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Author Topic: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event  (Read 498 times)

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A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:19:51 AM »
Iralye awoke with a jerk, momentarily blinded by a flash of lighting before her bed seemed to quake under her at the sheer volume of the following thunder.

Oh no.

Quickly looking over she saw Rallekath’s tail twitching fast, her eyes still closed for the moment. The first monsoon of the season it seemed was upon them, and therefore, it wouldn’t be long before Rallekath would wake and make her life miserable for a night.

She pondered that for a moment, perhaps it might not be so miserable this time, is L’ale or L’nal succeeded in the chase. But she couldn’t rely on that, Rallekath was fickle enough that she choose a blue just to spite Iralye for deeming to assume to make up her mind for her.

Alas, no, this flight would be wholly up to Rallekath, and only the most impressive in the sky would be the one to catch her.

Iralye knew when Rallekath awoke without even having to see her eyes open, the force of the dragon lust that hit her staggered her momentarily. Oh yes, this would be interesting.

Not even acknowledging her rider, Rallekath quickly rose and slid from her ledge and out into the almost solid wall of water beyond their Weyr. It parted around her, each flash of lightning causing the green’s drenched hide to glitter as if peppered with tiny little stars.

No one could deny that the green was gorgeous.

Wasting no time on blooding a kill, Rallekath beat higher and higher into the sky, until she was looking down on the entire Weyr, a tiny speck of green on the inky roiling canvas of the storm.

She’d watch who arrived first, who was quick to answer her call, who was eager enough to not hesitate despite the storm.

With a roar, she beckoned them to her, calling for them to chase.

Is a tiny little bit of rain going to be too much for anyone?

Iralye stood, letting her furs fall from around her, not worrying about the nudity that she slept in, after all, it wasn’t like she had anything to hide.

Spoiler for OOC:
Have at look at the OOC thread to check in if you like.
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Offline Kaladesi

Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2017, 05:15:21 AM »

The word echoed into her dreams. It was familiar to her, but she did not know why.


It was a name, such a pretty name. She wondered who it belonged to.


She woke with a start. The voice was loud, but did not come from some other source. It sounded like it was in her head. She looked about, confused, only to lay eyes on a large shadow that was snaked into her weyr. Lightning flashed, and the shadow turned blue. Two large eyes stared at her, swirling purple.

Oh! It was her name, from her dragon, trying to wake her up. Wait... lightning? She rubbed her eyes and leaned forward in bed, the furs dropping from her bare body. "What is going on, Rodey?" She knew that if he had woke up from danger, his eyes would not be purple, but yellow, orange, or red.

Its the first monsoon of the season, Rodeth answered with excitement in his voice. Kaladesi paused. Why did the first monsoon mean something to her? Why did it mean something to Rodeth? Realization dawned on her and she leaped from her bed.

"Rallekath!" she yelled. The purple eyes, the excited voice... the early morning wake up... it all made sense to her now. "Mother Pern. Why didn't you just outright say it?!"

I was trying to be polite... the husky voice of the blue drawled out. Now, get up. She's already in the air At that, Rodeth turned and jumped off of his weyrledge and into the air. The rain buffeted him with his first few wing strokes, but he readjusted his flight and launched through the air. He would try and make this a quick flight; the winds were dangerous.

"Tsk..." Kaladesi hissed after the blue. She would never deny him a green. She threw a light robe over he shoulders, She did not close it, her nude form peeking out the front, and quickly made made her way to her wingmate's weyr. She entered in to the room and kept a respectable distance from the green rider. She ran an eye across the other woman's form; it was definitely a nice one to look at.

Desi's vision blurred, as Rodeth's flight lust over powered her own senses. It wouldn't be long until all she saw was dragon-sight.

Offline R'sin

Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2017, 08:20:28 PM »
It was the thunder that woke him. In his sleep it sounded like the snarls and screams of Hunters and R’sin jerked awake in his weyr, cold with sweat. But even once he was awake the pounding didn’t stop as the rain fell in sheets. Dekkath was restless on his ledge and at first R’sin thought it was just because the big bronze was picking up on his own antsiness.

