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Author Topic: Prevention is the best cure [17.06.2590 | 7:45PM] || J'hal & Droissa  (Read 441 times)

Offline X'kis

Firelizards grew quicker than their larger cousins, and while they wouldn’t be sexually mature for two turns, Flirt’s clutch-siblings were more than capable to begin learning basic commands after only a sevenday. Their window was a small one, however, with the rapidly growing creatures still requiring plenty of rest, and daily oiling, and there were so many hours in the day where weyrlings, candidates and riders could freely socialize without falling behind in their day to day chores.

When both J’hal, one of the black weyrling and Droissa, a candidate, sought assistance in teaching their new bonded’s basic commands, X’kis had accepted readily. Understanding that a disobedient flit could cause plenty of problems, even without taking into account Kalestath’s clutch due to hatch in the near future. He’d given them one week to relax with their Firelizards, but asked them to meet him in the weyrbowl at 8pm once the week was up to begin helping them teach their baby flitters how to stay put when requested, among other things.

To minimize his own workload from becoming too high, he’d arrange for them to meet every second or third night, depending on how the evening’s lesson went, but for now, he had excused himself from Eimerra’s side, eaten a quick meal, and put on hold the paperwork that never quite seemed to end to be out by the training fields a few quarter mark before the time he’d asked them to meet him.

Maelboroth, curious about the black weyrling was spread out on the grass behind him, keeping a lazy eye in the direction of the weyrling barracks for the approach of the black dragon and his bonded. X’kis hadn’t specified that Lesserath needed to come, however he rarely went anywhere without Maelboroth nearby, so would not begrudge J’hal doing the same.

Both Flirt and Lesiff were with him, Flirt perched on his left shoulder while Lesiff perched on his right, the little green trilling and crooning in an attempt to grab the blue’s attention while he, having more of an awareness as to what they were doing in the weyrbowl at night, looked straight ahead and waited for the approach of their students.

X’kis himself stood stiffly, ever aware of the position he held with the weyr and disinclined to let his guard down in case someone should think for a moment that he is not taking the role seriously. Even this was less social and more business… With a working flit of his own, and turns of dealing with a flitter under his belt, he was perfectly suited to help the new bonded’s with their own creatures. Plus, minimizing the chance of a baby firelizard doing something stupid when and if their bonded enters the hatching grounds with a clutch hatching was always reason enough to do something.

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Added the time, too >_>
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Re: Prevention is the best cure [17.06.2590 | 7:45PM] || J'hal & Droissa
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2017, 09:47:17 PM »
"Gerrof, you," J'hal growled, hurriedly stuffing the small parcel of meat scraps into his jacket pocket and away from the questing green nose that thought to dig it open. He flicked his hand at her, which she quickly dodged. That at least she seemed to have learned quickly enough. She'd been nothing but a nuisance to J'hal since he'd been pressed into attending her hatching, though Lesserath was nonetheless rather endeared by her. She'd taken a liking to nesting herself into his shoulder whenever the black was not so busy with drills as to dislodge her during sleep, or perching herself between his headknobs whenever J'hal was likewise to busy for her to fight for a perch on his shoulder.

And fight she had to: J'hal would instinctively sweep a hand over his shoulder whenever anything lighter than Lesserath's probing muzzle touched him there, a reaction learned from turns of insecurity and distrust of anyone getting close to his neck at Fort, whether he meant to swipe her or not. That's where she'd learned to dodge his hand, though it hadn't stopped her from squawking admonishment into his ear and coming in determinedly for another landing each and every time. A number of times the swipe had been intentional, since her claws were tiny but sharp as needles and in summer clothes they very easily found his skin. He had to hand it to her for persistence though, even if it were persistence in annoying him.

She just wants to sit on your shoulder like every other flit, you know, Lesserath would remind him on such occasions. He could swear to Faranth that the black had cooed to the tiny green on more than one occasion that he'd been 'mean' to her and had swiftly been met with the rejoinder of 'you look after her then.' I do, Lesserath would always reply, which wasn't a lie. She spent more time asleep on his shoulder than she did J'hal's and the black even let her nibble the scraps from his own meals, saving J'hal the trouble of finding food for her himself.

