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Author Topic: Roxalin, 20.10.2569, Candidate  (Read 828 times)

Offline Chai

Roxalin, 20.10.2569, Candidate
« on: July 27, 2017, 06:09:14 PM »

Play By:
Lauren German

Rox, Roxa, Roxxy (dislikes this one!)
Date of Birth:
20.10.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek cot hold
Job Before Search:
Journeywoman Fishercrafter / Net Making champ!
Color Preference: Female dragon, any color. No rush to Impress!

Gold-With a gold dragon Roxa would have both a bonded who can match her strong will AND understand her driven nature. Here would be a partner to strengthen that fearless nature and encourage her take charge manner. Even if it means breaking those stupid rules! However while Roxalin is quick to hop in she is also very happy to step back once things are fixed. If paired with a gold she’d no longer be able to slip under the radar, forced to deal with far more than she really wants too. What a nightmare!

Green-A case of opposites attract? While Roxalin would be able to offer a grounded nature to support these easy going dragons she’d likely find herself forced into social situations as well. While not exactly comfortable for the former fisher brat this would help her be more social and keep her from isolating herself so much. Not to mention having an emotional moody dragon would force her to confront more of her own feelings. 

Red-For better or worse this dragon would help  encourage Roxalins habit of pulling herself away from others. On the bright side she’d find herself rather consumed with managing this feisty flavor of dragon!
Future Rider Name:
No change.
Spouse or Weyrmate:
None Currently. Spouse-Velarron-Deceased 2583 Lost at sea

Your Reflection...

Appearance: When working (so most of the time) Roxa has her hair pulled back. Often in a braid or a sloppy bun. She doesn't put much worry or thought into her clothing, liking comfortable and practical clothes that allow for easy movement and light enough for a swim or the heat. This is not a girl who bothers with ribbons or decorations. When not working or moving about she has a penchant for taking off her shoes and going barefoot, being a big fan of feeling the sand between her toes or the grass under her feet. Her lips naturally settle into a bit of a pout and combined with her temperament she has a major case of ‘resting bitch face’ which is only really interrupted by faint flickers of a smile on rare occasion.   

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: As a child Roxalin was a bundle of high energy sunshine. She was full of laughter and mischief, often smiling and ready with a prank or scheme. While the rest of the world was in peril she was able to maintain a degree of childhood innocence early on. Though as time wore on death and lose came knocking on her family's door. She grew more solemn and no longer laughed or joked as she once had.  Pulling back a little more with every loss. Having family who were dragonriders and crafters and holders she doesn't give a shit about the blame game. Everyone died. Everyone lost. Instead she prefers to focus on rebuilding and putting things back… or just surviving another Turn. 

Response to dragon color mutations:It’s none of HER bloody business what the Weyr does! Truth be told those mutations are rather interesting. A practical person she can appreciate that change happens and really-if these new beasts can be of use why not welcome them into the fold? They’ve proven themselves capable and that's what matters. Judging someone or something on tradition is stupid. But that's dragonrider business. Leave her the shards out of it please.


Who are you...


Water-Whether it’s swimming or sailing or just watching the waves there’s no denying there's saltwater in this girl's blood. Roxalin loves being around the water and will actually get a bit antsy when she’s cooped up or ‘land locked’ for too long.

Spicy Foods-The hotter the better! While fancy elaborate meals don’t interest her much she has a fondness for spicy things.

Mischief -While she wouldn't admit it Roxalin still has a soft spot for a good prank. With close friends she can be a bit more easy going and secretly LOVES seeing or hearing about a good bit of mischief. If it involves getting something she wants she might even scheme! 

Hard Work-Doing it or people who aren't afraid of it. Roxalin is quick to get her hands dirty and doesn't have much patience for people who are squeamish or lazy.


Sweet Things-Be it honeycakes or sweet rolls Roxalin does not like sweets. She actually finds sweet foods to be a bit gross and will happily trade away her desserts for something else.

Small spaces-As a child being in a tight space could bring Roxa to tears and screaming, full blown panic attacks. While she still HATES small or cramped places the woman has learned to internalize her anxiety a bit better. She’ll get grouchy, sweaty, and sweary but no screaming. Probably.

