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Author Topic: Approved T'vye [08/10/2576 9th Pass | Bronze Weyrling]  (Read 2217 times)

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T'vye [08/10/2576 9th Pass | Bronze Weyrling]
« on: July 01, 2017, 08:32:28 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
8.10.2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: All sharp angles and hard lines. It takes effort to be perfect and T’vye works hard to make sure his appearance reflects just how fantastic he is. He isn’t broad, but he is tall and well-muscled, wearing clothes that are rarely anything but clean and crisp, made to accentuate the body beneath. He walks with a confidence unmarred by insecurities. He doesn’t brush aside easily, and he expects you to move out of his way when he walks. He is every inch the young, confident weyrling, though there is a serious note to the set of his face that discourages frivolity when dealing with him.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The 9th Pass Catastrophe had little to do with shaping the way T’vye developed. Being weyrborn meant growing up in the creche was the norm, and with so many other kids in the exact same situation, it was hard to begrudge the few that had permanent weyrmate parents. The Dragonriders of Pern fought thread, and while he may have heard about all the weyrs and holds that were lost, being born in Fort meant his home, at least was not. He grew up with rationed food, and the almost constant mourning of dragons. Death happened, but the only affect was the realization that it happened… and his determination not to be counted when he finally had the chance to join the riders in the sky. The end of the pass did nothing to mar these feelings, though he does act quite thwarted that he was not old enough to be searched while they faced the constant threat of thread. It would have been easy to show everyone how great he was during threadfall... a teeny bit harder when they were barely even allowed to leave the weyr without an escort nowadays.

Response to dragon color mutations: Fuck ‘em. His opinion of the mutations in the same clutch as his own bonded is slightly higher, but so far as Neisoth and his first offspring are concerned, T’vye wants little to do with them. He may not want them killed… But he does not like the idea of blacks being able to throw their weight around as much as the bronzes themselves. While cautious about the reds, he at least doesn’t hold as much disdain for them as he does the black mutations. The reds aren’t his competition the way the blacks are.

Who are you...


*Boasting:- He talks big about where he’s going to get in life, but absolutely loves sharing his past accomplishments to any that wishes to hear. This is a young man who will most definitely have a better story to tell than the one you just told, and to make it even better – he won’t even be lying. If he can’t relate to the story directly, he’ll oft start his own with “That reminds me of the time I” before telling you how his event was so much better than yours.

*Followers:- Groupies. Fangirls. Devotees. Doesn’t really matter what age or what genre they are, if you’re hanging off his everyword and practically throwing yourself at him, he’s bound to enjoy having you around. He revels in having as many adoring fans as he can gather, and will often seek to help out someone flagged as “less fortunate” because he knows there is a high chance that person will feel indebted and thus become a constant supporter in everything he does.

*Confirmation:- Verbal praise is wonderful, but what really gets his blood boiling is when something he says is going to happen, happens. It doesn’t matter how small the statement may be, if it is confirmed, he is thrilled. It just helps justify how right he is… and gives him things to gloat about.

*Firelizards:- Well Dragonkin in general. But who the fuck thinks wher’s are anything like dragons? Firelizards however. Every second person seems to have one following them around acting all high and mighty because they’ve got ”Tiny dragons” accompanying them, Like anything could compare to dragons themselves. Inferior little beasts. inferior to dragons.

*Insubordination:- He gets that his superiors are his superiors – one day, he’ll be the superior and the only person he’d have to answer to will be Halirina herself; but for now, he has a certain understandiong of his rank so far as the greater weyr is concerned and he expects to be treated as one would anyone else in this rank. It isn’t necessarily to do with dragons, but knowledge as well, and if he says he knows better, you’d better listen to him. He doesn’t care if you have questions or don’t understand. AS far as he’s concerned. What he says goes, and any second guessing of his decision is just plain rude.

*Frivolity:- T’vye doesn’t care much for senseless “fun”. He understands there are some skills that can be learnt from engaging in various activities, but when there is no rhyme or reason to what you’re doing, he doesn’t want any part of it. This goes for those people that are just. Well. Nonsense. He won’t stand for it, and he won’t participate in it. In fact, so long as it doesn’t result in him getting into trouble, he’ll just walk away whenever pointless shenanigans are involved.


