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Author Topic: Approved T'rel [ 32.04.2568 / Bronze Weyrling ]  (Read 1236 times)

Offline Drewliet

T'rel [ 32.04.2568 / Bronze Weyrling ]
« on: June 12, 2017, 03:51:16 PM »

Play By:
Siva Kaneswaran

First Name:
T, Ty
Date of Birth:
32.04.2568 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Previously Amal before her passing in 2584, presently none.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Heís good looking and he knows it. Tírelís hair is kept perfectly coifed and his face is clean shaven. He epitomizes tall, dark and handsome, coming in at 6í1Ē and having inherited his motherís bronzed skin. He has thick eyelashes and full lips, lending femininity to a face otherwise composed of sharp angles and strong features.
Ty likes to wear clothing that accentuates his build. His shirts are mostly all sleeveless, whether intentional or cut by him to be that way. Equally tailored to his preference, his pants have all been hemmed at the knee or are a tight mimic of his future riding leathers. He goes barefoot whenever possible and has calloused feet as a result.
Ty was injured during Kalestathís clutch of 2590, sustaining twin sets of claw marks down either shoulder from where two Red dragons had latched on. Heíll have deep set scars there for life and wears the injuries like a badge of honor and as a way to remember the danger that mutations represent.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: His motherís love and the support of his siblings did far more for him than anything else. A fear of death constantly lurked in the back of his mind, especially after he was Searched, but his stubborn nature pushed him through the trials of the pass and left him mostly unscathed.
Response to dragon color mutations: Tírel didnít have much of an opinion of them until Kalestathís most recent hatching in 2590. He was injured on the sands by a vagrant Red and it is given him a strong dislike for the creatures. Adding to it, the ferocity the Black dragons met each Bronze with, including his own, has given him a heavy dose of distrust and paranoia.

Who are you...

