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Author Topic: Wa'by [05.01.2553 9th Pass] | Blue Searchrider / Assistant Weyrlingmaster  (Read 385 times)

Offline Kyya

Play By:

Wazza, Wabz, Koby, Kobba
Date of Birth:
05.01.2553 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Ex Mountain Rider - Now Assistant Weyrling Master
Yeah, Nah

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Tall, muscular, brown haired and hazel eyed, even if he’s not your cup of klah, there’s no denying Wa’by is an attractive fella. His tendency towards sandals, shorts and shirts, daggy though the clothing choice may be, does not detract from his appearance at all, instead it seems to embody the laid-back approach he has to many things, while managing to still fit in nicely when he’s all business. He cleans up nicely, don’t you worry about that, and isn’t enough of an idiot to stick to his minimalistic clothing approach whenever trips between are involved – no wherries running loose in the top paddock, after all.

He does happen to look like the sort of person who always has a clever quip on his tongue, the tease of a smile ever present on a square-jawed, ever-so-slightly grizzled face, eyes crinkling up in the corners in the most delightful way when it manages to escape. His mood is ever-written in the way he holds himself, the way he speaks to you, and the way he speaks to others, though he does, quite often, become somewhat less intelligible when he wants to irk someone for the sake of it. Gotta love finding someone so eager to take the bait he throws out.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: He survived. Doesn’t know much about his oldies beyond names and rank, never expected to get more than what people could afford and didn’t take for granted the good things that got tossed his way. He was searched. He impressed. And when Vicith’s ability to pick up on potential candidates was identified, he spent much of his spare time flitting between hold and weyr trying to see as many potential candidates as possible to try and keep weyr numbers up. He had flits to keep him company and the not-so-occasional root to keep him warm on nights when things turned to shit, not to mention Vicith throughout the worst bits of it.

Response to dragon color mutations:Wa’by’d be lying if he said the mutations don’t make him a little nervous. And who can blame him after the last clutch? But instead of dwelling on omens and actin’ like a dipstick, he’ll wait and see what comes of them. Might as well give ‘em a fair go, eh? One adult black dragon does not give enough of a range to see what the rest of his offspring will do with themselves.

Who are you...

Grog: Not the firelizard, dimglow, but good old fashioned booze of old. Be it wine, spirits or whatever passes as beer nowadays Wa’by is all over any and every event where the liquor is plentiful. He does happen to have his own tricks of the trade to try and ensure that the alcohol continues to flow somewhat steadily despite rations and the minimal brewers still practicing the trade.
Inconsequential Bets: Gambling something specific is all fine and dandy, but it’s those little bets that happen on the spur of the moment with no winner or loser apart from one of you being right and the other being wrong that Wa’by enjoys most. It’s the little things in life, after all.
Nicknames: Look. Sometimes names need to be shortened and sometimes they just need a little sprucing up. Wa’by takes this very seriously and will often stick you with his own personal nickname if he doesn’t like the one(s) you have already. No-one is safe.
Taking the piss: Teasing you is how Wa’by shows he cares. The more he rips into ya, the more likely it is that he genuinely cares. Admittedly his tone also helps this one a fair bit, and chances are if you done fucked up, you’re gonna know about it, but for the most part, if you’re getting insulted and you didn’t do anything wrong – you’re in his good books.

Cold: Mainly Winter, because summer storms may get cold but the humidity seems to trap the heat in the most delightful way – best time for a swim in the somewhat sheltered cove when it rains – but when the weather gets cold enough that he has to wear fur-lined clothes outside of required trips between he gets realtively pissy.. It may not be a big deal while he attends to his day to day duties but come social time, if he can’t wear his standard attire of shirt, shorts and sandals, Wa’by’s gonna be in a right mood. It’s all about comfort, mate.
People with no funny bone: He ain’t gonna outright ostracise ‘em, but when he comes across someone who can’t even crack a smile at a good joke, Wa’by gets a little down. Life sucks, but get over it and find the little things that make ya smile. It’s not that hard. Really.
Pissing competitions :You know those moments when you have this mind-blowing story to share with your wingmates and there’s that one tosser who just can’t let you have the limelight? Don’t be that tosser. Pissing comps should stay in the dunny and involve actual pee. No need to play the one-up game just because you’ve got a small prick.


* OPPORTUNIST : So long as it doesn’t cause harm to others, Wa’by will take any and every good thing that is thrown his way. He’s not going to ever look a gift runner in the mouth, taking each opportunity as it presents itself to move forward in life. He doesn’t really have an end goal in mind, but without this particular trait, there’s a very high chance he would have remained Journeyman Brewer Waikoby. And then where would we be? As a searchrider Wa’by has done wonderful things in his short time on Pern. You’d miss him if he were anything less.

* CONFIDENT : Not to be mistaken for arrogance, Wa’by knows who he is and what he is in the world. He knows there are things he can change and things he can’t, and instead of letting the weight of those things that he can’t do phase him, he embraces the things he can. It gives him a certainty to his actions that others may lack, as well as providing the drive he needs not to dwell on the negative aspects of life. Bluerider he may be, but he’s no-body’s doormat.

* ADVENTUROUS : Wa’by is always willing to try new things. Food. Drink. Lovers. Drills. The what isn’t nearly as important as the thought that he could be missing out if he chickens out. It was his adventurous spirit that leant courage to his major decisions in life. The move to Fort Hold, and then to Fort Weyr. Allowing himself to be trialled for Mountain Wing – just so he could have the opportunity to explore the barren wasteland that was so much more barely a generation ago. You haven’t lived until you’ve had to wrestle an overgrown tunnelsnake for rights to your rationpack in the ruins of Southern Hold.

* PERCEPTIVE : For all he speaks loudly and often confusingly, he is quick to pick up on the feelings of those around him. It isn’t always noticed by others, bu he has a way of picking you like a runny nose and adjusting his conversation to suit. Wa’by is no guidance councillor, but his natural perception, given a bit of a nudge by Vicith’s own talents in more… delicate situations, works closely with his innate desire to truly help people to make him the sort of person you want to talk to, though he also isn’t going to say shit just for the sake of comforting you.

* BLASÉ : Wa’by is relatively easy going, particularly when an argument is brewing. He’ll do what he can to roll with the punches so long as it doesn’t interfere with doing his job. He’s not scared to just tell you that his opinion will not be swayed and the conversation needs to move on if it’s required, if only to spare you the frustration of talking to the brick wall he can become in such a situation.


* LOUD : And sometimes unintelligible. There isn’t really a volume switch when Wa’by speaks – a trait that’s perfectly fine when you’re out woop woop way with nothing within cooee distance beyond a few scaveging critters but doesn’t do quite so well in the confines of a weyr… or hold for that matter. When you combine his volume with his odd phrases, you can imagine how some holder families in particular were a bit hesitant to let him take their babies to the weyr during the pass, regardles sof how much better off they may be for having done so. Fortunately, threadfall trumps holder sensibilities, so it didn’t have too drastic an affect on the potential candidates so long as the future candidate in question agreed to come with him.

