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Author Topic: Approved Jossekayne [ 29.05.2559 / Green Rider ]  (Read 2115 times)

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Jossekayne [ 29.05.2559 / Green Rider ]
« on: July 20, 2017, 08:17:43 PM »

Play By:

[ JOE-seh-cane ]
Jo, Joss, Josie, Kay
Date of Birth:
29.05.2559 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Telgar Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Beach Wingrider
None at present. Jossekayne isn't actively looking for a relationship, but she isn't opposed to finding one along the way. She likes the idea of having a family someday, though; and as more and more of her friends pair off, sometimes she feels a little jealous she hasn't found something like that for herself.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: There's no denying that Jossekayne is beautiful, though not in a delicate or simpering way. Her jaw is as strong as her brothers', coupled with a long nose and full lips. She inherited her mother's sunkissed skin, and the her tan has only deepened with regular exposure to the tropical light over the island. Jo's hair is naturally dark and wavy, thick and prone to frizzing in the humidity -- which has made it something of a hopeless case, in her opinion, given the weather at Southern Winds. She usually wears it down and loose now that Thread is no longer falling -- braids and pins having been more regular when such a thing could be a hazard for a rider. Now, though, she's mostly given up on trying to tame it and let it do whatever it wants; more often than not, there's a rather windswept look to her.

Rather tall for a woman, Jossekayne has curves to match. While not the most voluptuous woman in the weyr, she's sturdy and strong with an in-born athletic aptitude that has served her well as a rider. Feminine she might look, but anyone who misjudges her because of it will soon be put in their place. Particularly from growing up with so many brothers, she learned early how to throw a punch and hold her own, and she's far stronger than she looks. Her gait is naturally something of a sway, and Jo holds herself with the relaxed ease of confidence.

Ever since she was young, she's favored clothes that were more practical than decorative, and catching her in a skirt is an uncommon sight given that it's usually more of a hindrance for a rider than anything else. That being said, with the weather of Fort Island, she favors comfortable and almost revealing clothing -- such as low-necked tanktops and shorts that end well above the knee. Once drills are over, she's quick to strip out of her riding leathers and into something far less restrictive.

Jossekayne has a number of scars, both from fights with her brothers, accidents in the kitchen, and minor injuries from training and life as a rider. The most significant of them, however, is a long Threadscore that slashes across her lower abdomen and the tops of her thighs. It's not a pretty thing, but she wears it with a sense of something almost like pride, and without being self-conscious about it.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: For someone who grew up in a Weyr surrounded by riders who put their lives on the line every day for the betterment of Pern, Jossekayne emerged from it all remarkably whole and lacking in mental scars. She might carry her own physical markers of how bad the Catastrophe got, but she doesn't spend the present day dwelling on the horrors or griefs of the past. Her own life wasn't idyllic, exactly, but many who had it worse would probably think it so:  she only lost one member of her family, grew up in a place where she didn't have to fight for food or safety, and had a future. Jo knows the Pass was bad, and is glad it's over, but the more cynical might think she's a bit out of touch. She'd say they're too stuck on things that have already happened and can't be changed.

Response to dragon color mutations: Jo is curious about the new colors and how they'll ultimately fit into the Weyr, but she's much less suspicious of them than some of the other dragon riders. Neisoth's age concerns her more than S'bok's does, since technically speaking S'bok is a capable adult; but since his dragon was so young when he first caught Kalestath, she's unsure how reliable they can be in a position of leadership. Nevertheless, since S'bok hasn't seemed to be a weak or stupid Weyrleader, she's come to cautiously respect him.

She's far more worried about the way the Reds and Blacks hatch than what they'll become as adults. Presumably, they'll level out when they're older and have found their place. But the fact that they've hurt and killed Candidates and dragonets alike is a potential problem for the future since it could discourage Candidates from Standing or result in more unpaired dragons going Between. Jossekayne feels that the young mutations can only be held so responsible, since they are essentially children when they first hatch. But nevertheless, it's a worrying thought for the future.

Who are you...

Bread : Specifically, the smell of it baking. It's a familiar and comforting scent to her, given how she grew up and the fact that her father is a cook. When she was old enough, Jossekayne frequently helped out in the kitchens however she could, and baking would have been a likely profession for her if she hadn't been Searched. There's nothing quite as good to her as a warm, freshly-baked loaf.

