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Author Topic: Private Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez  (Read 1230 times)

Offline K'eeda

K’eeda was a no-nonsense Rider. She’d always been. So when she woke out of a dead sleep to the clenching, all too familiar pain of impending labor, she screamed for K’rez to wake up. Never mind the mess on the bedfurs, that could be handled later.

She needed to get to the healers and she couldn’t really do it by dragonback at this point.

Aeleroth ungracefully rolled off of Denoth, startled awake at both the pain through his Rider and the sound she made. But he was quickly alert and watching, all at once feeling hopeless but extending his support. As much as he could being blasted with mental curses as K’eeda was gathered up, half dressed, and then carefully carried away.

He wasn’t too worried about her, since K’rez had her, but that didn’t stop his eyes from bleeding into yellow.

The Blue dragon beat them to the healer hall, but only because he had to fall off a ledge and glide over to it where as K’rez had to carry a screaming, cursing, angry K’eeda there.

She wanted the baby out and, blessed faranth, the baby seemed of the same mind. K’eeda didn’t remember hitting him along the way, but she did remember that all this was his fault and she was an idiot for agreeing to go through all of this again.

The Healers heard them long before they saw them, but were ready to receive K’eeda and claim her from K’rez never the less. She was taken to a partitioned portion of the Hall just for such events. It took one well meaning apprentice politely asking her to quiet before she grabbed the nearest thing – a tray of tools – and she threw it at him.  Along with every curse word she knew.

No one else suggested it as they got her settled, stripped of her clothes, and prepped for the delivery.

~*~ 4 Marks Later ~*~

It wasn’t that K’eeda hated children. Quite the opposite. She adored her baby boys something fierce, even if she didn’t believe she was a fit mother. But fuck if she didn’t hate bringing them into the world. Though there were no real complications, K’eeda’s slight frame and the babe’s decision to take her sweet ass time drew out the labor.

Invariably, though, an exhausted K’eeda was rewarded with a tiny, squalling baby girl she promptly declared was named Kaija. Only once an apprentice, the poor one she’d thrown the tray at, had cleaned both K’eeda and the babe up, did anyone go fetch K’rez. He’d been made to wait just beyond a curtained barrier, privy to everything screamed, but not able to see or be near enough to interfere. Or be in the way – just in case.

Now that mother and child seemed healthy, if not exhausted, he was allowed past the curtain. K’eeda watched him through partially closed eyes as the little girl was latched on to one exposed breast, quietly nursing. “I suppose I’ll let you properly see her once she’s done,” K’eeda murmured, then actually smiled. Tired and worn, but it was a real smile. “It’s a little girl, K’rez. Your first daughter.” Because any other kids outside of those with her didn’t count or matter.
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Offline K'rez

Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 06:05:58 AM »
He was sleeping right next to her, there was no need to bloody scream.

Surprisingly K'rez was... nervous, not that he showed it. He had K'eeda to deal with and that was more than enough for his mind at this point in time.

Ignoring the curses, trying to dodges the hands and fists, he did struggle to get her into some semblance of clothing, but eventually he succeeded. And much to K'eeda's annoyance, swept her up, into his arms, despite smaller frame, K'rez was still certainly capable enough to carry his pregnant woman to the delivery room.

"If you keep screaming, the entire Weyr is going to know you're having this baby." Immediately, K'rez was entirely unsure why he bothered to even try. His words were met with more screams and so, possibly the smartest thing for the father of an almost born baby could do, he shut his mouth.

~*~ 4 Marks Later ~*~

K'rez was a patient man, and he continued telling himself, over and over again, that this was just one of those things, that you did because they were worth it in the end. The man could've watched a candle burn if he was required to, but waiting for K'eeda to finish giving birth made him pace.

Despite being separated by the privacy screen, K'rez hadn't actually missed much, except for perhaps being spared the mental scarring of watching. So he knew that she had been reasonably quiet for at least a few minutes. Did that mean everything was okay? K'eeda and the baby were fine? Or did that mean something was going wrong?

Soon enough, the apprentice (which K'rez had apologised to earlier on K'eeda's behalf) allowed him entry.

What is it? What is it?

"A girl..." It wasn't much of a question more of... a statement of awe. "My first little baby girl." Because, for all intents and purposes, she was. "Our first baby girl." Leaning over to kiss K'eeda on the forehead, sweaty or not, K'rez was lost for words. Sure, the child would be raised in the creche, but that didn't mean that it wasn't extraordinary.

