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Author Topic: Inki's Plotter v.2  (Read 602 times)

Offline Inki

Inki's Plotter v.2
« on: August 03, 2017, 08:12:43 PM »

I love writing and I love SWW. That's about it. I've done a lot of Pern rp in my time because I simply love Pern (Dragonflight being my favourite book of all time, we can agree to disagree XD ) but Southern Winds Weyr is by far the best run place I've ever rped at (including my own). :love:

I enjoy RPing it's as simple as that, so I don't really have any limits as long as it makes sense for my characters. But just because I like everything, doesn't mean you have to, tell me if you want to fade to black, tell me if you want to play it out, don't hesitate to talk to me <3

At the moment, I am reaching my peak of characters, and therefore, I'd rather connect current characters than make completely new ones, as I have got a character from pretty much every walk of life. However, I have no self control, and am entirely willing to change my mind for something that intrigues me.

Whilst I do put up wanted ads when I'm searching for something or someone, if you have an idea for a relationship plot but there's no wanted ad, or want to add a character to a family without a wanted ad, by all means, hit me up. It may not always be possible, but there are quite a few of my families which I'm open to making adjustments for eg. adding unspecified children to Y'tol's family, siblings to Z'ryr's family etc. (and I'm a sucker for good a relationship plot too).

My Characters!
At The Weyr
Weyrsecond B'ron
Prairie Wingsecond K'rez
Assistant Weyrling Master W'um
Jungle Wingrider Y'tol
Beach Wingrider M'dak
Mountain Wingrider X'rine
Prairie Wingrider Z'ryr
Beach Wingrider Inanna
Jungle Wingrider Iralye
Mountain Wingrider J'sen
Weyrling P'run
Weyrling Q'ellan
Master Weaver Gwinn
Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter Elrost
Senior Journeyman Fisher Fisk
Senior Journeyman Smith Vironethian
Senior Apprentice Farmer Cinnacai
Senior Apprentice Healer Elrethra
Halirina's Aide Mauddra
Candidate Ysveta
Weyrfolk Allevaithe

At The Mine Hall
Senior Apprentice Miner Kenna
Peacekeeper Thug Daresik
Baker Paylae
Holder Tresrissa

Mountain Wingrider Yana
Apprentice Harper Natheus
Wherfighter Unnamed
Holder Wife Sohrelle
Candidate Tallius
Candidate Nalakira

Personal Plotters See this post for all the personal plotters for each of my characters!
Adoptable Index! See this post for an index of the adoptables I have wanted ads up for <3
Creature Tracker! See this post for an index of all the dragons, whers and firelizards my characters have obtained.
Miscellaneous A list of miscellaneous dates and ships located here.
Flight/Clutching Calendar Calendar for my creatures flight and related dates found here.

Please see my thread tracker, for planned threads and threads that I need to reply to. If it isn't on the list, feel free to poke me and remind me here.

Offline Inki

Re: Inki's Plotter v.2
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2017, 08:13:07 PM »

Senior Journeyman Fisher Fisk
"Ruggedly handsome my arse"
Fisk spends a lot of time with his craft, he teaches, he mentors and he works hard, anyone who wants to throw an apprentice at him will find him a caring teacher, if one that gets slightly frustrated at the less dedicated pupils (Lookin' at you Vicymus)

Fisk has a green firelizard, Seafoam, and two blue whers, Isk and Yinsk.
He is newly engaged to the Prairie Wingrider Yinaya, played by SanctifiedSavage, and therefore is not looking for anyone romantically.

Beach WingRider M'dak of Brown Dallarth
"They were his family, they should be used to quiet and sullen"

M'dak is a very dedicated brownrider, he believes wholly in the Weyrleadership and likes to keep a strict schedule and a clean Weyr. He's a little awkward, but ultimately kind, and likes to teach and be taught. Whilst he is a currently a dedicated member of Beach Wing, he dreams of one day being able to take the tests to become a Mountain Rider. M'dak will get along with candidates, weyrlings and beach wingers alike.

M'dak has a brown firelizard, Rudas.
Is currently in a relationship with Weaver Ilse, played by Beasty, and is therefore not looking for anything other than friendships.