Family Time : Her schedule doesn't always align with that of her father and brothers, but Jo tries to spend time with them regularly. They've been important to her throughout her life, and that will likely never change. They're a bit of a raucous group, and while ultimately they'll have to accept whoever Jossekayne decides makes her happy, she'd ideally like for them to get along or at least like whomever she ends up with.

Thunder Storms : In part, because heavy rains meant that Thread was less of a threat since it would drown before reaching the ground. And likewise in part because of the heavy, oppressive feel of the air, the way it smells, the sight of lightning, and the way thunder sounds. They're even better in a tropical place like Fort Island, as far as she's concerned.

Formal Clothes : They just make her feel uncomfortable; Jossekayne would much rather dress in something casual and suited to the heat or weather, and can be caught in things that are both comfortable and somewhat revealing when it isn't overly cold. The most formal she ever gets are her riding leathers, since those are required -- but at least they're practical too. Trying to get her into something more delicate will likely be a fruitless endeavor.

Late Mornings : The routine of life as a dragon rider suits Jo, in that she dislikes getting up past midway through the morning. It makes her feel like she's wasted an entire day, and she hasn't slept in regularly since she was a child. She doesn't necessarily have to get up before the sun, exactly, but she enjoys being awake as the pale light of dawn gives way to the day. In particular, she likes how still things are, and the cool air before heat really overtakes the land.

Being Ignored : Specifically in arguments -- if she's in the process of having it out with someone, nothing pisses Jo off more than to have them shut down, go silent, and stop responding to her. There's something about it that just ignites her anger to an even greater degree. She'd much rather have a long shouting match of ranting and raving, until they're both worn out, rather than to be the only one yelling and not know what the other person is thinking.


* LIVES IN THE MOMENT : Jo has never spent much time worrying about the future. Sure, it's important to make sure knowledge is passed down, and that there's a tomorrow at all -- but dwelling on all of that any more than necessary just means you'll miss the good things about right now. Jossekayne has always been the sort of person to revel in the present and enjoy the time she has with the people she loves.

* RESILIENT : Emotionally, mentally, and physically:  Jossekayne isn't easily shaken, and has never been prone to getting sick. While the more traditionally-minded might think she's weak or delicate simply because she's a woman, she'll be quick to prove them wrong. She's no stranger to hard physical work, and she doesn't panic in a crisis. She fully feels negative emotions like fear, grief, or despair, but she doesn't let them control her and is good at embracing and working through them to find peace. Despite the horrors of the Ninth Pass, she's very well-adjusted.

* CONNECTED : Jo's never known what it's like to feel isolated. Her mother might not have been incredibly present in her life, but her father and siblings were, and besides that she grew up amid the rest of the Creche children and the very family-like structure of the Weyrs at large. Of course, she's lost people during the Pass, but she's never been especially alone, and Impressing to Lyrisivith early in her life has contributed to that feeling. On the few occasions she may be in doubt about a decision, she'll consult those close to her, and tries to be just as supportive for them in return.

* HEARTY : Full of energy and life, Jossekayne is both headstrong and confident. She feels things strongly, lives each day to the fullest, and encourages those she loves to do the same. After all, they've had to fight so long and so hard just to survive that, now that they can reach for a little more than that, she thinks they should. The downside to her passionate and intense nature is that when she's mad, she tends to yell and even throw things.

* FAITHFUL : Once she has taken someone as a friend or part of her family, Jossekayne's loyalty to them doesn't waver. They might not always see eye to eye, but that will in no way diminish her love for them nor prevent her from jumping to their defense. She's just as similarly devoted to her status as a dragon rider, having fully embraced her responsibility to the people of Pern even if Thread is no longer falling. This will translate to her being true to a romantic partner as well. Cheating would never even occur to her.


* FIXED : Once Jossekayne has made her mind up about something, it usually doesn't change. And once she's gotten something into her head, good luck convincing her she's wrong. She'll argue until she's blue in the face just to prove that you are, which can make disagreements with her exhausting. Giving ground just isn't in her nature, whether it comes to opinions, decisions, or anything else.

* ACERBIC : Possessed of a natural sharp and quick tongue, this is a disadvantage for Jo in the sense that it can be damaging to her interpersonal relationships. She's not the most tactful at the best of times, and when she's mad she can be especially harsh. Sometimes she says things she doesn't mean, but that's not as bad as the times when she says something she does believe but never meant to tell anyone, like how far up their own ass someone is.