//It’s fine Dek, just a bad drea--//

But Rallekath’s call split through the rain and the thunder and Dekkath roared back. Damn.

//Oh come on! Now?! It’s pouring!//

The skies always split open when she flies.

R’sin was pretty sure it was the other way around but he was not about to argue with the bronze. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and rubbed his face. //Any chance you can like….not fly her?// But R’sin knew the answer to that. Dekkath would always fly given the chance and R’sin only held the bronze back when he absolutely had to and Iralye and her green gave plenty of reason for Dekkath to fly and none for R’sin to deny him.

“Fuck.” He didn’t bother putting a shirt on. What was the point, it’d only be soaked through by the time Dekkath dropped him off at his wingrider’s weyr and if Dekkath won then a shirt would be even more pointless. R’sin shook rain from his hair as he entered Iralye’s weyr and as he watched Dekkath disappear into the sheet of white rain.

Visibility would be next to nothing. The hard drops of water pelted his hide and the wind caught under his wings and jerked him around. The smaller, lighter dragons would have an even harder time flying straight in this weather.

The rain kisses your hide. The skies themselves cry at your beauty. Even battling flying in this monsoon, Dekkath would croon and praise Rallekath as she deserved .

Offline J'thir

Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2017, 09:04:21 PM »
The crack that shook the Weyrbowl jerked Adakhanyth impolitely from his slumber. Cracking open an eye, he lifted a wing and peered out into the nights darkness. The rain pummelled his wingsails, making a constant quiet drumming sound that had lulled him to sleep quite effectively. While many others had retreated inside their weyrs at the onset of the rain, Adakhanyth had remained out, the rain yet warm on his hide as it was still summer yet. Or maybe not anymore, he mused silently, maybe this storm marked the onset of Monsoon season. They'd had summer storms, for sure, but they tended to be much drier than the current downpour.

Shifting slightly to make himself more comfortable, he dropped the wing back down, content to let the rain lull him back to sleep when a roar brought him back to consciousness fully. A green? Of course, Rallekath! He should have known, his wingmate always flew at the first onset of the Monsoon. J'thir, he prompted, feeling his rider stir groggily into wakefulness.

"What?" the bronzerider grumbled, voice hoarse as he stretched. He sat up, blinking in the darkness and confused as to why there was no light peeping in yet from outside. What time is it?

Early, but not by much, the bronze replied, hauling himself to his feet. We need to go. Rallekath flies.

J'thir's head hit the pillow again. You woke me up early just so you could get your rocks off?

Spoken like a man who's never done the same, Adakhanyth stated, voice laden with sarcasm, hypocrite. Now, move! he finished, snapping quickly to command, something they were both familiar with. Wear something that will keep you dry, he added as an afterthought.

It's raining?

Of course it's raining. This is Rallekath we're talking about here, Adakhanyth reminded his rider, as if that should have been obvious, as J'thir rolled out of bed and quickly grabbed his riding leathers, hung neatly on a peg in their rightful place, forgoing underclothes for now. This was a flight, after all.

The rain on his face was bracing enough to bring the bronzerider to more or less full consciousness as he stepped out onto the ledge to join his bronze, vaulting up onto his dragons shoulder with a tad more difficulty than usual with how wet he was. He clung to Adakhanyth's neck ridge for safety, having forgone the straps for the short hop up to Rallekath's ledge and his bronze's urging for him to hurry up. The bronze winged his way up to the green's ledge, a warning rumble for any dragon not his wingleaders to not get in his way as he dropped J'thir off, before leaping powerfully up from the ledge and into the sky.

Threadfall wouldn't keep me from chasing you, dear Rallekath, Adakhanyth crooned to the rising green in answer to her question as he beat up after her. This rain? he added dismissively before continuing, it shall fall like diamonds from our wingtips.

