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Author Topic: Three’s a Crowd… To Most [ 18.2.2590 // 11 PM ] || A’yara & Y’tol  (Read 840 times)

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It was nice to find another Bronzer as laidback about these things as he was. So when Y’tol held out a hand to shake, M’rek just grinned at him again and accepted it, shaking firmly but without any posturing or overly challenging pressure. “I’m sure A’yara will be glad to hear that too.”

And when the woman in question gripped him by the front of his shirt to pull him closer, M’rek readily kissed at the side of her neck. She was quite right in that he still had too many clothes on. As eager as he’d been to make her squirm and writhe under the attention from his mouth and fingers, he was still dressed in his riding leathers. Sure, he’d kicked his boots off soon after arriving, and his jacket had already been unbuttoned when they’d been flirting in the first place, but there was as yet far too much leather and fabric between himself and her.

“It seems Y’tol has a head start on me there,” he joked, kissing her skin again before pulling back enough that he could shrug out of his jacket and toss it away on the floor. It would be out of the way there, and it seemed very likely they were going to need the entire surface area of A’yara’s bed shortly. Reluctant though M’rek was not to be touching her anymore, he’d have to give it up momentarily to pull his shirt off over his head too.

Doing so revealed yet more of the old burn scars twisting the skin on the left side of his body, which stretched from his hairline to his hip—but he’d long since stopped being self-conscious about them.

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Y'tol was definitely not one to shy away from a challenge, and so the erotic purr of A'yara's words had him itching to divest himself of clothes. But with M'rek happy enough to strip down, Y'tol didn't want to deprive A'yara of any pleasure.

Grinning despite himself, Y'tol took her lips in a kiss again, fingers moving to clutch and squeeze at the flesh of her waist, enjoying the curves he found there. The rustle of M'rek's clothes on the floor had him pulling back, allowing the other bronze rider to move in if he so wished.

The removal of his own clothes was quick enough. He added no flourish to the movements, just divesting himself of the remainder of his clothing with quick fingers. His eyes not leaving the tantalising sight of A'yara, even if there was another man in the tableau. Y'tol couldn't help but briefly glance at the burn scars M'rek sported. Burn scars, not too dissimilar from the thread scores that he himself had acquired, all those turns ago. There was no such thing as a rider with a perfect body was there?

Before Y'tol stepped forward again, he was distinctly aware of Bayorth pulling away from the situation. Not because he was jealous, nor because he couldn't handle it, but simply because they had always been a pair to give each other space. To be sure, Bayorth would be content knowing his rider was content, but he didn't need to be present with every thought, intruding on the situation between humans.
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