* PUSHY : Never in her life has this lady been good at taking no for an answer. Others could rightly call her bossy and demanding, and though this makes her decisive and confident, it can be a definite weakness too. Jossekayne isn't necessarily selfish, but she doesn’t always remember to consult other people that might be impacted by a decision she makes, and she tends to bulldoze over the less assertive.

* UNROMANTIC : Lofty or romantic gestures are completely lost on Jo. They make her a bit uncomfortable to begin with, and most of the time she just doesn't understand them. Even being around other couples who are too lovey-dovey baffle her, and she finds that kind of sentiment a bit nauseating. Seductive or sexual things make sense to her, but the idea of something sweeter or more tender doesn't. That's not to say that she doesn't believe in love or doesn't want it, but rather that her idea of affection is a little rougher around the edges and less mawkish.

* EASILY PROVOKED : Jossekayne does have something of a quick temper, but mostly this is in reference to challenges and dares. If something is difficult, she's all the more interested in figuring out how to do it, conquer it, or overcome it. Daring her to do something, implying she isn't capable, or calling her a coward are all easy ways to get her to do something, though dealing with her once she's proved you wrong may be unpleasant.

Describe Yourself:

* UNAPOLOGETIC: Jo doesn't see a reason to be sorry for who she is or what she thinks. If she and someone else don't agree, that never bothers her unless it's about something that's insulting or disenfranchising. But if you don't like her otherwise… so be it. Jossekayne doesn't lose sleep over the fact that not everyone is going to be or friend or appreciate her company. Things like that just tend to roll off her back, and she has no problem working alongside someone in that category so long as they do their job too.

* IMPISH: Since she's naturally playful, one of the ways she expresses her affection for someone is by teasing them. Particularly with regard to relationships, this manifests as her sometimes playing hard to get, teasing with kisses or touches, and generally extending the 'chase' to make it more enjoyable. However, she doesn't always recognize where the boundaries of such behavior are, to the point that someone easily frustrated might say she's stringing them along. But she doesn't do it maliciously nor with that intent, and if someone were to accuse her of that straight to her face, she'd react with anger before eventually apologizing, if awkwardly.

* INTUITIVE: Jossekayne has always been a pretty good judge of character; while she might not always know the reason she dislikes someone right off the bat upon meeting them, she has an instinctive sense of those that, for whatever reason, she'll either get along with well or come to dislike. When she was younger, this tended to turn into "I told you so" when her friends got involved with partners that weren't good for them. But now that she's a bit older, she's come to understand that most people have to learn that lesson for themselves. That doesn't mean she'll trust someone she gets a bad feeling about, though.

* COOPERATIVE: Despite her opinionated and independent nature, Jo considers herself to be a team player. It was a valuable thing to be, growing up in the communal society of the Weyr, and doubly so once she became a rider herself. Though, she'd say this is distinctive from being a "follower":  she thinks for herself and doesn't follow orders blindly without understanding why, but she's not going to buck the system or be contrary for the sake of it. And if she does have an issue, she'll follow the proper channels to resolve it.

* UNTROUBLED: Even as a child, it just wasn't in her personality to be anxious or to worry about things she couldn't control. Jossekayne has come through the Pass remarkably whole, and though there are painful memories and loss from then, it's not the kind of thing she still loses sleep over. At large, Jo doesn't bear inner conflict, survivor's guilt, or self-doubt.

The Magic Touch: Jossekayne has always had a very physical relationship with her brothers, up to and including fighting and rough-housing with them. She's the sort to punch one of them hard in the arm if they're being an ass, and will yell at them on behalf of other people if necessary. For all that, she loves them dearly, and they're where she goes to for advice. Jo is likewise incredibly close with her father, and looks up to him for how sweet and gentle yet strong he is.

She's now older than her mother Kaynella ever got to be, which is a rather bittersweet feeling for Jossekayne. She wishes she'd had more time with her mother, and regrets a bit that she's passed 30 without having any children. But she's still determined not to have one just for the sake of it; it would have to be with the right person, at the right time, for the right reasons.


Mother: Kaynella. Rider of Ekesth. Born 2538. Impressed 2552. Died 2568.
Father: Josskelyn. Weyrfolk. Born 2537.

