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Author Topic: Training for the test [09.07.2590]2pm (open)  (Read 667 times)

Offline Zilanie

Training for the test [09.07.2590]2pm (open)
« on: June 28, 2017, 05:29:13 PM »
Zilanie and Weskath made their way to the training ground she had her saddle, flight straps, and all her gear in hand. She was ready to train for her test. No over the jungle mine. No over the beach either. We fly and train. Lets not go into Beach wing. I want a good wing that keeps us away from the Jungle and the water. Zilanie looks at her and smiles Weskath love we will prove we can be in any wing. I know it. You are just good at not wanting to get killed and I love that about you.

As they got to the training ground she started to put the flight straps on Weskath was still for the whole thing. She made sure the straps where tight before she added the saddle she was not going to fall off her dragon not like the first time they flew. She remembered that day it was not fun. She fell off and they had not gotten to far from the ground. She learned from that mistake. You ready for this love. Yes mine as ready as I will ever be.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Open for older riders, Wing Leaders, Wing seconds, and graduating werylings [/spoilers]
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Offline H'riel

Re: Training for the test [09.07.2590]2pm (open)
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2017, 12:19:14 AM »
With graduation less than half a turn away, it was not unusual for H'riel to turn up to the afternoon training session only to be instructed to team up with a fellow weyrling or weyrling group for some reason or the other. Primarily, he had found it was to improve on their own, individual skills, but sometimes it was so that the older participants could show the younger participants something to help improve themselves.

He didn't know what exactly the reason for this particular deviation from the standard schedule was, though the weyrlingmaster had told him… something that he felt should have been relevant… He just got a little caught up in trying to keep the weyrling he needed to meet in the front of his mind - lest he forget, end up where he wasn't supposed to be and end up being reprimanded for missing the point…


Thankfully, if he knew where he was supposed to go and a rough idea of how they needed to present themselves, H'riel found that the other participants tended to have the gritty details and it was simply a matter of getting to it to be able to fulfill what was asked of him.

The rather wordy list of instructions had thus been narrowed down to four things.

Green Weskath.
Flying Gear.

Of these, the flying gear was the easiest requirement to meet, and it had taken up much of the time between being dismissed by the weyrlingmaster and actually locating Zilani and Weskath to ensure Dwalath was properly kitted out. This was in part due to H'riel's desire to ensure every belt and buckle showed no signs of wear and tear before putting them in their proper place, a worn piece of hide with the steps he needed to take on the weyrfloor beside him, necessary, as it would turn out, but comforting.

The other three points… Slightly more daunting since he'd not exactly reached out to the other weyrlings outside of his clutchmates and there was a whole level of interaction that would be required without even knowing this "Zilanie", not to mention he couldn't quite remember if they were being tested or if this was just study. He'd treat it as though it was a proper test, at least. Though when he couldn't see any authority figures near the young woman and her green, he did manage to feel both relieved and slightly more nervous.

He must have been there to help out, then.

That would be… fun?

"Hello, Zilanie. I am H'riel of Dwalath. We were asked to meet you here?"

Dwalath's own rumbled greeting was aimed at Weskath herself, standing next to H'riel as he, too waited for further instructions. In that, H'riel and Dwalath were suited, though the brown was quite keen to practice a drill they had only recently been shown. They were both aware that it wasn't always for their sake that private training was arranged, so neither would concern themselves with trying to work out the "what, where and why's" until after Zilanie had explained her own reasoning for being there.

Spoiler for OOC:
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Offline Zilanie

Re: Training for the test [09.07.2590]2pm (open)
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2017, 09:53:20 AM »
Zi looked to the other weyrling that she knew was in the graduating class with her. "Hello H'riel. I am not sure what the test is we are training for C'ren just said we have test before graduating and to get gear on."

Hello Dwalath. Are you ready to train too? I hope we do not go over the Jungle it is scary as is the water with the snakes in it.

Zi shakes her head "Wes your just a big frightened dragon. She does not like flying over the Jungle or the Beach."

I am not scared. I am practical.

Offline H'riel

Re: Training for the test [09.07.2590]2pm (open)
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2017, 06:34:00 PM »

Well. That wasn't quite as enlightening as H'riel had hoped. He didn't respond for some time, frowning to himself as he mulled over Zilanie's words. She was accurate at least, they had many a test to do before they were able to graduate, and any additional training was usually to assist in preparation for any one of those tests. But to have flying gear ready narrowed it down… somewhat. He did not think the Assistant weyrling master would have been so vague. Perhaps Zilanie had a hard time concentrating when people chatted at them as well? That would make things a little more… difficult.

