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Author Topic: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event  (Read 535 times)

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Despite a brief break in the almost constant rain, Southern Winds’ monsoon season had returned in full force. Though still warm, the day’s heavy precipitation had been driven throughout by a light if persistent wind, making drilling and outdoor chores alike a less than attractive proposition for those not wishing to be soaked to the bone.

Unfortunately for the Fishers and riders, the Weyr wasn’t going to feed itself. Not that things had been optimistically abundant, particularly for the last few months; more and more, it was becoming apparent that the Cove and southern side of Fort Island couldn’t sustain the sheer amount of people and dragonkin that needed to eat from it. Though their diet was supplemented heavily by the hunting that Jungle Wing did every day for wherry past the walls of the volcano, and the best efforts of the Beastcrafters, fish was still the primary source of protein.

And if the fish ran out… well, some would remember how bad the food shortages once were at Fort Hold.

So to say the mood of the Fisher Hall was subdued would be accurate. Most of the nets and traps that had been cast out had come up empty, or nearly so. Which meant that when a particular small boat out in the lagoon rocked precariously with the weight of what was in its net, the Fishers manning it had thought it snagged on a rock—or more disastrously, that perhaps they’d disturbed a Beach Snake lurking toward the bottom of the water.

The thrashing only worsened as they hauled up the net, drawing anxious cries from the Journeymen. “Unhook it!” “Whatever it is, kill it already!” “It’s going to sink the boat!” Another of the boats on the water, hearing the trouble, even started rowing over—but by the time they drew near enough to see what was going on, it was already over.

There were already three plated, grey bodies oozing fluid into the bottom of the boat, soaking the Fishers’ boots and staring lifelessly at the washed out, crying sky. Jaws now slack and fins still tangled in the netting, they looked like monsters with their pearly serrated teeth and thick, powerful bodies.

The next series of events all happened in a flurry:  hurried conversations among the Fishers; the trip back to shore, as quick as the could against the wind and choppy water; dragging the dead creatures up the beach; an enterprising Journeyman who started to gut the first right there on the sand to prevent the meat from spoiling; excited muttering. Even some of the Beach and Prairie riders moved over to see what all the fuss was about, and marvel at the quickly-nicknamed “sharpfish”.

That was, until things came to a stop. One of the older Fishers—who once, a quarter of a century ago, had hailed from a now-fallen Crafthall—caught the wrist of the Journeyman doing the gutting with an anguished expression. “What are you doing?! Those are shipfish.”

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They’re coming for you, Barbara.

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Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2017, 05:50:40 PM »
Fisk hadn't been nearby, and it had only been the slow build of raised voices that broke him away from his works. His nets and traps too, were coming up empty, they all knew that things were getting desperate, and so he had been working a little harder, how it was possible for someone who lived for his craft? Who knows, but he did it anyways.

His eyes sought out the group, and he walked quickly over towards the commotion, shouldering his way to the front of the crowd and staring down at what was happening. "What's going on here?" Fisk asked before he heard the words, shipfish and sharpfish echo around him.

The fisher had never seen one closely before, the Dolphineer Crafthall on the Southern Continent had been the ones that were close to the dolphins, and they had rarely travelled so far north to Tillek to visit the fisher crafthall. His only knowledge was from texts, records, and one far off glimpse on the shores of the Fisher hall, when he had been younger, but this didn't seem to match the records, too... scary, too monstrous.

"Did we manage to save anything from the Dolphineer Hall?" He asked those few that hailed from the craft, if they could confirm, or... not confirm, that these were true shipfish or not, then they would be able to proceed. "We don't know these are shipfish," Fisk said firmly when someone tried to argue with him. The words and we need all the food we can get were left unsaid.

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Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2017, 11:30:38 AM »
Yaina was playing around those of the Fisher Hall once again under the watchful eye of one of the Fishers that has taken a liking to her. He had set her up with that task of "mending broken nets" (unusable rope to play with) so she was happy and felt useful. She was so happy she even hummed a little tune to herself.

The sudden noise wouldn't normally draw her attention as Fishers were quite a rowdy bunch, but the noise of something being caught sparked her curiosity. She put down the "nets", picked up hers with the full intent of helping and slipped away from the Fisher before he noticed she was gone.

Her excitement grew with the excitement of the crowd and hope of trying out a different kind of fish blossomed in her heart. She hurried closer to the center of the noise. Then there were a bunch of shouts of sharpfish and a small feeling of hesitation overcame her as the Fishers went from full excitement to one hesitating. She did not quite understand what that meant, but she knew that not everyone was happy so she was not happy.

