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Author Topic: Approved Kenna [36.08.2569 // Senior Apprentice Miner]  (Read 2279 times)

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Kenna [36.08.2569 // Senior Apprentice Miner]
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:57:28 PM »

Play By:
Allison Stokke

(Previously Glaescakenna)
Date of Birth:
36.08.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Kenna is small and slight, only standing at about 5 foot 5, she's lithe, able to slip through any crack or crevice in order to investigate the cave system on the other side. Never wearing her hair out if she can help it, Kenna enjoys a messy ponytail, and the minimal effort that it entails. Her work has caused her to be muscular, perhaps a little too much for what some men would find attractive, but under clothes, only her strong biceps are apparent.

Typically covered in a fine layer of dirt and mud, Kenna doesn't really care too much about appearances. She can acknowledge that she's attractive, but won't bother to do herself up. An everyday tomboy, Kenna hates the time and effort associated with making you "look nice" and doesn't find any pleasure in the confusion of "What will I wear today?"

Vests and pants that contain many pockets, she doesn't wear a tool belt, but either has everything on her person in her various pockets, or in the ragged backpack which she takes with her. Usually the necessities, belt knife, flint etc are carried on her person, and water and food in her pack.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Kenna survived through the will and strength of her mother. Jurrikenna protected her from the things that children shouldn't have to personally deal with, but didn't ever hide the reality of the situation from her. She's simply glad that her and her mother are alive, together, and happy.

Response to dragon color mutations: Kenna couldn't really care less either way. The existence of black, red, pink or rainbow coloured dragons don't effect her work unless they can suddenly see through walls. Unless she personally gets eaten by a mutation, or personally has a rowdy time with one, Kenna honestly doesn't care.

Who are you...

•   Fire - There's something about fire that intrigues her, the flickering light, the colours that vary within the flames and how it destroys everything it touches. Whenever the scout parties have to set up camp in the mines, her favourite part is sitting and burning different things in their cook fire.
•   Animals -  Whers, dragons, firelizards, beasts, they all serve their own purpose and she can appreciate them for what they do. Whilst she particularly likes her own, she will also gives others the benefit of the doubt until they prove her otherwise.
•   Family - The ragtag extended family that her mother married into her are good for her, she's a little crass and a little loud, and they are too. She fits right in and doesn't worry about offending them.

•   Fakes - Kenna doesn't enjoy people who make stupid decisions in order to feel like they're "different" or "special". If you're an asshole, own it, don't pretend like you need someone to draw it out of you. If you're a little bit broken by the pass, don't pretend like you're not, under some ridiculous facade of arrogance, either be a dickhead or don't.
•   Unearned Ranks - Whilst Kenna isn't against the general Hold and Weyr hierarchies as a rule, she doesn't agree with colour ranks and those that stick by them, you can be a high ranking person because you earned it, not simply because of the colour of your dragon. Riders like B'lye and W'sar give her faith in that rule, Green and Brown Rider's in high ranking positions and still well regarded. The same goes for sons and daughters of past Lord Holders, they need to earn their way just like everyone else.
•   Sexism - She can do anything that any of the other male scouts can do, all crafts are open for everyone, you just have to prove yourself to do it. Kenna isn't someone to deny the simple fact that most men are stronger than most women, but she simply doesn't think it has a place in the case-to-case-basis argument. Her mother is an amazing miner, regardless of what she has in her pants.


* ENERGETIC : Kenna is full of energy and life when she is around others, she enjoys being in large groups and feeds off the energy of other people. However, she doesn't need to be around people all the time. Kenna sometimes has to spend days in natural caves systems, scouting them by herself or with only a small group of other scouts, and she doesn't suffer for those times.

* STRONG : She wouldn't have been able to last as a miner for long if she wasn't physically strong. Kenna has had to dig herself and others out of cave ins, and climb sheer rock faces to investigate long cave systems. Her shoulders are therefore slightly broadened by her extra muscle and her abdominal muscles are taught and tight.

* CLEVER : Kenna has to be able to think quickly and contain a lot of information. She was always a smart student, even if she didn't work particularly hard to be studious.

* ADVENTUROUS : Enjoying finding new caves systems, and exploring where no one else has gone before, it's lucky that Kenna has found herself in a craft where she can exercise her brain in such a way.

* OBSERVANT : Quick eyes and a quick mind, Kenna takes note of everything and anything going on, even if they don't particularly mean anything. She'd be quite the enemy if someone in the mine hall was having an affair, because she would be sure to notice any subtle signs.


