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Author Topic: A Change in the Wind [03.07.2590 | 8am] Wa'by  (Read 454 times)

Offline Tythinaden

A Change in the Wind [03.07.2590 | 8am] Wa'by
« on: July 16, 2017, 10:10:52 AM »
The morning was warm. Neither of the sleeping forms particularly liked the heat, but it was to early for them to fully noticed. The gold on the man's pillow cooed them awake as her internal clock told her that her bonded needed to be up. The healer muttered annoyed and turned over. With a blast of cold the small gold betweened to the young girl's bed to nuzzle her awake. Before she got to far she saw her bonded rise from the bed, his hair a mess.

"Let her sleep."

His tone was soft as he stood up, feet touching the stone floor. It was cooler and he closed his eyes focusing down on his feet for a few moments. He felt the weight of his flit land on his shoulder. He smiled and reached up to pet her chin as his eyes opened and he moved to the side of their little cave to dress for the day. He had been asked to help teach a group of weyrlings about injuries you could get by being stupid and how to avoid them. Ty was pleased he could pass along his knowledge.

He had another job before breakfast though. He'd promised the Sr. Journeyman that he'd help do some of the maintenance on their stocks of medicinal herbs, so he had to help with some of the drying and packaging. So with a quick kiss on his daughter's cheek, he slipped out into the quiet hall. They were close to the Healer Hall, where some of the worst were kept.

As Tythinaden made his way to the hall, he thought about just a few days before. The hatching had been brutal. Between trying to keep his daughter from panicking, and helping as many candidates as possible, it had been brutal. He had no idea how much blood he'd had on him that night. It was almost as bad as that first hunter attack. Even so, Ty had found himself enthralled by the beautiful dragons. He'd always liked them, but he wasn't a dedicated dragon healer. He knew enough to keep a dragon from hurting themselves and how to do some emergency stuff, but he was not anywhere near as good as those who had tried for years for it. It almost made him want to see if he should take more lessons on it.

The tall man made his way into the Hall. A few other healers were there, but he got to work right away, pulling dried leafs off stalks and putting them aside for someone else to crush them. He also bottled some, and in general was focused on work. It was his daughter who pulled him away an hour later. Breakfast. He smiled and let her lead him.

They sat down after grabbing breakfast. He knew that his daughter spent quite a bit of time in the cretch as it was the best place to learn things, and while he had no idea what she wanted to do with her life, Ty couldn't deny his daughter an education.

"Any plans for today?"

His tone was conversational as he ate, feeding his queen as she did so. She sniffed at his food carefully, the bright colors standing out on the dull tables and his own darker clothing. The discussion between them was easy, as he'd always spoken to his daughter as if she was a person, not a child. Probably explained some things. He'd been 13 when his daughter was born, and he was glad that she'd been born, even if he wished her mother had survived.

He kissed the top of his daughter's head before heading out. It was an early class that he was teaching, and he made his way out into the weyrbowl searching for an older light blue dragon and a group of weyrlings.

It wasn't that hard and his gold played with the wind above him as Ty made his way down to the group of weyrlings, his eyes appraising the young dragons. Soon he came into view of their riders and looked them over. Well that would be interesting, to say the least. Talking to a group of people who had no desire to hear how dangerous things could be. He'd dealt with everything from threadscore to bad wing sprains. There were so many ways for things to get bad.


Spoiler for For Kyya:
  @Kyya - I hope this works for you! I am sorry it's so long! I did throw a little in about the new weyrlings and him helping out, but the bulk of it is at the lesson.

Offline Wa'by

Re: A Change in the Wind [03.07.2590 | 8am] Wa'by
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 12:15:07 AM »
First aid wasn’t always the most interesting of lessons, however it was critical for weyrlings to be able to address any injuries their bonded’s incurred and how to take care either to prevent it from happening again, or simply to reduce the long term effects of such an injury. For Imyth’s ’89 clutch, this was becoming a particularly important point, with some dragons already showing the wing strength to glide a short distance, and the others ready to join in before the end of the next month.

