motioning to the stoic wher by his side. "My younger bronze, Notsk, is still too young to be out much.

"For those of you who were peacekeepers, I will be contact with you soon to place you into squads and discuss the layout of our beats." He nodded at the faces in the crowd he recognized, like Daresik. "For those you with mature whers who were not peacekeepers, we will arrange training as soon as possible to introduce you to how things work. Training back at Fort Hold lasted two turns at minimum. I'm afraid we might not have that much time, so things will be accelerated until the dust around us has settled. For those of you who just impressed a new wher and were never a keeper, we will have separate training for you to help you with your bond and with how the keepers run.

"This will be a large and difficult task ahead of us. We all will need to be on our best game in order to work together and protect our people. But I know we all are invested in the future of this hold and the future of our families." He gave the crowd a reassuring smile. "I am here now if you have any questions. Please, talk among yourselves and find your squad mates. We have much to discuss and plan in order to make this place our home."
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Offline Ophyonis

Re: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« Reply #6 on: August 30, 2017, 05:16:19 PM »
Ophy leaned his elbows on the table as he waited for the rest of those gathering to arrive, nodding in greeting to those he had worked with or knew of, like Daresik and Tiynnalacia. They’d gotten a pretty good turnout, all things considered, including a lot of familiar faces—some good, some bad. But Ophyonis was welcoming to it all, even those he’d not especially gotten along with back at Fort. That feeling might not last, but this was a much-needed return to normalcy. Almost three turns now of having his Keeper leathers sitting in a box was far too long.

Notkerric’s grin at him drew another smirk from Ophy as well. The man might not normally be the sort to let his emotions be known over much, but he had every right to be pleased with himself given his recent and fortuitous promotion.

There was something very familiar, too, about the little speech Notkerric gave—so like the briefings that the Captains and Commanders gave for changing circumstances at the Hold. A rehashing of goals, an explanation of expectations and next steps:  all of it the makings of a plan that made Ophyonis once again very glad that he’d stuck by Notkerric in the first place, and suggested his name as a good candidate for Head Peacekeeper. This was exactly the sort of person they would need helping to guide their future and make sure it went in the direction that it should.

He couldn’t help but wonder whose squad he would be assigned to, and who his fellow Keepers in it would be. He’d not be surprised if Xerlyle had his eye on a Captainship now; and if that proved to be the case, then all the better for Ophy if he wound up working under him. And maybe with Daresik? That would probably depend on what Tavianna wanted and whether it would be more advantageous to have them in the same squad or not. But he’d not mind working with him either. At least he knew what to expect from the man and the degree of his corruptibility.

The real trouble would be if he got stuck with some over-lawful, pretentious set of Keepers that he’d have to be wary of. But he didn’t think Notkerric would do that to him.

He saluted the man lazily at the end of his speech, not even really lifting his elbow off the table. “Sounds good, boss.” It would be interesting indeed to see how all of this went, and who was assigned where.

Offline Daresik

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Re: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« Reply #7 on: August 30, 2017, 08:26:15 PM »
Daresik was neither surprised nor unsurprised by the turn out, because he simply didn't bother to recognise anything or anyone outside of the direct circle of those that he interacted with.

Ophyonis and he had worked together, and so the face was recognised, Notkerric was the husband of Tavianna, and had been higher ranked than his direct superiors in the Peacekeepers previously, so again, Notkerria was recognised. The rest, he hadn't worked directly with before, either with his squad in the 'Keepers or with an assignment from Tavianna. So Daresik, simply had no opinion.

All this was just purely technical for him. Daresik would never be part of a decision making crew, so despite Notkerric saying he would be in contact to "discuss" their beats. The thug knew there would be no discussion. For him at least, all he needed was a simple 'Here is your route. Go.' He had no opinion on the matter unless he was told what opinion he was supposed to have.

However, he supposed that Everalsie would want a somewhat accurate recollection of the meeting, to the best of his abilities of course, so he endeavoured to hang around afterwards for the possibility of... learning something extra, or something equally forwardthinking that Everalsie would want him to do. After all, happy wife, happy life, right?

He nodded his agreement (not that it mattered) at Notkerric when he finished his speech and waited so be dismissed.

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Offline Aldrekayn

Re: Come One, Come All [15.06.2590 // 7pm] OPEN
« Reply #8 on: September 03, 2017, 09:05:31 PM »
Aldrekayn had been watching the wall consistently over every meal time, just waiting for this moment. It was the reason he had uprooted Remira from the Weyr and brought them both down to the Mine Hall just under a month prior. There was nothing for him at the Weyr. He had lost his identity when they moved south to Fort Island. The power he’d gained while at the hold, from gang leader to peacekeeper, had all been stripped from him until he was nothing more than a simple man.

While most things never mattered enough to bother him, it did grate on his pride as an older brother that he’d been reduced to manual labor help in the Weyr these past couple of Turns. He was more than eager to have that power back. That control back in his life. So when the posting went up by Notkerric, Aldrekayn was ready.

Not that he gave any physical signs to his excitement, of course. He’d remained stoic and calm all day, as if it had been any other day. Just casually letting Remira know he’d be gone for a meeting after dinner and to expect him later. He’d have preferred leaving Rekaysk in their room, but couldn’t trust the foul beast to be alone with Remira or her two wher. Which meant bringing the quick tempered young bronze with him and Aldresk to the meet.

The younger wher was muzzled and leashed to his right side where he could keep better control of him while Aldresk obediently moved to his left. It was part of every new wher’s training to use the leash, muzzle, and goggles until they were properly trained, but every time Kayn put them on Rekaysk, the bronze was even more irritable than usual—which he could hardly believe was possible.

The walk back to the dining hall where the meeting would take place was slower than he’d anticipated, and brought them in at the end of the small crowd and just before Notkerric spoke. He held them at the back of the group and to the side, keeping Rekaysk between himself and the wall and Aldresk acting as a barrier to anyone who might set the younger bronze off for no deeper reason than existing in his line of sight.

Kayn listened quietly as his mind focused on all that mattered to him: the peacekeepers were coming back. He was coming back. The mention of beats and squads barely passed through his thoughts. He would accept any beat he was assigned and the same would be true for squads. He’d had no ‘mates’ to speak of, and would be willing to work with whomever if it meant joining back under Notkerric. All that mattered to him now would be learning the new layout of beats and training Rekaysk.
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