* GAMBLER : If Wa’by had been gifted with… well… anything, or been born in a more prosperous time, there is a very, very high chance that everything would have been lost in some wager or another. Even when he tries to behave, his head is constantly trying to make connections with day to day conversation and what sort of a bet can be made from it. Riders bets are the best things that could have happened to him in his 37 years of living. An excuse to drink and gamble because tradition dictates it to be so?! Count him in. As it stands, prior to leaving Mountain Wing, most of his “shore leave” was spent fulfilling debts owed for wager’s lost. Fair’s fair and whatnot.

* SOFTY : You always know how Wa’by is feeling. He doesn’t try to hide it. Doesn’t want to hide it really. There’s no shame in expressing yourself emotionally. Fuck holding that shit in. Feelings need to be expressed. Joy, anger, sadness, exhiliration. What’s the point of feeling when you can’t show it.

* DICHOTOMOUS : It can be disconcerting to be having a relaxed conversation with Wa’by one second, only to have him barely excuse himself in light of some task that needs doing. There is no middle ground between work and play. It is either time to work. Or time to relax. He might still keep up with his laidback speech patterns when the switch flicks over, but any bludging will be met with a firm, and sometimes unreasonable hand. They run on schedules for a reason.

* HANGOVERS : It’s been a long time since Wa’by was young enough to spend a night on the piss and still wake up bright eyed and oily tailed come the morning. Unfortunately barring flights, the day after a binge drinking session would nearly always be days where he is required to report for day to day duties, and being the genuine old fellow he is, he’s going to rock up and try and work through it. It wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t try and get himself involved in any and all grog guzzling that may be happening at the weyr. The fuzzy head only makes him more confusing to be around, which was peachy when he was out and about on mountain duty, but anyone subjected to him, particularly in the first few hours following his initial awakening are going to be privy to fully fledged nonsense until he gets his head wrapped around the general blah that is a hangover. 

Describe Yourself:

* OPEN BOOK: ----- Unfortunately he’s not very good at keeping secrets. Even when he tries to keep his lips sealed he has no poker face to speak of and it’s easy enough to get information out of him just by what he doesn’t say. Doesn’t help that that ever-present hint of a smile becomes downright obvious when he’s keeping one of those good secrets.

* STRAIGHT-SHOOTER: ----- Wa’by doesn’t mince words. He’ll tell it like it is and expects the same from you. He’ll make sure you know when you’re doing a good job, just as quickly as he’ll say something when you’re not performing to the best of your ability. If he likes you, you’ll know, and if he doesn’t. Well… he’s polite about it, at least.

* DAG: ----- A little goofy, highly amusing and a dress preference just this end of downright indecent. He works on “Comfort first, practicality later” attitude to most things and isn’t shy about it. Anticipating trips between tends to put a dampner on things, since he really isn’t game to try that without a shirt, but should it ever end up being hot in that nothing-space, faranth knows he’ll be the first to stop wearing riding leathers… Maybe… Depending on how comfortable the saddle is. Bare skin and dragon hide is a little… scratchy at times.

* QUIRKY: ----- Linquistically, Wa’by has some very odd turns of phrase. Most of them have some grounding in his childhood… He’s inclined to compare some speedy work to the speed with which a firelizard can drink beer, and refer to dragonets as anklebiters simply because it’s what Vicith did (gently) whenever he needed to get Wa’by’s attention in their early days, but some of them can be downright confusing, particularly when he’s as mad as a cut tunnlesnake. The most common thing he does, apart from nicknaming everyone and everyone, is the simple act of shortening words, which can become downright annoying if you’re not used to it.

* GENEROUS: ----- If you needed it, Wa’by would give you the shirt off his back. He is selfless in his respect for others and will always do what he can to help whenever and wherever needed. This was perhaps the reason he fell so easily into the role of searchrider. Their future aside, the difference between holderfolk and weyrfolk as far as lifestyle goes was gobsmacking. He was over the moon every single time Vicith identified a holder who had the potential for impression, doing his best to encourage them to take up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and join the riders at the weyr if only to escape the oftimes harsh lifestyle that occupied the hold’s less-prosperous areas.

The Magic Touch: Wa’by’s penchant for odd turns of phrase becomes flat out unintelligible when he’s angry. If he gets to that point you’d be hard pressed to make much sense of all out of whatever he’s saying. Those that have known him a long time may have better luck interpreting his words, but for the most part he just goes full on bogan until he calms himself down again.
Should probably also note that he call’s Vicith “Red” for kicks. A confusing turn of phrase now that red dragons exist, and he is anything but.


Mother: Koby, Drudge b. 2540 d. 2553
Father: Z'phe of Blue Dalooth b. 2535 imp. 2550 d. 2560

Half Siblings from Koby:
Since she died in his first year of his life and most of the childhood Wa’by can remember he was on his own, while he probably has older half-siblings on his mother’s side. He doesn’t actually know them. Or doesn’t know he knows them.

Half Siblings from Z’phe:
Lirynae b. 2548
Zira b. 2557
Nerihep b. 2558
Z'ryr of Brown Rhymoth b. 2559

As it stands, Wa’by only really knows Z’ryr. Though it’s possible that if they’ve survived thus far he’s met the others at least once in his life.

Waiyan b. 2567
Ookoby b. 2569
Koory b. 2570
Anaiko b. 2572
Ryabyna b. 2573

Any and all relatives can be hashed out if you feel the need. Keeping them vague so you can do what you will with them.

Tell us a story...

* 2553-2556, 0 – 3 turns Z’phe arrives at Tillek hold to check for prospective candidates in 2552. A pretty young drudge called Koby catches his eye and they end up rolling around in the bedfurs prior to his leaving for his next assignment. 9 Months later, not soon after turns end, Waikoby is born. His mother earns herself an infection as a result, and while she manages to stay strong for the first six months, she finally succumbs to the illness caused late in month 7. Waikoby is fostered by his mother’s sister, but when he looks back on his younger years, he does not actually remember the woman. There’s some trace of warmth… some family that he almost knows. But nothing concrete enough to solidify his familial ties in those early years.

* 2557, 4 The first time Waikoby consciously remembers something about his childhood. He’d toddled his way into the kitchens, but too young to understand that Tillek Hold was burdened with the care of all those remaining, he found his way to the storage cavern and helped himself. There wasn’t any method to what he took, simply grabbing what was easiest and stuffing his face with it. It wasn’t the tastiest of meals but it was the first one he remembers finding for himself. He was promptly discovered with his hand buried in a sack of precious flour, white handprints over the rags that he called clothes and the residue of his previous handful covering his mouth. Whatever joy he had found at “foraging” was short lived as he was quite literally booted out of the storeroom and advised of further punishment should he return without adult supervision in future.

As far as first memories go it was pretty disappointing.

Despite the fogginess of it, there was still that bit of warmth that suggested he still had a family to speak of, despite not being able to pinpoint it. Perhaps he had just been taken in by some other urchins, but he’s inclined to tell you his mother’s family were fair, and they were the reasons he survived to impress Vicith.