Beach WingRider Inanna of Green Cremath
"We're all just a big dysfunctional family 'round here"

Inanna is a funloving, motherhen and socialite member of beach wing, she will get along with everyone and anyone that is kind, but especially so with her wingmates. She has a close relationship with many of beach wing and would be more than happy to make friends with those from other wings as well.

Inanna has two brown firelizards, Khaos and Terra and a gold Miss
Is currently trying a relationship with K'zaya, played by Kyya, as her dragon Cremath is head over heels for his bronze. However, they are not exclusive, and she loves and will love others, including the father of her child, C'ace (SanctifiedSavage.

Holder Baker - Paylae
"Were you dropped on your head as a child? Or did you just fall off your dragon?"

Paylae spends a lot of time in the kitchens, perhaps all her time. Whilst she finds it easy to make acquaintances, or workmates, she doesn't like people to get close to her, because she doesn't want to be let down. She has developed a dislike for the Weyr after getting whipped during the riot.

Paylae has a companion in her brown wher Paylask who is incredibly protective of her, and won't hesitate to snap at anyone who has a go at her.
She's not always the easiest person to get along with, she had a bad experience with a husband in the past, and therefore does not think highly of men, pickup lines, or arrogance.
One day, I would like someone to show her how sex and love works, but it would be a long and hard process to get her to open up.

Jungle Wingrider Y'tol of Bronze Bayorth
"So that was a fun flight, let's do it again huh?"

Y'tol is very easy to get along with, although he too has his moments, he is mostly accepting of Holders and Crafters, but won't take any shit from them. He is friends with mostly his wing, and enjoys Jungle and would never want to be in another wing, however, he's a sociable person, being a resident story collector and teller, and would have friends from many different wings and walks of life. Also a bit of a ladies man, Y'tol isn't looking to be tied down, so I'm open to any past/present friendships or flings.

Whilst Y'tol isn't looking for a Weyrmate, I'm not totally against the idea of plotting it out, but it seems unlikely.
He's still a traditional Jungle Winger, he doesn't take well to slackers, rule breakers, or those who do not appreciate Weyrleadership.

Assistant Weyrling Master W'um of Blue Liramyth
"I searched you, I don't have to listen to you."

W'um is a kind soul, who loves Prairie Wing, weyrlings, candidates, and his job as a searchrider. Liramyth has never searched anyone who has not impressed, which does mean they carry out a search rarely.
Very much a mentor, W'um enjoys sharing his knowledge, but doesn't like to take things too seriously, he's been around long enough, fought enough thread, that he believes he's entitled to taking an hour or so off drills.
W'um was recently appointed (02.05.2590) to the position of Assistant Weyrlingmaster, he misses Prairie Wing, but has always wanted to work with the Weyrlings officially.

W'um will take things to heart, and sometimes, after a big event, will need to be reminded why they do what they do.
He's old, there's no denying that, but old people aren't celibate, he doesn't have a permanent Weyrmate, either male or female, but he gets around.

Jungle Wingrider Iralye of Green Rallekath
"Don't talk to me, please."

Iralye is a very traditional Jungle Green, she thinks Jungle is best and Weyr is best and won't hesitate when asked. However, she is quiet, she doesn't like to share much about herself, and is far more willing to watch and observe rather than join into the conversations. Luckily, there are enough green riders in Jungle who can do that for her, and she gets along with most of them.

Iralye isn't looking to settle down, she's currently pursuing the twins, L'ale and L'nal (played by SanctifiedSavage and SirAlahn, and will become one of their favourites, at their beck and call, and that's just how she likes it.

Weyrsecond B'ron of Bronze Leremith
"Stupid S'bok."

B'ron is Weyrsecond and past Weyrleader, he is bitter about the loss of the leadership and is plotting ways to get it back (however, there's not much he can do). Most of the Weyr will know him through his reign as Weyrleader, and anyone who forgets that fact will feel his wrath. B'ron already dislikes almost everyone, so his hatred of someone would be common.

B'ron is weyrmated to Vanelwynne, played by Aster, and he's not going to do anything that will get him further demoted. Anyone not respecting him, are crazy and he won't hesitate to tell them off.
Warning: B'ron doesn't have a heart. He only cares about himself and Leremith, everyone else is just a means to an end.

