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Author Topic: Approved D'mir [13/10/2554 9th Pass | Bronze Rider]  (Read 2516 times)

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D'mir [13/10/2554 9th Pass | Bronze Rider]
« on: July 18, 2017, 10:54:09 PM »

Play By:
James Crabtree

First Name:
Date of Birth:
13.10.2554 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Dímir tends to wear his hair slightly longer, generally because he forgets to cut it rather than out of any true sense of style. If itís not tangled around his face in a ruggedly attractive mess it means heís bothered to pull it back with a tie at the back of his neck. Sharp features which could leave him slightly imposing tend to be softened by the smile which is most usually gracing his expression. If itís not a smile itís a smirk.
If heís not in his flight gear heís wearing something useful. Like his hair he doesnít make a point to show off, generally because his personality speaks for him more than his appearance, though his appearance certainly doesnít hurt.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: If Dímir could turn back the clock and un-write the past, he would. Watching his world shatter, watching people he loved and cared for fall day in and day out to thread left him just as hurt as everyone else. He hides it with smiles and laughter and optimism because all those lives had to be for something.

Response to dragon color mutations: Generally he thinks the mutations are interesting. Heís curious as to how they happened, wonders if it was in response to Pernís collapse and if this means there are going to be other colors in the future. As far as Síbok goes he treats the young man with the same respect he treats everyone, no more no less. Admittedly the kid could probably have used a few more turns under his belt before he took over, but at least theyíre all still alive.

Who are you...

High places- Obviously flying but this includes climbing up to spots he probably shouldnít be climbing to and sitting there, knowing heís part of the sky.
The cold- High Reaches was amazing just for that reason. They had real seasons. Heíd like that again, not that Fort isnít beautiful and everything but would a little cool weather hurt?
Exploring- With the creation of the new Weyr there are plenty of unexplored tunnels and caverns. Dímir likes getting lost in them and finding his way out again.
Teaching- He could spend a whole day happily watching the weyrlings learning to fly. He loves helping new riders learn what it means to have a dragon, to care for one, and to truly become its partner.
His family- His father and sister are incredibly important to him. Heís honestly not sure what heíd do if he lost them.
Generally everyone- He canít actually lay a finger on anyone he pointedly dislikes.

Klah- He just doesnít get the appeal. But apparently everyone else on Pern does. More for them he supposes.
Humidity- Of course heíd find an /island/ where humidity is part of their day to day existence. If heís ever sent out to search again heís not stopping till he can find some place he doesnít have to swim through the air.
Fighting-If he can diffuse a situation with words he will. Actual combat just makes him want to remind people how many already lost their lives to thread.
Beach Snakes- After he found his two flits thanks to a demolished clutch heís had his own personal sort of grudge against the creatures.
Healers- This isnít to say that he dislikes the person themselves, or even their craftÖ more to say that he hates being hurt and heíd really rather not have to visit one. No offence of course, heís just a terrible patient.


* DRIVEN : From a very young age Dímir has been both driven and focused. He is capable of stepping back to see the larger picture and setting goals as well as working hard to get to that place. If it is important to him, someone he cares about, or the weyr in general, he is willing to go to most lengths to see that it is accomplished.

* PATIENT : Both with other people and in his own endeavors, Dímir executes his life with the kind of patience that makes him a very good teacher. He is kind and calm and more than willing to joke, taking into account that not everyone reaches a conclusion in the same manner. He is not easily bored and can wait out a situation with the best of them.

* EMPATHETIC : Perhaps one of the reasons he is so widely admired, Dímir is capable of putting himself in another personís shoes as it were and looking at the world from their point of view. They live in a very difficult day and age and he believes it is important to incorporate the requirements and dreams  of everyone, not just riders, into their new home.

* COMPOSED : It takes quite a bit to throw the Bronzer off his game. Part of his composure comes from his patience and empathy when working with other people. In crisis situations he is capable of remaining calm and level headed making him a valuable asset to any wing. Not many have actually seen Dímir lose his temper, nor does it happen often.

