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Author Topic: Approved Calinaza - [15.09.2527] - Green Rider  (Read 729 times)

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Calinaza - [15.09.2527] - Green Rider
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:44:15 AM »

Play By:
Shabana Azmi

Date of Birth:
15.09.2527 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Benden Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider - Prairie
Unnamed Male NPC - Born 2532

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Naza doesn't move as quickly as she used to. Age and experienced have taken their toll on her body. There are aches and pains in her joints, and the wet monsoon season seems to make it flair worse. She also isn't much for fashion at this age in her life. She dresses simply and practically for what she needs to accomplish that day.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Having lived through the majority of the pass, thoughts of the pass itself generally bring heartache. It is hard to Naza to even comprehend how many people, dragons, places have been lost that will never be recovered. Because of this, Naza tries not to dwell on thoughts of the past too much.

Response to dragon color mutations: It truthfully makes her a bit uncomfortable. While she was not born in a weyr, she has lived in one for the majority of her life. Overall, she doesn't know enough about what these new colors are going to bring, and thus it makes her anxious.

Who are you...


* Spending Time with Her Family: While her immediate family members from her youth have been gone for a long time, Naza's family over the past fifteen or so years has continued to grow. Her dragon, her werymate, her daughter, her flit; they all bring her happiness by just being present around her. After so many years of loneliness with only her dragon for company, it is a blessing to be able to surround herself by those she loves.

* Hot Klah: With the aches and pains in her joints, a hot klah helps ease the pain and make her mornings bearable. She has also been drinking the stuff so long that she isn't sure she could function without it.

* The Summer Season: Not everyone is flourishing the hot climate, but Naza is! She loves it. If the sun is up and shining and the temperature is high, you can be sure that she finds time to go out and enjoy it if at all possible.

* Swimming: One of her and Tasunth’s favorite activities is swimming. They are both disappointed that the River Snakes are going to make that harder to enjoy.

* New Harper Ballads: Naza always enjoys listening to the harper’s sign new teaching songs. It makes her happy to know that they are doing their best to help preserve the memory of everything that happened during the 9th pass, so that it will not be forgotten.


* Cliff Edges: Ever since the events of 2564, being at the edge of high ledges has made Naza uneasy. Thankfully, her dragon and her's weyr is at ground level so it is not something she has had to encounter too much, especially since they have not been assigned to watch in some time.

* Arrogance / Pity: Having a dragon that is unable to fly, Naza has come across a number of riders and dragons that have either considered themselves to be superior or conversely have expressed an unnecessary amount of pity. Both aggravate Naza to no end, and she keeps an active list of people who display these characteristics so she can avoid them in the future.

* Being Alone: While a dragonrider is never truly alone, the pair prefers to be in the proximity of others. Having suffered through a joint loneliness in their mid-adult life, they now actively make a point of being near friends and family to avoid the detrimental effects of loneliness.


* PERSEVERANCE : Naza has seen a lot. Anyone who is her age has. And through it all, she has persevered. She won't say that she has had it any harder than anyone else because, with the body count as high as it is, there isn't any point in comparing who has lost more.

* EMPATHY : Naza is rather empathetic. She is able to provide a good shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen as others relate their woes. Maybe it is because she is a grounded dragon rider, but it in some ways makes her more approachable to other dragonriders that are also going through hardships.

* EXPERIENCE : Naza is in the continually shrinking group of individuals that have lived near start to finish through the pass. Because of this, she is an excellent resource for younger generations when it comes to relaying what Pern used to be like.

* DEVOTED : For a long time, Naza was devoted to the memory of her weyrmate from her early adulthood. Now she is a devoted mother and weyrmate. She would do anything for her family in order to make sure that they are successful and happy in life.

* HARD-WORKING : Naza knows that she is one of the odd-ones out when it comes to wing-assignments. Because of this, she is usually happy enough being assigned wherever the weyr thinks she will be most useful and completes the tasks assigned to the best of her ability.


* PETTY : Sometimes Naza gets frustrated with the smallest of things that others do. She knows that she should just let it go, but she just can't help it. It will crawl under her skin and irritate her until she lets the other person know.

* OVERPROTECTIVE : While most probably can't blame her, having seen as much death as she has, Naza is overprotective of her family. She doesn't know if she could survive the loss of anyone else that she loves, and because of this, she tends to be a bit overbearing when it comes to their safety.