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Offline K'eeda

Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2017, 09:51:43 AM »
There were fewer statements out of K’rez that could’ve been more perfect, but what he said and how he said it were it. Our first baby girl. K’eeda was already flushed and exhausted, but it made her feel… warmer… to hear him say such things. And while the babe would primarily be raised in the creche, as her sons were, her kids still knew who their parents were and she still saw them fairy frequently.

They were hers, after all. Not to be confused with anyone elses. That mattered to K’eeda. She couldn’t say why. Perhaps in the same way that the man now in awe of the little girl was hers, and that mattered. Some things in this life were just… so.


When it seemed, for now, that the little girl had her fill, K’eeda lifted her a little toward K’rez. Wrapped in a soft blanket, Kaija fussed minimally as she was moved away from the warmth of K’eeda. But her little hands were grasping, seeking. “I’ve named her Kaija,” K’eeda murmured, smiling a little at the tiny creature she offered to K’rez. The name shouldn’t have been a surprise seeing as that she’d already talked about what she’d like should it be a boy or a girl.

While K’eeda didn’t try to combine names like a traditional holder might, all her kids did start with K – just as theirs did. It’d be a good name for a Rider, if she became one, and pretty enough on its own.

K’eeda might not have so readily offered her newborn to be held by anyone else, but this was K’rez. Father of her now three kids and infinitely better at parenting than K’eeda ever would be. One of the many reasons she kept him around. Her babes deserved a good father and he was… well, he was just that. There was no worry when she offered up the delicate little girl to be held. If anything, K’rez was probably better at it than K’eeda herself. Especially once she got a little older.

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Offline K'rez

Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2017, 03:43:02 AM »
Despite the child going into the creche, K'rez enjoyed the idea of having his own little ones running around. Little versions of him, or K'eeda, that he could watch growing up, and be proud of. K'rez was... content with the idea of his children being raised, as was typical for dragonriders, by other people. But he liked children, and liked being a father himself. Especially once they got older, that would be sure to know who their mother and father were.

"Hey there Kaija." He said, carefully accepting the baby from K'eeda's arms. Almost regretting the fact that by giving Kaija to him, K'rez had to stop viewing the scene of K'eeda holding their baby in her arms. But the thought was quickly overtaken by the little hands of his baby, and her tiny fingers caught hold of one of his own, and grasped softly around it.

K'rez had always marvelled over the sheer diminutive size of a newborn, their eyes squeezed tightly shut to the world around them when they weren't crying their eyes out. He cleaned up the corner of her mouth with a thumb that looked like it dwarfed the tiny being.

Managing to tear his eyes away from her for a brief second, K'rez looked back towards K'eeda. "She's beautiful." His eyes may have been able to convey the you're beautiful he also thought. Regardless of her tired eyes and slightly sweaty brow, how could someone who had just brought this amazing creature into the world not be beautiful in K'rez's eyes.

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Offline K'eeda

Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2017, 09:33:00 AM »
K’eeda leaned back in the bed where she was propped up after passing her little girl to K’rez. Seeing him hold her, their first daughter, made everything quiet in K’eeda. She wanted to remember this moment. Not usually someone so sentimental, neither did she say anything to that effect either.

She just… liked seeing him there. With their daughter. As he’d been there before with their sons.

K’eeda would still spend the next month or so tending the babe near constant to ensure she got enough to eat. She’d continue to tend her daughter until she could eventually eat real food, and only then would her rearing shift more so to those in the creche.

When K’rez looked at her, K’eeda reflexively smiled in turn. He had that effect, sometimes. Just making things sweet because he was there, saying things that tugged a smile when she otherwise might not have. Proof, K’eeda supposed, that she’d done well in picking him up for her own. “I hope you’re not planning on doing too much today,” she murmured, eyes partially closed.

A nap was starting to sound really, really good. With Kaija in K’rez’s arms, she could just… shut her eyes a moment.  “I’ll be really mad if I open my eyes and you’re not here,” she added groggily. It was the least he could do and he should know better than to pass Kaija off on anyone else.

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Offline K'rez

Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2017, 07:11:51 PM »
Kaija started to fuss a little, either because K'rez was distracted by K'eeda, or simply because that was what babies did, either way, K'rez's attention returned to her, and he started to sway back and forth, bounding her a little in his arms, and he grinned at the happy gurgle he achieved.