Herdbeasts/Runners-Don’t ask her to ride them or feed them or even be around them without a fence. They are stupid and awful animals! She’s ridden two runners in her life and both experiences are on her list of worst days ever.   


* DRIVEN: Roxa is not the sort of woman to do something half-assed. If she tries she tries with all of her body and heart. She commits to getting the job done and knows sacrifice may be required to get there. Has a habit of ‘losing herself’ in a goal.

* CLEVER: While not traditionally ‘book smart’ (or even interested in that stupid sort of learning) Roxalin has wits and ‘hold smarts’. As a young woman she devoted endless hours to the best pranks and games. As an adult her quick mind is usually busy sorting through the ‘problem of the day’ while also juggling 2 or 3 side issues.

* LOYAL: There is no denying you have to fight to earn Roxalin’s trust and admiration but once it’s there… like anything else she is all in. A true and loyal friend she will do just about anything for the people she cares for.

* FEARLESS: Or might as well be. This is not the girl who sticks to her comfort zone. Roxalin charges ahead refusing to hesitate because of someone's nerves. Maybe… especially when it's her own fears. On one hand this mean she isn't afraid to take risks or deal with unpleasant issues. On the other hand...

* TAKE CHARGE: Or outright bossy. If things go awry (and she didn't cause it) Roxalin is quick to jump in and set things right. She doesn't much care for the attention she simply wants things done correctly and gets frustrated when people are slow or doing it wrong.


* STUBBORN: The flipside of her driven nature. Sometimes Roxa digs her heels in a little TOO deep. She’ll continue down a bad path because she’s already committed herself refusing to admit she’s in over her head or simply can't fix/alter whatever is going on.

* CYNICAL: Life has not been kind to Roxalin. She doesn't cry about it. She isn't going to let it STOP her. But she sure as sharp fins isn't going to see the sunny side of things. She is slow to trust others and quick to judge negatively. Sometimes this grim stance leaves her completely unprepared and unsure how to handle when things DON'T go up in flames. 

* BLUNT: If you are looking for someone to sugar coat things… look else where. This former fisherbrat has no sugar to spare. She’ll say what she’s thinking even if it might be a bit harsh.

* RULE BENDER: If it’s something ‘harmless’ or just stands in the way of something she’s set her mind on Roxalin has been known to… sidestep the rules. This was especially true when she was younger and fond of causing trouble but still holds true as an adult. Naturally she trusts herself to decide which rules are worth following and which are less important! On a similar note she can become a bit morally gray when focused on a goal believing the ends justify the means.

* DIRTY MOUTH: At the best of times she can let slip some expletives but when riled… look out! Roxalin has a sharp tongue and a dirty mouth to rival even the best Bitran. Her language has a distinct ‘sea’ quality and many of her insults and curse words revolve around fisher life or being an ‘idiot lander’. This is in part a lifelong habit and partially a way to enforce or unsettle those around her.

Describe Yourself:

* ISOLATED: ----- After suffering so many tragedies Roxalin has put those softer more vulnerable feelings on lockdown as best she can. Once a girl full of laughter and smiles she’s become a woman who holds others at a distance emotionally, at least at  first. Her smiles have become a rare fleeting sight and her laughter unheard. Only close friends and family (or what remain of them) get to see the softer side and even that is a bit grudgingly. Rather than deal with so many FEELINGS she prefers to shut them down or lose herself in her work. Luckily there's plenty of that!

* PRACTICAL: ----- Whether it’s sweet foods or fancy clothes or bright decorations… Roxa isn't a materialist. She likes well made but sensical items whether it be her clothing or her food.

* CONFIDENT: ----- Maybe a bit overly so. Combined with her stubborn streak it can be a real problem.

* JUDGY: ----- Flashy people or lazy people get written off quick. So caught up in her own business she often judges people by first impressions and it takes a while for her to reconsider. She finds ‘girly girls’ or people who are ‘too good’ for manual labor to be bothersome and is quick to dismiss them as useless good for nothings.

* FISHERBRAT: ----- Roxa wears the title proudly thank you. Her vocabulary is laden with water references and she’s quick to remind others-and herself-of her origins. This is partly so she doesn't forget her family's way of life and partly because she really doesn't care for stuffy people with their outdated titles and not so real anymore rank.

