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Author Topic: S'den [19.09.2538 || Bronze Rider]  (Read 945 times)

Offline RavenFlame

S'den [19.09.2538 || Bronze Rider]
« on: July 22, 2017, 09:31:25 AM »

Play By:
Clark Gregg

Seruden - SEHR-uh-Dhen
S'den - Sssss'dhen
Seru - His mother
Den - Most of his friends
S'den - Everyone else
Date of Birth:
19.09.2538 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Ruatha Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider of Mountain
Lianik - Wife [dead]

Your Reflection...

Appearance: S'den is not a small man, though he can be underestimated because of his smaller height, at 5'9". His brown hair used to be thick and a point of pride in his life, but it seems that he's started to loose it and instead of dealing with it, he's chosen to keep it very short. He has a scar across his body from when he and his dragon were first bonded. Neither got out unscathed. When he was a holder he'd have worn lighter clothing, suitable to work, but never to heavy. Now he wears heavier adventuring clothing. Light colored untied shirts, close fitting pants, his leathers, which he's gotten died black with some red highlights. He is known for often having stained fingertips as he spends as much of his free time as possible finishing, fixing, or creating maps from his notes and quick sketches. S'den has heavy callouses on his hands from a life of work.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: S'den lost most of his family, and many friends to thread in one way or another. He's done his best to let them roll off, and looking back, he knows that it was nothing he could avoid. He tries to find the light in the situation now, but it's hard. He has a lot of survivor's guilt he keeps tucked away. He tries to joke with his few friends, but he tends to fall back on his independence, and need to be elsewhere, and exploring.

Response to dragon color mutations: S'den doesn't see them as a danger, though the brutal nature of the blacks and over-exuberance of the reds do concern him because of the pain caused, but he finds them interesting. His only real problem with their current weyrleader is that the boy is a bit young.

Who are you...

~Klah - After years of drinking it, it has become a part of his day, one that he enjoys more than once a day, if he can.
~Fire - He knows it is there for the protection of himself and his dragon, but he enjoys watching it, and loves to make people jump when he slowly runs his fingers through a candle flame and come out unburnt.
~Adventure - S'den dislikes beint stuck inside, and really does love finding new things, seeing something that no one else has seen, even if it's just a cloud only he and Rayrth have seen.
~Laughter - Laughing with friends, family and Rayrth has been a big part of how he has survived the Pass.
~Storms - Flying above them, or in front of them, or even just the sounds on his tent, or outside his window, S'den loves rain, thunder, lightning, and everything about the storms.

~Baseless Arrogance - As a bronze rider, he knows he has some arrogance, weather put on by Rayrth or otherwise, but he doesn't like Bronze Riders or Dragons who are arrogant just because they are more likely to catch a Gold.
~Ignorance - Having spent his early years craving knowledge, he doesn't condone the willful ignorance he sees in the riders and holders of today.
~Rough Clothes - S'den has a very tactile way about him, and loves the touch of soft clothing, and he just hates being itchy you know?
~Hunters - The damage they did to the Weyr recently has cemented these creatures as something to hate and kill on sight. It's a dislike shared by Rayrth.
~Pointless Conversation - S'den doesn't do well if you want to do small talk. If he's not out by himself, he has something else important to do, so hurry up, speak your mind so you can move on.


* DECISIVE : S'den chooses to do something and he does it. He's not afraid to stick by his choice either.

* BRAVE : From his early years with the Runnerbeasts, S'den learned never to back down from a raging beast, and it's stuck.

* SERIOUS : S'den may love laughter, but he doesn't much enjoy it when he's busy. He perfers to focus on his work, and his dragon, and comes off as a bit serious.

* PASSIONATE : S'den loves people, things and what he does with a great deal of fervor. His need to do everything that he loves to do as well as possible has come from his love of the Runnerbeasts he had from a child.

* PERCEPTIVE : Quick to understand a situation, S'den doesn't let much get past him, even if he doesn't spend much time at the weyr.


* SECRETIVE : S'den is not one to let everyone know his every thought. Only one person get's that job and Rayrth chose him, so that's the payment.

