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Author Topic: Approved Daresik [ 34.03.2550 / Peacekeeper Thug ]  (Read 1154 times)

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Daresik [ 34.03.2550 / Peacekeeper Thug ]
« on: June 25, 2017, 02:41:00 AM »

Play By:

Da - reh - sick
Dare (like daring), Sic (like sic 'em)
Date of Birth:
34.03.2550 9th Pass (40 turns old)
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Daresik looks older than he is, covered in scars and the victim of early onset baldness, Daresik's hairline has been thinning since he hit 20 turns, but as long as his hair stays the dark, pitch black colour, he can retain some of his youthful looks.

Dressed in typically dark clothing, mostly because it's easier to disguise the bloodstains, he doesn't exactly take care of his appearance, a little dirty, a little scruffy and a little mismatched. Daresik only has a semblance of togetherness if his wife takes an interest in him that morning. After all, if he's going to be working for the peacekeepers, he can't look like a ruffian, he's one of the protectors of society.

Daresik is ridiculously tall, standing at about 6"5' and having to duck when he enters almost every room, occassionally having to walk through doorways sideways if they are made particularly narrow. He dwarfs anyone around him, even if someone could possibly match him for height, he is wide as well, broad shouldered, with muscles the perfect size make him a terrifying hulk of a man.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: He just continued on his work everyday, sure, he didn't like it when his family members died, because he wanted to be able to use his strength for something to benefit his family, and when his fists are completely useless against thread, it just became another thing that he didn't understand that he had to just shove out of his mind. Dare would be entirely too overwhelmed by having to think about something as big and terrifying as constant thread all the time, and therefore just, didn't have the mental capacity to think about it.

Response to dragon color mutations: Daresik already knows that he's not supposed to like the dragonriders, so the mutations are no different. None of his family seems to like the way they're shaking things up, and the mutations are definitely not making anything easier for him.

Who are you...

Alcohol - He doesn't like all of that fancy wine stuff, it gets him drunk way too quickly and that's just unsatisfying. However, a good mead, a good brew, hops, very much what he enjoys. After all, it's a manly drink.
Meat/protein/carbs - Daresik's family figured out quite early on what kind of diet it required to build his muscles properly, and so he just enjoys having that kind of high protein and high carb food on the table. The lack of red meat at the Weyr bothers him.
His family - They make going home nice at the end of the day, he likes his work a little too much, in order to want to go, he has to have a pretty awesome family to go home to.
His wher - Darsk is the perfect wher for him, doesn't need him to dictate her every move and loves her work as much as he does.

Complications - He's not smart enough to think on the fly, he knows that, so whenever there is a complication to a plan, or complications in emotions or relationships, he knows that he won't be able to fix it quickly enough.
Dragonriders - They're annoying, think they're better than him because they ride a dragon, taking away his work, taking away his livelihood.
Bees - he's afraid of them, when he goes to visit his niece Omenya, he will never enter the hive field.


* PHYSICAL : Daresik is strong, he can crush a skull with his hands, it still requires effort, sure, but he was simply built for violence, and has spent the rest of his turns continuing to build himself to peak physical condition.

* DEPENDABLE : If you ask Daresik to go find and kill a man called Juret, every man on Pern named Juret will be dead, because he likes to be thorough. If his boss wants someone beat up, killed, or scared off, they can guarantee that Daresik will see it through. Anything more complicated than that, then it's easier to send him off with more of a strategist and he can follow their instructions.

* UNCONFLICTED : Daresik has never been conflicted about his duty, it just always seemed like the thing to do. When he was offered the job as a bouncer, there was nothing else available, so he just thought that was what he was meant to do, then his wife told him to be a peacekeeper, so he did that, and he enjoyed that because there were lots of things to do and people who wanted to tell him what to do, and finally Tavianna, who provided more benefits then any of his other jobs combined, by helping to provide for his family, whilst he did work which he simply enjoyed doing.

* MUNDANE TASKS : He doesn't need much to keep his mind occupied, even just standing and waiting at the door of some place was good enough for him. Dare could stand there knowing that he was a) working b) doing good holder work c) potentially going to be able to do fun beat people up work.