J'ken (Jesseken) of Tadriath. Brother. Born 2554. Impressed 2568.
Kenelle. Brother. Born 2556.
S'kelyn (Sekelyn) of Quaith. Brother. Born 2562. Impressed 2578.
Nakayne. Brother. Born 2565.

Her brother's professions have been left blank since they'll be going up for adoption, but I imagined most would be riders or Weyrfolk. :3

As yet, Jossekayne doesn't have any children. She was pregnant once -- that she knows of for sure -- but lost the baby and hasn't actively tried to have another. No doubt, she's conceived since then but they've never come to term because of her duties as a dragon rider, and the fact that she didn't feel comfortable taking time off to have children. Someday, though, she'd like to have some.

Tell us a story...

* 2559-2561, Birth-2 Jossekayne was born as the third child and only daughter of Kaynella, a Blue rider, and her lover Josskelyn. The two were never technically weyrmated, due to Kaynella's desire not to be tied down -- but nevertheless, all of her children were with Josskelyn, or might as well have been. With Kaynella's status as a rider, Jossekayne and her brothers were all raised by their father, who had time to care for them when he wasn't working in the kitchens at Telgar Weyr. They grew up in the Creche by day, in order to learn from the Harpers and be socialized with the other children of the Weyr, but lived with their father in the personal caverns. Kaynella visited when she could, but never had much time off with the Pass growing worse and the riders having to concede more and more land. Telgar Weyr is abandoned in 2561, with the family being transferred to Fort Weyr, but Jo was far too young to remember this. All she knows of Telgar are stories from her parents.

* 2562, 3 Just three turns after Jossekayne's birth, her parents have another son that they name Sekelyn. He doesn't seem to initially get the robust health of his siblings, and the first few months of his life are somewhat fraught with worry that he won't make it. But in time, he outgrows this phase. Jossekayne is curious about him since he's a new addition to her family, but she's too young at the time to actually remember this into adulthood.

* 2563, 4 This turn, Nabol Hold falls to internal strife and decayed leadership, the end of its existence heralded by fatal riots. Jo isn't old enough to truly understand the significance of these events, but the aftermath of it is her earliest memory. Her parents are both upset about it, though Kaynella far more than Josskelyn, her resentment for ungrateful Holders having grown with time. This is the first time Jossekayne really remembers seeing her mother genuinely angry, and at the time her only wish is to make Kaynella happy again. Despite the struggle all of Pern is going through, their little family remains strong in the face of it all.

* 2564, 5 With the fall of yet another Hold -- Ruatha this time -- rather than a Weyr, the impact of all this on Jo is rather less than it might have been otherwise. Her greatest experience with it is knowing that her mother and the other dragon riders had to help escort the Holders to new homes, which risked them even more than regularly flying Threadfall. It's the first instance of real worry that she remembers, but her father's sweet, gentle, and understanding nature leads to him patiently explaining that it isn't the Holders' fault -- they're just scared people who need protected, and it's the dragon riders' duty to do so. Thus, while worried for her mother, Jossekayne is simultaneously all the more proud of being Kaynella's child. Though she doesn't have a dragon of her own, she wants to help however she can, and it's at this age that she first starts helping her father in the kitchens -- mostly sweeping the floor and keeping things clean.

* 2565, 6 Another son joins the family this turn, which Kaynella and Josskelyn name Nakayne. Jo isn't quite old enough to be entrusted with helping to care for or raise him, but she's nevertheless enthusiastic about having another brother and helps out under the guidance of her father and older siblings. The next three years are some of the happiest of her life, her family whole and well and her old enough to remember it. While Jossekayne and her brothers make friends with the other Creche children, they're not as close with anyone as they are with each other, even along with the usual sibling clashes and rivalry. Rather than being coddled or upheld on a pedestal as the only daughter, she's just as wild and energetic as her brothers, essentially demanding that they include her in their games and inserting herself into them by force if all else fails.

* 2567, 8 When the Southern Continent falls, it feels like something out of a dream. Looking at the maps the Harpers use to teach, Jo can scarcely believe that such a huge place was entirely lost to Thread. This time even Fort Weyr grows a little more crowded as dragon riders, Weyrfolk, and their families are reassigned there and to High Reaches. Since her own little family doesn't have to fight for space, Jossekayne doesn't see this as a bad thing, since she's not really old enough to understand it causes a further drain on resources. Instead, she's happy to help out where she can, make friends with new people, and spend more time with her mother, now that the influx of additional riders means that shifts are a little more flexible. Surrounded by her brothers and parents, the woes that everyone else faces seem somewhat distant and unreal to her.