* POSSESSIVE : S'den has a deep heart, and those he cares about (and his few things) have a particular place in his life and if it is threatened, that can lead to him having a more aggressive stance in their protection.

* MESSY : S'den has never been able to keep his Weyr, packs or old home very clean. Often he'll find week old shirts on his dresser and put it on.

* IMPULSIVE : For all of S'den's perception and serious nature, he does have an impulsive streak which can lead to a mischievous joke or trick, or dry comment in a dark place.

* DRY : A more stoic man, S'den tends to have a dry humor, sarcasm usually coming a little easier, especially in these strange times.

Describe Yourself:

* ADVENTUROUS: ----- S'den has always known he was an adventurer, and if he'd been born earlier he'd have been among those wanting to go back in-time and create this issue in the first place. Of course he never says it, but he's never settled into one place easily.

* FOCUSED: ----- When S'den sinks his teeth into a problem it's hard to pull him off of it, which helps when he's flying over a landmass, or searching for more holds with goods in them.

* CUNNING: ----- A smart man, S'den has a love of learning, and of executing his job as brilliantly as possible. Hey, his arrogance isn't baseless.

* ORDINARY: ----- S'den sees himself as very ordinary. He is just a typical bronzer in his mind. He likes Klah like everyone else, and enjoys good music, nice clothing, a good party (with some reservations), and who doesn't enjoy flying?

* ARTISTIC: ----- While S'den excelled in runnerbeast riding, and other physical acts as a holder, his passion is drawing, painting (if he can), and general art. He is creative and can often be found doing one of those things if he's not working.

The Magic Touch:
S'den is a lover of dance, and at parties will do his best to dance with as many people as he can. He also was rather brilliant at horseback riding, fixing leather, and general other things that a holder keeping track of Runnerbeasts alone would have needed to be. S'den is known for creating leather flowers out of the scrap that no one else can use and leaving them for his temporary lovers.


Mother: Serie, BeastCrafter, 2525 (b.)
Father: R'elth, Blue rider of Wailith Impressed 2539, 2520 (b.), 2541 (d.)

Relie, BeastCrafter, 2535 (b.), 2564 (d.) - Sister
Selt, Drudge, 2534 (b.), 2580 (d.) - Brother

Serick, BeastCrafter, 2553 (b.)
Unborn Child, Unborn, 2561 (d.)

Tell us a story...

* 2538-2543, 0-5 Seruden's birth and early years were at Ruatha Hold, where his mother and father were both BeastCrafters of the Runnerbeasts, and his love of riding is born in this time period, as his mother was known to put him on a runnerbeast. A year after Seruden was born, his father was searched into Benden, and left Seruden, Relie and Selt behind at Ruatha. If Seruden has other siblings he has no idea. It's also at this time that Seruden realizes that his sibling, Selt is not all there. His emotional state at this time is very calm and happy. The thread has affected all of pern including Ruatha Hold, but he's not bothered by it much, as he's a child, and his mother does what she can to keep him from the knowledge of what exactly is going on. In '41 his father dies to thread, though it doesn't really effect him beyond his mother's pain, and he learns that his mother needs care as much as he does. He feels sad for his sister and mother. The fall of the BeastCrafter Hall doesn't effect young Seruden, as he was too young to remember, but his mother, as well as the rest of the BeastCrafters at Ruatha hold on to what they have.

* 2544-2548, 6-10 Seruden in this time learns more about his father, and about his future life. He ready's himself for becoming a Runnerbeast handler as thread starts to actually make a break into his little world. The fear he feels when thread falls leaves him drained. It's about this time that he finds his companion, a small egg that was left behind by a fleeing flit when thread fell a bit to close to Ruatha Hold. With real joy, he finds himself joined with a pretty red-gold queen flit. His sister is jealous, but he doesn't tell her about the egg until after it hatches, which his mother says is probably a bad thing. His joy at finding that little egg is marred by his family's anger, but they don't take the flit away, instead using her future flights and clutches as a way to get some extra money as the world grows a bit darker. Almost as soon as she's able to fly, Seruden starts to train his queen to work alongside him. Weather it's helping him calm a foal, or scout the herds for hurt animals, hoping to make her useful.