* VIRILE : It's pretty self-explanatory, Daresik is all man, strong, energetic, doesn't cry, doesn't worry about pain, and he has an incredible sex drive, evident by the amount of children he has fathered with his wife.


* SLOW : He's stupid. Let's be honest. He can carry out simple tasks such as "go murder this person" but isn't really the most stealthy, subtle, or cunning. He's the grunt, the brute, and he's totally okay with that. Potentially one has to be careful about how they phrase their tasks for him, his thought process isn't the same as other people's because he takes things very literally. He doesn't understand metaphors, and doesn't understand subtlety. So potentially employers have been caught unaware when he took their words a little too literally, or just not understanding of common sense concepts of life. "Take the shortest way to deliver this, I need to get this done." They meant take the back alleys, he swam through the lake in the middle of town and didn't realise that paper didn't survive in water.

* INDULGENT : He likes food, alcohol, women, and will pretty much only stop it to go to work. When he was a bouncer, his life was a lot more hedonistic, but after marrying his wife, he has stuck to his traditional ways, drinking with his workmates after work, coming home to a hearty cooked meal from the wife, and leaving the whores as a distant memory, a fond one to be sure.

* VIOLENT : Daresik enjoys his job, he finds it is a very satisfying job, but he also enjoys delivering pain in the bedroom, in his younger turns, this meant sticking to the whorehouses where he was allowed to carry out these deeds, and luckily, marrying a whore who was more than happy to indulge his more deviant fantasies.

* SPEECH : He's not one for long sentences or speeches, whilst he gets a little more long winded when he's drunk, Daresik will usually communicate in one or two word sentences.

* UNAMBITIOUS : Daresik doesn't have any aspirations to lead, to make decisions, to strategise, he is told what to do in pretty much every aspect of his life, and is happy to keep it that way.

Describe Yourself:

* THUG: ----- That's all Daresik is and ever will be, he has no aspirations to be anything more, nor does he have the capacity to plan to be anything else. He likes to be able to beat people up, and being able to do it as his job, is a pretty good life.

* TRADITIONAL: ----- He grew up in a traditional family, and doesn't care enough to think for himself as to why or whether he actually wants to be traditional. His parents want him to be, his sister is, and most of the peacekeepers are, so he really doesn't know anything other than tradition. He provides for his family, he expects his wife to cook for him, he expects his children to get married, and he dislikes the dragonriders. That's basically the extent of his traditionalism.

* FOLLOWER: ----- Daresik needs to be told what to do, either by his wife, his boss or his family and without them, he wouldn't have a purpose. Sometimes, he doesn't interpret their orders as they would except, because he simply doesn't have the mental capacity to make common sense links. For example, he was told to watch the children while his wife goes out, it's quite possible that he doesn't know that children can't look after themselves, and may just leave, with instructions for Darsk to send him mental images of the children every now and then. Whilst neglecting to feed them, change their cleanliness cloths, or soothe them when they cry.

* IMMORAL: ----- Daresik doesn't have a moral compass, it entirely revolves around his orders and what he gets told to do.

* FAMILY-MAN: ----- He thinks it's his duty to provide for his family, because that's what he's been told by his parents, his wife and his sister. Whilst he doesn't really understand the concept of love, and would never use the term himself, one could suppose that in his limited understanding of emotions, either of others or his own, that he loves his family. But it's hard to differentiate that, Daresik would kill for his family, but he would also kill for his boss, so Daresik doesn't exactly show his love in traditional ways.

The Magic Touch:
- Daresik tried Passion Vine once, as it was a particularly common drug due to its lack of addiction, but he found it mightily boring and has therefore never bothered to try it again.
- Has a deep seated fear, that he may not even know exists, that one of his children will be dimwitted like him, he's very proud to watch his children grow, although he doesn't really know why.


Mother: Darelinni, Holder Wife, b. 2537 d. 2580
Father: Omanesik, Holder Farmer, b. 2535

Desik, Holder, b. 2554
Ominni, Holder/Wife, b. 2557
Omanelinni, Crafter, b. 2558
Daranesik, Holder, b. 2560 d. 2570
Omani, Crafter, b. 2562
Omanarelinni, Holder/Wife, b. 2565
Darelinnisek, Holder/Farmer, b. 2566
Domanisek, Holder, b. 2567 d. 2579
Osek, Holder, b. 2570

b. 8.2578 Daveral
b. 2581 Evarensl
b. 2585 Dalerik
b. 2589 Ealsyvie

Tell us a story...

