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Author Topic: Approved W'lleni [31.04.2574// Brown Weyrling]  (Read 1405 times)

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W'lleni [31.04.2574// Brown Weyrling]
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:50:23 PM »


Play By:
Carlos Valdes

Wuh (said fast) – len (like in glen) - ee
Wooly, Leni
Date of Birth:
31.04.2574 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Weyrling – Any Wing (Beach would suit best but Iaoth doesn’t like the Beach, so it’s really open to whoever will take them)

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Chubby cheeks and a wide smile, W’lleni has a face that will never quite graduate into adulthood. His skin is on the dark side of tan, born of genetics rather than spending time outside, although he spends as much time in the sun as possible since moving to Fort Island. He keeps his dark hair long, tying it back with a leather or fabric thong around the brow, and he vacillates between stubble or a clean shave, though never reaching anything resembling a beard.

His body isn’t exactly lean, he does still carry a little extra weight, but he’s fit enough for any candidate drill, and strong from good genes and candidate training. He would rather spend time with friends in the Hall or out enjoying the sun and fresh air in the Weyrbowl rather than wasting time on extra training and ‘toning’ his body.

He wears comfy clothes, in the brightest colours he can get, rather than worry about matching and what looks ‘fashionable’. The colours look happy and good on their own, why bother trying to dull down or match the outfit? He has no jewellery, it’s just something for him to lose.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Being a nice person is essential, even more so in times of disaster and death. How could you possibly be the kind of person to add to everyone’s already huge problems by being a dick? That’s how W’lleni views the world and it has been in every way shaped by the pass. Given his family and their luck, he may have turned out to be a spoilt brat, had it not been for the very simple fact that the world of the 9th Pass was no place for people who acted like that.

Response to dragon color mutations: W’lleni has no problem with the mutations, none at all. But he could never be a mutant rider and he’s thrilled that Iaoth thought the same. The mutations don’t have a set place in the Weyr yet and that stresses and upsets him, he just doesn’t hold it against the individuals.

Who are you...

Likes: List of 3-5 likes here
•   Drum music – W’lleni isn’t a particularly gifted singer, but he’s very good with the rhythm. Whenever the kids class went through the learning songs he was always in charge of the drums (he sang loudly and badly anyway).
•   Dancing – Possibly from his good sense of rhythm, but W’lleni loves dance and is actually pretty good at it.
•   Outside – Fresh air, sun, plants, grass, wherries, no thread! Spending the whole beginning of your life literally locked away for fear of thread, or worse, rebellion, is a great way to ensure the next generation enjoys getting outside when they get the chance.

Dislikes: List of 3-5 dislikes here
•   Crawlers – W’lleni is not a fan of bugs or anything with more than four legs. He isn’t scared of them, they’re just gross and creepy.

•   Interruptions – No one would really say W’lleni is high strung, most would say he’s pretty relaxed, but being relaxed is not a reason to be rude. One of the easiest things in the world to do is not interrupt a conversation. Like, unless it’s super important, just… don’t talk? Not that hard? Don’t be rude?
•   Noisy machinery – although he doesn’t mind party noise, or natural noise, and he certainly doesn’t mind music, noisy work grates on his nerves. Miners tools, demolition noise, smithing noises… they just really get to him, making him cringe and sending shivers down his spine.


* GENEROUS: When you’re the youngest of so many children, during the rationing and constant fear of losing your loved ones in the pass, you learn to share pretty quickly… or it’s beaten into you… either way, W’lleni now is considered a pretty generous person. He’s happy to share whatever he has, with the exception of Iaoth of course.

* EMPATHETIC: W’lleni likes people, and he wants to understand people, he feels to truly do so you have to put yourself in their shoes. He feels it makes you a better person to understand the feelings of people around you. This is why he gets so judgemental about people that aren’t nice when someone hasn’t done them wrong, or when someone doesn’t want to work with a group when they haven’t done anything to be annoying, or people who get upset by the truth – and worst of all, people who do all these things and then won’t tell people why to try and make it easier in future. It doesn’t make sense to do these things when you haven’t got a reason to feel this way. However, when you do have a reason, he’s happy to sit back and let you handle it the way you see fit, as long as you aren’t taking it out on someone else.

