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Author Topic: Info Miner Crafthall  (Read 732 times)

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Miner Crafthall
« on: June 12, 2017, 04:46:28 PM »
Specialties and Professions
Scouting – The scouts are miners, usually thin and fit, who explore natural cave systems for future mining. They need to be able to map, have a good sense of smell for gas pockets, a good memory, be quick thinking, and be able to logically weigh up the pros and cons of different systems.
Explosives – Miners who specialise in explosives create, detonate, and planning the controlled explosions they use to clear large portions of rock for initial excavation works.
Architects – Usually in the upper ranks of miners, the planners have to have an understanding of all specialities and be able to be creative enough to come up with the plans they want. They need to work closely with other specialists to ensure that their plans are undertaken as safely as possible.
Labourers – These miners specialise in the grunt work, they are the ones actively excavating. Whilst some may look down upon them as the “plebians” of miner society, they need to be able to make react quickly to gas pockets, be able to spot ore veins, and in themselves, need to be able to safely make decisions based upon the morphology of the rock.
Ore – Spotting, recognising, and predicting ore veins are the specialisation of these miners. They are also miners who simply take inventory and plan future ore stock for the Weyr and the Smith Craft.
Transformers - Transformers in the Miner Crafter take any form a rare material, and turn it into usable ingots for the Smith Craft. They remove contaminants, imperfections and intrusions from the materials.

Rare/Lost Crafthall Specialties
Precious Gemstones – Whilst these specialists are still around, they don’t have as much work as they used to. Without a currency, and with the more frugal attitude of the current population due to rationing, those who specialise in gemstones for use in jewellery are not in high demand anymore.

Apprentice Classes
Apprentices in the Miner Craft typically study for more than 7 turns, but throughout their time, establish a specialty within their craft.

Class Subjects
Ore and Minerals
Explosive Theory
Precious Gems
Geography and Physics
System Planning
Creating Explosives
Mining 101
Scouting 101
System Familiarity

Apprentice Schedules
||Turn 1, 2 and 3
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Theory
10:00am Class 2 – Practical
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Practical
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Theory
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out

Turn 4 or Beyond
An apprentice by now should show an aptitude for a certain speciality. They can then spend the next years studying in small groups as per their speciality under a master, undertaking “work experience”. They learn what they can in their speciality through working alongside someone in that speciality day after day.

Every few months, they’ll have “experience days” with other specialities. In order to keep their knowledge of how the other miners work up to date.

A Note on Whers and Firelizards in the Craft
Many miners utilise a working wher and/or firelizard to help them with their day-to-day tasks. Any crafter can choose to bond to wher or impress a firelizard during their time as a miner; however, their creatures must be well and specifically trained to work alongside their bonded handler in the mines and workshops.

Jnr. and Snr. Journeymen
At the very youngest Junior Journeyman can only be tapped at 19 turns, and/or after 7 turns of an apprenticeships.
Journeymen miners in the past have been sent out to different Holds and mines across Pern, however on Fort Island, Jnr. Journeymen are simply able to work by themselves in a particular speciality, under the supervision of a master running their sector. Snr. Journeymen are simply thought to be those who have earned their knowledge and therefore, their opinions and ideas are more valued. If asked to teach Apprentices in private study by a master, Journeymen are required to do so.

Master Crafters
Senior Journeymen can be voted to Master when they reach 40 years of age but they are not guaranteed Master rank. Some crafters will retain the rank of Senior Journeyman if there are already several Masters in their Crafthall of their chosen specialization or if they have not been voted into it.

Masters are considered the authority in their fields of specialization and in the Crafthall. They create schedules, mentor Journeymen, oversee Crafthall supplies and administration, and generally create their own work schedule. They’re expected to maintain respectful relations with the weyr and other crafthalls. Their job is mostly practical they run work groups, oversee planning and in general, run the Miner Crafthall and all its mines.

Masters only answer to the Craftmaster, who is senior amongst them and has the final say in all matters relating to the Crafthall.

Spoiler for Miner Masters:
Scouts Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Explosives Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Architects Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Labourers Total 1 master
Current: None

Ore Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Transformers Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Precious Gemstones Total 1 master
Current: None

Craftmaster - Masterminer
This is a singular role, earned through vote by the Masters and held until the Craftmaster either dies or steps down, and holds the highest authority in the Crafthall. This person speaks for the Crafthall in all matters and oversees the overall running of the Crafthall, usually with the help of other Masters. It is their job to maintain the integrity and stability of their Crafthall in a desolate Pern, ensuring their Crafthall is well supplied, and always advancing. Specifically in regards to the Miners, the Masterminer has to ensure the education of the growing generation, be a specialist in politics and Weyr-Hold relationships, facilitate best practices, manage proper allocation of resources, and monitor locations so that they are not over-mined.

On SWW, the Miner Craftmaster is an ranked adoptable NPC named Castivill, and you can read more about him here.

Credited to Inki for use on SWW; edits by SirAlahn.
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