Unfortunately, with the newest milestone rapidly becoming a reality for many, came an entirely new spectrum of possible injuries. From collisions and sprains both in the air and from a poor landing/takeoff strategy to individual overexertion when the dragonets (or their weyrlings) push themselves too far. Thus the reason for this particular lesson.

With only nine weyrlings, it was a really good class for some small group training, and with the Journeyman Tythinaden coming from the healer hall to offer his own expertise as far as emergency first aid it posed to be an informative, if not overly exciting class.

Both Wa’by and Vicith turned their head towards Ty as he approached, Grog’s hissing and Roo and Razorback’s instant attention in light of the gold firelizard approaching warning enough that their space was (sorta) getting encroached on.

“G’day Stitch!” Wa’by said with a grin as Tythinaden got closer, waving away any possible formalities that he may have felt the need to express. “Pardon the old lady. She can be a right tosser when other sheila’s are near. Took me more’n a few clicks to get her used to this mob’s lot, let alone tryin’ to keep her from losing her shit at a stranger.” He said in a hushed tone before turning back to the class with a booming “Allrighty mates!” a hand that had found its way to Ty’s shoulder managing to reach behind the man’s back and swinging him around whether he wanted to or not to face the nine dragonets and their riders.

“This here’s Journeyman Tythinaden from the healer hall. Now ‘is job is to give you the knowhow for dealin’ with the bumps and bingles you’re no doubt gonna be encounterin’ in the not-so-far-future.” He explained, grinning all the while. Tedious it may be, but this led up into the most interesting bits of weyrling training and Wa’by wasn’t going to shirk it just because it might bore a few students.

“Bein’ the top bloke I am, I managed to snag this fella from now until lunch, so when he’s done takin’ you through the chitchat, we’re gonna break up into our study groups and toss around a few scenarios with your classmates, Between me and Stitch, you’ll be right.” he finished with a clap of his hands before stepping back to allow Ty to address the group.

Once it was apparent that The journeyman had the lecture side of thing sunder control, Wa’by allowed himself a short respite – which mainly involved sidling a little closer to Vicith while keeping an eye on the small group… and finding out why the blue’s attention hadn’t left the healer since he came into view. //Somethin’ wrong old boy?//

We are going to need to steal ”Stitch” before he can have lunch Vicith responded dryly, rumbling low in his throat as he finally let his attention drift from the healer.

Surprise crossed Wa’by’s features as Vicith emphasised his words with avery familiar feeling. It wasn’t exactly what the blue dragon sensed when he met someone capable of becoming a candidate, but it was as close an approximation as he could convey with his bonded, and while faint, it was unmistakably present. //Bit old in’t he?//

Weren’t you? the blue responded with the faintest tease to his voice. Wa’by had basically aged out when Vicith found him, and this man would be no different. There was potential for a bondmate there and regardless of his age there and then, so long as he hadn’t passed the age limit and was willing to accept the search, he would be able to stand until such time as he was no longer eligible. Through bonding a dragon of his own, or being removed from candidacy.

Wa’by didn’t respond, though the soft huff he blew out of his nose may have given away his thoughts to someone other than Vicith himself. You see, Wa’by had made a choice however many years ago. To leave his family despite his (ex) wife’s adamancy that she would not join him if he left for the chance to impress a dragon, and while it may have turned out well for him in the end, it may not have been the case had Vicith never hatched. He’d seen it happen before. Had needed to comfort ex candidates who Vicith had sensed could impress, and unlike W’um, Wa’by didn’t ignore his dragon’s instincts based on the strength of the impression. Hadn’t felt the need to. He was always clear that Vicith can only sense the potential and not the actual event. And while they may be more certain about some candidates than others, it was Wa’by’s opinion that everyone should take the chance. What were a few turns when a future dragon was possibly waiting? Life continued after candidacy, for both the successful and unsuccessful. He would much rather have more candidates than less when it came to clutches.

Regardless of his thoughts on the matter, he wold be telling Ty as soon as class was over. There was a lot the journeyman would have to consider and he would not be able to properly instruct the weyrlings if he was occupied with other ideas.