J'thir took a moment to chuckle at his dragon's words before stepping into Iralye's weyr. Ada was never usually that eloquent, except for during Flights. His eyes immediately went for the naked form of Iralye as she stood by the bed, taking another moment to appreciate her beauty before looking respectfully away. He'd not be caught ogling her yet, not while he still had control of his faculties. Once they'd all merged fully with their dragons, nobody would care any longer, but for now he'd stand to the side, straight backed, hands clasped behind him and impulses firmly under control.

Offline L'nal

Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #4 on: July 01, 2017, 03:35:15 PM »
This time, it was Skeleeth’s turn to grant his brother Bronze a head start while he ferried the twins to the Green rider’s weyr. The wash of Rallekath’s lust had been another layer of heat on top of the warmth of the monsoon, only adding to the pressure that seemed to be blanketing Southern Winds and rousing both of Jungle’s Wingseconds early. Dawn would be threatening the sky in a candlemark or so, but the force of the storm pouring its wrath over the island would leave the day dark and oppressive, if it ever lightened significantly at all.

Neither of them bothered to dress fully; the albeit short trip to Iralye’s room would only drench their clothes anyway, and there would be little point even if one of them didn’t win. In the event that one or either did not catch the pale and pretty Green, odds were another Jungle rider—such as Callista or Yestine—could be coaxed to ride out the rest of the Flight Lust with them.

Beyond that, for a flight like this any delay could make the difference between keeping up with Rallekath or falling behind. Both Illoth and Skeleeth would have an advantage over smaller colors, better able to do battle with the strong monsoon winds and rain due to their size. But it would be Illoth with the truly favorable start, able to take to the sky as soon as the Green wove among the rain and called to her would-be suitors.

Once both L’ale and L’nal had been dropped at Iralye’s weyr, Skeleeth joined Rallekath and the others contending with the storm. I would chase you even through a hurricane, he rumbled, wheeling closer. The sheets of rain glittered on his bronze hide with each strike of lightning, the steady strokes of his wings making him seem to glimmer in the brief flashes of light.

L'nal himself looked over Iralye appreciatively before giving his attention over to his dragon. With as treacherous as the skies were now, they would need all their focus. But the Greenpair would be a worthy prize for challenging the storm.

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.

Offline Wa'by

Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2017, 03:35:47 AM »
Vicith had woken up at the early signs of the monsoon that approached, perched on the weyrledge with his wings stretched and his head craning out over the weyrbowl, eyes half lidded as he enjoyed the growing power of the storm that would soon be upon them.

We are going. he rumbled loudly, eyelids opening quickly and the purples of flight lust quickly swamping the contented blue that had been there only a heartbeat before. He did not give his bonded room for argument, lowering himself in preparation for Wa’by’s mount. Quickly. She is already in the air. he added with a low hum, his attention on the darkness beyond the ledge and the green who flew with the buffeting winds.

“’right, ‘lright ya fuckin’ wherry. ‘m up” Wa’by slurred, pulling his furs from the bed and wrapping himself up, tucking it in on itself despite his grogginess and stumbling over to the Blue. “Should have fuckin’ realised you be wanting to go hooning around in this weather. Tell me to lay off the piss next time will ya.” He groaned as he found his place between Vicith’s neck ridges, readjusting the furs as best he could and hoping they didn’t just fall off on the short flight to whichever weyr this thing was to be held at.

He only lost one layer, whisked away amidst a sheet of rain a moment before  Vicith shook him onto the ledge. Wa’by paid no mind to the rest of the room, recognising the rider with a surprised chortle and untangling the furs from around him (they were wet, useless and would only get in the way if Vicith won), before letting his mind go to Vicith’s. The blue thoroughly enjoyed forces of nature, and while he was interested in the green who flew, he could easily be swayed into enjoying the chaotic weather patterns more than the chance to catch the pretty thing. If they were lucky, they’d be in with a chance, though he’d have to arrange a wineskin or two for B’lye if they won.

