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Author Topic: Approved A'yara [ 18.10.2560 / Green Rider ]  (Read 2291 times)

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A'yara [ 18.10.2560 / Green Rider ]
« on: July 13, 2017, 06:56:05 PM »

Play By:

Ailee - Z'ryr's nickname for her when he's being sweet, affectionate, or cute. Yara when he's being super serious, upset, etc. No jokes when she's being called Yara. Though no one else better use any of these names.
Date of Birth:
18.10.2560 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Miner Crafthall
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: A'yara is a pretty narcissist lady but it's hidden behind a very friendly smile that reaches her dark brown eyes. She enjoys wearing dresses that are probably tighter than they need to be and, if she were to dip too far forward, her ample chest might fall out of. It's a challenge of sorts, she supposes. Riding gear is just too 'manly' for her to wear around and she doesn't feel pretty in it, so she won't just laze about in it.

A'yara likes to be clean, hates sweating, and works to keep her curvy self in shape. Not that she'd admit it. She likes to think she's naturally the way she is.

A'yara keeps her dark brown hair long and down unless she's training or riding. Then it is braided back and out of her way. She has a pretty fierce scowl and a hot temper that mars her sweet face, but she tries to hide even that away behind a smile that then comes across as wickedly cruel.

A'yara stands at a curvy 5'6" with hips that would make child bearing easy - she's had a couple but she doesn't care for them.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: A'yara is a stubborn woman that likes to pretend that all of the horrible things that happened, all the people that died, and all the nightmares that Thread created doesn't exist and doesn't effect her. To the world, she presents a strong front. No one would think she even remembers a day that Thread fell… but she does. She clung to Z'ryr when she was a little girl and she still has, on occasion, very bad nightmares where she wakes up, in a panic, and looks for her brother. If she's in a weyr alone, she'll hunt him down. Otherwise, she'll be unable to return to sleep. The nightmare is, honestly, a pretty straightforward one. She's fighting Thread on her dragon, the neverending threadfall, and it hits her. Her and her dragon go between and they never come out of Between. She wakes up shivering and feeling like she can't breathe.

Response to dragon color mutations: A'yara doesn't really care for the new mutations. She likes things to make sense and they just don't. They're unknown, they upset the standard, and she doesn't care for them. Frankly, she wants nothing to do with them and A'yara would really prefer they just go between.

Who are you...

Attention : she is the very definition of an attention whore. A'yara likes compliments, physical touches, and everyone to be looking at her. She dresses for attention, isn't phased to be the life of the party, and prefers it.

Sex : Who doesn't? Really though, she's a very selfish lover. You won't see this Green Rider being a submissive lady. She wants someone to worship her, to pleasure her, and if not… what's the point? If she's not having fun, if she's not enjoying herself, she won't be bothered.

Gifts : Her affection and attention can be bought. She likes clothes, sweet treats, massages, and all manner of things can be gifted. Do her a favor, sing her a song, write her a poem, feed her in your lap… whatever. She loves it all.

The Jungle : There's something oddly alluring about how dangerous it is. The rush of being chased by a Hunter, and besting the monster, can't be replicated by anything else on pern.

Sleeping Alone : Not only because of the chance she might have a nightmare, but because she so infrequently does it. Her preferred cuddle buddy is her brother, Z'ryr, because he chases the bad dreams away but she'll take a warm body over the lack of one. Neither is she phased if Z'ryr has someone in his bedfurs. She'll still crawl in his bedfurs with him. She's a big advocate of sleeping in her friend's weyrs rather than sleeping alone.

Pain : Honestly, it pisses her off. She doesn't like fighting, but she's not afraid to do it. She's a decent spar partner and she practices with the best of the Jungle ladies, but she gets angry when someone hurts her or if she is accidentally hurt. Some people's response to pain might be tears - hers is cursing.

Other Siblings : They were competition for attention and affection when she was growing up. Rather than latching on her mother or father, A'yara instead became a shadow to her brother. Always wanting to do what he was doing, trying to make herself 'awesome' in his eyes. As they grew up, she still harbors an illogical resentment for all her other siblings.

Bugs : Tunnel snakes included. She hates them. This hate manifests in an aggressive need to kill them when she sees them.


