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Author Topic: Approved T'stann of Bronze Nerenith [34.09.2563 9th Pass//Beach Wingrider]  (Read 1187 times)

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Play By:
Tony Ward

Teh Ė stan
None really. People who knew his parents might call him Tal.
Date of Birth:
34.09.2563 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Beach Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Dark brown waves flop around his face giving him a goofy, dishevelled look. His hazel eyes are more brown than green, and are often alight with humour. They are rimmed with long eyelashes that would look feminine on most, but coupled with a wide jaw and a hooked nose too large to be handsome, it does not. He has a large mouth with thin lips, and his teeth are slightly crowded. His chin is stubborn, and his cheeks covered in stubble.

Slender shoulders lead onto too long, bony arms. His hands are large and expressive, with long, spidery fingers. His abnormally tall height can mainly be accredited to his long, gawky legs with knobbly knees and large feet. He has a lovely wide patch of threadburn down his back from his first threadfall, he and Nerenith havenít been caught since.

Tristann prefers to wear simple clothes that are practical and sturdy. He often wears an olive green tunic with tan breeches and soft, supple boots. He wears no jewellery, other than small hooped earings (his sister wanted to get them done, but was scared, so he did it first to help her and spite his parents a little).

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Tístannís life was pretty cruisy even during the catastrophe, his parents were well off Holders and although things were crowded in the Hall towards the end, his world was largely untouched. He had a well-off childhood, was apprenticed to a respectable craft which he was relatively good at, and finally became a rider to the most respectable of the colours. The true horror of the catastrophe only really hit Tístann after he became a rider, finally having the ability to see beyond the confines of his Hold and out into the greater Pern, and what he saw was blackened, barren and silent except for the blood rushing in his ears, nothing like the colours and noise of home, he hasnít liked the quiet since. His relationship with his Holder family has been less than easy after that, feeling like they kept a whole world from him.

Response to dragon color mutations: In general he doesnít mind the mutations, although given how long it took him to find his place in the Weyr, heís planning to keep as far away from them as possible so they donít usurp the position heís carved out for himself. He thinks Síbok is too young for the position of Weyrleader, but age means nothing to the dragons, and his Black won the flight fair and square.

Who are you...

* Poetry Ė Itís his thing, and it makes history lessons easier to remember if they rhyme.
* Early Mornings Ė Tístann is always up before the sun, usually heíll just sneak out to the Weyrbowl to train, but occasionally one can find him strumming quietly in the Hall for the breakfast session kitchen crew while they work.
* Children Ė Children pay attention to him, theyíre easy to entertain, in general theyíre pretty fun to be around.
* Women Ė Why be a Bronzer if you canít enjoy the perks?
* Silence Ė It reminds him too much of threadfall, he keeps waiting to feel the searing burn down his back or hear Nerenithís roar of pain, but it never happens and leaves him feeling drained and edgy. Heís rather spend his time with the screaming children of the creche than the silence of the Weyrbowl in the dead of night.
* Slackers Ė You need to earn what youíre given. Heís a Bronze rider because he earned the position, but he has to continue to work to deserve the high honour of being a Bronzer, and if you do work, you deserve to take the cudos for that. Heís not humble, but he does work.
* Mushy foods Ė Food needs to be solid, if it isnít solid, you should be able to drink it. This gross, in-between, mushy stuff is an abomination and only shows poor skill on behalf of the cook.
* DETERMINED: Tístann canít stand to fail. He canít do it. Failure isnít an option for him. Heíll run himself and any working with him into the ground before heíll give up. Heís not afraid to try different techniques, and he isnít afraid to throw out the rulebook to get something done, but he wonít rest until it is.

* BRILLIANT: Soaking up information like a sponge, Tístann doesnít really love learning, itís just heís very good at it, and gets bored when something becomes too easy, meaning he is always trying to learn something new. He would have made a fantastic teacher had he continued on the Harperís path, having people less intelligent than him hanging off his every word and having to do as he says, as well as being able to continuously expand his knowledge base, it would have suited Tístann perfectly. Being a rider is challenging in other ways, and heís happy being in Beach Wing, but perhaps as he ages heíll enquire to transfer to Mountain, which is by far the most demanding Wing as far as knowledge and learning goes.

* ATHLETIC: Tístann spends a lot of time working on himself to keep from getting bored and complacent, he works hard to be as fit and healthy as possible. If he canít physically do a task, he considers that a failure just as much as not being smart enough to do one. Possibly because his eldest brother suffered from severe injury when he was younger, and it never held him back from being the head of the family in their fatherís stead, and it never stopped him from keeping his younger brothers in line. He just had to find different ways of going about it, and he had to be twice as fit in other ways to make up for what he couldnít do. Tístann has no excuse to do any less, or work any less hard.