* STICKTOITIVENESS : Like drive this particular strength relates to his ability to set a task for himself or goal and work towards it. However, there is something of his stubborn personality that differentiates it from simple drive. He will not only strive to accomplish a goal, but he will continue to work towards it until it has been completed to the best of his ability. The best example of this is his search for the new island, and his refusal to return home until he found something.


* ABRUPT : Dímir often tends to say whatís on his mind and itís been known to cause waves. While he is capable of being coy and charming his outgoing disposition comes across as a little abrupt to some people. Often he will hide it with a joke or off handed comment but in serious situations he generally adopts a no-holds-barred sort of approach.

* IDEALISTIC : He wants a perfect world where everyone gets along and works together, though he is intelligent enough to know this will never happen. He is often frustrated, however, by those not willing to work out their differences or see anotherís point of view.

* PROCRASTINATOR : Just because he has the drive to do something doesnít always mean he wants to do it right that moment. Dímir has a slightly lazy streak that, while not generally hazardous, has been known to cause him issues in the past.

* ARROGANT : Like most Bronze riders he has come to display a certain amount of arrogance. Part of this comes from his confidence in himself and his drive to be the best possible him. Part of it too comes from his accomplishments. Heíd like to point out after all that finding the perfect island for Pern was no easy task and youíre welcome.

* STUBBORN : Dímir tends to hold to his values strongly enough that he may come across as a little unswayable. If he thinks something is wrong he wonít give up till itís right. This tends to go for people too. If he wants you to like him heíll generally keep trying until you do. No if ands or buts.

Describe Yourself:

* PACIFIST: In a world marked by a war against the Red Star the end of threadfall could not have made him happier. Dímir wantís nothing to do with fighting. Friendly competition is all well and good, but he simply doesnít see the point of butting heads. His pacifism ceases to apply if someone he cares for is in danger or has been harmed.

* LIGHTHEARTED: Everyone loves a good laugh and he loves more than anything to see those around him smile. As an optimist he strives for a happier world and prefers to look to what is good and the potential of something, than what could fail. Heís generally willing to joke and tends to use humor or wit to defuse tense situations.

* TRUSTWORTHY: His competence and candor lend to a very honest sort of demeanor. Dímir is not one to spread rumors and has a particular distaste for harmful lies. Anything told to him in confidence stays in confidence and anyone expecting something from him can generally be assured to get is sooner or later.

* OPEN-MINDED: The world is always changing, and itís going to keep changing. Their best hope of survival is to change with it. Dímir would ideally like to incorporate any number of different ideas to a single circumstance. Logically he knows itís not likely to work and so has become rather adept at considering all his options and choosing which best fits the situation.

* STEADFAST: He prides himself on being the sort of person others can rely on. From threadfall to river snakes heís there. It takes a lot to overbalance Dímir, and not many manage it. He is true to his word and sincere..

The Magic Touch:


Mother: Iranin  Journeywoman Miner 03.14.2539 (Deceased)
Father: Dathir,Journeyman Miner 09.22.2537

Siblings: Iradin (Ira) and Brown Leoth (Impressed 2571). (Deceased).

Dashanire  B 2590 to Eimerra (Son)

Prior to Dashanire, D'mir had counted a possible 5 children that may be his, though he had never felt the need to keep track if them since their mothers all kept them in the creche.
The oldest would probably be around 14, but so far as he's heard none of them have impressed or else he would remember their names, which he doesn't. He's certainly not opposed to meeting them however, should anyone chose to make claims towards his paternity.


Tell us a story...

* 2554, 0 Demirin is born to Iranin and Dathir, both Miners in Tillek Hold. While his father is quite happy with his life as a miner, Demirinís mother always dreamed of impressing, though never once regrets the family she built with Dathir.

* 2557, 3 The small family welcomes Iradin, his younger sister, to the family. Demirin is immediately enamored with the little girl and pledges to keep her safe as every big brother should.