Vicith echoed Wa’by’s nonchalance to the other dragons, his joy at the possibility of catching the green amplified by the chance to fly in the monsoon. As he dove off the ledge where he dumped his rider, he kept his wings close, opening them slowly as he felt the buffetting winds blow in such a way that would give him some lift and letting himself ride the updraft into the storm. It was going to be difficult for him to win, he knew that. He was too small to force his way through the monsoon itself, but he had an appreciation for the chaotic weather and would use it as best he could.

You chose the perfect time for a flight he crooned as his updraft fell away, tilting his body to cut through the winds that would push him further away from his target, angling his wings once he felt the push of another that would propel him forward. The other dragons were inconsequential. Focussing on them could result in him misjudging the storm and getting injured. No. It was just him, the Monsoon, and Rallekath ahead of him. He couldn’t barrel through like the larger dragons, but there was always the possibility the smaller dragon was as much at the mercy of the storm as he was, and riding it the way he was would get him close enough to tame her.
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Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #6 on: July 03, 2017, 08:27:24 PM »
T’stann was already awake, although he usually rose a little later, the thunder had been too good to miss, and he’d settled his bare back on Nerenith’s warm stomach while he watched. It was because of this, in a rare turn of events, that he saw Rallekath’s pale hide gleaming in the flashes of lightning before Nerenith even awoke. Rising with a smile, he could admit the Green presented an impressive sight, a streak of the softest green amongst the angry blues, purples and blacks in the early morning sky. As Nerenith awoke, a bright flash of lightning speared through the sky, as per usual Rallekath’s flight would be nothing short of exhilarating.

The dark Bronze rose, the rush of lust breaking over T’stann like a hot bath on a cold morning, and there was no need for words between them. Just a shared sense of excitement and satisfaction, their win uncertain, but the challenge guaranteed. Honestly, this was the perfect way to begin the Fall.

Not bothering with a saddle or more clothes, T’stann gripped Nerenith with his trousered thighs as he held his hands up to the howling winds, and Nerenith leap from their weyrledge into the stormy morning. The rain felt like sheets of ice, waking both of them up from whatever sleepiness still lingered, but not quite able to starve off the heat from the flightlust. T’stann swept the moisture into his hair, messing it up with a boyish grin, and leaping quickly off his perch as Nerenith swept into Iralye’s weyr. Eyeing her bare state with appreciation and a devilish grin, he greeted her first, “Morning love, looking stunning as ever,” he said before nodding to each of the men in turn, and shot Kaladesi a wink.

As Nerenith turned and leap from the ledge, he sized up his competition. Most of these were worthy opponents, he’d flown with them in thread before, and that meant they deserved better than outright disdain, but he was the one who’d be winning this flight. Although Nerenith didn’t tend to discriminate as to who he flew, he wouldn’t deny he found some prizes worthier than others. And the Green who heralded the storms had always been a worthy prize. He sat among the middle of the pack ability wise, not quite as agile as the Blues, but not as slow as the other Bronzes, which he considered an advantage. After all, in the storm, you needed to be versatile, and to win this Green, you had to be impressive. He was nothing if not impressive.

His tone laced with humour, he crooned to Rallekath as he swept towards the challengers in the dark sky, As if you’d ever let one so weak win you.
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Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #7 on: July 07, 2017, 02:40:17 AM »
Rallekath was pleased with the turn out for her flight, again, the thrill of the chase had been no less dampened by the moisture in the air.

And oh was she beautiful, Iralye thought, as she stepped forward, making the riders in her Weyr part to get out of her way. The green rider would watch until she could see no more from her own eyes, and she felt a thrill at the wind and rain which whipped against her body as she gazed out at the shining speck of green in the sky. Rallekath was a diamond, teasing the wind currents with her body, and allowing them to sweep her to and fro, her lighter body being more easily carried higher and higher with minimal effort of her own.