* 2559, 6 What would seem like a world away, Waikoby’s half-brother, Z’ryr is born. It would be a couple of years before Waikoby would inadvertedly meet him, but for now, in the tunnels that made up Tillek Hold, Waikoby was revelling in the responsibility that came from being halfway to adulthood. Despite the incident when he was younger, the kitchen cavern could always use the extra pair of hands provided by a youngster, and when given the opportunity, proved to be a useful addition. While he was not allowed to actually prepare the food, he was always rewarded with a not-so-stale breadroll and whatever broth had remained after mealtimes for his effort. The food was plain, but that didn’t phase the boy, as he spent the time he wasn’t helping the kitchen drudges (though perhaps he was a drudge as well now) seeking out possible food items that would add that bit of pizazz to whatever foodstuffs they could provide for him. He’s not leading the perfect hold life, particularly in light of the ever-increasing residents brought about by the constant threadfall, but he’s not one of those kids that have become snowed in by their lifestyle. He has food, and shelter, and sometimes, when they need him, he even gets to sleep by the hearth for warmth.

* 2560, 7 He may not have known his parents personally, but he knew their names, and Waikoby was saddened to find out about his father’s death, the death of the blue-rider Z’phe being mentioned in passing during the usual chatter that goes on in a kitchen. Up until that point, while he hadn’t actually met the man, he’d been aware he existed and there was always that little niggling bit of hope that he’d be scooped up should the man find his way to the Tillek Kitchens in future. It wasn’t so much the death of a dream as it was an alteration to his perception of the world. He may not have thought himself one prior, despite having no parents to go home to at night, but with this news came the fact that he was, officially an orphan. He accepted this as fact. Just another aspect to who he was, and continued his work in the kitchens with the same enthusiasm as before. He saw no point in dwelling on those things he could not change.

* 2561-2562, 8-9 It took him a while, to be fair, but Waikoby eventually figured out that harpers held regular lessons for hold kids. It didn’t matter if you had parents or not, just so long as you showed up for lessons. It helped that a resident Journeyman actually approached him to explain that he could go to lessons during the day, and continue working with the drudges at night if he so wished. Nice old fella, that one. Thus he started properly learning about Pern, the teaching songs, and the current state of the world. He was eager to earn as much as he could, excited for the opportunity to learn to read and write. To start thinking about what sort of craft he wanted to head into. Things he’d never even considered a possibility before. He could be more than a drudge, that much he knew for certain.

This also happens to be the first time he’s made friends purely for the sake of making friends and not because doing so could get you a better piece of bread at night. With the fall of the Minecraft hall, Tillek’s numbers swell, and he finds himself talking regularly with a boy of similar age in a large family of fishers. It may not be the craft he wants to get into, but the boy’s family is incredibly friendly, and Waikoby learns something of what being part of a proper family would have been like had he been a little luckier. He wasn’t phased by this knowledge, rather fuelled by the knowledge that there was still good things happening around him, and so long as he applied himself to his studies and kept pulling his weight in the kitchens, he’d be able to move forward. His situation was what it was, but that didn’t mean it was all it could be.

* 2563-2565, 10-12 He’s thoroughly enjoying his lessons, working hard to make sure he doesn’t give them a reason to ask him to leave. The resident crafters attend a fair bit to give basic guidance in their own trade, and Waikoby does his best to retain the information that could prove useful in future. With no mother to mend his clothes, or attend to his injuries he is thrilled when they are given basic instruction on how to bandage a cut or use clothing scraps to fill holes in their current items. Hold life was hard, but Waikoby was surrounded by people perfectly willing to make it easier, a fact he will always be greatful for. He may be hungry, but he had some food. He had an education, and he was not the sort to just lie back and see what comes his way. Whenever someone asked for more, he was there to provide it. Making himself as indispensable as possible within his world, small though it was.

He's still close to the fisher boy, though when he steps away to start his apprenticeship at twelve, Waikoby finds himself in an odd state of indecision. He could do many things, but he hadn’t shown an affinity to much besides cooking. A fact that did not bode well for apprenticeship prospects. Nearly everyone he knew could cook… It was a standard talent, albeit a useful one. His talent for sprucing up his simple meals has expanded to experimenting with drinks, eager for something a little more tasteful than water. He’s not exactly graceful about it, but when he’s not hanging out with his mate, attending lessons or helping in the kitchens, he’s trying to figure out what sort of ingredients work and which don’t. Needless to say there were quite a few mistakes made over the years… And there may or may not have been a night or two spent running to the dunny and/or curled up on the floor nursing bad belly cramps. He didn’t die at least… So there’s that.

* 2566, 13 After a year of trying to find his niche, Waikoby is stopped in the kitchens during his downtime, as he attempts to put some odd looking weed he’d found closer to the surface tunnels in with some klah bark to see what that would taste like. A journeyman brewer, on his way to Fort Hold with a prospective brewers apprentice by his side had been frequenting the kitchens during his stay, and finally decided to see if Waikoby would be interested in joining them when they headed to Fort. It wasn’t quite the same as, say, the healercraft, but the Brewercraft was higherup there than kitchen hand. He has friends, but between their own apprenticeships and the beginning of their adult life, Waikoby’s status is becoming more of a hinderance. As it stood, staying where he was would gain him nothing more than what he already had, but a Brewer’s apprenticeship? That was an idea he could get behind.

He did not have much to do before they were due to leave, and so spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to those he knew. He took his time offering his thanks to the headwoman who had allowed him to remain in the kitchens for so much of his childhood, a tearful farewell on his end for sure, and gave names of fellow stragglers who he felt might be able to fill his place, should she need them. It wasn’t much, but it was the best he could do on such short notice. A younger boy was given what worldly possessions he had accrued over the turns, unable to justify taking them with him when he left but knowing it would help in some small way.

By the time the dragon they were to travel on arrived, Waikoby was ready to go. But far from being upset by what he was leaving behind, he was eager for the chance to progress further than what illek allowed him. In that moment it did not matter that the world was falling apart outside of the holds, or that he was leaving behind everything and everyone he knew. No. Onwards and upwards.

Plus. He got to ride a fricken dragon! Bloody ripper.

Not long after starting his apprenticeship he meets Ooryana. She was nothing special. Pretty, polite, well-dressed… not the full mark, he’d have to admit but he was interested in her. It wasn’t love so much as it was an appreciation for her, and when they finally did the naughty, Waikoby figured that’d be the end of it. For some people it would have been. A quick root doesn’t always end in kids, and even then you didn’t have to actually look after them. When you’re dealing with traditionalists, however, sometimes you get roped into things you’d otherwise rather avoid.

* 2567, 14 Waikoby’s marriage to Ooryana happened early on in the second year of his apprenticeship. It was not a big affair, just a small, traditional ceremony that was mostly her family glaring at him for forcing the situation on them. He would learn, one day, that marriages were as much a bargaining chip as anything else, and by impregnating Ooryana, he had sullied that chance for her parents. Waikoby wasn’t a horrible guy, however, and while there may not have been true love there at first, it definitely blossomed into it by the time their first child, Waiyan was born. Rocky start aside, Ooryana was a good mother, and as their relationship with eachother grew, so too did Waikoby’s contentment with his lot in life. He wanted to be able to provide for them. As much as an apprentice could, and made sure he was as present as possiblein his kids life.

He was doing well thus far in his apprenticeship, helping the few brewers in residence with their own concoctions and finding himself drawn to the somewhat complex art of beer-making. With threadfall so unrelenting, it was harder to grow the proper plants to make a brew that would meet with the standards of the older generation, but for Waikoby, it was the sort of challenge he lived for.

