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Author Topic: Approved Testhinia [34/10/2580 | 9th pass] || Weyrbrat  (Read 913 times)

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Testhinia [34/10/2580 | 9th pass] || Weyrbrat
« on: August 04, 2017, 12:21:57 AM »

Play By:

Date of Birth:
34.10.2580 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Childish features seem out of place on Tess, her posture and clothing choice all working to make her appear older than she is. She doesn’t enjoy being treated like a child, and works very hard to try and portray herself as an adult. She dresses neatly, and practically, taking care to ensure that any wear and tear is well mended with small, neat stitches. Her hair is always well kept, braided when it needs to be out of the way though otherwise kept long.

Unfortunately she is still rather small, with large eyes and skinned unmarred by time, and a voice that still lacks the deeper undertones one develops during puberty. So while she may act like an adult, as it stands, she is very much just a child.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Tythinaden did his best to keep Testhinia in the dark so far as the worst aspects of the catastrophe were concerned. That, combined with her age meant that she did, in fact, remain somewhat oblivious. Sure there were times when her father was missing far longer than anticipated, but Sunset was always with her during those hours, and her own focus was making sure he had a clear path to whatever he would need when he did manage to get home, be it Food, bed, or, when practical, a bath, among other things.

Response to dragon color mutations: So far, even with the bloodshed she inevitably witnessed at Kalestath's 2590 hatching, Tess remains nonchalant about the mutated colors as well as their weyrleader. She does enjoy hearing other people's opinions though, and doesn’t mind when conversations turn to the mutations good or bad. 

Who are you...

Quiet:- Without any siblings of her own, and a household that only involved herself, her father and his firelizard, Testhinia relishes her time when there is little to no noise. The crèche will make for a harsh adjustment, and she will find herself seeking out a quiet nook to just be alone with her thoughts more frequently while she is a part of it.
Fresh Bread:- Tess will do her best to wake up early enough to get to the weyrhall in time to get a breadroll while it’s still warm. She’s not going to stick her nose up at baked goods when she’s unable to get it fresh, but everything about a still steaming bun makes her very happy.
Music:- She’s not inclined to join in, but Testhinia adores listening to the harpers when they perform. Particularly when it comes to the softer, sweeter ballads, she will often put aside her task at hand just to stop and listen without the distractions brought about by picking things up or what have you.

Heat:- Much like her father, the heat – particularly this sticky, horrible heat that has plagued them since moving to their new home is unpleasant at the best of time and almost unbearable at the worst.
Lessons:- With a natural intelligence, Testhinia can find lessons tedious and boring, much preferring to just find out what she wants when she finds she needs it. While she’s not so rude as to disrupt her classes, she will leap at the chance to be doing something more practical than listening to someone drone on about places that no longer existed.
Reading:- Testhinaden has a habit of reading to her whenever they have the opportunity, a lovely bonding opportunity but one that has left her with a distaste of actually doing any reading on her own. If she’s interested in a topic, she’ll usually bring it to Ty’s attention and ask that he read to her, so at least there’s that.
Being talked down to:- Inevitable considering her age, but particularly infuriating as she gets older, Testhinia wants to feel as though she is an equal. She doesn’t mind if something needs to be explained to her, but do you have to be so damn condescending about it?

* CONFIDENT : As an only child and raised by a single parent, Testhinia was given as much of her father’s attention as she could want, a fact that meant she was very quickly able to get an understanding of her own limits. From this grew a sense of confidence. While not hindered by the things she cannot do, having a better understanding allows her to act without hesitation in most things, a fact that she takes much pride in. 

* SUPPORTIVE : In always having someone to tell you to live your dreams, Testhinia takes a “pay it forward” attitude when it comes to others. There may be a few queries made to fully understand what it is you are attempting, but Tess will always endeavour to support your efforts (so long as it will not result in harm to you and others). Perhaps the most regular application of this trait is in regards to her father. Even as a young child, it didn’t matter what reasons her father had for being away – and there were a lot of them, an emergency medic was a tasking position – she was there to cheer him on, to reassure if she though he was doubting himself and encourage him to keep going – even when it meant less time for them.

* LOVED : There is nothing more empowering than knowing that no matter how much you fuck up, or how long it takes you to do something, you are loved unconditionally. She may not have ever known her mother, but Tythinaden more than makes up for this shortcoming. If it’s not Ty, it’s Sunset. When her father is around he is present which is more than could be said of some parents, who might be with you twenty-four seven and yet leave you feeling as though you are more a burden to them than you should be.

* KIND : Testhinia genuinely cares about others, regardless of whether they're human or otherwise. She has a big heart and is willing to give anyone a chance. This means she can also forgive easily, and tends to give people the benefit of the doubt. There are times when her kindness can border on weakness, were it not for the practical aspect to her personality, a facet that aids her in preventing somewhat her kindness being taken advantage of.