* CONFIDENT : He knows who he is, what he wants, and what he’s meant to be. And won’t care whether you see it different. He doesn’t second guess himself, and only ever asks questions that he deems important to the ultimate decision he has to make. He doesn’t need to know what you think, nor be praised for what he has done well. He’s not going to say no to you, but he’s not looking for constant validation of how good he is at something. He already knows it.

* COMMITTED : Once he sets his mind to achieving something, he will not dally from the path he needs to take to get there.  He knows what path he wants to take and it’s just a matter of his life catching up to where his head already is. He would have waited until he was no longer eligible to stand on the hatching sands before he even considered he wasn’t meant to be a dragonrider – and even then it would have taken a whole lotta convincing for him to actually take up a craft. While he prefers for his self-imposed goals to be achieved sooner rather than later, he is patient enough to wait out periods between, and focusses instead on what he needs to do to accelerate that.

* LUCKY : Some people just are, and T’vye is one of them. There’s definitely some sort of talent in there, but ultimately, he’s just one of the lucky ones. So far he’s yet to be disillusioned by delays in what he deems his path in life, and every achievement is further justification of such. It doesn’t help that he ends up being correct even when it comes to trivial things. He may end up with the last bubbly pie of the night, or end up on the crappy chore the same day a gold flies, to be replaced by someone else the next day. It really is just dumb luck half the time. His natural talents aside.

* GIFTED : Intelligent, healthy, athletic and blessed with (what he thinks are) flawless features, it’s easy to resent the natural potential this kid shows to most things he applies himself to. He could have had his pick of crafting apprenticeships but as it was, he was to be a dragonrider. Cream of the crop, really. 

* TRUSTWORTHY : For all his idiocy, He’s someone you can rely on. He might want to claim all the glory in everything he does, but he’s not about to let someone call him less because he fails in his duty. A dickhead he may be, but untrustworthy he is not. He doesn’t feel the need to lie about his actions – because everything he does is on purpose, but he also feels no need to throw someone else under the bus to get out of trouble.


* CALLOUS : In achieving his goals, T’vye does happen to step on others. It’s unintentional, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it happens. If you’re not going to help him achieve his goals, he is perfectly happy to brush you aside. While he isn’t the sort to climb the social ladder through lies and political friendships, he will definitely bulldoze through relationships when they no longer benefit his long-term goals. In this, he can be quite cruel.

* SELFISH : T’vye doesn’t quite realise how his actions affect those around him. Instead, he sees only positive results of his presence and uses that to reinforce his sense of self. He’s not one to share, comfort or assist anyone else though expects other people to do just that for him. What’s yours is mine; what’s mine is also mine.

* IMPOSING : With his easy dismissal of others, decent height with much more room to grow and nonchalance when it comes to other people’s space, T’vye comes across as threatening, particularly when he feels as though someone isn’t giving him the respect he feels he is due. Even if he wasn’t so self-centered as to pay no mind to other people’s thoughts, feelings or opinions, his bulldozer mentality and easy confidence makes him almost unapproachable even with a valid reason.

* RECKLESS : With such a solid grasp on what he wants and how he wants to get there, T’vye is often reckless in his actions. Not to be mistaken with being bold, or brave, he rarely thinks beyond the present so far as the next step in the grand scheme of his life as he wants it to play out, and only really considers what would be counterintuitive to his goals before acting on an idea.

* BOSSY : T’vye has a solid grasp on… well… everything important as far as he’s concerned, and he never hesitates to step forward and take charge, directing people this way and that to achieve whatever goals they set out to do. While the underlying leadership capability may be a sound base, the lengths in which he pushes his authority rarely comes across as just “good leadership skills”. He will be more than happy to drag you where he thinks you should go and won’t hear a word of why he isn’t able to do that.

Describe Yourself:

* ARROGANT: There’s no doubt T’vye has an image in his head of who he will one day become, and he’s not shy of acting as though that’s exactly who he is at any moment in life. He’s adamant that his dragon will fly Kalestath in three years’ time, and the weyr will be better off than it ever had been. It’s not even wishful thinking. T’vye believes each and every word he says and it just further reinforces how far his head is up his own arse.

* COCKY: Anything you can do T’vye can do better. Don’t believe him? He’ll prove it to you. He doesn’t just boast. He acts on those boasts. You might be able to outdo him there and then, but give him a bit of time and he’ll surpass you. You can count on it. In all things, T’vye will be better. … Eventually.