He'd made an exception today however. Lesserath hadn't fed that day and neither had J'hal given her any food that afternoon, keeping her hungry for their first scheduled training session with the Weyrsecond that evening. She had not been a happy girl when she'd come for her lunch only to be given nothing and and ushered away from stealing anything from his own plate. She had been sulking around Lesserath the whole day since, at least until J'hal had finally picked up a bundle of scraps from the kitchen for her on his way to meet X'kis. Now she was his friend again, at least as far as she herself was concerned. J'hal was less convinced, but still retained some hope that she'd respond well enough to some proper training that she'd at least be useful enough to put up with. If she was his only way into Mountain Wing, then so be it.

While Lesserath winged his way down to the meeting point from the Weyrling barracks, J'hal approached from the opposite direction where the Lower Caverns were. The young black was interested in observing the lesson, if only to make sure that J'hal wasn't being mean to her. Getting to meet a rare and elusive Mountain dragon would be a bonus too. Lesserath himself wasn't exactly sure about Mountain as a Wing for himself, that was what J'hal had settled on wanting in his own head, but to Lesserath flying around a wilderness making maps seemed boring. He was curious whether there was any more... well, action in it.

Lesserath settled to the ground a short while before his rider arrived, ruffling his wings into place as he sat and greeted Maelboroth, regarding the brown as he did so. He didn't have a problem with browns as he did bronzes and had some innate draconic respect for Maelboroth in particular for being mated to one of the Queens currently.

"Weyrsecond," J'hal said as he caught up, not forgetting to salute the brownrider as he did so, though the hand was quickly stuffed back into his pocket afterwards to prevent the green from diving into the vacant space. She'd been clinging to his jacket the entire way from the kitchens. You don't get any of that today unless you're good, y'hear? he sent to her experimentally as he would have done Lesserath, though the green's presence was harder to pinpoint in his mind compared to the dragons, which was so closely intertwined with his own after a turn he could scarcely work out where it began. It seemed to work, because she huffed in response, crawling her way up onto his shoulder instead. He'd taken to wearing his wherhide jacket the past couple days when she was not asleep, despite the weather, since her claws were not long enough to pierce it.

"I've got some food to train her with, if that helps," he said, moving the relevant pocket to indicate where he'd stuffed it but not removing his hand. Hopefully it would be part of their training, or her hunger would just make her even more recalcitrant if she weren't rewarded with food, he suspected. He had no idea about the specifics of firelizard training, but he had a fairly good idea that that was how people trained their canines, so he couldn't see why it would be different for them.

They are cousins of dragons, not canines, Lesserath reminded him, singing his head down to regard his rider now.

Yeah, well you'd have probably jumped over backwards for food if I'd kept it from you at a sevenday old too, J'hal reminded his dragon in turn, producing a huff from the black to rival the tiny green's.

I'd have fought you for it.
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Offline Droissa

Re: Prevention is the best cure [17.06.2590 | 7:45PM] || J'hal & Droissa
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2017, 07:00:47 PM »
The timing of Wander’s Impression really hadn’t been the best, but then this entire turn hadn’t really offered an actual good time. Between the chaos and the progress of the weyr, Droissa seldom had downtime and it was almost never consecutive. Perhaps she’d been impulsive in asking for a firelizard egg, but she didn’t regret it.

The Bronze was a beautifully proportioned specimen, as if to make up for his drab hide. Droissa didn’t think he was ugly, though, not when he held himself so stately. Wander didn’t demonstrate any of the hyperactivity that some flits did, he was beyond that despite barely being a week old. She knew how smart he was, too. It was almost like his intuition was keyed directly to the candidate’s wishes, she hardly had to think on something for him to respond. It was a good sign, but even still she wanted to make sure it was still being done right.

True to her behavior, Dro was prompt in arriving in the weyrbowl, though she wasn’t alone in that. J’hal, a weyrling with a Black dragon at that, would also be attending the lesson. She was determined to not let herself be intimidated by either him or X’kis, though certainly her younger self would’ve been. Being in the company of ranked or otherwise… esteemed persons wasn’t something she’d ever made a habit of, but Droissa knew she needed to overcome her social hurdles. Watching J’hal, she mirrored his salute to the weyrsecond, though hers was a bit slower as she didn’t want to offbalance Wander, perched on her shoulder.

“Good evening,” she said, bobbing down in a quick curtsey just for good measure. Wander trilled a note of inquiry, both at the other firelizards and to the much bigger dragons in the background.

Neither of them made further comment for the moment, however. Droissa made a point to draw the small bag of meat that she’d brought out from a pocket, showing she was prepared just as well as the weyrling. It felt appropriate to take a soldier’s pose, both hands behind her back with her left grasping the wrist of the right, which also held the pouch of treats. She hoped she looked a little taller, a little older, to be less of the odd man out between these two.

