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Author Topic: Approved Bl'yx [ 10.06.2559 / Blue Rider ]  (Read 1994 times)

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Bl'yx [ 10.06.2559 / Blue Rider ]
« on: July 01, 2017, 12:41:13 AM »

Play By:

[ BLIX ]
[ bell-ICKS-uh-mye ]
His family and some previous lovers used to call him Ximi, but it's a name he hasn't heard in turns.
Date of Birth:
10.06.2559 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Crom Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Prairie Wingrider
Bl'yx doesn't have a weyrmate and isn't looking for one.
I lied cause I'm trash; I don't think he calls them such, but Faytona and P'run are his weyrmates >_>

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Of middling height and build, Bl'yx was never destined to grow into much bulk. He's no weakling, since he was trained first as a Smith and then as a rider, but his muscle is far more lean than anything else. His movements have always been deft and precise, and he carries himself with an elegant purpose that has caught eyes in the past. His hair and eyes are both as dark as the rest of his family's, but he's been known to bleach his hair on occasion when the chemicals for it are on hand. Since he dislikes the way it tickles the back of his neck when it's over long, Bl'yx tends to keep his hair fairly short, though it's usually a little longer in the front. Though his face appears to be rather expressive, the emotion in his eyes is usually different or absent altogether. Bl'yx is handsome in a pretty sort of way, not exactly feminine or androgynous but certainly not hypermasculine. His hands, feet, and limbs are long and graceful. Oftentimes, his posture looks languid even when he's upset.

Bl'yx always looks well put together, regardless of what he's wearing or if his hair is mussed from sleep. Anyone would be hard-pressed to see him looking less than clear and alert, unless they happened to know him at the height of his drug use back at Fort Hold. He tends to favor darker clothes when he can, and often wears his leathers even when off duty because he likes how they look on him. His hands, forearms, and legs are littered with scars from past accidents as a Smith, being mauled by a wher, and Threadfall alike, but he's not especially self-conscious about them.

Additionally, he's probably one of the few people on Pern who still has their ears pierced. Bl'yx has a pair of rounded silver earrings that were passed down in his family, and which were gifted to him when he first started his apprenticeship. He's also in possession of one gold, one silver, and one steel ring that he wears on a chain around his neck; the first is an heirloom, the second is one gifted to him by Zhikar and Ramelyna, and the third is one he made himself.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Destruction is all he's ever really known. Though he was isolated during his childhood from the worst horrors of the Pass, Bl'yx grew up hearing stories from his parents of what Pern used to be like, with all its numerous Holds, Weyrs, and Crafthalls. There's a faint part of him that wishes he could have seen it, and resents not being born in that time. But at the end of the day, as far as he's concerned, they're all going to die one way or another because of the Pass. Threadfall might have ended, but the effects of it can't be escaped even on the island that once looked like paradise. He'll fight to survive as long as possible, sure, but he doesn't expect the future to really be any brighter than the present in any meaningful way.

Response to dragon color mutations: Bl'yx is honestly past caring. He regarded Neisoth with a sort of detached curiosity when he first hatched, and felt similarly about his oddly colored children. But since that's one of the only things anyone in the Weyr has wanted to talk about for the last three turns, he's bored of the whole thing now. What the Black and Red riders do with themselves, or if they turn out usefully, doesn't really concern him. It's the problem of those in the Weyrleadership, and he'll accommodate however they decide to deal with them once they've actually made a decision. He thinks it's unfortunate that Candidates and a dragonet died at Kalestath's latest hatching, but, well… the world is a dangerous place.

Who are you...

Jewelry : Though he never actually advanced very far among the Smiths, this was the lifelong passion that Bl'yx missed. He remains appreciative of it to this day, though it's gotten rarer and rarer with the Pass. His few prized possessions are the small bits that he's managed to save throughout this life, and the pieces that mean something to him were the only things he was above trading in his darkest days at Fort.

Hot Springs : Something about soaking in the warm water eases the tension in him, and it's all the better on the occasion when he can get a massage or a lazy bout of sex to go along with it. The relaxation of it reminds Bl'yx a little of how languid the highs on passion vine were, but at a far less dangerous cost.

People : Underneath all of it, Bl'yx does actually like having company. He's just convinced that it will all either end in him getting hurt, or in him being a source of hurt and disappointment for someone else -- which distresses him even more. While he might not always be the most patient or empathetic person, there's a deep need in him to be approved of and cared for.

