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Author Topic: Approved Everalsie [ 26.01.2559 / Ex-Whore Holder ]  (Read 1872 times)

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Everalsie [ 26.01.2559 / Ex-Whore Holder ]
« on: July 20, 2017, 12:25:57 PM »

Play By:
Karen Gillan

She hates nicknames, but she's been called all manner as a whore. All the more reason she hates them. The worst was Little Red. Just. Don't.
Date of Birth:
26.01.2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: On the surface, Everalsie is a petite 5'3", sweet looking woman. The sort that any holder woman would've been happy to call daughter. She has a rounded face made for smiling, pale skin, and stunning red hair. She looks considerably younger than she really is and has always looked that way - a major appeal in the brothel she grew up in.

She keeps her red hair down and long, well past her hips as it was a luxury she could never have growing up. Everalsie would also never be caught dead in pants unless they were forced on her or the situation absolutely required them - such a dirty work. She likes dresses, likes feeling like a proper lady even if the dress itself is fairly simple in design.

She holds herself quite proper too so one might never guess that she was born and raised in a gambling / brothel hall, but rather that she's from legit holder stock. And she prefers it that way.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Everalsie's father lost her and her mother in debt to a gambling hall - ensuring their enslavement. So she grew up in the darker side of Fort Hold and her mother died shortly after she was born to disease. She's survived through sheer determination and a healthy dose of anger to have something better for herself. She's never been one to lament loss, nor is she a girl who ever had an attachment mean much to her, but she's always looking for the next opportunity, the next step. Life has taught her it's nothing but a series of rungs on a ladder to be climbed. Some just started up higher than she did.

Response to dragon color mutations: Her life is so much about her that she often times forgets that there are dragon riders. Like, she knows they exist, but in the same way that you know fish come from the sea. Sure. It's obvious, but does it really concern you and can you really be bothered to care? Because she can't.

Who are you...

Dresses : It should be obvious at this point, but she quite likes a nice, clean dress. And if that's not available, clean clothes in general.

Being clean : She spent a lot of her younger turns being filthy and she can't quite tolerate that now. Bathing for her and her children is a must.

Gossip : Information of any kind could be useful and she likes hearing about who is doing what, to who, and when. She quite likes participating in all manner of it too. It doesn't always have to be the truth that falls out of her pretty mouth either.

Lying : She doesn't give a flying flit if anyone else does it, but Daresik and her babies better never utter a lie to her. She's instilled the importance of always being honest to her to both him and her children. Fuck everyone else.

Whores : Pot calling the kettle black, but she tries not to openly associate with them. Openly. But everyone has a use for a loose tongue.

Busy Work : She's a proper lady now and she won't be caught dead doing heavy lifting and dirty work. That's what she has Daresik for.


* DETERMINED : For as long as she can remember, which is quite considerable, Everalsie has decided she wants more out of this life than what she was born into and there's nothing that has stopped her from getting it. No attachments, no one she won't step on to get there - and, well, here she is. Family lady, married, and seemingly a proper holder woman. Woe to anyone that fucks with her dreams.

* QUICK HEALER : Her body is quite resilient once she's been injured. She's rarely sick and she can heal up quite quick with minor mending. A useful trait for an ex-whore.

* GREAT MEMORY : While no one has a perfect memory, Everalsie will swear she remembers everything. Every slight, every insult paid to her… and every compliment, every favor. And she'll pay them all back in kind - eventually. She does have quite a sharp memory, much to the detriment of her children.

* BRILLIANT : She'd have made a great Wingsecond. She's a mind for math, reading, writing, politics, and anything she sets her mind to. Though she came into learning all of that much later in her life than most, as she wasn't given proper schooling and had to seek out a tutor for it all when she was older, she ate it up greedily and learned quite quickly. She's just a smart woman.

* MOTHERLY : Everalsie adores her family in abstract sense. They're trophies in her life, markers of achievement, and she's quite proud of them in that way. ( Same to be said of her husband ). That being said, she cares for them and wants them to be representative of her as a mother, so she cares for them to the best of her ability.


* WEAK : She's 5'3" and would lose a fight to a wet bedsheet. Seriously. If someone were really mad at her, just about anyone could pick her up and throw her. The world lucked out that she didn't end up with any muscle or she'd have been the source of a lot of fights. As it is, just about anyone can shrug of any physical thing she does except her kids cause she's mom.

* MOUTHY : When she's mad, she goes off. And Everalsie usually knows exactly what to say to make people angry. She doesn't know when to shut up and it's gotten her in a lot of trouble in the past. Thankfully, now, she's got a wher and a big husband to hide behind. ( Sometimes, it might be best for Daresik to just… cover her mouth ).