* CUNNING: The Holder ranks arenít made the same way Riderís are. For the Riders, you just are who you are and you are slotted accordingly into the world. Holders donít have that. Holders get their rank and wealth though connections and families and intelligence and guile. Tístann may have not been looking to continue as a Holder, instead was intent on being a crafter from even a young age, but he had to learn to fit into that world to uphold his parentsí and his siblingsí honour. He was very good at it.

* SOCIABLE: Canít be surrounded by attention and admiration if you arenít a social person? Plus, most people donít end up liking you if you only speak a couple of words to them and never listen in return.


* ALWAYS NEEDS THE LAST WORD: Tístann has a hard time letting other people get the better of him, especially if he doesnít really like them in the first place. He needs to have the last word in an argument, holds grudges and in general can just be a bit of a baby when someone is calling him out or taking away his attention.

* INDEPENDENT: Independence might be a strength for some, but Tístann takes it a little far in which he thinks he can do everything himself. He doesnít like asking for help, he doesnít like people giving him help when he didnít ask for it (because that makes him think he looks like he doesnít know what heís doing), and he doesnít like failure. If he canít figure something out with his brain, he resorts to brute force and ignorance.

* CONDEMNATORY: Some people might have a three strike rule kind of thing, Tístann is usually a one strike kind of person. And it takes a large amount of grovelling to get back in his good graces. Thankfully, it has to personally offend him for him to consider it an issue. He doesnít mind disagreeing on theory or being bested if the person worked hard enough to beat him, thatís just motivation, but if you offend him, heíll hate you forever, regardless of how childish that may be.

* HIGH STANDARDS: He holds himself and his others to high standards, why not if heís never really fallen short of them? Heís smart, heís determined, heís educated, there is no reason for him to settle for second best or fall short of whatever goals he sets, he doesnít really understand when other people canít do it.

* QUARRELSOME: Tístann enjoys arguing. He doesnít enjoy fighting for no reason, but he enjoys debating and pressing people to explain their point of view. Even if he agrees with them, itís interesting to play devilís advocate to see how deeply they care about a subject and how much they actually know about it. In the end, heíll want to shake hands and move on, because he doesnít think itís a big deal, but his ridiculous needling can stress people out.

Describe Yourself:

* SELF-IMPORTANT: ----- Tístann likes the sound of his own voice, it is part confidence, and mostly the need for attention. Tístann thinks what he says is important, he knows heís smart and thinks heís interesting, and heís relatively charming so there is little stopping him from believing that his opinion is the most important in the room, and that everyone else wants to hear it. He likes talking with people that are as smart as he is, and he has a healthy respect for those of higher rank as long as they put as much work in as he does, but he still considers his opinions better than those around him.

* CHARMING: ----- Thereís a fine line between arrogance and confidence and Tístann likes to blur that line every day, the main distinction is his charm and intelligence. Heís the kind of person youíd love to hate, but have a difficult time of it, either because what he said was right, you just didnít like the way he said it; or because what he said was funny, you just didnít think it was nice, necessary or appropriate.

* LOQUACIOUS: ----- As already discussed, Tístann likes the sound of his own voice. He likes to be social, make friends, discuss any topic under the sun and even beyond it if the person knows enough to keep him interested. Thereís very little companionable silence with Tístann and he expects at least a little response in return. He will be acutely aware if the person doesnít want to or isnít engaging with him properly, it might make him more determined, or it might make him sulk, depends on the person.

* POSSESSIVE: ----- Heís earned everything that he has, his rank, his stuff, his weyr; he doesnít like anyone touching or messing with it. If you want something, you can go earn it yourself, but donít mess with his. A trait that extends to Nerenith also.

* DUTIFUL: ----- Tístann canít really be considered honourable, heís a bit too sly, a bit too much of a schmoozer, but he does his job. Nothing is more important to Tístann than living up to the standards heís set for himself and doing the people that rely on him proud. You set him a task and he wonít rest Ďtil itís done and done well. You mightnít be able to rely on him to keep a secret, but you can rely on him to do his duty.

The Magic Touch: Even though he had wanted to be a harper, heís never been particularly good at singing, but he is a good poet.