Gossip: Heís as bad as a Greenrider, really. Ty will actively spread gossip and create gossip, he relishes in being the first to spill the news on some hidden secret and cannot be trusted whatsoever when it comes to juicy information.
Competition: In any form, heíll take whatever challenge he can. Fortunately he wins as much as he loses, but he isnít sore about losses either. His competitive spirit has been further increased since his Impression, as he feels he needs to prove himself the better rider among so many Black hatchlings.
Firelizards: While he doesnít have his own firelizard, heís always admired them. Both Iídryaís and Sashanaís flits were his first real introduction to dragonkind and heíll always have a soft spot for them.
Working Out: Though the Weyr doesnít exactly have a gym, Ty does find ways to work out in his spare time, on top of favoring some of the more physical chores as a candidate. Heís good at chipping ledges into rock walls for pull ups, and keeps the floors of his living space free for push ups. Early mornings find him in the weyrbowl doing laps and his late evenings are dedicated to stretching himself out in preparation for the next day.
Children and Childcare: Short of Tymalen, Tírel has never made an effort to help raise, or even know, any of his kids. Perhaps, had his Amal survived, he mightíve been more of a family man, but now he is only reminded of her death whenever he sees a new baby.
Downtime: Tírel does his best to keep busy. He has an active social life but his true passion is doing something with his hands or helping with some other labor. He excels at drills because of his dedication to keeping busy, but if ever heís made to take a break (say, to let his arm wounds heal following the hatching), he quickly gets ďcabin feverĒ levels of crazy.
Slackers: If he sees someone not pulling their weight he will make it his personal problem. Tírel doesnít have any respect for the lazy and itís the quickest way to get on his shit list.
Shoes: Prone to sweaty feet, he goes without shoes or boots whenever possible. Heís even been reprimanded a few times for failing to meet uniform regulations, although he swears that his naked feet are as good as, if not better, than treaded soles.
Strengths: 5+
* Lion-Hearted : He is as brave and courageous as they come. Heís fiercely proud of this particular personality trait, and doesnít consider his own personal well being if there is a threat or danger. Tírel wonít go down without a fight, and will pour heart and soul into it.
* Protective : This trait extends beyond his close friends and family. If he sees someone in trouble, regardless of who they are, he will do his best to defend them. He doesnít tolerate people who bully those weaker than them, and will certainly respond to physical violence, too.
* Brawny : The weyrling is very strong and aware of it. He knows the limits of his body and how best to use them, with none of the awkward stiffness that sometimes is associated with the very muscled.
* Pain Tolerant : Mentally and physically he has trained himself to withstand the pressures of pain. Heís no stranger to pushing himself ďto the limitĒ, and has thus been able to increase his tolerance over time. Most minor injuries are shrugged off and ignored, and heís learned to prioritize getting control of the situation before worrying about his own health.
* Dutiful : Tírel knows his rank and his place in the weyr and will act accordingly to it. He doesnít shirk chores or drills, and will not question his superiors.
Weaknesses: 5+
* Reckless : His desire to protect can sometimes lead him blindly into danger and bad decisions. Tírel doesnít put enough value on his own life and often gets in tough spots because of it.
* Self-Righteous : He thinks heís a very important person and doesnít like it when heís shot down while doing something he thinks best. If Tírel ever does something notable, or is especially helpful, heíll be the first to give himself a pat on the back.
* Vain : Tírel takes a little too much care in his appearance. He hates getting dirty or having his clothes mussed, and while he doesnít mind sweating he isnít fond of the smell that often goes with it. He spends an awful lot of time bathing, sometimes two to three times a day. If ever his appearance is spoiled prematurely, heíll be quite sour until he can go tidy up.
* Easily Frustrated : Sometimes certain things take a little too long for him to grasp. If something isnít going in his favor or if someone is playing mind games with him, he easily angers. When he is in a frustrated state itís hard to get him to switch gears and do anything but fume and rage and stomp around for a while.
* Oblivious : As someone that isnít exactly subtle, Tírel misses hints often. He needs direct communication to fully understand requests and can sometimes be a bit lost when it comes to flirting, if his partner is using double meanings.
Describe Yourself:
* Chivalrous: ----- Ty is a firm believer in good manners and well kept appearances. Heíll never turn away from a lady in need and does his best to assist his elders. Heís a good son and brother, and you wonít find a more loyal friend.
* Social: ----- With his dazzling smile and well-spoken words itís hard to turn down his charm. Tírel has a great many friends and is someone that most people at least know of, even if they donít care to know him personally. He doesnít do well with silence and will talk to just about anyone if thereís nothing better to do.
* Playboy: ----- As a candidate Ty had a great many lovers and partners, always of the female variety. Since Amalís death heís taken the weyr lifestyle to heart, never committing himself to one girl and not letting himself get dragged into potential relationship drama. Heís happiest unattached, but he certainly still loves company.
* Traditionalist: ----- Despite his motherís more carefree and accepting ways, Tírel has become more of a traditionalist since the hatching. The new Black riders are people that he never got on with all that well, and the behavior of their dragons has only cemented his dislike of them. The Red dragons are far too unpredictable for his liking, as well, and he doesnít think they can contribute anything positive to the weyr.
* Musician: ----- His few turns spent as a harperís apprentice were happy times and he has retained much of what heís learned. Tírel is good with flute and lute and will play it when heís in the mood. Heís also the type to bust out an instrument during social gatherings and play his amateur heart out (anyway, hereís Wonderwall).
The Magic Touch: When heís nervous Tírel devolves into a fidgety mess. He picks at his nails, chews his bottom lip to shreds, and will continuously ďremessĒ his hair.


Mother: Iídrya, Prairie Wingrider of Tralith, b. 08.07.2551, imp. 2566
Father: Unknown rider
Sashana b. 2565
Idalinora b. 2570
Yanderalin b. 2578
Tymalen b. 2584
Tírel has several children, however he has only made an effort to know his first, born to Amalverietta, and only because he feels he owes it to her memory.

Tell us a story...