The Magic Touch:Despite her cool exterior Roxalin has a bubbly laugh. The real prize? Make her laugh hard enough and she’ll snort! She tugs her braid or fingers when nervous and snores softly in her sleep.


Mother: Loxalei-Born 2546-Jr.Journeywoman Fishercrafter-Deceased Suicide 2587
Father: Raalkorin-Born 2545-Sr.Journeyman Fishercrafter-Deceased from Injuries 2573

Eldest Brother-Raxalin/Ra’lin- Born 2560-Impressed Green Shamoketh 2573-Deceased 2578 Threadfall
Second Brother- Laxolei-Born 2563-Holder-Deceased 2583
Third Brother-Roralin-Born 2565-Journeyman Fishercrafter-Deceased 2588 beach snake attack
Sister-Lorlin-Born 2570-Holder-Deceased 2583 in childbirth
Children: None, Roxa was married to her husband for a little under a Turn before he died. While she also had a brief physical relationship with a blue rider she has yet to carry a child to term.

Tell us a story...

* 2569, 0 Near Turns End Roxalin is born in a small cot hold east of Tillek. The fourth child of a Journeyman fishercrafter and his wife. She has 3 older brothers and one younger sister. While not wealthy by any means the family is loving, hard working, and open minded.   

* 2571, 2 Tillek Hold has fallen and the family is uprooted to Fort. Maybe it’s the move to already overcrowded Fort or the difficult trip there, either way Roxalin develops a lifelong issue with small spaces or packed rooms. Crying, screaming, or even fainting if she’s stuck in a small space. Both Roxa’s mother and father work hard to instill Tillek traditions and customs in their children as bests they can despite living at Fort and a deep pride in their ‘roots’ is put in all the children. 

* 2573, 4 Eldest brother Raxalin is searched and goes to the Weyr. Roxa was close with her eldest brother and while she misses him terribly when he leaves his enthusiasm at becoming a dragon rider leaves an impression. The entire family celebrates when he Impresses a green at the hatching a few months later. This same Turn her father is injured on a scavenging trip for supplies, he succumbs to his injuries a few weeks later despite healers best efforts. Watching her father waste away was difficult for Roxa and the first time she is really faced with and more importantly UNDERSTANDS the tragedy happening around her.

* 2578, 9 While the fishercraft has dissolved Roxalin’s mother tries to pass on to her remaining children the traditions and customs of their hold and craft. Roxalin and her brother Roralin are the only ones  who shows much interest. Her eldest brother, a dragon rider, also dies this Turn while fighting thread. Always idolizing her eldest brother this loss is difficult for Roxa and she throws herself into her chores and lessons. That same Turn Roxalin meets a young man named Velarron. 

* 2581, 12 Roxalin becomes an apprentice fishercrafter. Velarron, who is already an apprentice, helps her in her studies and the pair grow close. Getting to carry on the family craft and being trained for 'important work' make the dull parts of apprenticeship worth it. Not to mention she enjoys the new challenge. Her brother Laxolei gets involved in gambling and gang activity in the Hold as her sister becomes consumed with catching the eye of handsome hold boys. With all of this going on and her mother's sudden bouts of depression, Roxalin throws herself into her craft studies, finding lessons easier to deal with than her family trouble. 

* 2583, 16 Early in the Turn Roxalin marries her childhood sweetheart Velarron after much courting. Her sister-who married the previous Turn- dies in childbirth due to complications two months later. Also losing the babe. A few weeks later her brother Lexolei dies in a fight. The stress of this and her mother's descent deep into deep depression causes Roxa to miscarry early into her own pregnancy. It’s a devastating Turn and a series of losses that nearly break Roxa. Her trials are not over, however, toward the end of the Turn a bad storm sinks one of the remaining ships and her husband is lost at sea. Losing her beloved, her unborn child, her sister, and her brother all in a matter of months… no one blamed the young woman when she became withdrawn. Though she is beaten down Roxalin is not broken. In order to get through the grief she hardens her heart and puts her energy and passion into her craft, hoping to lose herself in the work. 