* EASY GOING: Possibly because of the above, he finds it easy to forgive and move on. Sometimes people do or say stupid shit, so you let them know they were out of line, but it would be hypocritical to hold it against them if they don’t do it again. Tell them to pick up their shit, and then give them a chance to do so. If they continue to act like an ass, you continue to call them out, either they’ll grow tired and leave you alone, or they’ll cut it out, but there’s no need in lording it over them and never letting them change. He doesn’t forget though, part of his judgemental nature, he just gives them the opportunity to prove him wrong, and that’s why it doesn’t affect his work.

* LIKEABLE: W’lleni is just a nice guy. He likes fun, he likes people, he’s nice without being a sap, he’s honest and open, he listens well, doesn’t act like a prick, he’s happy with his lot; W’lleni is just an easy guy to be around and people usually enjoy his company.

* FLEXIBLE: If W’lleni is doing something wrong, and you tell him so, he’s more than happy to listen and do it properly, and he won’t get offended. A change of plans isn’t an issue, if something is set out in its place, he’ll jump right on in. He doesn’t get angsty about criticism or suggestion, if he needs to change his ways to do things better then he’s all for it. Although, just telling him he’s doing it wrong, without telling him how to do it right, is a surefire way to make him panic.


* ANXIOUS: Should we do that? Like, I’m up for it, but are you sure?
W’lleni might have a strong moral code, but he often second guesses all of his actions. It doesn’t stop him from doing something, especially when in a group, but he’ll stress vocally or silently about it the whole time. Even when he knows he’s doing something for the right reasons, he’ll stress about how he’s going about it, and even when he’s following instructions, he’ll stress that he’s not doing it right. After the fact, it is easy to breath, but during the time he can be a bit of a complainer. His need for order may stem from this, it’s harder to stress when you have clear instructions and know what your place is supposed to be. And it is helped considerably by Iaoth’s confidence.

* CRASS: Then immediately regrets it.
W’lleni was raised in a houseful of boys by a single father, and although his father was very strict on following rules and respecting your betters, he wasn’t as strict on the ‘appropriateness’ of jokes and comments in certain company. As cliché as it may sound, a houseful of boys lead by a traditional Holder father who was never expecting to raise kids on his own, was rowdy and loud and sometimes uncouth. Just before the thirteenth anniversary of his nameday, and subsequent search, his father remarried to a strong, impressive woman, who tried to whip her step sons into shape, but given the short time W’lleni spent with her, he hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet.

* HOPELESS ROMANTIC: Every girl W’lleni has ever liked was his greatest love. He was going to marry each and every one of them at some point, and he was going to enjoy every bit of it. Not because that makes any sense to a rational person, but because W’lleni is just super overdramatic when it comes to women and love and affection. He moons over women who doesn’t know he exists and can pick a pretty girl from across the Weyrbowl, never talk to her, but tell everyone in his room that she’s the one. The merciless mocking he receives for it is taken in his stride.

* JUDGEMENTAL: Partly because of his strong moral code, partly because he doesn’t understand people who refuse to work with others, partly because he was just born that way, W’lleni is a bit judgemental. He isn’t really intolerant, as he always gives people a chance to redeem themselves and learn from their mistakes (because why wouldn’t you) but he makes judgements about people fast and considers it their responsibility to prove him otherwise.

* BLUNT: Being untruthful just isn’t W’lleni’s way, and because he doesn’t understand why people gets angsty and offended when they’re told something they don’t like but know is true, he doesn’t ever sugar coat the truth. He’ll apologise if someone takes him the wrong way and gets upset, but if someone gets upset over hearing the truth, he’ll frown upon it and leave them alone.

Describe Yourself:

* CUTE/GOOFY: -----

* SIDEKICK: ----- W’lleni is very much the sidekick in everyone’s story. Even sometimes to Iaoth. He’s always the first to back you up, break up a fight, follow after someone to ‘keep them out of trouble’ (whilst thoroughly enjoying himself), and a great person to turn to for advice or ‘tough love’. He has his own ideas and opinions, and is very vocal about them, but his life is as a support player and comedic relief for anyone to turn to when they need it… if they deserve it.

* MORAL: ----- W’lleni has a strong sense of right and wrong, and he isn’t afraid to call friend or foe out on it. He mightn’t be eloquent or clever while doing it, no cutting remarks that might make someone rethink their stance, a simple ‘that was a dick move,’ or ‘you should have more respect,’ are more his style, but it’s far better than staying silent in his opinion. 

