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Author Topic: I Challenge You to Challenge Me | 07.08.2590 9PM | Wher Run Event  (Read 163 times)

Offline Arrobella

Arrobesk raged against the muzzle.

It was not uncommon for the gold to be seen wearing one when not in the presence of her handler, for the safety of those around her, for she had never been the most friendly of creatures. But once a year, the gold’s desire to attack each and every female wher that crossed her path and threatened to catch the eye of the males that Arrobesk considered to be ‘hers’ (in a purely possessive, not a caring sense) grew to such violent proportions that even her tiny stick of a handler struggled to hold her back. It was exhausting for them both.

Thus, other than for the occasional feed, the gold and her handler hadn’t been seen much for the few days in which Arrobesk was proddy. Today though, the pair of them had spent the last few hours in the run hall, daring anyone to approach them before it was time, or for anyone else to try and use the hall for a run for that matter. If a green wanted it, then she could fuck off. Arrobesk personally didn’t want to be confined to the hall either, she’d much rather be streaking through the trees and daring a hunter to try and join in, but Bella valued her wher enough to not allow her to do that while the open space out there was at a premium. Big and aggressive Arrobesk was, but she was nothing on the size of a hunter and her runs weren’t exactly a quiet affair.

Which the gold was delightfully proving even now. She hadn’t stopped growling for the last half a candlemark, so the change from that to a high pitched whine came like a slap to the face to Arrobella, sat nearby yet not touching the wher.  Truth be told, the handler had been dozing off, but she was very much brought to  attention now.

“You woke me up, girl,” she muttered, but Arrobesk ignored her, instead beginning to pace, occasionally pausing to sniff the ground or to scratch at the muzzle, eyes swirling from red to purple. “You won’t find no food in ‘ere, dal,” Arrobella called out to her as she approached to finally remove the muzzle, while muttering under her breath, “unless a blue dares try for ya.” If it wasn’t well known enough that Arrobesk would tolerate only the strongest of fighters to try for her, Bella had included it as a side-note in the run posting ever since Arrobesk had encouraged her suitors to gang-up on a poor unfortunate blue who was feeling lucky that day on her third run. People had gotten a bit pissed at that. But now at least she could say that they’d been warned if they did decide to have a go.

Arrobesk huffed at the sand, snarling at it as if it were at fault for not providing her with food, before raising her head and howling her lust and challenging any male who thought himself strong enough to take her on. Well, fine. If she couldn’t slake her bloodlust with a kill, then she’d just have to do it with her Run. Any who arrived would be met with a vicious snarl, daring them to approach before she’d deemed there to be enough competition when she would take off across the cavern.

Stepping away from the gold, Bella hurled the muzzle into a corner as she made her own way to the entrance of the Run Hall, so as to be out of the way of any possible chaos that was likely to ensue. She tapped a foot impatiently, looking up and down the hall that lead to the run place, waiting for someone to arrive. ”Come on, you bastards, get a move on.” The adrenaline and lust from the impending run was fueling her impatience, more than the build up from the last few days had been already. She’d been holding her wher back for so long now that tonight, she just wanted to let it all loose, on whomever came and whomever won. She didn’t rightly care who that was.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arrobesk challenges you to a run! Are you up for it? OOC thread here!
« Last Edit: August 16, 2017, 03:18:49 PM by SirAlahn »

Offline Ophyonis

Re: I Challenge You to Challenge Me | 07.08.2590 9PM | Wher Run Event
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2017, 07:15:03 PM »
Ophy only really knew of the pair through reputation, but that was enough. Arrobesk’s Runs were notoriously bloody things, even for those who won, but that didn’t dissuade him or his Bronze from wanting to participate. Ophysk had healed since the Hunter attack that had nearly taken his life—enough so that he’d already participated in other Runs in the last few months with no ill effects.

Plus, it wasn’t in either of their natures to worry. Either he’d catch her or he wouldn’t. But regardless of that outcome, Ophysk was a big wher. A strong Bronze. Any contenders who sought to fuck with him would not find him shrinking or docile.

If ichor got drawn, so be it.

So Ophyonis had idly been waiting in the Dining Hall after dinner, waiting for when the bloodthirsty Gold would let anyone close enough to start the Run—watching as Ophysk’s eyes changed from an excited green to moody orange, deepening to ruby red before finally settling on a mix between that and purple, like a dark wine. A definite change came over the Bronze not long after that, rising from where he’d been laying with tense muscles and attention fixated in the direction of the Run Cavern. Which could only mean one thing, really:  the Gold had finally called to her prospective mates. The Run itself was about to start.