Bleeding Hearts : Specifically of the kind who think he needs "fixing" or that love for them will somehow mend the wounds he still carries. Bl'yx will be downright cruel to those who try to get to close, and is convinced that it's for their own good despite the fact that it's due in large part to his own fear. He's slightly less dismissive of those who are overly compassionate to others, but only just.

Copper : It's not a color he's particularly fond of, and Bl'yx never liked working with it when he was a Smith. It's one of the few jewelry metals that he just doesn't like, which is compounded by the fact that it always reacts with his skin and tarnishes with verdigris on the occasions he's tried to wear it.

Shoddy Craftsmanship : He might not say anything, but it drives him up a wall when something is obviously of low quality or was made by an amateur. Bl'yx knows that he has no ground to stand on in making criticisms since he actually got ejected from a Crafthall, but he'll avoid those whose work he's had a poor opinion of in the past.


* UNSENTIMENTAL : Bl'yx doesn't get overly attached to either things or people. When something has exhausted its usefulness to him, he'll walk away from it without looking back, regardless of whether it's a worn out piece of gear or a relationship. Overly saccharine moments make him uncomfortable and bored, and a number of past lovers have lost his interest precisely because they were too needy and tried to force an emotional response out of him. But where this would be a weakness in dealing with other people, it became a strength during the Pass; Bl'yx has never been hung up on death or grief, and operated like dependable clockwork during Threadfall no matter how demoralized others might have been.

* WILLFUL : This Blue rider has never been one to fall in line just because someone else says to. If he thinks something is a stupid idea, he'll say so, and he's never really responded to bullying, intimidation, or begging. Bl'yx just doesn't work that way. There's a fiercely independent streak in him, born of the sense that depending on other people will just get himself or them hurt in the end. As such, he's very accustomed to going his own way, and will rankle against those who attempt to dictate his actions or change him.

* FEY : Bl'yx is something of an inscrutable mystery to everyone he meets. He has a perpetual airy, almost otherworldly quality like he's not quite tethered to reality. It makes him incredibly difficult to read:  Bl'yx never reveals much, doesn't have an open face, and certainly doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. Especially since he's never pinned down for long, the greatest impression anyone might ever get of him is that he's somewhat ephemeral.

* COMPETITIVE : Bl'yx doesn't like to be outdone when it comes to things he cares about, and it's this sense that drove him to excel as a Smith, when he still was one, and later on adapt quickly to Weyr and weyrling life despite how quickly it was pushed upon him. Some of it arises from enjoying the feeling of superiority, but the bottom line is it can be leveraged to get him to do as he's told even when it's a task he doesn't particularly relish.

* CONFIDENTIAL : Largely because he doesn't like revealing things about himself either, Bl'yx will never betray a confidence, spill a secret, or gossip about someone behind their back. Of course, he might have opinions on the actions of others, on the rare chance it matters to him in some way, but he knows how to be discreet.


* TURBULENT : Bl'yx's moods never last long one way or the other. One moment, he'll be riding the high of someone's praise or a small triumph, and the next he'll sink to the depths of despair because their attention shifts somewhere else or he encounters an obstacle. Over the course of his life, he's found that other people find this exhausting, but for no one is it more so than him. This extends even to his relationships, in that he'll go through bouts of avoiding people or leave abruptly in the middle of a conversation because his amusement, interest, or patience has waned. Everything he feels, he feels completely and overwhelmingly, but the negative things seem as deep and endless as Between when he's in the throes of them.

* UNPRINCIPLED : Bl'yx doesn't have any diehard convictions. Some might say he doesn't stand for anything, and he wouldn't be one to disagree. There's no cause that he feels compelled to argue or die over, and others may consider him rather amoral given his opinions -- or lackthereof -- on the shadier aspects of humanity. He's never judged someone for something they did to survive, no matter how underhanded or selfish, and he knows better than to take those things personally. But in that, he's not the sort of person to advocate for a certain belief or way of life.

* DISPASSIONATE : In much a similar vein, he doesn't care about other people. Bl'yx is inherently a selfish person, and he won't lose sleep over using someone to get something he wants. At the same time, he won't get worked up about it either; anyone who tries to pull him into an argument will instead find him dismissive to the point of ignoring them. He feels apathetically about others, and is thus isolated because he won't let anyone close.

* COMPULSIVE : Sometimes, Bl'yx does things for no real reason. When an idea gets stuck in his head, odds are he'll act on it with little regard for how self-destructive or troublesome it might be. He's never had a good check on his impulses, and the path his life has taken have made them even worse. At the worst, he'll do something on the spur of the moment and then immediately regret it and be left dealing with less than favorable consequences. The flipside of this is that some things, he has to do ritually -- like getting ready in the morning or the way he arranges his things. He'll be prickly or downright distressed if he can't.