* PARANOID : Because of how far she's come, and how old she is now, she's quietly terrified of losing it all. Of her kids growing up into failures, of people figuring out that she used to be a whore. So she's very, very, very careful about what she does and can occasionally over react if her kids fuck up. Or, ya know, step out of line.

* CONTROLLING : To the extreme. She wants the world to move to her tune and chaos is the enemy.

* OBLIVIOUS : If it doesn't concern her, her life, her kids, or her husband, then it might as well not exist in the world. Like the hunters? Or the dragon riders? Psht. It's all furniture.

Describe Yourself:

* Lady: She tries, very hard, to be just that. She wants to be a lady and has, for all intents, become one. She doesn't like being reminded that at one point she wasn't.

* MASOCHIST: The world likes to play jokes and this is a big one on Everalsie. She hates that she enjoys pain, but it's such a big turn on for her - and a closely guarded one at that. Heated fights with Daresik get her all flustered and that both pisses her off and excites her. Cue pathetic slaps and lots of yelling on her part.

* LEECH: She has no shame in using people and tossing them aside - and she's been doing it for her entire life. That's how her relationship with Daresik started. It just ended up that he was bigger than anyone else that cared to look at her and could hold his own and dumb enough to keep going back to her mouthy self. So she kept him. Worked out in the end, though certainly in her favor.

* Two-Faced: Who she presents to one person and who she is to the next might not always be the same person. Most of the time, who she is outside of their home isn't who she really is. She smiles, she plays nice, she acts the part of a sweet lady without a care in the world, but Everalsie is always looking for the next step up in the world - and who she has to step on to get there.

* BUSY: Between being a wife, a mother, a gossipmonger, and scheming behind her husband, she's usually pretty busy. She also comes across as a very helpful lady, always willing to lend a hand ( though not offer up anything for free ), but her time she spends freely if it means access to other people, gossip, etc.

The Magic Touch: Though she is a masochist, she's very particular in where she'll allow Daresik to mark her. Usually her thighs because she doesn't want anyone to see. She's also very particular that her hair is down and clean.


Mother: Evelyanni Holder wife, b 2538, d 2563.
Father: Tarlsee Gang member, b 2535, d 2570. 

Tevelan b 2555 Adoptable.
Earnsee b 2557 Adoptable.

b. 8.2578 Daveral
b. 2581 Evarensl
b. 2585 Dalerik
b. 2589 Ealsyvie

Tell us a story...

* 2559, 0 Tevelan loses a rough bet in the gambling house he works at and, in turn, ends up with his pregnant wife being 'sold' to the gambling den that doubles as a whore house. He isn't seen around anymore and Everalsie is born in the first month of the new turn, property of the brothel. Her mother is weak from the birth and falls ill so care falls to the other women of the brothel with mixed response.

* 2559-2569, 0-10 Everalsie's mother never quite recovers from her weakened state and the illness she contracts and dies when Everalsie is only three - though she's never really awake or coherent during her childhood so it's not quite a situation that bears any marks on the young girl's life. Instead, her mother passes without barely a blip on her life as she's being taught different chores around the Den that is her home and how to survive the place. She's frequently underfoot but tolerated because 'Little Red' is so cute and 'one day she'll grow up beautiful'. An investment, the owner calls her. Little Red, the patrons call her. It's not all bad but she's frequently hungry, often in the wrong place, and sees things no little girl should probably see.

Growing up, no one pays her much mind so she's witness to a lot of underhanded dealings, cheating at the tables, hallway trysts, drug usage, and she grows up fast. No one really attaches themselves to her or takes over specific care, rather, Everalsie has to fend largely for herself. If she doesn't ensure she's fed, sometimes they forget about her so she always makes sure to look out for herself. She never develops any manner of trust and naturally shies away from the patrons, especially as she nears ten and they start reaching out for her hair, her dress, and pulling her close.

Invariably, this ends up with her being bedded far too young but the other whores celebrate this occasion as the day she enters the 'working world'. She's still called Little Red after the event, but there's a tone to it that she starts to really hate.

*2569-2576, 10-17 This is easily the worst part of Everalsie's life. Having entered the 'working world' in the brothel that she grew up in, she's regularly scheduled to entertain customers. It's like a living nightmare for her initially as she introduced to a lot of different things that both excite and shame her, horrify and thrill her. She's quite popular because of her fiery tongue, red hair, quick healing, and penchant to enjoy a bit of rough handling. After a handful of turns, she falls into the routine of work. She has a couple of miscarriages during this time, largely due to poor nutrition, her body simply can't carry any child to term. The third one convinces Everalsie that something has to change, that this life isn't all there is, and she has to be the one to change it all. Much like when she was younger, if she wanted to get fed she had to ensure she was fed. No one was going to save her, she had to save herself.