* 2568, 0 Tylondrel is born at High Reaches Weyr to mother Iídrya, Bluerider of Tralith. Though his mother is kept ever busy fighting threadfall, she uses whatever time she can spare to help raise her children. Ty is a good baby, never too fussy, and his older sister Sashana is his favorite playmate.
* 2570, 2 His younger sister, Idalinora, is born. He isnít quite old enough to understand the bond of family but he feels close to her anyway. When Sashana impresses to a firelizard his curiosity is piqued, though he is a bit sad that she seems to have a constant, close friend now. He entertains most of his days in the creche by attending to baby Idalinora and they develop their own babbled language.
* 2571, 3 High Reaches Weyr is defeated by Threadfall. Deep in the protective caverns of the creche, the danger of Pern has never really reached Tylondrel. He does understand that his mother seems much more weary lately, but heís still too young to realize that every day could be her last, and every stronghold lost to the spore is like a punch in the gut to the riders of Pern.
He sees the move to Fort Weyr as an adventure and has his first real ride on dragonback. Between is an eerie experience, but one that heíd like to try a few more times before making a full ruling on it. He and his siblings are settled into a much more crowded creche and all of the new friends he makes are exciting.
* 2572-74, 4-6 Life goes on like normal. With less ground to keep safe, Iídrya is a little more common of a sight, though sheís begun to collect her fair share of threadscores. Ty thinks the injuries make his mother look tough and he learns to respect her dedication to her family and to the weyr.
* 2575, 7 Sashana impresses Grenwitch from a wild clutch. Ty attempts to impress one, too, but in his eagerness he is unable to focus on just one firelizard and ends up scattering the few he took a liking to, ultimately sending them toward the other children. Heís disappointed, but hopeful that there will be more clutches in the future. In the meantime, Tylondrel does his best to help Sashana raise and train her new flit.
* 2577, 9 His oldest sister enters a crafthall and that, in turn, makes Ty start to consider his options. He knows heíd love to be a rider, but getting into that profession isnít exactly something you volunteer for. He spends the next few months asking questions and researching his future choices, as he wants to be confident in his lifeís path. After much deliberation, he finds a love in being loud and being allowed to be loud, and decides heíd like to be a harper.
* 2578, 10 Yanderalin is born and Tylondrel is excited to have a brother. Though theyíre ten years apart, Ty spends as much time with his new sibling as he can. As protective as he is of Idalinora, and even of Sashana, Yanderalinís birth seems to up the ante. Perhaps because heís finally been able to grasp the concept of mortality and understand the dire situation at Fort Weyr, but either way he really begins to ďstep upĒ to the plate when it comes to his family. He feels it's his duty to act as "the man" of the family, as I'drya never kept in contact with any of their fathers, nor told them who they were.
* 2580, 12 On his nameday Ty enters apprenticeship at the Harper hall. He wants to focus on music, but finds that heís good with story-telling, too. He works hard to master his lessons and make his mother proud, but ultimately he wonít be an exceptional Harper. Despite being very average, his personality and presence is a breath of fresh air in an environment that has been so devastated by threadfall. Heís a light in the dark for many.
This Turn he also becomes an uncle. As with Yanderalin, Tylondrel tries to be involved with his new niece. His younger family members make for a good audience, they donít care so much if it takes him a minute to tune his instrument or that his voice is a little off pitch. With so much time spent in the creche, he becomes a sort of childrenís entertainer and finds that he really doesnít mind that so much. It's a good confidence boost to get their positive feedback, even if they don't really have experienced opinions. His ego grows a little.
* 2582, 14 Ty meets a girl named Amalverietta. Sheís weyrfolk, born and raised, and works in the kitchens with dreams of flying on dragons. He launches into his first ďflingĒ, expecting it to be just that, but finds himself falling in love. Mindful of her dreams of candidacy, they donít make plans for marriage but instead adopt a relationship similar to weyrmates.
He continues his studies as a Harper, but Amal is a distracting presence. Juggling his crafthall, his blood relatives, and Amal become like a circus act, but he manages it somehow. He feels a certain pride in his physical and mental exhaustion and it becomes a normal thing for him in life.
* 2584, 16 Amalverietta falls pregnant with their first child. Ty is ecstatic- he loves his family and is ready to add his own addition. Amal has some trepidation, she still wants to be Searched and she knows that this could hold her back from opportunities. Also, the whole thing begins with severe morning sickness and a weakness that leaves her unable to do her work most days. Itís a hard time for her and Ty fights with guilt over her condition, and guilt for his excitement.