"Sleep, K'eeda. I'll take care of everything." That was what he did after all, handle things. He was dependable like that, and so, despite his Wingsecond duties, he was sure that he would be allowed some leave just for the day. K'rez could catch up quick enough.

Brushing some hair from her eyes, he rubbed her cheek with his thumb, willing her off to sleep. Having just pushed a baby out of her, she certainly deserved it. "Sleep." He reiterated with a chuckle. K'rez didn't doubt for a second that she would be angry if he slipped off while she was asleep. Besides, K'rez wasn't going to leave Kaija, not for now anyways.

As much as he enjoyed K'eeda's anger sometimes, her ability to go from zero to forest fire in a second, this was not something K'rez had any intention of bringing about.

Keep watch for Jenrath and Polanth. When Z'tai and M'rek wake, let them know we will be occupied for the day.

Of course.

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Offline D'mir

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Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2017, 08:15:10 PM »
Spoiler for OOC:
I've flagged Keassa's pregnancy at 36 weeks. I hope my maths is correct
D'mir had been on the verge of waking up when Thianorth delivered the news, a hand idly stroking along Keassa's ribcage as he contemplated whether she had managed to sleep well enough to be up for an early morning romp or if he should just let her rest.  It wouldn't take much. Just a small movement and he could while away marks before breakfast with his weyrmate. K'eeda would understand. Surely.

He sighed, not needing the rumble of disagreement from the bronze curled up on the weyrledge to know that it was a stupid idea. K'eeda's ire was something he tended to avoid, and "but I was too occupied with my weyrmate to come straight away" was an excuse that only she could get away with. He buried his face in Keassa's neck, pressing his lips against her skin and taking a deep breath, eyes closed as he squeezed her closer, ever so gently as if to further imprint the feeling of her body against his. His hand lingered for a heartbeat longer on her belly, hoping their child would feel like offering its own greeting before he was twisting away from the pregnant woman.

"K'eeda and K'rez have had their baby, Keassa. Would you care to join me to congratulate them?" He asked softly as he moved to retrieve his clothes. As close to full term as she was, he didn't want her exerting herself on his behalf, but he didn't want her to think she wasn't welcome. He only had a short period of time at the weyr between assignments, and the last thing he wanted to do was waste his time with his mate.

He moved silently about the weyr, trying not to disturb the wher or firelizards that shared the same space, and waited only so long as to find out whether Keassa would be accompanying him, and if so, for her to get herself dressed before leaving the weyr, telling Thianorth that he was welcome to rest a little longer since their move to a lower weyr had meant he no longer required the dragon's assistance to get in and out of his weyr. He may have originally chosen one of the higher weyrs to remind him of his home in High Reaches, but it was a small sacrifice to make life easier for Keassa. Disucsk could come and go as he needed and Keassa wasn't reliant on Thianorth to take her too and from - a fact that meant he could leave to carry out his duties as a mountain rider without worrying about how Keassa and her companion would get around.

Asking his firelizards to stay so as not to startle or overwhelm the newborn he was about to meet, and ensuring Keassa was comfortable, D'mir made his way to the healer caverns where Thianorth advised K'rez and K'eeda rested.

On arriving, he knocked, waiting for an answer before answering, the cocky smile spreading across his face as he took in the view before him and said, dryly "Well, now. Looks like you've had busy night, my friend." He said softly, as if uncertain as to whether he actually wanted to disturb the woman before flashing K'rez an excited grin.

He had always been happy for K'eeda to successfully give birth to a child, but this one, so close to when his own Keassa was due seemed to both excite and scare the older bronzer. In a few weeks time it could be him sitting there, watching the mother of his child rest as he held his own in his arms. It gave an entirely new spin to something that would otherwise be a rather normal event. Well. As normal an event as K'eeda having a baby could be. If anything it made him even more invested in this particular visit. Not only was he able to be with the blue and celebrate this day with her, (and K'rez) but it wasn't often one had a window of opportunity to catch a glimpse of what they themselves could be experiencing in future. Absolutely thrilling all round, really.

Offline K'rez

Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #7 on: September 01, 2017, 06:22:10 PM »
K'rez was sitting in their chair beside K'eeda's bed, his mind completely occupied with the child in his arms, which made it far too easy to stay awake, when his brain was telling him that it was time to sleep. They'd put the child in the creche, that was to be sure, but K'rez would take the time with her now, even if it wouldn't mean anything to the baby in the turns to come.