* 2549, 11 Seruden meets his future wife for the first time. Lianik. It isn't a joyful meeting though, as his mother had decided for him what he would do with his life, and even at 11 he hadn't liked it. Lianik doesn't like it either and goes out of her way to make trouble for him as they are told to 'play nice' and 'get to know one another'. Neither of them like each other, and S'den considers this year fondly as one of the worst ones in his life. It's also at this time that S'den realizes he isn't pleased being stuck at the Hold all the time when his sister and mom disappear to help with the herds, which require more and more time as they no longer get to roam.

* 2550-2554, 12-16 With a lot of confidence, Seruden meets his future as a Runnerbeast BeastCrafter. He's spent his entire life surrounded by the Runnerbeasts and he doesn't scare easy. It's also in these years that he marries Lianik. Their marriage is never an easy one, as they marry at 13, after they both settle into their job as Runnerbeast handlers. Their marriage is passionate though, and when Serick is born, it seems they really do care for one another, and feel real happiness. Raising their son around the Runnerbeasts, it feels, at least for a while that things are really working for them. They know, at this point, that the world is falling apart, and secretly talk to one another about their fears of the dragons failing. Seruden finds comfort in his long hours with the runnerbeasts, exercising them and staying close to Ruatha Hold as the thread was unsafe.

* 2555-2556, 17-18 These two years aren't very interesting for Seruden. He and Lianik do their best with their young son, as he grows bigger and more exploratory, Seruden teaches him about the Runnerbeasts of Ruatha and their history, even as he can feel the breath of the thread at times. He's learned to master his fear at this point, and he never really lets anyone see it. Seruden doesn't have much time to think about the thread, and beyond the groups of people flooding towards Fort, he finds it easy to forget as he works. He does find it at this time that he really doesn't like large groups, and even Lianik has to remind him that they had no where else to go.

* 2557-2561, 19-23 With even more refugees flooding into Ruatha, Seruden finds it much to crowded, and in these years, finds himself pulling away from his family, his wife, and just wanting to wander away. His dislike of small talk, and of the crowds sends him to spend more time with the dwindling RunnerBeasts. He's starting to feel that loss, and the annoyance. When Seruden finds out that his wife is pregnant, he feels a mixture of fear and joy. When she dies due to complication with the pregnancy, before the baby was even born, the only thing keeping him moving was his son, Serick. His son needed him. His sister and his mother did what they could to prop him up. His horror, and feeling of loss was mirrored by Serick's own lashing out, leaving his father feeling alone in the world.

* 2562, 24 Late into the game, Seruden is searched by a Fort blue dragon. A visit to Ruatha as another clutch was going to be laid, and Seruden's own depression leaving him at the hold when the rider came meant he was searched. He wasn't given much time, but a promise from his mother to take care of his son, and the instance of his son and sister sent him packing and onto the back of the blue dragon mere hours later, his heart still heavy, but a little bit of fear, and excitement at the change already pulling at his broken heart. Only months later Seruden is allowed to stand at his first and only hatching. It's then that he meets his lifemate, Rayrth, with a splash of blood, both from the dragon and the rider. Seruden sheds his identity as a BeastCrafter and becomes S'den. Even through the pain, the love Seruden feels is as strong as the love for Lianik, if not more, for this little bronze dragon. S'den changes Prim's training to be more focused around watching, and alerting him to situations around him. She never took to the sky with him, but she could keep pictures of things in her head and tell him after they landed.