Wherhandler Holder Tresrissa
"I just want to have fun!"

Tressie is a loving, spunky wherhandler, who enjoys spending time out in the sun and socialising. She has had the privilege of being raised by Tavianna and Notkerric, who have given her everything she needs, which has admittedly made her a little self-centred and wasteful. She likes making friends and talking to people, but unless someone is interesting, she has a short attention span and won't be incredibly polite about moving on to another conversation. But ultimately, she is fun to be around, and I would really like her to make some friends, either at the Weyr or the mine hall.

Tresrissa has a well-trained, overprotective green wher, Tressisk.
I'm not looking for a fling for her, she's a traditional holder so she'll get married or she won't, there's no in between.
Tressie's family is number one, whilst she is stubborn and will push to get what she wants from her family, so wont deal with crap from anyone else and will not be told what to do.

Candidate Ysveta
"Oops. Should I not have said that?"

Searched within the last turn, Ysveta is a little socially awkward and working hard to understand her new role in the Weyr. Previously a harper, candidate life is far removed from whatever she imagined, and she made an uncharacteristic leap of faith into candidacy. I'd like Ysveta to have some friends, someone to not judge her for her quirks and someone to explain the ins and outs of socialising to her. Inevitably, Ysveta is bound to make some enemies, but she will quickly move on from them, not wanting to waste time on people who don't understand her.

Ysveta will inevitably put her foot in her mouth, but she will apologise if it's needed, however, those easily offended will no doubt dislike her, and those who are immature, will no doubt misunderstand her mannerisms.

Beastcrafter Elrost
Let me just check on the beasts, okay?

Elrost is dedicated to his craft, so I would love some plots with his fellow beastcrafters, because he doesn't really invest much time into anything else. However, he is a kind person, if a little reserved, so I would like to find a way to be able to make him some friends to see in his off time.

Elrost has a green wher Ellsk, who isn't very useful to his craft, deciding instead to dig holes and not help herd. But luckily, his gold firelizard Harrier is more than happy to work day and night at his side. Anyone, apprentice or otherwise, doing anything to put the herdbeast in danger, will be banned from his general vicinity for life.
Elrost is currently pursuing a relationship with Seng,played by SirAlahn, and neither I, nor Elrost, is interested in doing anything that would mess that up.

Prairie Wingrider Z'ryr of Brown Rhymoth
I can help with that.

Z'ryr is the type of brownrider that is so laidback he's almost lying down. He is very much a fan of the Weyr heirachy, but doesn't hate the holders for their differences, and is more than happy to accept those who accept him. He enjoys Prairie Wing and will shrug off any slights made against his wing. Z'ryr would be a really easy person to get along with, I'm open for friendship threads and past/present lover threads.

I'm not looking for anything serious with anyone, Z'ryr is currently frequent friends with benefits with Q'nys, played by SirAlahn, and is more than happy to be friends with benefits with other (male) riders/holders/crafters, he doesn't discriminate. For the time being, Z'ryr won't be returning any serious affection towards anyone.

Mountain Wingrider X'rine of Brown Tocath
"I don't have time."

X'rine is quite easy to get along with, as long as you aren't, lazy, annoying, stupid or a whole long list of other things. As much as she enjoys her time alone during her Mountain assignments, X'rine does like to hang out with people she deems worthy. I'd love to thread her with her fellow Mountain Riders, and potentially make her some friends that she can talk to when she gets back. One day, I do want her to find a Weyrmate, so if you're interested give me a shout, but it's not integral to her character. She's smart, she's firm, and she knows what she wants, as long as you don't get in her way, you can be friends.

X'rine has a green working firelizard Trouvaille, who she loves dearly.
Tocath does fly greens whenever he is back at the Weyr, so past lovers male or female, of X'rine from flights are welcome.
She's not a one night stand kind of girl (except for flights).

Weyrling Q'ellan of Red Ooromoth
You're looking a lovely shade of grey today.

Q'ellan will be able to make Weyrling friends, he's a pleasant person to be around if your character is pleasant also. He also had a long past with holder types and in whore-like circles, so I'd like to be able to find some past acquaintances and things.