* PRACTICAL : Testhinia doesn’t easily believe tall tales. With enough booksmarts to at least have a base knowledge in most things, she does not easily believe stories that cannot be proven. In her apparel and mannerism’s, one finds Tess to also be very practical. Wearing things that suit her environment with little need for ornamentation. It also manifests in something of a blunt way of speaking when people moan about their problems. If you can fix it, she’ll help you as much as she can, but she sees no point bemoaning what cannot be changed, and will be perfectly happy to do so.


* SHELTERED : There is a fine line between being protected for your own safety and being smothered, and regardless of his opinion on the matter, Tythinaden did a little too much protecting to prevent Testhinia from tipping over the edge. While she does not resent it, there are many times since the move to Southern Winds and now with her father’s acceptance into candidacy where she is finding herself blindsided, a fact that creates a level of vulnerability as her understanding of things changes.

* WISDOM : She may be intelligent, but Testhinia has had little chance to actually apply her knowledge in the real world. She is only a child, and lacks the tenure to be able to react to things based on past experiences. This does leave her at a disadvantage, particularly now that she is part of the crèche, and lacks some of the real world experiences other crechlings have dealt with, meaning she quite regularly comes across as all talk but no action.

* ISOLATED: In herself, she has a no nonsense attitude, and will often scoff at others who seem occupied only with having fun and messing about. She rather enjoys her ability to come across as more “adult” than she actually is, and becomes quite embarrassed when she allows her more childish side to come through. This has manifested itself in her keeping away from kids her age, in an effort to not be lumped by them (an easy enough task since she was able to justify leaving any after-lesson-activities by saying she had chores to do before her father returned home – regardless of the truth of it) and a gravity that further distances her socially from children her age. Unfortunately it has resulted in her being physically too young for many of the older crowds, and too stoic to be able to relax and enjoy herself among her same aged peers – something that was not an issue until she had to be handed to the crèche in light of Testhinaden’s candidacy.

* IMPRESSIONABLE : Testhinia is quite susceptible to the opinions of adults, her efforts to try and be counted as one of them instead of the child she actually is combined with her sheltered world view making it quite easy for her to be influenced one way or another on a topic. She will often try and find out what way you lean regarding important things around the weyr (like the mutations) before joining in, in an effort to be better listened to, and where it had been discussed.

* SMALL : While there is many parallels between Testhinia and her father, height is not one of them. She will always be small in height and build, and will probably be mistaken for a child well into her adult years, something that will frustrate her to no end. While she is showing the budding signs of puberty, her chest will never be large and her hips will only fill out slightly. Childbirth may change this, however she has a few turns to go before that’s even a consideration, and so will simply remain the forever child until things change. Irritating though it may be, this means for a long time yet she’s likely to be overlooked, ignored and perhaps humoured by any who do not know her well enough to care for what she has to say, or when older, understand that she is not the kid she seems to be.

Describe Yourself:

* TACTILE: It will not be unusual to see Testhinia running her hands along the wall as she walks, or for her to reach out to hold onto you when you’re heading somewhere together. Touch is Testhinia way of showing affection, or understanding things, and keeping herself centred. On the flip side, it is also the best way to show her you care, better than gifts or words, as she values the physical sensation more than others.

* NEAT: Neat surroundings. Neat Dress. Neat actions. There is unrivalled serenity in cleanliness, and Testhinia is very good at ensuring a neatness to all things she has direct control over. She isn’t as fussed about whether you keep yourself neat and tidy, and is not the sort to judge you just because you don’t hold yourself to the same standard as she does, but that doesn’t mean she will let her own standards drop to try and fit in with others

* PUNCTUAL: Having taken it upon herself to ensure her father had a comfortable home life considering he was out there doing such important work for the weyr and otherwise, Testhinia isn’t one to dilly dally. She will always arrive to classes on time, and sometimes earlier. Excepting times when she has been up later than anticipated, or when she has nothing on the following day, Testhinia will be awake around the same time each day, be ready for meals in plenty of time and be in bed at roughly the same hour each night. She will never leave you waiting for her, regardless of whether it puts her own needs aside to do so. You want her to assist with weed pulling at 5am, she’ll be there.

* SELF-SUFFICIENT: Testhinaden worked hard to make sure he was as present as possible for Testhinia, however with his apprenticeship and journeyman responsibilities, along with his new candidate position, it wasn’t always the case where he was there to tuck her in at night or make sure she had dinner on the table. Because of this, Testhinia did what she could to minimise the work her father needed to do around the house, and make sure that she, at least, had what she needed. While Testhinaden did well taking on the role of both mother and father, Tess herself worked to try and alleviate the pressure wherever possible, being her own mother as much as her father was as well. This did sometimes result in her looking after him though admittedly it was rarely that it got to a point where he was unable to look after himself. She just made it easier for him to be able to do what he needed to do without worrying about what he needed to do for her.

