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Author Topic: Morning Shinanigans || [11.08.2590 7am]  (Read 284 times)

Offline Tythinaden

Morning Shinanigans || [11.08.2590 7am]
« on: August 05, 2017, 08:07:27 PM »
Ty had spent the last few days working hard to become a candidate, figuring out what he needed to do, learning the ropes, finding out that he had way to many classes to take, and also easily slipping into them. Learning was good. He missed classes. He was also realizing that he and Sunset were well suited to this. Of course right now his gold flit was with his daughter. She would be making her way to the kitchen, hopefully, but Ty was trying to remind himself that she had to do things on her own.

He wandered out of his room and made his way to the meal tables, and sat down. He was early. He had to much energy now, and it was going to have to go somewhere. He saw the drudges bringing out rather delicious looking bowls of oatmeal (or the equivalent here in the jungle) and he eyed one of the large bowls just a little away from him. They'd put one in front of him, but he had an idea. With a quick send to his flit, the gold left his daughter's shoulder and made her way to find some dried fish, and brought it to Ty. Ty grinned as he made sure no one was around before mixing in a great deal of dried fish into the oatmeal, before returning to his seat and getting his own food, not out of the bowl. He sat back and waited.

Spoiler for OCC:
So this is for @Kyya @Chai and anyone else that wants to deal with Ty feeling overly mischievous! Have fun!

Offline Roxalin

Re: Morning Shinanigans || [11.08.2590 7am]
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 02:49:21 PM »
Being a candidate was a lot like being an apprentice. Lots of chores,lessons, exercise, structure and the status as low man on the pole. Not that the fisher crafter minded work. Though rather than learn about something interesting Roxalin found herself submerged in Weyr culture. Which was….different. Very different from the life she’d been leading. With every spare moment filled to the gills with nets to be mended, charts to be poured over, and of course lots and lots of fish to be gutted. Feeding the Weyr took work and Roxalin was happy to let it eat up every moment of her day.  It didn't help that things were gearing up for the Hall! First the dock and now a boat bigger than a sneeze. Exciting stuff! Stuff Roxalin suddenly found herself out of the loop on. Ash.

Rising early as had long become her habit the small brunette had harassed a fellow crafter for a peek at some new shoreline charts. Not exactly exciting morning reading for most but Roxalin was hooked, eyes scanning over the rough sketch as she made her way into the dining hall. Barely avoiding a sleepy drudge as she moved to a table. Not bothering with good mornings or other idle pleasantries just yet for those present. Clearly engrossed in what she was looking at.

With one hand the crafter turned candidate spooned a bit of oatmeal into a bowl, obviously not interested in diverting any more attention than strictly required from her papers. Her eyes not even moving as she spooned a bit of the morning meal toward her mouth. It was fascinating to see the changes from an earlier chart! Apparently, the water was far deeper off-

A rather vile mix of fish and sweet oats hit Roxalins tongue effectively pulling the young woman from her papers. Tossing them down on the table as she spat out the oatmeal. “Ech! What in fucking between-pass me the bloody water!” Gross. So gross! She spared a miserable expression at Tythinaden, not yet realizing the healers role in this rather tasteless experience.

Offline Testhinia

Re: Morning Shinanigans || [11.08.2590 7am]
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2017, 01:00:55 AM »
She had been a little preoccupied, to tell the truth. As always, waking up was an easy enough task, and she had made her way to the weyrhall with all the eagerness of a child on their nameday, prepared for the celebration that would undoubtedly ensue and thus urging it closer with all the enthusiasm they could muster.

While many things had changed since her father had joined the ranks of candidates preparing for the day they would (hopefully) find a dragon to bond to, some things had remained blissfully the same for Testhinia, not the least of which was the ability to wake up and enter the weyrhall in time to grab herself a steaming bread loaf well before the majority of the denizens had come to create too much of a line.

She’d found herself somewhere to sit, and a knife that was sharp enough to break the thick crust as well as slice, instead of tear through the loaf, to leave her with a soft, fluffy surface to spread butter onto instead of the awful clumps one got when it was simply ripped apart with her hands. Immediately the steaming innards took on a golden glow as the butter melted where it touched, another layer added for good measure before she placed the top half back on the bottom to really let it soak in.

Pausing only so long to return the butter knife to the platter in front of her, she picked up the tiny roll, squashing it ever so slightly and delighting at the soft crackle as the crust gave way to her fingers before taking the first, delectable bite.

The hard crunch as her teeth broke the crust followed by the almost liquidy sensation as her teeth sliced through the warm, fluffy, buttery goodness within. The soft groan as she rolled the morsel around in her mouth, enjoying every miniscule second before swallowing was unavoidable.

It was just so good.

Then Sunset disappeared.

Despite her father’s absence, the gold was proving to be a regular companion, and the absence as she disappeared between without a word to her was warning enough that her father was up to no good. Anything else would have worried her too much for her childhood protector to just up and leave without telling her why.

So with her best “I’m not going to indulge you in this” face, she stood up, precious roll clutched tenderly in her little fist as she tried to spot the glittering golden flit amongst all the others decorating the place like fancy coloured glows.

The disgusted cursing of an older woman drew her attention before recognizing her father amidst the crowd that had gathered thus far, and with an exasperated sigh, she moved towards them, doing her very best not to let the amusement at her father’s antics less she encourage him further. He didn’t need to know that she loved that he could still find ways to laugh despite what horrors he must have seen – a sentiment she had only recently really come to understand – particularly when he was inflicting himself on – No rank knots? – Either a holder or another candidate.