* 2561, 7 Tragedy strikes when Demirin and Iraís mother dies in childbirth. Even at such a young age Demirin is struck by the finality of death and how important it is to protect the ones you love to the best of your ability.

* 2566, 12 Demirin is Searched in one of the last sweeps done by the High Reaches Weyr before the Hatching Day. His father allows him to go with a mixture of disappointment, that should he impress he will not join in the family craft, and pride that he has been chosen to participate at all. Like his mother before him, it was always Demirinís dream to impress a dragon, however, the confident press of another mind against his at the very first egg to crack takes him entirely by surprise. Morale bolstered by the good omen of a Bronze hatching first, the Weyr gladly welcomes the young rider and his dragon Thianorth.

*2568,14 Newly graduated from the Weyrling wing but still too young to join a fighting wing, Dímir is assigned to assorted fighting wings as a messenger, riding the edge of threadfall and helping to coordinate ground crews, the wings, and bring important information back to the weyr. Thianorthís stamina even at only two turns proves invaluable. He and Dímir quickly find themselves posted for an entire threadfall when shifts prove unnecessary for the next two turns.

*2570.16 Dímir and Thianorth experience their first successful flight, catching a young green whoís rider, Sethe, is several turns older than Dímir. Her kindness and belief in him do much to boost his confidence and teach him that there is more to being a Bronze rider than simply flying one and catching a gold. In many ways she becomes something of a mentor to the younger rider as well as a close friend. He is devastated when she and her dragon lose their lives later that year.

* 2571, 17 Despite his best efforts of his wing to protect the surrounding areas, Tillek Hold and the nearby Fisher Hall fall to thread. High Reaches Weyr prepares to evacuate, abandoning the now far too dangerous mountain landscape for the safer region of Fort. Amidst the tragedy of the pass however, Dímir is overjoyed to welcome his sister into the fold as a dragon rider. Not only that, but as one of the few women to impress a Brown.

*2578,24 Dímirís general easy going but competent manner earns him a solid respect throughout the Weyr. By the end of the turn he is named Wingsecond in one of the Fort Wings and takes up the position with pride. He earns a particularly bad threadscore along his shoulder that same year.

*2584,30 The loss of his Wingleader in a particularly overwhelming fall leaves Dímir in charge. He takes to the responsibility like a fish to water but is well aware that his promotion came at the cost of anotherís life. He vows to earn his next title.

* 2587, 33 With the end of the 9th pass Dímir is disheartened by the devastation of the world around him, though he makes sure not to show it. When the call comes for a rider to set out looking for another home for what remains of Pern he volunteers without hesitation, determined to bring hope back to Pern no matter the cost. Gone for a little over a week without contact much of the Weyr assumes that he lost his life during the search. However, Dímir and Thianorth come back victorious having found an island chain west of the Northern Continent that seems more than capable of becoming their home. Exhausted but giddy he accepts the congratulations of the weyr and jumps right in to prepare for relocation. During his search he came across what was left of a flitís clutch on what would one day be Fort, a River Snake having devoured the majority of it. Saving the last two eggs he ended up returning home with a little Blue and Green.

*2588, 34 In 88 Thianorth beats our M'rekís Polanth during Imythís flight earning his rider the rank of Weyrsecond. The promotion from wingrider to doesnít so much come as a shock, but he is aware of the great responsibility and works hard to keep the Weyr happy and healthy.

*2589, 35 Thianorth catches Imyth a second time and D'mir is wingsecond for another turn. Eimerra becomes pregnant, and despite the various highs and lows, the start of the turn goes quite well.