* 2568, 9 However, the next turn really brings it all home for Jo for the first time in her life. Her mother and her dragon are caught under a particularly nasty snag of Threadfall that shifts unexpectedly with the wind, and they go Between never to return. Jossekayne spends weeks crying because of Kaynella's loss, and seems inconsolable despite her father and brothers' best efforts. Ultimately, it's a chance glimpse of Josskelyn crying when he thinks all his children are asleep that snaps her out of it, as she realizes that she's not the only person hurting and her father is doing his best to be strong for her and all her brothers. Jo instead throws herself into helping keep their rooms clean and orderly when she isn't helping Josskelyn in the kitchens, so that he'll have one less thing to worry about. In the face of this family tragedy and adjustment, the fall of High Reaches hold goes almost unnoticed.

* 2571, 12 Slowly, since she first started doing chores in the kitchens, Josskelyn has been teaching his daughter things about cooking -- which spices are which, simple recipes, how to knead dough, how to tell when something is done. Prior to her twelfth birthday, there was some talk of maybe trying to apprentice her to one of the Crafts still in the Weyr, but Jo herself puts her foot down about what she wants her future to be. There's nothing that appeals to her more than joining Josskelyn in the kitchens as an actual cook, rather than just cleaning, doing dishes, and disposing of waste. While it's not a traditional apprenticeship, she throws herself eagerly into learning everything she can from the people that she's known since childhood, proud to contribute to keeping the Weyr fed even if not everyone sees it as a particularly lofty profession. Her schedule becomes even more hectic when all of Pern is reduced to Fort Hold and Fort Weyr with the abandonment of Tillek and High Reaches. This turn, she also befriends another young kitchen worker, and their extended flirtation results in a fumbled tryst in a supply closet. Initially, Jossekayne is afraid she's gotten pregnant from it, since she's not ready to have children yet, but nothing comes of it -- and she elects to be a little more careful until she's actually ready to have a family.

* 2573, 14 On one of the days she's tasked with bringing lunch to some injured riders in the Healer Hall, Jossekayne strikes up a conversation with a Bluepair that ends up with her being Searched. Flustered but excited all at once, she tells them she needs a day to decide, and flees back to the kitchens. She reveals the news to her family over dinner that night, only for her father to burst into tears. He's afraid for her, he explains, but will give her his blessing if it's something that she really wants -- and tells her that Kaynella would be proud of her having been Searched regardless of what decisions he makes. Jossekayne stays up all night debating the pros and cons of it with herself, but eventually comes to the conclusion that she could never forgive herself if she didn't at least try. She owes it to all the others who have risked their lives for Pern. Even if she doesn't end up Impressing, she will always have a place in the kitchens, doing something to contribute. But bittersweet though it is, she leaves her family's home for the first time to move into the Candidate Barracks and begin training as a potential future rider.

* 2574-2576, 15-17 After a turn of training, Jossekayne has settled into the routine of Candidacy, administering to chores around the weyr, learning from older riders, and Standing for whatever clutches end up on the Sands of Fort Weyr. Despite all this, it still seems somewhat unreal, and she wasn't really expecting to Impress anytime soon, if ever. Nevertheless, when she stands for Palmoth's clutch this turn, Jossekayne is chosen by the prettiest Green dragon she's ever seen, and who she falls in love with immediately. Lyrisiveth is a dream come true, the soulmate she never knew she was lacking or looking for, and the future seems bright for both of them despite all the dangers it entails. The next two turns seem to fly by, and soon enough Lyrisiveth is Rising for her first Flight, and the two graduate from weyrlinghood shortly afterward. Incorporated into a secondary training Wing first and then a more advanced one, they slot well in with the rest of the riders. Threadfall is scary, of course, but Jossekayne masters her fear and meets it dauntlessly.

