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Author Topic: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]  (Read 1747 times)

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Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #25 on: August 11, 2017, 02:51:24 AM »
When Xnyeth betweened and emerged over the weyrbowl, nothing was immediately out of place. Far below, weyrlings and dragons clustered on the ground,  or clung to ledges, when they should have been in the sky. There were no signs of panic however, only the agitated dragons atop the ledge. The rest of Jungle wing appeared around them, circling and uncertain.

What has occurred? Y’vis sent, and Xnyeth didn’t respond immediately. Y’vis squinted against the wind, not strong enough to justify grounding weyrlings and calling them back from a hunt. Not with so little food. 

Two dragons betweened. There was an accident. Xnyeth’s mindvoice was a high keen, still in communication with the dragons on the ledge. 

Who? demanded Y’vis. The why would come later, the outcome was the now.

Green Ilaroth and bronze Dekkath. Xnyeth paused to cry into the wind as other dragons from the wing were relaid the news. She took him between. They have not returned.

Y’vis surveyed the huddle down on the ground. Some of the others from Jungle had joined them, but instead he wordlessly directed  Xnyeth towards their ledge. If R’sin and the weyrling had gone between, there would be no body to retrieve. A ceremony certainly, but no body. Xnyeth’s eyes flashed muddy purple and yellow as Y’vis took off his saddle. There would be no returning to the hunt today, perhaps the next. The bronze took off immediately after the last strap fell, and Y’vis braced at the knees against the strong gusts as the dragon made for the top of the ledge. He needed to be with the rest of his kin.

Y’vis wasn’t sure who he needed to be with, perhaps no one. He could not face Aya’s concern nor her optimism, and Halirina would be tied up in this mess for days. A new wingleader would need to be assigned. Again. What a mess this was, and these incidents increasingly were looking less like tragic accidents.

“Maybe we are cursed,” he muttered glaring out at the moody sky before retreating to his garden, away from the anguished thoughts of his dragon. 

Offline S'den

Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #26 on: August 11, 2017, 03:09:24 PM »
Returning to the Weyr was always a good thing, at least for Rayrth, Prim and S'den. They'd spent a few days away, searching through the Southern Weyr, not finding a whole lot, but getting a lot of sketches of the land around the area. And finding it desolated. If it ever recovered, S'den doubted he'd see it.

As they blinked in they were aware of Weyrlings training, and they landed as quickly as they could at their ledge to their weyr, getting out of the way of the sill learning dragons and riders. S'den was in the middle of checking straps after getting off when he felt something go wrong.

His gaze moved to the Weyrling's as a dragon's cry told him that something had gone very very wrong. He watched as the big bronze streaked towards the falling green, and even get under her. Then his heart drop. The green went between, taking the bronze, riders and herself to the cold space he and Rayrth had just came from.






The keening of the huge bronze beside him told him all he'd needed to know. He reached a hand out to touch the bronze as he felt the sorrow flow through him and into Prim, who took up the keen as well.

|| Who? ||

The bronze keen continued, loud and familiar. But his sorrow was worse as his voice found S'den.

Dekkath, and Ilaroth.

S'den closed his eyes. Loosing R'sin was bad. Another old bronzer was gone from the skies. While thread might not be falling (and both he and Rayrth were glad for that) the older dragon's and their riders had an idea of what was what. Plus he'd seen a lot of Dekkath. Ilaroth was a weyrling, and beyond noting another green, S'den hadn't given her much attention. Now he felt Rayrth's sorrow. Rayrth had liked Dek. S'den leaned into his dragon for a moment, then tapped the big dragon's shoulder as the dragon's keen started to end, as each dragon gave up the call.

|| Come on, Love. Let's get to the weyr. ||

With swift movements he climbed back up the bronze and they took off, winging their way down to the bowl. S'den dismounted quickly patting the big dragon, who's head drooped a bit.

|| Can you wait to be unsaddled? We should check on the kiddos and others. ||

The bronze sent an affirmation but no voice along with. S'den nodded and made his way inside, feeling the sorrow of another fellow lost.

