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Author Topic: Try and Try Again [ 01.07.2590, 12 PM ] Healer Hall, after the Hatching  (Read 142 times)

Offline Saviavi

Today was the first day that Saviavi felt fully coherent. Her pain was less now and she had asked to be weaned off of the fellis and other painkillers, not enjoying how heavy they made her head feel nor the threat of addiction. The healers had warned her that once she started therapy she might need something to help, but the girl was determined against it. Yes, it hurt, but it was nothing compared to the mental anguish.

No one had wanted to tell her of Dart’s death but almost immediately, as soon as she woke, she knew. There was an absence in her heart that she couldn’t shake, no matter how hard she tried. Saviavi had spent much of the last day and a half crying, something she couldn’t remember ever doing before. She wasn’t a pretty crier, either. Her face was a blotchy, red mess and the skin around her eyes swollen with salt.
Her three remaining firelizards had all arranged themselves quite near her and had refused to leave. When the drugs had made her too nauseous to eat, she gave them her share and then realizing they likely weren’t eating at all besides what was offered, she requested their meals be brought in, too. That was the one blessing about the Healer Hall, the food was particularly filling and hearty to better strengthen the sick. Sure, the flavor was pretty bland, but the stews were packed with protein and carbohydrate enriched bread accompanied every meal.
Someone, she guessed Sionann, had brought her needlework in. Savi had been told it’d be a while before she could try walking and that her muscles might even need to re-learn it. She was therefore grateful that she could at least keep her hands busy, when she wasn’t too occupied with being miserable.
With noon arriving with a bell toll, she set her work aside. Today’s menu was a porridge with bits of sweet fruit added in, and of course generous slices of bread to mop it all up with. She wasn’t just looking forward to the food, though, she knew today there’d be visitors. The majority of the injured had been stabilized and, like herself, were aware and awake enough to interact without risk of stress or strain. She did her best to dry her face and look bright and cheery, but her roommates in this ward would’ve seen Savi at her worst.
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@SirAlahn @Aster @Kyya @CatTiff @Inki, and anyone else I forgot to tag that expressed interest in a “check up” thread, everyone else is also welcome to join if you’ve characters wanting to visit, or are there for bandage changes or whatever else <3
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Isa woke it took the healers time to set her arm to it was in a sling and Lil was beside her as was Lazy. She looked at them and smiled then looked over at Savi she could tell her friend was sad and knew it would take time to get over the loss of the flit. She could do nothing though with a broken arm and the other in bandages. She wondered if she would be able to stand at the next hatching. She was scared she would not be able to and it took Lil to comfort her. She reached over with her good hand and scratched the gold then looked at her brown and shook her head he needed oiled again. Looking around she tried to reach for a jar of Oil only to almost fall out of the cot she was on.

The Healer that was in the room saw her and shook his head. "You know you can ask me to get that for you Isa I would. You are not to move the broken arm but you can move everything else and the young brown does need to be oiled it would seem." Isa smiled at the healer and looked down. "Thank you sir and I am sorry. I just wanted to do it myself and not ask. Thanks for the help. Lazy is still so young and he itchs a lot. I wonder if this is how a Dragon is sometimes. Though he sleeps more than what I would think a Dragon would do." Lazy just looked at her as she oiled his skin and then he fell asleep beside her on the bed.

Lil looked at Isa and cocked her head to the side she looked at Isa. "Oh Lil your my Girl and Lazy is just Lazy you keep him in line okay. We will not get anymore I just happened to be there when he was hatched. I know you wanted to be my only one till we get a Dragon but don't worry you have my heart sweetheart." Lil thrilled at this as she heard this and nuzzled Isa before calming down and cuddling into her lap.

Offline Ysveta

Ysveta tried not to complain, she really, really did, but the endless lying there, not being able to move, being prodded and poked like she was a piece of meat, and then left to lie there again without any word of when she would be better, when she would be allowed to move again. It was perhaps even more torturous than the actual pain she experience.