Not one to deny her enjoyment at the poetic words of her chasers, a sultry laugh emitted from within her and rang out across the sky, accented by a crash of thunder. Tipping back, Rallekath allowed herself to fall into a wind current behind her, which quickly caught her opened wings and dragged her skyward without so much as a beat. Her chasers would have to decide whether or not they would trust the small wind current to pull them upwards, or whether they would make the slower but less temperamental ascent on their own steam. Either way, as long as they looked good doing it, Rallekath would be pleased.

Blues, browns and bronzes had turned out alike, all vying for her attention, but she granted no one specifically anything yet. They would have to prove themselves before she deigned to give them anything special.

She couldn't help but notice Skeleeth in the air, and the thrill from her rider as evidently, L'nal made his way into Iralye's Weyr. But Rallekath pushed those emotions aside with a growl, no one would take this flight away from her, not even Iralye. She'd said it before and she would say it again, they would have to drag her from the sky kicking and screaming if anyone was worthy of it.
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Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #8 on: July 07, 2017, 06:05:44 PM »

Storms like this always made flights hard. And not just physically hard. Eventually, after many, many turns of experience Dekkath could often predict how another dragon would fly. The thermals and air currents dictating only so many possibilities and moves. But a storm was wild and untamable. Which said something about a green that would only rise in them.

There was no predicting where Rallekath would go, when she would dip or turn or weave. The wind carried her and all her pursuers could do was react as quickly as possible. Dekkath stopped trying to fight the storm. Forcing his way through to Rallekath in the most direct route would only suck away his energy as he fought for every inch.

He let the winds take him too, his wings open wide to catch them and his muscles tense and straining to keep steady.

Inside the Weyr, R’sin’s attention was fully on Irayle, his dragon, and his dragon’s attention on Rallekath. The people in her weyr parted as the young green rider moved between them towards the weyr opening, seeming to shine and relish the storm just as much as her dragon. Each stroke of lightning gave brief glimpses of both dragon and rider in the haze of the storm. Sultry, tempting teases of what could be for the ones who caught them.

//Go get her.// R’sin urged Dekkath possessively. Jungle was his.

The bronze bugled into the tumultuous sky in answer to Rallekath’s growl and pulling his wings fractionally in towards his body he shot forward into the wind current she’d used to push her upward, his wings flaring out to full span as he hit it intending to ride it up after her. Winners didn’t wait for an opportunity, they made their own.

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Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #9 on: July 09, 2017, 01:23:29 PM »
Much like the storm itself, Rallekath was a wild thing to be chased but not necessarily tamed. While not privy to her thoughts, Skeleeth suspected that the Green herself felt similarly, and he wouldn’t have wanted her any other way. For her to give in easily, or fly poorly—none of these were worthy of a dragon from their Wing. And if he couldn’t catch her on cunning and strength alone, he didn’t deserve her.

The Bronze would say nothing more until he caught her. If he did.

As Skeleeth saw Rallekath rise higher on a thin and temperamental cross-breeze, he shot forward and upward in the hope of catching the same wind higher in its trajectory. It was a gamble, given he didn’t know how far it extended; but to seek out the same place where she had snagged it with her wings would only slow him down. As big as he was, Skeleeth was more a creature of endurance than agility in the air.

But it was a gamble that paid off as he ended up nearly upside down in the arc, twisting and flaring his wings as he felt the air tugging at him so that he could level out rightside up. The maneuver had nevertheless lost him some momentum and time since he’d had to use more of his own power to find the current, but not significantly. Not catastrophically. He could still well be in the running to catch her, if he seized the right chance.

L’nal’s stomach turned over with Skeleeth’s twist in the rainy sky, but it prompted only a smile from him as he admired the sight of Iralye staring out into the dark, of Rallekath a pale jewel amongst the monsoon. It wasn’t in his nature to be airsick, even in the disorienting mingling of his mind with his dragon’s. Rather, there was a certain exhilaration to chasing a Green who tested her suitors so.

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.