* INTERESTED: ----- He’s interested in people’s stories. He isn’t exactly curious about other stuff, he doesn’t really need to know how a Smith turns molten metal into nails or kitchen tools, but he enjoys hearing about people. And if a Smith cares enough to tell him about the making of nails, he’s happy to hear it because of how it interests them, he wants to know their take.

* DEPENDENT: ----- W’lleni likes to feel needed, and wanted. He likes to be in the centre of the action and he wants to be well liked. When he’s forced to be alone for extended periods of time, he gets angsty. Now that he has Iaoth, he’ll never really be alone, so it suits him perfectly, and maybe when he’s older the excitement of Mountain Wing would make the time away from the Weyr worth it, but right now he much prefers to be around people, to the point where he almost needs it.

The Magic Touch: He snorts when he laughs. It’s adorable.


Rellenikaria - Holder, BD: 2549, DD: 31.04.2574
Wallumnick - Holder/Stay at home dad, BD: 2549
Jurrikenna (You-ree-ken-nah) - Miner Journeywoman, BD: 2553
Rellumnick (M) – BD: 2564, Journeyman Miner
Wallukari (M) – BD: 2567, Holder
Wallumnikar (M) – BD: 2568, Holder
Rellenick (M) – BD: 2569, Apprentice Weaver
Wallellen (M) – BD: 2571, Apprentice Miner
Rellumn (M) – BD: 2573, Holder/Candidate
Kenna (F) – BD: 2569, Apprentice Miner

If he has any, he doesn’t know of them. There have been a few times during his years of candidacy, but most were with older riders and he didn’t see any of them pregnant shortly afterwards, and Earasia didn’t fall pregnant after their time together, though he might have stayed to marry her if she had.

Tell us a story...

* 2574, 0 A life for a life
It never seemed a fair trade to W’lleni that mothers died in childbirth. Sure, it was technically one life for another, but the loss was one felt by so many, and most of all by the child left behind. His family didn’t blame him, not really, not like some did; but it wasn’t a walk in the park as his father had to learn all about child raising on the fly. Turns out his dad was pretty good at it, but they don’t like to tell him that because he doesn’t like them to be sappy; it’s for that exact reason that W’lleni sometimes does it, just to watch his dad squirm.

* 2579, 5 Brotherly love
Ah, the beauty of youth. Although W’lleni was perfectly aware of the concept of death, the 9th Pass catastrophe made sure of that, he wasn’t quite aware with the concept of hatchings. He knew that chickens, flitter, whers and dragons came from eggs, and that eggs hatched… but not quite when they hatched. During chores one day, somewhere in the deep reaches of the Hold lessons house, he found a single discarded flit egg. Little did the small boy know that the egg was discarded for a reason, stone cold and devoid of life as it was. Instead he secreted it home in his oversized, hand-me-down shirt, thinking himself clever that he might finally have something that wasn’t used first by his brothers.

He'd kept the egg with him for months, hidden it from his family, waiting for it to hatch and impress to him. Until one day he was rushed off to lessons and left it under his pillow. His brother, Relle, the most adept at house chores (and actually enjoyed them, much to the combined joy and chagrin of the family) found it under his pillow. In his shock, he stopped singing, which was signal enough for the remaining brothers at home to come rushing in to see. The eldest of them, Rellumnick, a natural leader, volunteered to be the bringer of bad news. And by volunteered, I mean, all the others got very busy doing something else, whistling as they rushed off. With a roll of his eyes, he sat on W’lleni’s bed and waited with the cold egg in his hands.

W’lleni’s face went redder than his shirt when he saw his brother holding his egg. “You aren’t supposed to go through my stuff! Dad told you, you couldn’t! It’s mine. Put it back now!”

His brother looked at him with almost pity in his eyes, although it was overshadowed, in W’lleni’s memory, by annoyance. “You didn’t make your bed before you left, someone had to. What are you even doing with this anyway,” he said as he carelessly waved it with one hand.

Jumping forward, the youngest of their family made a grab for the egg, yelling, “be careful! It’s mine! You have a flitter now I want one! I found it, which means it’s mine, and I’m waiting for it to hatch! Be careful!”

