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Author Topic: Please Don't Go [04.04.2590 // 7pm] B'nyn  (Read 247 times)

Offline Velatha

Please Don't Go [04.04.2590 // 7pm] B'nyn
« on: June 14, 2017, 09:00:32 PM »
Velatha had eaten an early dinner and cleaned up her dishes, finished before most of the candidates had even started their dinner. Listlessly, she made the walk from the hall to B'nyn's weyr. She paused outside the door, listening to see if he was inside, but all was quiet.

She slipped inside and found her pack still on the trunk where she left it. She breathed a sigh of relief. It didn't make sense to unpack, not when she didn't know what B'nyn's reaction would be. She was sure that he'd let her stay with him, but there was still that niggling doubt in her mind, that she wasn't ready like her mother said.

Methalia said she did the same thing as a young woman, getting ready to marry her father. That her family didn't want her to go; didn't think she was ready, and yet, she did it anyways. Velatha felt ready. She liked B'nyn, truly, and he and Niskyleth were both such gentlemen to her. But still, if that changed? Who could she turn to?

For the first time, she felt alone. Her brothers were married with their own families. She could probably find Ilse, but even then, it wasn't what she wanted. What she wanted was her parents and B'nyn, both involved in her life and both okay with each other. Tears leaked down her cheeks, and Velatha crawled onto the bed and collapsed, the emotional stress of the day finally catching up to her. She didn't even notice when her eyes shut, a doze falling over her. Hopefully B'nyn would come soon.
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Offline B'nyn

Re: Please Don't Go [04.04.2590 // 7pm] B'nyn
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 01:51:24 PM »
B’nyn was a dutiful Rider. He remained with his wing a fair bit after things were done as there were a handful of stragglers who needed their gear brought to the leather craft weavers for repair. Either they were too shy or too forgetful to do it themselves. B’nyn wasn’t too sure, but he patiently walked them through the process of requesting the repairs with the ever helpful weavers. For something as simple as straps, they simply turned in the old and were handed new.

Then, B’nyn helped one particular Rider ensure the strap was fitted to their dragon. Nerves, he supposed, since their hands shook. Some, he knew, hadn’t ever really let go of the past and Threadfall. For them, he had never ending patience. B’nyn had been lucky enough never to have flown that particular nightmare, though he had been a Candidate during that time with the full intention of doing just that. Some might look down on a Rider who’d been shaken by such events, but B’nyn didn’t.

When it was all said and done, it was a little later than intended. //Where is Velatha?// he idly asked Niskyleth. He’d planned on grabbing a bite to eat and would like to do so with her. But if she’d already eaten, he’d grab a quick bite on his own.

The relaxed Brown landed, still in his own straps, on the ledge and found the weaver in the bed and relayed the information. B’nyn mulled that over, opted to grab a quick bite for himself both because he was hungry and that’d give her a little longer for her nap, before finally returning to his weyr. Of course it didn’t bother him that she was there.

When he did arrive, B’nyn was mindful to try and be quiet, though he still had his dragon to tend to. Straps to take off, dry, itchy spots to oil. If he accidentally woke her, that was ok too.

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Offline Velatha

Re: Please Don't Go [04.04.2590 // 7pm] B'nyn
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2017, 09:42:48 AM »
Velatha stirred when Niskyleth landed on the ledge to the weyr, but she didn't wake up. She was just too exhausted -- emotionally spent, lost and adrift without her parents at the weyr for her. If anything, something subconsciously told her it was Niskyleth at the weyr, making her relax back into sleep.

But B'nyn's entrance, coupled with the quiet clanking of the rider straps being undone or him removing his riding leathers, woke her up once again. She blinked, laying on her stomach on the bed, waiting for the normal fog of just waking up to leave her mind. Velatha wiped her face with the back of her hand, cringing at the feeling of dried tears coming off her cheeks.

She propped herself up on one arm, watching him quietly go through the routine of caring for his dragon. It was calming -- a type of routine like what she used to have. She would get back after dinner and talk with her parents, telling them about the things she learned that day or if she and Ilse had gotten into any good gossip about the other weavers.

B'nyn had his own routine, she saw. Removing his own riding gear, taking the straps off of Niskyleth with practiced ease. There were so many buckles and straps that she knew without a doubt she'd get them confused. It was nice, and simple, that he'd let her into something so intimate as this part of his life.

When he moved onto the oiling, she sat up fully and shifted on the bed. "Do you need help?" Velatha asked quietly.

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