* ENVIOUS : She tries very, very hard not to let the loss of flight upset her or linger too much on her mind, but on her worst days, Naza can not help but look up at the sky and be envious of those that are still able to fly.

* DEPRESSION : Despite being in a much better place in her life than where she used to be, Naza still occasionally falls into depression. The smallest of things can trigger it and each time it feels like something different. Her depression can lay her out for days at a time during which she finds it difficult to interact with others and follow her normal routines.

* MEMORY LOSS : Naza has not even admitted this to her weyrmate, but her memory is not as good as it used to be. Names and face combinations have begun to elude her for individuals she knows but does not speak to frequently. She finds herself relying more and more on her dragon to help supplement her fading memories.

Describe Yourself:

* DRAGON-RIDER: ----- While Naza and her dragon have not flown in years, it is still important to Naza that they be acknowledged as dragon and rider, even if the duties that she performs cross into the grey areas of what might be considered weyr-folk duties.

* MOTHER: ----- She never expected to be a mother, but life had other plans for her and she would not change it now. She loves her daughter dearly, and most would argue that she is likely spoiling the girl with all the affection.

* LUCKY: ----- When Naza was born, there were nine weyrs. None of them exists anymore. Naza considers herself lucky to have made it through the pass.

* OLD: ----- She might have a number of years left in her, she might not. Either way, she feels older than most of the population in the weyr, and she would argue that the wrinkles around her eyes prove it as well.

* RELIABLE: ----- If Naza gives her word to do something, she is going to do it. Her mindset is that if you can’t rely on someone’s word, you can’t rely on anything.

The Magic Touch: If there’s anything else you’d like to add, like habits or an addiction, please add it here.


Mother: Leela, Holder, 2031, d. 2051.
Father: Tolman, Vinter, 2028, d. 2051.
Siblings: None.

Weyrmate: Male Farmer - adoptable - b. 2530
Children: Daughter - adoptable - b. 2471

Tell us a story...

2532, 5 turns old.

Born to a Benden hold vinter and his wife, Naza is blessing. Her parents had lost two other pregnancies before her. She is young when the plan to detonate the red star fails, but by the time she is five, she understands that something in the world has gone terribly wrong. People are not as easy-going as they previously had been.

2536, 9 turns old.

Naza and her family move from Benden Hold to Benden Weyr. It is a bitter sting, having been forced to watch her father’s occupation continue to dwindle. Now, her parents are left to worry about what will become of them now that her father’s crafting hall is lost. Naza, for her part, is anxious about moving into the weyr. She has always been told that they are strange folk.

2541, 14 turns old.

Naza impresses early at 14 years of age. She had been searched the previous year, and was nervous about what this meant for her future. When her green Tasunth emerged however, all of her worries were forgotten.

After impression, they train long and hard in order to join the ranks of dragon riders fighting thread. Soon after her impression, Benden Weyr is abandoned, and she is moved to Telgar.

For the first few years, thread-fighting is all Naza knows. Long days, threadscore, and the never-ending exhaustion. Naza is still excited about being a dragon rider at this point, and is honored to have joined their ranks.

2546, 19 turns old.

When she is 19, Naza finds a weyrmate in a blue rider and finds joy for the first time in many years. The companionship helps ease the burden on the endless peril that they face, and Naza finds it easier to face each new day.

2551, 24 turns old

Naza's mother dies that winter. It is what at first appeared to be a common cold, but progressed rapidly into a much more serious illness. Within three weeks of becoming sick, her mother is dead. The next day, her father is nowhere to be found, and Naza suspects that in his grief he had walked out of the hold and was not intent on returning. Naza grieves, but the feelings feel remote. She had grown apart from her mother and father since becoming a dragon rider.

2557, 30 turns old

In the year 2557, when she is thirty years old, personal catastrophe strikes. When flying in formation over Southern Boll in high winds, thread falls past the wing flying higher than her own. A sheet passes down directly over her dragon's shoulder and wing and beings burrowing. They can't go between immediately, however. Right in front of them is a sheet of thread that if they do not sear will fall onto the young, newly impressed dragonrider below. They stay and sear the thread. 