* 2577-2581, 18-22 The next few turns pass in a halo of flame and ash, just as filled with grief as with joy. Jossekayne doesn't fall into the lifeless fugue that many other riders did during the worst of the Pass, her zest for life remaining along with the health of her family and her dragon. Even more than previously, she learns to take each day as it comes and enjoy the time she has with those she cares about, and celebrate the lives of those who have died rather than just mourn them. In her twenty-second turn, however, she and Lyrisiveth receive their first major Threadscore; in a mishap so like what killed her mother, wind and changing weather conditions sweep a filament across Lyrisiveth's neck, lashing across Jossekayne's abdomen and upper thighs. They Between quick enough that it doesn't kill them, but it does do lasting damage that it takes quite a while to heal from, and both still bear the scars of it. The injury puts both of them in the Healer Hall for a while, and then into physical therapy after the fact, keeping them from the fighting Wings. The most painful part of it, in Jo's opinion, was seeing the pale and fearful face of her father when he first visited her in the Hall.

* 2582, 23 While in the Healer Hall, Jossekayne befriends a fellow injured rider likewise undergoing physical therapy, and their friendship turns into a heated if casual flirtation. Their time together ends up with Jo pregnant, and she decides to keep the baby. Now seems her best chance to start a family, since she's out of commission as a rider because of her injuries anyway. However, she ends up miscarrying the child early into the pregnancy, which leaves her devastated. It seems a sign that she's not meant to have one yet -- not while other people's children are in danger and need protected. Jo spends the next few months uncharacteristically withdrawn, but devotes her energy to her and Lyrisiveth's healing. When she rejoins the fighting Wings alongside her comrades, her typically optimistic nature has returned… but she doesn't actively try to have another child.

* 2583-2586, 24-27 The next three turns pass much the same as those before, with the regular routine of Threadfall shifts and snatched moments of happiness in between. Jo has a few casual relationships amid them, but nothing ever truly comes of them for one reason or another. The most important things in her life remain her father and brothers, with Jo visiting them as often as she can and doting over the children her brothers manage to father amid so much death. She's happy and content in her own way, but every now and then she wishes she had a significant other and children of her own.

* 2587-2588, 28-29 The end of the Pass comes as a pleasant surprise, and none too soon since things were rapidly becoming unsustainable at the settlements on the Northern Continent. Jossekayne is thrilled about the move to Southern Winds despite having to abandon her childhood home, because the chance to see so much green and living things excite her like nothing else. Discovery of the Snakes and Hunters dampens that, but she ends up accepting the danger as just the new way of life. If it wasn't going to be Thread, it was bound to be something else. She's happy enough to be assigned to Beach Wing, since their work is just as important as that of all the other Wings, and is curious at Neisoth's hatching and development as the rest of the weyr is. Jo takes it in stride that so much of the world is changing -- why shouldn't the dragons too?

* 2589, 30 Things turn even more curious when Neisoth catches Kalestath, beating out even the seasoned Bronzes and the previous long-term Weyrleader. Jossekayne doesn't hold any real dislike for the Black dragon or his rider, but she is understandably wary of someone so inexperienced taking on such an important role as Weyrleader. The appearance of more Black dragons and yet another new color, in the Reds, solidify the idea that things will continue to change, and their world will never quite be the same. But Jo doesn't take it as a bad thing; after all, the end of Threadfall was a change too. Unless it proves to be bad, she's content to see what it brings and hope for a better future. She and Lyrisiveth are minorly injured at the Hunter attack late in the turn, but heal well and soon return to their Wing duties.

* 2590, 31 This turn proves to be an ill-fated one, starting right off with a fatal Snake attack that nearly kills them too, and then a Hatching where dragonets Between. Neisoth catching the senior Queen a second time is something of a surprise, and Jo is quietly hopeful that S'bok will continue to prove his detractors wrong. In the aftermath of another Hunter attack, he altercation in the Weyr Hall sickens her a fair bit, believing that both sides have made mistakes. Maelboroth's catching of Imyth amuses Jossekayne a fair amount, since some of the more traditional Bronzers seem so damn upset about it. But it's Kalestath's Hatching, with so many injuries and fatalities, that make her rather more wary of the new colors -- and feel sorry for them, being born into a world that doesn't know how to deal with them.