The complications continue up to the birth of their son, Tymalen. The labor is long and Amal is bleeding more than she should be. With the health of mother and baby at stake, Tylondrel is torn about what to do. Itís Amal who makes the decision- that they cut into her to get the child out so that he will survive even if she doesnít. The healers go forward with the procedure and Tymalen is delivered safely. As expected Amalverietta passes from the trauma and the blood loss.
This is an incredibly hard time for Ty. He feels responsible for Amalís death and can hardly bear to see or hold his son. The first few months of Tymalenís life are spent in the creche, raised by nursemaids, but slowly Ty starts to come around more. His son is all that he has left of Amalís memory and he wants to do good by her. He embraces fatherhood, at least for this child.
* 2585, 17 In an ironic twist of events, Tylondrel is searched shortly after Tymalenís birth. Ty feels this is fate, somehow, and he accepts the offer into candidacy. He pours his negative energy into exercise and his drills, beginning to work out whenever possible and as a sort of means to fill his downtime that mightíve been spent with Amal, instead.
Heís a bit rough around the edges still, and this new life opens him further to the pain of the Pass. He loses friends as quickly as he makes them and so for much of this turn he closes himself off. Itís only the support of his mother and siblings that urges him onward, that tells him things will get better.
* 2586, 18 Time heals all things, even if itís left heavily scarred. With the start of another new Turn, Ty pulls himself out of his depression and falls headfirst into the routine of candidacy. He flirts and flounces, and while a few of his tumbles end up with pregnant girls he doesnít keep them around long enough to give them any ideas that heíll be a responsible father. Heís still guarding his broken heart and he isnít sure he has anything more to give.
* 2587, 19 Threadfall ends and it renews Tyís energy. His family has mostly survived the Pass and the move to the island is one without incident. Hope for peace is soon lost, however, as mutations arise in Kalestathís clutch and dangers present themselves in the jungles and waters surrounding the new Weyr.
Still, Ty looks to the bright side of things. The skies are safe and even if the Black dragon Neisoth is a bit different, heís just one dragon. He stands for more clutches but still doesnít Impress, but thatís alright. There isnít a sense of urgency for him to get his own dragon, he knows everything happens for a reason and his chance will come in due time.
* 2589, 21 Well, things only get crazier from there. Neisoth grows and reproduces, spawning the first three Reds and more Black dragons. Still, they seem insignificant compared to the population of the weyr and they donít stir up too much trouble beyond a few bad attitudes. Tylondrel takes a leaf out of his motherís book and doesnít extend too much effort into worrying about them.
* 2590, 22 An explosive start to the Turn sets the mood for the following months. Tyís nonchalance toward the dangers of the island fades and he begins to realize there is a real threat to his home, and therein to his family. The riots happen and he finds himself unable to sympathize with the holders, though his heart hurts for his crafter friends that turn against the riders. He stays out of the fight but is on alert ever after, just waiting for the next flair up of tempers.
However the real event is Kalestathís clutch, sired once again by Neisoth. The mood of the weyr is mixed but Tylondrel feels, himself, a touch of fear. Would this clutch hold new surprises?
Tylondrel hurried out to the Hatching Sands. The hour was late but his fatigue slipped away with every quick beat of his heart. Kalestathís clutch was arriving and if he wasnít fast, he might miss the first moments.
Inside the grounds was chaos. The first Reds were already stampeding through the candidates. Ty shoved his way through the throng, knowing it was more important to break out of the pack and separate himself than to stand idle and hope for the best. He used his height and his strength to his advantage, displacing smaller hopefuls with brushes of his arm. He saw a few go down, kids mostly, but they werenít his problem right now.
Unscathed, somehow, he took a stoic pose somewhere off to the side. Ty had only just settled himself with the next wave of Reds hatched and the real chaos began. His precaution didnít serve him well. One of the beasts turned toward him, trilling and tilting its head in a way that had him backing up. He knew danger when he saw it. The attention of the first Red attracted another almost immediately, and before he knew it two of them were bearing down on him.
Knowing that running wasnít an option, no, Eirsymine had done that, all he could do was protect himself as best as possible. He didnít want to get knocked down and he didnít want his throat exposed, so he brought both arms up, side to side, to shield his head and upper torso. The Reds took that as an invitation to attach onto his limbs and the both of them hooked themselves there, into his shoulders and forearms, raking at his flesh as they tried to get a clear look at his face. He felt a brief sensation, similar to the digging of their claws, but at the back of his mind and then all at once they were gone, off to the next victim.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable as heís related to a PC character.
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
Created via the Optional Weyrling Application