Through the pain, Naza and her dragon force a jump to Telgar Weyr. The thread is killed, but the damage remains.They are thankfully caught and are able to land safely. After many hours of surgery, however, the news is grim. They are not sure if her dragon will ever fly again. The thread had burrowed too far at a critical joint in the wing, and the wing membrane is in tatters. With a regimen of medicines and follow-up scheduled, they sleep in the healers' hall that night.

Three days later, it is determined that her dragon is going to lose the wing. The wing has begun to fester. If they leave it, the sickness will undoubtedly travel to the rest of her dragon's body.

Later that night, the dragons roar in grief. Naza's werymate is dead, killed in threadfall.

2558-2559, 31-32 turns old

It takes the better part of two turns for Naza and her dragon to find any semblance of balance in their life. For the first few months, the grief and intermittent phantom pains leave them chained inside their new ground floor weyr. It is a blessing in disguise that they do not have to return to the rooms that they had shared with her weyrmate.

Their days are now filled with being put on watch for Telgar Weyr. Her dragon climbs the rough slope of mountain walls near the entrance of the weyr, and they watch and greet those that come and go. It is mind-numbingly boring work after having spent the last fifteen years of flying and fighting thread.

2561, 34 turns old

Two years later (2561), Telgar is abandoned. Her home for the past twenty years. It brings up all of the old losses that she has already suffered through. Her home in Benden Hold, and then Benden Weyr. Her weyrmate. Their independence and ability to fly. And now the one place they had carved out a home for themselves. Naza cries as her dragon is lifted in the heavy harness and netting by a squad of four bronze and brown dragons and is taken to Southern Weyr. They will likely never have the chance to return here. It is with one last weary look, that she climbs up onto the back of a dragon and leaves home.

Settling in at southern is...difficult. The members of Telgar Weyr were few and dispersed between the three different Weyrs that Naza finds she doesn't know many of the riders here. The original Southern Weyr residents’ patience for her and the other Telgar riders is equally little. They see the additional riders as a drain on their already limited resources, even if though the Telgar riders are doing their best to assist in protecting those resources.

It is difficult not to become discouraged. Naza integrates into the population of weyrfolk, where she finds she is just as much of an outsider here as she often feels with the dragonriders, given how she is unable to bond with them over their shared experiences of the most recent rides to fight thread. She is given odd jobs, and shuffled about from one area of the weyr to another and she never quite finds the place or tasks that fulfills her or her dragon.

2564, 37 turns old

In the year 2564, Naza asks her dragon to take her between. Her depression has continued to get worse and worse since moving to Southern Weyr. Her dragon agrees to go between, and after jumping off a high cliff goes between only to re-emerge above the sea. They plummet into the ocean together and begin the long swim back to shore. During the swim, it is with soothing words from her dragon that Naza realizes that she had been wrong. They still have each other.

Two months after this event, Ellith flies for the first time. Naza and her dragon take themselves down to the weyrling master and beg to assist him. At first, the woman is hesitant to let them assist, seeing as she already has a number of qualified weyrling assistants, but eventually agrees to let Naza assist in an unofficial capacity. This is the turning point for Naza. At first, it is mundane tasks that she is assigned to assist with; show the weyrling where they sleep, help them get food for their dragons, make sure there is enough oil available. But then, as the small dragons begin to grow, they are called on for tasks that Naza's dragon can also participate in; assisting them in putting on harnesses, having her dragon speak to them from the ground to help with correcting wing formations, etc.

Before long, the weyr does not seem to be such a lonely place. The weyrlings greet her when they see her. The weyrling master invites her to eat with other dragon riders. It is all a subtle shift, but Naza is no longer the outsider.

2565, 38 turns old
It is the day after the most recent group of weyrlings have graduated, that Naza finds a bowl filled with sand next to the hearth in her room. It is filled with sand and, to her surprise, a flit egg. She suspects that it is from one of the weyrlings that she had been assisting, but she can't say for certain. She keeps the fire in her hearth burning, and over the next few days tries to determine who left it there. She never does figure it out. Later that week, the small head of a brown fire-lizard pokes through the shell. Naza and her dragon are both overjoyed, and Naza names him Lucky.