Wiggling her way to see the fish, her eyes widened. They were beautiful creatures. Her friends hadn't told her about them, but they had told her of beautiful creatures that guarded the water like Dragons the Sky and Whers the mine. Her friends would laugh and dance in the curling waves of the sand at her feet and sing the song of winged creatures gliding joyously beneath the waves. Dangerous creatures that moved the very ocean and stopped her from searching for them by pulling her under the waves and nearly drowning her every single time. She kept a safe distance from the thought of trying to find them as she understood not everyone liked being disturbed.

Yet, here they were now. Their wings smaller and many more like all of the fish and hardy and scary looking like the Dragons and Whers. And everyone wanted to eat them. Yaina bursted into tears at the thought. She may not know what a Dolphin is or even guess if it is one or if it is just a NEW threat to them, but her imagination combined with the desperate halting from one of the Fishers has taken a hard hold on her mind.

She starts to bump into people and cry-talking at them. "We can't eat them. We can't eat the Dragons. Why are we eating Dragons?" She is obviously hysterical and obviously has no clue what is going on.

Offline Sayel

Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2017, 12:52:54 PM »
Sayel had been sent to work at the Cove and was learning how to scale fish when the boat came in with a lot of excitement. Like the rest of the people around her everyone was excited and made their way to see what was going on. What she saw was a big long gray fish. With dangerous teeth. The healer in her noted that those teeth would shred anyone who got to close. The slim woman stared at the fish curiously, wondering if she could touch them.

Someone said Shipfish and she frowned. She knew, vagely what those were. Her parents had been from Tillik, and while she'd been two when they'd died, the name was familiar in some way. Eating Shipfish wasn't a good thing. The thing was, this had sharper teeth than anything she'd ever seen but a dragon or a wher. Her gold flit popped in closer to it and sniffed at the creature from the air before darting back to Sayel.

Offline Roxalin

Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2017, 04:38:49 PM »
The day had started off well. Roxalin always enjoyed the days she got to be in the boat instead of gutting catch or repairing lines. All very important work but actually being on the water was far more enjoyable! A task she hadn't gotten to indulge as much since taking on the new role of candidate. Feeling the gentle sway of the boat, the sun overhead, it was the sort of day that would normally lift the woman's spirits. Only so far this day had been a lost cause. The lines not getting nibbles and the nets coming up empty one after another. Cascade was not so flush that they could afford a bad string of luck on the sea. Not if everyone wanted to keep enjoying full bellies.

While there was usually a bit of foul mouthed but good spirited shit talk with her fellow fishers things had fallen silent. No doubt everyone in her boat recalling leaner times and worrying they might be coming back ‘round. It meant when a commotion arose across the water it broke the uneasy quiet. Nets were pulled up and all hands help get to shore. By the time they finished pulling the boat up a safe distance there was already a crowd gathered. Words like ‘shipfish’ and ‘sharpfish’ muttered among the excitement and the worry.

Though she was small Roxalin jostled close enough to get a brief look. Plated hide, sharp nasty looking teeth….but scorch it they were no tiny catch! If the meat wasnt total ash they might just have another thing to put on the tables… Roxalin had never seen a shipfish. She was too young and the stories were distant enough she wasnt about to put much stock in legend. But food? Real food that could fill bellies? Now THAT was something worth it’s weight!

Unfortunately one of the older crafters seemed to grow frantic and halt the journeyman. The commotion raising a few degrees as an older Journeyman-Fisk-stepped in to try and restore order. They wouldn't...they couldn't NOT eat the bloody things right? Did no one recall the starving time at Fort?! “Bloody fish are food not friends” Roxalin growled under her breath, unable to hide her annoyance as she stepped back. In the initial excitement she’d melted into the crowd but it was never her favorite place to be. Instead the brunette preferred the fringe, where she could watch things unfold without the suffocating feeling of so many people…

Moving back she felt the bump of a small child as well as the frantic-and rather insane cry-about eating dragons. Roxalin could help scowling as she reached out to steady  that anxious crechling. One she’d seen lingering about the shore a time or two. “Steady there minnow no one's eating any bloody dragons” Roxa assured Yaina in a soft but stern voice. Ash! They should be celebrating! A new animal that was both food and not actively trying to kill them? A bloody miracle!

Offline Droissa

Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #5 on: August 11, 2017, 06:40:12 PM »
Given her druthers, Droissa figured she’d rather have opted for inside chores. Monsoon season didn’t make the work with the fishers pleasant at all, and even the sight of the sandy beach wasn’t enough to lift her spirits today. Yes, she expected to get wet, but there was a difference between the gentle drag of the current around her legs and this unending assault on every available surface. She felt waterlogged, her arms were stiff from dragging nets and clearing debris, she really wasn’t in a good mood.

Things were about to get worse.