* REPRESSED : Because of his natural inclinations to strong emotions and unhealthy impulses, Bl'yx goes to great effort to control all of it. It takes a significant amount of his energy to hide it all, and while it's been balanced somewhat by Zuraneth, it's not something that will ever truly go away. Bl'yx might be genuinely happier when he's not completely isolating himself from other people, but good luck convincing him it's worth it for more than a few moments at a time.

Describe Yourself:

* IMITATIVE: A social chameleon, he will reflect the dominant mood or personality of those around him. Among those who are outgoing, he'll be more playful -- or at least seem to be. With those more withdrawn or shy, he'll be quiet and contemplative. And so on. This makes it even more difficult to get a good bead on Bl'yx, as he shifts easily between different types of social interaction as easily as someone else might change clothes.

* MASOCHISTIC: This manifests in a number of ways, from sexual to self-destructive. Bl'yx has a peculiar relationship with pain, in that it's one of the few things he both feels deeply and actually enjoys. More often than not, he entertains this proclivity in private, since it tips his hand a bit too much for his liking. In the past, this was one of the factors that led to his addiction and falling in with a more dangerous crowd. Now, it's the sort of thing that drives him to flirt with disaster, entertain habits that are harmful to his health, and punish himself for either real or perceived mistakes. In a way, he clings to it like a comforting shroud precisely because it's familiar.

* ELEGANT: There's a certain grace of motion to everything Bl'yx does, and he has deeply artistic leanings that go to unfortunate waste during times such as these. He has good taste and an eye for design, and in another era might have made his family proud by remaining a jewelry smith rather than a rider. As it is, this talent is instead used in making sure he always looks well put together no matter what he's wearing.

* ADDICT: To attention, to approval, praise, and previously drugs:  Bl'yx does his best not to give into or react to those things, and thus feed his addictive tendencies, but it's something he'll never fully escape. About the only thing he'll indulge himself in any more is alcohol, and that's only because it's in such short supply that he can't truly fall into any of his previous habits; besides, alcohol was never his vice so much as passion vine, psilo shrooms, and smokeweed -- all of which are practically impossible to come by in a Weyr. His need for validation is, in Bl'yx's opinion, far more dangerous, and is the weakness he tries the hardest to fight.

* FAITHLESS: Bl'yx has never had much hope in things being better than they currently are. The world is cold, cruel, and dying; expecting that to change is foolishness, in his opinion. He won't argue against trying to make the most of what opportunities there are -- which drove some of his hedonism in the past -- but at least he admits that it's an ill-fitting and temporary bandaid over hurts that will never heal. It's animal nature to fight against the dying of the light, but fate doesn't exist, and Bl'yx fully expects that the remaining survivors on Pern will eventually all die on the island. Their world has already fallen, and they're just the unlucky few that it hasn't caught up to yet.

The Magic Touch: Bl'yx is naturally ambidextrous, and it's a skill that his parents honed rather than repressed, since the Pernese don't carry Terran superstition about left-handedness. He's continued to practice it throughout this life, and is now just as deft with any tool in one hand as the other.


Mother: Maelyxa. Master Glass-smith. Born 2535. Bonded to Lyxask.
Father: Belizandrin. Master Smith. Born 2534. Bonded to Belizask.

Maelizandra. Sister. Born 2550.
Belixandrae. Brother. Born 2552.
Malizandai. Sister. Born 2555.
Zyllaxen. Brother. Born 2560.
Lynnexa. Sister. Born 2561. Miscarried. Died 2561.
Yllaxella. Sister. Born 2562.
Meindari. Sister. Born 2565.
Belazandrai. Brother. Born 2569.
Dranexyn. Brother. Born 2572.
Ixadaena. Sister. Born 2575.

All professions have been left blank since they're going up for adoption. All will be Crafters or Holders in some variety, with a preference for Smiths or Glass-smiths. None will be riders, but may have whers.

Children: Bl'yx has never been with someone long enough to know if they got pregnant. Many of his past love affairs have ended either explosively or with cold venom, so if anyone has had his child, or suspects they have, he hasn't heard anything of it. Personally, he has no interest in children or caring for them.

Tell us a story...

* 2559, Born Belyximai is born to a long line of Bitran jewelry-smiths who had been displaced to the Benden, Keroon, Igen, Telgar, and Crom Holds all in turn as the previous ones fell. He's their fourth child and second son, and is a spot of brightness for them in such dark times. Despite being born somewhat early, he proves to be a healthy child.