"D'mir," he greeted the other man softly and with a crooked smile. K'eeda would want to wake and greet her guests that was to be sure, and it wouldn't be long before the rest arrived. And so he leaned over the bed, lightly placing a hand on her shoulder and saying her name to hopefully wake her a little gently from sleep.

"This is little Kaija." Standing, he stepped toward D'mir, allowing him to get a good look at her, before he'd hand her back to K'eeda when she awoke.

K'rez just felt so... content. Regardless of K'eeda refusing to accept an official declare of Weyrmateship, K'rez was proud to be the father of her children. It was kind of strange, although not completely out of the ordinary given what K'rez knew of rider relationships, but given his humble fisher background, he was surprised at just how... right this all felt.

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Offline Keassa

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Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #8 on: September 01, 2017, 11:33:59 PM »
Some things in Keassa’s life she’d never thought to experience again. Being heavy and pregnant was one of those things. It just… wasn’t one of those things. Not at her age, not at this point in her life, yet here she was.

Nestled in the bedfurs of her weyrmate’s weyr, quite pregnant, and very ready for the babe to come out. She already had grown children of her own and was infinitely feeling her age, even if D’mir liked to tease her about it. There was no doubt in Keassa’s mind that this would definitely be her last.

All the more reason to be grateful, she supposed. When he sought to rouse her, Keassa grunted but woke easily. She maintained early mornings by way of her craft, even now. Though Braveheart didn’t let her get away with much, she still wanted to be there. Sitting in the office, going over waxtablet reports, overseeing apprentice teachings even if she couldn’t wander too far from a stool or well-meaning wher that let her near sit on them. This late in the game, Keassa was still a very active woman.

Getting woken up by D’mir didn’t bother her either. Especially with the way he opted to wake her. When he asked if she’d like to go greet his friends and their newborn, she did hesitate. Though Keassa had never keenly felt apart from the Weyr, she still felt a little awkward around D’mir and his friends. Not that they’d ever treated her anything but kindly, she couldn’t yet discern if it was because she was with him or if they’d really overlooked what he’d done.

Could they?

But he was asking so she would go. Keassa wanted to be a part of his life. It didn’t take her long to get dressed since all she did was pull on dress that fell over her belly to her knees. Simple clothes for her state of being.  Since adjusting to a different weyr, one with ground access, she’d felt freer to come and go.

Just little things like that made their life together all the sweeter.

When they did arrive, Keassa felt both oddly out of place and a certain amount of kinship with the woman. Not only would she soon be in the same sort, but she’d been there before. Delivering a child was tiring, something Keassa herself wasn’t looking forward to. Seeing D’mir greet the babe, though, was heartwarming.

Since K’rez, if she recalled his name correctly, didn’t seem bothered by their appearance, Keassa shuffled closer to look at the little girl. Kaija. “She’s beautiful,” Keassa murmured, offering the father a smile.

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Offline K'eeda

Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #9 on: September 02, 2017, 12:11:26 AM »
K’eeda had quite readily passed out once she was certain her little girl was in good hands – which of course she was with K’rez. But K’eeda was exhausted. Labor was tiring and, though it was doubtful anything more would be expected out of her today than recovering and tending her newborn, just being awake at that moment had seemed too much for even her stores of energy.

The nap was much needed.

K’rez was correct, however, in rousing her when D’mir and Keassa showed. She damn well expected him, and a handful of others, to show. That he had actually had K’eeda yawning into a grin. That he was accompanied by his own pregnant lady didn’t bother her one bit. D’mir had paid his price to the weyr – if the Bronzer didn’t want to chase after Golds because he preferred to bed Crafters, who was K’eeda to continue to judge? Frankly, who D’mir wanted to bed was so far from her care or concern that seeing Keassa didn’t even remind her of the whole thing.

Just the fact that D’mir was about to have one of his own. “Soon enough you’ll be wakin’ me to come visit you,” K’eeda greeted sleepily. She really was quite happy and proud for him to see her little girl. Their little girl.

K’eeda adjusted herself to be more upright in the event K’rez wanted to pass the babe along to her, or if her little girl was hungry again. “And you better be lettin’ me know too. None of this – oh, K’eeda might be tired – nonsense. I’ll be wanting to see your little babe too.” She flashed D’mir a grin.