Luckily that had lessened, there were healers around constantly reapplying numbweed, and filling her up with fellis juice. The numbweed couldn't be helped, her deeper injuries needed the constant application of the stuff, but the fellis juice Ysveta had been trying to avoid. She hated the way it made her brain fuzzy, and forced her to sleep even when she didn't want to. Everytime a healer had offered her a drink, she had sniffed it carefully before taking a sip, and by now, the pain was so constant, that it was simply bearable. Ysveta had just... gotten used to the constant sharp throbbing from the puncture wounds and so, was fine without the help of fellis at least.

She didn't want to just lie here anymore. A couple of days ago, she had been graduated to lying on her back, with thick bandages keeping the skin of her hips and shoulder perfectly in place. Walking had apparently not been allowed as part of her healing process, no matter how embarrassing that process was.

It had been Saviavi's crying that had really gotten to her, a strong, confident woman, injured by the dragons she so wished for, and losing a firelizard at the same time. The bond being severed when she was at her worst. Ysveta felt for her, but she couldn't understand, she didn't have a firelizard, she hadn't impressed, and she fully intended to get back out on the sands as soon as she was able.

Looking across at the girl as she slowly brought her spoon to her mouth, wincing at little as it pulled on the stitched gash across her cheek, it would be a beautiful wound, large, long, but not too deep, just shallow enough that her smile would be mostly saved, even if the subsequent scar made it a bit more lopsided than before. "The healers said we were well enough for as many visitors as we want today, yes?" Before now, only the parents, and closest companions had been allowed in, only one or two at a time, and only a couple a day, nothing too strenuous.

Ysveta was obtained posterior back and hip injuries on the 34.06, she will be allowed to start moving and physical therapy on 19.07, and will be out of the healer hall 20.10. Her cheek will have a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek.

Offline O'sir

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O’sir felt like he’d spent more time in the Healer Hall since the last Hatching than out of it. While he hadn’t been injured himself, so many of the Candidates had. Not being a Healer himself, he’d just felt… helpless, more than anything. And since he wasn’t a relative or loved one, there was a limit to how much interaction he would get with any of them at a time. What little time he had gotten with any of them had consisted of little more than a few minutes.

But he’d persisted in showing up even so, conferring with the Healers multiple times a day to see how they were doing. Most had only been relatively minorly injured, and hadn’t been kept in the Healer Hall for any great length of time. But there were certainly those who’d been more seriously wounded, and some that would be under Healer supervision for months to come. O’sir had no way of knowing if any of them would even stay Candidates at all. Normally, he was quietly of the opinion that those who couldn’t deal with the danger of even a Hatching were better off not continuing to try to Impress. But after something like that… even he wouldn’t blame them if there were some that resigned their Candidacy, afraid to go back out on the Sands when there were dragons being born on Pern that no one could predict.

Not that it was a topic he’d brought up with any of them himself. It was a decision that they would have to make for themselves, and the Candidate Master wouldn’t sway them one way or another unless they asked his genuine opinion. Their teacher he might be, but that wasn’t his place. Barring aging out or disciplinary rejection, it wasn’t his call to make whether they remained Candidates.

Either way, the tenseness in him diminished the smallest amount as the Healers confirmed that they were all mending well. Slowly, maybe, considering how badly some of them had suffered at the Hatching, but as yet there weren’t any complications. And they were even going to allow more visitors, and more regular ones that weren’t linked by blood or marriage or weyrmateship.

So he’d shown up a bit before lunch started, in order to talk with the Healers before seeing any of them. Previously, much of it had been muddled by doses of fellis and other analgesics or soporifics to combat pain and restlessness. Now they would be a bit more aware, a big more cognizant. And aiming for lunch time was a good window, since he knew then he'd not be disturbing them at rest or sleep.

Maybe time for some difficult conversations, if they were driven to have them. But O’sir himself would just be happy to see them healing.

Stepping away from the Journeymen he’d been quietly talking with, he then approached the area of the Hall where the injured Candidates were recuperating, inclining his head to them. “Afternoon. How are you all feeling?” Voice soft, but it was a genuine question. He had faith in the Healers, but if there was anything else he could do for them, he would.

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Bad post is bad. ._. But at least now there is one.

Offline Oarlen

Oarlen was probably one of the more mobile of the heavily wounded candidates. Ysveta had only recently been able to lie on her back and could look around, and Savi’s heart was about as torn up as her legs. Isalia was perhaps the most fortunate, though how damaged her arms were, he hadn’t a clue. His mother was the healer, and he’d never cared much for learning the terminology… So the healer’s checking on them each day were just talking jibberish as far as he was concerned.

