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Author Topic: Approved Faytona [ 11.7.2570 / Sr Apprentice Weaver ]  (Read 1559 times)

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Faytona [ 11.7.2570 / Sr Apprentice Weaver ]
« on: July 22, 2017, 01:35:22 AM »

Play By:
AnnaSophia Robb

Fayt ( like fate ), or Fay
Date of Birth:
11.07.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
In her heart, there’s only room for P'run and Bl'yx who can do no wrong.

Your Reflection...

No one would say that Faytona is an intimidating, or big, girl. She’s a slender 5’2” with a little bit of curve to her. Enough that she’s noticeably feminine. She has long, naturally platinum blonde hair that falls relatively straight to her thighs. She makes an effort to keep it braided up or pulled back, but she prefers to leave it down. Cutting it doesn’t do much good either since it grows fast – at least it seems to stay at the length she generally leaves it at.

Being a weaver, Fayton’s clothes are well tailored, always clean, and a quiet point of pride for her. They fit her like they should and certainly do much to enhance her look. She is always wearing a dress, usually in creams or grays, with slippers.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Faytona had a rough life. Picked on, born to a family that couldn’t afford to keep her, she’s always been a bit of a runt and afterthought. She was shoved into the weaver craft as a way to find a use for her in the family and, surprisingly enough ( to her parents ) she rather excelled in it.

Faytona learned early on to put her head down, do as she was told, and life would be easier. Not easy, but easier. She always used to look up at the Rider’s in owe and wonder, thankful to the nameless people fighting and dying for her. For them, it was the least she could do to work hard.

Response to dragon color mutations: Currently, she thinks they are equally as important and as adorable as all the other dragons. When they first appeared, she was worried because of all the rumor and fear that swept through the weyr. But that’s largely been cleared up for her – especially because of P'run. The mutations can’t be bad if he’s impressed to one.

Who are you...

Likes: Helping : It doesn’t take much to get her to help out with anything. She enjoys it and would give of her time often, expecting nothing in return. The act in and of itself is the reward for her.

Singing : She’s not the greatest singer, certainly not harper trained, but she has a very pretty voice and she can carry a tune that satisfies most. Though she’s not about to get up in front of anyone and sing, she can be caught singing softly as she works or humming to herself when she’s concentrating.

Praise  : While she doesn’t need them, she likes to know when she’s done something to someone’s satisfaction or she’s pleased someone in some way.


Bullies : Having grown up the runt of the family and the butt of many jokes, she doesn’t enjoy being hurt or teased in a very mean manner.

Unfinished work : Sleep and eating can wait if there’s a job left to be done.

Gossip : She doesn’t have a mean spirited bone in her body, so she dislikes spreading rumor or talking about someone behind their back. She won’t have it and she won’t participate in it.


* UNCONDITIONAL LOVE : Faytona loves with all she is and without condition. Literally. Those that she loves will find her forever patient, forgiving, and understanding of just about anything.

* HARD WORKER : She might not be strong, but she’s determined and gives her all in her work as a weaver. Thankfully, stitch work doesn’t require heavy lifting so she can be quite proficient without needing to be so strong. She’s quite devoted to her craft and joyfully completes her work, chores, and assignments.

* OPTIMIST : The world is a pretty place to Faytona, with the possibility for true love, romance, and a ‘happily ever after’. Because she’s such a loving and kind person, she generally sees the world in such a nice, sweet way.

* KIND : Pern has been unkind to the survivors and that has left a lot of sour people on the planet. Faytona, despite the devastation, has maintained a kindness to her, a willingness to help others at the expense of her own time. All one has to do is ask.

* SMART : When it comes to reading, math, and stitches, Faytona is a brilliant lady. Though she’s awful at people and reading them, she’s taken to her craft quite well and flourishes in her work.


* TRUSTING : Because she’s not a liar and, frankly, terrible at reading people, she generally takes what people say at face value. About the only people she can read with any degree of accuracy are P'run and Bl'yx, and that’s probably because her life revolves around theirs.

* CODEPENDANT : She’s… minorly… obsessive about people. Especially those that she loves. Always fretting about them, worrying if she’s away. While she can be a fully functioning adult, her life really is all about the people she loves and she’s very dependent on them for affection and peace of mind. If she feels she’s done something to displease them, everything else is on hold until that’s fixed.

* HEAD IN THE CLOUDS : Frankly, Faytona lives in a very warped sense of reality. Where people are nice, no one lies, and there are no bad guys. This has left her to be taken advantage of plenty of times but she hasn’t really learned from it – choosing to believe it was just a bout of bad luck. Ultimately, she doesn’t have a firm grasp on how terrible the world really is or how bad people can be.

* WEAK : Don’t expect her to haul anything particularly heavy or do anything physically demanding. She’s always been a weak, small girl and it was one of the things that caused her so much woe growing up. Especially when she was very young and frequently ill.

