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Author Topic: Approved Razilia [07.03. 2573 / Green Weyrling ]  (Read 4032 times)

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Razilia [07.03. 2573 / Green Weyrling ]
« on: March 09, 2014, 10:13:07 PM »

Play By:
Emilia Clarke

First Name:
Date of Birth:
07.03. 2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Job Before Search:
Color Preference:

Partnered to a lovely Green

S'bel of Blue Rilraneth, not technically husband but the Father of her firstborn son

Your Reflection...


She tends to dress in sturdy woven shirts and canvas skirts or likelier pants. When not doing chores that revolve around being on hands and knees scrubbing she has her hair loose with a small part pulled back into a partial French braid. Otherwise she has it pulled back into a skinny braid thats much easier to keep out of the water she's using to scrub floors or other potenially messy chores. As a result her hair looks cleaner than her hide after a good long time at chores. Though its not by much. Her scuffed footgear is usually only used when her chores lead her outside to help try to gather food.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The thought that they could all be consumed by Thread had her younger self fearing that they would all die. This had gotten worse as she had seen more people show up in some cases with thread practically on their heels it felt like with how they were in such panic. This fear was slowly lessened as the Pass; extended though it was, finally started to wind down. Sure she had been a baby through a good portion, but she'd been among the ones who fussed and cried back then almost constantly. So it was pretty much a constant nightmare for her child size self. Even now at 16 she still occasionally wakes from horrific nightmares from half remembered memories in her youngest years. As she and her family settled into the new Weyr however; she had slowly gotten used to the way things would work from now on as all Pern tries to recover from the Pass.

Response to dragon color mutations: She thinks they are amazing and is mightily confused by some folks thinking poorly of the Blackrider Weyrleader

Who are you...


Firelizards especially her flit Meep. mostly thanks to the way they interact with one another as well as the world around them. As this makes them entertaining to watch for her.

Dragons. No matter the color or temperament they are interesting to look at and sketch out when sleeping; though like most younger folks Raz does dream of the day she might get chosen. Thats whay she likes them so much; the possibility of being a Bondmate to one.

Hard working people; Mostly because she knows its easier to get them to help do a group chore. And it feels easier to convince them to try better methods for completing a task. HEr five siblings fall easily into this slot along with her parents.

Dragonriders like her parents. This is primarily due to how she looks up to Riders as heroes even though things are kind of rocky right now.

Friendly folks: pretty self explanatory, but effectively if you are friendly or at the least talkative she may try to befriend you if given a chance.


Bullies: because they serve no real use to the Weyr except to take up space and make others miserable. Which isn't how anyone should act in Raz's opinion.

lazy people : This is a dislike  of hers because their complaints at being yelled at when an adult forces them to do their work gets on her nerves.

Those who tease her for her nightmares: It's not like she has any control over this. So she feels like its highly unfair to torment her for it.

Having nightmares period: This leaves her miserable and out of it when she wakes up gasping like a fish; so of course this is a serious dislike of hers due to wishing she would quit looking so weak.


* DETERMINATION : Raz is determined to overcome her nightmares, as well as to ignore the jibes of her fellow Weyrbrats.

* Loyal : If you have made a friend of her she is more than willing to go through any sort of obstacle if it means pulling you from danger. She'll even fight her fear of Thread to save a friend.

* Kindness : She is more than willing to be a 'bounceboard' of emotions for someone needing a sympathetic ear. Or a shoulder to cry on; whichever is needed most.

* Openminded : Unlike how some folks distrust the mutations; Raz is quite accepting of them, they are still dragons after all its not like they might be harbingers of disease or suchlike.

* Trustworthy : If she's told a secret she has been Enjoined to keep or given a specific set of tasks she will either keep that secret even if it means death or she will work like a workhorse to go above and beyond what is expected of her to fulfill a task set.


* Stubborn : The flipside of her Determination is her stubborn streak as wide as Rukbat is bright. She'll slog along in whatever task she's doing till she either passes out or someone forcibly makes her take a rest.

* Short-fused : She may resort to snappish words before fists but if pushed enough the fists will start swinging.

* Ashamed : She hates how weak she thinks she looks with still having nightmares despite her age. The other kids teasing her only fuels this.

* Bravely Foolish : To overcompensate for her fear of Thread Raz can get stupidly brave and take risks that likely gets her reamed by whichever Adult in charge catches her.

* Speaks before thinking : Even though it hurts when the other kids call her names or tease her for still having nightmares occasionally Raz can run her mouth too. Often resulting in her being later seen with a bruised jaw.