* 2560, 1 He's joined a year later by a younger brother, Zyllaxen; though Belyximai doesn't remember it due to his age, they both end up largely in the care of their older sister Maelizandra, since she's nearly an adult and this allows both of her parents to focus on their work.

* 2561, 2 Crom Hold falls this turn, and Belyximai's family is among those who get sent to Fort Hold rather than one of the other few still standing. It's likewise an event he doesn't really remember, though he's been told it was a difficult period for his family. Maelyxa, not knowing she's pregnant, goes Between with the rest of her children to make the transfer, and subsequently miscarries shortly after arrival. She and Belizandrin name the child Lynnexa before her funeral rites, but it is not an auspicious start to their new life at Fort Hold.

* 2562, 3 The first memory Belyximai really has is when his sister Yllaxella is born a turn later. He's not old enough yet to be given responsibilities in taking care of her, but he's self-aware enough to understand her significance to his family. While a little jealous that everyone is cooing and fussing over her, he doesn't dislike her, really, and the feeling fades within a few months of her birth.

* 2563, 4 Nabol Hold falls this turn -- and while he's not old enough to grasp why things seem so unsettled at Fort in the wake of it, he feeds off the resulting energy and starts to become a much more anxious and sensitive child. His acting out isn't really drastic at this point, but it's at this age that he first recalls really being reprimanded for something. In a fit of tantrum, he breaks a piece of glass art that had been handed down in his family and made it through innumerable moves until this point. His parents' and older siblings' disappointment in him is visceral, and one of the keenest emotions he's ever experienced at his age.

* 2564, 5 After Nabol, Ruatha isn't far behind in closing its doors. While its existence doesn't end in rioting and death, there's still an increasingly dark cloud that hangs over the people of Pern as hope for the future dims more and more. The biggest effect it has on Belyximai at his age is that things in the Hold grow more crowded, with stricter rules on rationing. His parents' stress deepens as their broken Craft tries to find places for those displaced to Fort, and Belyximai starts doing chores around the home to help keep it in order. He doesn't mind that so much, but the shortened tempers among his family cause him to alternate between acting out in turn and withdrawing into himself.

* 2565, 6 While Maelyxa and Belizandrin weren't actively planning for another child just yet, Belixymai's mother ends up pregnant, and Meindari is born. This time, Belixymai does resent the new addition to the family. Though he doesn't do anything to endanger his younger sister, he ignores her most of the time and refuses to have anything to do with her as much as possible. This changes some as he ages, and his guilt overcomes the loss of his family's attention, but for the first few years of Meindari's life, he all but hates her.

* 2567, 8 The collapse of the Southern Continent puts things in perspective a bit, now that he's old enough to understand just how much of the world is simply dead and abandoned. His lessons with the Harpers have included poring over old maps they use to teach basic geography, and the revelation that an entire half of Pern is essentially gone makes him value his family a little more. His acting out ceases, since he doesn't want to cause more problems for his parents, but the depth of emotion he feels at certain things -- more so than other people seem to -- are markedly different, and that's not lost on Belyximai. Rather than feed into it as he did before, it's at this age that he starts repressing it all in the hopes it will just go away.

* 2568, 9 High Reaches Hold evacuates, sending those who previously lived there to the few Holds and Weyrs that remain. Since Belixymai's parents are Crafters, this doesn't affect them as much as it might others, as their skills are still in demand and thus they are fairly well off. It's at this age that he first starts showing an interest in their work, particularly in his father's; though he's spent much of his life fulfilling the role of a standard Smith, Belizandrin was trained as a jewelry-smith like the rest of his family. Belixymai is fascinated by the artistry that can be coaxed from metal, glass, and gemstones, and is eager to join his parents' Hall to learn these things:  the next three turns, as far as he's concerned, can't pass soon enough.

* 2569, 10 Another brother, Belazandrai, is born this turn, adding yet another mouth to those needing fed. But with their station and traditional values, Maelyxa and Belizandrin are determined to continue cultivating a large family -- particularly with the intention of teaching their children their Crafts in order to preserve them. Now that he's so near to adulthood, Belixymai is entrusted with the care of his younger brother in order to train him for the day when he eventually has children of his own. It's not a set of chores he especially enjoys, but he puts in his time, and ends up rather fond of Belazandrai as a result.

* 2571, 12 All of Pern is now reduced to Fort Hold and Weyr, which only drives Belixymai's determination to do what he wants with his life. He's officially accepted into the Smith Crafthall on his birthday, much to his delight, and throws himself into his studies with enthusiasm, passion, and creativity. It's here that he discovers he has a taste for the artistic and a good eye for design, and he quickly excels under the guidance of older Crafters and his parents alike. Though he has to go through the same routine schooling as every other Smith apprentice, Belixymai already knows that he wants to specialize in jewelry if at all possible. Lacking that, he's determined to add a decorative flair to anything practical he works on, and figure out how to do so without wasting materials.