* SMART: Both her parents were intelligent, so it was no surprise that Testhinia herself has her fair share of intellect. She is quick on the uptake, can work things out off her own back and despite a dislike of reading, is able to keep up with her studies with relative ease. Though she hasn’t offered it much thought, short of being searched like her father was, Tess could easily apply herself to any apprenticeship she sets her mind to, and at the very least maintaining a high standard when applying herself to those studies..

The Magic Touch: While she tries hard to maintain an air of adultness, her father has a nasty habit of pranking her, and this usually ends up in a rather childish fit of giggles and halfhearted scolding on her part – it’s a very quick way to turn a bad day into a good one.


Mother: Destiana, Apprentice Healer 2568  (b.), 2580 (d.)
Father: Tythinaden Candidate,  2567 (b.)

Siblings: None

Children: None

Tell us a story...

* 2580 - 2581, 0-1 After a complicated labour, Testhinia is born. Her mother doesn’t even get the chance to name her, death taking her soon after she got her first – and last – hold of her baby girl. Tythinaden names her Testhinia, taking care to pronounce it in such a way so that she wouldn’t be branded with the same horrendous nickname he had “Thin”. She doesn’t make his trial by fire easy for him, making him work for every milestone she achieves in her first year, though she is undeniably happy and healthy. What more could a father want of their baby girl?

* 2582, 2 Toddling about the place and well cared for by Sunset whenever Tythinaden isn’t home, Testhinia is left wanting little in life. When he comes home bloody and bruised, Tess doesn’t quite have the capacity to understand the implications, wandering over to him the moment he walks in and begging to be carried around their room. His tears are met with puzzlement, and while she’s far too young to actively sooth him, she does reach out and pat him, babbling away pleasantly until he pulls himself together enough to pay her more attention. She may not understand the implications of such an action, but there is no denying how her happiness increases alongside his own.

* 2583-2585, 3-5 With Tythinaden studying hard and otherwise occupied with his healer duties, Testhinia is often home on her own. While Sunset provides for her general care whenever her father isn’t present, as she grows, she picks up on what is needed in their little home and tends to do what she can to keep their rooms clean and minimise her own mess. It’s a small world for Tess, revolving mainly around their quarters, Ty and Sunset, with very few interruptions beyond that. She does start lessons with a group of other children, but finds them tedious, particularly since it meant she had to actively socialise with kids her age. This is the first time she encounters people who are not willing to talk to her on the same level as other children and further strengthens her distaste of the lessons. Tythinaden says she has to attend, however, and so she does, relishing even more the opportunity to return home and get the place ready for whenever Tythinaden returned from his own studies.

* 2586, 6 Tess has the pleasure of seeing Tythinaden tapped to journeyman this turn, and is absolutely delighted for him. While still comparatively little, there is no mistaking how proud she is of her father, and when he explains that they have to move to the weyr, where his specialty would be more useful, she does everything she can to make sure that the transition is easy for the both of them, being sure to tell him all the good things she saw in their new home. He may have felt as though she was humouring him, however having made no lasting ties to people at the hold itself, and feeling no need to be anything more than she was, the move was very much the same for her as if she had remained at the hold. Sunset still tended to her whenever she wasn’t with Tythinaden, and apart from going to the crèche for lessons instead of a holder’s room, there was not much change to her routine. There was something to be said about living that much closer to dragons, and while she had some inkling as to what was happening whenever they would keen the loss of a fellow, she was still too young, and a little too hidden away by Tythinaden to really be affected more than perhaps feeling a little sadder whenever the cry went up.

* 2587, 7 The weyr was abuzz with the news, but it wasn’t until Tythinden came home that Testhinia understood the proper meaning behind the talk. For the first time in years’ thread has stopped falling, and the news results in her father being an emotional mess. Well… so far as she was concerned anyway. She doesn’t quite understand how relieved he was at that moment, wondering if perhaps he was worried that he would no longer be useful as a healer since his special was emergency care and there wouldn’t be so much cause for emergencies with thread gone. She tries to tell him he’ll be fine, that he had skills elsewhere, and while he does cease his tears, it wasn’t really for anything Tess had said. Excepting the general relief that seemed to exude from every corner of the weyr, things remained much the same for Tess – until Ty announced they’d be moving again.

She reacted much the same she had in the past, overly enthusiastic in her support… until they actually got there. It was hard to enjoy the cloying, sticky heat and the abysmal weather, but there was something to be said about new starts, and she found herself exploring just a little more than what she had while they were at Fort Weyr.