* 2569, 16 Early in the year his second child was born, and Waikoby couldn’t believe how much room was in his heart for the little blighter. Ooryana was a real trooper throughout the labour, and his affection for her increased tenfold whenever he saw her with their kids. Traditions be damned, this was what he wanted in life. If pressed, he’d tell you it was the exact reason Ooryana ended up pregnant a third time near turns end. HE may also tell you that he’s just a perfect example of a male, but that’s just ego getting in the way of the facts. He was enjoying his apprenticeship, and the increased responsibility that came with it, about as much as he was enjoying his first real experiences of family.

* 2570, 17 With the birth of Koory, Waikoby’s third child, came eight more additions to the family. You see, many a crafter have themselves a wher to assist with their day to day duties. For most, this happens once they are tapped but some are lucky enough to end up with one right at the beginning of their apprenticeship. Some people were just better off like that. Waikoby, however, didn’t have those connections… Even with Ooryana’s family to assist, there just wasn’t the pull to get him a wher egg from one of the gold’s that lived in the hold.

So. instead of whining about it, Waikoby rounded up his oldest child and enticed him to go exploring the halls with him when he should have been in bed. Ooryana knew of it… It was hard to keep anything from his wife. But she tolerated it, so long as they were never out too long.

One of these jaunts resulted in the finding of a somewhat full firelizard clutch… With a golden egg sitting smack bang in the middle and not a gold, protective clutchmother in sight. Now he wasn’t a selfish bloke, not by far, and he figured, based on the crushed remnents of some of the eggs that someone had already managed to trod on the clutch… So, warning his three year old to be careful and hold out his shirt like a basket, he crouched on down and gathered up the ones that were still whole, ending up with eight to their name.
Barely a month later, as he’s checking his latest home concoction, the eggs start rocking and he summons the rest of the family over. Pretty decent of them to hatch at night when they’re all home, don’t ya think? Scraps of food were ready and the children, young and not-quite sure of what was going on gathered around, ready to help. The firelizard’s weren’t shy, and four of them burst open with in a flurry of shell, Firelizards and fluid. His wife managed to scoop up three of them, but the fourth somehow ended up in Waiyan’s arms. Quickly, the four flitters were fed, three to his missus, and one to the kid.

The next four were slower, but not by much, the gold cracking delicately and the little beauty stepping right on out like she was walking down red carpet. Her grace didn’t last long, and she managed to fall… Right into the mug of beer that Waikoby had poured to test. Cursing, he tipped the entire thing out and snatched at the scraps the old lady had moved closer to him in anticipation, stuffing the gold’s maw as quickly as he could and trying not to laugh at the wobble that couldn’t quite be related to how young she was.

The other three hatched soon after, two bronzes, followed closely by the tiniest little green… All of which promptly impressed to Waikoby. It was the whole point of finding eggs, after all… He couldn’t get a wher, but these little beasty’s were just as useful. Once they were trained, of course.

* 2572, 19 Anaiko is born this year, another wonderful addition to the family, and another testament to the hidden strength of his wife. He’s got only one more turn before he’d qualify to be tapped, but he doesn’t stress over it. So far he was proving to be a reasonable brewer, developing his own twist to the craft that is purely Waikoby’s. His Firelizards have already proven to be the useful twits he’d hoped they would be, if not entirely in the fashion he’d thought. They responded well to training, and worked well as a unit, with Grog herself pulling rank if and when needed. All in all he’s living the good life, if a very domestic, somewhat boring one. There’s enough food on the table that they don’t starve, though he’s not gonna tell you they’re well off. They’re better than some and worse off than others. That’s all there is to it.

* 2573, 20 True to his boasts Ooryana is pregnant again and gives birth to Ryabyna in the same turn. Waikoby is immensely proud of her and what they have achieved together, even if it wasn’t quite what she would have had should he not have met her in the first place. Knowing better this time round, Waiyan attends lessons daily, Ookoby excited to follow in their footsteps once the new turn approaches. There household is loud, warm, and more than what Waikoby could have ever imagined considering a good day for him was a sweetroll, some soup, and a night by the hearth when he was young. Catastrophe aside, he is a happy man.

* 2574, 21 With beer as his specialty, Waikoby is tapped midway through the year, a fact that in better times would have resulted in a fancy feast for his wife and kids. As it was, the children got to try a small amount of his latest batch, despite Ooryana’s protests, and in lieu of extra food, they got to stay up a little later than normal. It wasn’t much, but it was different. And enough to mark that day as something different to others. His celebration in the bedfurs, was much more appropriate to the revelry he felt at his achievement.

* 2575, 22 He hadn’t even made it through one year as a journeyman when he’s approached by a searchrider. He’s older than anticipated, but apparently the blue saw something in him that previous dragons had not. He wasn’t given long to decide. He wasn’t stupid. He knew what being a dragonrider would mean. Fuck. Knew what being a candidate would mean. Holders… They hid in the trenches as far as the thread threat was concerned. The riders, the weyrfolk… they defended them. He had no choice but to accept… He wouldn’t be the man he thought he was if he hadn’t. They needed candidates on the sands and who was he to say that he was not worthy of it. He’d not find out a dragonet went between because his current lifestyle was more important than theirs.

His wife didn’t see it that way… and for the first time in nine years they fought. She didn’t want to come with him. Didn’t want to end up a weyrwhore just because he had a chance at being a rider. She wouldn’t listen to reason. Couldn’t believe that it wouldn’t be that way. That she’d still be his wife, regardless of what happened.

She refused.

He did not take much. His Firelizards and a change of clothes.

He had to say goodbye to his kids. Explain that they were safer with their mother. He would not paint her as the bad guy. No. That was on him, and he accepted that fact. If she would not let them leave with him that was her choice. Mother knows best. He would always be a flitter-message away.

It hurt. It hurt more than it was possible to explain. But all wounds heal, in time, and while he did eventually lose all contact with his now-ex wife and kids, meeting Vicith would work towards healing the hole they left… And showing him a whole different hole that had always waited to be filled.

2576, 23 Candidacy was a whole different paddock to what he had expected. His entire viewpoint was flipped on its head and while it was terrifying in many ways. But, well. There was only so many times you could have your heart break when the dragons sounded a mourning bugle before you hardened your heart to it. Waikoby paid attention and did what was asked of him without complaint. He didn’t have many chances to stand so fucking up and getting excluded from a clutch wasn’t on the cards at all. The entire situation was a bit of a blur, to be honest. Weyrlife was completly different to that in the hold. Dragons, of course, were part and parcel but the whole atmosphere was so chaotic without actually being chaotic. It was eye opening, for sure.

As it turned out, however, 2576 was the year Vicith found him, nipping at his ankle when he didn’t immediately respond to being addressed. It was breathtaking. The moment Vicith’s mind touched his Waikoby, now Wa’by, was stunned, and for one of the few moments in his life, he couldn’t speak. He’d accepted candidacy without fully expecting to bond with a dragon, anticipating a return to the hold once his time was up, seeing if things could be patched up with Ooryana and settling back into the life of a crafter as he had intended in the first place.

But no. This tiny, icy-coloured little blue had decided that he was worthy of his attentions, and he’d be damned if he ever did something to make Vicith second guess that choice. It didn’t matter that the world had turned to shit. That impression would result in a lifestyle more gruelling than he could have ever anticipated. But he’d handle it. He and Vicith and the four flitters who stuck by him. It was a whole new kettle;e of fish now tht he was Wa’by of Blue Vicith, and while he’s not one to big-note himself, there was no denying that Wa’by fell into the change of role in life grinning like a shot fox.