He is COLOUR BLIND, can only see the world in various shades of black, grey and white.
Q'ellan is a Weyrling, he wont be having any serious sexual relationships for a long time. I'd like for him to find some friends, but he isn't really going to have some big personality upheaval and coming out of his shell, becoming the life of the party for a friend or something, he and Ooromoth are perfect exactly the way they are.

Weyrling P'run of Black Salnoth
"Oh yes, they're going to love us."

P'run is a very blunt, hard-working, quick-to-anger blackrider, however unless you're immature/loud/annoying/obnoxious/lazy, he wouldn't have any problem with you. If you can pull your own weight and not be a dick about it, P'run is more than happy to shed his experience of turns of healer training and turns in candidacy. He's not over-arrogant, he's not unjust in his decisions, but those easily-offended and childish won't find a supporter in him.

Salnoth on the other hand, is the most serious dragon you can come across, he dislikes frivolity, and does not joke, however, he's not afraid of seeking out company, and if you can shower him in a well-meaning compliment, he'd definitely appreciate you.

P'run is a Weyrling, and is in a relationship with Bl'yx played by SirAlahn and Faytona played by SanctifiedSavage, so I'm not looking for anything romantically for him, unless it is a past hook up.

Peacekeeper Thug Daresik
"Will do."

Daresik is not much one for talking, so in terms of plotting, that may limit his threads in terms of his responsiveness to your character. However, he's quite an agreeable fellow if you've got food and drink, even if he doesn't talk much. I'd be interested in work threads, peacekeepers threads, and general end-of-day merriment threads with him.

Daresik has a Gold wher Darsk who can pretty much function independently without him.
He has a wife, Everalsie played by SanctifiedSavage that would never allow him to live if he cheated, with a couple of kidlets running around, so he does have a family to look after as well.

Senior Journeyman Smith Vironethian
"Honestly just fuck off."

Vironethian isn't the most enjoyable person to be around, but I'm sure that there's a few of the older Smith crafters who have a) either been through his bullshit exterior or b) aren't bothered by his usual offensiveness. He's intelligent, and can be good for conversation, so he'd have a small network of other intelligent folk (If you're interested in attaching a friend for Vironethian, hit me up!)
However, to anyone else, he's likely to be dismissive and offensive, I'm interested in making him enemies or making him begrudging allies!
He makes goggles for whers, so any potential threads with wherhandlers are easy to organise! He'd also work on rider's goggles, and may dabble in eyeglasses.

Vironethian is an asshole! And can be various levels of offensive, as always IC does not reflect OOC, whatever he says in his own and not mine. Also I have a romance with Jossekayne played by SirAlahn in the works, and therefore am not really interested in any other ideas of that sort.

Prairie Wingsecond K'rez of Brown Denoth
"Let's get to work."

I'd love all sorts of Prairie threads with Krez! He loves his wingsecond duty, and will be there for anyone who asks anything of him, especially those in his wing, who he has a special spot in his heart for.

K'rez has a bronze firelizard Ierne.
He's already got K'eeda, played by SanctifiedSavage, in his life, which is more than enough woman for him, so definitely not interested in any other romance threads.

Senior Apprentice Miner Kenna
Race ya?

Kenna is a bit of a wildchild, but after quite a few turns apprenticed to the Miner craft, she has forged a name for herself. She should be easy to get along with, but she doesn't take shit. A bit controversial, Kenna would prefer someone who is legitimately an asshole, to someone with the whole "oh woe is me, I'm misunderstood and acting out act". Not one to mince words, she'd be a steadfast companion, or simply someone to fool around with.
Miner craft plots, chores, commissions, wher runs, casual flings, friendships, enemies, I'm up for anything and everything with Kenna.

Kenna has a bronze wher Kensk and a batlike firelizard companion Rell.
I currently have nothing in mind for a romantic interest for Kenna, however, I'm more than open to pitches if anyone has inspiration.

Master Weaver Gwinn
What can I help you with, my dear?