Mother: Tallenneriah - Minor Lady, BD: 2546
Father: Estanerik - Minor Lord, BD: 2544, DD: 2583
BD: 2558 Ė Tallanerik (M) Ė Holder
BD: 2560 Ė Estenner (M) Ė Holder
BD: 2561 Ė Tastaneri (F) Ė Holder Wife
BD: 2562 Ė Estallen (M) Ė Holder
BD: 2565 Ė Estaneriah (F) Ė Jr. Journeyman Harper
BD: 2568 Ė Estenneri (F) Ė Jr. Journeyman Weaver
BD: 2576 Ė Talerik (M) Ė Candidate
Tasik, 09.03.2584 (Son of Sokon rider of Green Creath)
Zali, 2586 (Zilanie of Green Weskath)
Probably more, will be happy to fill any baby-daddy needs as time progresses.

Tell us a story...

* 2568, 5 Why wonít you play with me?
Tístann is the 4th son and 5th born of his family, which means he has always had people around to play and pay attention to him. Even when his little sister was born, he wasnít lacking for attention, but he vastly prefers to hang around with his older brothers. All of them were decent rolemodels, and for a child that always wanted to grow up and be mature, having other brothers to follow around and copy was perfect, especially because they put up well with him. Until Rik got ill.

Heíd only been trying to help, there had been a small cave-in in some of the areas supposed to be expanded for the influx of people from the fallen Holds and Crafthalls. A girl had left her doll in there when they were evacuated and now it was under the rocks. Of course Rik had volunteered to help, it was just bad timing. A detonation, in one of the other tunnels that were being expanded, went off as Rik was digging through the rocks, and he ended up being caught under the rubble. The girl, not realising what had happened and thinking the boy had just forgotten her and her doll, didnít think to tell any of the adults when he didnít come back. And if the miners had known about the cave-in, theyíd already told people to stay away, not thinking about the over confidence of the Holder kid going into places he didnít belong. It was hours before anyone heard him screaming. When he was finally found him, and they managed to lift the larger section of rock that was crushing his legs, he was still clutching the doll.

Tístann, of course, didnít know this. He only knew that his brother was bed bound for a while and didnít want to see them. He wouldnít play with Tístann anymore, didnít read to him or help him with his lessons practice. It took months for Rik to get strong enough to get out of bed, after the amputation and the spread of toxin around his body that sapped his strength and extended his healing time. And Tístann didnít know whether to be scared or resentful, having his family be a mix of all of the above didnít help.

Thankfully, none in Tístannís family could be kept down for long, and Rik clawed his way back into the world, into his place as second of the family, and into his younger brotherís affections. And setting the standard for determination that Tístann subconsciously measures himself against every day.

* 2573, 10 The Publicís affections
To keep the spirits of people uplifted, performances by the harpers and the children were common in the Holdís. Tístann had always been a part of these group performances, but this day was his first solo performance. It wasnít particularly creative, he didnít have to compose anything for his instrument, he just changed the words to a learning song he already knew. But it was still met with a healthy amount of applause, his family the loudest, but this time he didnít have to share it with anyone, the accolades were all for him. Every so often, in the week following, people would come up to congratulate him on his song, and the very next week he told his parents he was going to be a harper.

* 2575, 12 Not Searching any more
But it was not meant to be. Although he had his sights set on it, his future planned out from there, he was only in official Harper classes for a matter of weeks before he was searched. Tístann might gloss over how short his apprenticeship actually was in order to show off, but when he was searched, there was no holding him back from accepting. Although being a harper would have suited Tístann and probably would have made him very happy, there was nothing more honourable and exciting than being a dragonrider. Although it took a little convincing for his mother to stop crying, Tístann has found his place in the Weyr and heíll fight tooth and nail and thread to keep it.

* 2576, 13 Impression
Heíd impressed very quickly after being searched, obviously because of his dedication and natural place in the upper echelons of society, none of which was really a surprise to him. What he had impressed to, was a surprise, mainly because Nerenith was an asshole. Nerenith doesnít listen unless you goad him into it, he doesnít understand manners, the only thing Tístann could see that they had in common was their wit. That isnít true. Of course, Tístann and Nerenith are a perfect pair, both would be thoroughly bored and probably downright loathable if theyíd been paired with anyone else, because they temper each otherís reactions with internal debate, and they donít need to be mean to others when they can make fun of people through their silent bond. But it was shocking to Tístann, who considered himself charming and sensibly argumentative, to have such a dick of a dragon. However, as Tístann grew and Nerenithís competitive nature became as strong as his dedicated one, he grew to recognise that his Bronze was the best, by far. Which Nerenith met with a snort and an, about time.

