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Author Topic: Approved Vironethian [ 21.10.2560 // Senior Journeyman Smith ]  (Read 2053 times)

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Vironethian [ 21.10.2560 // Senior Journeyman Smith ]
« on: July 15, 2017, 06:41:48 PM »

Play By:

He likes his name
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Southern Weyr
None yet

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Strong of heart, strong of mind, and of course, strong of figure, Vironethian is well muscled due to his many turns in the smith craft. Characteristically, it is his arms that show off his true strength, thick and well-muscled. With dark hair, contrasted by bright blue eyes under a heavy set brow, Vironethian can't help but look constantly judgemental, regardless of whether he is actually judging or not.

Not having a preference of clothes, Vironethian simply wears what he wants underneath a thick smock to protect them from molten glass and metal shavings. Blacks and browns complement him, but he simply chooses what he likes on any given day.

Vironethian would never been seen slouching, he was raised better than that and he believes he is better than that. He spends enough time bent over his work, he will push through the muscle pain and fatigue of a long day simply to maintain the correct posture.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Vironethian survived by learning, he grew up in a good family and was simply lucky enough to find his calling in life. Without the glass smith, Vironethian wouldn't be the man he is today, or be able to provide for himself and his loved ones as he does now. Sure, the catastrophe was terrible, horrible, a catastrophe by more than just name, but they're on Fort Island now, and Vironethian is just as angry now as he was then.

Response to dragon color mutations: Vironethian doesn't like the new colours, they're strange and unnatural, and not having appeared in the firelizard or wher populations makes him think even more suspiciously of them. The Reds have killed and yet they're allowing one of their brothers to run the Weyr? As much as he tries to be respectful of Weyr hierarchy, he thinks S'bok is a danger to them all.

Who are you...

     •   Hard Work - Being focused and concentrating on something really calms him, lowers his heart rate and pushes all other thoughts from his mind.
     • Solitude - Vironethian likes working alone, and likes to think that it's just he and Virosk against the world.
     •   Family - Vironethian is close to his sister and his adoptive parents, whilst yes, he was a difficult child, they stood by him, tried to teach him to be a better person, it wasn't their fault he was destined to be a grump for the rest of his life.

     •   Firelizards - They're obnoxious and loud and continually distracting everyone from their work.
     •   Apprentices - Vironethian doesn't really like contributing to lessons and teaching, he finds apprentices obnoxious, stupid and constantly asking too many questions.
     •   Alcohol - Anyone who can't have fun without drinking poison is stupid. Although, considering Vironethian doesn't really like to have fun at all anyways, it's probably a moot point.


* PASSIONATE : Vironethian is passionate about things he cares about, his work, his family, his opinions and he won't back down from a fight from anyone that disagrees with him.

* STRONG : Strong in both his opinions and physically, nothing about Vironethian is weak or soft hearted. His work in the forges has built him to a formidable looking man.

* INTELLIGENT : Vironethian found his studies easy, he was quick to learn and apply the theoretical to the practical without issue. To be sure, if anything didn't come easily, he worked incredibly hard to overcome it because he believes that he can achieve anything in his craft.

* DEDICATED : Spending a lot of time in his craft, Vironethian will happily sacrifice a social life for his work. He has a small friendship group and therefore most of them don't mind the dedication he shows to his craft.

* CREATIVE : If Vironethian had ever gone down the path of glass blowing or the weaver hall, he would have found himself quite talented. As it is, he applies his creative talents to forming new and more efficient designs for the wher goggles he creates, occasionally, if he has the time within the commission, experimenting with beautiful patterns and stitch designs on the leather.


* EASILY OFFENDED : If someone says anything that Vironethian interprets badly, he will be quick to call out, judge and lecture. He has a very high opinion of himself, and therefore takes it badly when others do not.

* VOLATILE : In relation to his easily offended nature, Vironethian is quick to scream and shout, he tries to avoid breaking important things, but occasionally he'll let slip.

* JUDGEMENTAL : He's quick to judge those that he finds wanting, everyone has to earn his respect regardless of who they think they are.

* TRADITIONAL : A traditional crafter and Pernese, Vironethian believes in tithing to the riders, working hard, and marrying early. He doesn't show any particular allegiance to holders over dragonriders however, due to his crafter upbringing and an open enough mind on the matter to acknowledge their need for dragonrider protection during the pass.