* 2563-2564, 25-26 This first year is just a blur to S'den, as his life becomes about teaching and learning, and growing his bond with his dragon. He barely writes to his mother, or sister, though he manages to keep some contact with his son when the boy asks for an egg from S'den's queen flit, and S'den sends him the gold egg. S'den is quietly proud of his son, and can't wait to see what he'll become in a few years. When S'den turns 26, disaster in his life strikes again. The death of his sister, her husband and children almost sends him back into his spiral of depression, the pain and loss only compounded as he looses complete contact with his mother and son. The fact that their death's would have been preventable if the holders in the area would have been calmer as the dragons settled to take them to Fort. Death by trampling just isn't good. It takes quiet a bit from Rayrth to keep his rider from completely falling apart. It's around this time that S'den becomes more secretive, pulling away from his Clutchmates and doing what he can to protect himself from any pity he may or may not be receiving. It's at the end of the year, when the Ruatha refugees are sorted that Serick is found, and S'den is told about his mother and son's going to Fort. His relief is strong, and he and Rayrth make their way to Fort Hold so the bronze can meet this little eleven year old boy. Even Rayrth joins in the joy of S'den's meeting with what was left of his family, and startles those at Fort Hold with his bugal.

* 2565-2570, 27-32 Rayrth and S'den become a part of the Weyr and settle into a wing. They spend the next few years fighting thread, and working as hard as they could. S'den and Rayrth try to catch the queens, but they never quite make it, either from a lack of ambition, or just because they aren't meant to. Rayrth feels more pain a this than S'den, but as always he finds a willing green, choosing the more dainty ones as his mates. S'den during these years feels as if he's loosing many of his friends, as thread falls, dragons die and it just seems fruitless. He refuses to show this, finding laughter helped. He never really became close with many, but S'den never turned away a friend in need either.

* 2571-2579, 33-41 When Fort became the last stronghold of Pern, S'den felt real sorrow. Ruatha, his home, was gone, ruined, on the few times when he and Rayrth are able to make the jump to see what was left. S'den does what he can to help in the move, knowing he and Rayrth could move more mass than most, and is quick to help Tillik. He's also there to cover High Reaches and watches in sorrow as Fort just becomes more crowded. The next few years are a blur to S'den and Rayrth. Flights, Fighting Thread and loosing more friends does take a toll on both rider and dragon and they grow as reclusive as one can get with that many dragons and humans in one place. S'den's quiet pain is hidden with a sudden surge of creativity. He'd always loved drawing, but now it comes out even more. Drawn on rocks, the walls of his weyr, some rare snatches of paper and scrap leather, the images from this time in his life are bleak, dark, and show his sadness, and his loneliness as he doesn't have many chances to see his son and mother. His friends wouldn't have really noticed this as to the world he showed a quiet solid exterior. Often people went to him for help, and he could never figure out how to tell them to leave him be. He is proud of his son though, as the boy apprenticed himself to S'den's mother and was doing his best to learn the BeastCrafter way of life.

* 2580, 42 S'den's brother dies when he's 42, leaving only himself, his mother and son. It's at this time that he realizes how much he cared for his older brother, no matter how dumb he was. This leaves S'den feeling a bit lost, especially with his family at the Hold. He's told his brother died in his sleep, but a few pointed questions at the healers when he arrives to console his mother, leaves him with a bitter taste in his mouth. Selt had angered one of the nobles from one of the other, now fallen, holds, and they'd taken it out on him. He'd died of internal bleeding. S'den had wanted to take his anger out on someone, but Rayrth was alarmed at the anger S'den was feeling and tried to calm him down. It left them with a bit of a rift, as S'den was not easily consolable at this time. It took their wingleader reminding them they had to work as a team to survive thread for apologizes to come from S'den.

* 2581-2586, 43-48 With a renewed vigor, Rayrth and S'den take to the skys to fight thread, to protect S'den's son, to protect what was left of Pern. They are never afraid to take chances, willing to get into spots that most dragons wouldn't want to get close to, managing to gain threadscore along their hides, but always just managing to come out of it ok. The big dragon goes out of his way to protect the smaller dragons, but it hurts him the most when they still manage to fall from the sky. These years are a time of work, though it is punctuated with pain and loss as they survive. They find ways to laugh though, and there are moments of joy.

* 2587, 49 The Pass Ends. S'den and Rayrth are in the air when the last thread falls from the sky, and feel the relief as they realize it's over. They both feel empty as they land, firestone covering them, along with the rest of Fort Weyr. It was over. When it's time to move, Rayrth and S'den go out of their way to help move the Weyr and Hold, both happy when his mother,  Serick and his family make it there safely in the 7th month. The relief and joy is soon turned to curiosity as a black dragon is hatched. Both the Bronze and his rider are more curious than worried.