* JUDGEMENTAL: T’vye is quick to have an opinion on anything. It might not necessarily be the same opinion as yours, but it’s the only opinion that matter. He doesn’t waste time assuming things will change. He judges based on the then and there and that’s that.

* UNFORGIVING: Sorry doesn’t cut it. If you wrong him, there is little chance he will ever forget it. He’s not going to care how much you’ve changed since that moment, or what reasoning you provide for why you did what you did. It doesn’t matter. One strike. That’s it. One strike and then you’re done.

* STUBBORN: In many things T’vye is unwavering, though perhaps the most trying for his instructors will be his refusal to admit if he had done wrong. He’s unlikely to apologise (with any meaning) in the event that he fucked up and put someone else in danger, he rarely backs down in a fight and when he’s decided to do something one way, it will be a warm day between before he’ll say he was wrong for doing so. His saving grace would be his tendancy to just walk away when and if he can. What’s the point in arguing when he’s right?

The Magic Touch: He’s ticklish. Not “Oh. Haha. That tickled” ticklish but full blown, breath air on him and he’ll giggle for a good minute… possibly squeal. He’s alright once he’s gotten used to the touch, but can’t seem to master the art of not laughing at anything but the most in your face skin-on-skin touches.


Mother: Thevemmon of Izythath B. 2560 I. 2573
Father: Y'tol of Bronze Bayorth. B. 2554 I. 2569
Father’s side:
2572 – Yolata of Green Zephreth
2575 – Nishi rider of Green Xasheyth
2578 - Tiranatol - 12 - Apprenticed to the healer hall
2579 - Yolinadae - Weyrbrat
2581 - Yonila - Weyrbrat
2585 – Minatol - Weyrbrat - Crafter mother
Mother’s side (That he knows of):
2572 - Vemornae
2588 - Qremmon
2 at least that he knows of, born in 2589, though until they’re old enough to make a name for themselves, he doesn’t really care for knowing them. 

Tell us a story...

* 2576-2581, 0-5 Born from a celebratory fuck between Y’tol and Thevemmon, he was given to the creche as soon as possible to allow Thevemmon to join the fighting wings as per her duty to the weyr. He does have siblings, but as is the nature of the creche, does not necessarily know them by name. Even as a babe, T’vye was a demanding little shit, caring little for the needs of his carers, nor the other crechelings. Born so late in the pass, the constant threat of thread, rations and possibility that anyone he meets may not be there the next day are all the norm. T’vye doesn’t know any different, nor does he care to. Stories of “better times” are pointless and have no standing in what he himself wishes to do with his life. Young, he may be, but determined to forge his own path despite the chaos that is Pern.

* 2582 - 2586, 6-10 When you find out your dad is a Bronzerider and your mother a Bluerider, it’s hard not to imagine yourself following in their footsteps, particularly when it means defending Pern from the constant threat of threadfall. Not one to care much about his past so much as his future he focusses his attention on the inevitable day a blue dragon searches him, filling the rest of his time by making sure he was better than his peers. One has to stand out to get ahead in life, afterall.

It was during this period that he realised he had half-siblings right there in the creche with him, and a little bit of digging identified Nishi as one of them. Only a turn older than he was, T’vye latched onto the idea that she was to be her primary rival. She gave him something to focus on to fill the turns between crechling and candidate, and while he wouldn’t admit it openly, he holds a lot of respect for the girl.

* 2587, 11 A turn away still from being searchable thread ceases its relentless barrage. The relief in the weyr is palpable, but T’vye is somewhat unphased by it. Ultimately, it had little affect on him. He hadn’t lost anyone to threadfall to be pleased by its absence, and there may have even been a niggling sense of annoyance that it had ceased before he was even able to join the fighting wings. Images of him atop a Bronze saving his wing from imminent death were shattered with news that it had ended, to be replaced without pause with ideas for how to impress the weyr with his feats now that a new home was being sought.

As a crechling, he wasn’t exactly the first person to move from Fort Weyr to Fort Island, and while disappointed that he couldn’t be one of the first, he figured it was only a matter of time before he’d join the weyr population – and by then the early arrivers would have properly prepared for his (And the other crechlings’) arrival. Reaching the island at the beginning of Month seven meant that he didn’t have long to wait to watch his first hatching, the lack of a fall meaning there was no longer any danger to those who wished to sit in the stands to watch.