We are in the weyrbowl. That is where we will stay unless we are told otherwise. Dwalath responded, the words not intended to be reassuring but simply stating a fact. He did not need to "hope" for something that was improbable. And his bonded was in the process of figuring out what that was, since her bonded did not know.

He glanced around them slowly, a questioning grunt the only response Zilanie would receive thus far. There were no other weyrlings with them. Though that could easily change, there was always a chance one of the other weyrlings would get sent over to them after they'd started. There were also no senior riders, ranked or otherwise waiting for them - so whatever they needed to do they would be able to do without supervision. That eliminated Firestone and Between training as well.

With the two of them, they wouldn't be able to practice wing drills… but the size difference was enough that they could practice falling exercises… But that would be purely for Dwalath, since he couldn't very well expect Weskath to catch him… So. It shouldn't be that. Which meant…

"We can practice evasive manouvers." He said, voice matter of fact at the decision made. It would mainly involve taking turns to fly at each other from different angles, particularly in blind spots, and working together with their dragons to identify the "errant" dragon and move aside without disrupting the other's flight path. They'd practiced it plenty of times, and having an opponent from a different clutch would stop them from falling into the same patterns. Nishi was the perfect example of that, with his ability to predict her own movements outweighing the actual lesson. Since he could just shift aside without needing to think about it.

It could be dangerous… But he and Dwalath at least were well suited to the task, careful enough that the chances of actually colliding with the green dragon should she react opposite to how they expect, and she should be small enough to minimise any damage from a collision with him.

"We will let H'riel and Weskath warm up their wings a bit, and then Dwalath and I will announce our approach. Then you need to move out of our way." That was manageable, surely. They would be able to announce their own movements, and they didn't need to understand Weskath's to be able to work with her. They were much more competent reacting physically then on paper. He didn't deign to comment on her statement about her dragon's personality, however, feeling as though it was simply an accidental verbalisation of a conversation she and her dragon had had, though Dwalath's noncommital rumble suggested there was more to the conversation he was not aware of.

He would wait only long enough for Zilanie to confirm that she was happy with his decision before mounting Dwalath, making sure she was ready before he would give the order to rise. She had told him enough to assume he was the one taking the lead in the drill, and his dragon's hide meant that was naturally the position he should assume anyway, particularly when no-one was there to instruct otherwise. Leading, would be good practice too.

Offline Zilanie

Re: Training for the test [09.07.2590]2pm (open)
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2017, 05:26:22 PM »
Zilanie and Wes listened to the young man. Zi nodded "That sounds good to me. I have only ever done that with members of Wes's Clutch. I have seen you and Nishi practicing together. You are good." Wes nods.

You fly good with Xasheyth. It is like you and her are one. You can gage her moves all the time that is good.

"I will follow your lead as you and Dwalath are the ones with more athuroty over us even if we have not graduated yet. Wes will listen to Dwalath and what he tells her to do. She is good like that." She mounts up on Weskath and looks at her Dragon. Lets take to the sky and listen to Dwalath as we fly okay Wes he is in charge up here.

Yes Mine I  will. He is a Good Bronze and I will listen to him.

Offline H'riel

Re: Training for the test [09.07.2590]2pm (open)
« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2017, 03:56:27 PM »
H'riel nodded as Zilanie agreed to his suggestion, pleased that he would not have to try and figure anything else out until she had Xasheyth fly at them. He tried to listen to her words as he swung himself up onto Dwalath, meticulously checking each buckle before securing himself into the straps.

We have trained together for a very long time. It would be better if we were less predictable in our training. Flying with you will help. It wasn't praise as much as it was a statement of fact. There was no guarantee he and Xasheyth would remain wingmates after grsduation, and they needed to practice the drills with dragons outside their comfort zones to best meet the demands of a wing.

"We are not doing a leadership drill. I will not tell you how to avoid our approach, and expect you to refrain from doing so as well." H'riel replied while Dwalath spoke to Weskath, settling into the straps and readying himself for Dwalath's ascent.

He watched the sky a moment before deciding it was safe before giving them the signal to rise. They circled a bit before Dwalath informed the green of what he was going to do. When your wings have loosened up, I will dive towards your back. He said, simply, before climbing higher into the sky to start warming up his own wings.

I am coming, now The brown said as he started to dive towards Weskath, the descent controlled in case Weskath and Zilanie failed to move out of the way in time.

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