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Author Topic: I'd like you to meet... [21.05.2590 // 6.15am] Yinaya  (Read 85 times)

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I'd like you to meet... [21.05.2590 // 6.15am] Yinaya
« on: August 07, 2017, 07:57:50 PM »
After getting stuck at the fisher hall the previous day, and then the subsequent impression of his two tiny whers, Fisk knew that he had a lot of explaining to do. Seafoam was only young, and so when he had sent her back to the Weyr after missing the afternoon Prairie trip, hoping to get her to let Yinaya know that he'd see her the next day, Fisk wasn't entirely sure that the message would get to her.

Luckily, Yinaya being in Prairie Wing, meant that he would see her as soon as possible the next day, and he endeavoured to find Rantasyth to take him across to the Weyr. Unfortunately their timings simply didn't work out, and he was ushered on to some blue dragon instead, taken quickly across to the Weyr and dumped with all his things.

Isk and Yinsk were tucked under his arms, one on either side, and his equipment had been thrown over the side of the blue dragon. Fisk had already decided which were the more important cargo. It had only been one night, but Fisk very much attached to the little things. They had mostly slept, but when the three of them had set off that morning, the fisher had already started to notice some of their personalities creeping out. Yinsk had been slow to wake, and a little clumsy trying to find his feet, Isk on the other hand had been tense at the idea of going between, before he seemed to steel himself and allowed Fisk to pick both of them up and carry them off.

He wondered whether he was the first to bring the news back to the Weyr that bonding to two whers was now possible, the fisher had been shocked enough himself. But it just seemed right, one named for him and the other for the one he loved. Although, he almost wished he parents weren't so stupid when they named him Fisk, he wondered how confused his boys had been when they had tried to come up with names for themselves.

It didn't take long of him waiting in the bowl before he watched Rantasyth pop from between, above the bowl, and headed over in that direction, setting Isk down when he squirmed around, solidly giving Fisk the impression of needing to observe, but Yinsk seemed happy enough to relax against Fisk's shoulder when he repositioned him.

"Hey Yinaya!" He called when his little pack was within shouting distance, the wide grin on his face would have been evident from so far away. "Guess what I found?!" He held Yinsk up in the air for her to see, even at her distance, and waited for her reaction.

He hoped it was good, they had never really talked about whers before, but he loved them and knew Yinaya would too, even if it took a while.

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Offline Yinaya

Re: I'd like you to meet... [21.05.2590 // 6.15am] Yinaya
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 02:09:12 AM »
It wasn’t like Fisk to be absent from their bedfurs. Not that she’d immediately panicked or thought something nefarious. Rather, Yinaya had been concerned. Right up until Seafoam had arrived. Though the message was not clear at all what was going on or where Fisk was, the simple fact the little flit was happy and content to be with Yinaya – and not in a panicked tizzy – let her know that whatever was going on would be explained eventually.

Whenever Fisk opted to make himself known.

Rantasyth would’ve reached out for the Fisher but both she and Yinaya thought that, maybe, Fisk was in a place or position where he might want some privacy so they didn’t try to hunt for him. Seafoam was fine, so Fisk would be fine. Since Yinaya trusted him, she let the matter drop and just… waited.

Until the next day. In the morning. While she was unloading some tools from Rantasyth – things they’d picked up from the Mine Hall – she heard the tell shout of her Fisher. Since her cargo wasn’t overly important, Yinaya spun on her heel and made her way toward her previously missing fisher. Ripples, from his eternal place on her shoulder, perked up some at the sight of him but didn’t move. Not until they were closer and both Yinaya and the little blue flit seemed to realize he wasn’t holding up a bundle of fabric.

But a wher.

I think he has two?

While the wild rumor of people impressing two had already been confirmed, she hadn’t even imagined Fisk would’ve picked up one. Or two.  As Yinaya neared, she was already smiling as she looked over the little creature he was holding up. “This why you were missing?” Obviously, but she said it in such a cutsie way – like she was talking to the wher and not Fisk.

Ripples trilled in curiosity and Rantasyth craned her neck closer, though she didn’t actually move closer since she was still strapped with some supplies.

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