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Author Topic: Open Congratulations Are In Order [9.30am // 02.07.2590] W'lleni and any who wish  (Read 947 times)

Offline Kenna

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Kenna was so excited to go see her brother, wanting to scream from the stands "Go Wooly!" or something equally embarrassing. But it didn't seem like the right time, with dead people being carried off the hot sands, it didn't seem... classy to be happy for her brother.

But she was. She couldn't help it. He was alive AND he was a dragonrider, and they were both incredibly good for him. His brown looked so cute all rolypoly and had taking on that black like he hadn't given one toss about their reputation. Evidently rumours didn't extend into the eggs while they were cooking.

Her mother and stepfather had told her to wait a few days before going to see him. The night wasn't a usual one, and she had hoped to be able to see him directly after, but even as she tried to slip away from her family and sneak into the Weyrling barracks, Rellumnick had dragged her back by her arm.

"Give him space." They all said, pfft, space, how boring.

Now, Kenna felt like it was a good enough time, and she hoped she would be able to catch him when he wasn't occupied with lessons or... whatever baby dragonriders got taught in their first week. The trip adragonback from the mine hall had been quick enough, and she had skipped off towards the Weyrling barracks, hands behind her back to stop herself from poking her nose into each and every room, and instead just looking for Wallumlleni. Kenna didn't even know his new name yet, at least, she assumed that he would have a new name. Not that it would stop her from calling him Wooly, but it would be nice to know.

She had left Kensk at the Minehall, the large bronze seeming not particularly fussed either way to come or to go across with her today. And so he had been ordered to stay in the little apprentice room she had acquired, and "guard her stuff", not that it needing guarding from anyone, but she knew it made the bronze lump feel important.

When Kenna had left that morning, he had been settled comfortably in his spot, eyes whirling softly as he watched her go. Rell on the other hand, was nestled in the pack on her back, occasionally popping his head out to engage with his surroundings, but mostly wanting to hide away in the dark for now, when exposed to such a foreign location. He didn't get out much.

"Woooooly! Hellooo! Come out, come out where ever you are!"

Spoiler for OOC:
So @RaynePOTM and I are running with the idea that Weyrlings eat and sleep for the first few days, and therefore she'll be waking them up from a lovely midmorning nap, or post-feeding lull.
If at any time someone feels like joining in, regardless of how deep Rayne and I are into the thread,
 by all means, we made it open for anyone in the barracks to have an opportunity to jump in (it's not like they're not going to hear Kenna hollerin).
« Last Edit: September 05, 2018, 01:45:23 PM by SirAlahn »

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Offline W'lleni

The first thing that anyone could notice about baby dragons was that it was no exaggeration that they eat twice their body weight every day for the first week or so after hatching. What struck W’lleni was that it seemed that was an underestimation for Iaoth. He seemed to be able to eat double his body weight each meal, which was both incredibly impressive, and sharding terrifying.

Especially when the rotund Brown all but passed out immediately afterwards. At least he was getting plenty of exercise just dragging the bloody dragonet to and from their rooms to the feeding area. Given it was all the dragons really did so far, and given the lessons had been slim because it was more important to spend as much time with the newly hatched as possible, W’lleni had been spending his time working out and getting to know as many of his clutch mates would talk to him.

Families and friends had been frequenting the weyrling halls over the days since the hatching, with congratulations and some tears (of either pride or fear). W’lleni was perfectly understanding that his family hadn’t come around yet. They were all busy and he’d been living away from them as a candidate for a while. But, when he heard his step sister’s voice hollering down the hall, W’lleni was immediately up and sprinting towards her. The novelty of watching his Brown sleep had started to wear off.

“Kenna!” He yelled as he ran right up to her and scooped her off her feet in a hug. Although his sister could probably take him in an arm wrestle any day, the size difference between Kenna’s side of the family and his was always pretty clear with he and his brother’s over enthusiasm. Without pause, W’lleni put her down and grabbed her arm to drag her towards the room he shared with the two Bronze weyrlings.

“Come on, come on, you’ve got to see him! His name is Iaoth, you did see him on the sands didn’t you? He was amazing! I’m glad you’re the first one to meet him… if he even wakes up that is,” he added with a little pout as he entered the room to see the dark coloured Brown sleeping flat on his back, feet twitching every so often with whatever his little dragonet mind dreamed of.

Iceman, the pale Blue that had taken to sleeping next to the oversized Brown to leech off the ever-present warmth, raised his head and floated over to greet W’lleni’s step sister. Landing on her shoulder and nuzzling her with a triangular head.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Better late than never? @Inki <3

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Kenna grinned happily as her brother swept her up into a family-characteristic bear hug. Smaller than slighter than her step siblings, Kenna had always been woefully aware of their lack of genetic relation. Not that it particularly mattered to her, they'd always been her brothers, the technically of that fact hadn't mattered to her.

"Of course I saw him on the sands. The way he just flumped on that silvery black!" Flumped probably hadn't been the most endearing term to describe the brown's bravery, but it worked for Kenna. She'd never really been one with words.

Entering the room, Kenna's eyes were all for the magnificent brown. Yes, he was a little... chubby, but he was a dragon, not many people could hide the awe at seeing one up close. It was so different, seeing one looking so fragile when compared to their full size. She couldn't even imagine what Kalestath would have looked like as a hatchling, feet twitching in her vulnerable sleep.

"He's gorgeous, Wooly." She said, even as she greeted Iceman with a coo and a head scratch, Rell taking the opportunity to cock his head in greeting at his blue brother.

Now noticing the other beds in the room, Kenna whistled appreciatively. "You only have two room mates now, definitely goin' up in the world." She added cheekily.

Length: 4.5m ~ Height: 1.3m

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