“‘Bout time.” If it had just been a Green, Ophy might have said ‘fuck it’ to the whole thing and just rode out the Run Lust with Domni. But he could tell when Ophysk was gonna be stubborn, and this was one of those times. The Bronze wasn’t about to be denied chasing a Queen when he had the opportunity.

Well trained as he was, though, he didn’t leave his handler’s side as they made their way to the Run Cavern. Even as they reached the edge of it, where Arrobella was waiting, he stayed close. Virtue of a well-trained ‘Keeper wher being that he did what he was told. And Ophysk knew better than to approach Arrobesk yet, skirting off to the side of the entrance in the same direction that his handler did too. Out of the way. They’d hardly be the last to show up, but antagonizing the prickly Gold wasn’t the best way to start this off either.

Wasn’t much point in talking before a Run, at least in Ophy’s opinion, so he didn’t. Just nodded a greeting to the other handler as he rested one hand on his Bronze’s shoulder. Wouldn’t be long now.

Offline Neriherem

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Re: I Challenge You to Challenge Me | 07.08.2590 9PM | Wher Run Event
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2017, 06:49:03 PM »
Although Neri couldn’t say he begrudged the Holder’s finding their own place at the Minehall, he was annoyed at all the news and information that he missed out on thanks to the separation. The brewer didn’t really consider himself a gossip, he just liked to know about people, he liked to have all the information, he liked being able to smirk when he knew something everyone else in the room didn’t. Every time he came down the Mountain on dragonback, to drop off and pick up orders for the Vinter Hall, he felt the acute loss of his connection to the people down there.

Which, of course, only made him more determined to get it back. So ensues the party/work balance that Neriherem has always (well, almost) managed to toe the line of, even if it mean staying overnight in a bed that was not his own. Although… that too had its own perks.

Tonight, however, he was buggered. Exhausted. Practically asleep where he sat, one of the very last in the food hall that night. Tonight wasn’t the night for worming his way into someone else’s bedfurs, tonight he’d just drag his bones into a visitor cot and pass out. In truth, he didn’t even know why he was so tired, just one of those days. The kind where as soon as you wake up you want to go back to bed and start afresh tomorrow. But, he had work to do, work which required being charming and cunning and employing his bargaining skills for the good of his craft, which in itself can be more tiresome than dragging barrels around the place. His Bronze wher might have disagreed, as he too was exhausted, but from the barrel moving. Not that he would have been particularly good at bargaining had they traded places, the Bronze just didn’t have the right stuff for a swindle.

“Alright,” said the Brewer as he bent to knuckle the wher’s head, “time for bed, I think.”

Rumbling his agreement, sounding something a little like, “aroonaughnnn,” both men rose slowly and ambled their way to the entrance of the Hall. Almost the instant that Nerihesk passed through the entrance, he was alert. Groaning, as he felt the first wave of lust hit, the Brewer didn’t even have the energy to properly grumble about the change of plans.

Turning with a resigned sigh, he moved towards the Run Cave, now perfectly aware of how to get there given it seemed like he only came to the Minehall when there was a run going on. He considered trying to be charming, but mostly he’d have to make do with sleepy smiles and forcing himself not to yawn in front of the Handler and risk offending them.

Arriving, Neri shot Arrobella a smile, and took up the position resting on the wall. Nerihesk, even through the haze of lust, knew enough to be intimidated by Arrobesk. Keeping his distance until her back was to him was the safest course of action, he didn’t want to become the next victim of the ill-tempered Gold’s ire.

Offline Omenya

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Re: I Challenge You to Challenge Me | 07.08.2590 9PM | Wher Run Event
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2017, 03:46:26 AM »
Another night away from the Weyr and Omenya cringed inside, though she didn’t show it on the outside when her mother had been very helpful of late. Her brothers hadn’t done anything to harm the bees last time, and if Omenya really thought about it, she knew they never would, so this time was a lot easier to bear than the last, and certainly better than the first time.

Didn’t mean she had to like it, but her family had mostly been very good to her, and she did have friends in the minehall. Well, she had people that she considered friends, whether they actually liked her past her weirdness wasn’t something that registered with Omenya, and they were always nice.