Gwinn is a very easy to get along with weaver, so she'll always be happy to run private lessons, classes when she's needed, or even just help someone along with their main assessment project, regardless of her speciality.
The main carer and raiser of the silkworms, Gwinn is slightly removed from the main aspects of Weaver life, but as wife to the craftmaster, she can't help but get a few benefits of the job. She's been a Weaver for a long time, there's no one who should dislike or disrespect her and her contribution to the craft (at least within their ranks).
Mainly I'm looking for weaver threads for her, anything to show her in her element, but she's a nice person to hang out with, so friends are good too. Anyone looking for a weaver family should totally go find her wanted ad too XD

Gwinn has two firelizard companions Greens Hellebore and Sweet Pea
Gwinn is married to the Weaver Craftmaster Alshan, a ranked adoptable.

Halirina's Aide Mauddra
"Just... let me fix that up for you."

I'd like to plot Mauddra with all sorts, Weyrleadership, Weyrfolk (especially those in the lower caverns) and riders! Whilst she wouldn't have lots to do with crafts, we could probably work out something there too. The issue is Mauddra doesn't really make friends, she's too work oriented, nor does she make long romantic connections. She's a nice enough person, but most people would rarely get to see her cause she works so much.
I would however enjoy having her find a friendly sort who doesn't get annoyed over her workaholic lifestyle, and even casual lovers for her, both past and present.

Mauddra doesn't have firelizard or wher, nor is she particularly looking for a romantic partner (However, I would be curious to see what kind of man would be compatible with her).

Senior Apprentice Healer Elrethra
"Are you being serious?"

Elrethra won't be the easiest person to get along with, so I'm more than happy for all sorts of enemy threads. But I'd like it if she had some acquaintances/friends in the healer hall, and if any more of her siblings get taken I'd love for some family drama there.
Past healing threads with her horrible bedside thoughts would be awesome too.

Elrethra has a brown wher Thrask who she bonded with before her apprenticeship to the healer hall.
I looooove a relationship for Elrethra, someone who will accept her for who she is and not leave if she doesn't change easily. I'd love it if they understood that she truly loves healing and try to encourage her to pursue Journeyman status.

Retired Mountain Rider J'sen
"Utaith, maybe you shouldn't- Too late"

I'd like to plot J'sen with everyone. He might not be the easiest to connect with on a deeper level, he's only going to have a very small group of friends which he actually cares about and tries to share with, but outwardly, he'd be really easy to get along with.
Mountain Wingriders - I'd love to thread him with.
Crafters he sleeps with - He has a thing for non-rider bedmates, I'd love to explore that.

J'sen has a working firelizard Cyprium and his lovely lady Utaith. Or at least... he thinks she's lovely... but she's honestly a snide little bitch.
I'm up for romance and a relationship for him, but that doesn't mean he'll be easy.

Weyrfolk Allevaithe
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

I think Allevaithe is going to be pretty hard to plot with, but I'm suuuper excited to try. Anyone who might try to befriend her, flirt with her, help her, understand her, I'd love all of those things. Whether or not any of it would work is a different story.
ALSO, a whore in her past life, I'd be interested in plotting her with ex-clients, ex-whores who would know her as Allie.

I'm not totally against anything for Allevaithe, so hit me up and we can chat.

Farmer Cinnacai
"Yeaaah, come on."

I'd like to plot Cinnacai with folk around the Weyr. She'd have a deal to do with Farmer, Beastcrafters and Weyrfolk, and I'd like to make her some friends.

She has a sweet green wher Cinnask who enjoys being wooed

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Offline Inki

Re: Inki's Plotter v.2
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2017, 08:13:53 PM »
Adoptable Index

If you ever want to add anyone, change any names, alter birth dates, just ask and I'll see what I can do.

These are just the Wanted Ads that I have posted, many of my characters are connected in other ads too so hit me up if you want to know anything :3

A Prolific Bronze Rider's Family
Yolata Weyrling of Green Zephreth b. 2572, 18 turns --- Adoptable Profile
Nishi Weyrling of Green Xasheyth b. 2575, 15 turns --- Played by RaynePOTM
T'vye Weyrling of Bronze Aitorith b. 2576, 14 turns --- Played by Kyya
Open name of open rank b. 2578, 12 turns
Open name of open rank b. 2579, 11 turns
Open name of open rank b. 2581, 9 turns