* 2572, 13 Belixymai's family welcomes another son, Dranexyn, but the import of it is largely lost on him since the responsibility for children has passed to his other siblings, and he's fully enveloped in progressing as a Smith. He's made a few friends by this point among the other Crafters, including a slightly older pair of apprentices, Zhikar and Ramelyna, who take him under their wing. It's those two who introduce him to the seedier side of things at Fort Hold, opening Belixymai's world to the gambling dens, whorehouses, and illicit substances that have become the preferred methods of escape during the Pass. Smitten wholly with the two, Belixymai does whatever they offer or tell him to in order to seek their approval -- and so starts his downward slide into dangerous habits and acquaintances alike.

* 2573-2574, 14-15 His time ends up split between progressing his talents and getting into mischief with Zhikar and Ramelyna. Initially, at the start of his apprenticeship, Belixymai's teachers sense greatness in him; metal works like clay in his hands, and everything he makes has a certain beauty to it if he's given free reign, all without compromising any practicality. But the longer he strays into the dirtier side of the Hold, the more the balance of Belixymai's time turns to getting high instead. He and his friends favor passion vine the most, but dabble with psilo shrooms and smokeweed as well. Alcohol isn't so much his thing, but he finds that any high will do; it does much to quiet the consistent roar inside his head, and makes him so airy, light, and carefree that he scarcely registers when others in the Smith Hall start to pass him in expertise. By this point, he's in an informal relationship-of-sorts with Zhikar and Ramelyna, and his passion for them burns brighter than almost anything else. Belixymai mistakes this feeling for love, though in reality it's probably more lust and infatuation than genuine romance.

* 2575, 16 By the time three turns have gone by, Belixymai's habits have been noticed by his teachers and family alike. Shortly after his sister Ixadaena is born, Belixymai is quietly pulled aside and informed that the Smiths are going to have to end his apprenticeship since his drug habits make him a hazard around dangerous tools and the forges. Lost, with a howling grief that seems to be eating him from the inside, he goes home only to discover that it was his parents who initiated the move in the first place. They won't allow such behavior in their household, especially around his impressionable younger siblings, and Belixymai's attempt to argue with them ends in his disownment. He flees into the arms of Zhikar and Ramelyna, and gives himself over fully to a drug-induced haze in which he trades for things in exchange for both sex and the skills he learned as a Smith to repair tools for drudges and gang members, or jewelry he creates out of discarded scraps.

* 2576, 17 In the dangerous climate that is the dark underbelly of Fort, Belixymai decides he should bond to a watchwher for protection as well as companionship. He manages to earn a favor from an acquaintance who is involved in the wher fighting scene, and stands with others when the acquaintance's protective Gold has a hatching clutch. Belixymai does everything right, he thinks, approaching one of the eggs when allowed and slicing his palm -- albeit sloppily -- to let the hatchling bond to him. But he's high, as he always is in those days, and the state of his mind makes the Impression slide off like water off glass. Distressed at what it senses from him, the little Brown flees, biting and scratching in its eagerness to get away, which leaves scars on his arms and legs that Belixymai still bears. This rejection sends him into a depressive spin, and he ends up using more and more passion vine to get rid of all the feelings he can't otherwise deal with. Late in the year, on the eve of the New Turn, he returns from an errand to retrieve more drugs to find Zhikar and Ramelyna have overdosed on the vine. They never wake from their deep comas and eventually stop breathing, and Belixymai greets the new turn with two dead lovers and a pit inside of himself that he thinks will never be filled.

* 2577, 18 Zhikar and Ramelyna's deaths are a jolt to Belixymai even more than the wher's rejection is, and in a fit of fear and grief, he gives all his drugs away to other friends. The resulting withdrawals he has from everything nearly kill him, leaving him weak and feverish for what feels like months. At the end of it, though, he's as clear-headed as he has been since he joined the Smith Hall, and quietly begins to take more work from any and all that have metal tools in need of fixing. In the last few months of the year, he happens to be in the right place at the right time, and a visiting dragon rider approaches Belixymai to tell him that their dragon, a handsome Blue almost the same color as the sky, thinks he would make a good Candidate. Belixymai thinks they must be mistaken, but all of it feels like a dream -- and maybe the Weyr would hold a better future for him than the Hold. It would be easier to stay away from the things that might tempt him, anyway, so he cleans out the room he'd once shared with Zhikar and Ramelyna and says goodbye to everything he's ever known. If his family ever learns of his decision, Belixymai has no idea; he hasn't spoken to them in turns.