So it was that Wa’by pushed aside his own thoughts and focussed on the class before him, answering questions where possible and offering his own anecdotes here and there of incidents that had occurred both as a searchrider during threadfall, and as a mountain wingrider on the main continent.

It wasn’t until the weyrlings had helped pack up the supplies that had been brought out for them and headed off to the weyrhall for lunch that Wa’by approached Tythinaden to speak to him about Vicith’s observation, though it was possible the journeyman had noticed Vicith’s almost undivided attention on him for the four hours they had been participating in the lesson.

“Oi, mate. You have a tick?” he asked as he turned away from watching the weyrlings retreat into the weyr proper. Excepting himself, he couldn’t recall meeting a journeyman crafter come candidate – though truth be told he’d never really thought to check the backgrounds of every candidate that was searched by another searchdragon, and while the situation now that the pass was over was vastly different, he did not see how it could lessen the choice Ty would need to make before the day’s end.

Spoiler for OOC:
@RavenFlame Sorry about the delay mate. Been a shocker of a week for me.

Keep writing Tythinaden as Tythinden. So if you see it, yell out >_> I think I caught them.
« Last Edit: July 21, 2017, 12:17:36 AM by Wa'by »

Offline Tythinaden

Re: A Change in the Wind [03.07.2590 | 8am] Wa'by
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2017, 06:51:00 PM »
Ty's attention was taken by being called "Stitch". That was a new one. He would have asked, but it seemed that Wa'by, the man in charge of these younger dragons and riders wanted him closer. He didn't really notice the blue dragon focused on him, as Sunset had dropped to his shoulder, and made it very clear with her own hiss, and possessive tail, that the other gold could have her mates, as she, The magnificent Sunset, had enough company with her human. She nuzzled her head against Ty's shoulder. He didn't give her his full attention, as he was attempting to figure out what exactly the man was saying.

A beat after the man finished about his gold, Ty did respond. "I'll keep Sunset with me then." His head nodded to the other gold, a sorta bow before he was yanked around by the other man. He stayed put, but didn't much like that kind of manhandling. But at the moment, he had a job. And showing any sort of dislike for their teacher could be bad. He glanced at the older man for a moment, before he took a step forward and looked over the small group. Nine weyrlings. Better than a huge group.

He started off by explaining what he'd seen just from the ground happen to both rider and dragon if they were not careful. He knew it was boring, but he at least hoped they got some of it. From there he focused on how to fix sprains, bumps, and how to check a dragon over to make sure nothing was wrong. He used Sunset as a small example. She was quite happy to act like a hurt little creature and as she'd seen all the same things Ty had, it took a quick thought before she was doing her best to make the group laugh. He hoped they learned that their flits could be as useful as their dragons.

It wasn’t long before they were paired off and Ty was moving between the groups, showing first aid, and having them wrap arms, legs, wings, and even tails. He was passionate about his work, and it showed as he never once raised his voice, but was quick to correct a mistake. ”A badly wrapped limb could get worse not better.” Ty was quick to explain often through the morning. You either did it right, or you never got a second chance.

He felt good about the lesson, though he hoped none of these dragons or riders would need it. With less thread, it was likely they wouldn’t need to as often. The memory of blood on the sands reminded him that there were other dangers. Lunch was coming fast, and Sunset made it clear she was done being a pawn in his show, and disappeared, probably to find Tess and bother her. The next time the queen rose, Ty had plans to give his daughter one of the eggs, though he doubted Sunset would just stop hanging out with his daughter.

Ty looked up at the sky, a bit dramatically. ”I think we can say that’s enough for us, Assistant Weyrlingmaster?” He turned towards their teacher. If Wa’by felt there was more to learn, Ty would be perfectly happy to continue, but even he was getting hungry.

Offline Wa'by

Re: A Change in the Wind [03.07.2590 | 8am] Wa'by
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2017, 07:21:42 PM »
Wa’by tended to be the easygoing sort of person, and there wasn’t much that rattled him, but surely he hadn’t spent four hours working beside the journeyman to revert to titles instead of names. He’d be surprised if the Almighty Halibutt herself had referred to him as “Assistant Weyrlingmaster” after a lesson, particularly when there wasn’t a nipper in sight, let alone his old mate, Stitch.