Dammit. He'd thought they were done with loosing.

Offline L'ale

Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #27 on: August 11, 2017, 10:51:32 PM »
L’ale gave a nod of deference to the Weyrwoman when she approached, but it was only cursory. While she deserved a moment of his attention, to be frank, now was not the time for him to be catering to the Gold Rider. They oversaw areas of the weyr that he didn’t really care about in that moment. That she was there certainly made sense – weyrlings were involved.

But he wasn’t a weyrling. So his attention quickly shifted back to B’ron and the matter that really called to his attention. That his Wingleader had been lost because of a Weyrling was… It brought a scowl to his expression he didn’t try to hide. The curses that crossed his mind need not be translated to his brother, because he surely shared the same sentiment. Instead, what was shared to Jungle Wing was the confirmation that their Wingleader had been lost due to an accident. L’ale hated rumor.

Best let the news flow through the Wing so the Riders could deal with it. That’s how Jungle Wing worked. That R’sin would be missed was a gross understatement but the Weyrsecond’s sentiment was still appreciated. As far as L’ale as concerned, they could lose a dozen -no, a hundred weyrlings – before he would willfully lose a skilled Rider like R’sin.

It was a waste. A waste of man, a waste of experience, a waste of… Fucking everything. But he didn’t say anything of that. It’d be pointless and cruel. Needless and… if L’ale could say one last thing to his Wingleader it would’ve been to ask the man to let the Weyrling die.

So be it.

Jaw set, L’ale faced B’ron with all the stoic conviction that had won him Wingsecond to begin with. “We’ll take the day. Jungle will be ready to fly tomorrow.” No question about that. L’ale would be damned himself if they’d dishonor R’sin’s memory by taking anything more than the afternoon off. With nothing more to say to either Weyrsecond, he simply gave a short salute before he moved back to his collected Wing.

His, for now.

//Illoth, call all the Riders in.//

The twins waited until all of Jungle was gathered. Dragons grounded and their riders encircling the twins. By this point, everyone would’ve been informed through Illoth and Skeleeth what had happened. Rumor didn’t fly fast through Jungle when fact could be delivered swiftly.

L’ale surveyed the Wing as the heavy silence weighed on them all. Another Wingleader gone. Another good man. Irreplaceable. Lost to Between. “I have no good words, Wingriders. There simply aren’t any. But you all knew R’sin. Weyr and duty. That’s what we’ll always be about. Remember that, today and going forward. What we do, we do for Weyr and duty. Take the afternoon to clean your kills, check your gear, and be ready tomorrow. Jungle flies for the Weyr, no matter the loss.” With that, L’ale gave a simple nod of dismissal.

He did stand and wait, just in case anyone had any questions or concerns they wanted to address with him. As usual.

Length: 38M || Height: 8M || Wingspan: 65M
Any power play by L'nal is acceptable.

Offline H'vier

Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #28 on: August 15, 2017, 11:43:18 AM »
Jungle flies for the Weyr, no matter the loss.

Hearing L'ale's decree actually brought relief to H'vier; there was nothing he couldn't stand doing more than doing nothing, and if left to his own devices, for his own self, he would be right back to hunting. Duty first, feelings second, and why did they have to take an entire day just to grieve? Grief would happen no matter what you were doing. H'vier wasn't inclined to waste time focusing on it.

Some people need to. I will eat something extra bloody in Dekkath's memory.

Yes, that's kind of you. But there wasn't any of his usual wry humor to his mental voice; it was normally the kind of thing Kadoreth would say that would be met with that kind of response, but H'vier barely had energy in him to express any kind of emotion, let alone humor. He didn't handle death well, he didn't handle facing mortality well even though he knew his work and his wing would take him out one day just like it did R'sin.

But R'sin had been grounded for his own protection, after S'tas and L'andis. He'd been grounded and still managed to die. Jungle was clearly cursed, with its leader the most cursed, but life went on, and H'vier wanted more than anything else for life to go on quickly.

If he didn't know he would be the only one who would want to, or at least one of a small enough number that it would probably be dangerous, he might have asked to go back out into the hunt anyway.