* 2588-2590, 50-52 The last few years have settled into a pattern for the old pair. They were placed in Mountain almost right off the bat, and they settled comfortably into it. Being alone was blissful after the crowded conditions of Fort, and exploring was a delightful difference from fighting thread. Together they enjoy searching for more supplies, making better new maps, and learning what had changed in Pern. The hunter attack, the demotion of D'mir, the brutal hatching, and everything else that happened has been noticed, but S'den has almost no response beyond sorrow at the loss. He and Rayrth are actually quite upset that they keep loosing dragons, candidates and just people. Wasn't this supposed to be over? They've taken to asking for more time away from the weyr, though lately, they've been drawn back as they miss Serick and his family. His mother, Serie, is often missed and visited as well. In the first year, S'den continues to train his queen, keeping her mind as limber as he can, using her to see little details he can't, and being a messenger between him, out in the world, and the Weyr.

---RP Sample --

Seruden was going to stand for the first time. He was quite close to being forced to leave, but they figured one or two clutches couldn't hurt. So here he was. To old to be here, as he looked around almost everyone around him was so much younger than himself. He'd arrived just before the laying of this clutch, and really, what was he supposed to do? Stand there?

The first egg to be hatched was quiet, but pulled everyone's attention. A beautiful blue stepped out into the area. Seruden's gaze followed the dragon's and felt that it was a beautiful creature. He even felt excitment as the pretty dragon made it's way towards him. The blue sniffed at his hand, but turned away. Seruden felt a stab of something in his heart as a candidate to his left announced his name and were the first to be bonded. Seruden knew that they would have wanted a bronze or a gold to be hatched first, but a blue as gentle as that couldn't be bad could it?

The wait for the next was a long one, and it was a big brown. His form was huge as he came out of the egg, obviously one of the larger browns. Not far behind him was the explosion of one of the largest eggs on the sands. The bronze that stepped out of the shattered egg tumbled forward after stepping on his wing, falling into the large brown. The blood that splattered on the ground almost sent both dragonettes between in pain but they managed to extricate themselves, though the brown ran away to his rider, crying out in pain. The bronze before Seruden was a strange size. His little body was long, lean, but his legs were shorter. His wings were too long for his body and he had no idea what to do with his tail. He looked around him, but he didn't seem to want to move as his body was in pain. Blood fell around him, and his belly hurt.

Suddenly the reddish bronze turned his attention on the candidates, limping forward. Seruden realized that the bronze had taken a deep scratch on his shoulder as well. He was to busy trying to figure out if he should help the bronze to notice it limping straight for him. It was when a voice filled his head, and his heart, the last of his depression lifting that he realized his dragon was here.

You're being silly, S'den. Of course you can help me. We should eat. Now. And that brown...

The growl that came from the gangly dragon made Seruden, S'den, jump as the voice entered his head. He jumped into the dragon though, causing both of them to tumble to the ground, and in his surprise and fear, Rayrth clawed into his bonded's stomach and leg, leaving deep marks and red blood splattering the sand around them.

S'den! Mine! Are you ok? Why are you in pain?

The bronze licked at the candidate (weyrling)'s leg. Suddenly S'den was filled with a craving for food even as he felt the pain. He managed to stand up, but his leg was giving him problems. Slowly, the only bronze pair at the hatching made their way off the sands, S'den quietly muttering Rayrth's name as he went. The Weyrlingmaster sent them to the opposite side of the brown dragon's spot, and the pair of them were patched up as Rayrth demanded to be fed, S'den feeling, for once, that everything was right in the world.

Member Info...

Created By:
RavenFlame (Raven Please!)
Other Characters:
Lokin, Zondesh, Zarra, Elremmiria, Tythinaden
Inactivity Preference:
NPC/Fade Away/Kill Off
Mauling Permissions:
Rough. Em. Up.
Anything Else:
Thank you!
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Re: S'den [19.09.2538 || Bronze Rider]
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2017, 09:31:38 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 38 meters
Mature Height: 9 meters
Mature Wingspan: 66 Meters

General Appearance...