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Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #10 on: September 04, 2017, 10:51:52 PM »
Babies! There is nothing cuter than babies, other than, possibly, baby wherries. But even then, you can hug human babies, wherry babies are usually out of reach. And this was K’eeda’s baby! So, it was the from the second cutest parent in all of Pern’s history. Out of all the interesting, hopeful and downright scary events of late, this was the greatest of them all for Neriherem. Including the scary part, another mini K’eeda wasn’t something to be scoffed at, even if they might have their father’s temperament.

Practically skipping his way along the tunnels to the Healer Hall, surprising above all for the early hour given the Brewer’s preference for a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep, Neriherem had purposefully asked not to be told via dragon about the babe’s name or gender. He wanted to see them for himself, the tiny squalling babe, cradled in the arms of either of their parents.

Probably the only news that could have had him so bright and cheery at this time, he’d still chosen to leave his own kids at home. No doubt they’d be wanting to see their Aunty Kee later, but it was a bit too early for them. It also meant that his Bronze and Blue would have to wait behind, but this was all for the best given how crowded K’eeda’s bedside would be soon enough.

Head poking around all corners as he tried to disturb as few people as possible, Neri heard voices up ahead, and arrived just as K’rez handed the tiny armful back to K’eeda. Face split into the widest grin possible, he let out a quiet chuckle as she pre-emptively scolded D’mir.

He didn’t know the rider all that well. He knew, of course, about all the drama surrounding him and the junior weyrwoman, but not much other than that except he was K’eeda’s friend. Although he didn’t really agree with the decision that D’mir had made in the past, if he was K’eeda’s friend, then he was Neri’s friend, likewise to Keassa. And seeing the way the two interacted, and the politeness and honesty which Keassa spoke to K’eeda, they were both alright with him.

K’rez he did know, well… he knew better. And given K’eeda’s preoccupied state, his immediate response was to move over and grab the beach rider in a bear hug. “Congratulations my friend,” he said, voice thick with emotion, but still quiet, Neri knew as well as anyone here not to wake a sleeping babe by speaking overloud. By the time he released the affable rider, the first happy tears were falling down his cheeks.

Crossing over to the other side of the cot from D’mir, he kissed K’eeda on the forehead quickly. Stretching out an arm, he ever so gently caressed the soft tiny cheek of the babe. “She’s so small, you said her name was Kaija?” He briefly tore his eyes away from the tiny child to look to K’rez for confirmation. “She’s too lovely, I reckon you had to threaten to kill at least… three healers… to get one so pretty,” he said as he flashed a grin at his oldest friend.

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Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #11 on: September 06, 2017, 11:59:52 PM »
S’kelyn, wake up.

The blue rider grunted in response, nearly rolling off the edge of his bed being suddenly roused to consciousness. Brief memories of threadfall had him rising through the fog rather more abruptly than he might have liked.

// What is it? // he managed, sitting upright and running a hand through his hair. He might have been more concerned were Quaith actually agitated, rather than excited.

K’eeda has had her child. She expects your presence.

// Of course she does. //

S’kelyn was a bit of a wreck, hair haphazard but at least somewhat quashed by the morning air atop Quaith as the blue glided him down to the base. He buttoned the shirt as he wound through the cavern system towards the healer hall, and he’d have to get his leathers quickly on the way back. Breakfast was well and truly off the menu.

The hour also meant that he’d need to have something in his stomach, so he made a detour towards the kitchen, offering the workers already in the full thick of it a winning smile and quick talk of babies and no sleep. He emerged on the other side with a tray of worn cups and a steaming pot of klah. He certainly needed it, and he probably wouldn’t be the only one.

Rounding the corner, it was apparent a small crowd had already gathered. S’kelyn grinned, expecting nothing less of the blue rider. He was only really familiar with K’eeda, though he did recognise K’rez and D’mir of course. He offered a warm smile instead of a loud greeting, aware of others that might be in the hall, never mind the baby.

“I little birdy told me you’d lost a bump in the night,” he grinned, nevertheless looking over K’eeda for any signs of distress. She mostly just looked exhausted, if content. “Figured all those involved could use a pick me up.”

He put the tray on the table, stepping back so others could take a drink if they wished before he was tempted to down the warm drink straight from the pot.