* FEARLESS : So much so that she won't hesitate to climb through potentially dangerous caves, and scale treacherous rock faces, Kenna has made a few bad choices in her life, but has mostly come out of them unscathed. She learns from her mistakes, and endeavours to not make them again, if only to be a better miner, not to keep herself from danger.

* LOUD : Enjoying drinking, eating and parties, Kenna grew up with a mother who let her be free to be whomever she wanted to be. She wasn't required to be "lady-like", just to be herself. So she's a little blunt, a little crass, and a little loud, simply because she sees no harm in it.

* IMPATIENT : Kenna hates overplanning, her scouting requires her to be able to make quick decisions and those who can't do anything without everything being completely laid out for them frustrate her. If she has a job to do, she just wants to get in there and do it, because she trusts her instincts and her training, and doesn't feel the need for anyone else to tell her what to do.

* ESCAPIST : Not one to deal with the hard issues, Kenna simply pushes uncomfortable things to the back of her mind and throws herself into something else, dangerous, exciting or otherwise.

* STUBBORN : Once Kenna has made up her mind about something, you'd be hard pressed to get her to change it without an incredibly good argument. She'll go toe to toe with anyone who she believes is being an idiot, regardless of whether they are twice her size or not.

Describe Yourself:

* WILD: ----- Uninhibited by the fear of looking stupid, the fear of failing, or the fear of being thought of as unlady-like, Kenna will do what she wants, when she wants, living her life untamed by the usual holder standards.

* MULTI-FACETED: ----- Kenna can actually switch off her loudness, not because she has to but because she chooses to. Sometimes, she finds it nice to enjoy the drip of condensation in the caves, or the crackle of the fire, without having to fill the silence. Simply enjoying things, instead of forcing things to be enjoyable.

* TENACIOUS: ----- Persistent and hard working, Kenna isn't one to give up on a task ahead of her. She'll use what she has learnt from the hall, and allow that to influence a single-minded determination to achieve her goal.

* LATERAL-THINKING: ----- Sometimes regardless of how much you've memorised or how much you've learnt in the hall, you have to think outside the box. Kenna approaches all of her tasks in a way one might not expect.

* COMPANIONLY: ----- To most people, Kenna is a fun person to be around, she doesn't like to take things too seriously, nor does she take everything with a grain of salt. Regardless of whether or not you disapprove of her behaviour, she would be fun to be around and would be there to defend anyone who needed it.

The Magic Touch: Kenna likes to collect fossils.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Jurrikenna (You-ree-ken-nah) - Miner Journeywoman, b. 2553
Father: Glascent - Harper Journeyman, b. 2550
Step-Father: Wallumnick - Holder/Stay at home dad, b. 2549 m. (Jurrikenna) 2587

Rellumnick (M) – b. 2564, Journeyman Miner
Wallukari (M) – b. 2567, Holder
Wallumnikar (M) – b. 2568, Holder
Rellenick (M) – b. 2569, Apprentice Weaver
Wallellen (M) – b. 2571, Apprentice Miner
Rellumn (M) – b. 2573, Holder/Candidate
W'lleni (M) - b. 3574, Brown Weyrling of Iaoth, imp. 2590 --- Played by RaynePOTM

Children: Whilst Kenna isn't against the idea of children, she has never wanted to be absent from her craft long enough to carry a pregnancy to term. She didn't start having sex until the arrival at Fort Island, when she decided that she didn't need to wait until marriage (as that may never come). Now, Kenna is within close enough range of a dragonrider at any given time that the consequences of her slightly looser morals can be corrected by a quick flight between.

Craft: Miner

Rank: Senior Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2581/12

Specialty: Scouting, overall daredevil

Education Details: Kenna was always naturally intelligent and quick to pick up on her classes, but she never had a particular interest in concentrating and working on the things that were difficult to her. She simply passed it off as "Well, that won't be my speciality, I guess."

When she ultimately did find herself working in Scouting parties, she realised what she wanted to do and was able to apply herself to her craft with a little bit more studiousness than she had in her earlier years. However, there had never been any need to rush her through her apprenticeship, and so, she wasn't tapped at the early age of 19, and is currently still waiting. Not for any punishment needs, or for any stupidity, simply because 21 turns is a reasonable age for anyone to be tapped, and Kenna is, admittedly, not a protege.

Now her firelizard and wher are matured, Kenna is solidly accepted within the scout ranks during her "work experience" portion of her apprenticeship. However, if she doesn't get tapped soon, she'll have to start taking some action to ensure she does.