“Try this instead ma’am. Apologies for the bite.” She said as she got close enough to hold out the still warm, freshly buttered roll towards Roxalin, placing it on the table in front of her and pulling the bowl of tainted goop towards her.

“Dried fish, dad? Really?” She scowled, wrinkling her nose once she had taken a sniff. She had moved to sit on Ty’s other side, however, and there would be no doubt that he would hear the amusement in her voice even as she tried to maintain her scolding air.

“Wasting rations. Whatever shall we do with you?” She continued with the faintest of smiles, before taking a spoon and digging in with all the gusto one would expect from someone faced with the absolute joy of eating oatmeal with dried fish. 

“Do you mind passing the water up here, ah…?” Tess asked Roxalin, pointedly ignoring her father as she swallowed the first of many spoonfuls of what was now her breakfast. She hoped that the woman would provide her name, though hadn’t thought to give her own, or her father’s for that matter. The mix of sweet and savoury was not one she would like to repeat, but food was food, and Ty had done enough providing in the past for her to figure that one morning without her preferred breakfast was worth the sacrifice... And what she didn’t eat would surely be good wherry food, right?

Offline Tythinaden

Re: Morning Shinanigans || [11.08.2590 7am]
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2017, 01:11:31 PM »
Ty managed to not chuckle (or giggle) as his first subject took a bite of her food. He did smile though, and that would probably make him a target for the pretty woman's wrath. What he hadn't expected was for his daughter to appear offering her roll. He knew she loved the stuff and it was her favorite breakfast. He'd been letting her do her own thing (something very hard for him personally), and to see her pop up at breakfast was both a joy and kinda embarrassing. mostly because she'd identified it as one of his pranks.

He caught his daughter's look and grinned at her. He wasn't about to stop just because his daughter disapproved. Then she gave it all away by giving the pretty woman her roll and calling him Dad. He sighed and grabbed the roll he had, and held it out to his daughter.

"Eat that Tess."

The gold on his shoulder trilled at her friend and jumped to the table to sniff at the young girl. Sunset adored both of her humans, though she'd always return to Ty in the end. Ty secretly was hoping to give his daughter the next gold egg from Sunset's next clutch, as his daughter needed her own friend. Expecially in these days. He had about two years before he had to give up, and he felt that she'd be alone until then.

"There's another bowl of perfectly safe food over there."

Ty motioned to the bowls on either side of him and Roxalin. He showed no remorse, but at least he was trying to do the right thing. He knew some dried fish and sweet oats was not going to cause problems health wise to anyone. And in fact could be good for you. None of his pranks would intentionally cause harm. As a healer he prided himself on that. Though he had no rank knots. He touched his shoulder where they should be as he reminded himself he was a Candidate again and took a bite of his non-fishy food.

Offline Roxalin

Re: Morning Shinanigans || [11.08.2590 7am]
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2017, 05:11:36 PM »
It was an effort not to gag. The sweet and fishy combination hitting all the wrong notes for the blue eyed woman. Truthfully she wasnt overly fond of the oatmeal to begin with. Her tastes running more to spicy than sweet. But mix in some dried fish? That went beyond bad cooking-someone had intentionally made slop! Though at the moment Roxalin was too focused on getting something to wash away the taste. She certainly hadn't come around to pegging Ty with the crime.

The child's voice at her side drew the candidates attention and she turned, catching sight of little Testhinia apologizing and holding out a roll. Maybe it was the polite matter of fact manner. Or the rolls utter superiority to what was infront of her. Whatever the case Roxalin was startled enough to take the buttered bit of bread. “Ah, thanks minnow” Why was she apologizing? Though her next words answered that easily enough. She wasnt the one who’d pulled that little trick! Though she was related to him. 

“You?” those light blue eyed widened a moment before narrowing on Ty. So that’s why the ass had been flashing that handsome grin! “Oh you dirty wher fu-” maybe it was the roll in her hand or some shred of decorum in the back of her head. Whatever it was Roxalin froze, light blue eyes drifting over to Tes. Silently swallowing back the rest of her curse the brunette looked like she’d eaten another spoonful of those awful oats. Holding her tongue wasnt something that came easily-or often-to the fisher brat but even she had enough sense to at least TRY not to swear up a storm around kids. Not that the idle bit of profanity didn't still escape her. Can’t make a dragon change their color after all. “Food waster” she improvised under her breath. Though that obviously wasnt what the woman had been intending to say!!!

To make it worse the little brown haired girl had picked up her bowl and sat down with it. Making a disgusted noise Roxalin grabbed a pitcher and hurriedly poured the long haired child a cup. Was she really eating that junk?!  Yes apparently. It was a level of frugality even Roxalin was impressed by. “It’s Roxalin, Journeywo-well...ash I guess it’s candidate now. Still getting used to that bit. And you?” the change in rank was still so new it was a bit strange to say. Years of work and effort had gone into becoming a journeywoman. Suddenly dropping the title felt a bit like leaving a shred of herself behind! Even if it was just temporary. Probably.   

She spared Tythinaden a disapproving look, clearly blaming the dark haired man for the kid getting stuck eating what was she was! That silent conversation women had been giving men since the beginning of time crossing her features. You are going to fix this, yes?   “Luckily you’ve caught him before his reign of terror could ruin more than one bowl-let’s let the wherries have it now and we can eat them later” Roxalin suggested dryly. A bit of an unpleasant surprise but now that she wasn't shoveling the stuff into her own mouth Roxa could maybe see the humor in it. The idiot.


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