2567, 40 turns old

Two years later in 2567, Naza loses what had become another home. She has gotten to know the werylings, all of whom are now riders in their own right, and with so many new acquaintances, Naza had very much begun settling in. Her dragon is yet again lifted with a squad of four, and she follows behind to Fort Weyr.

In many ways, settling into Fort Weyr is similar to Naza's experience at Southern. She is no longer helping with Weyrlings. With the influx of from Southern, the more experienced long-term Weyrling Master and assistants get mixed in with Fort's own. That being said, however, with three clutches worth of riders that she is acquainted with, half of whom were assigned to Fort, Naza is not as alone as she was at Southern Weyr. She becomes a defacto-assistant to younger, less experienced riders. She is able to ease the burden on a handful of riders and they, in turn, are able to put more time into training and resting after fighting thread.

2568, 41 turns old

When she is 41, the most amazing thing happens. Naza falls in love. It was the most unexpected occurrence, as Naza never expected such a thing to happen again for her.

He is a farmer, recently transplanted to Fort Hold from Tillek Hold, who self-admittedly had been admiring her from afar. Much later in life, he admits to her that he had been watching for weeks to make sure that she was not the weyrmate to another dragonrider before he even dared approach her. Naza, for her part, can't say that she has ever noticed him before.

Regardless, she amusedly accepts his attempts at courting. Not six months later, she invites him to move into her weyr.

2570-2571, 43-44 turns old

Naza becomes pregnant for the first time in her life, and late in life at that. It is a surprise. She had always assumed that she was barren as she had never been able to conceive with her prior weyr-mate, and had never taken pregnant after any prior flights. The healers are worried due to her age, but everything turns out fine for once in Naza’s life.
Nine months after becoming pregnant, Naza gives birth to a girl. Naza and her weyr-mate could not be happier, but worry about what the future may bring as more and more holds fall.

2576, 49  turns old

When Naza’s daughter is five, she catches a terrible fever that has been spreading through hold and weyr alike. While most of the adults have been able to shake the illness, the children seem to have a rougher go of it, particularly her daughter. It seems to take months before she is fully recovered, and during this time period Naza and her weyrmate fear that they might lose their only child.  It is a relief when she when the healers finally pronounce her to be free of illness.

2581, 54 turns old Naza and her weyrmate fight over petty grievances to the point of not speaking for weeks. Naza for her part fallen back into depression. She has been slowly making a tally of the people and dragons left in the world, and their numbers are still falling. She worries that her daughter will not live to be her age. Tasunth, for her part, does her best to be a rock for her during this time and her weyrmate eventually comes to her one day, apologizing profusely for being so stubborn. Their daughter is overjoyed that they are speaking again, and Naza finds herself less prone to troubling thoughts of the future.

2583, 56 turns old

Naza's daughter, at twelve years old, is accepted into the harper hall at Fort Hold. Naza and her weyrmate are somewhat relieved as this will hopefully spare their daughter from seeing the up-close and personal grizzly side effects of fighting threadfall that she would have faced if she had decided that she would rather go into healing.

2587, 60 turns old

Threadfall officially ends, and Fort Island is found. Unlike previous exoduses from her home, this future does not scare Naza as much as it previously did. She was moving with her weyrmate and her daughter, and it would hopefully be the last time that Tasunth would ever have to be moved via the uncomfortable harnesses and netting.

All in all, Naza is excited about the possibilities. Fort hold and weyr are rapidly declining in resources and if the move means that there will be resources enough for her daughter to thrive as she gets older, than Naza can find no fault with the move.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.

Naza’s hands clenched the harness in front of her as she released her breath as they came out from between. There, in front of her, was a large volcanic basis that was going to become their home. Fort Island. As she scanned the surrounding area, it reminded her almost of the look the Southern Weyr had, before the thread destroyed it.

’It is very pretty…’ Naza thought to Tasunth who had made the jump just minutes before her.

Yes. I think we are going to like it here. Tasunth agreed, although she sounded a bit distracted.

’How was…’

Her thought was cut off.

“We are going to be descending now,” the blue rider shouted in her ear. “You better hold on tight!”

Naza sighed. As if she didn’t know how to handle an easy descent.

How is your ride in. Tasunth chuckled through their bond.

Oh, hush you. Naza thought, as the blue dragon made its way down into the bowl of the massive crater. As Naza took in the sight, she could tell that they would have their work cut out for them. The place was wild, and it would take a long time to make it liveable.