As soon as the younger boy had bounded forward, Rellumnick had reached his arm high, waving it to keep it out of the boys hand. “Wait for it to hatch?” His tone wasn’t meant to be mocking, but it was curt and disbelieving, and in truth, there was mocking in it. “It’s not going to hatch you wherry, the flit inside is dead, can’t you feel how cold it is? How long have you even had it?”

At the word ‘dead’ W’lleni stopped struggling. His eyes grew wide and he stared at his brother. Sure, his brother had lied before, but it hurt to think he’d lie about that. It just wasn’t nice. All W’lleni wanted was a flitter, even if it was only a little one. Rellumnick had a gold after all, so why couldn’t he have one.

The young boy felt his nose start to sting as tears welled up in his eyes. Shaking his head frantically, he screamed, “No!” He kept saying it over and over, but his brother just rolled his eyes. Shaking his head, his tone condescending the older boy said, “Oh c’mon Wallumlleni, stop being such a baby, it’s a fact of life. Things die. This one never lived, don-”

Making a grab for the egg while his brother was distracted, W’lleni held it tight to his chest. “No, no he’s not! You’re just being mean! Go away! He will hatch for me, I know it!” And with that the boy threw himself on the bed, his little hands cradling his treasure and tears streaming down his cheeks.

He didn’t see his brother and the flicker of guilt on his face. The older boy just left silently. Unbeknownst to W’lleni, that night while he slept, his older brother snuck into his room, taking the dud egg and replacing it with a startlingly similar one. One that was warmer. One that came with a bowl of hot sand. W’lleni just assumed his older brother felt bad and gave him the sand to warm the egg up, he only found the truth a few years later. The egg hatched to a beautiful, if tiny, blue. And the young boy was insufferable, constantly telling his eldest brother, “told you so,” to which the older boy was just smile and shrug. “Yeah, you did.”

Even to this day, W’lleni doesn’t know why Rellumnick didn’t ever tell him. Rub it in his face to get him to shut up. But it has only made his love and loyalty for their eldest, stronger. And it’s possible he looks up to his brother even more than his father because of it.

* 2583, 9 First Kiss
Honestly, this mightn’t be a big deal to most people, especially when marriage was only a few years down the track for so many people in the Hold. But W’lleni is a romantic at heart and having his first kiss with a) a girl he actually liked, b) not hugely embarrassing himself afterwards or during and, c) knowing the girl picked him out of all the other boys she could have picked (Seth was very popular) gave W’lleni a confidence boost like nothing else. Although she ended up leaving him out in the cold for the Candidate Master (honestly, though, he doesn’t blame her), they remain friends to this day, and she still gives him hints on how to win girls affections. Having always wanted to be a dragonrider herself, and ended up impressing a year before him (leaving him alone in the barracks, traitor), he was the one to vouch for her when she was tapped, and it doubled for him later.

* 2587, 12 Step Mother
It was his father’s idea, having been married in the Pass, when food shortages and rations didn’t allow for a proper celebration of the union, he wanted something grand for his second wife. She deserved it. So, they were to be married on the day of the New Turn. Then it would be like the whole Hold was celebrating for them.

W’lleni did celebrate for them too, his father had been an inspiration for his life. Although maybe a little too traditional in the beginning, he wasn’t a man to remain closeminded, not when he had such a compelling reasons (sons who became crafters, incredibly impressive woman who was not only a crafter, but one in a ‘manly’ craft, and one who raised her daughter on her own rather than remain married to a pathetic excuse for a first husband, and eventually one son searched to be a rider) not to. He father is proud of each and every one of his brothers, and his step daughter, and W’lleni aspires to be a man who can adjust himself with as much grace as his father mustered. He also, with much fervour, wishes his father the utmost happiness with his new wife. The only downside, he was searches so soon after their wedding, and moved to the Weyr, that he hasn’t spent nearly enough time with his step mother to understand and admire her as the rest of his family does.

This hatching was a nightmare, to say the very least, and yet, the scariest part about it was that it could have all been avoided… avoided if people just kept their heads. Wallumlleni wasn’t going to lie, he’d been goddamn terrified the first time one of the Reds had been coming towards him, and he’d jumped out of the way just as most had, but even then, he hadn’t run terrified towards the Queen. His heart felt heavy and his stomach empty as he watched the girl be tossed in the air, felt himself cringe with his whole body at the sound of her landing.