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Re: T'rel [ 32.04.2568 / Bronze Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2017, 09:33:48 PM »
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Re: T'rel [ 32.04.2568 / Bronze Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2017, 02:34:48 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ NYE-nath ]
Date of Birth:
34.06.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 36.8M
Mature Height: 7.36M
Mature Wingspan: 61.09M

General Appearance...

From a distance, Nynath looks so bright he could almost be mistaken for a Gold. With a brilliant hide the color of polished brass, he hatched almost one solid hue with only a few veins of metallic speckling that hint at the true nature of his skin. Within a few weeks of hatching, however, his actual coloration will start to shine through. Most of him will remain the same brass-and-gold, with scintillating patterns like a beaten piece of metal. His feet, however, will darken to a much darker bronze. His most striking feature will eventually be the striated patterns of a similar hue that flow down his neck and headknobs. They seem to shift in the light, and might invite the comparison of a Terran lion's mane, if any of the Pernese still new what those creatures looked like.

Nynath is big when he hatches -- just as much so as any of his other Bronze or Black brothers -- but won't quite turn into the monster that his initial length seems to imply. As he ages, he'll smooth out into a midsized Bronze, but a perfectly proportional one. He's just as tall as he needs to be for his adult length, with a wingspan to match. As such, he could lend himself well to bursts of speed and strength, endurance, or even fighting Hunters:  it all depends on what he and T'rel spend the most time training, to the detriment of his other particular potential talents. He'll either end up being a jack of all trades, or the master of one.


Mind Voice: Nynath's voice sounds regal, kingly and rich with a commanding, solid presence to it. His voice may not be overloud and braying, but it's undeniable when he speaks, and he'll never be accused of being shy. For all that, however, it's not very warm:  affection does not shine through his tone well, which can make him sound cold or even mercenary no matter his lofty principles. Nynath is simply a no-nonsense dragon without time for much humor or silly games.

Routine : All things at the right time, a place for everything, and everything in its place -- Nynath thrives off routine and set ways of doing things. He likes knowing where he needs to be, what he needs to be doing, how, and with who. As such, the militaristic setup of the weyr suits him, and he'll have no issue following orders or fulfilling his duties. If anything, it might make him almost as rule-bound as a Brown, since he dislikes having his routine or expected patterns disrupted for any reason.

Being in Charge : Nynath is not a Bronze who's content with working in the background unrecognized and unrewarded. He wants to be in the spotlight, calling the shots, and running things the way he thinks they should be run. He's firmly determined that he and T'rel will be at the very least Wingseconds someday  -- but Weyrleaders would be preferable.