* CANTANKEROUS : Overall a grumpy and unhelpful kind of person, Vironethian isn't the first person you would go to for advice. He is the expert in his field, so perhaps that cannot be avoided, but you have to be a fast talker, and a good thinker in order to avoid his ire.

Describe Yourself:

* CHALLENGER : ----- Vironethian won't hesitate to challenge those whom he believes do not know what they're doing. Many of the harpers thought him obnoxious when he challenged their teachings. He's never really been wrong but his has been under and misinformed.

* UNCOMMUNICATIVE: ----- Vironethian doesn't express loving emotions in words. He'll scream and shout and say things he doesn't mean, and then feel guilty deep down inside, with an inability to actually say sorry, he'll try to make it up to them in actions, not words.

* INSOMNIAC: ----- After the death of his wife, Vironethian has never been able to sleep through a full night. When he finds a future partner, Vironethian will realise it is because he hates sleeping alone, but for now, he gets 3-4 hours of sleep scattered throughout the night. Luckily, he can function quite well without it.

* EMOTIONAL: ----- Vironethian feels very intensely: Happiness, sadness, anger, Vironethian is a ball of chaos. It's a shame that he can't find ways to express them.

* FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH: ----- Vironethian will be a necessary ally and a devastating enemy. His opinion is not easily swayed and whilst may feel guilty by his sometimes cruel actions, if he truly believes his decisions are sanctioned, then there's no changing his mind.

The Magic Touch: Vironethian bites his nails, the only thing that could be evidence of any sort of nervousness in his personality.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Vickmarra. Journeywoman Fisher. Born 2540. Tapped 2567.
Father: N'ros. (Netheros). Rider of Brown Inderath. Born 2535. Impressed 2551.
Adoptive Mother: Mindara. Journeywoman Weaver. Born 2540. Tapped 2560.
Adoptive Father: Jenden. Journeyman Weaver. Born 2538. Tapped 2558.

Vewena. Half-Sister. Rider of Haudath. Born 2557.
Vehenia. Half-Sister. Journeywoman Weaver. Born 2559. Adopted out to the same couple Vironethian was adopted to.
Vormyur. Half-Brother. Creche Worker. Born 2562.
Vicymus. Half-Brother. Apprentice Fisher. Born 2563. --- Played by SirAlahn
Valas. Half-Brother. Born 2565. Died 2565.
C'ace. Half-Brother of his Half-Brother, Vicymus. Rider of Blue Reesskith. Born 2566. Impressed 2579. --- Played by SanctifiedSavage

Letheeia - female - b. 2580

Craft: Smith - Glass

Rank: Snr. Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2572/12

Major: Wher goggles, eyeglasses
Minor: Delicate wire work, leather/tanning

Education Details: Vironethian's knowledge and speciality is multi-faceted. Not only did he study under the weavers for his leather working, he had to study under glass-smiths for the lens creation and the smiths themselves for the frame making. He doesn't want to limit himself to just one craft, sure, he's a smith now, but he know how to work leather like the best tanner, knows more than most of the glass crafters who can only craft beakers and bottles, but nothing else, and he works day in and day out alongside the smiths of Southern Winds Weyr.
He feels confident enough to claim himself as a Smith, not needing to designate each and every piece of knowledge that that he has obtained from the various other professions.

Vironethian studied hard, it was his way of escaping from the harsh reality of threadfall and the way that Pern was falling apart around them all.

Tell us a story...

* 2560, 0 Born to a fisherwoman, Vickmarra, and an absent father in the form of a brownrider. Vironethian didn't stay long with his parents. He was adopted out to a couple who couldn't have children of their own, and joined one of his older sisters in their household.

* 2565, 5 At 5 turns old, Vironethian's challenging personality really started to show. He began to get into arguments with the other children, calling them out over their incorrect spelling and subsequently getting in trouble for it and seething over the injustice of it.

* 2567, 7 With the fall of Southern Weyr, Vironethian, his older sister, and his adoptive parents, made the move to Fort Hold. With the Weaver Hall already fallen, and no other family to take them in, they went to one of the few places still available. Vironethian didn't enjoy their new location, it was cold, crowded, and nothing like the paradise of Southern Weyr. However there were advantages, with the move to Fort Hold, Vironethian was exposed to many different crafts that had all found refuge in the Hold. It was there he was able to experiment with both Printer, Glass-Smith and Technicraft.