His mind was on a continuous loop, what could I have done? What could I have done? What could I have done? And honestly, there wasn’t much. They’d all been taught that maulings could happen on the sands, honestly it wasn’t that unusual for a dragonette to be clumsy, and you’re supposed to jump out of their way when they run straight at you, everyone knew that…but panic does strange things to people and Wallumlleni could only think he should have done something. He’d seen Cabryn grabbing and moving people, so he’d tried to do the same, but… what else? There had to be something else? Feeling helpless was not really in Wallumlleni’s nature. Unsure, yeah, anxious, yeah, underqualified, sometimes, but helpless just wasn’t what he was like. And the weight of it made it difficult to breath.

The wait after all the reds had impressed, the silence, only broken a few times for a couple of greens and blues, had Wallumlleni’s legs almost giving out. He might have sat down just to breath if the sands hadn’t been so sharding hot through the soles of his shoes. So he just stood there, shoulders a little slumped, scanning the crowd for whatever he could do to help. Healers and older riders were already moving to help the injured and… dead. It was his responsibility to stay, to stand no matter what. At least he knew that there were some regular colours in this clutch. He wouldn’t have minded a blue, they were nice and it would match Iceman. A green wouldn’t be too bad, he had loads of greenrider friends. A bronze… well, he wasn’t going to argue if one picked him, but he didn’t really want to be Weyrleader, and that’s something all Bronzes had to consider. A black… given the temperament of the one that had already hatched, even the idea of it made him tired. He would have said before that there was nothing wrong with the mutations, but the possibility of being bonded to one… after that… made him feel a little woozy.

He didn’t have to wait long for that idea to be permanently removed from his mind though. The next egg was a Brown. A large brown, dark in colour, the lighter sands speckling his sticky hide as he struggled to right himself. He wasn’t quiet either, and W’lleni let out a soft snort at the annoyed trills, amusing as they were in his tiredness. He smiled at the trumpet of success though, idly remembering how nice it felt to watch the dragons hatching when there was less bloodshed involved, until the Brown tripped, and Wallumlleni got to properly laugh, easing much of the tension from his body.

He was too busy trying to contain his laughter so the watchers present didn’t think him rude, to notice the byplay between Brown and newly hatched Bronze. And missing almost hatched Green entirely. He couldn’t miss the roar of challenge, small as it was, by the Black. Wallumlleni’s humour vanished as the Black launched itself at the Bronze, before quickly being replaced by genuine surprise. The Brown had jumped into the fight! The Brown was… sitting? On the Black? The Black was trying to fight him and he was just… lying on top of him? Like an annoyed, silvery lounge chair?

Wallumlleni didn’t have time to laugh… or think really. His eyes were wide as he watched the interaction, mind almost blank in befuddlement, as the Brown… won? And then trotted over to stand at his feet. The Brown didn’t say anything for a bit, and Wallumlleni didn’t either, they just stared at each other for a few seconds, the Brown with confident patience, the Candidate with shock. Finding his voice, Wallumlleni said, “nice,” in what was probably the least impressive first thing to say to your future lifemate in the history of ever.

Thank you, I know. Can we eat now, Mine? I am hungry.

Nodding his head, Wallumlleni, now W’lleni, gestured towards the feeding areas and began to walk slowely. The Brown set of with him, at a measured pace, but one less wobbly by the second, quickly getting the hang of his overlarge feet.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Kill them off OR adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it On
Anything Else:
Also, much love to Savage for Iaoth. Like… so much love.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Eye – oth (as in moth) – when said together you should naturally make the a sound in the dipthong.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 34.8M
Mature Height: 7.4M
Mature Wingspan: 58.2M

General Appearance...

At hatching, Iaoth was a curious but surprisingly coordinated hatchling. With a gleaming dark brown hide of freshly tilled earth, he was confident and content with his place in the world from the moment he tumbled into it. Even meeting his brothers on the Sands – no matter how they received him. While other hatchlings might’ve fumbled their way, Iaoth marched toward the Candidates – until he tripped up on his wings.

Not that it phased him.

He’s going to grow into his wings, his long neck, and his big feet. Some might call him pudgy while he grows, and he’ll have a voracious appetite. But that’s only because as his hide darkens to the rich brown he’ll be, Iaoth will also be one of the bigger Browns in the weyr. 