 2577 – 2578, 24-25 Needless to say, Wa’by went flat out like a flitter drinking so far as weyrlinghood went. Vicith was as eager as he was to learn new things and explore their somewhat tiny world whenever possible, and while the celibacy and sobriety made things trying at times, things were busy enough that he never really had the opportunity to worry about it... and any time he started Vicith was there to bring him back into the present. Remind him what they were there for. Sometimes with words... sometimes with a little nudge. With his mouth when he was small, but his tail became a useful tool once he’d gotten too big to nip Wa’by out of a mood.

Weyrlinghood was for the most part uneventful, if not tiring, though as Vicith matured his capabilities as a search dragon began to be apparent. By the time they graduated, he had managed to pass the initial examination after suggesting a weyrbrat was elligible, and the senior gold accepting the choice based on Vicith’s conversation with her. Because of this, Wa’by and Vicith were tasked with flitting between Fort Hold and Fort Weyr regularly to keep up candidate numbers. Dragonriders were dying every day, and not everyone was happy about their children standing when their lives could end so quickly. It wasn’t the most pleasant of tasks but Wa’by was glad for the chance to help. He wasn’t fighting thread with the wings but he was doing something important. Every candidate Vicith identified could mean one more rider in the sky.

* 2579, 26 During one of his stints checking for potential candidates at Fort Weyr itself, Wa’by catches wind of a brownrider asking about his father. Tracking down Z’ryr was easy enough, and finding out that he was related to the fisher kid that Wa’by had spent the better part of his childhood was nothing compared to finding out that they were half-brothers. For a little orphan boy who had barely an inkling of family, finding out he had a sibling, even if only by their father far outweighed the disappointment he felt at having to explain that Z’phe had passed away when he was quite young. Z’ryr didn’t mourns the loss, and truth be told neither did he. Knowing a halfbrother existed and was doing well gave him something else to focus on, and while it was difficult, considering Z’ryr was part of a fighting wing, he tried to catch up with him whenever their downtime overlapped. It made time go quicker, and helped detract from the fact that his ex wife would have nothing to do with him whenever he visited the hold, nor would she allow him near their children for fear his riderblood had been inherited.

* 2580-2586, 27-33 Being a searchrider wasn’t the same as being in the fighting wings. He never flew high enough to actually be affected by the waves of threadfall, though they never left their weyr without a bag of firestone prepped just in case a cluster made it through the fighting dragons above, a habit that saved their arses enough times to make sure that it stuck. It was gruelling, but for different reasons. Finding candidates among the weyrfolk was easy enough, he could just tell them Vicith had searched them and their upbringing did the rest of the work for ya. Very few youngsters denied the call in the weyr itself, and any that did usually had a good enough reason for it.

The hold, however. Faranth. They took a great deal more effort. If it wasn’t explaining it to the kids themselves, it was trying to explain it to the parents or the family. The orphans, the ones that were like him? They were usually easy enough. He could connect with them. He knew what their life was like… Mostly. So many had it worse than he did, to be fair. But he had an inkling. And the promise of a space in the weyr regardless of impression could sway them easily enough. The adults? The ones who couldn’t impress themselves and who often held the future of their children in their hands? Those guys were the issues. He couldn’t always make them understand, and the resulting hissy fit usually ended one of two ways. They caved, and stayed put, or they did what he did and left without a word. Some would sneak out, others would ask him to wait, give them one last chance to try and turn the tables. Those were the hardest. The ones who accepted the call but couldn’t up and leave without their rellies approval. He would always wait. Give them as long as he possibly could. But sometimes it wasn’t enough.

Vicith, fortunately, was always nearby. Always ready and willing to step in when Wa’by was having a hard time. Those candidates that said no outright, only to come up to him on his next visit and say they changed their mind? Vicith usually dealt with them directly, knowing too well that Wa’by would bend the rules “just this once” to let them come to the weyr. Knowing too, that his own position as searchdragon would be compromised if he did so, and those candidates that denied the call from the get go? They weren’t worth any more time. There were no second chances. You deny the search, you don’t get to be searched again. Wa’by knew that, but Vicith enforced it. It wasn’t the easiest duty in the world. But it was undeniably safer than threadfighting. And they were good at this one.

* 2587-2589, 34-36 Thread ends and Wa’by celebrates. He and Vicith may not have been a fighting pair but that didn’t mean they felt the relief any less than those on the frontline. Volunteers are sought to explore Pern and seek out a new place for them to call home, Fort itself made barren by the constant threadfall. The riders could only protect comfortably a small area, and the rest of the landscape was nothing but wasteland now.

Vicith’s endurance despite his smaller sizing made he and Wa’by the perfect volunteers to join one of the scouting wings, and while they weren’t in the wing that eventually located their new home, both dragon and rider found a love for the flight despite the effort required of both of them (though, perhaps a teeny bit more effort on Vicith’s part than Wa’by’s…He just had to make sure he didn’t fall off after all), so that when the new wings were formed at their new home, Wa’by stepped forward to be tested by W’sar for his wing. One that would result in him working on his own to help map out the new, altered landscape that was the rest of the planet, try and uncover supplies that hadn’t been ravished by thread and see if perhaps there may be hope for one day re-populating the rest of the planet.

He was absolutely stoked to be given the chance to be a part of Mountain wing, and for the first two turns he thrived in his duties. He wasn’t at the weyr when Neissoth hatched, though on his return to their new home, he was filled in rather quickly. Needless to say a few bets may have been made as to the life expectancy of the dragonet, though Wa’by was perhaps one of those few who gave him the benefit of the doubt. What little he saw of the weyrlings was showing that Neisoth grew at the same rate as the rest of the dragonets, easily challenging other bronzes in his clutch in size. A fact that proved true when he caught Kalestath and produce a clutch on par with that had she been caught by Leremith once again. For that clutch, Wa’by made sure he was present, slightly mortified to see the tiny little reds running around along with three more of the black dragons themselves. Neisoth, then, was no fluke, and as they grew, it was easy to see that the reds, tiny though they were, were no less of a dragon than Vicith or Kalestath herself. Nervewracking... Maybe but who was he to judge?

When he was at the weyr, he and Vicith were conducting searches the same as they had during the pass… Dragons didn’t stop hatching just because thread ended, and while it may have gotten easier to convince parents to let their kids go, it was still a difficult task with the more traditional of folk – particularly those who held a lot of anger towards the mood – though who in their right mind thought they were better off in Fort hold couldn’t be the full quid. Shit happened that he was actually around for, and he did not waver despite the horror that the island produced in lieu of the threat of thread. Vicith, ever the sensible one was always there to pull his head in when needed, and Wa’by was able to settle into something of a routine, both when at the weyr, and on assignment for Mountain Wing. It suited him. It suited them. And there was a comfort in being able to do a bit of everything.