* PERSISTANT : A'yara doesn't know the meaning of the word 'quit'. She's never backed down from a task, has never met a goal she hasn't accomplished, and will somehow, someway, get what she sets her mind to. There isn't a thing in the world that she wants that she will not invariably get. ( Mostly because she's also pretty realistic in what she wants. )

* SELF-POSSESSED : Nothing phases A'yara. She's calm, composed, and frequently in control of her feelings. There are only a couple situations that set her off, but it's rare.

* CHARMING : It's rare someone will know that A'yara hates them. She's almost always smiling, has a nice word for most, and seems to always know who is who. Even if they haven't met her before. She's just a naturally, at base, nice lady.

* FEARLESS : It takes a certain fearlessness to willfully go into the Jungle and be bait to draw Hunters away. Fear isn't an emotion that really registers with A'yara - rather, she gets angry. Even so, that doesn't usually compromise her during high stress situations. ( See self-possessed ).

* SHAMELESS : Most Riders aren't skin shy and neither is A'yara. She'd walk around naked in the weyr if she were allowed. Since she's not, her dresses are a bit risqué and she frequently runs the risk of toppling out of them. Not that it would bother her if she did.


* NIGHTMARES : She developed them as a little girl and they've never gone away. This is a point of some embarrassment for her and anyone poking fun at her for this will quickly find themselves on A'yara's "shit list". Needless to say, her nightmares visit her frequently and mean she doesn't always get a good night's sleep. Her frequent dream is fighting endless thread, becoming so injured her and her dragon go between, and then not returning from the freezing, suffocating darkness. She wakes up, shivering and gasping for breath. Usually the only way she can go back to sleep is if she's with Z'ryr or drugged. These are rather debilitating nightmares and, though thread is no longer falling, this isn't something that the Healers have been able to help her get over and she has stopped visiting them for 'treatment'.

* STIFF BACK : She has a nasty thread score across her lower back - something else she's not expressly self-conscious about - and it makes her back stiff when it's chilly out. She will beg Z'ryr to rub her back ( because she is too embarrassed to ask anyone else to tend her when she's feeling weak ) and it can be difficult for her to do any super strenuous activity.

* CRUEL : Being on A'yara's shit list is like seeing a very different person. She can be down right bitchy, especially to anyone that targets her weaknesses - her nightmares, her stiff back, or someone that tries to be overly dominate in bed. A'yara is a very self-possessed woman who expresses herself quite clearly, so it pisses her off to no end when someone goes out of their way to be needlessly cruel - and she is more than willing to stoop to their level. She's shameless in this as well.

* TEMPER : Some things just set her off. Bugs, pain, jerks, what have you. It doesn't last long, but she does have a mouth on her.

* SELFISH : That's the short of it. She's not submissive, she isn't about to go out of her way for anyone, and she'd really prefer that everyone else just adore her.

Describe Yourself:

* SOCIAL: A'yara likes being around people, parties, and easily makes friends. Even if you don't know her name, odds are she knows yours and something about you. She listens to gossip even if she doesn't actively participate and quickly tries to make herself the life of the party. She flirts readily, easily, and sometimes harmlessly. She's quick to compliment others, sometimes with the hope to get a return compliment but that isn't always the aim.

* SWEET: At base, A'yara likes being nice. She wants other people to smile and she likes smiling - because it makes her feel good.

* FRAGILE: She keeps a chunk of herself close and only lets a very few, select people know of her weaknesses. She prefers to keep people at arm's length, where they can talk about nothing important, smile, drink, and have a good time. But in the dark of the night, when she wakes gasping and shaking, when she feels broken and vulnerable, she doesn't want anyone to know about that side of her - and rushes to the side of her brother.

* AFFECTIONATE: She gives, and receives, physical affection easily. Sex is sex. That's how the weyr works, after all. While she is idly aware that there are relationships that could develop deeper than that - there's proof enough with how much love she feels for her brother - she's not chasing after it. That doesn't stop her from being sweet and affectionate to others in the weyr.

* DUTIFUL: When her Wingleader, Wingsecond, or Weyrleader calls for her, A'yara is quick to respond. She believes, full heartedly, in the hierarchy of the weyr.

The Magic Touch: She struggled with some minor addiction with fellis while the healers were treating her for her nightmares and now she's almost afraid of any medicine from the healer hall.


Mother: Holder Melaneryr b. 2540 d. 2579
Father: A'ra of bronze Ilaelith b. 2535 imp. 2550
Mother's Husband: Journeyman Miner Lariem b. 2537 ( sterile )

Half-siblings from A'ra:
There are bound to be a myriad of siblings from A'ra, as the man wasn't choosy about who he bedded nor did he really keep track. Suffice it to say, A'yara doesn't know about them nor does she particularly care to find them. She only considers Z'ryr the only sibling of worth anyways so she's never bothered to ask A'ra - who couldn't answer the question even if he could be assed to.