Mind Voice: As cool, calm, and confident as everything else about him. Though he only generally speaks to his Rider, Iaoth’s voice is rich without sounding full of himself. He’s not. He’s straight forward, not overly chatty, with the sort of voice that could soothingly tell stories for hours on end without grating on the ears or droning on and on.

Order : He likes things to make sense. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Taking care of people / dragons : He’s big for his age, will always be, and he’s not afraid to throw his weight around if it means standing up for someone else that can’t do so for themselves.

Affection : Not necessarily from outside sources, but from W'lleni. He loves compliments, attention, oiling that isn’t needed, extra drills – it doesn’t matter. One on one time with W’lleni is probably the best thing in the world for Iaoth.

Bullies : if his hatching was any indication, Iaoth will be the first to step into a confrontation. Not that he’s an aggressive dragon by any stretch, but he likes order. And he’ll have it even if he has to enforce it.

The Beach : He wants nothing to do with beach snakes, fish, the beach, sand, etc. Can they do other things besides all that noise? Because that would be the best. Laps around the weyrbowl, digging holes in the dirt, even thoughts of playing in the jungle are better than a day in the sand.


* CALM : There isn’t an aggressive, over excited, angry bone in Iaoth’s body. No one can goad him into anything, no insults affect him, and he’ll only do something if he wants to do it. When he acts, it’s with full intention and thought.

* STRONG : He’ll always be strong, physically, for his size and as he grows. He was born a tiny, muscled monster and he’ll grow into a big, strong Brown.


* IMMOBILE : Some would say he’s slow. Others would say he’s insufferable. W’lleni might say he just moves at his own pace. All might be true, depending on the situation. Iaoth is an agreeable dragon, when he understands what’s being asked of him. But if he doesn’t want to do something, good luck physically moving him on your own. Because he won’t do something if he doesn’t want to do it. It’ll be easier when he’s smaller and W’lleni can haul him around. Near impossible when he’s much bigger.

* ARROGANT : He has the unshakable confidence of his place in the world. Some might compare it with the arrogance that bronzers are born with – save that he has no ambition. He just knows his place in the world and no one can tell him otherwise. Which can make him a pain in the ass to work with. Authority figures will find him a great rule bound dragon ( maybe too much so ), but other weyrlings might find him a bit insufferable or annoying.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #371C11; Text: #81481D

Member Info...

Anything Else:
._. made by sanctified because she just made a dragon without any idea of what she was doing. WEEEEE

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Coloured By: SirAlahn
Flit Details

Ice – man …
(Curiously, when W’lleni picked this name, Rellumnick turned to his Gold and apologised… huh)
Date of Birth:
13.07.2579 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold.

General Appearance...

Iceman looks like the cold ice of winter as the sun shines down on it, shockingly. He’s tiny in comparison to most blues, and very rarely wins flights because of this. He’s okay with that, mostly he has more important things on his mind. Like… sleep, and eating, and cuddles.


Mind Voice: Iceman always feels like a warm, soft presence in W’lleni’s mind. The little blue never got the hang of words, and rarely uses images, but maintains a constant emotional bond with W’lleni.

* Cuddles – Iceman is a very tactile flit, he spends most of his time curled up on someone, and he doesn’t really care who.
* Exploring – Iceman isn’t a particularly energetic flit, but he’s very curious and enjoys learning new things and going new places. Moving to the Weyr when W’lleni was searched was the best time of his life, although he certainly hasn’t gotten bored since then.
* Water – although he doesn’t like the salty water of the ocean, it makes his hide itchy, there isn’t anything he loves more than fanning out his wings and floating around the bathing pools.

* Being forced to stay behind – Iceman doesn’t really care about being alone, he’s happy to take himself off to explore or fly when W’lleni has to do chores, but he hates having to stay away.
* Bugs – Maybe this was feeding off W’lleni’s dislike for bugs? No one really knows, but unlike his bonded’s tactic of ‘leaving them alone and pretending they aren’t there,’ Iceman’s tactic revolves around death. Their death, historically. Perhaps he doesn’t mind bugs at all, he just thinks he’s protecting W’lleni? Who knows? It’s probably best not to ask, lest we hurt his feelings.

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