* UNINTERESTED IN POLITICS : Because she has no mind or interest in the politics of both the weyr and crafthall interaction, it’s unlikely she’ll ever be anything more than an apprentice weaver. While she is a hard worker, she lacks a lot of ambition and drive to do things for herself. She’s too busy helping others and, in this, it’s usually a detriment. Allowing others to excel past her, or use her as a step up. She doesn’t mind it though.

Describe Yourself:

* ENTHUSIASTIC: Just about everything that Faytona does, she does with a smile and excitement. Even if, on the rare occasion, it is something she doesn’t want to do. There’s no point in being a negative Nancy about it.

* WORRISOME: Faytona spends a lot of her time quietly worried about the people she cares about when they’re not within visual range. She wrings her hands, looks around a lot as though searching for them, and her imagination tends to create elaborate scenarios in that they needed her for something, and she wasn’t there and failed them so she has to get back to them as soon as she can.

* DEDICATED: Whether it be to her craft, a particular task, or the loves in her life, Faytona commits her all to it and them. Unwaveringly, unflinchingly. She has no interest in seeking out attention from anyone else, she won’t be distracted from a task or job she’s working on, and she’d never leave the Weaver Hall for anything. ( Unless like… P'run or Bl'yx needed her to, but she’d be really, really sad. )

* PLAYFUL: Most sarcasm or scathing remarks she thinks are jokes until someone clarifies for her. And she’s very playful in her own right, willing to be the butt of a joke if it really is harmless and funny. Faytona also has a hard time telling the difference between flirting and simple teasing – though she’d never take it anywhere beyond what she thinks is playful banter.

* NONJUDGEMENTAL: To Faytona, it doesn’t matter who or what someone was born as. Rider, Crafter, Holder, Weyrfolk – everyone is equal to her.

The Magic Touch: Though she is wildly inexperienced in regards to sex, she’s never slept with anyone outside of P'run or Bl'yx. That being said, she also has low fertility and it will be hard for her to conceive.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Fayraella. Journeyman Weaver, b 2552, d 2584
Father: Leodenil. Farmer, b 2549

Father remarried in 2586 and ceased to have much to do with her.
Married Calheaha.

L’chur of Sklarinth. B 2566, Imp 2581
Step-siblings, born to Calheaha
Sibyrht, b 2587
Leighan, b 2589
None, as she has reduced fertility and didn’t even have sex until 2587.

Craft: Weaver Hall at Fort, or the extension of the hall there.

Rank: Sr Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2582/12.
Specialty: Leather Work

Education Details:
Faytona was submitted and accepted into the weaver hall because her mother was. Though neither parent expected her to do particularly well because of her demure nature, Faytona actually blossomed under the guided care of her teaches and excelled in her studies. It’s really her lack of drive and ambition to be anything more than what she is that has prevented her from becoming a journeyman – that and she’s not the best for ‘teacher material’ given her very trusting nature.

Even so, she was a very attentive student and came to care for the Craft Hall and the work that needed to be done. She saw it as her way to help contribute.

Tell us a story...

* 2570-2575, 0-5 Faytona is very much an accident in an already struggling family. Her father, a farmer, is having a rough time having lost some of his crop to thread and they already had her older brother to feed and care for. Even so, they have the babe. Which ends up being a premature, small, sickly thing.

She spends a lot of her early turns sick and there are nights when they don’t think she’ll live to see the morning. This means she doesn’t meet a lot of other kids or gets a lot of time to really -be- a kid. Instead, on the rare days that she is healthy, her mother keeps her in to work on stitches or other house chores.

* 2576-2579, 6-9 She grows a bit more and her illnesses seem to fade. She becomes an excitable young girl, though most of the other kids don’t want anything to do with her. She’s a stranger to them, someone to pick on, and an easy target. That doesn’t stop her from trying though. Her older brother ends up being searched in 2579 and leaves her quite alone – easy pickings for the stranger kids.

* 2580-2581, 10-11 After getting ‘in a fight’, where she is most certainly the loser ( though she didn’t really fight at all, she just got beat up ), Faytona is taken to the healer hall by her annoyed mother to get stitches for her busted lip, cut knee, and ointment for her bruised cheek. Along the way, an apprentice healer is made to look after her and his kindness ( though really, he was just doing what he was told ) is heartbreakingly sought out by her. She ends up leaving the healer hall with a bit of a smile and the desire to see him again.

The next day, on her way to see him, she runs into the group of rough kids again. As luck would have it, her healer savior was out to lunch and sees the ‘fight’, breaking it up right quick. From that day on, she opts to be his shadow – where it’s safe and he’s nice to her ( though initially, it’s more like tolerating her ). When he has to do actual work in the healer hall, she offers to sweep the floors or help out in whatever way she can. If there’s no menial work to be done, she sits outside and waits for him.

It’s one of her bleaker days when her healer savior informs her that he’s been searched and that he’ll be leaving. She bawls her eyes out though she does not beg him to stay – that wouldn’t be fair. Rather, she begs P'run to take her with him. Since he can’t, he instead gifts her a flit egg and promises that the flit will take care of her in his absence. ‘Until they see eachother again’. Words meant to make her feel better, but that she takes to heart. The egg hatches into a hearty Brown flit she names Keeper, who grows to be a fierce little monster to do just that – keep her safe.