* 2590, 37 2590 seems to be a turn filled with surprises… and not always the good kind. Beachsnakes ravaged the turns end celebrations, followed by the disaster that was Imyth’s clutch hatching, with only nine of the 13 dragonets hatched, surviving to impress to theirs. Hunters wipe out the workforce stationed at the minehall and the weyr goes on lockdown. To be fair Wa’by wasn’t much affected by it since he never stayed long enough at the weyr to go stir crazy like so many of the others, and the subsequent riot he also managed to be away for. Lucky bugger, right? IT didn’t make his job any easier, and he’ll always have this niggly feeling that they may have missed potential candidates for the duration of the lockdown… But voicing his concerns does nothing to change them. He keeps his head down and continues with his duty, as is his want.

Things change for him, however, when X’kis and Maelboroth end up catching Imyth. A Mountain Rider, stepping down to take up the position of weyrsecond, if only for a weyr. The change surprises him, and despite B’lye’s teasing cries of traitor, Wa’by is proud of his wingmate, and wonders if perhaps his own time with Mountain Wing should be brought to an end. When the notice goes up for riders to step forward to take up the position of weyrlingmaster assistant, Wa’by decides it is time, and he requests permission to resign from the wing to take up the needed post.

Weyrlings were an important part of the weyr, and being more present would give Vicith more of an opportunity to search potential candidates. It meant giving up the exploration of Pern, and was not exactly the sort of job he ever intended to do, but it was a change... and the thought of staying homefor longer than a sevenday struck a chord in him. He wasn’t B’lye, a genius with paperwork and organisation skills, but he was a searchrider. He was good at that. As was Vicith. And working with the new generation of riders would be an exciting experience for him, if a little bit tamer than wrestling hunters with Jungle Wing or crawling through partially collapsed tunnels in the hopes of finding a cavern full of silkworms for the weavers. He had plenty of years to look forward to, and three other wings to choose from if W’sar decided never to take him back once he stepped down. Being the assistant weyrlingmaster would be an adventure in itself, nevermind that Vicith’s opinion on the matter was decidedly different.

”Come’on now Red, ain’t no time to be getting’ clucky over the little blighters. You’re a blue, not a bronze. We got a job to do, remember?” Wa’by drawled as he collected one of the larger oil buckets and a rag, glancing at the new pairings to find out who was finished eating, who already had someone “helping” and who had not as of yet, received oil to sort out their dragons hide.

I am not clucky. I am simply trying to decide who in this mob I’m gonna show the ropes to. It’s a complicated process, you know? Do I want the one that trampled the young girl or one of the ones that almost killed it’s clutchbrothers? Maybe the little brown one that managed to end a fight through sheer refusal to let up when the black tried to have a go? Vicith responded with a huff, eyes whirling slightly with agitation as he, too, looked over the new weyrlings. Their bonding would stabilise them, surely, but he couldn’t help making a little jab at the oddly coloured dragonets that caused so much havoc from the get go. Wa’by knew the opinion wouldn’t stick for long. Vicith wasn’t one to dwell on a point longer than necessary, and the curiosity in their bond was easily apparent… Once you cut through he background noise.

“Ahh, she’ll be right. Not much to do about it now, eh. Come’on. That one over there has had a couple of visitors, but Big D looked to be scolding more than allocating a room.” Wa’by tutted with a wave of his hand, jutting his chin in the direction of P’run and Salnoth. Most of the other helpers were occupied, and it was an easy enough task to mosie on over to see whether he needed any help. The speed with which the green weyrling had departed suggested she probably had as much time to give him some detailed information as D’zel himself. That is to say, not much at all.

“Good night for it, eh mate? Betcha stoked.” He said as he got within hearing range, stopping a respectful distance away and holding out a hand. “Wa’by of blue Vicith,at your service. But me mates call me anything from Wabz to Kobba, dependin’ on their preference, and I tend to call ‘im Red or Vicky depending on what sorta mood he’s in.” He added in a low voice, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder as Vicith moved closer, the glowlight reflecting pleasantly off his hide and making it appear even lighter than normal. Vicith was a large blue, and taller than both Liramyth and Rohbarth, so even in the relatively dull lighting he was hard to miss, dipping his head in a polite greeting though not addressing them directly yet.

“’bout ready to call it a day? Did Big D tell you where you’re bunking?”

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Dragon Details

[ VISS-ith ]
Date of Birth:
2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 29.9M
Mature Height: 6.3M
Mature Wingspan: 52.95M

General Appearance...

There's no doubt about it, Vicith is striking to look at. Some might compare him to a glacier, if Pern had such things, with most of his hide a pale, arctic blue so wan it almost looks white save for the faintest hints of lighter turquoise on the underside of his body and along his cheek frills. His feet and the end of his tail are speckled with a slightly darker steel color, which is the base color on the underside of his wingsails -- though those are speckled to an even darker hue with navy. The outer sides of his wings are just a few shades darker than his body, in a more noticeable iteration of the turquoise on his underbelly.

When he hatched, Vicith was a tiny, narrow thing that didn't ever look like he'd amount to much. But as he grew, he quickly sped past his fellow Blues in size and ended up just ever so shy of 30 meters long. He's robust without looking bulky, filled with powerful muscle but sleek and proportional. He's rather tall even for a dragon of his size, which makes his absolutely gargantuan wingspan (for a Blue) an asset rather than a hindrance. He's always been built for endurance and long gliding, which made him and Wa'by suited to Mountain Wing while they were part of it, as well as flying full Threadfall shifts during the Pass.


Mind Voice: Vicith's voice is particularly suited to being dry and sarcastic, which makes his delivery of such all the more potent. It's pleasingly mellow unless he's actively telling someone off, but he does tend to pick up some of Wa'by's odd turns of phrase, especially when he's upset about something.

Exploring : Vicith likes going places he's never been to before, so he'll be sad that he and Wa'by aren't part of Mountain Wing anymore. (And will side teasingly with B'lye in saying Wa'by is a traitor for leaving the Wing.) He'll be a bother to his rider when he gets the itch to go somewhere, and his favorite part of their new position will be helping to teach the weyrlings to go Between, since it means they get to go somewhere different.

Hurricanes : He wouldn't want to fly in one, but he thinks they're neat as fuck. Any natural disaster, really -- Vicith even has a certain begrudging respect for Thread. Really, anything that's a force of nature with the potential to be so destructive. But hurricanes are something he never experienced until the move to Fort Island, and he thinks they're beautiful in a distinctly dangerous way.

Bitching : If something bad has happened to you, you get one short session of talking about how much it sucks. After that, Vicith doesn't want to hear it. Whining doesn't solve a damn thing, and he'll tell you that straight out. It doesn't make him angry per se, but he has no interest in listening to excuses or you feeling sorry for yourself.

Bludgers : Pull your weight. Very few things make Vicith angry, and he's not really the sort of dragon to actively chew someone out for something they've done or failed to do. But if you slack off, or try to pawn your duties off on someone else, he has no problems putting you in your place. And he'll lose respect for anyone 'superior' to him who does those things.


* RECEPTIVE : This Blue has no difficulty picking up on emotions, desires, and motivations. He's uniquely suited to being a Search Dragon because of it, as he's empathetic enough to detect the seed of Impressionability in potential Candidates. While he might not always agree with how someone feels, and why, or the decisions they make, he'll understand what has led them to that place and may put two and two together about more subtle interactions before his rider does.