Despite being a little bit more mobile, his puncture wounds hadn’t yet been stitched closed, a poultice being packed into each one and wrapped tightly in place with a bandage to reduce the chance of infection. The comparatively shallow scratches on his legs had not needed as much attention, but as is the way with shallow wounds, they tended to hurt more consistently than the ones in his shoulders, trumped only by the sting of burns where his arms had hit the sand.

He could sit up so long as he ignored the pain caused by motion, and the healer’s had been wonderful in supplying him plenty of pillows so he wasn’t slumping… Beyond that though, he was pretty useless. They’d have to close up the claw marks, and then ensure they’re healing before he was allowed to do more than wiggle his arms around from the elbow down. For a boy who would much rather be mucking out stalls or just running about the place, being forced to stay put and keep movement to a minimum was absolute torture. He could literally twiddle his thumbs in his lap and wiggle his feet. Anything more was deemed “too arduous a task for a healing boy”.

His mother, when she visited, had filled him in on what had happened after he was taken to the healer’s pavilion. She did not mince words, though perhaps it would have been kinder to. His world view had been shattered by the death of a candidate he’d known so well. To be told that two more had died – one by Kalestath herself, a flitter, and one of the new weyrlings was almost too much for him to take in. His inability to move (much), to comfort the others who lay in the cots beside him, or reassure them that things were, in fact, perfectly OK weighed heavy in his own heart. He wasn’t nearly as chirpy… The room in its entirety was weighed down by this grief that he couldn’t just, push aside. This was not the place for chatter, even if he could find the strength to do so.

The silver lining was that Freckles, Sweets and Canopy were being looked after. In lieu of his ability to look after them, they had gone to Cabryn, the three of them spending the time they weren’t curled up on the bed with him being tended to by his roommate. They were always oiled, and though their bond was laced with the concern for he himself, there was still some happiness to it that gave him some semblance of joy. Knowing Cabryn was well, and Colvin too, when he managed to get Canopy to look for the other candidate, definitely helped lift his spirits, though it was nothing on what he felt when the noon bell tolled.

Freckles and sweets were curled up with one another at Oarlen’s feet – since Sweets wasn’t allowed to cling to his chest at the moment and Freckles couldn’t perch on his arm as he usually did, their body’s thrumming softly where they touched his legs. Canopy took the higher road, as per usual, finding a spot on the wall above him where she could cling and keep an eye on the persons in the room.

He was sitting up already, neck stiff as he worked hard not to glance around when Ysveta spoke, but a trace of his usual grin spread across his face at her words. “As many as we want. Yeah. That’s what they said.” He spoke softly, as if worrying that any louder would result in the privilege being revoked. His mother and sister were all fine and dandy but there were so many others he’d like to see too.

In his excitement, the lunch the healer’s had provided remained untouched on the table next to him, eager, instead for the first of their visitors.

He shouldn’t have been surprised that it was O’sir who arrived first, and with a quick glance to either side of him – an unspoken question as to whether they may want to speak first he answered, some semblance of his usual cheerfulness in his tone, despite the whispered way in which he delivered it. “They’re stitching me up soon… Then I can start movin’ a little more.”

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Isa looked up to see O'sir walk in and smiled to him. She waited as Oarlen spoke first and noted the young man. She worried about him but had not said a thing though she worried about all of them. It was her nature to worry about others. She had seen her dads and both had been concerned about her but she had told them both that under no circumstances was she not going quit. She was a Candidate and she was going to be a rider someday.

They had nodded and her biological dad had told her he was proud of her. He also had noted that the red had rebroke her arm she had broken when she was only 5 turns old so it was almost 10 turns to the day it had been broken before. When he mentioned that fact she had to laugh and the healer that had heard that had wondered how she had broken it the first time and her dad told them about her falling from a tree and breaking it.

When she looked she smiled at everyone. "I am okay O'sir. Sore but okay. I can not use my arm for a good long while till it heals but I want to see the next clutching if the Healers will let me." She wanted out of here as soon as she could get out and that was true. Yes she would not be moving her arm for a long time but she wanted to see the eggs of the two other queens when they clutched.


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