Weyr life is oh so drastically different from the Hold one, but for the first time in a long while, Belixymai feels filled with a sense of purpose. He keeps largely to himself, beyond a few casual trysts with riders and fellow Candidates, and devotes the rest of his time to learning how the place works and what being a dragon rider entails. He just makes the cut-off for the second to last clutch of the year, and doesn't really expect to Impress. But from one of Lhulath's eggs hatches a slender, delicate Blue with wings like the night sky, who announces himself as Zuraneth, and fills the holes in Belixymai that he'd never dreamt would be anything but empty.

* 2579, 20 With something to direct his attentions to, and Zuraneth's steady presence in his head, the newly-named Bl'yx flourishes in weyrlinghood like he did as a Smith all those turns ago. With a more stable balance in his life, as well as a name unattached to who he was before, it feels like a whole new beginning. He finds that his mind is well-suited to the rigors of being a dragon rider, as he easily memorizes flight patterns and rules. The two turns spent during Zuraneth's growth are some of the happiest of his life, despite the death and fire all around them. Since Zhikar and Ramelyna, Bl'yx is far more guarded, and learns to depend on no one but himself and his beloved dragon. Upon graduation, they slip easily into the role of members of a fighting Wing, though Zuraneth's size means that he trades off shifts with the other Greens and smaller Blues. But things make sense, in a way, and Bl'yx finds that he's, if nothing else, content.

* 2580-2586, 21-27 For these six turns, Bl'yx and Zuraneth are regular as clockwork in their devotion to fighting Thread. Bl'yx thinks less and less about the events of his past, reinventing himself as an inscrutable quiet presence to most, though he makes acquaintances easily and entertains a few dalliances -- all of which end badly in some form or another. But he's careful not to let anyone too close, and Zuraneth remains the only one privy to the turmoil inside his head that he does his best to keep within. Rather than despair at the feelings Bl'yx represses, Zuraneth understands that his rider is dealing with them the only way he knows how. And while he doesn't necessarily fully support keeping things so bottled, he implicitly just gets that these things are sometimes too overwhelming. Far steadier and less mercurial than many of his Blue brothers, Zuraneth acts as a reasonable voice and source of unconditional love for Bl'yx, who has found a place as a functional and valued member of the Weyr.

* 2587, 28 Bl'yx never thought he'd live to see the end of Threadfall, and the cessation of it leaves him feeling a sense of numbness. The thing that had given his life purpose for so many turns is just… gone, and he doesn't know what to do with himself. Zuraneth isn't suited to scouting, so he's not among those riders who search for a new place to live; and though he understands why it's necessary, the revelation that Weyr and Hold are all going to be smashed together in one settlement spark in him a sense of panic. All of the temptations he hasn't had to work to avoid are going to be right in front of him again, and he spends the next two turns avoiding anyone and everyone he might have ever known at Fort Hold -- including his family. The hatching of Neisoth means far less to him, as Bl'yx assumes it will be a one-off peculiarly colored Bronze. The Hunters and Snakes are a much more immediate threat, and at least it feels familiar to have something to fight against as he used to with Threadfall.

* 2589, 30 He takes a little more notice when Neisoth catches Kalestath, but beyond it being a curiosity, it doesn't really interest him. Even the hatching of more Blacks and the new Reds bores him, ultimately; Bl'yx thinks they're gorgeous, but just how abuzz the Weyr is with talking about them makes him lose interest.

* 2590, 31 Bl'yx is now fully convinced that Pern truly is dead and dying, and those survivors who are left are doomed to follow in that path despite their best efforts otherwise. Between the Beach Snake attack, the Hunter attacks, rifts between Hold and Weyr, and the mess that is Kalestath's latest hatching, it seems all the clearer to him. Part of him yearns for the release from it all that drugs used to provide, but despite his fears things don't show signs of becoming quite as seedy as they were at Fort. And when many of the Holders move to the Mine Hall, Bl'yx finally relaxes a little more. At least that way, if there is a resurgence of such things, it will be far away from him.