Just Some Heavy Lifting [ 27.1.2590 / 1 PM ] || Vironethian
Dangerous though it might be to be out and about at the Mine Hall, Jossekayne enjoyed getting to eat lunch there every day before Beach Wing’s shift of guarding and helping the workers actually began. While they didn’t always eat outside as the change between Beach and Jungle Wing was made, she relished the days that they did get to. So despite the cool and cloudy weather, complete with wind that whipped her long hair around her face until she’d been forced to loosely tie it back, she’d all but leapt at the chance to take her meal while sitting in Lyrisiveth’s straps.
But soon enough the call went up that it was time to get started. Brushing crumbs off her fingers and over the side of the Green’s neck, she began to unclip herself from the saddle to slide down off her dragon’s shoulder. “I’m supposed to be helping with the work today, at least for the first half. You’ll keep an eye out for me, Iris?”
Sure thing, darlin’. Lyrisiveth twisted her head around to watch Jossekayne as she touched down on the faintly sickly-looking grass. Are you gonna need my help?
//I don’t know yet. Depends on what they want me to do. For now I think it’s just moving tools and supplies in and out.// Backing up on heels, Jo gave her dragon a lazy salute, grinning all the while. //I’ll let you know. For now, just watch the trees. And try not to get distracted by every pretty man you see.//
Oh, please. Though there was no way to tell if Lyrisiveth was actually rolling her eyes, Jossekayne got the distinct feeling that she was. I’m not due to fly for months yet. Maybe you should make sure you’re not distracted. The Green’s voice rattled around in her rider’s head as a cackle. Jo just made a rude gesture at her and turned to make her way into the Mine Hall.
A brief conversation pointed her toward the area that had been set up as a temporary work station for the Smiths, and specifically to some of the heavier equipment that needed transporting outside for the next stage of the construction. Just heavy lifting, really, but it’d get done all the faster with more hands. So it was without complaint that she moved to pick up the first box of tools. Perhaps after that there would be more interesting work to be done.

Member Info...

Created By:
Foreman of the Character Factory
Other Characters:
Candidate Master O'sir
Wing Leader M'rek
Wingsecond L'nal
Wingrider L'del
Wingrider N'syn
Wingrider Y'kin
Search Rider Finnmaghaine
Search Rider Seng
Wingrider Bl'yx
Wingrider S'bel
Wingrider Q'nys
Weyrling T'ghen
Weyrling A'lori
Weyrling Erieen
Master Harper Tyldas
Sr. JM Healer Niphredon
Jr. JM Healer Cersidus
Sr. AP Fisher Vicymus
Peacekeeper Ophyonis
Candidate R'kan
Weyrbrat Tianaice
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable, since she's meant to be attached to Vironethian.
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
I'm a menace that must be stopped.

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Re: Jossekayne [ 29.05.2559 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2017, 08:17:58 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ lye-RISS-ih-veth ]
Date of Birth:
2574 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 24.7M
Mature Height: 5M
Mature Wingspan: 41M

General Appearance...

Jossekayne likens how Lyrisiveth hatched to the unfurling of a flower. She's been a gorgeous thing ever since she was a baby, the trunk of her body and tail a deep teal like soft rainforest leaves, almost with hints of blue where the rest of her hide darkens in a steep gradient on her face, feet, and the end of her tail. Her underbelly, ridges, and cheek frills are a liquid aquamarine, which is reflected in her pawpads and near the bones of her wings. Most of her is a smooth transition of similar hues, but Lyrisiveth's wings are by far the prettiest part of her. On the undersails, near to the bones, the webbing is striped with  dark teals and bright aquamarines, in a pattern like a striated plant or the hanging bows of a willow. The trailing edges and outside of the membranes, on the other hand, are such a pale green that they almost appear white.

Big for a Green, she's always been a sturdy thing that seems graceful and ladylike even so. Well-proportioned, Lyrisiveth isn't given to one extreme or the other, which has made her something of a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. She's fast, but not the fastest; and while she can fly for quite a while given her size, she doesn't have the endurance some others do. Nevertheless, she's never particularly worried about the fact that she's not especially good at one thing.

Though her hide naturally doesn't bear many markings, Lyrisiveth has two significant scars. The first is from the same Threadscore that injured her rider, draping across her neck where the straps go. The second is a series of jagged claw marks raking down her right flank from tangling with the Hunters.


Mind Voice: Lyrisiveth's voice has a heavy drawl to it, but for all that her inner energy is still apparent in it. The sound and presence of it is very fluid, making her prone to dropping parts of words, and overall making her sound relaxed or even indolent. But there's a bright bubbliness to it when she's excited, and it can be downright sharp when she's teasing someone or amused. Her laughs are deep cackles, seductive and worrying all at once since it makes it sound like she's up to something. Always.