Half-siblings from Melaneryr:
Z'ryr b 21.9.2559 imp. 2572 to Brown Rhymoth
Fisher Apprentice Melanon b. 2565

Much like her father, who she idly looks up to, she doesn't really care about her children. They were more like 'accidents' that she dropped off at the creche. Neither does she remember who the fathers are - nor does she care.
Ailanna b 2573
Ailaern b 2576

Tell us a story...

* 2560, 0 Ailyara is born to a handsome, confident bronzer who was staying over at the Mine Hall after his dragon was injured protecting the Mine Hall from thread fall. The Rider was fine, however, and a couple times of messing around with Melaneryr results in Ailyara some months later. She's named after the Bronzer and Melaneryr's sister who passes away shortly before she's born - who had no children - as a way to honor her memory in a messed up way.

* 2561, 1 She's a needy baby, much to Melaneryr's frustration, which is only compounded by the fact the mine Crafthall falls soon after. Much of her care is pawned off on whomever Melaneryr can - mostly extended family. Thankfully, Ailyara isn't choosy who pays her attention, just that she's fussy until someone does. She's especially hard to put to sleep after their move and going between.

* 2565, 5 When Melanon is born, this sparks an odd resentment in Ailyara not only toward the little girl but toward her mother  for bringing in another child to the family. She hates her sister and while she never actively acts out in front of her parents, she says mean things to her sister when no one is around - the usual things kids say to one another like 'you're not really apart of the family', 'I hate you', 'I wish you'd never been born', etc. Not that the baby understands any of this. But she tries to be good when her parents are around, but in a detached way. Instead, any time she's upset, cries, angry, or the like she runs to Zepheneryr because he obviously didn't betray her. She also is bound and determined to have all of his attention and sets to following him around, caring little for parents after the birth of her sister and how they fawn over ( tend to ) the baby.

* 2565-2571, 5-11 As Ailyara grows into a tiresome young lady, she becomes more and more attached to her brother and more and more combative with her parents. Oftentimes outright defying her mother no matter the punishment. She tried copying whatever he was doing, like she was some chatty shadow, and oftentimes insisted on sleeping with him. Sometimes it was because of the nightmares she'd developed - Ailyara was terrified of thread and wouldn't go outside without Zepheneryr - and othertimes it was because she'd fought with their parents. Eventually this just became habitual and she hated sleeping alone. Even as she grew into a young lady and her mother insisted it was not proper she share a bed with her brother, Ailyara did it just to prove she could. The day that her brother is searched is one of the worst in Ailyara's life. She shamelessly clings to him, cries, and begs him not to go - and is scolded for it. Not that she cares. She's unable to sleep right for the first week he's gone, requiring the healers to give her fellis to eventually grant her a full night's rest. Afterward, Ailyara becomes determined to join Zepheneryr at the weyr, to become a dragonrider. She starts working around the fisher hall, facing her fear of the outside alone, and pulls even more away from her family.

* 2572-2573, 12-13 Several months after Zepheneryr was Searched, so too is Ailyara. Arriving at the weyr is a dream come true. Though she still has nightmares and seeks her brother out for comfort, Ailyara really blossoms into the social creature she is now. Especially when she receives a lot of attention. Having never really thought of herself as especially pretty, becoming a candidate allows her to go… well, crazy. This especially kicks up when her brother impresses, leaving her alone in candidacy. Which, of course, results in her becoming pregnant quite quickly. It goes pretty well - though she  - she eventually has a little girl that she's quick to dump in the creche. Becoming pregnant quells a lot of her 'craziness', especially since she's determined to Stand now that her brother has impressed. Though she's still fearful of thread, she's more afraid of being left behind. True enough, she impresses on the last clutch of the turn to a brilliant Green.

* 2573-2575, 13-15 If becoming a Candidate turned her into a social creature, becoming a weyrling was yet another defining moment for Ailyara. Though she'd always been a stubborn girl, being put through the drills and training alongside her dragon really revealed the sort of dutiful, self-possessed, and persistent woman she is. There was no challenge she didn’t want to meet head on, no order she wasn't ready to follow, and she found a true kindred spirit in her sweet, but determined Deltiath. The ultimate test of their bond, and their training, would be flying Thread.