* 2578, 15 First Threadfall
Damnit. Fucking damnit. Fucking, sharding, fucking thread.

How eloquently you articulate your feelings, I am blessed to have such an intelligent rider.

Fuck off

Oh, I see. Thatís your way of saying thank you for saving your life. I understand everything perfectly now.

Saved my life?! Youíre the one who flew into a thread cluster!

I DID NOT, the sound of Nerenithís voice came out like a cross between a scream and a hiss, accompanied by disgust and rage so hot that Tístann flinched from it, even half a weyr away in the infirmary from where Nerenith sat on their new weyrledge. But it was the overwhelming wave of shame that came afterwards that caused tears to well in the corner of the Bronze riderís eyes. Nerenith mightnít know it bled through their bond, he might deny it even if he did, but it felt like someone had carved out Tístannís chest and was filling it with regurgitated firestone. Neither of them would mention it, but when the Bronze had felt Tístannís pain, he had been truly scared.

Sniffing indelicately, glad he was lying on his stomach in the Healerís cot, Tístann took a deep breath to center himself. I know that, you shouldnít be so sensitive all the time. Youíre a Bronze, not a bleeding-heart Green. Honestly, canít a guy make a joke while heís lying in a hospital bed? As he spoke, the anger and guilt waned and both found it easier to breathe. Of course it wasnít really Nerenithís fault. This happened in threadfall, and for their first run, they certainly hadnít panicked. But it was a failure, they hadnít flown the whole time, and that was something neither would tolerate again.

Your sense of humour hasnít improved, I see. Weíll work on it. Given they said youíll be grounded until your back heals properly.

In the Healer Hall, the Bronze rider growled out loud, Damnit. Fucking damnit. Fucking, sharding, fucking thread.

* 2583, 20 A new leader
Since heís moved to the Weyr, it had been hard to forgive his parents for keeping all the rest of the world from him. He knew why theyíd done it, but it made him feel like he knew nothing, and that had never been in Tístannís nature. When his father passed from disease, he was more distraught than heíd expected. Heíd never been the forgiving sort, but it was hard to reconcile the strong, imposing figure of his father with the bundle of bones and pale skin heíd been at the end. Thankfully, his family had a man whoíd already stared death in the face and came out swinging to take over. Rik had grown only more impressive a man to Tístann as heíd been away, and Tístann felt no worries for his family knowing that his brother would now be in charge. Not in charge of him of course, but the new head of their family in practice and in name. Although half a leg taller than his brother, he still looked up to him, even from dragonback.

* 2587, 24 Southern Winds and Wings
Tístann hadnít faced many difficult decisions in life. Everything has been pretty straight forward, either because the logic behind it was easy to figure out, or because there was no contest between the options. But choosing which Wing to be a part of at Fort Island? He and Nerenith found themselves a little stuck for decision making. They hated it, which is why once they made the decision, theyíve never second guessed it, because it would be way too hard to confront those feelings.
Jungle was a great wing, with great opportunities, and held many of what Tístann considered the best riders in the Weyr. Mountain was the most interesting of the wings, and provided incredible chances for discovery and learning that heíd never have elsewhere. Prairie wasnít a wing he needed to be in, but the idea of teaching still sits well with Tístann and he wouldnít mind mentoring those needing help. Beach was almost just as good as Jungle, but provided a little more socialization with the more Ďfuní members of the Weyr, even if the work was more tedious. He cut out Prairie first, they had plenty of mentors and it wasnít really Nerenithís thing. Mountain was cut out next, although he might petition Wísar for it one day, he was in the prime of his life and didnít want to spend it on a desolate wasteland. The decision between Jungle and Beach? Basically it came down to the amount of Bronzes in the wing, after all, it was easier to stand out when there was less competition (in their mind).

Tístann was already awake, although he usually rose a little later, the thunder had been too good to miss, and heíd settled his bare back on Nerenithís warm stomach while he watched. It was because of this, in a rare turn of events, that he saw Rallekathís pale hide gleaming in the flashes of the lightning before Nerenith even awoke. Rising with a smile, he could admit the Green presented an impressive sight, a streak of the softest green amongst the angry blues, purples and blacks in the early morning sky. As Nerenith awoke, a bright flash of lightning speared through the sky, as per usual Rallekathís flight would be nothing short of exhilarating.

The dark Bronze rose, the rush of lust breaking over Tístann like a hot bath on a hold morning, and there was no need for words between them. Just a shared sense of excitement and satisfaction, their win uncertain, but the challenge guaranteed. Honestly, this was the perfect way to begin the Fall.