Earning this favor had taken a lot of wheedling, a lot of convincing. For a long few sevendays, Belyximai hadn’t even been sure he’d be able to manage it at all. In the separate world that was the underbelly of Fort Hold, watchwhers were a valuable commodity—for protection, for livelihood, for hide, for meat. They weren’t given away idly, and the price of one from an independent seller was more than Belyximai knew he could afford. Between what he, Zhikar, and Ramelyna had to pay to keep their room secure, and what they spent on their drugs of choice, there wasn’t much left over. Most of whatever else they needed was bartered for in one way or another, largely with favors, errands, shifts of work, or whatever else they had to offer.
That he was standing here at all had taken no small effort, from sharing highs with the owner of the Gold wher to running petty errands for him, even to Belyximai letting the man spill himself in his mouth after a sweaty tryst in a darkened corner. But in a place such as this, where a well-trained wher could make the difference between getting walked all over or treated with a little more caution, it would all be worth it.
Be ready, he’d been told once the man had finally agreed. The eggs could hatch at any time, and that meant he’d have to be quick to get there in time. The Queen brooding over them had already approved his presence, but the little whers would have to bond to someone in order to live. And if Belyximai couldn’t be trusted to be there on time, he would miss out on his chance for at least another year, if it was extended at all.
Of course, the word had come when he and his lovers were high. They’d been passing smokeweed cigarettes back and forth while waiting for the passion vine to take effect, lounging amid the piled pillows and furs that they’d made their bed out of:  a hollowed place in the ground that was meant for a Gold or a Bronze wher. But the bed wasn’t big enough to fit them all, and was as such rarely used. The ashen-faced waif of a courier had ducked his tangled head of hair into their doorway late in the evening, eyes downcast as he asked after Belyximai. And so he’d had to extract himself from among his lovers’ languid limbs, and drag his slow way to the tiny, sheltered Sands all while feeling as though he was floating on a plume of hazy fog.
But he’d gotten there in time, at least, just as the eggs started to rock. Whether or not the Queen’s handler could tell if he was high, he didn’t know or care. All that mattered was the man didn’t stop him from stepping out to the clutch, and Belyximai’s world narrowed to the array of eggs as his heart quickened in his chest, pounding blood in a deafening rush through his ears.
The egg he chose was a big one, with the lucky fold around one end. Pale cream in color, it seemed to vibrate with promise. And when Belyximai preemptively sliced open his left palm in a jagged line, he scarcely felt it. The only sensation that made it through the numbness in his flesh was how warm it seemed, a red hot line of feeling that throbbed in time with the sound of his heart in his ears. Swaying on his feet, he ended up on his knees as his balance decided for him that standing was no longer really an option. He caught himself with his uninjured hand, dropping the thin knife in the process, and proffered the bloody one to the cracking egg like a supplicant to some saint or long-awaited miracle.
Belyximai held his breath as the shell broke open, and the most gorgeous little Brown wher spilled into his legs in the wash of amniotic fluid and broken shards. He was the color of teak, only faintly patterned with a lighter color much like the sand beneath both of them. If he were ugly, Belyximai didn’t know it. In that moment, he was the most beautiful thing on Pern. Belyximai wanted nothing more than to feel that mind take hold of his, to finally know what it felt like to never truly be alone.
This would be a good wher. A strong one to protect himself and those dear to him.
Sniffing at the blood on his hand, the little creature’s eyes whirled in excited green and the acrid orange of hunger. The feel of his needlesharp teeth on Belyximai’s skin would have made him wince, were that lingering numbness and heat not enough to transfigure it into a bizarre pressure he could feel but didn’t really register. And the sensation of the Brown licking at the cut all uneven across his palm made him realize he was smiling.
For a few sweet seconds, Belyximai felt the tiny creature’s mind probing against his own. It was warm, but in a less scorching way than the feeling in his hand. It was comforting, instead, steady—but then it pulled away, leaving him confused.
Like water sliding off polished glass, it slipped away from him and all that replaced it was fear.
Belyximai wasn’t aware enough to recognize it was the wher’s fear rather than just his own. Desperate to get that connection back, and unsure of what had gone wrong, he reached out to pull the creature close. Maybe something had startled it? His awareness beyond the two of them was hazy at best. But then it screamed, a shattering sound that vibrated through him more than he actually heard it, and more searing lines of pain bloomed on his arms, his hands, his legs. It took him a moment to realize what they were, and then he let go in the realization it had clawed and bit him, in the desire not to hurt it—
He watched it run from him, to the nearest undbonded human that shot him a puzzled look and then knelt to comfort it, offering their own bloodied hand. And then Belyximai stumbled to his feet, blood running down his arms and legs and staining his clothes, and he fled, unable to look his failure in the face any longer.

Member Info...