* 2575-2579, 15-19 Graduating is yet another step in her life. Frustratingly enough for A'yara she becomes pregnant from her dragon's first flight, though she opts to keep the babe to term if only because the weyr needs babes to grow into strong riders ( and what else would she produce but strong children? ). This leaves her doing easier work just out of weyrlinghood until the little boy Ailearn is born. Then, she throws herself into being able to fight Thread as a way to face her nightmares head on. She reluctantly visits her family a few times with Z'ryr - mostly just to spend time with her brother - and finds out, as her brother does, on her mother's death bed that her daddy isn't really her father. If anything, learning that she's the daughter of a Bronzer makes her both resent her mother all the more ( for being unfaithful ) but quietly pleased, like she was meant for greater things this entire time. She invariably seeks out A'ra, who is alive and well fighting Thread, and their reunion is… eye opening for her. He's aloof, confident, and though he doesn't deny that she's his, neither does he seem particularly moved by the knowledge that he's her father either. He validates some of her arrogance, complimenting her, but also leaves her feeling more attached to Z'ryr and less so to any other family member - especially her 'father', Lariem.

* 2580-2587, 20-27 A'yara is a dutiful, hard working Rider. Close only to her brother, she suffers from persistent nightmares that leave her frequently exhausted though she doesn't talk about it with anyone. Unfortunately, this exhaustion invariably catches up with her and Deltiath and she is struck with Thread across her back, where her and her dragon go between and barely make it back. She passes out, falling off her dragon just as Deltiath lands in the weyrbowl. Only her straps keep her on her dragon. Though nothing is permanently damaged, her lower back is scarred something fierce and the healer hall learns, through the course of her stay, that she suffers from the nightmares. They try to treat her with a myriad of drugs - namely fellis - that she becomes mildly addicted to while her back is healing.  Only some months after, during physical therapy ( as her movements were impaired by her back injury ) did she realize just how dependent she'd become on fellis for not just sleep, but relaxing at all. Mostly because Deltiath expressed her concern that she didn't like not being able to hear her rider's thoughts so much - since A'yara was so frequently drugged. This led to A'yara to leaving the Healer Hall, working on the physical therapy on her own or with her brother's help, and quitting fellis outright. Since then, she's been very leery of any pain management drug.

When thread finally quit falling, she hoped the nightmares would quit too. When they didn't, A'yara became determined all the more to deal with them in her own way.

She believed the island to be beautiful though. From the moment she'd laid eyes on the jungle, she was in love. Even learning it was full of monsters didn't dissuade her or Deltiath. When they learned of a wing that would be going in there daily, and hunting, she knew that was the place for her. Just another challenge to be met and a new adventure.

* 2590, 30 The riot was a joke. She was right there with the others in Jungle to help put down the small Holder/Crafter outcry and she's still quick to put any one in their place if they'd suggest that Jungle wing had done anything wrong that day.

She didn’t know what to expect. Having a name and dragon color to go off of wasn’t really all that much. She had an idea, really. All Bronzers could be classified in a group, a handful of stereotypes, but she… she wanted him to be different.

Why? What did it really matter? Because he was her real father?

It shouldn’t have mattered, but it did. She’d even borrowed a dress just for the occasion. Something that A’yara was beginning to question even as she made the way toward his weyr. Would he think she a Rider dressed like she was, with her hair down? The man would probably confuse her with some lost weyrfolk.

She sighed when she stood just outside his weyr, staring at the curtain that separated her and where he would be. He wasn’t scheduled to be fighting Thread and A’yara had been told he’d retired already. Would she be waking him? Would he be happy to see her? Indifferent? Before she could clear her throat, knock, or say anything to indicate she was there, the curtain was suddenly pulled aside.

He was there.

No doubt about it.

A’ra was tall, broad-shouldered, and shared the same dark brown hair she had. He even had the same dark brown, almost black eyes. Looking between them, there was no doubt she was his daughter. How had her mother ever fooled Lariem into thinking she belonged to him?

One of his brows rose in question and he crossed his arms. All he wore were his riding pants with a towel thrown over his shoulder. “Well?”

“Oh.” A’yara cleared her throat, felt her face heat up, but she didn’t look away from him. “You’re A’ra…?”

His dark eyes looked her over, studying her a moment, before he answered. “Mm. I am.”

Well. Out with it. “I’m… I’m your daughter.” Her heart threatened to hammer its way out of her chest. A’yara was certain he could hear it.

