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Author Topic: Storming Brainstorming [10.07.2590//9.12pm]  (Read 1228 times)

Offline W'lleni

Storming Brainstorming [10.07.2590//9.12pm]
« on: June 26, 2017, 08:30:37 PM »
Given that all the baby dragons did for the first little while was eat and sleep, Weyrlinghood was far more exhausting than everyone made it sound. Sure, he was still brimming with love and affection for his new bondmate, and sure, he loved the fact he didn’t have to call himself a candidate anymore, but the first few weeks of learning a new creature that had a mental connection with you was far harder than he was expecting.

How can you really disagree with someone who’s in your head? It wasn’t a question he’d manage to answer on his own, and he still hadn’t decided whether it would be rude or not to ask the Weyrling Master, but it was certainly an occurrence. Thankfully not super often… but his current tactic of hauling the dragonette around when the Brown refused to move on his own probably wouldn’t work for long, as the Brown continued to grow.

Which is why he found himself, tired but determined, sitting in front of the fire, brainstorming. Roughly boiling down to, how does one move a giant ball of muscle and determination about twice the size of a house, when they only want to nap.

He had his feet propped up and was lounging low in his chair. He pouted and worried at his lip, his brow furrowed in concentration. Ever so often he’d come up with an interesting idea, and his eyebrows would raise and his head would nod, until he had to discard the idea with a shake of his head, and he was back to frowning.

For an outsider, the stormy night outside may have seem to reflect his mood, the occasional roll of thunder not really matching the shakes of his head, but it could be taken that way by the more poetic a mind. W’lleni wasn’t really grumpy, he was just… thinking. Hard. And the oppressive heat of the day, which had cooled somewhat now that the moon had risen and the storm had blown in, wouldn’t have helped with anyone’s mood. So it would be understandable for someone to misconstrue his emotions.

And yet, W’lleni would be happy for advise from anyone at this point, even if it involved some sort of weird Weyr superstition he hadn’t been raised with. Everything was worth a shot, right? He’d even be happy for just plain distraction. Obviously he loved Iaoth. And honestly if he was a growing Brown that knew he couldn’t be moved, he would probably be happy to make people work to get him out of bed… but W’lleni wasn’t and there are some things more important than sleep.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Running on the weather report provided for SWW here but running on the assumption that the heat would lessen after dark. Anyway, OPEN FOR ALL.
Feel free for multiple people to join.
« Last Edit: June 26, 2017, 08:43:10 PM by W'lleni »

Offline Karou

Re: Storming Brainstorming [10.07.2590//9.12pm]
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2017, 05:41:31 PM »
Karou was pouting. She hated the rain. Hated when it stormed like crazy. All it did was make everyone stay inside and with everyone inside it was harder to sneak down the tunnels to her secret cavern to paint. Timor was miming drum beats in her head as she stalked through the Weyr Hall.
“Yes, yes, it is a pretty sound. That still doesn’t make it any better.” She muttered. Given the bad weather, there was a good amount of people in the Dining Hall even this far after dinner. People lingered to socialize and Karou found herself having to worm her way through people. There was another thing she didn’t like, crowds. It made her feel claustrophobic.
Timor sent an image of her cavern to her with the walls crumbling in. Karou shuddered. “That’s not the same thing, I’m the only one who’s ever in there and it seems big to me!” Plus the mural made it seem so much larger too.
Disappointment hit her when she got to the fire and saw someone already there. That disappointment waned though when she recognized one of her former fellow Candidates. “Hello,” Karou frowned seeing W’lleni’s expression. “You look like you have to poop.”
Timor was half way through sending her a mimed image of just that when she shot him a dangerous look. “Don’t. You. Dare.” The mental image poofed in her head without a trace.

Offline T'vye

Re: Storming Brainstorming [10.07.2590//9.12pm]
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2017, 02:25:47 AM »
"Alright, Karou. I know you're dying to get to know us more now that we're dragonriders, but me and W'lleni have a lot to discuss and we can't be babysitting right now." T'vye hadn't set out to find his roomate so much as someone he could talk at about Aitorith and happening to find him.

It had only been twelve (eleven?) days since their dragons had hatched, but Aitorith had grown immensely, and while he had managed to carry him thus far, it wouldn't be long before he got much to awkward to haul around when he wanted to sleep. - Especially when he wanted to sleep.

In any case, though he would have preferred to be accompanied by Aitorith when he headed to the weyrhall to male sure his groupies knew where exactly he had been since the hatching and just how much Aitorith glowed in the sunlight, he was instead content to simply explain to anyone who looked that while dragonless now his bonded was "Just sleeping. He's got a lot of growing to do before he's big enough to fly Kalestath."

That is, until he recognised W'lleni by the fire being pestered by a candidate. Pfft. Surely they were above such associations now?

