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Author Topic: Ya'lin [01.01.2578 Blue Weyrling]  (Read 76 times)

Offline CatTiff

Ya'lin [01.01.2578 Blue Weyrling]
« on: June 18, 2017, 03:52:18 PM »

Play By:
Rowan Blanchard

Yan der a lin
Yanny, Lin
Date of Birth:
01.01.2578 9th Pass .
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
 Spouse or Weyrmate:
None to young.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: At 4'7 she is still growing and still maturing as she does not have all the right proputions of a mature female but that is okay she is still young. She likes to wear clothing that makes it easy to explore the tunnels and caves of the weyr as she did back at Fort Weyr. She may be small but she likes to do the exploring. Her eyes twinkle as she gets into mischief of exploring.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She was born towards the tail end of the pass so all she knows is the stories she was told. She did not lose anyone that she knows of. She does think it was bad to lose so much of the planet, people, and animals including dragons to it. She wonders if there is a way to get the planet back in the future.

Response to dragon color mutations:She thinks he is interesting and that the mutations are something that she would like to ride one. She thinks the reds are cute and playful and would love to have one of them to ride.

Who are you...

Her Family: Yes she knows little about them but she looks up to them and they are her heroes.

Water: She loves to swim and bath but like her flit she wants the water shallow where she knows nothing is going to get her.

Flits: She wants more than the one and knows her one will except more if she gets them.


Crawlers: She hates them but will not kill them will catch them and set them free in the outside.

Tunnel Snakes: She thinks they are slimy but will catch them for good eating,

Relationships: She would not say she dislikes them but she is more scared of them seeing as how she is so young.

Deep Water: She does not know what is down there and will not venture into it.


* Adventurous : She has an adventurous spirit and soul that has gotten her in trouble a time or to but it has also been a help to her  find interesting things

* Caring : She is very caring which is why she was thinking of going into healer hall but she was searched before she could enter the hall

* Spontaneous : She does things on a whim and will sometimes get into trouble for it but she like tp be the first to get it done

* Independent: she is independent and wants to do things on her own.

* Creative : she has made a few things like clothing she wears or flower chains


* Moody : She is very moody and it is worse when her monthlies hit so watch it. She might bite your head off.

*Fearful: She is fearful of somethings but not many and that fear she wants to get over.

* Mistrustful: She is Mistrustful of many things but she wants to get to trust them there are even certain people she will not ever trust because she knows to much about them.

*  Reckless  : She is reckless and can get hurt which has happened to her in the past she does not care though as it goes with her wanting to explore the caves and tunnels of the island.

*Naive: She is naïve when it comes to certain things. She needs to learn about different things.
Describe Yourself:

* Happy: -----She is always happy and finds ways to make others happy.

* Hyper: ----- She can not sit still but her filt seems to help her to sit still while learning.

* Playful: ----- She is very playful and wants to play even when she is leaning.

* Lovable: ----- She is Lovable but there are people that might hate her.

* Active: ----- She gets around a lot and is even in the tunnels smaller than what bigger people can go into.

The Magic Touch: She will make your hair gray before its time.


Mother: I'drya 08.07.2551 Blue Tralith 21.03.2566.
Father: Unknown Male Rider of a Green Dragon that her Mother Caught.

Siblings: Sashana Born [ 15.06.2565 ] Journeywoman Weaver
T'rel Born [32.04.2568] Bronze Nynath [2590]
Idalinora Born [2570] (Can be anything)

Children: She has none yet.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* 2578, 0 She was born the youngest daughter to I'drya and a ranadom green rider. She was given to the cretch.

* 2580-2586, 2-8As she grew she was small for her age and she was sometimes teased though she had her siblings to help her out and she knew who they where. She also knew when each one left the Cretch for different things that they went on to do. Like her oldest sister into Weaver Hall. She was sad to see each sibling go but she had other weyr brats like her that she made friends with. She also during this time learned about the thread and what it had done and was still doing to the planet. She learned about all the other weyrs and holds that are no longer there and wants to someday see them even if they are all gone. She likes to adventure into the weyr and into all the tunnels she would investigate them as she got older. She found this fun and often was in them looking at the eggs on the hatching sands from one of the hidden tunnels but never ventured onto the sands. She was not that dumb to do that.

* 2587-2590, 9-12 Moved to Southern Winds Weyr and was not that upset about it the next year she happened on a hatching of a firelizard clutch and got lucky with getting a gold firelizard to come to her that she named Koriss. She loves the little gold with all her heart. In 2589 she lost her virginity to an older boy that was just 4 yrs older than her. He was the first person she slept with though her monthlies had not started yet it was the night before she had turned 12 turns old. On 01.01.2590 she turned 12 . She knows what sex is and has had it vouced for to O'sir by not only the young man but also her Firelizard that was there when it happened. She was a bit embarssed when searched and had to tell O'sir about that part.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.
She was scared to death to walk into O'sirs office with the young man that had taken her Virginity as was the young man but they had to tell him that she was not a virgin anymore so that he knew. She was searched and she knew the eggs would hatch soon but she also knew O'sir would not let her stand which she would wait anyway till the next clutch unless he knew she was not a virgin. "Are you ready?" She asked Lontie. He nodded as they walked into the office. "Sir Lontie is here to Vouce for me that I am not a Virgin as is his Flit and mine." The young man spoke up and looked at the Candidate master "It is true sir she is not a Virgin anymore I took that from her last year the night before she was 12. We tired to wait sir." Both Flits confirmed it with one a vivid image of sheets and one kind of vivid image of sheets moving and lots of kissing. Yan was Red the whole time she was speaking because she knew her first time was what the flits where showing.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Nalise, Isalia, Zilanie, M'lan, C'ren, Raindon
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
Anything Else: She is young and will need to learn not to play so much. She also has had sex but no kids as she has not started her monthly yet.
Understand that Candidates will not Impress on their first IC clutch, and may not on their second. If you make a candidate, it is to play a candidate. You will, of course, eventually impress.  If you would like your character listed as nonbinary, please note it here.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Ko Riss
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Sothern Winds Weyr.

General Appearance...

She is the lightest shades of gold that can be seen she is a Beauty as well and when the sun glitter off her she will glitter as well.


Mind Voice: She has a soft mind voice and her picture are clear even if she is young.
Likes: Dragons: She thinks they are over grown members of her own kind and has not meet one yet she does not like or that does not like her.

Water: She love to play in the water though not deep water. She will play in puddles and in the water troughs of the heard beast.

Weyrs: She is not sure what they are and does not have a clear dislike of them yet

Tunnel snakes: She does not like them at all but does like to eat them.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She will rise on 15.08
here. Flits only Rise once per turn.

Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Ya'lin [01.01.2578 Blue Weyrling]
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