It was all going fine and dandy until the black beast hatched, and T’vye found himself looking for the Bronze father, appalled. He’d long ago developed an idea that it was the males who dictated what would be in a clutch, boosted somewhat by the Gold, but ultimately colour dispersion was primarily the Bronze’s job... And this one. This one had gone and managed to produce a completely new beast. Finding out that it was Leremith, the winner of all of Kalestath’s flights for as long as T’vye had been born made it so much worse. This is the first time he considers his future Bronze flying Kalestath – showing the rest of the weyr what a proper dragon pairing could produce now that Leremith had failed them.

Comparatively, his reaction to the Hunter monstrosities were mild. As with threadfall, they were just one more thing to add to the list of things he would get rid of once he became a rider. Fuck. The weyr needed him to be searched so bad.

Meanwhile Nishi leaves the Creche to start a fisher apprenticeship, earning T’vye’s scorn. For someone adamant that they were going to be riding a Queen, entering the fishercraft was a stupid way to go about it. Along with the other milestones he sets, Nishi’s absence, and subsequent lack of being searched solidifies his intent to stay in the creche where searchriders can find him easily enough.

* 2588, 12 His nameday isn’t until the end of the year, so while he’s not technically eligible to be searched until the 10th month, he still gets sour when he finds out that Nishi, despite running off to do a Fisher Apprenticeship, had been searched. When she impresses almost a month prior to his 12th nameday he is furious. He wasn’t even capable of participating in that clutch, and it was extremely unfair that she had that advantage over him. The single saving grace was that she hadn’t managed a Gold. He’d at least have his proper dragon by the time he impressed. Just a matter of waiting it out before he had something to tease her for properly. As it was she had a dragon and he wasn’t even a candidate.

* 2589, 13 Neisoth outflies every fucking Bronze in the weyr and claims Kalestath as his. The resulting clutch is large, and possibly better than any of those she had laid after Leremith caught her, but the resulting hatchlings are once again marred by the precence of not only three more blacks, but three new colours again. Smaller than greens, the red dragonets cause chaos on the sands, and he scoffs at the idea that the mighty Bronzes have been usurped by this mutation bearing black. The fact that Neisoth had grown as quickly as the rest of the bronzes he hatched with does not go unnoticed, but does little to alleviate T’vye’s disdain for him, and his offspring. 

In his twelth turn, T’vye makes a note to be present whenever a bluerider visits the creche, making sure they know how old he is, and that they should let him know if their dragons identified the potential in him. He tried to coax a few searches himself. “I’m gonna be a dragonrider. Trust me.” But to no avail. It’s frustrating, but he knows it will happen eventually, and while perhaps a bit snippy when asked about it, is relatively patient so far as waiting for the inevitable moment he gets asked to stand.

In preparation for candidacy, he has been entering into flings with other young women in the weyr, finding casual sex a worthy engagement of his time. Two such trysts result in children, but apart from knowing that the kids will probably end up in the creche, he has no drive to know them. Not until they were worthy of note, anyway. Perhaps if he was older he may have had some care for them beyond the acknowledgement that they exist, but as it was it was mere coincidence that he found out about the two in the creche, let alone however many others he may have sired in his time.

His perseverance pays off. Late in the turn, just before Imyth clutches, a searchrider identifies him as a potential rider. He’s not so much excited as he is pleased in himself for being correct, once again, about his future. While he applies himself to the lessons and chores he was assigned as a candidate, he takes it all with a grain of salt. It is simply a necessary stepping stone for where he will be once his Bronze comes to him, and while he isn’t stupid enough to do anything that would get him banned from standing, he doesn’t exactly go out of his way to benefit anyone except himself. In his spare time he tends to wander on down to the crèche and boast about his latest achievement, though he does give a little extra attention to the youngsters he took under his wing prior to the search to encourage them to do the same thing he did. They don’t necessarily listen to everything he tells them, but he at least manages to encourage them to bulldoze their way forward to achieve their own goals, just as he had done. Just wait until he gets a Bronze to show them!

