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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: In the Dark of the Night [35.06.2590 | 9.00pm] || Open  (Read 124 times)

Offline Tayvelle

In the Dark of the Night [35.06.2590 | 9.00pm] || Open
« on: June 13, 2017, 12:53:15 AM »
Spoiler for OOC:
I’m making shit up. Call me out on it. Or join in. Whatevs. I’m not so good with ideas…

9pm was usually the time most of the weyr started getting ready for lights out, but for Tayvelle, it was just one of those nights where she was tasked with keeping an eye on the flock with Tavlesk beside her. It was tiring work. They weren’t meant to sleep when they had a shift, and the coolness of the night wasn’t always enough to keep you from wanting to curl up near the feeding troughs just to catch a few zees. Since moving to Southern Winds, they didn’t have nearly the same problem with folk trying to get their hands on one of the flock’s outlying members. It was hard to hide things when dragon’s kept watch. Even still, it was a good habit to get into, and taught perseverance and responsibility. Many a woolbeast had been saved by a midnight herder catching the first signs of illness in the dead of night, or when a ewe was having difficulties in her labour. Besides. It meant she’d not have to worry about too much the following day. They were always given a day off after night shift to recuperate so long as there were no emergencies.

So, with Tavlesk by her side and a blue flitter trying very hard not to fall asleep as he clung to her shoulder, she found herself doing a circuit of the woolbeast pens in an effort to stay as alert as possible. She wasn’t one to slack off, and she’d be spewing if anyone were to come out and find her sleeping when she was supposed to be watching over the flock, so walking in circles and speaking softly to the creatures gave her something to focus on and minimized the chances of her bodyclock winning over and forcing her to have a snooze.

There were no pressing health issues with any of the flock at that time, though Tayvelle gave Tavlesk hi shead to creep among the beasts and check them over with his own senses, even as she kept her ears open for any sounds of distress. Blue had succumbed to the motion of Tayvell’s swaggering stride and was chirping softly as he slept, claws gripping tightly to the fabric of her shirt even as the rest of his body just flopped over her shoulder. A few of the beasts were reaching the end of their usefulness, and while their wool would be missed, their inability to have safe, healthy lambs thus providing more beasts and milk for the following season meant that they’d soon be taken into the feeding pens for the weyr’s dragons.

It wasn’t the most comforting thought, and Tavlesk’s chatter turned scolding as he picked up on it, ever the champion of keeping woolbeast’s until they died of natural causes based purely on the fact they were his beasts. His mindvoice stiffened suddenly, however, as they neared the fence, and Tavlesk stopped in response, squinting through the darkness to try and catch sight of what was now making her great, bronze beasty growl almost inaudibly. She clicked her tongue quickly, an odd, bouncing noise that would be hard to notice if you weren’t listening for it, leaning forward slightly and bringing her hand up so it was level with her shoulder, fingers splayed as she told her bonded verbally and physically to stop.

“I may not be able to see very far without glows, but Tavlesk doesn’t have the same problem. Best you introduce yourself all nicelike before I send ‘im in after ya.”

Offline Janna

Re: In the Dark of the Night [35.06.2590 | 9.00pm] || Open
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2017, 08:27:00 PM »
"Janna! Of the harper hall! Don't set your wher on me!" Janna called out nervously and she quickened her paces towards the woman and wher. She stumbled slightly on a clump of dirt and grass at her quickened pace and ended up taking an awkward hop to avoid landing completely on her face.

Once stable on her feet, she gave a perfunctory nod of greeting and was glad that the darkness covered her burning cheeks.

She could see now that the young woman that was threatening her was really not that much older than she was. It was hard to see much of anything out here in the dark, and the woman was right. The wher probably noticed her long before and only tensed when it noticed that her path was coming towards the heard.

"Do you always threaten bodily harm on those that are walking by?" Janna asked, trying to put forward an air of calm indifference, that she was also sure wasn't working out so well. She chanced a glance past the pair at the wool-beast she had actually been here to see, but she could not see so well around the bulk of the wher. She took a step to clear her line of sight around the wher and the turned to look back at the woman. "Well. I told you my name. What's yours?"

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