Mutations : Reflective of his experiences at his own Hatching, Nynath does not like the mutation colors. He dislikes Black dragons in particular because of his direct interactions with them so early in his life, and will always hold a deep suspicion of them:  and especially the one that attacked him in particular. But once he learns of what the Reds did, he'll regard them just as derisively. Much like his rider, he thinks they're unnatural abominations that have no place in a proper weyr -- even if the reasons for these feelings are a result of him picking up on this sentiment from older Bronzes.

Liars : There is nothing Nynath will loathe more than a liar. Even Black or Red dragons will be regarded with somewhat improved favor if they prove to be honest. But woe to any rider or fellow dragon who obscures or omits the truth for any reason. Nothing will make him lose respect for someone faster, and T'rel will get quite a chewing out from Nynath if he ever presumes to tell anything that isn't the complete truth. This Bronze expects the best from his rider, even if lying would smooth over a mistake or prevent them from getting in trouble.


* DISCERNING : Unlike T'rel, his Bronze has no problems picking up on subtle clues or hints. He has a very keen appreciation for these things, which makes him adept at following the more nuanced paths of conversation even if he doesn't always let on that he is. Additionally, this sense of discernment extends to his decision-making and tastes to; Nynath likes the refined things in life, and won't accept anything that isn't top quality -- including other people. As such, he'll have no issue telling T'rel if someone -- even another rider pair -- aren't a good investment for their future. In that, he can be almost cutthroat in his ambition.

* PRINCIPLED : Despite his other faults, Nynath has a very strict moral compass. He will always act honorably, tell the truth, fulfil his duties, and protect those who need it regardless of whether or not he likes them. With a firm grasp of what's right and wrong, he'll never suffer from moral dilemmas about what to do -- even if doing the right thing might yield unfavorable consequences for himself and T'rel.


* GUARDED : Nynath does not open up easily to anyone but T'rel, and even sometimes not to him. Perhaps in part because he was attacked by a clutchmate so soon after hatching, but he has difficulty trusting others' and their motivations. Everyone is watched with suspicion until they prove themselves otherwise, and Nynath will never volunteer much information about himself unless forced to.

* PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE : Similarly, he's not good at talking about his emotions or admitting when he's upset. If something bothers him, Nynath is more likely to have subtle, passive fights with them rather than out and out arguments. Especially if his pride is hurt, he'll sulk in righteous silence rather than directly confront the source of his foul mood.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #AF6F0E; Text: #F4C47C

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.

We hope you like him! :love:

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Re: T'rel [ 32.04.2568 / Bronze Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2017, 03:39:00 PM »
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Re: T'rel [ 32.04.2568 / Bronze Weyrling ]
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2017, 06:13:50 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

As written
Date of Birth:
27.09.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This flit is the color of soft leather, with a gentle appearance to his hide that makes him look soft and supple. Some of his mottling gives him a ridged or bumpy look, like the natural variations in treated and aged leather. Though itís a subtle difference, the webbing of his wingsails are a darker, slightly ruddier color. While heís not much to look at when he hatches, this Brown will grow to be a big male, easily the size of a small Bronze.


Mind Voice: Dark and silky, his presence is a very smooth, pleasant thing. He's not abrasive, even on the rare occasions that he 'raises his voice'. Most of the time, though, his projections are soft, almost whispers.

Digging Holes : It's almost a compulsion for him, and something that he'll never quite be broken of, even with lots of training. At the very least, it's usually in places that no one will mind, like the edge of the Weyr Bowl or the corner of some tunnel. He just likes the feel of dirt under his claws.

Sitting on People's Laps : T'rel will be his favorite perch, of course, but in general this Brown likes being able to curl up on someone's legs and share their body heat. Double points if they'll pet him -- correctly -- and let him nap there at the same time.

Spinners : But don't expect him to deal with them. Rather than respond to them aggressively, he'll flee from them, despite his size.

Being Pet the Wrong Way : Some might argue there is no wrong way to pet a flit, since they don't have fur to displace, but this Brown is firmly of the opinion that there is. And he'll give you a piece of his mind if you touch him wrong.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Vanity's 2590 Clutch
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