* 2582, 12 With Keeper to keep all the nasty other people away, she leads a peaceful if somewhat lonely life helping out around her parents house until her mother has her sign up for the Weaver Craft Hall. More as something to do with the little girl than anything else. However, she ends up surprising her mother and father by being quite capable in her classes and studies. For Faytona, this gives her a renewed sense of purpose now that Perun is gone and a way to really… do something, to help out in a meaningful way. A direction for all her desire to be kind and care for others and a way to give back to the Hold and Weyr at large for being her ‘home’.

* 2584, 14 While she works hard in her studies, her mother falls ill and ends up dying quite suddenly. While the woman wasn’t ever particularly warm toward her, this still hits Faytona pretty hard and she feels more alone now than ever with only Keeper as company.

* 2586, 16 Her father remarries and Faytona is essentially disowned. Her father has her move out and, because she has no where else to go, she ends up living at the weaver hall. She’s sad at the real loss of any semblance of family, though touched at the kindness of the weavers that allow her to stay there. To repay them, she remains as dutiful and committed to the Hall as ever. Besides, she still has Keeper and thinks about P'run often.

* 2587, 17 The Pass ends like a dream. When she finds out that everyone from Fort is going to one Weyr, she becomes very excited. This is her chance to see P'run! After helping the weavers pack up, she’s transported to southern winds along with the other crafters early on and eagerly seeks him out. Finding him is one of the happier days of her life.

Dreams Do Come True [ 30.3.2587 / 7PM ]
Keeper had been hovering around her more so than usual. Maybe because she was so excited, so anxious. Not even flying on a dragon to the new island, lush and green, compared to the realization that finally she’d be in the same place as Perun.


She couldn’t remember how long it’d been since she’d seen him, but it’d felt like an eternity. No longer a young girl budding on the verge of womanhood, Faytona was a proper woman with long, blonde hair and a wealth of crafter hall experience under her belt. She felt like a different person, but at the same time, it didn’t even enter her brain that any of those changes might matter.

Or that he’d be a different person. Sure, some things would’ve changed. But nothing that would scare her away or make her want to be with him any less. Not after turns upon turns of waiting for this very opportunity.

As much as Faytona wanted to arrive, slide off the dragon, and see him… that dream didn’t come true. Rather, she had to help the other weavers unload, unpack, get her own things settled into the small room assigned her, and begin to work on the Hall. She didn’t have time to run through the weyr screaming his name.

As much as she wanted to.

It wasn’t until dinner, after a day of hard work, that she had her opportunity. Everyone would be in the weyrhall to eat. The other weavers told her as much. So if she was looking for someone, Perun had to be there. He had to.

Holding Keeper in her arms, against her chest, she anxiously entered the busy Weyrhall with the rest of the weavers. Though she didn’t move into the line for food. Instead, she quietly released Keeper so he could go search the tables for Perun while she tentatively walked in. There were so many people it seemed hopeless. How would she find him in a sea of tables? In such a crowd? Even if she screamed, Faytona was certain he’d not hear her. Not ever all the racket of cooking, trays banging on tables, and conversation.

Keeper found him.

The brown flit flew back to her and then slowly led her to the table he was sitting at. Though it’d been so many turns, seeing him… She knew. His face, though older, was still the same sweet face that had kept her safe. That had presented the egg to her. That had lived in her dreams. Overwhelmed, Faytona squealed his name and literally climbed onto his lap. Unmindful that he was trying to eat, unconcerned there were others around them. What did she care?

She had found him!

She could touch him! Tears blurred her vision as she buried her face against his neck and just… sobbed with relief.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:
Hunt me down. Lock me in a shack in the yard.
Mauling Permissions:
No One Lives Forever [ 10 ]
 Anything Else:

Gotcha with that mauling permission.
Just kidding.
Rough’em Up.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Colored by siralahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Keeper was a dark baby flit, almost black, but his color lightened as he aged, grew, and filled out. He has couple scars along his body where he’s gotten in fights with other flits and tunnels snakes as he was growing up.


Mind Voice: Keeper is pretty mellow and only shares images with her when asked. Not that he isn’t always paying attention, because he is, just that he’s not a ‘chatty’ flit.

Protecting Faytona : It’s his main job and something he’s been doing since he was born. From anything, it doesn’t matter. Keeper doesn’t seem to realize he’s a flit and not a wher.

Quiet Work : He likes it when Faytona and he can relax in the weaver hall and just work. While he’s not a lot of help, he tries. Otherwise, he’s always laying nearby and watching her. It’s calming for him.

People in his personal space : Unless it’s Faytona, he doesn’t want pet, treats, or even attention from other people. They’re not worth his time and who the hell are they to even bother him?

Early Morning : He likes sleeping in. While he’s not about to leave Faytona without an escort, he likes when she sleeps in and actually gets a full night’s rest cause it means he can too.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He's a little guard flit. 

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Faytona [ 11.7.2570 / Sr Apprentice Weaver ]
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