Spending his early days sneaking into workshops and forges, Vironethian studied what crafters were doing. He had never been interested in his adoptive parents Weaver Craft, and the Smith craft with its shoot offs were interesting to his curious mind.

* 2572, 12 After a few turns simply being a workshop brat, Vironethian was officially accepted into the smith craft, and taken under the wing of an older glass-crafter. The glass-crafter had previously been making lenses for the technicraft, which were put into telescopes and microscopes as per AIVAS' instructions. However, with the fall of the technicraft and the lack of demand for lenses as specific as that, they were commissioned to make the protective wher goggles. Vironethian learnt much from this crafter, and enjoyed it immensely.

* 2576, 16 At 16, Vironethian believed it was time he do his duty and find a wife, and yes, unfortunately, it was as heartless as that. He didn't love her, Vironethian has never really experienced love his entire life, but he enjoyed her company, and they could've been friendly given the correct circumstances. As it was, his wife, Leneeah, was quiet, and couldn't handle his temper, being frightened by his outbursts, even though he had never touched her. They drew apart, only sharing their bed, but not their lives, it was a marriage of convenience for both of them, not for love, and they both regretted their decision.

* 2578, 18 Progressing quickly into the smith craft, Vironethian decided that a wher would be beneficial to his work, as he was quickly becoming more and more specialised in the glass-craft and working on lenses. Purchasing the wher off a fellow smith, the egg was medium sized, not a gold, but probably not a green, and hatched into the icy blue Virosk. Vironethian was happy with Virosk, and they very soon began to tolerate each other in a companionable way. Virosk was the perfect tester for new goggle designs, and Vironethian was the perfect handler for such a bad-tempered blue. At least, they thought so.

* 2580, 20 When Vironethian's wife died it was in child birth. She hadn't told him of the pains she had been having in the weeks leading up to the birth, and therefore the complications that arose during labour were a surprise to all. The widwife couldn't act quickly enough to stop the bleeding, but was able to save the child. A tiny little girl, a few weeks premature and struggling to breathe on her own, a sickly little thing. Vironethian didn't know what to do with her, and so adopted her out to a healer couple as his own mother once did. He only felt sad that his wife hadn't been able to have the life she deserved with someone else. He had known all along that they weren't right for each other, but he didn't know how to make her happy, nor did she for him. So he blames himself for her death in a way, perhaps it was her lack of will to live with him that caused her to hide her pregnancy issues, and Vironethian only wishes that he had let her leave him and find the perfect man for her.

* 2584, 24 Vironethian was a smart student, but for various reasons, deaths of masters, arguments with journeymen, loss of materials, his tapping was held off for a few turns. Angry to begin with, Vironethian watched as far inferior apprentices were tapped before him, he raged and shouted before realising that would get him no where. So he bided his time, put the work in, and showed them what they were missing by delaying him tapping. Eventually he succeeded, and he was tapped on the eve of his 24th turnday.

* 2587, 27 The move to Fort Island was a welcome one for Vironethian, despite a lapse in work, whilst the smith workshops were being set up, and the crafters and Weyrfolk gradually moving in from the mainland, Vironethian was pleased enough with their new set up. The smith spends a great deal of time travelling back and forth between the mine hall and the Weyr, measuring, fitting and making the wher goggles for all who need them, and can pay for them. Whilst some get annoyed at his insistence at fitting wher goggles, and wonder why he simply doesn't create adjustable ones, over his turns he has discovered the variability in wher head sizes and shapes, and in order to create the best products, avoiding between damage and slipping off during runs and work, Vironethian now insists upon fitting goggles and replacing the attachments as the wher grows.

"Sharding hell!" His leather cutters clattered against the wall where he threw them, and Virosk growled as they skimmed a little too near to his resting place.

"Oh stuff it." Vironethian growled back at the blue, who would have rolled his eyes if it were physically possible for whers to do so.

It had been a long day, his forge was refusing to maintain temperature today, and he had a significant amount of orders to fulfil due to the now official re-creation of the peacekeepers. Now, instead of individuals trading with him for protective goggles, he was getting trade directly from the Lord Holder and his constituents.