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Re: Welcome to the world, little one [ 3.7.2590 / 3AM ] K’rez
« Reply #12 on: September 07, 2017, 10:31:11 PM »
It was Polanth’s rumble that ultimately woke M’rek, the Bronze stretched out on the ledge of their weyr initially to watch the sunrise when he’d received word from Denoth. K’eeda has had her baby. She and Aeleroth will not be watching drills today.

His rider grunted a sleepy response at first—it was no skin off his nose if K’eeda wasn’t watching drills. She couldn’t participate in her current state regardless, much less with the rest of their Wing duties, despite the fact that she might want to. This late into her pregnancy, it simply wasn’t in her best interest… which was the moment at which he realize what Polanth had really said and rose on one forearm, blinking owlishly at the Bronze. “What?”

I said, K’eeda has had her baby. Polanth might not care much about human children, but he was amused at his rider’s own confusion. Pay attention, M’rek. I imagine you’ll want to get up and go visit your friend?

“Yes! Yes, of course!” All of it served to wake him up almost immediately then, Sugar and Ista both disgruntled when he nearly bounced off the mattress to search for his clothes and pull them on. Neither the tiny Green or her Bronze companion seemed particularly interested in accompanying him, instead preferring to stay curled up among the furs. To Polanth, as he shoved his legs into his pants, he directed, “Please tell Aeleroth I’ll be right there.”

He could feel the Bronze reaching out to the Blue as he finished getting dressed, hurriedly combing his fingers through his hair so that he’d look at least a little bit presentable. Then, disturbing a disgruntled Polanth from his resting place, he hitched a ride down to the Weyr Bowl so that he could make his way into the Healer Hall and seek out his friend and K’rez to congratulate them.

Quite the little crowd had gathered already, including D’mir and Keassa, who he greeted with the flash of a grin. She was quite well along herself, and despite all of the turmoil that had surrounded their being together, M’rek was happy for the pair too. One of the men, he didn’t really recognize—though his face seemed familiar, the Bronzer just couldn’t place it—but of course he knew S’kelyn, and smiled at him too before he whisked his way over to K’eeda and K’rez themselves.

Very likely, he’d partake of the klah that the Blue rider had brought, but first he’d pay his due respects.

“Sorry I’m late,” he supplied with a faint laugh, since it seemed he’d indeed missed the initial rush of arriving visitors. His voice boomed out a little louder than he’d intended, and M’rek quickly pitched it lower so he wasn’t disturbing others in the Healer Hall. Just what he needed was to get kicked out by some of the serious-faced Healers. “Congratulations, you two.”

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There were a select few people in K’eeda’s life she fully expected to see. Neriherem, D’mir, and M’rek were high on that list. Never mind that two of them were bronzers, K’eeda was fond of them in a “they should be happy to know her” sort of way. Then there was Neriherem.

When she actually saw her friend, K’eeda had to blink away the blurry vision and smiled so much her own cheeks hurt. There was so much history, so much she wanted to say, but instead she accepted the kiss, nodded when he asked about the name, and simply presented the little girl to her bestest friend on Pern. K’rez might be her Brown Rider, but Neriherem was her best friend.

Given that Neriherem had his own brood of children, K’eeda trusted him with her newly born daughter as much as she’d trust K’rez. So, obviously, he should get to hold her daughter too. “You know how I am,” K’eeda answered, chuckling quietly. Hopefully she didn’t look as haggard as she felt. “I’m pretty sure one of the apprentices came in here and asked me to be nicer to the other healers.” She didn’t need to mention she’d thrown a tray of tools at him. Anyone could have guessed as much.

When M’rek showed, K’eeda’s smile was a little more tired. Was it still early in the morning? How much sleep had she really gotten? When he apologized for being late, she waved a hand. “Wasn’t like I expected you to stand around while I was deliverin’ her.” No, K’rez had that particular joy. Rather, K’eeda was just happy he’d shown up. M’rek might be thick headed sometimes, but he was still one of the people K’eeda considered a close friend. You didn’t drink, mess around with, and fight with someone unless you cared about them.

Not that K’eeda would ever say that.

She gestured to the little girl. Her face was really going to hurt if she kept smiling so much. “A little girl. Crazy, huh? After so many boys...” It just hadn’t seemed possible, but there she was. A tiny, pink terror that would grow up into a monster. K’eeda was delighted.

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