* 2587, 18 Roxalin’s mother loses her struggle with depression and kills herself. While Roxa loved both of her parents she’s never really forgiven her mother for this weakness and abandonment. Struggling with her own loneliness and grief it does crystallize the young woman a desire to not give up, to keep going even when she doesn't want to. She will NOT be her mother. A painful but effective mantra on the roughest days. Along with everyone from Fort she moves to Southern Winds. During the move, Roxa befriends a blue rider and they begin a romance. It’s the first real relationship she’s had since her husband's death Turns earlier. A glimmer of hope and joy. The relationship ends abruptly when he is one of the riders killed by Hunters early in the settling of the new weyr. To start opening up only to end up hurt again so suddenly, it’s a bitter loss that causes Roxa to give up on relationships.

* 2588, 19 All that hard work pays off and early in the Turn she is tapped to become a journeywoman. Her last remaining sibling dies during a beach snake attack. By this point, she’s become a capable, cold, and confident woman. So while the loss is still painful she’s perfected her ‘emotional island’ routine and just throws herself into working harder. Unable to really deal with her grief in any other way. Luckily there is MUCH to be done and Roxa works with other fisher crafters to rebuild. While she takes great pride in her work the joy is gone.

* 2590, 21 Roxalin is searched while in the middle of gutting fish. She is not thrilled with the prospect of being a candidate. She wants to be a fishercrafter! However, after speaking with her gran she agrees to give candidacy a Turn. Just to please the old woman. And maybe because she needs some sort of change.

“Can you believe it? I’ve been gutting fish next to those bloody dragons for months and a few weeks after I get tapped they suddenly decide I should be a candidate? It’s scorching ridiculous-I could just drown that blue rider. I have a life I can’t just stop what I’m doing because some dragon gets ‘an inkling’ whatever that bloody well means” the words were low but full of annoyance. Roxalin spared her grandmother a scowl-as if her displeasure was not clear enough!-before biting into her meatroll. The other woman was not nearly as riled up or as offended as Roxa had hoped she’d be! Such a stupid idea! Being a candidate!

”You’re alive, yes. But sweetling… you haven't lived for Turns”, the soft chiding words did more than any threat could. That seemingly permanent frown deepened slightly as she eyed the older woman. Roxa had always known where she’d gotten her pale blue eyes. From her mother, who’d gotten them from HER mother. The same bright eyes lined by age but no less sharp. They studied her now and not for the first time Roxalin felt like she was being inspected, a net being searched for any tears or gaps. Though whatever the older woman saw only seemed to make her saddder. It was painful to know she’d put that look on the other womans face. Gran was getting older, she was the only family left, and Rox would do anything to keep that older woman happy. It should have been easy. It wasnt.

“Gran...it’s not…” It’s not that bad. I’m happy. The lie hung in the air unspoken. She wouldn't lie to the gray haired woman. In part because even if her hands were gnarled the elder would still pick up a stick and try to beat her if she did. In part because… well she wasnt happy. And truthfully Roxalin couldn't remember the last time she’d really been. Becoming a Journeywoman hadn't dulled that daily ache. But you learned to live with it. She wasnt her mother after all. Knowing that wasnt the best route she leaned back in her seat and attacked the problem from a new angle. Eyeing gran as she did so. “I don’t want to be a dragonrider. Being a candidate isn't going to make me happy” and didn't her voice sound firm and reasonable! Because it was. Looking into the other womans eyes for a heartbeat Roxalin thought maybe she’d won the argument. Right up until a sigh escaped the older woman.

That particular sigh that meant the old sea hag was digging in her heels. How she could be stubborn and yet do it so softly amazed Roxa, whose own stubbornness was etched in every tense motion and firm glare. She was not soft or subtle. No one had ever excused her of being either of those things. Though looking at her gran she still felt a sense of dread, her shoulders tensing for the argument that was coming.

“Look I know you want me to go and-I don't know have ten bloody children with the first man the tide sweeps in but that isn't it for me gran. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and harder to help build the craft back up. Why would I set all that aside to be some scorching candidate?”

“Because I’m asking you to”

“Well shit”


Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters: very good!
None! D=
Inactivity Preference:
Anything works fine for me~
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:
So excited to be joining Southern Winds!

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Re: Roxalin, 20.10.2569, Candidate
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If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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Re: Roxalin, 20.10.2569, Candidate
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If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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