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Alany Walany Woo
Other Characters:
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NPC with no death please.
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Re: Bl'yx [ 10.06.2559 / Blue Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ ZOO-ran-ehth ]
Date of Birth:
2577 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 25.6M
Mature Height: 5.3M
Mature Wingspan: 42.5M

General Appearance...

Most of Zuraneth's hide is a deep, midnight blue like the darkest blanket of a summer night, and with very little variation among the coloration. Even in bright light, his back, tail, neck, and limbs reveal only a faint mottling that may as well be a trick of that same light. His claws and pawpads, however, are a pale blue like starlight. His neck ridges and cheek frills are different yet, a steel or Prussian blue. But it's Zuraneth's underbelly and inner wingsails that are the true source of his beauty -- for all that, having his wings folded, they're scarcely visible since the outer sails are much the same color as the rest of him. But these areas, once revealed, bear a striking resemblance to the night sky. Speckled with patterns that look like stars, nebulas, and distant galaxies, Zuraneth looks like he was cut from that same sky.

He's not a large dragon by any means, only slightly above the smallest his color ever gets. He's slightly taller than average at the shoulder, and his wingspan is proportional rather than remarkable. The sails and structure are narrower than normal, however, which hinder his endurance. Zuraneth will never be a dragon built for long flights, and during Threadfall he had to trade out shifts with the other smaller dragons. He is quick in the air, though, and as dextrous as his rider.


Mind Voice: Zuraneth's voice is like a summer evening:  warm, dark, and enveloping. There's nothing harsh or sharp about it; it's the sort of deep, rich tone that could lull someone to sleep, talk them down from a poor decision, or comfort them when the world seems against them. At the same time, there's a faintly mysterious quality to it, like Zuraneth is always amused at something he knows but you don't. It's velvety and fluid all at once, and always calm like nothing in the world could ever go wrong.

Nighttime Flights : Zuraneth has a certain fondness for taking to the sky after darkness has fallen, when he can all but blend against the star-filled sky and observe things from above with no one the wiser. He's far more inclined to chase Greens who rise after the sun has set, as well.

Other Blues : While the might not all think like him, Zuraneth feels most at home with other dragons of his color. Their temperaments are at least somewhat the same, and he likes how laidback and relaxed they usually are. Independent of who his rider may or may not be casual friends with, he'll seek out the company of other Blue dragons.

Mundanity : He's always in search of adventure, excitement, or at least something interesting to occupy his time. Anything that gets too ordinary or predictable too quickly will make him bored, and he'll more or less stop paying attention. People who always talk about the same things are at the top of this list.

Regurgitating Firestone : It's probably his least favorite thing. He wouldn't refuse to do it, of course, because Zuraneth understands that during the Pass it was necessary. But now that Threadfall is no longer happening, he resents having to practice with it anymore. The taste of it is downright heinous.


* COOL : Nothing fazes Zuraneth -- not Bl'yx's past, his stormy emotions or fits of despair, disasters, or tragedy. This Blue doesn't make light of those things, but they don't distress him. Instead, he's understanding, supportive, and soothing whenever he needs to be:  a stable ground for his rider to stand on. He knows that those moments will all pass away into tranquility eventually, and in his infinite patience he's content to wait.

* ELFIN : Much like Bl'yx, Zuraneth is a strange creature. Were he human, he'd be the sort of person who's always wearing a sly smile and seems to know more than you do. But rather than being off-putting, he leverages this facet of his personality with a certain attractive charm, and oftentimes to turn Bl'yx's impulses to something playful, adventurous, or ultimately harmless rather than self-destructive.


* MERCENARY : Zuraneth doesn't have much use for other people. Though he likes it when Bl'yx is actually trying to be social rather than wholly isolationist, he feels much the same way his rider does when it comes time to say goodbye. If a relationship is going to cause Bl'yx distress, for whatever reason, he's just as ruthless in cutting them off. By the same token, if his rider is having a surge of antisocial feelings, he may try to smooth relations with someone he's alienated to ensure he's not completely alone.

* TRANSIENT : Things don't hold his attention long, unless they're important to Bl'yx. Zuraneth can be somewhat misleading to others in this regard, since he seems fully focused and interested in a topic one minute and disinterested the next. His mind just works fast, and he often finishes out where he thinks a discussion might go before it's actually over or the other person has given up on it.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #000d2b; Text: #cef2ff

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Zuraneth is Bl'yx's ballast, providing the stability and unshakeable conviction that his rider doesn't have within himself. Sometimes, Bl'yx worries that Zuraneth doesn't really need him, or would have been better suited to someone else -- but his dragon maintains he's exactly where he needs, and wants, to be.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Bl'yx [ 10.06.2559 / Blue Rider ]
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