When Imyth clutched, T’vye was disappointed in the size of it, not to mention her history in regards to what colours hatched. It was a pathetic sized thing, and paled in comparison to Kalestath’s clutches. Not even mating with a mutant had sullied her numbers, yet Imyth couldn’t produce a decent clutch with a magnificent Bronze mate. He did present at her touching, as was required, because there was always the possibility that his future partner would hatch out of the sorry excuse for a clutch to prove how special he, and T’vye truly were. Not only would they be noteworthy for being in such an elite “club”, but the entire clutch would be better for him having hatched. So of course, while his overall impression of Imyth’s clutch was horrible, he did make sure to pay plenty of attention to the largest egg in the group. Just in case.

* 2590, 14 The Morning After Turns End ends in disaster, with several folk killed by Beachsnakes during the morning chores. T’vye had been assigned to the weyr that day, and so was not present for the attacks, though, if asked, he’d tell you just how stupid those that got killed must have been not to see a dragon-sized tunnelsnake coming at them from the water. He barely offered his condolences to those who had lost people, and even then, it was usually just a way to explain how he would have saved everyone had he been there. especially if he had his Bronze dragon.

Imyth’s clutch hatches soon after, and the results are as expected. The ones that do successfully hatch are “lesser” colours, though he is pleased that the larger egg produced a brown, at least, that managed to impress instead of fumble on into one of its clutchmates and drag the two of them, creeling between. If he wasn’t worried about being asked not to stand for the next clutch – Kalestath’s, if she rises as she usually does, he would have walked out after the first death. His Bronze wouldn’t be hatching among siblings too stupid to know how to step around eggs or eachother.

It would seem as though the first day of the turn really set the bar for what sort of turn was to come. The weyr’s Bronzes are once again bested by Neisoth, his spawn continues to grow at the same rate as the other dragonets, more deaths as the minehall is attacked by Hunters and a lockdown that resulted in a riot because people were too stupid to know it was for their own good. Faranth knew he wasn’t anywhere near the hall when the first punch was thrown. Oriath, at least, is caught by Leremith, though T’vye didn’t hold much hope for the clutch. He’d disappointed him the day he sired Neisoth, and his respect for the Bronze continued to waver as the mutant continued to best him.

He couldn’t help his annoyance when he heard that a Brown had caught Imyth, no matter the justifications provided by the supporters in the weyr of why it was possible and how it happened. Bronzes caught Golds. Not Blacks. And certainly not Browns. Imyth barely managed nine successful impressions from her previous clutch of only thirteen eggs. A Brown was only going to increase the chances of the small gold producing duds. He was aware that many Bronze riders had opted out of Imyth’s flight, but he knew that plenty of seasoned riders had flown against that Brown. To still be unsuccessful despite their experience? Pah. Useless. The lot of them.

There is a glowlight at the end of the tunnel, however, with Kalestath producing what T’vye would bet was her largest clutch yet. At least while he’d been alive. Despite himself, he has the faintest glimmer of respect for Neisoth, who continued to sire a clutch filled with large, healthy looking eggs, any one of which could easily contain the bronze destined to bond with him. Imyth’s clutch barely counted as one, so Kalestath’s would be his first proper clutch to stand for… As such, it was only right that it was the last clutch he would have to stand for… And he said as much to anyone that asked.

The 36 eggs became a focal point for T’vye for the following months, all other news paling in comparison. He cared little for the bamboo, though at least took in stride the need to care for the fields. News that Wherhandlers could impress two of the beasts meant nothing, since he’d never be interested in the hideous creatures, and the Southern Boll Discovery meant nothing more than just a bit of extra work in the Weaver Hall.

When the opportunity to touch the eggs came, he was one of the first on the sands, having spent the weeks prior trying to find out which eggs were possibly larger than the others, and thus denoting that perhaps a Bronze would be inside. He paid no mind to the shell colour, and instead beelined for a few of his designated “Biggest”. Offering them each as much attention as the other to tell them that he was there, ready for his bonded. There was no way to tell which one would contain his Bronze, so he just tried them all.