So instead of responding in kind, Wa’by dispensed with all sense of etiquette and leant against the stone just beside the entrance to the tunnel that would lead to the weyrhall, his voice taking on a significantly dry drawl as he responded to the slightly dramatic mannerisms of the younger man.

“Go’on off to grab some tucker if ya want, mate. I won’t bail ya up if ya got better things’ta do.” He sighed, tucking his hands into the pockets of his shorts, shoulders heaving as he gave a dramatised shrug. “I just figured since ya’ve gone and dun a stint with the nippers y’might’ve wanted ta see ‘bout havin’ a go at getting’ yeself an anklebiter of y’own.”

A hand moved from his pocket to a stray thread on his shirt, picking at it with all the nonchalance of a man without something important to tell the other man. Vicith had moved closer as Wa’by spoke, his amusement apparent as he inspected Tythinaden with a soft huff before turning his attention to his bonded.

I don’t reckon he cares much for what we have to say, mate. Perhaps we give this one a miss? Vicith drawled, his voice an uncanny mimicry of Wa’by’s – though as Tythinaden was not included in it, the sarcasm would go largely unnoticed by the focus of their conversation.

Wa’by, however, spoke again out loud, thoroughly enjoying himself. If Ty left now, he would just explain the fact that Vicith thought he’d make a good candidate, but until the healer gave up on them, he would be making the most of the not-so-subtle teasing.

“I reckon you’re right there, Red. Stitch’d rather yabber to the goobers than join ‘em. Probably best if we all just grab a bite and forget I said anything, eh?”

It would be hard to miss the teasing at the corners of Wa’by’s mouth as he feigned disappointment with a sorry shake of his head, nor the crinkling around his eyes as he fought to let his amusement show. Had Tythinaden spent any time in his presence prior, perhaps he would have caught on the second his tone changed from the no nonsense (if still slightly unintelligible) tone used when teaching to the dry sarcasm that dominated his words whenever he started taking the piss.

Offline Tythinaden

Re: A Change in the Wind [03.07.2590 | 8am] Wa'by
« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2017, 08:54:08 AM »
Ty tended to forget that Riders were less formal than healers. A perk of the job really. It was his job to keep people alive after an accident. It wasn't his job to be their best friend. Nor did the tall man want to be. He watched Wa'by. At least the man seemed fine with them ending there. At this point it was just practice. He was about to voice that comment when Wa'by said something that confused him a moment, and even Sunset arched her head up in curiosity.

For the first time Ty realized he had the whole attention of the assistant weyrlingmaster's blue dragon. He arched an eyebrow. Getting through the accent was a chore on a good day, but even Ty could tell he was being teased. He wasn't exactly sure what was going on.

Ty was normally quick, but after a morning of going through the same ten or so things you needed to know to keep a dragon from re-hurting themselves, keep a human from doing the same, and in all different positions, he was still switching track. Even he had to admit what ever was going on was strange.

Sunset was the first to figure it out though, as she'd seen plenty of riders and dragons and had even had the chance to watch a few riders be searched. She chirped at the blue, sending an image of Ty on a bronze dragon, no one else there. She managed to not share it with her bonded. There was a tinge of light green hue to everything, a question more than anything else.

About two seconds after that Ty got it. He did actually freeze for a very short period of time as he eyed the older man. Then his gaze fully lifted to the stunning blue.

"Wait. I can be a candidate?"

He didn't say he was a candidate. He had a different view of his life, and someone besides himself and Sunset to worry about. The gold chirped excitedly as he figured it out and resent the image she'd sent to Vicith to her bonded. Ty reached up, absentmindedly to stroke the gold. She was more excited about this. Ty's mind was already on his daughter. Would Tess be ok with this? Every decision that he made in his life had to consider his kid. Sunset felt his worry and disappeared with a cold 'snap' sound, finding his daughter as quickly as she could.


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