Tell us a story...

* 2569, 0 Born into the arranged marriage of Harper Glascent and Miner Jurrikenna, Kenna was a much wanted child. Having been married for only a turn before giving birth to her, it seemed like what could be the beginning of a fruitful and happy relationship. Oh how wrong they were.

* 2574, 5 In her harper lessons, Kenna pushes a youth off his stool. He had told her that her mother wasn't a real miner, and that she should stop pretending and go back to the home where she belonged. Obviously, his father was friends with her father, and they had similar opinions about what a proper Holder woman's role was. Kenna disagreed, and the youth suffered for it with a broken wrist. Despite being punished by her father when she arrived home that day, it did not change her opinion on the matter, and she would continue getting into fights with anyone who parroted such things.

* 2578, 9 Her father was traditional, beautiful and had never really enjoying being told no. Looking back, Kenna wondered why her parents ever married in the first place, and her mother's simple response had always been, "Because we did." Because that was really informative. But she would always appreciate what her mother did for her in her 9th turn.

The conversation went a little something like this.

Kenna: "Papa! I want to be a miner just like Ma!"

Glascent: "That's a mans job. You can't be a miner, your mother shouldn't even be a miner."

Jurrikenna: "Excuse me?"

Glascent: "Don't be ridiculous, women are not fit to be miners."

And the whole cavern heard the door slam when she left their home and never returned. Jurrikenna had always, and will always be the biggest support of Kenna, and if she wanted to be a miner, Jurrikenna was darn sure that she was going to help her get there anyway she could.

Kenna was her daughter and they could do anything.

It was fun living with her mother, perhaps a little lonely at times, when her mother spent long hours in the mines not being able to give her attention wholly over to a 9 turn old. So Kenna spent her formative years in forges and mines and planning rooms, her waif thin build making her quick to dive under tables and scoot around heavy machinery without a second glance. The mines were her second home, and she loved every moment of it.

* 2581, 12 Finally, but not surprisingly at all, Kenna was officially accepted into the Miner Craft. She took to her lessons with excitement, finally enjoying being able to be allowed to do the things she had been poking her nose into all these turns.

Before she officially started her training, she changed her name. Her mother had been calling her Kenna for turns, and her birth name, Glaescakenna, meant nothing to her now. Not with her father gone and out of her life with all the disapproval in the world. And so, in the records, she was entered as Kenna. It suited her much more anyways.

Kenna was never going to be the best student, she was intelligent and picked things up quickly, but she didn't like staying still, and anything that had the slightest connotation of boredom became the most boring thing she had ever come across. She was impatient to get into the mines, to be able to put into practice what they had been learning, so whilst she wasn't the most studious of apprentices, no one could deny that she was enthusiastic.

* 2584, 15 Her first proposal was a wild one, and beyond any of her imaginings. There was never a chance in the fiery red star that she was going to say yes, which made it all the more interesting. To be honest, Kenna was clueless that it was occurring, she knew that she was attractive sure, knew that boys were interested in her, but not this specific one, and not to the proposal stage. Perhaps it was because she was seen to be a challenge, she hadn't slept with any miner apprentices before now, and perhaps it was simply a way to be the one to go where no man had gone before, in any case, it didn't exactly turn out the way he planned.

Trevore had a face that mothers warned their girls away from, strong jaw, thick black hair, strong crooked nose from a fight, with piercing blue eyes that many would die to have. But his temper, well, it would be safe to say that Trevore had never liked being told what to do, or being told he was wrong, or really being told anything that disagreed with his opinion of himself. Everyone knew it.

And so, when rumour had stirred that Trevore would be proposing to Kenna, there seemed to be a few more apprentices hanging around in the courtyard after the lunch bell tolled to head to classes. It was a simple encounter really, a swagger, a wink, an arrogant question and a swift 'No thank you', followed by the most stunned silence that had probably ever swept the miner caves at Fort Hold.

"You... what?! Excuse me?"

"I'm not interested thanks."

"Not interested? In me?"

"Not in the slightest. A little too much brawn and a little too little brains for me. Sorry Trev."

Some would swear that they heard the tightly coiled spring holding Trevore's temper in check, audibly snap that day, some would say they didn't hear it over the snap of his wrist. Either way, something snapped. If he hadn't been too angry to speak, Trevore's swing for her head would have been punctuated by a choice swear word calling her something that her mother would be very keen on disputing. Either way, Kenna, slim as she was, caught the poorly flung wrist and pulled sharply down.