Describe Yourself:

* EMPATHIC: ----- Even though she still has fear of thread and nightmares, she shows an empathic side that lets her see the situation from someone else's view and try to help them cope with Fear.

* Leader: ----- Despite the heckling of others she does her best not to back down. But she also tries to remember where the figurative line stands between standing up for herself and potentially becoming no better than her bullies. She also attempts to show others how to stand up against their own bullies.

* Giving: ----- She's willing to share even the tiniest amount of food with anyone else especially if they haven't eaten. Or offer any other needed help if she can.

* Protective: ----- Will willingly get between two people fighting if the one being walloped is far too small to defend themselves.

* Defensive: ----- Can get short with people even if they only ask in passing about her nightmares; as she thinks they might be gearing up to say something derisive.

The Magic Touch: on her free time she likes sketching flits, dragons anything that sits still long enough really. Took to the majority of her lessons like a fish to water; though the whole Candidate Sexuality thing did throw her for a loop at first even if she does love the son she got out of it thanks to S'bel of Blue Rilraneth


Mother: Ilia Wingrider, 01.12.2556.  the turn she Impressed Green Nephaerith was 2571.
Father: X'az *Xeraz Wingrider, 11.30.2555.   the turn he Impressed Blue Navarth was 2571.

Siblings: Raz has about five siblings total three boys and two girls.

Brother 1: Xeril
Brother2: Raliz
Brother3: Erili
Sister one: Rili
Sister two: Raxeril


Three month old Son: Belsaraz


Tell us a story...

* 2573, Age 1 Raz was born to a Greenrider and a Bluerider; amidst the living nightmare of an abnormally extended Fall with five older siblings. Being a baby though was a tiny advantage at that time; in the sense that she couldn't comprehend what was going on. All Raz understood was something scary was going on that had the adults scared, which in turn made the children nervous.  Albeit to varying degrees as per their temperament. The littlest kids simply fussed and cried deep into the night while the adults were moving at a still frantic pace. That felt like it lasted forever; especially for the kids who saw the aftermath of threadscore practically fresh almost daily. Even on her own parents when they managed a quick visit. While on the one hand this made Raz see she had caring parents despite the hectic lifestyle. It would also lay the groundwork for her nightmares later in life. Though her sisters were usually right there to help her calm down.

* 2579, Age 6Nightmares are still pretty constant to the now Six turn old. However Raz tries to keep her spirits up; even if at night her mind has begun to graphically revisit the wounds thread causes in those who aren't utterly consumed on the spot. So she is often heard mewling and crying out in her sleep as her brain turns on itself and seems to want to make her envision how each writhing scar was first formed. When she starts seeing her parents in her dreams and the possibility Thread could end them the Creche workers get the added stress of her having Screaming night terrors. Though she likely wasn't the only kid in the Creche dealing with this type of trauma. The other children have apparently varied reactions, though she ignores most others except for her siblings trying to help her through it.

* 2585, Age 12 More of the same sights and sounds as the Pass wears on abnormally long. The nightmares are reduced down to normal over the Night Terrors most of the time, but every so often a few really bad nights still happen. Raz tries to make the best of this, telling her brave parents she's fine as she ignores the nasty comments from the other kids with her sibling's help. Which is getting easier the more often she finds herself doing it as she goes through chores; thankfully not being among those sent to fetch numbweed and fresh bandages for those who are still trickling into the Weyr yet. Is learning that just because her mind shows her these horrible scenarios doesn't mean they're real. Finally late in this Turn despite the morbid situation outside Razilia is picked to Stand for the next Dragon clutch that will hopefully produce many healthy babies. She gets started on her Candidate Chores along with a few of the basic ones she was already doing up till then. Though if she thought she'd get away from most of her hecklers she was wrong.

* 2587, 14  Finally the Pass has ended, though its somewhat disheartening to hear her parents talk about how badly some areas were ravaged. Besides chores and Candidacy lessons nothing much has changed for Razilia. Though her nightmares are getting milder and milder. They are by no means gone. Besides the future hope of being a Dragonrider, Raz's father and mother stopping by the Candidate Barracks for girls with a gift made her smile two months into the Interval. Though her sisters waved off her apologies that their parents had only the one thing for Raz.

After she finally realized why her father was carrying a bowl of meat bits while mother had a tiny egg in a bowl of sand. Almost as soon as she'd asked if it was a flit egg the tiny thing had started hopping before the skinniest green head and neck popped free. This day would mark when Raz became the human to an ever curious Green flit she'd named Meep after the little creature had eaten almost her weight in food from Raz. then fallen asleep in Raz's lap. The care of the baby flit her parents had said would gear her up for dealing with a dragon. So Raz took that to heart; taking great care of Meep, hoping one day she'd be seen as the perfect partner by a Dragon. Even if her folks had told her some kids didn't Impress the First time they Stood. Which is what happened to Raz; she stood and was passed over, but that didn't bother her. It just meant her Partner was not in this clutch; nor the five before this clutch. About nine months before  she turned sixteen Razilia finally got an answer to her playful flirting with the older Riders. Thus was she shown the joy of bringing new life to Pern with Bluerider S'bel.