Inanna's Family
Satanna of Green Minarth b. 2550, 40 turns
S'tis Jungle Wingrider of Blue Dorieth b. 2565, 25 turns
Journeywoman Healer Inistanna b. 2570, 20 turns
Past Lover:
B'gor of Bronze Zerelyth

Holders and Crafters for Everyone!
Holder Guard Marlerlilae b. 2552, 38 turns
Holder Wife Payleria b. 2552, 38 turns
Harper Payler b. 2567, 23 turns, brother
Healer Paylil b. 2568, 22 turns, brother
Kitchen Worker Maleria b. 2570, 20 turns, sister
Marlerliria of open rank b. 2575, 15 turns, sister
Marliae of open rank b. 2576, 14 turns, sister
Pallilae of open rank b. 2578, 12 turns, sister

A Fisher's Family
Crafter Tiruna b. 2538, 52 turns
Miar of open rank b. 2554, 36 turns --- Held for Aster

Half-Brother and Best Friend
Apprentice Harper Satriet b. 2570, 20 turns
Sirana of Green Taith b. 2570, 20 turns --- Played by rubi

Father Figure and Half-Siblings
Journeyman Miner Lariem b. 2537, 53 turns
Lirynae of open rank b. 2548, 42 turns
Wa'by of Blue Vicith b. 2553, 37 turns --- Played by Kyya
Zira of open rank b. 2557, 33 turns
Nerihep of open rank b. 2558, 32 turns
A'yara of Green Deltiath b. 2560, 30 turns --- Played by SanctifiedSavage
Apprentice Fisher Melanon b. 2565, 25 turns

A Combination of Families
Master Harper Xanundaugh b. 2520, 70 turns --- Held for RaynePOTM
Crafter Rothan b. 2537, 53 turns
Crafter Eundaugh b. 2538, 52 turns
Crafter Dilan b. 2553, 37 turns
N'daugh of Bronze Tyreth b. 2557, 33 turns

Connections for Weyrlings
Lord Holder's Son with an undecided name b. 2550, 40 turns
Various women that birthed his children

Connections for Weyrlings
Healer Perianas (mother) b. 2550, 40 turns
Harper Rundar (father) b. 2547, 43 turns
Foster Siblings:
Journeyman Brewer Cetorex b. 2554, 35 turns --- Played by SirAlahn
Hanelon of open rank b. 2559, 31 turns
Tiriya of open rank b. 2562, 28 turns
Blateren of open rank b. 2562, 28 turns
Yun of open rank b. 2567, 23 turns
Ludara of open rank b. 2568, 22 turns
Halnae of open rank b. 2570, 20 turns

Get Your Weavers Here!
Winna of crafter/holder rank b. 2528, 62 turns
Lawen of crafter/holder rank b. 2530, 60 turns
Gwinnalle of crafter/holder rank b. 2532, 58 turns
Tellawinn of crafter/holder rank b. 2543, 47 turns
Anetel of crafter/holder rank b. 2545, 45 turns
Tellan of crafter/holder rank b. 2558, 32 turns
Agwellyn of crafter/holder rank b. 2568, 22 turns
Gallesha of crafter/holder rank b. 2569, 21 turns
Linntella of crafter/holder rank b. 2571, 19 turns

Folk for the Weyr
Weyrfolk Rydena b. 2558, 32 turns
D'nan of Green Oosyth b. 2563, 27 turns
Weyrfolk Marudden b. 2565, 25 turns
Weyrfolk Dauryn b. 2566, 24 turns

The Wher Mafia - by laceface

No wanted ad
Danylsena b. 2580, 10 turns

No wanted ad
Allenora of Blue Mydarith b. 2540, 50 turns

Offline Inki

Re: Inki's Plotter v.2
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2017, 08:14:25 PM »
Creature Tracker


Harrier x Elrost
Miss x Inanna

Boomer x Z'ryr
Ierne x K'rez

Cyprium x J'sen
Faux x Inanna
Khaos x Inanna
Rell x Kenna
Rudas x M'dak
Terra x Inanna

