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Author Topic: Beds and Mates... but not bedmates [35.06.2590//12.12am] Ionei, T'ghen  (Read 112 times)

Offline Galve

Exhausted. Galve didn’t quite realise how tired they were until they shuffled in to their new room, chest now a dull ache after being covered in numbing salve, and stained candidate robe clutched in their hand. They stood for a moment at the door, blinking at the new room, trying to comprehend the idea that they were now a Weyrling… they finally impressed…

Well of course you did! I am here now. You couldn’t before because they weren’t me, but now I am me, and you are Mine. Obviously.

With a small smile, Galve tried very hard not to roll their eyes, “can I have one moment of quiet to let this sink in, please? It’s been a long day.”

A spike of guilt and sadness passed through their bond as Weyteleth ducked her dark red head, and Galve almost took it back. But the little Red did need to learn when to quiet… ugh, this was going to be harder than Galve had thought.

Okay, sorry.

“Ughhh, why don’t you pick out a bed for me? And the stone plinth next to it will be yours.”

Instantly the Red was back to her energetic self, practically skipping her way into the room, although still a little awkward looking, with her wings half raised and bouncing as she moved. Sniffing over two of the three beds while Galve leaned on the stone of the opening to their room, Weyteleth seemed to like the look of the second one.

Crawling up the side of the cot, she walked over it, liking the softer feel of bedfurs under the pads of her feet. With great concentration, the tiny dragon walked over every inch of the bed, just to feel it. Finally, Galve moved to join her, plopping down next to the dragon without thinking. The little Red bounced from the impact.

Momentarily still while her young mind processed what had happened, it took all of about half a second for the Red to start bouncing on the bed, trying to move Galve in return. She attempted in vain, but she was determined, and enjoying it… and doing so quietly.

Lying down on the bed, smug waves of amusement emanating from Galve through their bond, that’s how they stayed. Or, at least, that’s how they’d remain until they had to meet their roommates. 

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Aster @SirAlahn
I don't care what bed Galve has, so if other people care about which bed in the room is theirs you can just assume it's open <3

Offline T'ghen

There had never been any real doubt in T’ghen’s mind that he would Impress. No, of that eventuality he had been completely sure. He would not be one of those Candidates who was Searched and then failed—whose mental states deteriorated out of despair, or who became steadily less and less like what the Search Dragon had seen in them. He was no young boy fresh out of childhood. He knew what he wanted, how to accomplish it, and that there would be a dragon for him in one of Southern Winds’ clutches, regardless of when it happened.

So his sense of disbelief now had nothing to do with Impressing in and of itself. Others might call it arrogance, but to T’ghen it was simply self-confidence. No, his faint feeling of being stunned originated from what had bonded to him.

Or, rather, who.

You’ll learn. The Black’s own self-assuredness was idly infuriating. For such a young thing, he had no doubt in himself. There was hardly any questioning in him, just complete surety that he would be all the things his rider wanted him to be, in time. As Sinestath saw it, after all, it wasn’t his fault that his first real opponent had been a fat Brown.

In time, he was sure, his size would put him in a higher class than that pushy creature. He would be better. In every way.

//Learn what?// A question born of exasperation, as T’ghen led Sinestath away from the feeding pavilion to the room in the barracks that he’d been told would be theirs. Later, he would have to move his belongings from the Candidate Barracks. But that would be a task for when the sun was actually up. Sinestath, belly full of food and hide soft with oil, was sleepy—and the waves of drowsiness radiating from their mental link was making even T’ghen yawn.

Which made him scowl.

That you’re wrong about me.

//Careful. You’re starting to sound like M’lan’s dragon.//

Don’t be stupid. Sinestath’s voice took on a faintly waspish tone at that. How disappointing his first potential friend had been. If only Corvath was linked with some other rider—one that wasn’t a detriment to him. You are wrong, but no one gets to tell you that but me.

//Of course.//

T’ghen was disappointed to find that the room was already occupied when they arrived. He even checked the number above the door to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. But no, this was Room 10. And thus this was the first of what appeared to be two roommates he would have to endure for the rest of their weyrlinghood.

He was too tired for introductions and idle small talk. Hopefully they would be too.

But it was not meant to be. Though he’d schooled his expression into aloof neutrality, moving to take the bed on the other side of the room from the other weyrling’s, leaving the second one—in the middle—empty, T’ghen’s attempt to avoid the trappings of conversation were futile.

Hello. Closing his eyes, T’ghen felt a muscle in his jaw twitch as he sensed his dragon reaching out to the Red on the other side of the room. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Sinestath.

He sighed through his nose and turned to Galve. “I’m sorry about him.” Shards, he hated having to apologize for anything. But Sinestath’s talkativeness would no doubt he grating to others beyond himself. “I don’t think he’s realized just how tired he is yet.” A sentiment which T’ghen followed up with a glare at his dragon, gesturing toward the stone couch next to what would be his own bed for the next two turns. //That’s your bed.//

I know. But I want to meet our roommates first.

//Why?// A nearly helpless, pleading-sounding question, which had Sinestath snorting and flaring his wings, but not directly answering T’ghen.

Sinestath | Newly Hatched | 3.54M Long | 0.89M Tall | 6.6M Wingspan

Offline Ionei

Ionei came in later, as she'd been busy with Healers first; Quaoth's tail was wrapped, though it still had a big chunk taken out of it, and Ionei got some salve a bandage for her cut up leg as well. So it was after T'ghen and Galve by a little while when she found her way to the room W'um had directed her to. She had Quaoth in her arms, the fussing with his tail having been too much for him for the next little while, even if he wasn't actually complaining. She could just tell.

Are we home yet? he asked, also clearly sleepier than he was willing to admit.

"We're home now," Ionei whispered, pleased to see there was only one bed option left. No making decisions! Excellent. She set Quaoth down in the middle couch and let him settle, flopping sideways on her bed unceremoniously. Louder, to the other humans, she managed a, "Hi."

Hello, her dragon interjected politely into what conversation Sinestath and Weyteleth might have already been having.
Quaoth | Newly Hatched
0.87 M Long | 0.174 M High | 1.18 M Wingspan


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