* 2589, 16 Some time after Moving to Southern Winds, Razilia gets back into her usual routine with Candidacy Chores despite some uncertainty about the new place. As well as training her flit not to follow her everywhere she went if she was doing work. With a new clutch warming on the Sands later in the current Turn however; after the Blackrider Flew the Queen Raz had begun to train Meep to Stay where she's sent if its not to Raz's Room. In this she manages to convince anyone not positively NEEDING to do things elsewhere to sit and feed Meep treats when she stays put on the other person. Luckily for all concerned it seems Meep is a quick study. And appears to get what her Bonded is asking of her. So once this new clutch hatches Raz feels she won't be missing a flit through Meep annoying the proddy momma; and perhaps the seventh time will be the Charm?. Regardless if it was or not Raz was buoyed by her siblings and parents cheering for her each time she was left standing. Though it did make her smile to see one of her sister's holding her then three month old son one of the last times she Stood.

Razilia was able to visit her little one with her sister the Crecheworker in training when not Standing or going through lessons. The joy she would get from the little bundle of energy made her happy enough that she would put forth even more effort in all her lessons. Or in her chores like helping to either mend a tiny deviation in a harness or mark it for a Trained Crafter who worked with Leather to fix. These areas she made sure to mark with a tiny bit of string tied above and below the trouble spot. As she went along however, the kids deliberately malicious whispers were slowly beginning to wear on her; at least from one small group. But still she tried to rise above it and ignore them; up till a lazy weyrbrat enlisted for leather cleaning tried to foist their work off on Raz. Which almost earned the other weyrbrat a thrashing from Raz; or one of her older siblings who was working alongside her. If not for the adult who had gathered them together for this chore to begin with spying the sneak trying to shirk.

Though Raz had to stifle her grin at the brat's comeuppance lest their friends take it out on her. Even though I can take them myself...the adults would get upset, or my siblings would get disappointed in me. That was one of the many things she'd thought, but apparently hadn't thought quietly enough. As proven by the sleepy mind peep of her flit filtered through the distance between them. Because it sounded like questioning baby babble though Raz had to mentally scramble to tell Meep to stay put in her bunk. The mental 'awww whyyyy?' of a sort made her slightly wince; but Raz did her best to make sure the flit understood her command. No need to give the meaner kids more ammo to antagonize her. As if that thought had crossed the adult's mind however; she found herself being gently asked to move to a spot a little further from the other kids.

Which did make the kids quiet down; none of them apparently wanted to push their luck with the adult right there, and now showing no sign of moving. But Raz; even as she smiled gratefully to the adult as she worked, felt that the heckling tonight was likely to be at its worst. Which was proven by a surreptitious glance around, the kids might not be able to sneer and jeer at the 16 turn old verbally at the moment; but the look in their eyes when they looked her way showed she was going to have another...eventful night tonight.

This sort of 'game' had gone on so long however; the blonde girl simply sighed in the privacy of the deepest corner of her own mind. It might not be the sort of thing you wanted to get used to. But when the alternative is being ostracised worse by looking like you went crying to your parents? yeah Raz preferred to deal with sleeping lightly until the kids lost interest in her again. She just hoped they'd finally leave her be once she Impressed. To the confusion of the other weyrbrats and a few other would be Candidates now, not only did Raz speed up her work but the thought of Impressing so buoyed her mood she'd gone from a blank 'trying to disappear' expression to smiling.The fact she was smiling was explained away in the mind of her supervisor as a simple reaction to her siblings trying to move on either side of her as they continued to work alongside her. As well as show the hecklers that to get to Raz they may need to contend with Raz's sisters at the least.

Member Info...

Created By:
DW or Dragonwher whichever is fine
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Anything Else:
SirAlahn permitted me to mention his Bluerider S'bel as the father of so far her only son. Other than that and the fact I will be listing all five of her siblings as well as her Parents and Son for adoption. I have nothing further in the extra info to add. Except perhaps to permit Raz to get a bit nipped up when she Stands; just please leave her able to keep Standing if she don't impress when she gets nipped at or something. 

