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Author Topic: OOC Connections for Weyrlings  (Read 1179 times)

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Connections for Weyrlings
« on: June 10, 2017, 08:57:12 PM »

"Family? Pfft. What family?"

Red Weyrling Q'ellan // Black Weyrling P'run

About the Ad:
So I'm not really looking for plots or threads with these characters, neither of them know or care about their families, and even if they found them out, they wouldn't have some big long lost reunion. They've moved on from their old lives.
This is just if you want to add a little colour into your histories, want to connect them to someone so you have somewhere to start your history from, or want some inspiration for character ideas since some are fleshed out.

Snotty Lord Holder's Son:
~ Q'ellan's father
~ Knocked up a drudge then went on his merry way
~ I've never imagined him as a nice person
~ Spoilt, arrogant, but not particularly talented in anything in particular
~ Born 2550 (40 turns old)

Lonely Older Hold Women:
~ Mothers to Q'ellan's children
~ Again, not very nice characters, sort of pathetic, manipulated Q'ellan into sleeping with them for food/clothes/comforts
~ Could be married but lonely, could be widows with an eye for a younger man

Non-family oriented crafters
~ Parents of P'run
~ Mother: Healer – Perianas – b. 2550 
~ Father: Harper – Rundar - b. 2547
~ Not interested in raising him, fostered him out immediately
~ Can't be too traditionally holder minded, because otherwise they would have raised him themselves.
~ Can be journeymen/masters as you wish

Generic Foster Siblings who grew up rough
2554: Cetorex played by SirAlahn
2559: Hanelon - bully as a child, came from drudge-like background
2562: Tiriya
2562: Blateren
2567: Yun
2568: Ludara
2570: Halnae
~ Only Hanelon is really mentioned in P'run's history. Hanelon used to bully P'run for being from a more priviledge background, but his parents gave up on him anyways. I imagine that he grew up pretty rough, fights, brawls, stealing to survive, then his mother did something drastic to get him accepted into this foster home or something. I think it'd be really cool if he was a dragon rider now too, like P'run, something happened to him that made him completely turn his life around.
~ The rest of them are completely open, but all lived probably pretty rough childhoods, they could've either got out of that life, or moved on to become whores.
~ Names can always be changed


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