The crowd oohed and aahed and watched as he ran away, cradling his arm to his chest, before quickly dispersing when a Senior Journeyman turned the corner. Kenna was a little disappointed that she had to embarrass him like that, but when she remembered how he had talked about his last "conquest" the guilt quickly fled.

As she walked to her next lesson, Kenna was intercepted by an older apprentice, she'd noticed him around before, knew face vaguely but couldn't connect it to a name.

Rellumnick: "That was quite a manoeuvre."

Kenna: "Thanks... I'm Kenna."

Rellumnick: "I know."

And that was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

* 2587, 18 The move to Fort Island brought with it many new things. The first, yes, a new home, the second a new father. Right at the start of the turn, while everyone was still moving in and getting settled in the new Weyr, her mother, Jurrikenna, Journeywoman Miner, married a Holder. A house-husband. Sure, he was nice, he seemed to love her, and he had a pre-built family to boot, but he was still nothing like Kenna had imagined for her mother.

But it just worked, he had a whole hoard of sons, brash and crass, and namely, with the eldest she actually knew. It had seemed that when Kenna and Rellumnick had forged a friendship just two years earlier, Rellumnick had also inadvertently set in motion the meeting of their parents.

It was during the wedding party, after their beautiful ceremony that Rellumnick approached her. “Well, now that you’re my sister, I can’t let you go around without protection from boys and stuff. So… here,” he says gruffly as he shoves an overlarge flitter egg into her hands. “Yeah, welcome to the family or whatever.”

It hatched a little while later into a steadfast brown protector, who she named Rell in his honour.

* 2588, 19 Progressing in her craft, Kenna is given the opportunity to bond with a wher, having not progressed the Journeyman status yet, and not really feeling upset about it either, Kenna grabs the opportunity quickly and without much hesitation.

Kenna, having an in with the miner crafter who was bonded with the clutching gold wher, gave her the choice of the clutch, allowing her to come into the room beforehand and pick out the egg which she was inclined to bond with. It didn't really mean anything, Kenna simply picked the one that she liked the look of the most, not feeling some special "mystical" connection to any particular egg.

Instead of taking it with her back to the apprentice quarters, the miner allowed her to keep it stored in the original clutching chamber, and sent a firelizard to fetch her at the time of the hatching. Sprinting through the twists and turns of the cave systems, Kenna raced to make it to the chamber when she had been called back.

In the end, it was all worth it, and Kenna bonded with a handsome, dark bronze wher, chunky and solid from the moment he rolled out of his egg and into her waiting arms. Pleased with their bonding, Kensk and Kenna had to forge a strong connection very quickly, as Kenna was studying at this time as "work experience" in the scout speciality and was constantly being drawn away in places where Kensk could not follow (as he fast grew to beyond what many would have expected).

* 2590, 21 In the current day, Kenna lives at the mine hall in the small apprentice dorms. Her mother, and her step-father's new family, mostly all live there as well, with their respective wives and children as that turns out. She was pleased to be able to wait her step-brother W'lleni impress at Kalestath's most recent hatching, although was quite appalled by the mayhem and destruction the reds caused.

Steadily working hard in the scouts, Kenna is hoping to be tapped to Journeyman status soon and finally be officially recognised for her hard work in the miner craft.

Kenna was so excited to go see her brother, wanting to scream from the stands "Go Wooly" or something equally embarrassing. But it didn't seem like the right time, with dead people being carried off the hot sands, it didn't seem... classy to be happy for her brother.

But she was. She couldn't help it. He was alive AND he was a dragonrider, and they were both incredibly good for him. His brown looked so cute all rolypoly and had taking on that black like he hadn't given one toss about their reputation. Evidently rumours didn't extend into the eggs while they were cooking.

Her mother and stepfather had told her to wait a few days before going to see him. The night wasn't a usual one, and she had hoped to be able to see him directly after, but even as she tried to slip away from her family and sneak into the Weyrling barracks, Rellumnick had dragged her back by her arm.

Now, Kenna felt like it was a good enough time, and she hoped she would be able to catch him when he wasn't occupied with lessons or... whatever baby dragonriders got taught in their first week. The trip adragonback from the mine hall had been quick enough, and she had skipped off towards the Weyrling barracks, hands behind her back to stop herself from poking her nose into each and every room, and instead just looking for Wallumlleni. Kenna didn't even know his new name yet, at least, she assumed that he would have a new name. Not that it would stop her from calling him Wooly, but it would be nice to know.