Which is why he stood just a few paces away, his best I'm not asking face setting his features until Karou caved and turned away. She may very well have slumped down regardless of his demand, but it didn't phase him. Instead, he worked to draw W'lleni's attention away from the girl with the most important subject he could think of.

"Aitorith grew a few more handspans last night. I had to really scrub at this flaky spot on his shoulder before he was happy enough to go back to sleep. Gave me time to sort this out." He turned slightly to point out the woven yellow rope that he'd managed to fasten to the right sleeve of his tunic, as meticulously made as he was dressed, and suggesting, perhaps, that he may have saught out some assistance in getting it perfect.

Not that he would tell you that was the case, if asked, of course. His methods are never up for discussion.

Offline W'lleni

Re: Storming Brainstorming [10.07.2590//9.12pm]
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2017, 02:32:14 AM »
Plucked out of his daydreams and machinations by the abrupt mention of poop, W’lleni’s facial expression quickly turned to half offended, half very confused while his mind replayed what Karou had said to glean some higher understanding. It took a lot longer than it should have for him to close his eyes and sigh in understanding.

But before he could fill her in, or say anything at all, someone else butted in. Twisting in his chair to stare at T’vye, and then at Karou’s retreating form. And yet again, before he could say anything to call back the younger candidate, his Bronzerider clutchmate was off again. Crossing his arms over his chest, W’lleni waited until T’vye was done with his showing off, hating interruptions enough that  even while annoyed at the boy he considered a friend, he wouldn’t but in.

When it looked like the younger weyrling was done, W’lleni waited for a little longer, just staring at him for a bit to make sure the boy wasn’t going to cut him off again. “That wasn’t nice. Karou and I were having a conversation, or we were about to. You were the one to but in, and it’s not babysitting to talk to your friends. Plus, buddy, she’s your age? I’m no more babysitting her than I am you.”

Sitting back in his chair, he uncrossed his arms to run them through his hair. Now he’d told him off, he was fine again, though he’d have to find Karou later on and apologise for not sticking up for her until after she left. “Nice knot though, mine always twists in the wrong place. Wait,” he said with a start as he jumped forward in his seat again, “a few more handspans?

Groaning, W’lleni hid his head in his hands. “Oh shards, I’m going to get back to the room today and Iaoth won’t be able to fit through the door anymore.”

Offline T'vye

Re: Storming Brainstorming [10.07.2590//9.12pm]
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2017, 02:03:53 AM »
T'vye's confidence didn't waver when a silence stretched out between himself and the brown weyrling. In fact, his proud smile got just that little bit smug. Of course W'lleni would be far too in awe of T'vye's talents to be able to compose a suitable response at the drop of the hat. It happened a lot, really. A burden in and of itself. People just not quite being able to handle even the most basic conversations.

So he would of course forgive himself for the momentarily shocked expression across his face as the first words out of W'lleni's mouth to broach the silence wasn't anything along the lines of "Oh wow T'vye. You're so amazing" and instead something that sounded a lot like "Karou is important too". It was only a fleeting expression however, and one that could be easily misconstrued as shocked apology should one wish to read into it too much before it set into the kind of face one makes when they see something rather cute, innocent or adorable right in front of them.

"We're riders now, W'lleni, not children." He said with what for him was a friendly smile. W'lleni didn't understand that their roles had changed the second their bonded spoke to them. That the time for fraternising with candidates was in the past.

Ahh the poor fellow.

The topic turned serious and once again that proud smile was on T'vye's face as W'llenni crowed about how wonderful his knot was. "If you like I can help you with yours. I'll show you how to stop it from twisting."

W'lleni didn't need to know that Nishi had shown him how to hold the pieces of leather just so to stop the twist. Just like he would never tell Nishi that was the exact problem he was having when trying to get the knot to look right. As far as she was concerned, he had just been trying to see how she did it since they were comparing assistant weyrlingmasters. Though if she felt differently he wouldn't know... that would involve actually asking her outright and that just wasn't the way their relationship functioned. All W'lleni needed to know was that that he could fix it. And that he, T'vye, is the reason his knot would sit right.

Not Nishi.

"Don't worry about Iaoth." T'vye continued with a wave of his hand, the words meant to sound comforting. "He's big," - no need to insult his friend - "But Aitorith is a Bronze. So he's gonna be bigger." He was so wonderful, really. Working to assuage his friends fears of his dragon growing too big to fit through the door. He may have been exaggerating how much Aitorith had grown in the past few days but not by that much. Bronzes were second only to Golds so far as size went, and Aitorith would be big enough to catch Kalestath one day. Sure they were almost identical in size now, but thatvwas going to change.

"That's the only reason Aitorith grew so much. It's proportionate to his adult size" he finished matter of factly.

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