Offline X'kis

Re: Prevention is the best cure [17.06.2590 | 7:45PM] || J'hal & Droissa
« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2017, 12:58:26 AM »
X’kis was pleased to see both J’hal and Droissa arriving on time, happy to know that not all rumours about the black riders’ disregard for authority appeared to be true. This was further refuted when Lesserath greeted Maelboroth politely and settled down nearby, being met with the same calm look as the black offered him before rumbling a low greeting of his own.

So far, so good.

He nodded to acknowledge their salutes, before speaking. “Glad to see you two taking this seriously. We’ll have a few sessions between now and the hatching, but not nearly enough for some of the more complex tasks you can get a fire lizard to undertake.” He did not dismiss their need for formalities, respecting their desire to uphold proper etiquette and disinclined to dissuade them from it in future, instead diving right into the thick of what they were there for. “Maelboroth, you will already know,” A faint smile, the infamy from being the first brown weyrsecond in history meant he wasn’t quite anonymous as he once was.

“And this here is Lesiff, and the latest addition, clutchsister to your new companions, Flirt.” Lesiff thrummed in response, straightening up even as Flirt crooned towards the bronze fire lizard who had caught her eye in stark contrast to the no nonsense blue. He turned to Droissa then, slightly apologetic as he said, “Dragons do make it a little easier to get a point across in a tight spot, so J’hal and Lesserath are already one step ahead. But I don’t think that’s going to be an issue”

First impressions mattered so far as X’kis was concerned, and in their eagerness to better themselves, both J’hal and Droissa were already a step ahead.

“Food, is an excellent motivator, but not the only one. Lesiff here thrives in challenges, and needs me to set him tasks or he gets bored. That makes him a very easy flit to train. Flirt, however,” his voice got ever so slightly scolding as his attention moved to the green on his other shoulder, preening herself with little mind to the fact she was being glared at by her bonded, “Needs to be flattered into doing even the smallest of things unless I have Lesiff, or Maelboroth put some weight behind the task. And even then she can be a little… painful.” She chirruped then, a high note more to draw attention than address her bonded’s concern. And smiling despite himself, X’kis returned his attention to J’hal and Droissa once more.

“The most important thing we need to do between now and the hatching is teach our new companions how to stay put until we call for them. They’re going to be in tune to your emotional states, and you can’t have them popping out of between the second your state of mind changes. Say if you manage to impress, or find yourself remembering just how it felt when it happened to you.” The excitement could be enough to make them think everything was fine, bringing them into the hatching grounds and possibly inciting Kalestath’s wrath. He hadn’t been there when the young man had entered the sands without a robe and with a firelizard for one of her hatchings, almost getting himself and his companion killed had it not been for Halirina’s quick command.

No-one wanted that.

“In any case, we definitely have use for food as a motivator, however have either of you noticed anything that could be used to further reinforce your instructions?”

There was no point proceeding any further if the two hadn’t even bothered to get to know their companions. X’kis already knew that food was no way to bribe Flirt into doing things, which meant he wasn’t going to end up wasting his time trying to feed her to reward her. He doubted J’hal and Droissa would have the same problem, though it would be interesting to find out just what they had discovered in the past sevenday about Flirt’s siblings.

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Re: Prevention is the best cure [17.06.2590 | 7:45PM] || J'hal & Droissa
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2017, 04:04:33 PM »
Y' hear that, bud? You might make this easier for me, J'hal said to his dragon with a quick glance sideways at Lesserath as X'kis apologised to Droissa for the fact.

No doubt, Lesserath rumbled. She is as much my companion as she is yours. If not more.

Yeah well you wanted one in the first place, J'hal reminded him. I should be putting my heels up in the barracks and you be the one training her.

Would you really have it be known that you couldn't even train a firelizard when people are asking if you can even control your 'monster' of a dragon? was Lesserath's comeback as X'kis turned his attention back to the matter at hand, causing a brief scowl to cross J'hal's face. He wiped it as best he could a second later though, attempting to give X'kis his full attention now as the man seemed to be saying something useful.

When the question was posed, J'hal turned his head to look thoughtfully at the tiny green... or did the best he could anyway, it was rather an awkward angle to turn his head at. Both he and Lesserath arrived at the same conclusion very quickly.

Attention. Particularly yours, the black added with a side-eye at his rider.

Only 'cause I don't lavish it on her all day.

You could freeze Thread with that cold heart of yours.