* PRUDENT : Vicith is not a fanciful dragon, and doesn't waste time wishing for things to be different. If there's a problem he can fix, he'll do it. If others would be better suited to it, he'll outsource it. But you'll never catch him bemoaning the state of things or thinking about 'what-if'. All you've got is the present, and you'd better make the most of it however possible. All the wishing in the world won't change things unless you put in the effort toward those ends.


* SARCASTIC : Vicith has just as much of a sense of humor as his rider, but he's a sharp, dry, and sarcastic creature by nature. He lives and breathes it, and it's a safe bet that when he's saying something, it's usually at least one of those three things. As such, he can come across as mocking, cruel, or even irreverent. He'll never talk back to a superior, but he keeps up a running commentary in Wa'by's head that could potentially drive him to distraction or irk him when he's recovering from a hangover.

* DIRECT : For all his ability to empathize with other people, Vicith is not a very sympathetic dragon. Did you make a stupid decision? Good job. Now deal with the repercussions of it and quit whining. He'll do what he can to help you out of it if you ask him for assistance, but he'll probably make fun of you for getting yourself into trouble in the first place. This Blue thinks it's better to just move past mistakes rather than dwell on them. And if you did it to yourself, well… you deserve what's coming to you at least a little. As such, this may discourage others from telling him when they do misstep, because while he's not mean about it, he isn't necessarily nice either.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #ddebf3; Text: #496675

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I hope you like him, Kyya. And that he suits. :para:

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Flit Details

Date of Birth:
05.04.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold

General Appearance...

Grog hatched as a very dark gold, bordering on bronze in colour that would practically glow when hit by direct sunlight, giving some testament to the colouring she would one day have. As she grew, brighter patches began to appear, and by the time she reached her full size, a perfectly proportioned 2 metres long, 40 centimetres tall and with a whopping 3.32metre wingspan, her hide was decorated as though someone had taken a vial of golden powder and sprinkled it all over her, decorating her back with patches of the brightest gold and crating slightly orange undertones along the wingsails. Her belly remained for the most part, the same dark gold of her infancy, and the shimmering gold became patchy around her hips and shoulders, leaving her claws the same dark colour, as if she’d been floating around in a barrel of water and washed away at most of the gold dusting.


Mind Voice: Grog is royalty and she knows it. Her mind voice is proud and regal, and she ensures any communication between her, her bonded, or the flits in her fair are clear and precise. She’s a no-nonsense gold mentally, though others may find her hard to listen to when she speaks to them directly because she can be a little forceful to minds that are not Wa’by’s own. She rarely if ever deigns to speak to outsiders


Servants: What is a queen without her attendants. Regardless of their colour, size or species, any creature that is not Grog should be providing her with whatever she needs whenever she needs it before she even tells them she needs it. Thankfully this usually falls to Razorback and Roo, though the latter is usually disinclined unless Grog’s near to her flight date.

Clutches: There is no better time to introduce yourself to Grog than when she has a clutch waiting at her designated nesting area. People do not steal her eggs or her hatchlings. No. They meet her. They talk to her. They tell her exactly why they are worthy of an egg and if she deems it so, she will allow them to take the egg she chooses for them. Offerings bribes may also be accepted. Because of her protectiveness, she also ends up taking care of Sheila’s eggs, treating them no differently than if she’d laid them herself. They may hatch a little later than hers, and not all of them are viable, but she doesn’t mind. Wa’by will usually warn you if you’re grabbing one of the green’s eggs anyway, in case it ends up being a dud.

Praise: She knows she’s practically perfect in every way but she wants to hear it whenever and wherever possible. Sure it might be something simple like waking up in the morning, but that’s no reason to shirk on the sheer delight that just being in the room with her causes. So praise her for it. She deserves it. Or you know. Say hello. Whatever floats your boat.


Ferals: Children. Adults. Dragonkin. It doesn’t matter. You get your attitude in check and start acting like a civilised person/creature or you’re gonna find yourself on the receiving end of Grog’s chiding. Learn your place, or go act like a feral flitter on your own time.

Water: When it comes to beverage choices, Grog is quite specific. If Wa’by doesn’t happen to have a cleanskin lying around and easy to access, she’s inclined to go and track down someone who has some sort of alcoholic concoction for her to guzzle. In lieu of booze, what with rations and all, Klah has made for a worthy substitute. Water… Tasteless and grotty (they bathe in water) can go in the cove where it belongs.

Insubordination: She is a Gold damnit. You must listen when she commands you to do something. Surely it doesn’t matter if she’s just a firelizard, right? Thankfully most of her subordinates are lesser colours… And Firelizards themselves. So she doesn’t encounter this often. She just gets a little pissy when she tries to boss Vicith around and he’s not in the mood.

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Force Catch – Flies Around 02/01 – Always a day or two after Turns End Celebrations. Never Before.

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Flit Details

Date of Birth:
05.04.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold

General Appearance...

Roo is perhaps the brightest of Wa’by’s Firelizards, a delicately pale cream-bronze hi smain colour and particularly notable on the tops of his wings and the front half of his body, caressing his neck, chest and face. It does darken slightly as it reaches his hindwuarters, as if he is always halfway in the shadows, and all over, with no rhyme or reason to the pattern, are splotches of darker colouring, making him a very captiating firelizard to observe. It would be a lie to say that Wa’by hasn’t used a fine bit of charcoal to trace shapes he makes out of his patterning when particularly inebriated… Or just looking to have a laugh with a mate or two. It’s like finding patterns in clouds, only warm, and with a slightly irritated feeling in the back of his head.


Mind Voice: Roo, when he decides to communicate with a human at all has a very lax mental voice. He can get a message across surprisingly well with minimal effort, though one would argue that he spends a good deal of time trying to figure out how to deliver a message in the shortest way possible. Thinking requires less effort than doing after all. He will never bother to learn actual words, and more complex messages will probably require a bit of interpretation from another flitter or even an actual note. It is so much easier for him to use Sheila as a messenger than deliver it himself. Thankfully she’s quite good at re-transmitting.


Grog’s Flights: He’s got nothing against Sheila, but they both know that he only ever chases her if his brother beats him in catching Grog. He can’t be arsed chasing most golds but Grog? To spend a turn by her side as her mate is worth the effort to actually chase her. You end up being excused from all sorts of chores just by claiming that Grog needs you there… It gets a bit harder when the clutch actually hatches but Grog’s usually a little more lenient when he’s her mate.

Oiling: It has to be, perhaps one of the few times, excepting sleep, where he knows absolutely nothing is going to be asked of him. Sure he may have to wait his turn, but when Wa’by is oiling him he can just do. Nothing. It helps that it also stops his itchiness... but mostly it’s just the complete lack of anything else for that brief period of time that he really looks forward to.


Movement: He should have hatched a green. Maybe a blue, you know. Keep the gender the same… Because the fact that he has to move of his own volition, all the time just drives Roo mental. Between definitely helps. I mean, just jump into the air, figure out where you’re going, pop in and out and boom you can settle back down in your nest until the next problem arises but when he actually has to go places? Fuck. He’d give anything to be able to be carried everywhere like Sheila often gets to. Well… So long as it doesn’t involve effort.

Intruders: Grog, to a lesser extent Sheila and strange things are the only things Roo will rect actively for. Intrudors. Be they firelizard or otherwise need to keep their distance until they are properly introduced. They need Grog’s OK. They need Wa’by’s OK. They need Vicith’s OK before they can approach him. He can approach you. There’s no issues with that. But don’t just go running up willy nilly and expect him to behave. You’re gonna get a face full of flitter if you just barge on in like you own the place.