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Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #10 on: July 15, 2017, 07:27:41 AM »
Rallekath’s death drop into the tendril of wind behind her was equal parts impressive as it fucking annoying. Nerenith liked a challenge, but he didn’t like to throw his chances of winning that challenge on some temperamental wind spout. He saw two other Bronzes make the dive for the current, and a small growl formed in the pit of his belly. You’re worth the extra effort, he rumbled low, some of the acidic tone leaking in to his usually bored voice, before he beat hard towards the sky. It was hard work, but green flights weren’t often long.

The rain stained the Bronze’s dark hide, making his dark form hard to see amongst the angry clouds. He thought to use it to his advantage, beating until he was above the tricky Green. She would be too fast for him if he got too close, too easy to twist and turn her way out of his grasp and possibly into another suitor. So, he wouldn’t press her, instead bide his time, hovering above her like the coursers above an unsuspecting wherry.

If she moved to dive, he would too, he couldn’t let her get that far away. But he’d win her based on his own merits, he wouldn’t let her chase end on the chances of the wind. Thunder crashed around him as he weaved between the clouds, attempting to avoid those whose static would tickle his skin and distract his view of the Green and her movements.
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Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #11 on: July 15, 2017, 04:31:07 PM »
Despite flightlust coursing through his body, Rallekath’s allure was dampened ever so slightly by the thrill of the storm. A monsoon was about as dangerous a storm as he was willing to fly in, and it was rare that he had the opportunity given so much of their time was spent away from the weyr or working. How he had never managed to be home foe one of these jungle green's flights was a mystery, yet it was not a concern for him.

He didn't follow the green so much as angled his trajectory towards her wherever he could. The way the winds forced him this way and that was enticing in and of itself, and the brief sight of her falling only to be scooped up in an updraft thrilled Vicith to his core.

There were more ways to fly than what Rallekath was showing, and Vicith thrummed his pleasure as he found a downdraft that seemed to push him towards her. There was no guarantee that he'd fidn himaelf an updraft that would send him up, after Rallekath as well, but the tug of the downdraft promised speed at little effort.

Where was the fun in forcing your way towards her.

Let the Bronzes bother with that.

He tilted his wings as he decided to risk it, letting himself drop ever so slightly into the wind current that had teased at him earlier. It wasn't so much him being pushed by the forceful gust, as being supported by it, gliding not unlike the weyrlings just learning to fly, but with a concentration that such immaturity lacked. His tail was stiff, even as it swayed ever so slightly, wings adjusting minutely as the current changed around him. 

It carried him beneath the draft the green had caught, but Vicith paid it no mind. Panicking, where he was now, could cause an injury that wpuld prevent him from continuing. The counterwind was not far away, his nose catching the resistance and allowing him to register it before the rest of his body caught up. He reacted almost instinctively, tucking his wings up and aiming straight ahead, unphased as he dropped.

He opened his wings slowly, catching onto the gust he had felt only a heartbeat before and letting it flip him upwards, tucking them back up as the momentum had him upside down and giving a hard flick with his tail that sent him into a barrel roll. He'd done that enough times to be unconcerned as the world rolled around him, timing it so that he cut through the updraft without losing the support provided in the wind pocket.

It lasted only a couple of turns before he righted himself, twisting until he faced the right way before letting his wings fall open, the air filling them instantly with aa leathery snap. He did not pause. Did nit hesitate. He used brute force to push against the wind that filled his wings, forcing his wings down even as the updraft forced him up, giving his speed a boost that would not have existed had he fought the currents.

He bugled his exhilaration then, the green a shining beacon so close still, yet as eager to play with the storm as he was. There was an ache in his wings, and the drive to catch the jungle green was stronger than ever before. But his head, at least, remained level. He would not fight the storm just to catch her. But if she was as willing to let the monsoon direct her as he was, they'd no doubt cross paths sooner rather than later. It was just whether it was enough to beat out the rest of his competitors that would dictate whether he caught her this time.