Larrikin x Z'ryr
Void x Q'ellan

Hellebore x Gwinn
Seafoam x Fisk
Sweet Pea x Gwinn
Trouvaille x X'rine


Darsk x Daresik

Kensk x Kenna

Paylask x Paylae
Thrask x Elrethra

Isk x Fisk
Yinsk x Fisk
Virosk x Vironethian

Cinnask x Cinnacai
Ellsk x Elrost
Tressisk x Tresrissa


Bayorth x Y'tol
Leremith x B'ron

Salnoth x P'run

Dallarth x M'dak
Denoth x K'rez
Rhymoth x Z'ryr
Tocath x X'rine

Liramyth x W'um

Cremath x Inanna
Rallekath x Iralye
Utaith x J'sen

Ooromoth x Q'ellan

Offline Inki

Re: Inki's Plotter v.2
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Important Dates and Need To Knows

Seafoam was born 03.03.2590, will fly for the first time on the 05.05.2592, clutch 20/08, hatch 15/10. Only lays about 2-4 eggs, (usually one dud if 4), is not a force catch.
Isk and Yinsk were born 20.05.2590, will be mature, 20.05.2592.

Cianna was born 15.02.2590. Pregnancy 23.04.2489-15.02.2590
Khaos was born 03.03.2590, will be mature, 03.03.2592.
Terra was born 17.05.2590, will be mature 17.05.2592.
Miss was born 09.06.2590, will fly for the first time on the 30.03.2593, will clutch 28.07, will hatch 25.09. Always 19 eggs, looks after clutches, only Inanna can touch the eggs.
Faux was born 27.09.2590, will be mature 27.09.2592

Paylask was born 20.05.2590, will be mature, 20.05.2592.
Got her limp from childhood, sometimes has to go visit the healers but it's not too bad.

Became Assistant Weyrling Master morning of 02.05.2590.

Harrier flies on 09.01 and will clutch between 30.04 - 05.05 will hatch between 15.06 and 05.07. (Very unpredictable clutches). Usually 16-20 eggs.
Ellsk runs 10.01.
Will be getting a second wher soon, Osk, Sengsk, Sensk, Sennengsk, Elrosk
Got his limp from a stampede, can sometimes disguise it, doesn't hinder him much.

Tressisk runs on the 20.06.

Searched 07.89 - Oriath's clutch is her first
Injured on the 34.06, physical therapy begins 19.07, out of the healer hall 20.08, fully recovered and cleared for full candidacy on 15.10.

Trouvaille flies 01/09, clutches 01/03, Trouvaille doesn't look after her clutches because she has other shit to do, she'll clutch, tell X'rine, then get them given away as soon as possible. Quite probably gives to someone else to look after, hatches 01/05. (Always 7-9 eggs.)

Ooromoth was born 24.06.2590, will start to chase at approx. 20 months, 34.06.2592.
Came to the island 04.87
Void was born 27.09.2590, will be mature 27.09.2592

Salnoth was born 34.06.2590, will start to chase at approx. 17 months, 34.03.2592.

Darsk runs on the 17.09, clutches on the 17.03, hatching on the 17.05, usually lays around 16-18 eggs, if caught by a bronze.

K'eeda gave birth on 03.07.2590, found out 37.10.2589.

Hellebore rises 10.08, clutches 10.02, hatches 10.04, usually lays 5-7 eggs that can only be distributed to family or very close friends unless Gwinn distracts her.
Sweet Pea rises 08.10, clutches 01.04, hatches 25.06, only lays 2-5 eggs but will frequently clutch and forget about them.

Utaith flies 01.02, force catch, usually injures herself
Cyprium doesn't chase much


Fisk x Yinaya
M'dak x Ilse
B'ron x Vanelwynne
Iralye x L'ale, L'nal
Elrost x Seng
Z'ryr x Q'nys
P'run x Bl'yx, Faytona
Daresik x Everalsie
Vironethian x Jossekayne
K'rez x K'eeda
Gwinn x Alshan

/// Kenna /// Q'ellan /// Ysveta /// X'rine /// Inanna /// Paylae ///
/// Y'tol /// W'um /// Elrethra /// Mauddra /// Tresrissa /// J'sen ///

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Flight Calendar

Month 1
Harrier flies 09.01
Ellsk runs 10.01
Rallekath flies 17.01

Month 2
Utaith flies 01.02.
Hellebore clutches 10.02

Month 3
Cinnask runs 01.03
Trouvaille clutches 01.03
Khaos mature 03.03.2592
Darsk clutches 17.03
Miss maiden flight 30.03.2593
Salnoth mature 34.03.2592

Month 4
Sweet Pea clutches 01.04
Hellebore hatching 10.04
Cremath flies 23.04
Harrier clutch 30.04.