* 2550, 0 Born to a traditional holder family in Fort Hold, his father and mother used to run their own croft once, with small farmland, however, quickly moved closer to the main Hold when the catastrophe began. His father was a little out of place to begin with, but with the fall of so many crafthalls, he was able to lend his knowledge to the major hold, despite not being officially trained in the farmer craft.

* 2554, 4 His younger brother Desik is born. At only 4 turns, Daresik didn't see his brother as competition, and quite enjoyed having another child in the household. Over the turns, Desik becomes Daresik's partner in crime. Whilst Dare was never one to come up with any of the schemes himself, he was more than happy to go along with whatever his younger brother planned.

* 2557, 7 Dare's parents do not take a break from child birthing, and his younger sister, but eldest daughter of the family is born. Dare and Desik dote on the girl, loving to have someone a little different in their household, and after all, their mother would not stand for them treating her badly. But Ominni doesn't need their protection. As she gets older she develops a sharp tongue and a quick wit, and becomes the powerhouse of the children. Sure, she's the third born, but Dare was thick even from a young age, and Desik is quietly cunning, Ominni is the louder and more determined of the three.

* 2562, 12 The catastrophe is becoming hard on their family, more and more siblings are being born and Daresik has to step up to bring in some earnings for his relatives. But they try not to baby him too much, sure, he's thick, but he needs to go find work on his own. And that's exactly what he does. Skinny but tall, Daresik gets given runner errands for some of the less savoury types, but as long as they pay, he doesn't care. Whilst he enjoys the job, he's not the best at it, however, they keep him around because he shows up on time and mostly completes the jobs.

* 2565, 15 This is the turn where Daresik's family start to worry what his employers will do. He hits his growth spurt, starts growing upwards and outwards, making him to large and clunky to slip through crowds and alleys to delivers messages. Dare is worried, because he parents are worried, they encourage him to look for other jobs, but luckily, one of his bosses sees some potential in him, and he starts him on a training and weightlifting regime, to groom him for some new tasks. This makes Dare a lot more satisfied than what he was doing before.

* 2567, 17 Finally, Dare is big enough and scary enough, that he becomes the bouncer for one of the whorehouses of Fort. Starting at the front door, where it's less dangerous, Dare proves himself willing to follow orders and unafraid of getting physical with someone who needs to be removed, so throughout his turns as a bouncer, he moves up in the world, getting more and more dangerous jobs and becoming a reliable worker. He enjoys this time, spending a lot of time with the whores in the house, discovering his own kinks and discovering that they're not normal. He's a sadist and a dom, but luckily, there are more than enough whores willing to fulfil his requirements, that he doesn't have to worry too much about it.

* 2572, 22 After moving into the inner circle of the whorehouse and changing between a personal guard of the pimp to the main bouncer at the back door, teaching everyone a lesson, Dare is given his final test. A man came into their house, abused a whore, and left without paying, he must be killed to show that they mean business. Daresik is given the job and he carries it out without thought. This is the beginning of his career, sure, he worked for them before, but following their orders without hesitation makes him a reliable and wanted member of their crew, and Dare enjoys the security of the position and the companionship of his fellow bouncers and guards.

* 2577, 27 This turn, Daresik meets his wife, Everalsie. While working at the whorehouse, he is allowed to take his fill of the whores during his breaks, or, if he comes in after work shifts, he gets a discount. One of his particular favourites, is young, beautiful and oh so willing to let him to whatever he wanted to her. After her quickly becoming his favourite, she convinces him that they would make a good married couple.

His parents, over the turns, have been trying to get him to marry, however his reputation preceded him, and neither he, nor his parents, were interested in forcing someone to marry someone like Daresik. They knew he's stupid, they know he kills, and they've heard rumours of his sexual proclivities. So, when she provides a reasonable argument, that she'd cook for him and have sex with him for free, Dare agreed quite easily, and took her home happily and excitedly to his parents the very next day.