* 2577, 18 It seemed like any other day when she met Daresik, but Everalsie likes to look back on the day like it was yet another step toward changing her life. He seemed much like many of the others, but he was big. It wasn't until she interacted with him that she realized he was rather… thick too. When he took a liking to her, and seemed willing to do small things for her just because she requested it, she launches a very risky but potentially fruitful plot. To get Daresik to marry her.

Much to her amazement, he's readily agreeable to the idea with little work on her end and is quite happy to bring her home. Everalsie thinks it's all for naught when he tells his parents where they met. Like seeing all of her dreams crashing down around her - until Daresik simply insists and they're married within the sevenday.

Like a dream come true, she has a ceremony and everything with a mountain of a man who even provides her a house. She never has to return to the whorehouse.

After a rough ( in a good way ) night to celebrate their union, Everalsie allows her mind to run wild with all the new avenues opening up before her and soon is convinced that Daresik is better than just a simple thug - that they're better than that. He needs to be a Peacekeeper! So she sets out about getting him a wher egg, tricking a holder into trading in the belief that she's going to sleep with him for the egg since he was quite unhappily married to an ugly hag. ( She didn't sleep with him, but instead told the man's wife he tried to force himself on her and got him arrested ).  Then, Everalsie happily provides her husband a Gold egg while snagging one for herself.

Though he seems to struggle with the training, she's determined to see him through it. Even if she has to hold his hand through it.

* 2578, 19 After all the hard work of helping Daresik with his wher, training her own Evesk, and living a better life it seems to pay off ( in her mind ) when she's able to get pregnant and actually carry a baby to term. This is actually a super emotional time for her since she'd been afraid all the miscarriages and malnutrition when she was younger had ruined her chances. However, a healthy baby boy is later born in month 8 and she couldn't be more than thrilled. Yet another facet of her dream life is achieved and she's more in love with Daresik ( in her weird way ) for being able to provide all of this for her. Or being the tool she used to achieve it. Whatever. All the same.

* 2581, 22 She waits to have another child as she helps Daresik through the rest of his peacekeeper training. However, when it's all said and done and little effort is required ( though she's all too happy to try frequently ) Everalsie finds herself pregnant and gives birth to yet another healthy, sturdy baby boy she names Evarensl. Their life is really starting to take shape into something closer to a holder's and so few people even know where she came from. She really starts to integrate herself into the holder women's various groups, making herself more accessible by helping out as much as she can ( never offering food or the like, just a helping hand ) so they see her in a more favorable light. This wears her out quite a bit since she has the two children now but it's definitely worth it to her. To help with everything she's managing, Everalsie goes out of her way to get herself a flit. It's not too difficult given how prevalent the creatures are, it's not too difficult. She hatches a Blue she names Peep - both because he helps her keep an eye on her kids and other people.

* 2584-2585, 25-26 When Daresik gets involved with a wher butcher, Everalsie is initially hesitant to allow it. There are some rumors floating around about the family and the woman but the chance for extra food and benefits is too big of a draw and invariably she gives the go ahead. Especially during the struggles of the Pass - she doesn't want her family to go underfed like some of the others around her.  The extra food invariably leads to another babe in the family - another baby boy Dalerik.

* 2587-2589, 29-30 The move to Fort island doesn't actually bother Everalsie as much as she thought it might - not once they actually arrive. Seeing how the weyr functions and realizing there's no risk to her family, she readily embraces the new situation and throws herself into the different chores. Learning as much as she can, volunteering Daresik for work if it means her family will be seen favorably ( and earn them some favors for bartering ). She does rather well for herself, especially around certain crafters who appreciate her resourcefulness and she ends up having another baby in 2589 - her first little girl, Ealsyvie.

* 2590, 31 Everalsie is actually quite torn. While she feels like Daresik might be of more use, and possibly could achieve more in the Mine Hall ( and maybe he could become Head Peacekeeper ) she's actually doing really well for herself in the weyr. She has some crafter connections, her family is well fed, and life seems to be… well, nice.

She remembered him. The girls at the brothel had called him Sweet Slim. It was a mockery, because he wasn't sweet, he wasn't slim, and he'd always try to stiff them of what was owed. Worse, though, was that he'd always take more than he should've and he was cruel.

Always got away with it because he was some gang leader's brother.

Sweet Slim didn't even recognize her. Something that Everalsie was actually quite proud of. With a new babe on her hip, a growing wher at her side, and quite a bit of weight on her, she's nothing of the dirty slip of a girl he had once cornered in the dark tunnels of the brothel.

But she remembered him. Sitting at a table outside of a butcher's shop, laughing and drinking like he had not a care in the world. Like he wasn't some horrid monster in the dark.

Most were when it came to whores.