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Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #12 on: July 16, 2017, 03:35:33 AM »
Rallekath exalted in the thrill of the storm, allowing smaller windcurrents to take her away where the other dragons could not follow. She noticed the blue, noticed him following the storm in his own way, not following her exactly as the others had.

Mayhap it might work in his favour. No matter how fancy and handsome he looked riding on the wind below her, he would have to catch her, not just impress her. A bronze almost faltered, Skeleeth, but he made ground up quickly enough, as no one else was pressing close.

She almost growled in the frustration of it. Why were they holding back? Did they think she was just going to fall into the arms of the dragon who looked the prettiest, no, they would have to drag her from the sky, and if they were only going to wait back, no one was going to catch her.

With the anger coursing through Rallekath, Iralye hissed at the men around her, eyes blurred and out of focus as she watched an entirely different scene in the sky. She didn't bother to detach herself from Rallekath, after all, it was far more exciting flying then it was staying here on the ground.

And so dropped, slipping between Dekkath and Adakhanyth like a bullet, their slower, larger, bronze bodies not fast enough to grab her small figure. When she was far enough away, she flew toward Nerenith, barrelling straight at him, ready for a head on collision, before diving straight down in a barrel roll, and mocking mimic of Vicith's previous move.

What did they think they were doing? Biding their time? Waiting for her to tire? Well Rallekath didn't tire so bloody easily.

Length 20.1m ~ Height 4.02m ~ Wingspan 33.3m
Iralye had her hand injured at the Hunter attack. Given all clear 03.03.2590.

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Re: A Little Bit of Drama [20.07.2590 / 4am] Event
« Reply #13 on: July 19, 2017, 09:52:34 PM »
The wind tugged at Adakhanyth's wings, requiring a hundred different little changes in wing spread and angle to keep him steady and pushing forward, but the bronze took them all in his stride. He couldn't afford not to. Flying in weather such as this was dangerous at the best of times, to be doing so for the purposes of a Greenflight added a whole other dimension of necessity; Not only had he to maintain a safe, level flight, but he had also to keep up the speed lest he lose his target in the storm. Greens were smaller and faster, more agile in good weather, but more at the mercy of the winds in a storm like this one.

He pushed on. His advantage over her was that he could push through the winds better while she was at the mercy of them. But there were a lot of other bronzes in the running also, and they would have that same advantage. Some would undoubtably choose to conserve their strength, ride the currents as she did, but Adakhanyth knew he had enough strength to outlast a gold in flight and so plenty in reserve for a green. Their flights were shorter, after all. So he powered upwards, following the current that brought Rallekath up with it but not catching it himself as several others rushed to do so.

Adakhanyth was close enough behind Rallekath to catch her angry snarl, snatched by the wind and thrown behind her toward him. They had displeased her, disappointed her. That was his cue. As she dropped he tucked a wing, twisting himself mid-air so that his grasping claws could reach out to her as she dove towards him, closer... and then past, as a stray gust of wind spun him too far. With a howl of frustration, his other wing snapped in close also and the bronze dropped like a stone, following Rallekath as she slipped away from him, her momentum carrying her down faster where he could only hope his extra weight would help him catch up. He watched her, eyes lidded against the stinging wind, looking for any sign that she was about to halt her descent so that he could arrest his own. It would take him longer to slow down, after all, so he couldn't afford to miss his mark. He had to anticipate her.

She spun left, back the way she'd come. Adakhanyth made to follow her, before realising with a start that she was barrelling directly towards Nerenith, noticing late as he'd been focussed fully on the green. The last thing he needed was a head-on collision. Not only would that ruin his chances at catching Rallekath, it could result in injury or worse. Back-pedalling, he continued his descent past the other bronze, flaring his wings below the other to halt himself there, when Rallekath dropped again. Bugling his surprise and glee that she'd done so before he'd managed to come to a full stop, he gave up his efforts and dropped again, angling himself to come alongside her. He wasn't going to let her slip past again.


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