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Re: Razilia [07.03. 2573/Candidate]
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2014, 10:14:25 PM »

Image Credit:
Flit Details

it looks exactly how it sounds
Date of Birth:
2 Turns old Turn 2587.
Place of Birth:
Fort weyr

General Appearance...

She's still a tiny delicate thing; her markings are a pale jade dusting over her whole body and darker horizontal stripes adorn her tail. While her underside is a pretty mint green color. She is pretty much adult age for a flit though, so she is just one of those who happens to be on the tinier end of the scale. So the biggest part of her is the long whippy tail and her rather large wings; well large for a flit anyway.


Mind Voice: When she decides to talk for a short span she sounds like a toddler given the power of mindspeech. So even when she's not babbling one stream of words she tends to fuse them an example is her ever-curious 'Wazzat?' that she heard Raz mumble before. Which is of course a mushed version of the query 'whats that'.

Razilia: mostly because she was the first person to feed the then baby green upon hatching.

Shinies: because Raz-friend makes funny chirpy-seeming noises when she chases them across the floor.

Being oiled: She loves the feeling of being clean, despite her somewhat adventurous nature. Which leads invariably to her needing a fresh cleansing and oiling if she's caught tracking mud into her person's dwelling.

Food: Most of Raz's methods of training revolved around food. So it has become a big thing in Meep's life.

Flying: Like with the chasing of a shiny thing this little female flit loves to fly both for the exercise and because it makes Raz giggle.


Anyone who makes mean sounding noises at Raz: because when Raz is sad Meep feels just as upset.

Losing her shinies: Though she usually gets over it quickly; when she first loses a pretty item be it a pebble or something else. Then she might become a little slumped ball of sad.

Mean humans in general : She's still confused as to why she gets yelled at for divebombing these types of humans.

Being snapped at *verbally or otherwise*: This will make her hide for hours on end until she thinks Raz 'really' means it when the girl apologizes as she searches for the soft hearted flit.

Having food stolen from her: this will earn whatever did something like that to her the mother of all scoldings and nippings. Even after the food is given back; it usually only ends when Raz manages to get her into a different area entirely than where the altercation started.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Just a small two Turn old flit, who tends to like trying to imitate the noises people make when startled or excited. Her favorite noise to use to scare someone in play is a loud WARK!

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Re: Razilia [07.03. 2573/Candidate]
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2014, 01:19:11 PM »
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Re: Razilia [07.03. 2573/Candidate]
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2014, 12:06:27 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
29.6.2589 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Halirina’s Kalestath
Clutch Father:
S’bok’s Neisoth
Mature Length: 21 meters
Mature Height: 4.2 meters
Mature Wingspan: 33 meters

General Appearance...

Parath is a bright emerald green, with a paler shade of speckles along her chest, upper legs, and tail. Her wingsails are a paler shade yet, almost minty in color, while the bones of her wings are a dark forest green. She’s on the smaller side of the Green size scale, and her wings are slightly shorter and broader than others of her size.


Mind Voice: Parath’s mind voice is a bold soprano, loud but pleasing.

Likes: Attention : Parath loves praise, flattery, and other forms of attention. Those who dote on her inevitably earn her affection.
Firelizards : She adores the little beasts and may be seen with a fair or two lounging near or even on her.

Dislikes: Not having the limelight : Just as she loves attention, Parath hates not having it. It can make her moody or even vindictive if she’s not given what she feels is her due.
Cowards : Parath dislikes people who are too occupied with their own fear to act. By the same token, she considers bullies to be cowards of the lowest order.


* SPUNKY : This little Green has a fiery spirit. She’s nigh indomitable, and won’t let anyone tell her what she can and can’t do or be.

* EXCITABLE : She might not always operate at full energy, but Parath is easy to excite and rile up.

* AFFECTIONATE : Parath is easy and free with her affections, and easily trills her happiness to see people she likes. She’s likely to rub up against people and dragons she’s fond of, no matter her size.


* NEEDY : The other side of Parath’s affection and desire for attention means she’s needy. She’ll become moody and out of sorts if she’s ignored or neglected.

* NOSY : It’s difficult to keep this dragon out of your business. She has a way of insinuating herself into such things.

* SELFISH : No matter her natural affectionate qualities, Parath is basically selfish at her core. She thinks she and her rider should be the center of attention.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like.
Background: #56D674; Text: #0D4D1C
[*parath]Remove the * for your dragon’s speech code[/*parath]

Member Info...

Anything Else:
I do hope you will like your new lovely. I try to put in a unique touch to all of them to give a good fit between rider and dragon. :3

Additionally, here is your dragon’s egg. ^_^

[ When Parath reaches sexual maturity, her flight dates will be 17.03, 06.05, and 19.08. ]

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