Unfortunately, he finds himself falling in love with Keassa, a journeyman Herder who specialised in runners. By the end of the turn, he has committed himself to her entirely and finds himself demoted to Mountain Wingrider by Halirina herself. He feels guilty about what he had done to Eimerra, but stands by his decision to be with Keassa instead. It wasn't an easy chpive, but he didn't feel as though cintinuing the charade with Eimerra was fair to the junior weyrwoman, and so told her of his infidelity himself after much deliberation. As part of his demotion,  he is grounded from any and all Gold Flights, including Kalestath's herself. Never again will he be able to hold the rank of weyrsecond (or weyrleader), though this is met with relief that he would not be forced into such a position again now that he has finally found where his heart belongs. The demotion allows him to ask Keassa to marry him at the Turns End Celebrations, a question that results in them moving into a lower weyr than his own, so as to allow Disucsk access without needing to be flown up by Thianorth whenever Keassa needs him. There may have been a slight disappointment in not being quite so high up, but Keassa is worth the change.

* 2590, 36 The day after Turns End there is a horrific beachsnake attack at the cleanup site. His sister, Iradin is one of many casualties. The knowledge breaks his heart, and it is not long before he is finding comfort in the arms of his weyrmate. It is not something he will easily bounce back from though with time his grief should diminish. The knocks keep coming when Imyth's clutch hatches the day after, four of the twelve dragonets going between for various reasons and a rumour that he had cursed the clutch causing him to forget, momentarily the good that had happened.

Between Thianorth and Keassa, D'mir finds reason to enjoy himself somewhat, so while the grief will not leave so quickly, he at least has something to focus on to continue towards the future.

When another hunter attack occurs at the minehall, Thianorth and D'mir return from their survey of Cove Hold to assist wherever they can (D'mir, moreso than Thianorth). While he is working, he stumbles upon Keassa, minorly injured while Disucsk lies nearby having protected her and their unborn child from one of the beasts. Though relived to see her alive and (mostly) well, the bandage-covered wher is disheartening. AS it happens, Keassa has somewhat good news to deliver, telling him she's pregnant, though explaining that the child would not be going into the creche as was the case with many weyrborn kids. Elated by the news, D'mir hesitates only briefly before agreeing to statement, a life he had never even considered before all of a sudden there in the near future.

Keassa's decission to stay at the weyr ends up working out for the both of them when Halirina calls for the weyr to be on lockdown. Cut off from the minehall, tensions build, and D'mir finds himself in an odd position. On one hand he sympathises with the hold and craft folk, particularly as his own weyrmate is affected by the lockdown. On the other, he understands the weyrwoman's reasoning, and knows it will give them time to regroup. He was away from the weyr when the riot happened, though his first action on returning was to ensure Keassa was safe. He has yet to come to terms with the rising tension between the factions under one roof, even after the ban was lifted.

D'mir makes himself scarce prior to Imyth's flight, and when he returns to find that X'kis of Brown Maelboroth had caught her, he finds himself relieved that Eimerra had herself a worthy weyrmate once more. Some of his guilt is dispersed, and it is hoped that the rumours still flitting about regarding his demotion will die down in light of the unanticipated feat. There is a noticeable change in his demenour, the weight of his decision lifted even further now that he knew she would have the company she had lacked since the end of the previous turn.

His attitude towards the mutations hasn't changed since Kalestath's clutch hatched, in fact, with eleven reds in the weyr and nine blacks including Neisoth, he finds himself enthralled by the little quirks that have manifested, particularly apparent as they were in the latest clutch. From the reds exuberance and tendancy to hatch as male and female, to the aggression of the blacks and their tendancy towards fighting their bronze brothers.

While he may not be at the weyr often, any time not assigned to other things by W'sar (or B'lye) will find him spending time with Keassa, either assisting her with her own work, or just enjoying her company and preparing himself for the birth of their child. Despite his increased excitement for the birth of their child, he acknowledges the birth of his son by Eimerra with little enthusiasm. As with his previous children, should the time come for Dashanire to want to know him further, he is perfectly willing to get to know him, but for the meantime sees nothing wrong with leaving his care to the creche and Eimerra herself.

"You mean..." D'mir hesitated, trying to process Keassa's words. It was a lot of information to take in. He'd never had to question the weyr way so far as child rearing went. Had four... maybe five children of his own in the creche, he was sure. Fuck. Eimerra was just about ready to burst with his next one and he'd not even thought to question what her plans were for it. Weyrfolk took their kids to the creche.