Everalsie didn't look at him too much. She made a show of looking over various cuts of meat, considering which she might want to spend some of her marks on. Marks earned now that her husband was training to be a Peacekeeper. While marks themselves seemed to largely be worth less and less nowadays, they meant something from those in certain circles. Those that could trade in favors or dealt with the Dens. And most that worked with the peacekeepers wanted favors.

Evesk, however, was all eyes on the man. Not yet fully grown, the bronze wher was still big enough to keep unwanted attention away from a young mother and her newborn. For the first time in the bronze wher's life, his eyes bled a faint red as he watched the man his handler held so much hate for.

When Sweet Slim got up, drink in hand, and made to leave, Everalsie found herself following. She shouldn't, but she was. There wasn't much she could do but..

Sweet Slim walked with the confidence of a man who knew his place in the world. Brother to a gang leader, no one was going to touch him. Not in this part of Fort, not on his turf. So when he slipped down an alley between the Butcher's warehouse and Weaver's hall, he thought nothing of it. Why would he? Who was going to mess with him in the middle of the afternoon?

Evesk hit him from behind, quiet but furious.

Member Info...

Created By:
Ship Master of the Ships

Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:

Mauling Permissions:
Rough'em Up
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Colored by SirAlahn
Template for SWW by Cwienman
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
2578 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
It was a surprisingly small egg, but rather wrinkly. That was the entire reason she got it. Supposed to be good luck. She wasn't expecting a Bronze, just a wher that she could get to help her and keep her safe. Certainly got more than she was bargaining for. Or rather, more than she ruined someone's life for.
Mature Length: 4.4M
Mature Height: 1.5M

General Appearance...

Evesk hatched from a small egg, so he was a small baby bronze. He was actually so dark that Everalsie was convinced he was brown until well into his fourth month, when he really lightened up and took on a metallic sheen to his hide. Evesk grew into his own and has become quite a big wher, though he's probably one of the nicer ones that anyone is bound to run into.


Empathetic: Evesk is as closely bonded to Everalsie, probably far more than even Everalsie realizes. He's not particularly brilliant, but he's very, very intuitive to her needs and reacts accordingly. He's shit at worded commands, but when she needs him, he's always responsive. Always willing and eager to do what she needs from him. While he doesn't usually share his own emotions, he reacts very quickly to the slightest from her. He's her quintessential soul mate.

Children : There isn't a wher better suited to baby sitting and that was one of his jobs - and still is. He can most definitely be trusted to curl up with a baby and be the most careful creature with the tiny babe.

Sleeping with Everalsie : It doesn't happen but every so often, Everalsie will take naps during the day with her wher and her children. She's so busy and always trying to do things that she needs power naps. Evesk is the perfect place - and the safest - to do so when she's out and about in the weyr. She especially likes doing so in the weyrbowl with him and he loves it too, even if the sun sucks.

Darsk : She's an antisocial turd and he grumps at her for it.

Aggressive whers : Why do they have to be antisocial turds? He grumps at them too.


* IMMOVABLE OBJECT : he's big and he's strong. That's pretty much the jist of it. he just generally doesn't have any aggression backing it.

* INTUITIVE : He reacts quickly and instinctively to Everalsie. She doesn't need to issue orders for him to leap to her or her children's defense. In that, he'll readily throw all his muscle and weight into.


* STUPID : Words are hard for him. Basic commands take him a long time to understand and he just doesn't really care for them. He reacts better to what Everalsie needs from him than he does commanded words like 'sit', 'stay', etc.

* PASSIVE : Evesk is not aggressive, at all. The only time he becomes so is if Everalsie or the babies are threatened. Otherwise, he sees no reason. Not even in defense of himself.

Member Info...

Anything Else:


Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Colored by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

He hatched as a tiny, dark blue thing of all wings and tail and has pretty much remained the same. Much to Everalsie's delight. He's a small Blue, hasn't ever won a flight, though he rarely participates in them, but he's very quick and agile.


Mind Voice: Peep is a quiet flit and has learned to stay out of the way. However, he has learned to project into Everalsie's kid's mind the word No and home so they know when not to do something and when it's time to stop playing and come home.

Tasks : Nothing makes him feel so important than to be given a task - like watching over one of the kids or spying on someone for Everalsie. Which he does with crafty gusto.

Crawlies : When the kids bring him caught crawlies, he's in bliss.

Sleeping with Everalsie: he doesn't always get to curl up in her bed with her, but when he's allowed it's the best place to sleep. Otherwise, he beds with one of the kids.

Disorder: he's the most serious little blue flit you'll ever meet and when one of the kids does something they're not supposed to, he'll barrage them with No no no no no no no. After all, he's their babysitter!

Daresik : He thinks it's a competition for Everalsie's affection. While he doesn't do anything to actually hurt the man, he still doesn't like him and will quietly hiss at daresik.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Peep :

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Everalsie [ 26.01.2559 / Ex-Whore Holder ]
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