Not bothering with a saddle or more clothes, Tístann gripped Nerenith with his thighs as he held his hands up to the howling winds, and Nerenith leap from their weyrledge into the stormy morning. The rain felt like sheets of ice, waking both of them up from whatever remaining sleep, but not quite able to starve off the heat from the flightlust. Tístann swept the moisture into his hair, messing it up with a boyish grin, and leaping quickly off his perch as Nerenith swept into Iralyeís weyr. Eyeing her bare state with appreciation and a devilish grin, he greeted her first, ďMorning love, looking stunning as ever,Ē he said before nodding to each of the men in turn.

As Nerenith turned and leap from the ledge, he sized up his competition. Most of these were worthy opponents, heíd flown with them in thread before, and that meant they deserved better than outright distain, but he was the one whoíd be winning this flight. Although Nerenith didnít tend to discriminate as to who he flew, he wouldnít deny he found some prizes worthier than others. And the Green who heralded the storms had always been a worthy prize. He sat among the middle of the pack ability wise, not quite as agile as the Blues, but not as slow as the other Bronzes, which he considered an advantage. After all, in the storm, you needed to be versatile, and to win this Green, you had to be impressive. He was nothing if not impressive.

His tone laced with impressed humour, he crooned to Rallekath as he swept towards the challengers in the dark sky, As if youíd ever let one so weak win you.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
 Inactivity Preference:
Kill them off or adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
No One Lives Forever Ė 40 posts
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
New Pernese Dragon COLOUR ME by Senaru
Dragon Details

Neh (like meh) Ė ren (like Wren) Ė ith (like sith)
Date of Birth:
2576 9th Pass Ė Link.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37.7 m
Mature Height: 7.4 m
Mature Wingspan: 61.45 m

General Appearance...

Sleek and majestic, Nerenith isn't a bulky bronze. He's a normal size in body length and height, with a slightly longer tail than most.  His colouring is dark on the body, with splashes of lighter colour giving him the tell-tale Bronze shine. His wing sails and spines are the lightest in shade, and shimmer spectacularly in the morning sun.


Mind Voice:
Nerenithís voice is a bored, deep drawl, constantly giving him an air of disappointed superiority. Itís perfectly adequate for the majority of his feelings. When he gets angry, thereís a stark contrast to the fast, almost hissed way that he speaks, but given he cares very little about others, he doesnít get that angry very much. 

* Sunshine: Surprising, maybe, given his general emo persona, but there is nothing better to Nerenith than a clear, brisk, sunny morning on his Weyrledge.
* Flights: The perfect place to show off his prowess and the perfect reward.
* Failure: Failure isnít befitting a Bronze, especially not him, and not his rider either.
* Flitters: Theyíre just small and annoying with little useful gain.

* COMPETITIVE: Tístann can hold himself up to standards heís set for himself based on his idols and his past experiences. Nerenith has no idols because that would mean admitting someone is better than him, and dragon memory is difficult to work with at best, so Nerenith can only measure himself in competition. And he has to win.

* SPEED: Although not near the levels of the Greens and Blues, for the Bronzes, Nerenith is far more based around speed and agility than stamina. It doesnít help with Gold flights, but there were so few of those and so many pretty Greens to win. Not only a natural predisposition, since their first failure of a threadfall, Nerenith and Tístann have worked hard to improve on this. Easier to dodge thread and more helpful to speed to cover any gaps that appear in a formation.

* HAUGHTY: Although Tístann likes to toe the line with arrogance, and doesnít let it affect who he makes friends with, Nerenith crossed that line before heíd even hatched. He knows heís right at the top of the foodchain, why bother to pretend any different?

* IMPATIENCE: Nerenith doesnít like to wait, he likes to get in and get stuff done, either to prove he can, or to return to his ledge to sun himself. He doesnít mind sitting still or having a lazy afternoon, but he does mind having something to do but being held back by someone else.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #262626; Text: #7b6435

Member Info...

Anything Else:
I imagine his voice like Snapeís from the first movies of Harry PotterÖ I think this is information everyone needs to know. Like, this scene : ďI can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame and brew glory, and even, put a stopper in death.Ē Thatís the level of regular drama Nerenith has going for him.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: T'stann of Bronze Nerenith [34.09.2563 9th Pass//Beach Wingrider]
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Re: T'stann of Bronze Nerenith [34.09.2563 9th Pass//Beach Wingrider]
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