Babies : Young anything, really. Lyrisiveth frequently wishes she could be a mother too, though she doesn't by any means want the responsibility associated with a shinier hide. Nevertheless, she gets giddy over human babies, young dragonets, small flits, and wherlings alike, and will coo over them if given half a chance.

Playful Rivalries : Most of her friends, she's also 'rivals' with in the sense that she'll talk shit to them, tease them mercilessly, and compete with them for anything, whenever. Those who misjudge her playfulness as crossing a line aren't her favorite people, to say the least.

Pettiness : Those who get vindictive and bent out of shape about something that doesn't really matter are likely to hear Lyrisiveth get real mouthy. Particularly if it's dissolved into a stupid vendetta and childishness.

Sticks in the Mud : People who can't have a good time or are too uptight ignite a bizarre drive in Lyrisiveth to make them react to something. Even if she has to provoke them into anger to see some passion from them.


* OPEN : Lyrisiveth is very accepting of those unlike herself, and is always listening to an alternate point of view even if she doesn't end up agreeing with it. She's always been approachable to others, and is freely affectionate with anyone that strikes her fancy. While not mercurial or capricious, exactly, she's got no problem changing her mind or conceding if she was wrong about something.

* CONSIDERATE : This Green may not be the sort to martyr herself for anyone, but she's conscious of others' troubles and tries to anticipate them. She's the kind to wait her turn, stay out of the way, and not interrupt while someone else is talking. Most of the time, if Jo has run a bit roughshod over someone unintentionally, Lyrisiveth is the one to alert her to that fact.


* UNCOMMITTED : There's no hill she's willing to die on. Lyrisiveth doesn't think anything is important enough of an opinion to get worked up over, and gets bored of heated debates quickly. She'll be supportive of Jossekayne when she's ranting and pissed off about something, but she doesn't really understand why and never will.

* WILD : For all that she seems a lady at first glance, Lyrisiveth has surprised many with the rougher parts of her nature. Her and her rider are two peas in a pod in that sense, given that Lyrisiveth is not a creature with delicate sensibilities, and will joke, curse, or discuss sensitive topics without reserve. She likes being excited, playful, and even rowdy -- and when younger, got in trouble for not always listening to directions or caring about propriety.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #08867b; Text: #99E2D9

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Lyrisiveth flies on 27.03 and 32.07, and is a Force Catch.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Jossekayne [ 29.05.2559 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2017, 08:49:11 PM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

The SWW Staff Team
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Re: Jossekayne [ 29.05.2559 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2017, 05:10:54 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

As it's written.
Date of Birth:
27.09.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This Brown is sooty and smoky, like half-burned wood in a bonfire. Most of him is very dark, particularly his nose and face, like tree bark, and he’s mottled throughout with shadows and plays of light. Along the tips of his wingsails and the top of his tail, he fades to an almost washed out ash color, with slightly ruddier hints to these areas. He’s also overlaid with specks of an amber sort, like sparks from a fire.


Mind Voice: His mind voice is just as smoky as his body, carrying a certain airy quality to it that Jo would describe as smelling like wood smoke. His projections are usually vague, almost careless, with a half-formed feel to them. He'll never be very reliable as a messenger because of it.

Warmth : He's sensitive to the cold from the moment he hatches, preferring to press close to Jo for heat when she's carrying him, or nestling somewhere like in her furs or in the kitchens. Wet heat is less suitable to him, but he'll take humidity over a chill any day.

Leaves : Especially when they'd dead and crinkly. It's a shame Fort Island doesn't really experience the autumn of a more temperate climate, as he'd love cavorting in leaf piles if the rest of Pern had any trees. As it is, he'll enjoy chasing any that get snagged off of plants by the wind, or that blow into the Weyr Bowl and onto the grass.

Getting Up Early : Unlike his bonded, Amber does not like early mornings. He'll stay in bed until a bit later, usually late morning or early afternoon, and then join Jo wherever she might be once he's done getting enough sleep.

Bread Dough : Jossekayne will try to feed it to him once when she visits her father in the kitchens, but Amber will quickly discover it's not to his tastes. He likes the finished product just fine, but the dough just isn't his thing.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Vanity's 2590 Clutch
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