He did not rush to the sands the day that Saibrasoth told them that Kalestath’s eggs were hatching, particularly when he explained that it was reds on the sands. He made sure instead, that he was perfectly appropriate for the event. Angering Kalestath was not on the cards, and anything less than perfection could mean being kicked off the sands. He arrived to the chaos that were the first of the red hatchlings, followed swiftly by five more in a burst of eggshells and goo. He did not panic. Did not stop to help anyone else there, instead finding a place to stand away from the reds, not even paying them mind. They were not to be his bonded, and they weren’t worth looking at. His relaxation aided him when one of the little shits beelined for him, allowing him to move out of the way as it brushed against his mind, his fury alone at being tested for his worthiness for the little thing enough to deter the creature from enquiring further. His was to be a Bronze

He knew when his Bronze hatched. There had been two already amid the filthy blacks, chaotic reds, blues, greens, browns and the deaths of candidates and a flit too stupid to know how to behave on the hatching sands, but this one. He was different. He valiantly held his own when he was accosted by his black brother, his brown clutchmate assisting him to the best of his ability. It didn’t matter that there had been a fight. It didn’t matter that the brown had ended it where the Bronze had not, but this Bronze. After marks of standing on those hot sands watching the slinking shape of the multitude of black hatchlings slither their way to their bondeds and only two of the proper kings themselves hatching, that the Bronze would be his.

There was triumph when he heard the Bronze’s name, mixed with the dragonet’s hunger pains and his own joy at impressing, but a sense of rightness set in on him as he walked off the sands with that dragonet of his. A sense of rightness and deep down, easily dismissed by his more dominant traits, a teeny bit of relief that he was correct. There had always been a Bronze for him. He just had to grow up first

It was with mixed feelings that Theatoyve stood with the rest of the candidates in front of Imyth’s clutch. He had dressed appropriately, and arrived promptly- there would be no reason to think he was disrespectful enough to warrant sitting in the stands with the ineligible candidates, but the clutch was pathetic. It was small, and there was only one real standout among the eggs as far as he was concerned. It was the largest, but that didn’t mean much so far as eggs went.

Imyth could produce Bronzes. He knew she could.

He just didn’t have much faith when there were 13 eggs rocking eagerly on the sands with little more than the tiniest of cacks suggesting they were anywhere close to hatching.

His Bronze would not make so subtle an entrance… Though perhaps he was waiting for some of the other colours to hatch. To be able to build the tension before presenting himself to the world.

Ha. Yeah. That’s what his Bronze would do.

He would give his siblings at least a little bit of the glowlight before showing himself.

Despite the mental reassurances, it was hard to stay focused when the marks crept on by with nothing more than rocking happening. But he stayed, and watched, and mentally bet on which ones were going to hatch first.

A smirk as the one he’d been looking at burst open, spilling forth a… Well.. It wasn’t a green at least. But it didn’t bode very well for the clutch. Particularly when the blue bumped into not one, but two of the other eggs, spilling forth two green siblings in turn, one of which was just a creeling mess in her shards and the other getting herself tangled with the blue.

They separated though… And the Blue impressed. The first green righting herself as Imyth crooned to them. Then the green betweened, and Theatovye barely kept his face from showing the disdain he felt. They would argue that her bonded was lost in the beachsnake attack, but he knew the truth.

She wouldn’t have survived beyond impression. Pathetic little thing that she was.

One of the larger eggs was hatching. Not the largest. Not the one he had picked, but it produced a brown. Strong and healthy and a testament to the idiotic colours before it. That boded well. He kept his attention on the egg he’d selected now. The other colours had shown. This was when his Bronze would hatch, if this was truly his clutch.

The egg at least, shared the same thoughts he did as the time stretched on, cracking after what felt like years to produce a Brown.


That was upsetting.

That was the one. If any of the eggs were Bronze that one was it. But it wasn’t. It was a Brown. A healthy Brown, sure, but it wasn’t a Bronze.

He sighed, trying not to let O’sir see his disappointment as he tried not to turn away from the clutch there and then. The hatching of another sorry excuse for a green made that a little harder. There was no wy his Bronze would show up among stumbling dragonets and hatchlings too week to keep their head off the sands.

Had he known for certain that the Pale Queen would not show aggression to a candidate walking away from the sands before all her eggs would hatch, or that O’sir himself would be content to let him leave he would have. Imyth’s clutch wasn’t worth hanging around for. Not now that his egg had hatched. He wouldn’t risk being pulled from standing at the next one.

Kalestath’s clutches never failed to impress…

That’s the one he would have to wait for.

Setting his features into a polite mask of attention, and shifting only so much as to ease the heat from the sands every so often, he watched the rest of the hatching with a blank disinterest, not even bothering to feign sadness as the next two dragonets were lost.

Luckily, his disinterest could be interpreted as a coping mechanism for the loss of four hatchlings, so at least he wasn’t pulled up on it.