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Re: Kenna [36.08.2569 // Senior Apprentice Miner]
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2017, 07:57:45 PM »

Image Credit:
Coloured by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
10.01.2587 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

On the smaller edge of the brown sizes, Rell is about the size of the large blue. With a reasonably globular shaped body, and large wings, there isn't anything particularly interesting about him apart from his colouration. A medium brown, with stripes of darker shades throughout his hide, Rell is a very earthy toned firelizard.


Mind Voice: Rell is mute, quite frustrating for a miner's firelizard, but with the addition of Kensk to their clan, Rell communicates in-depth with the wher, being able to transfer the message to Kensk who can then pass it on to the relevant parties. He is quite communicative with emotions, and can form clear images when talking to Kenna.

-- Hiding - Hiding in the nooks and crannies of the mine hall, sitting up on the rafters, Rell can frequently only be seen by his glowing eyes.
-- Darkness - Rell is basically a bat, he enjoys the darkness of the mines which Kenna frequently scouts.

-- Loud noises - Rell has sensitive ears and doesn't particularly enjoy being around when the miners detonate to clear mine shafts. He'll usually take the cue from Kenna and go between.
-- Flights - Not being a fan of flights, Rell has never risen to chase a green or a gold.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Named after her step-brother.

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Re: Kenna [36.08.2569 // Senior Apprentice Miner]
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2017, 07:58:02 PM »

Image Credit:
Coloured by SanctifiedSavage
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Kehn - sk
Date of Birth:
2588 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Kensk's egg was large and strangely rounded, squatter and wider than the others in the room. Despite Kenna being able to choose which egg she wanted, Kensk's egg was without the lucky fold at the top.
Mature Length: 4.5m
Mature Height: 1.3m

General Appearance...

Broad and long, Kensk is a hulking specimen of wher. Slightly shorter than befits his size, he sits with a low centre of gravity which would make him a formidable fighter if he was ever directed to do so. 


Empathetic: Kenna and Kensk very much have a strong connection. In order to be able to spend long distances and time apart, they are constantly connected, Kensk a thick pool in the back of Kenna's mind, slowly bubbling away. Images come easily to them as well, and are well adapted to sending each other images of their surrounding when apart.

-- Runs - Kensk will chase whenever the opportunity presents itself, open or locked run, as Kenna usually has no preference as to the matter.
-- His "spot" - Liking to sleep at the foot of Kenna's apprentice cot, the spot has been worn away slightly by Kensk's circling of the area before he settles down to rest.
-- Firelizards - Mightly useful little things, Rell has gotten Kenna out of many difficult positions, and therefore, unless particularly annoying, Kensk usually enjoys the company of firelizards.

-- The cold - Born on the island, Kensk hasn't known much else, but from the feelings he gets from Kenna of the deeper recesses of cave systems and the cold winds that can rip through them, Kensk would not enjoy a place like High Reaches.
-- Pollen - It makes him sneeze like crazy whenever it gets into his noise and puts him in a foul mood for the days after he was exposed to the pollen.


* ORDERS : Because of their strong connection, Kensk can follow orders from Kenna with little prompting. She doesn't need to spell everything out, he can sense what she needs him to do and with carry it out how she wants him to do.

* BLASÉ : Kensk is reasonably, unperturbed, uninterested, and unenthusiastic. Usually in such a way that seems to be lazy by those who do not know him, characterised by lying about, and not responding to the playfulness of firelizards or overexcited words. He simply just doesn't care that much about anything other than Kenna, or Rell.


* LARGE : One of the largest and widest of the whers, Kensk can't follow Kenna into her workspaces, which means that he is restricted in his duties that he can perform.

* DECISION MAKING : Whilst Kensk isn't unintelligent, he can't really think for himself. He's strong and has a great connection to Kenna, but his actions mostly rely upon being told what to do by Kenna. He's a guard dog, that does whatever he is told, and nothing else.

* HEARING : Spending long hours near explosions and forges, Kensk was mostly deaf by the time he matured. He simply never moved away from the noise because Kenna told him to stay put. In their early turns, Kenna didn't realise how obedient Kensk truly was, and therefore, never thought to tell him to move if it hurt.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Kenna and Kensk have a very strong connection, they can spend days at a time physically apart, and only communicating to each other through thoughts and images. 

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Kenna [36.08.2569 // Senior Apprentice Miner]
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2017, 06:18:52 PM »
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