All the peacekeeper's had been granted the opportunity to commission a new set for their working whers,
 and he had been swamped. Additionally, in light of the newly found double wher bonding, most people wher now having to request brand new goggles, instead of just reusing almost unusable goggles from the pass.

At any rate, business was good, and with the apparent helpfulness of whers with their little Hunter problem, it seemed to be looking up a little more permanently. Those peacekeepers would have to come back to him for adjustments, and the growing whers would have to constantly return for refittings as they grew.

Fallen hall or not, Vironethian was doing just fine in terms of commissions. It was a shame that his bloody forge was now cracking every single piece of glass he tried to smelt.

He decided to give up for the day, dampening the forge for the day angrily, intending to pull everything out, fiddle with some things, before he even considered starting it back up again. Shard it if he couldn't fix it himself and he had to get some arrogant equipment specialist in here who would undoubtedly be pathetic.

"Fuck it. Come on Virosk. We're done for today."

And he swept out of his area, slamming the door behind him on the way out, and trailing a cloud of anger and annoyance in his wake.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
All of them
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:

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Re: Vironethian [ 21.10.2560 // Senior Journeyman Smith ]
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2017, 06:42:05 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Coloured by SirAlahn
Wher Details

Vih - rohsk
Date of Birth:
10.08.2578 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Virosk's egg was medium-sized and very dark, there were no colour changes across it's surface, however the whole egg shell was lightly wrinkled, but missing the lucky fold at the top.
Mature Length: 3.4m
Mature Height: 1.2m

General Appearance...

Virosk is undeniably unique. So harshly similar to a sheet a ice, many are taken aback at first bu his appearance, having to take a few moments to take all of him in. One of the larger of the blues, Virosk is quite sleek, shorter than one would think for his snake-like length.


Empathetic: Virosk isn't very communicative. Much like the rest of him, whenever he does need to communicate something with Vironethian, it is quick and efficient, no flowery and complicated emotions. Just satisfaction, distaste, alertness and other important signals.

-- Work - He likes having things to do, whether it be collecting tools for Vironethian or guarding the door when Vironethian needs to concentrate, Virosk enjoys having a task.
-- Silence - He doesn't mind the bang and crash of the smith workshops, but he hates the hubbub of a busy eating cavern. Virosk thinks conversation is kind of useless.
-- Being left alone - This blue can do anything he needs to by himself, he was well-trained and is well-trusted by the other smiths, if Vironethian isn't there, Virosk likes to be left very well alone.
-- Golds - Virosk will only chase Golds since Greens are usually flighty and beneath him

-- Talking to others - Again, conversation is useless, get your work done and shut up.
-- Being treated like an idiot - He's a wher, not a firelizard, he can understand what Vironethian wants from him. Anyone that treats him like him doesn't have a brain will get growled at.
-- Baby talk - Again, he's a fully grown wher, why do some treat creatures like they're stupid?
-- Being called cute - He's not cute. He's handsome, dashing, a little scary, but not cute.
-- Firelizards - Much like his handler, Virosk finds firelizards to be annoying little creatures who can't stay still for a second in order to get anything done.


* DETERMINED : His work is his life, and anything tasked to him will be completed no matter the cost.

* STRONG : For a blue, Virosk is quite strong. He can lift heavy equipment and is highly muscled. Large for a blue, and tall for his length, Virosk is not a weakling wher.

* AGGRESSIVE : Virosk won't hesitate to growl or try to intimidate anyone who annoys him. Perhaps influenced by Vironethian's own spurts of anger, Virosk has never really been ordered to hold back beyond physically hurting someone.


* BAD-TEMPERED : Virosk doesn't particularly like anyone. At all. He doesn't even really like Vironethian that much, he just tolerates the man because the blue can acknowledge the necessity of having him in his life.

* EXCLUSIVE : Virosk isn't a very accepting wher, all he really cares about is Vironethian and a choice other few that are important to his handler. Other than that, he feels no need to engage with anyone else, and would rather just ignore others, regardless of how offensive that may be.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Vironethian [ 21.10.2560 // Senior Journeyman Smith ]
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2017, 10:57:44 PM »
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If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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