It didn't take him very long to let slip where they met, and what her profession was, and she quickly learns to be very explicit with her instructions to him, because Dare would simply not think that that was something his parents wouldn't be interested in hearing about his new fiance. However, Daresik puts his foot down when his parents become awkward, and they are married within the sevenday, with Daresik grinning widely and stupidly for the entire ceremony, after all, she's hot and young, Dare is obviously going to be happy about his arrangement.

Using his connections and his savings, Daresik is able to move into a home with his new wife, and she stops working at the whorehouse. But it doesn't take long for her to reveal her next plan, that she wants him to start with the peacekeepers. They're traditional, respected, and much higher regarded in the hold, much more suitable for a couple like them. His wife procures him a wher to start off the process (she never told him how, and he never asked more than once) and he bonds to Gold Darsk, a highly ranked wher giving him a leg in with the peacekeepers regardless of his questionable past. Daresik actually likes the idea, and after bonding with Darsk, who is unobtrusive enough in his life, Dare is happy enough to do as she wishes and move into the challenging, but fun peacekeeper training.

His training begins, and whilst Dare does well in all of the physical exams, his connection with Darsk is weak, so her training moves more slowly. Luckily, his wife is determined enough, and Darsk is intelligent enough for the both of them, that Everalsie helps him train Darsk at home, in time to pass the 5 monthly wher exams, and she seemed pleased with herself, so he was too.

* 2579, 29 Eventually, with the help of his wife, the hard work of his wher, and the help of some peacekeepers who took a liking to his easy nature and larger size, Daresik graduates from peacekeeper training. He's proud of himself, even if Daresik doesn't really understand what that emotion is, at the very least, he's happy to graduate and get to working again.

The most difficult exam was the cartography, however, he managed to get Everalsie to write the answers on his arm. If the peacekeeper that was overseeing the exam noticed his not to subtle attempts to read the answers, then they looked the other way. Daresik was big enough, with a gold wher, that he would be a benefit to the peacekeepers, with or without the knowledge of cartography.

Dare ends up in a Squadron, and an overarching Quadrant, run by some of the more corrupt members of the peacekeepers. Whilst they never expressly broke any rules, the peacekeepers had a lot of power which they could deal out, including death, under the "whatever means neccessary" rule of judicial law. This worked quite well for Dare, as he was back to undertaking the violent work that he used to enjoy, but getting paid, and being officially allowed to do it. The men he was working with, were also cunning enough to cover their tracks. However, many of the higher ranked peacekeepers didn't mind the heavy handedness, being much more opposed to the lower class filth of the hold, and so, if the truth did leak out, Daresik was never punished for his actions.

These peacekeeper turns were some of the most challenging, interesting and enjoyable turns of his life. Dare was able to go some to a lovely wife at night, and beat up the unsuspecting by day.

* 2580, 30 His mother dies suddenly in the night. His father saw no signs of it, and she had never said anything about being uncomfortable or being in pain. When the healers came to collect her body the next day, they too, said they saw no signs of foul play, but nor did they see any signs of illness. This puts Dare on edge, wondering whether or not someone was out to get him and his family. However, the jumpiness soon passes when nothing else happens, and Dare never felt the sadness that he should have at her passing.

* 2584, 34 Working with a fellow peacekeeper Ophyonis, he gets introduced to a potential job on the side. An enforcer, he was told, for an affluent and influential holder woman. It just seemed like another job where he got to do what he liked, and so he accepted quite readily and his wife, whilst at first suspicious of the motives behind Tavianna, began to appreciate her business-like brain, and was happy enough for Dare to continue to work for her, especially when Dare brought home more food, in the form of wher meat for their family after his first month of additional work. Once again, Dare got to punch and kill people, so he didn't have any complaints and enjoyed both jobs he now did.

* 2587, 37 The move to Fort Island really turned everything on its head. The security he had worked for was now gone, sure, Tavianna would potentially still have need for him, but it wouldn't be the same. Dare knew that the Weyr would not stand for the kind of work that he did, nor would they appreciate his heavy handed nature, so it would require some adjustment, but Dare wanted his family safe and whole, so without too much grumbling, they packed up and started their knew life at the Weyr, worrying or not.

* 2590, 40 In the current day, Dare and his family are excited about the progress of the mine hall and the new Hold. Soon enough, Dare was hopeful that they would be back in the life they knew, and out from under the thumb of the Weyr.