Watch me.

"She seems to think she's the best thing since bubbly pies, so telling her that'd probably work," J'hal answered with a slight roll of his eyes, the conversation with Lesserath only taking a second or two to complete. He was only half joking. She really was a little queen in green in her own eyes, that much he'd observed without really even trying. But however much of an irritating attention-seeker she was, it was only the attention of he and Lesserath that she cared for. She didn't seem to give much of a shard for anyone else, which possibly made it even more annoying because all the pestering was focussed on him. Though that did at least mean that if he were to reserve any affections for when she'd done a good job, she at least wouldn't think better of the training and go seek it elsewhere instead. Except from Lesserath. If that were to work as a training method, the black would have to be on board with it too.
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Offline Droissa

Re: Prevention is the best cure [17.06.2590 | 7:45PM] || J'hal & Droissa
« Reply #5 on: August 20, 2017, 05:30:01 PM »
Her internal worries seemed to be just that- neither X’kis or J’hal seemed to notice or care about her struggles. A brief moment of clarity told her that, perhaps, people didn’t judge everyone else on a whim. Maybe things would be easier if she stopped fretting so much, too.

Wander’s attention followed Dro’s as she turned to acknowledge and nod toward each of the beasts as X’kis introduced them. The weyrsecond mentioned that J’hal had an advantage here, already being familiar with the psychic connection to dragonkin, and Droissa shrugged. She and Wander were going to learn together, and then when she did Impress her own dragon it was going to be that much easier. Right?

She didn’t let her expression betray any reluctance or envy. She was here to learn, and was not going to let herself be distracted from that with vindication.

X’kis’s question prompted some thought and J’hal’s immediate response allowed her time to think on it. Her Bronze seemed entirely willing, he didn’t need bribery and he had a vast amount of patience- at least for Dro.

When her fellow student finished, she offered up a shrug. “Wander seems eager to do whatever, as long as it’s me asking. Food is a bonus but I don’t think it’s always going to be necessary.” Perhaps, though, it’d be good for the firelizard to adapt a little more to other people. Secretly, though, Dro enjoyed his solidarity for her.

Offline X'kis

Re: Prevention is the best cure [17.06.2590 | 7:45PM] || J'hal & Droissa
« Reply #6 on: September 07, 2017, 12:25:10 AM »
J'hal's scowl didn't go unnoticed, but teemed with the telltale blankness that most riders suffered when conversing with their dragons, X"kis didn't feel the need to question it. The Black weyrling wasn't showing any outward signs of irritation, and Maelboroth remained watchful but calm, so whatever had caused the look had been private, and as such, deserved no comment. Beyond that, he remained attentive, and since Droissa had not reacted negatively to the idea she was at a possible disadvantage he allowed them to respond to his question in their own time.

"Good." He said with a smile once they were both done, clapping his hands together and moving onto the first instruction without bothering to further converse with them. He'd asked a question, gotten an answer, and now it was time to do.

"So, 'Stay' will be our goal for tonight. We'll work on directing them to a certain place, and then combining the two commands to keep them there later, and hopefully with plenty of time to refine it before the hatching. But for now." He reached up to invite Flirt into his hand, clicking his tongue softly and giving her a gentle stroke along her neck as she stepped daintily off his shoulder.

"We don't really have anywhere significant to put 'em down, but just-" He was crouching as he spoke, coaxing her onto the ground with the same tenderness he'd coaxed her off his shoulder, facing the candidate and weyrling so they could see what he did and giving the flit small strokes, "-pop them down on the grass next to you, give them a treat, if you're inclined and then direct them to stay."

He gave his attention to Flirt then, pausing to demonstrate what he meant. He usually preferred mental commands himself, but that could come later. Teaching them to recognise words for particular actions was important, so it's not like he was wasting his time going the long route. Besides. Lesiff's training happened when he was a boy… There was no harm in taking it slow with the green baby.

"Stay." He said simply, reinforcing the command with a picture of the green preening on the grass while he moved away, trying to impress the requirement for distance as well as pushing the fact that she needed to remain still. He could have used her name, ore expanded further, but her attention was not completely on him, her gaze flitting to Lesiff and the handsome bronze almost as much as it stayed on his face.

Thankfully, this was at least something he'd already tried to work with her for, so when he got up and took a few steps to separate himself from her, the only opposition was the annoyed rustling of wings as she hunkered down to wait a sufficient amount of time before returning to perch on his shoulder.