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Roo acts as an escort more than a working flit – that’s what Sheila is for, however he can and will do what is directed of him if/when tasked with an individual chore. He also only really chases Grog herself, and will look to Sheila as a backup should he lose to his clutchbrother or another bronze. Even then he’s not as affectionate as Razorback.

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Flit Details

Date of Birth:
05.04.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold

General Appearance...

Like his brother, Razorback is as large as a bronze can get, perfectly proportioned and very pleased about it. He always seems happy, even when busy, eyes very rarely anything but a pleasant greeny-blue. When he hatched, he was amost a brown in colour, but the metallic sheen was hard to miss. While his wings and underbelly maintain a pale orangey bronze colour, his head, neck, tail and a large strip of his back are instead a very dark, rusty sort of bronze, blending in only slightly at the edges of the marking into the rest of his hide colour. Sttreaks of a faint, pale bronze decorate the entirety of his hide, almost as if he was scarred by a tiny blade,  but closer inspection will prove it to be nothing but an oddity in his hide pattern.


Mind Voice: Razorback’s talent lies more in verbal communication than mental, leaving the heavy lifting (so to speak) to Sheila, and using Roo’s penchant for reasonable summaries to supplement any message deliveries he may be required to do. He does tend to trill and whistle as much as possible, particularly when he’s trying to invite you in for a scratch or two, but beyond that he rarely communicates mentally. For Wa’by, his presence is a little like a fuzzy blanket in the cool of winter. There, and comforting, but not really doing anything more than keeping him warm.


Cuddles: Razorback lives for cuddles. He may be huge, but that doesn’t stop him from snuggling up with Wa’by whenever and wherever possible. Thankfully he still tends to understand work and play, what with Grog running a tight ship and Sheila aiding in the enforcement if required, so he doesn’t tend to get in the way. Any time they’re not working however, he’ll be snuggling with someone. Sometimes this means wrapping himself around his mate (or cuddling up to Grog since she’s a wee bit bigger than he), but most of the time it’s encouraging perfect strangers to carry him around for a bit, preferably with scratches and/or treats.

Finding (Possible) Ingredients: Wa’by is always so excited when he finds new things for him to try. They’re always firelizard tested first, of course… And it has occasionally landed him in trouble, but he’s not died as of yet. So he must be doing something right, right? If he’s not distracted by some enticing stranger’s promises of a snuggle, he’s flitting about the weyr seeking out something that Wa’by can add to his next batch of grog.


Bullies: Mainly bullies who feel as though their one job in life is to pick on Sheila, Razorback can be quite protective of the little green. He understands perfectly well if someone’s rank may dictate that they are treated with the proper authority but if you treat them with the proper authority and they still treat you like shit then you’re a tosser who needs to go find a pole to sit on. He can, and will fight another flitter who he believes is trying to cause trouble for any of his claimed family members and, truth be told, can be a little bit of a bully himself because of it. Completely unintentional though. Scouts honour. It’s all coming from a good place.

Booze: Despite his queen’s preference for any sort of alcohol, Razorback is the only firelizard of Grog’s fair who is not inclined to guzzle whatever concoction Wa’by has been working on. He’s all for the usual celebrations that come with it, but has never been able to accrue a taste for the stuff. Fortunately the rest of the fair have no such reservations when Wa’by asks them to test a brew or two.


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Anything Else:
Razorback is the most affectionate of the fair with strangers, and the more attentive mate, regardless of whether it is Himself or Roo catching Grog or Sheila. He’s usually the go to for more intense tasks that Sheila may not be able to do, and takes enough pride in it (and the cuddles that follow) to do it well.

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Flit Details

Date of Birth:
05.04.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold

General Appearance...

You would be forgiven for thinking Sheila was an average looking green. The smallest she could possibly be and often settled somewhere on Wa’by when she’s not attending to Grog or announcing the queen’s presence, not to mention her penchant for retreating somewhere when and if someone starts paying her undue attention, makes it difficult to properly view her subtle colouring. Her underside is a dark green, lightening as it reaches her back like the sun’s bleached her. Her wings are similarly coloured, the very top of the sail brighter than the lower half and while odd, doesn’t usually attract too much attention. It is when she’s properly in the sun that her true colouring shows, her head and tail showing subtly lighter sections that almost shimmer in the light. Her wingsails have a similar effect, subtle shading throughout the darker colouring giving an odd sort of twinkle. Despite her downright pretty colouring, everything in her mannerisms suggest she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, excepting when she wishes to announce the arrival of her faire’s matron. 


Mind Voice: Sheila is the go to flit for communication. Her mental tone is soft and demure, asking to be heard rather than just expecting. While she can transmit images and feelings directly from her bonded, she tends to act more as a relay between the rest of her faire and the “common folk”. Neither her Bronze Brothers or her Golden Leader tend to talk directly to anyone other than Wa’by himself unless instructed to do so, and her capacity to communicate to a variety of different people and creatures is by far one of her most valuable talents.


Grog: Sheila may not have the colouring or the size to match Grog, but that doesn’t mean it festered into hatred of her queen. She idolises the Golden head of their faire and will often preceed the gold to announce her entrance to a room.... during downtime, of course. No place for such frivolty when they are tasked with something to do. A trait she thankfully shares with the Golden Queen.

Order: There are always specific ways to do things, and Sheila revels in the specifics. Despite not being the most in-your-face flit, there are things in her life that she strives to maintain. She will always try to arrive prior to Grog. Grog should always be escorted by another bronze, preferably both her clutchbrothers though it is not always possible. There are set times in the day for jobs to be done, and even when exploring the main continent there is always sstructure – a method to Wa’by’s process that she is always quick to sort out. She works best outside of chaos, and can withdraw further into her shell when those things that are meant to be maintained such as schedules are not.


Bludgers: There’s to be no slacking off while there is work to be done. Every flit has a job to do and she’ll work hard to make sure it’s being done. Perhaps the only time she can be aggressive is when someone is tasked to do something and said someone decides to fudge around. Not even the proddiness that comes when she’s near to flying can compete with the annoyance shown to flits (and even people) who decide that their relaxation time is more important than the current task(s) at hand. In such cases she’s likely to scold, harass and even nip at the offending party until they comply.

Attention: Sheila is polite fie lizard. She’ll say hello and accept a small token of appreciation for a job well done, however anything more than that and she’s likely to retreat t the safety of her weyr. Or perhaps just hide behind Grog. It is not her place to receive the attention of others, her mate for the turn being the exception to the rule. Only with her Queen’s authority will she allow herself to be fawned over. She is just a green, afterall.

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Anything Else:
Sheila flies the day after Grog – usually the 03.01 . She is not a force catch, as usually whoever loses Grog’s flight flies her. If both Roo and Razorback lose, they both chase her. Her mate, as such, changes depending on who wins Grog’s flight. When she lays her clutch, she will always lay her eggs next to Grog’s clutch, and allows the gold to look after all of them for her. She doesn’t care much for taking care of the eggs on her own, instead acts as an alternative delivery-flit should Grog require anything while she oversees the clutch. She will however, always be present when they hatch should Wa’by not be able to find homes for the eggs prior.

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