Spoiler for RP Spoilered for length and violence:
"Sic, do you remember that man from a couple of nights ago? Dark hair, dark eyes, had that nasty gash across his face? Visited Eryna?" Honestly, Daresik had no clue, names, faces, they didn't stick in his head very well, as not much did to be honest. "No." Was the short and to the point answer that Dare provided. "Oh." The man's face fell a little, but Dare didn't comprehend what emotion that showed. Disappointment?  Concern? Apprehension? "Well, have you seen Eryna today?"

This question was a lot easier. "Yes." Whilst Dare didn't care for strangers faces, it was hard to forget the name of one of the more popular whores of the house, not his particular favourite, she was much too sultry for his liking, but he knew her all the same, and had seen the purpling bruising on her face when she had come in for work this morning, her eyes downcast and looking away from those who looked at her.

"It was the man with gash that did that to her." Dare didn't see anything particularly wrong with that, if she liked it, then who was he to judge. "He didn't pay." Well now, that was something that Daresik knew wasn't common curtesy. The women worked hard, his bosses worked hard, it wouldn't do to come in here and leave without paying.

"I need you to take care of him." A puzzled expression crossed Dare's lumpy face. Take care? Why would Daresik want to be nice to the man who had stolen from them. "Take care?" A frustrated expression crossed his bosses face temporarily, before he composed himself again, Dare missed the significance of that expression.

"Kill him, I want you to kill him. Teach him a lesson Sic. It'll let everyone know that they can't mess with us." Now that. That made a helluva lot more sense to Daresik's brain. He did something bad, you need to go kill him for me. Why hadn't he just said that from the start? Instead of saying take care of him? Seriously people were weird with their sayings sometimes.

"Okay." It was simple enough. Daresik was bigger and heavier than most of the emaciated inhabitants of Fort Hold. It wouldn't be too hard to kill him. Never once, did it cross the big man's mind to question it. Now that he understood what his boss was saying of course, he would happily go out and kill him.

"Okay?" Narrowing his eyes suspiciously, his boss paused. "Okay... He's at the house on the corner of the square. The one with the red roof. Do you know it?"

"Yes." It wasn't too far from his parents home to be honest, he stood, walking to the door to leave.

"I want it done as soon as possible. You're going to do this right? Don't tell anyone."

Smiling a toothy grin, Daresik gave him a wave and simply said. "I'll do it." His conscience not at all put off by what he was about to do. After all, it was his job, his parents had always told him to do his job.

Dare whistled horribly and out of tune as he walked down the lane. Not bothering to hide in the back alleys or the shadows, honestly, the thought of disguising himself and the deed he was about to commit never crossed his mind.

It was a good day, he was going to get to hurt someone, that would relieve some of the tension he had been feeling in his shoulders he was sure about that. It always worked when he got to teach those who tried to swindle the whores at the house a lesson.

Smashing their nose in, feeling the crunch of their bones under his knuckles, in the fleshy meat of his hands, very much made him feel a lot better when his shift was done. On par with what he got to do after his shift was over.

The house with the red roof.

Dare was pretty sure he knew where it was, but did get turned around once, he found a house with a red roof, and went to send his foot through their wooden door, before he hesitated, remembering the other half of his instruction, it was near the square.

There we go.

On the edge of the square, with a red roof, kill the guy in the house? What did the guy in the house look like again? Ugly? That wasn’t very helpful, everyone was ugly. If Dare just killed all of them, then he wouldn’t have to remember the other half of his instruction. Easy.

Content with his interpretation of his orders. Daresik walked around to the back entrance of the house, not wanting to frighten the old lady that had given him a toothless smile as she hobbled past the front door.

He was about to be a bouncer, not a monster.

With a crunch from a foot that passed through the rotting wood far more easily than a normal person’s would have, Dare squeezed his huge frame through the threshold, having learnt from experience, that most doorways hurt if he didn’t duck his head.

Curses rang out across the room, as men scrambled to their feet, haphazardly leaping up from the fire they had been crowded around. Daresik didn’t take time to notice the bottles strewn around the room, or the bedrolls, obviously mussed by sleep, or the thick layer of dust that showed this house had been uninhabited by true occupants for a long time.