"Remember that it's not the word so much that matters, but the feeling behind it. They need a clear instruction, an image of what they're doing, or an impression of something of substance that they can understand. You may prefer 'Wait' or something similar. So long as you can convey your intention along with the command, they should pick up on it easily enough. You don't have to break the connection either. I'm currently trying to reiterate the command with Flirt, which can be draining, but no less important, while I speak to you."

He would wait to see how J'hal and Droissa went before continuing. So long as he didn't break his concentration, the command, as well as the promise of a break and a good deal of attention from himself and Lesiff if she did well helping to ensure Flirt didn't move preemptively. The simpler the tasks, the easier it would be to save them trouble come the hatching.

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Re: Prevention is the best cure [17.06.2590 | 7:45PM] || J'hal & Droissa
« Reply #7 on: September 07, 2017, 03:56:12 AM »
Stay. It figured, what with the hatching coming up. We gotta work as one with her, ok? Do as I do, no mixed messages, he added to Lesserath, before passing a piece of food into his free hand to coax the green down as X'kis had done.

I shan't undermine you, if that's what you're worried about, Lesserath drawled, shuffling his wings as his eyes whirled slowly green.

Good, J'hal replied absently as the green hopped onto his forearm, uttering a quick "uh-uh" before she could try and pry it from his grasp. She stared fixedly at it instead until he released it, muttering a quick "good girl." While she was content nibbling it, J'hal hurriedly placed her on the grass before she could finish and crawl her way back up to his shoulder, nudging her off with his other hand.

That earned him a squawk of indignation from the flit, food momentarily forgotten as she turned a baleful glare on him. "Stay." He took a careful step backward, repeating the command as she flared her wings to take off toward him, remembering this time to reinforce it with a mental impression: The green, on the grass, finishing her food with him a few strides away, followed by the impression that this was a good thing.

She didn't understand. No, this was not usual, she refused to be alone, even with food in her grasp. That was just not how she operated, human. She was, however, used to J'hal pushing her away from him physically when she attempted to land on his shoulder, so did what she would normally do in that situation and flew toward Lesserath instead. The black was as much hers as the human, as far as she was concerned, and was just as good a perch.

What she didn't expect was the warning huff from the black, followed by a more draconic version of the command J'hal had given, causing her to hover with a confused cheep. Lesserath didn't want her either?

J'hal sighed, the green's distress apparent over the bond they shared, if little else. Relenting, he called her back with a picture of her on his arm as she had been previously. In no time at all she zipped back, chittering admonishment at her human as she clung to him, tail wrapping possessively around his wrist.

Not to be deterred so easily, he tried again, this time keeping up a more constant stream of encouragement and reinforcement with each little step, so that the green didn't get the wrong impression again. Yes, stay there, no don't come closer, yes that's good, now another step back, yes good, stay, one more step, good girl... she was still looking quizzically up at him, taking the occasional step forward but stopping again when the message she got from J'hal changed in tone. She was beginning to get what he wanted from him: moving was bad, still was good, even though that was not what she wanted, it was making her human happy. Lesserath reinforced the impressions too.

It broke as J'hal glanced sidelong as X'kis and Droissa to see how their flits were doing, the green taking the opportunity to wing her way back to his shoulder while he wasn't looking. Shells. Should he reward her for doing well so far, or not because she came without him asking?
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Congratulations Are in Order - 02.07.2590 x Kenna

Training for the Test - 09.07.2590 x Zilanie

Storming Brainstorming - 10.07.2590 x W'lleni

Ways of Life - 16.07.2590 x Vironethian

Soggy Salutations - 28.07.2590 x Roxalin

Drills, Drills, Drills - 10.08.2590 x Wa'by

Morning Shenanigans - 11.08.2590 x Tythinaden

Training a Flit - 15.08.2590 x S'den

In The Beginning - 16.08.2590 x W'um

To Dance in the Rain - 23.08.2590 x Isalia

Flit Eggs and Fun! - 03.09.2590 x Arlais

A Hard Day's Night - 04.09.2590 x Elrethra

The Pain Never Fades - 25.09.2590 x Allevaithe

Who Doesn't Want a Surprise Flit? - 27.09.2590 x A'lori

Movin' On Up - 29.09.2590 x Wa'by

Communication is Key - 05.10.2590 x W'um

Breakfast Chitchat - 21.10.2590 x Cetorex

Here a Flit, There a Flit - 28.10.2590 x Arlais

When the World is Waiting - 33.10.2590 x Allevaithe