* 2588-2589, 8-9 Fort Island proves to be more dangerous than previously anticipated, Testhinia finds her father to be busy still in his profession, not that she minds too much. Despite this, there is a little more freedom to be found at Southern Winds, and Testhinia no longer keeps to their room in her downtime, though sunset remains a constant companion to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble. Unfortunately, the greater freedom means that Ty’s protection of her is starting to slip, and she is no longer completely oblivious to how badly things can get. Since she wasn’t privy to the hardships of the pass, this causes her some strain, as she tries to come to terms with her new world view. With the bad comes good, however, and she is able to attend hatchings as a spectator, an exciting enough event that she rarely misses.

* 2590, 10 Up until Imyth’s 2590 hatching, Tythinaden had managed to mostly keep Testhinia in the dark as to just how bad things could still get on the island. The proverbial floodgates opened after this however, Testhinia finding herself present for more than she had bargained for. She wasn’t at the minehall when they were cut off from the weyr, though she went to lessons with many a person complaining about the unfairness of it. The subsequent riot happened while she was peacefully eating her meals and while she managed to get out before Jungle Wing had rounded up and meted out punishment to the participants, others she knew were not quite as lucky. Kalestath’s hatching was perhaps the most eye opening event thus far, however, with the deaths caused weighing on her in such a way as to be almost stifling. Ty tried to minimise the impact these events had on her, but there was only so much he could do. Now, with him being searched and her being sent to the crèche in lieu of remaining in their house on her own for however long until h impressed or aged out, Testhinia finds herself well out of her depth, and uncertain, for the first time in her life, about what she is to do forthwith.

It couldn’t have been an easy decision… her father had to give up his journeyman status to accept the opportunity and leave her to the crèche to be overseen by the crechemothers instead of on her own in their cavern. He had explained it. Weighed up the pros and cons of candidacy.

”It’s only for a couple of years.” he’d said. He’d either return to the healer hall, or become a dragon rider.

There was no in between.

Not really.

Not unless he dropped out.

But that wasn’t like him.

That wasn’t her dad.

He would see it through to the end, win or lose.

It was only a couple of years after all.

By the time he was done she’d have a dragon in the family or be old enough to join a craft.

Win win, really.

Well. She’d supported him unwaveringly thus far, why should his decision to accept candidacy be any different. The crèche wouldn’t be so bad. She already had lessons with them…. It would just mean doing everything else with them too. She could deal with that. She’d deal with a lot worse to make Tythinaden happy. This way, too, he wouldn’t have to worry about her being alone too… And the weyr was pretty liberal so far as visiting rights went. Theoretically she’d be able to see him more as a candidate than she had as a journeyman…


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One girl down… four more for even stevens!

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Re: Testhinia [34/10/2580 | 9th pass] || Weyrbrat
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Re: Testhinia [34/10/2580 | 9th pass] || Weyrbrat
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2018, 12:07:39 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Anything you like.
How you'd say it.
Date of Birth:
27.09.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This Green is the color of moss on a stone, with a texture to match. The palest areas of her are her head and neck, back, and tail, as they fade to a pale leaf green so desaturated in places it almost seems a green-tinged silver. Her underbelly and most of her wings are a much darker moss green. Her entire body is mottled in patterning, giving her all the more appearance of the plant she so resembles.

She'll always be a tiny thing, very petite in frame and not destined to be much more. But even with all that, she's fast, able to dart to and fro like a songbird.


Mind Voice: Not the most vocal and talkative of fire lizards, she rarely projects messages unless they're important. Rather, her presence is like a quiet support in Testhinia's mind -- always there, but at the edge of awareness.

Listening : For all that she doesn't like to talk herself, this flit likes being surrounded by the babble of conversation. Whether it's the Creche or the Weyr Hall, she likes listening to other people chatter on, even if she doesn't always understand what they're saying.

Taking Baths : She'll quickly come to appreciate paddling around in the heated pools of the Bathing Springs. Cooler water will never really appeal to her, which is probably for the best given the dangers of the Cove, but she'll happily join Testhinia when she has to bathe.

The Healer Hall : It just doesn't smell right to her, with the mingled odors of numbweed, fellis, illnesses, injuries, and soap. She'll go if Testhinia has to venture there for some reason, but she won't be happy about it.

Bigger People : She's very protective of her bonded, and people who are so much bigger than Testhinia make her nervous. Most of the time this will just make her grumpy, but if push comes to shove, she'll have no reservations about attacking someone to defend the girl, even if she is tiny.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
When she's physically mature, this Green will fly on 28.03. She will not be a Force Catch.

Born of Vanity's 2590 Clutch
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