Yet here she was. So beautiful. So... vulnerable. Telling him that it would be different for their child. That they would be raising it themselves, not relying on others. It could be done.
Of that there was no doubt. But he was away so often... she was OK with that. Would they stay at the weyr... wait for him to return from whatever assignment W'sar tasked him with?
Or would she choose to stay at the Miners Hall... leaving it up to him to come and visit for as long as she deigned to stay there.

He had been prepared for that. For her insistance that they stay at the hall. That she stay at the hall. To help. To give crafters and holders alike some autonomy. She had never been shy about wanting to assist. Never kept him in the dark as to her intentions. And he knew. Knew how much he loved her.

Knew that he would give her all of Pern if she asked for it.

So while he hesitated, ever so slightly, it was not to argue. He understood how much family meant to her. Understood that this was important. And to dismiss it was to dismiss everything they had achieved together thus far.

"At the weyr?" he asked softly, breaking the silence as the excitement, the love welled up inside him. "Riders have done it before. We made room for Disucsk didn't we? There is room for another cot. He can have his own chest for clothes and other things. We can get playthings so he doesn't get bored. Thianorth won't mine. And Bren could use the distraction... he may have already forgotten Iradin, but he's not quite the same flit as he once was." Pain coloured his voice through the excitement with which he was speaking. Once for the wher so covered in bandages he was white, and again as he mentioned his sister.

"What is important to you, my love. Will always be important to me" He managed, a myriad of emotions welling up inside him.

He wanted to grab Keassa. Spin her around the room. Laughter bubbled up, unwanted in his chest but it was as serious a moment as it was exciting. She was concerned. Worried. Did she think he would leave her for such a small request? She had opened his heart to an entirely new realm of possibility. He may have embraced the weyr way so far as his previous children were concerned, but so too had their mothers. Not once had they asked him to stay. To be present while they raised them. The creche wasn't a bad place for children.

But Keassa didn't want that, and D'mir understood. At least in part. She may still ask to stay at the hall... at least temporarily. He was prepared for that still. As prepared as he could be considering the news. Surely she would return to the weyr when her pregnancy progressed further? Once Disucsk healed he would be there as well... he'd done wonderfully already, despite the injuries he had incurred. And Braveheart too. She would not be alone. No matter where she stayed. Though truth be told he would rather she stayed at the weyr... away from the threat of hunters. In any case, so far as her wanting them to raise their child together... there was no doubt in his mind that it would be so.

Member Info...

Created By:
Concept by SirAlahn and SanctifiedSavage; Original profile by Hart; Edited Slightly by Kyya
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring. It. On
Anything Else:
Happy (belated) birthday Savage  :love:

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Re: D'mir [13/10/2554 9th Pass | Bronze Rider]
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2017, 10:54:39 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Name: Thianorth
Date of Birth:
24.03.2566 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37 meters
Mature Height: 7.4 meters
Mature Wingspan: 62.67

General Appearance...

When first hatched Thianorth nearly shredded his own wing trying to get to his rider. With wings slightly larger than average for a dragonette he learned quickly how to maneuver them to prevent from harming himself or inadvertently knocking into things around him. As a result he was earlier to fly than most. Until he grew into them however he was rather gangly, much like his rider. As an adult he is beautifully proportioned though his wings are still just slightly longer than usual.

While the majority of his hide is a rich, dark bronze, his wings, the latter part of his tale and his fore and hind legs all flare out into a much lighter shade. The same light bronze also shows on his face along his eye ridges and slightly darker softly striped pattern down his neck and spine.


Mind Voice: Thianorth’s voice is smooth and clear all at once, like a long rolling northern wind.