Eat something extra bloody.

If I can find something.

Extra bloody sounded pretty good.

H'vier gave L'ale a stiff salute, and turned to do just that.

Offline H'riel

Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #29 on: August 16, 2017, 12:41:55 AM »
He'd barely let out a sigh when they were interrupted by a fellow weyrling, and H'riel hastily pulled away from his friend, face flushing at the show of weakness but instinctively reaching out to pull Nishi back to stand beside him when she would have stepped back to join Zilanie. The shame at having caused-

We did not cause it

- the death of a weyrling and an experienced rider resurfaced the moment Zilanie spoke. No fault of hers, really, but they were not close the way he and Nishi were. He didn't know Zilanie the same way he knew Nishi. of all the people he'd spent time with since being searched, Nishi was probably the one he knew best, the one he trusted to have his back in any situation.

"I am not injured," he responded stiffly, letting go of Nishi now that he was certain she'd stay put. With Dwalath behind them, and Nishi on his left, he felt somewhat more secure as he faced the other greenrider. "Dwalath is not injured, either," he added.

"We did not anticipate Ny'la and Ilaroth appearing in front of us. Dwalath could not stop his flame in time to save her wings." He continued, jaw tense as he explained what had happened from his end. There were no words for the bronzer who had been taken between as well. There had been no way to know that's what would have happened. He could only hope to not repeat their mistake in future.

Dwalath had rumbled in annoyance at the distress H'riel felt, not seeing any reason to dwell on it longer than he had already. When Weskath spoke, he turned red-tinted eyes to her, anger, still, at the idiocy that had his rider in such turmoil. Indeed. He agreed.

Weskath wasn't his ideal choice of company. She could be lazy and had a habit of not paying attention. But she would not have jumped between without being certain of where she would emerge, particularly when there were flaming dragons in the sky. With nothing further to say, his attention shifted back to his rider, crooning a soft encouragement as he crouched next to the young man.

While more dragons filled the weyrbowl, Dwalath was uncharacteristically disinclined to enter into conversation. Dragon memories didn't last long when it came to grief, but that didn't mean they forgot instantly... Now wasn't the time to exchange pleasantries... Not when it was his flame that caused the two deaths - regardless of who was at fault.

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Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #30 on: August 16, 2017, 03:16:43 AM »
Zi looked at her dragon and shook her head at her. Hush lovie he thinks it is all his fault and it is not. Time ans time agaim we are told look befor we jump and Ny'la knew this and did not. You will do moee harm than good.

Her dragon looked at her and cocked her head to the side. Zi looked at H'riel again and smiled. "No you could no have known he would do that he was a bit impulsive in his jump. You are not to blame in this just take comfort in that okay. I know we do not know each other that well since you impressed befor I did ans where a candidate long before I became one but I offer hope to you that this was not your fault but his for not looking befor he lept." She rwached out buged the other rider and took off all the while talking to Wes about proper jumping but in her mind. She would comfort Nalise in time even tough she did not know her either as she knew the bronze rider that was lost was relitive of some sort.

Offline Nalise

Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #31 on: August 16, 2017, 03:25:59 AM »
Nalise looked at the Weyrwoman she was already scared of her and this was no more reason to not be she stood on shaky legs and stood beside her dragon twister crooning to her. She had to pull it together for her uncle at least. "Yes ma'am. She watched them go to talk with her uncles wing as she waled out of the bowl toward her weyr. "Hia I think we need to lay low for now. No more anything. Morning and eatong only. I will ask about private lessions with an older rider tomorrow today I morn the loss of a great man.

He was great and you have me and twister love no need for other. You also have our child he will not undersatnd the tears so smile for him.

Nalise nodded and loojed forward to seeing her child he would help her.
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Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #32 on: September 01, 2017, 01:06:56 AM »
H'riel couldn't quite respond more than a stiff nod at Zilanie's reassurances, his forehead creasing in puzzlement as he tried to make sense of what she was saying.