At least, they were until Yannusesk started nudging at her knee. A couple of the men in the room had whers of their own, although none of them were present at the time, probably guarding the cribs of the youngest kids. And they didn’t hesitate to tell her mother, loudly enough that Omenya should here and pay attention to it, even if they pretended they were still addressing her, that it was an Open Run to a vicious Gold. Not the kind of Run they’d ever involve their own creatures in.

But Omenya was already getting up and brushing off her skirt that had been layered over her pants, heading towards the door. Just before she left to turn the corner, she turned and curtsied. “Thank you for having me at your table, I promise not to come back late and disturb you. I’ll see you in the morning for the dragonride Mother?”

With a tight, but resigned smile, her mother nodded. Although the woman didn’t really approve of Open Runs either, she wasn’t going to tell off Omenya for it, they’d long since passed that point in their relationship, nor would she allow anyone at the table to think that she didn’t approve of her daughter’s choices. Family sticks together.

Winding her way through the tunnels, moving fast to abate the burgeoning lust and excitement moving through their bond, Omenya was one of the last to arrive. Not that it mattered to her, or Yannusesk either, but it meant that she didn’t really know who to look to as the rider of the Gold. Instead, after tapping Yannusesk on the head three times, as per usual, the Beastcrafter busied herself with looking over each and every person present. It might be a little disconcerting for some, especially with Omenya’s usual lack of facial expression, but it kept her entertained and allowed her to not distract her scarred Brown from doing his thing.

Likewise to the other wher’s present, this wasn’t Yannusesk’s first rodeo, and he wasn’t in any mood to add more scars to his hide this night. Hanging a fair distance back, but moving to stand directly in front of the Queen’s line of sight, he made his presence known. He mightn’t be the biggest wher there, but he’d caught Queen’s before, and he’d do it again.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Sorry for the belatedness! I wrote the post a while ago but then posted Neri at the same time and forgot. Please forgive me <3

Offline Arrobella

Re: I Challenge You to Challenge Me | 07.08.2590 9PM | Wher Run Event
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2017, 10:34:44 AM »
Arrobesk paced a short line up and down inside the run cave entrance and would have continued to wear a rut in the sand if Ophysk hadn't responded to her call so promptly. She stopped as he appeared, turning towards the bronze with a curled lip. What started as a warning growl ended with a crooning uplift, her natural aggression warring with the lust of her heat. But he did not approach. Her head followed him as the bronzepair skirted around her at a safe distance, only turning away when another showed up.

Arrobesk swung toward Nerihesk, taking a threatening step toward the less familiar bronze, jaw snapping with a dull clap that echoed around the cavern. She did not lunge, though the urge to move was getting stronger by the moment.

She turned to run when a brown stepped directly into her line of sight with the bronze but paused, hackles rising. How dare he face her down like that? She took a step forward, claws hitting the ground heavily, suggestively, daring the brown to not back down. The bronzes probably would have. They'd been keeping their distance too after all, hanging back out of the reach of her ire. Well, that angered her, as much as this brown's gall angered her, but in not such a good way. This brown was brave.

As was Ophysk's handler, staying so close to his wher, the object of her desire. Suddenly she peeled away from Yannusesk, jumping toward Ophysk with a snarl at he and his handler, wanting to see the puny little man dive out of the way even as she herself wheeled away from the bronze, not wanting to allow him the opportunity to get a headstart on her as she dashed off across the cavern.

The chase was on.

Arrobella's gaze too followed Ophyonis as he crossed the cavern with his bronze. At least he hadn't made her wait too long. She didn't approach him though, as he stayed with his wher and she knew better than to get too close to a bronze under the influence of run lust. She turned instead to the next to arrive, a man she recognised as being a Vinter. Hmm, maybe they could celebrate the 'morning' after with something stronger than the usual fare... if the man didn't fall asleep before the run even started. He looked dead on his feet as he leaned against the wall with a weary smile.

She turned hopefully as another wher entered, facing down Arrobesk. Hopefully his handler would be as gutsy. But the stony faced Crafter that turned up and gave everybody a look over didn't look too promising. How disappointing. With a sigh and a huff, Bella turned back to Neriherim. He at least had smiled at her, and if she could keep him awake he may yet prove to be entertaining. She slipped seductively along the wall, closer to the bronzehandler

"You look like you need waking up," she said, waggling her eyebrows at him from under her poof of hair.


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