A small frown tugged at his lips a moment before he looked her over again, then he smirked. “Damn, I make fine lookin’ children.”

Whatever she thought he would say, that was hardly it. She blinked at him, blushed harder, and couldn’t help but smile. “T-thank you?”

“You’re welcome. Did you want something else?” A’ra watched her, not impatient but curious. He shrugged the shoulder the towel was draped on. “I’m in need of a bath before I sleep.”

“I… no… I guess I just… wanted to meet you,” she answered, her voice softer than she wanted it to be.

He grunted an acknowledgement before shifting his weight. “Well. I’m here.” He gestured to her with one hand. “What do you do?”

“I’m a Green Rider of Deltiath,” came her automatic response, more like he was a ranked rider than any family.

A’ra made a noise of approval. “Good. Nice to hear you’re doing something with yourself. Now, if there’s nothing else…?”

A’yara clasped her hands behind her back before she stepped aside so he could brush past her.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Sr Weyr Woman Halirina
Mountain Wingleader W'sar
Jungle WingsecondL'ale
 Search Rider C'ace
 Wingrider Niema
Wingrider K'eeda
Wingrider  Cassipiora
 Wingrider B'nyn
Wingrider Yinaya
Wingrider Seaphonellqua
Weyrling Haithen
 Weyrling Sethunya
 JW Herder Keassa 
JW. Dragon Healer Loressa
 JM Harper Sevastjan 
AP Fisher Ysmersa
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Candidate S'ric
Wher Butcher Tavianna
Weyrfolk Daysepona
Drug Dealer Quenneca
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Inactivity Preference:
Kill me
Mauling Permissions:
Rough'em Up
Anything Else:
Imma just be dead in this abyss of character creation.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Colored by me. :D
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 23.9M
Mature Height: 5.9M
Mature Wingspan: 38.9M

General Appearance...

Nothing about Deltiath, from the moment she was born, is subtle. From a bright hide to the way she chirped and trilled for her bonded, she's an exuberant and excitable Green. She tripped over herself and fell all over the place rushing toward A'yara, knowing from the moment she spilled from the sands that she was meant to be bonded to the girl. Though her wings have become an acrid yellow-green with age, she's much the same color now as she was as a hatchling.


Mind Voice: She's a smooth talker, with a sweet voice that sounds remarkably close to A'yara's own when the Rider is being pleasant.

Likes: Being Chased : Not just in flights, but it's one of her most favorite things in the world. It's just a fun game that she tries to get others to partake in.

Sleeping on her back : it's not really normal for a dragon, but she needs the space to sleep on her back, wings splayed, and legs curled near her body. It's her preferred method of sleeping.

Non-Jungle Bronzes : Most of the time, jungle bronzes are too serious for her. She's sweet, playful, and likes being the center of attention much like her Rider. She's not one to fawn over a dragon, but rather, likes it when they fawn over her. Around Jungle bronzers, she's all business. Around other bronzers, she's playful and flirty.

Between : It's her rider's nightmare and so she tries not to go between unless she has to. Though she's not personally afraid of it, she knows how much her rider dislikes it so she prefers not to between unless she has to.

Bullies : She has no time for dragons she thinks are being bullies. She's too kindhearted to bother with them.


* AGILE : She's not the fastest nor does she have the best stamina, but Deltiath and A'yara pride themselves on how maneuverable and agile they've become both in the air and in the jungle. Deltiath isn't about to be caught unless she wants to be.

* STALWART : Deltiath's faith and hardworking determination in not only A'yara, but their wing, has always been the solid foundation in which A'yara derives much of her confidence. With Deltiath's unshakable support in whatever A'yara has put her mind to, the pair have become a reliable member of Jungle Wing.


* OVERLY PLAYFUL : A'yara has to continually remind Deltiath to be serious - otherwise the dragon doesn't really care what other dragons have to say. Unless they're orders, anything can be made into a game, a joke, or be turned into one. It took some work to get the Green to understand the difference between conversation and 'orders', so at least she can distinguish the difference between those.

* AWFUL MEMORY : Dragons already have notoriously short memories, but Deltiath is particularly bad. She doesn't remember people - at all. Nor does she try. Rather, she describes them by features or memories plucked from A'yara or she knows them by rank, rarely if ever by name. Not even Z'ryr's name. Rather, he's just Brother.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #70c29f; Text: #BFE928

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Not a force catch. :D


Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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