She smiled a bit at that thought. A lot of work meant a lot to keep them busy. She could live with that. As they landed, a bronze dropped down next to them. Looking over she could see her daughter and weyrmate clinging together on top of the dragon, looking slightly green. She chuckled slightly to herself at their discomfort, but a moment later it was a warm feeling that settled over her, seeing them there next to her. ’Yes. I think we are going to like it here, Tasunth.’

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Janna - Jr. Apprentice Harper
Inactivity Preference:
Kill Naza Off
Mauling Permissions:
Rough Em Up!
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Benden Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Naramanth, Gold
Clutch Father:
Teranth, Bronze
Mature Length: 24 meters
Mature Height: 4.5 meters
Mature Wingspan: 40 meters

General Appearance...

Tasunth was, like most dragonlets, awkward. She quickly bulked up, however, and grew into her full proportions. Being born near the beginning of the pass however, she quickly became threadscared, and her hide was tarnished with the thin shining lines of scarring. None, were as bad however as having lost her wing.

Where there should have been a matching wing, there is now only a short stump near her right shoulder. There is a short flap of wing sail that goes down the side of her back where the wing would have connected. This loss has made her muscle proportions slightly off-kilter as well. Her right side less muscled than her left as it does not have the added strain of carrying the weight of a full wing.


Mind Voice: Tasunth has a mind voice that is soft and gentle. Reminiscent of the ocean on a calm night.


* Getting Oiled - Tasunth especially enjoys this around her right shoulder as she still sometimes gets phantom pains where her wing used to be.

* Swimming - While she can no longer grace the skies with her presence, Tasunth can swim. She discovered her love of swimming while at Southern.


* Flights - Since the loss of her wing, Tasunth has been unable to rise for flight. When she was younger her most irritable days were when another dragon rose to mate. Now, as she is older, it does not set her off into unbearable frustration but is rather a mild irritation.

* River Snakes - The presence of these dangerous beasts have put a damper on what Tasunth hoped would be an excellent island to partake in leisurely swims. Now the activities have to be well planned and usually in the company of others.


* GROUNDED : Tasunth has always been rather grounded emotionally. She has been the rock that has kept Naza going through the years when things were at their roughest.

* EXCELLENT MEMORY : Tasunth has an excellent memory, and many of the details that Naza can't remember now, she does. With not as much to occupy her days as some of the other dragon riders, Tasunth amuses herself by trying to learn the names and genealogy of every person, dragon, wher and flit in the weyr.


* LETHARGIC : Without having had a clear purpose to work towards, Tasunth has become prone to lethargy.

* CLINGY : Not being able to participate in weyr life in the same way that many of the other dragons do, Tasunth can become a bit clingy to those in her life.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #334230; Text: #a8fc97

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Tasunth is unable to rise to complete a mating flight. She is instead prone to cyclical moodiness and frustration during the time periods she would have otherwise normally risen, which are during the first weeks of the summer and winter.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2565 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Southern Weyr

General Appearance...

Lucky is small for a brown. He can frequently be found napping on Tasunth’s back and is a constant companion around the dragon. He is a dark solid brown, similar to that of Klah.


Mind Voice: Lucky is frequently requested by Tasunth to send back mind-images from when he is flying. He has been requested this so frequently in the past that he is almost always blinking up somewhere high for a few moments, only to come back and excitedly share whatever it is he saw with Naza and Tasunth.


* Tasunth - Even though Lucky is bonded with Naza, Lucky is more frequently found with Tasunth.
* Sun-Bathing - Lucky isn’t the most active of fellows. He enjoys sunbathing and taking naps, and it takes some convincing to get him to deliver messages, or any other similar task. 

* Tunnel-Snakes - Because Naza’s weyr is at ground level, they more frequently stumbles across the adventurous tunnel snake. Lucky usually relies on Tasunth to take care of them, but usually finds they are a nuisance as they interrupt sleeping or napping.
* Loud, Chittery Flits - Lucky does not enjoy spending time with other flits that are particularly vocal. If he finds himself in their presence he is more likely to simply pop between to go somewhere more quiet.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Calinaza - [15.09.2527] - Green Rider
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Re: Calinaza - [15.09.2527] - Green Rider
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If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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