Likes: Exploring new places- He was overjoyed when D’mir volunteered them to search out a new home for the survivors. It gave him and his rider a chance to view new parts of their world no one had yet seen. Even now he loves flying over the smaller islands and occasionally landing to poke around the jungle and beach edges.
Races and Arial maneuvers- While not the most agile- certainly not in comparison to many of the smaller greens and blues- Thianorth loves putting on a show and using his considerable stamina to amaze watchers with the tricks and exercises they used to utilize during threadfall.
Fishing- He sort of loves gliding over the surface of the ocean and seeing what he can catch.

Dislikes: Uppity weyrlings- Unlike his rider who seems to have an endless tolerance for children and dragonets, Thianorth would much rather steer clear of their mess and is more than willing to put the disrespectful ones in their place.
Stupidity- When people and dragons lack common sense it’s one of the faster way’s to irritate the bronze.


* STAMINA : Thianorth can and has flown longer than an entire threadfall without requiring a break. There are few whos stamina is as long lasting though it does play slightly against him in speed.

* RELIABLE/ORGANIZED : During the pass, as a pair that saw a whole threadfall through to the end, the bronze and his rider played the vital role of coordinating between rotations. His clear voice and quick eyes ensured that everyone was where they should be and if not, he could get them to where they needed to go.


* IMPATIENT : Perhaps one of the only directly opposing traits between dragon and rider. For every ounce of patience D’mir displays, Thianorth is lacking. He prefers things now rather than later and tends to get antsy when things aren’t done immediately.

* SHOW-OFF : More so than even his rider, the bronze is a show off. He likes people who are impressed with him and tends to assume those who are not aren’t paying close enough attention.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(645800); Text: #(FFF5A6)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: D'mir [13/10/2554 9th Pass | Bronze Rider]
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2017, 10:54:57 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
08.05.25879th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Fort Island

General Appearance...

Gorgeous is pretty big for a green. She is sturdy and assertive rather than lithe and graceful. Her hide is a cool, nearly seafoam green with slightly darker speckling down her spine and over the lines of her wings and legs. 


Mind Voice: She is confident and assertive. She will happily share her thoughts with just about anyone, sending images with impressive detail to get her point across. She doesn’t generally parrot words unless theres no image to properly depict what she’s attempting to convey.

Likes: Herself. In her mind the world revolves around her. Anyone who says they dislike her is either pretending or lying.
Whery meat- her snack of choice.
D’mir’s shoulder. He ends up in the most interesting places. If she’s on his shoulder she gets to see them.

Dislikes: The cove. D’mirs intense dislike of beach and river snakes seems to have rubbed off on her. She tends to avoid it despite the warm sands and cool welcoming water.
Loud sudden noises- if thunder is a part of an island storm than she is almost certainly curled around D’mir’s throat.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flies 6/7 and is a force catch

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Re: D'mir [13/10/2554 9th Pass | Bronze Rider]
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2017, 10:55:14 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
08.05.2587 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Fort Island

General Appearance...

Bren is slim and lean like most Blues. His hide is a deep deep sapphire that lightens only at his belly, chin, and under-wings. 


Mind Voice: Bren is quieter than his sister but when he does chatter the touch of his mind is bright and vibrant. He has a tendency to communicate through parroted sounds (not words) rather than images.

Likes: Gorgeous. While he enjoys wandering off on adventures he follows his sister around like she’s a Gold instead of a Green.
Belly scratches. It’s a better way to win his heart than food.
Iradin. Sometimes D’mir swears he acts more like her flit than his.

Dislikes: Bugs- They seem to constantly startle him. It’s always funny.
Early mornings- Despite his excitable and adventurous nature he would happily spend the entirety of the morning curled on Thianorth’s back in the sun.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: D'mir [13/10/2554 9th Pass | Bronze Rider]
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Rainbow Mists Weyr
Canyon River Weyr
Fortune Favors the Brave
Destiny of Pern
World of Remnant - An AU RWBY RP
Innovo Weyr
Under the Wings
Pern Unbound
Xenedria: Scifi Master/slave RPG
In Rukbats Shadow
World of Oarth
Felth's Heart

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