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Re: T'vye [08/10/2576 9th Pass | Bronze Weyrling]
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Re: T'vye [08/10/2576 9th Pass | Bronze Weyrling]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ EYE-tore-ith ]
Date of Birth:
34.06.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 35.2M
Mature Height: 7.04M
Mature Wingspan: 55.1M

General Appearance...

Aitorith might not be as bright and vividly shining as some of his fellows, but there's no denying that he is a metallic and handsome Bronze. Much of him is a burnt gold in color, almost straying into orange or proper copper, with particularly deep shades of that hue on his face, feet, and tail. On his chest and inner legs, and shifting in a gradient outward from the upper bones of his wings, he brightens to what could really be considered Gold, and which is almost blinding in the sunlight. There's a fain pattern to him, almost swirling in places, like a piece of metal that has been weathered or scratched and has all the more character for it.

In terms of build simply put, Aitorith is a racing model. He'll end up scarcely larger than the Brown that hatched alongside him, and only a fraction of a meter shorter than the Black that tried to wrestle with him. He's of an average height at the shoulder, proportional in limb and tail, but his wingspan is just about the smallest a Bronze's could be. For all that, his wingsails are broad along the length of his body instead, which grants him a certain maneuverability that doesn't at all match how clumsy he is on the ground. Aitorith might be ponderous on land, but he's an absolute speed demon once he's in the air, able to outpace much larger dragons.


Mind Voice: Aitorith's voice is a high tenor, just this side of feminine or rather androgynous in tone, but it is undeniably bright. The projections he sends of emotions or images are clear and vivid, to the point that they might even be overwhelming to those with more delicate senses. The most peculiar feature of his voice is that Aitorith tends to drop personal pronouns at the beginning of sentences.

Learning By Doing : Aitorith is not so much a dragon with a mind for theories, strategies, or sitting around being told what to do. He's a very physical creature by nature, and things 'click' for him far better when he gets a chance to do them -- or, failing that, observe someone else doing them.

Having His Own Space : He gets antsy and uncomfortable when he's crammed into too tight a place with others, and vastly prefers when he can stretch out languidly without worrying that he's infringing on someone else's personal bubble. Even the close proximity of the weyrling barracks will irk him as he gets bigger.

Being Compared to Other Dragons : A particular facet of Aitorith's personality that he may initially clash with T'vye over is that he absolutely hates being compared to others. In terms of criticism or constructive guidance, he'd much rather have his progress or problem areas likened to his own standards and growth. Any attempt to judge him by another's metric will find him waspish and confrontational.

Inappropriate Mischief : This Bronze may have a sense of humor, but he believes there's a time and place for playfulness, and a time that it's a distracting nuisance. He may end up less tolerant of more impish dragonets in his own class -- particularly the Reds -- if they don't know when to quit fooling around and pay attention.


* TRACTABLE : Aitorith isn't fussy, picky, or difficult. He's not a doormat by any means, but he isn't rebellious for the sake of it and has little issue doing things that are asked of him unless there's a very good reason for him to protest. This Bronze can be particularly accommodating for those he likes, and he's content to let T'vye set the tone for their ambitions.

* OUTSPOKEN : Those who know this Bronze will never be in the dark about his opinions or where he stands on an issue. Even if it's something that he disagrees with his own rider about, he's not afraid to air that debate in public, and doesn't mind when others chime in on it either. If asked how he feels about something, Aitorith will always answer upfront and honestly.


* CLUMSY : On the ground, anyway. Even after other dragons from the same clutch have sorted out their limbs and start to exhibit some of their adult grace, Aitorith simply… won't. The struggle he had with his shell, with Sinestath, and with getting his balance and bearings at the hatching will be a consistent theme even after he's grown, which will no doubt frustrate T'vye. Considering that he's a smaller Bronze, it has nothing to do with bulk; Aitorith is simply uncoordinated on land. In the air, though, is an entirely different story. He just has to wait his turn to shine.

* OBLIVIOUS : Aitorith doesn't do subtlety. Hints, innuendos, and insinuations are completely lost on him. This Bronze will only ever react to them with confusion at best, and frustration in the rare worst cases. Mostly, things will just go over his head. Metaphorical language just isn't his strength, and neither is picking up on messages that are supposed to be coded or implied.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #90450C; Text: #FFE591

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.

We hope you like him! :love:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: T'vye [08/10/2576 9th Pass | Bronze Weyrling]
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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