He understood that she agreed with him. He hadn't been able to predict Ny'la's flight path as it was never meant to end in front of him. He did not understand how one could take comfort in not being to blame, since there was nothing physical about such an emotion, and her verbalisation of the fact they did not know each-other seemed a moot point. Similarily, "hope" to it not being his fault, and instead being Ny'la's seemed contrary to her earlier words, and when she moved in to hug him, of all things, the only reasonable course of action was to offer an awkward pat on her back before she was darting away again to go do something… else?

He returned his attention to Nishi, the look of confusement still on his face as he sought to reassure himself that she was still there. She … understood him better than others, and he took comfort in her solidity as he gave her a quick squeeze around her shoulders.

Dwalath was watching Weskath wander off with her rider with some agitation, his head swinging down so that it was level with H'riel's as he spoke. I itch. There was no need for more to be said, the dragon's physical reminder of just how irritating the itch would be if it was not tended to immediately the only additional leverage applied to the words.

"Would you come oil Dwalath with me, Nishi? He rather likes a good oiling once a drill is finished, and I do not think we are required to linger here any further." As formal as ever he spoke to his friend, voice low and soft, the request unusual in his tendancy to do such things on his own, normally.

"Xasheyth is, of course, welcome too. I would be happy to help attend to her needs as well once Dwalath has been satisfactorily scrubbed and oiled." Truth is, he didn't need Nishi to help him oil Dwalath, and if they were to move away from the steadily growing crowd of onlookers, he had no qualms about Nishi tending to Xasheyth while he dealt with Dwalath's itches. It was more the… Mutual company that he was chasing, though he was unable to fully comprehend and thus verbalise that necessity. Theoretically, his relationship with the greenrider was enough to get his point across without needing to explain himself further.

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Offline Nishi

Re: The Death Keen [ 01.08.2590 // 2pm ]
« Reply #33 on: November 28, 2017, 12:50:09 AM »
Nishi brushed hurriedly at the tears that had brimmed over while H’riel awkwardly accepted Zilanie’s hug. “Of course,” she said, perfectly aware at H’riel’s distaste for the distraction and noise of crowds and his usual want to tend to after-drill duties on his own. If he wanted her with him now, she wasn’t going to bow out, Nishi wasn’t exactly a ride or die kind of person, but this was different, this wasn’t H’riel and Dwalath’s fault. He had done nothing since they’d started weyrlinghood together for him to have anything but her respect.

Although maybe a little too soon, Nishi wasn’t exactly a forgiving person, and the fault of all of this landed solidly in the one stupid action of a Greenrider. Well… maybe not stupid, she didn’t exactly think either of the pair had wanted to end up in a different place than they should. But they weren’t on their first flight out, they’d been doing this drill for sevendays on end, Nishi enjoyed having fun, but never at the expense of doing something dangerous… especially not when the consequences weren’t entirely your own to bear.

Risking you, your dragon, and the rest of your Wing? It was unforgiveable to Nishi. Maybe that was harsh? Maybe callous? Maybe naïve? But as Nishi had to swallow the bile rising in her throat so she could take H’riel’s arm so they could move off to their weyr’s, she didn’t care. “C’ren was telling everyone that we’re to go back to our weyrs anyway, so you’re right about that.”

“Xasheyth’ll be happy to wait, I’m sure it would take you twice as long to oil Dwalath as it would me to oil her because of his size, if I help we’ll be done in record time,” she didn’t need to look over her shoulder at her dragon to know Xasheyth would be fine. Xasheyth was always on board with the plan, and although she liked her attention, she knew this was important. More for H’riel’s sake than Dwalath’s but it didn’t stop the Green from giving him a quiet croon as they moved towards their ground weyrs.

Privately, the Green spoke to her Brown clutchmate, you aren’t hurt?

While Xasheyth spoke to Dwalath, pretty sure he was unscathed but still wanting to check, in case he’d been too worried about the events or about H’riel to check himself, Nishi cleared her throat and took charge. “We’ll head to your weyr, its ledge’ll be big enough for both of them,” although H’riel might miss it, there was an added, then if anyone comes looking for you I’ll be there too.

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