Month 5
Trouvaille hatching 01.05
Seafoam maiden flight 05.05.2592
Darsk hatching 17.05
Terra mature 17.05.2592
Isk and Yinsk mature 20.05.2592
Paylask mature 20.05.2592

Month 6
Harrier hatching 15.06
Tressisk runs 20.06
Sweet Pea hatches 25.06
Ooromoth mature 34.06.2592

Month 7
Rallekath flies 20.07
Miss clutches 28.07.2593

Month 8
Hellebore flies 10.08
Seafoam clutches 20.08.2592

Month 9
Trouvaille flies 01.09
Darsk runs 17.09
Miss hatching 25.09.2593
Faux mature 27.09.2592
Void mature 27.09.2592

Month 10
Sweet Pea flies 08.10
Seafoam hatch 15.10.2592

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Turn Days
Cause these are super useless but I still never remember them

Month 1
Mauddra - 06.01.2556 (34)
Iralye - 26.01.2563 (27)

Month 2
Fisk - 03.02.2552 (38)
Q'ellan - 22.02.2570 (20)

Month 3
Elrethra - 09.03.2562 (28)
Daresik - 34.03.2550 (50)

Month 4
W'um - 01.04.2522 (68)
Ysveta - 02.04.2572 (18)
Tresrissa - 18.04.2571 (19)

Month 5
Paylae - 27.05.2573 (17)

Month 6
B'ron - 06.06.2540 (50)
Y'tol - 16.06.2554 (36)
P'run - 32.06.2566 (24)

Month 7
Inanna - 07.07.2568 (22)
J'sen - 18.07.2561 (29)

Month 8
M'dak - 21.08.2572 (18)
Kenna - 26.08.2569 (21)

Month 9
Z'ryr - 21.09.2559 (31)
Allevaithe - 30.09.2565 (25)

Month 10
Gwinn - 08.10.2518 (72)
Elrost - 09.10.2555 (34)
Vironethian - 21.10.2560 (29)
X'rine - 27.10.2548 (41)
Cinnacai - 30.10.2564 (26)

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@inki - hi, i was wondering what you would think of having W'um and Calinaza being friends.  Naza is in prairie, so it would be reasonable to assume that they know each other in some capacity and naza has previously assisted with weyrlings at southern weyr. Please let me know if this is something that you would be interested in.   :bird:

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@RedShoesWrites Sounds good to me :3 W'um was in Prairie until only a few months ago, and he sometimes had to sit out of drills because of injuries with himself and Liramyth, so they probably would've been able to work together frequently. And I definitely think they'd be friend. I'm happy for whatever sort of thing you like, helping gutting fish, catching up for a lunch, just start it up and tag me. I'm keen  :love:

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So I'm just browsing through stuff because I clearly need more posts, but I thought it'd be neat to maybe do a thread with some brotherly love with M'dak and J'dan. I thinking of having J'dan getting arbitrarily injured for something stupid. Like, some wherry attacks him so he gets some stitches in his arm or something. Something silly but something that'll put him out and in the healer's hall for a bit. DUN DUN DUN TERRY WHERRY ATTACK?! But I thought maybe if his brother found out he was in the healer's hall after a hunt he might THINK THE WORST?

Or. This is lame. XD

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*blahblahblah muse sucks disclaimer*
But I definitely think we could swing this.
We've probably have to make up some Weyrfolk/Healer miscommunication or something. Because M'dak isn't really the type to overreact or think the worse, unless someone else was an idiot. And even then he'd be pretending to be all cool as a bean. But maybe if someone else in the wing got badly injured and just some young 'prentice got signals crossed and gave M'dak some TERRIFYINGLY VAGUE NEWS then he'd be all 'welp' and run along.
But yes, start something up, or I'll get to it eventually, I'm easy


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