Luckily for the rest of the group, Daresik’s memory was triggered, as he saw the man with a gash across his face, and was disappointed that he remembered his exact orders now. But his boss had said nothing about leaving the others safe, just making sure they understood the message.

As he fist drove towards the jaw of the gashed man, Daresik thought that they would definitely get the message.

The man fell to the ground like a ton of bricks, knocked out clean from one hit, so Daresik took his attention elsewhere, grunting when someone landed a punch into his abdomen, but not really injured by the blow.

He too, was taken down with one hit, a flat footed kick into the ribs, which sent his flying across the room, smashing into a wall before the body slumped down it, limp and spluttering blood from between his lips.

Unfortunately, Daresik was a little too slow to catch up with the rest of the group, as they scampered to their feet, seeming to disappear through the cracks of the house like rats. That was okay, Dare’s instructions were to kill the man with the gash. He glassiness of his eyes, and the stillness of his chest, made Daresik almost positive that he had succeeded in his task. But, with a stab through the heart as he left, Daresik made sure of it.

It was always much nicer to do things personally, hand to hand, fist to stomach, face to knuckles, but there was no reason for him to leave without making sure.

Daresik did not wipe his bloodied knuckles on the tunic of either one of his victims as he left the house, he didn’t think about it, so he took back to the streets with fists red with blood, making his way back to the whorehouse to ensure his boss that his task had been completed.
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Re: Daresik [ 34.03.2550 / Peacekeeper Thug ]
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2017, 05:12:58 AM »

Image Credit:
Coloured by SanctifiedSavage
Lineart by cweinman
Wher Details

Daar - sk
Date of Birth:
31.03.2577 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Darsk's egg was big, larger than the rest of them, with the tell tale shiny aura of a Gold egg, which did make it significantly more expensive than the others. It was speckled with light orange, and definitely had the lucky fold at the top.
Mature Length: 4.5 m
Mature Height: 1.2 m

General Appearance...

Darsk is undeniably beautiful, at her adult, reasonably average size, this Gold has a dark undertone, with lighter yellow and orange speckles which cause her hide to shimmer incredibly in the sunlight, even more so than the already shiny Golds. As a hatchling, the darker undertone was all that could be seen, however, the few months before her first run, her speckles started to appear on her hide, causing her to be, as Daresik thinks, the most beautiful Gold for her first run. 


Empathetic: Darsk will rarely communicate unique emotions to Daresik, because she realised that it mostly just confuses him. Usually, she is just a floating mist of warmth in his mind, creeping into every aspect of him, with the occasional image in order to show Daresik exact orders. Emotions that Darsk is comfortable with sharing are lust, anger, danger, pleasure and hunger, anything else is not useful for either herself nor her handler.

- Patrols: It's fun for her, she can see new things, be able to log lots of things in her mind, keep her mind occupied.
- Guard duty: She's a people watcher, it amuses her to study humans and the way they walk.
- Sleep: At the end of a long day, Darsk loves to curl up next to the hearth, away from all the humans in the house, and sleep.

- Cuddling/touching/people being too close: The only thing she will tolerate is Daresik or his wife touching her on the back or front limb.
- Other whers: She doesn't really care about them, they can do their thing, and she can do hers.


* INDEPENDENT : Whilst she is connected to Daresik, their connection isn't incredibly strong, she mostly does her own thing, and his own violence simply masks some of her own base instincts, meaning that she is very non-violent when not at work. This Gold is intelligent enough that she can mostly make her own decisions during their work.

* INTELLIGENT : Golds are the usually most intelligent of the whers and Darsk is no exception. She doesn't need her handlers thoughts to prompt her and she can mostly make informed decisions through observations herself.


* DARESIK : Whilst she is naturally intelligent, his own lack of brains has stunted her mental growth, as such, many of the more complicated tasks/order/messages can get muddled due to his lack of clear instructions.

* HEIGHT : Darsk is unreasonably short for her length, it makes her a little clumsy and a little unbalanced, it's not usually a big issue, as she has learnt to deal with it, however, if she is caught off guard by another wher, she can be easily overbalanced and pushed over.

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Re: Daresik [ 34.03.2550 / Peacekeeper Thug ]
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2017, 11:49:56 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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