As a dragonette he was to long, except for his legs, which were just a little to short. From just after his hatching, he's had nasty stomach scars as well as shoulder scars, which he carries with pride. He grew into his huge wings, and tail as time went on. His relativly small size as a young dragon changed as he grew, becoming one of the largest dragons in the Weyr, baring the queens. He's still seems a bit long, his wings built for dives and long distance flights. His color was pale as a hatchling, but it was only a few months later when the more coppery colors started to come out along his hide. Today his hide has started to fade a bit, the thread score helping with that. He's still large, and you can't deny the red hue, but he is older, and it's starting to show a bit.


Mind Voice: A gentle storm, with thunder, and heavy rain is a descriptor for Rayrth. His voice isn't necessarily loud, but it's calm, with an edge of emotion always there. There is no doubt that he could snap out if needed, but it hasn't been known to happen.

~Storms - Like S'den he loves flying around them. They are a challenge he wants to surmount.
~Children - Rayrth loves children, small creatures as well, but mostly small children. He's perfectly happy to let Serick's children roam all over him when S'den wants to visit his son and grandchildren.
~Cool Weather - Rayrth loves the chill of an early morning, and when he's at SWW he always feels a bit to hot.

~Hunters - A shared dislike with S'den, Rayrth hates the hunters as candidates, weyrlings, and dragons were taken by them. He doesn't much like being aggressive, but these things deserve all his ire.
~Flowers - Rayrth doesn't understand why the human females like those weird tasting, bad smelling things, or why S'den always feels like he needs to give his temporary bed mates some.
~Lethargy - Being lethargic is not acceptable. Well mostly. You can always keep moving to keep yourself awake. Though he does allow it with his rider if they have a reason not to return to the weyr.


* STOIC : While there's always a feeling of possible emotion, his words never actually bely what Rayrth is thinking, or feeling.

* CURIOUS : Rayrth always wants to know things, new things. He's a bit nosy because of this, wanting to know why someone is hurt, or wanting to experience something for himself.


* GREEDY : A want for things, weather it be food, more flights, or a mate, Rayrth doesn't hold back, or hide the fact that he thinks he should get what he wants.

* FICKLE : S'den has often commented at Rayrth's fickle attitude towards life. One moment he wants the biggest herdbeast, and the next he wants the leaner one. Rayrth is choosy, and doesn't always settle right away.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #90450c; Text: #e29c0b

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Rayrth adores music, children, and flying.

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Re: S'den [19.09.2538 || Bronze Rider]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn from the Creature Bank
Flit Details

How it sounds.
Date of Birth:
14.03.2546 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Ruatha Hold

General Appearance...

This deep gold queen, with a red overtone is one of the midsized queens. Her long, stretched form does make her longer than most queens, but she is no taller than the majority of them.  Her form seems a bit stretched, though her deep color of a redish gold make her a stunning creature.


Mind Voice: A gentle sound, more motherly than anything else, Prim's voice is, and always will be, warm to hear. The only time this changes is when she's angry, or feels she must herd children. Then it gets a bit screechy. She often uses simple words, emotions and pictures to get her point across to her bonded.

~Children - Prim adores children, and young things. Young dragons, many times her size, are just as likely to get her mothering attention as the young children in the weyr.
~Wine - It's sweet, and her bonded enjoys it a great deal. She never needs much and it always puts her to sleep.

~Her Tail Being Tugged On - This is from when she was recently born, her bonded's brother was fascinated by her deep gold color and wanted to learn how he could get it himself. She was rescued by S'den, but it has left her not to pleased with anyone who tries to tug at her tail.
~Other Queens - They encroach on her world, and her territory. While she is aware that her bonded must move through areas with other queens, they don't need to be coming over to her 'man' and bothering him, even if he is wanting to pet them (and how dare he!).

Member Info...

Anything Else:
10.09 is when Prim will have her flights.
Prim is trained as a scout, a herder, and a messenger.

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Re: S'den [19.09.2538 || Bronze Rider]
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Re: S'den [19.09.2538 || Bronze Rider]
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2017, 06:02:55 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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