The commotion out on the water was hard to spot from shore, but the way the boats were moving was enough of a signal to suggest something wasn’t quite right. With one vessel aiding the other, Droissa was about to run for the weyr. She didn’t want a repeat of new year’s.

No alarm was signalled, however, and she felt a little stupid. Still, the fishers were headed back to shore with speed and determination. Something was up and she was curious to find out what exactly.

With no sign of immediate danger, Dro joined the throng of people waiting to assist the unloading of the skifs. She wasn’t alone in how she stood on her tiptoes or angled her way around bodies in front of her to see just exactly what was going on. Very quickly the answer was met as a smattering of voices began to repeat the same few words. Shipfish, did they say shipfish? Sharpfish? No, someone definitely said shipfish. Droissa’s heart surged and she fought her way through the crowd to get her own look.

She knew they’d find people again. Everything her mom had said was true, her family would be able to reclaim their craft and she could stop worrying about getting mauled by Red dragons.

Grinning, she finally wiggled her way between two burly fishers.

The creatures, whatever they were, still wept blood from their wounds. Her delighted eyes met empty ones, devoid of life, and the candidate couldn’t help but inhale with a sobbed gasp. “How could you?” She whispered, not really to anyone, not loud enough to be heard really. If she tried to be heard she knew she’d scream.

The crowd jostled her back away from the gap, but that was probably for the best.

Offline Vicymus

Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #6 on: August 12, 2017, 07:58:22 PM »
Despite the heavy rain and lack of fish, Vicky’s mood wasn’t nearly as subdued as those of the other Fishers—not that it ever was, even when other people thought it should be. He was perfectly happy to work amid the downpour anyway; as he saw it, odds were he was already going to get wet regardless. What did it matter if the source of the water came from the sky or the sea?

So he’d been humming cheerfully to himself while dragging in nets and helping to check the traps in the shallows. The lack of fish in so many of them was troubling, sure—but Vicymus had the utmost faith in the Journeymen and Masters of his Hall that they’d find a solution. Especially since the Southern Hope was due to be finished sooner rather than later, they wouldn’t have to struggle along with these empty nets for long. With new fishing spots opening up to them around the perimeter of the island, surely things wouldn’t be so bad.

At least, that’s how he saw it.

But for all he was actually trying to focus and work today, given the mood everyone else was in, he was still easily and readily distracted by the commotion out in the lagoon, and then further down the beach as some of the boats returned to shore. It would be surprising to no one, then, that Vicky was one of the first to cluster around the boats to see what his fellow Fishers had caught.

The sight that met him was sad, in a way; no matter how fearsome they might look, the creatures dead on the sand were gorgeous things. Their skin varying patterns of white, silver, grey, black, blue, they were as pretty as any wher or dragon. They did make him think of the stories his mother had told him of shipfish… but these surely weren’t, right? No matter what some of the more scandalized voices around him were saying?

As much as Vicky might regret that the beasts were dead… they did need food. And if they hadn’t tried to speak to the humans that had caught them in the nets, surely that meant they weren’t actually shipfish, even if there was a resemblance?


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Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #7 on: August 12, 2017, 09:01:44 PM »
C’ace tried, when he could, to work alongside Vicy. It wasn’t playing favorites, per say, it’s just that they generally got along. As it were, there just wasn’t much for the dragon riders to do of late. Fishing was becoming a bit scarce. So while he and Reesskith waited dutifully on the beach should any nets need hauled in with some dragon assistance, thus far they were just… standing around.

Dutifully, of course.

But C’ace was bored and idly toeing at the sand near enough to his brother. Not even really watching him because that was proving to be boring too. Even Reesskith had stopped standing and was not on his belly in the sand. At least his head was still head up. Guard duty wasn’t their responsibility though – he was just waiting for a boat or something, anything to happen.

When stuff finally started to happen, neither Reesskith or C’ace were the first, second, or fifth to react. It wasn’t a boat that needed them, so he wasn’t exactly quick to respond. As far as he was concerned, it was some overly excited fishers about some boat. It wasn’t until Reesskith nosed at him and Vicy moved away from where they were that he decided playing in the sand with his boot wasn’t as fun as going to see what was going on.

Dead fish on the beach. Woo. What was all the fuss about? C’ace shot a confused look at his dragon before he started looking for his Wingleader. If this disagreement started to turn south like the last one, he wanted M’rek to tell him what to do. As far as C’ace was concerned, it was a dead fish. What was the fuss about?

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Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #8 on: August 13, 2017, 05:26:49 PM »
Fisk's face hardened as the situation got a little more... complicated, he heard gasps of dismay, and a cry from a small child that he couldn't see. As far as he was concerned, this wasn't a shipfish, but if people were going to be up and arms about it, the least he could do was try to prevent another riot.

To the three original fishers, those who had pulled the sharpfish from their nets, he spoke in a low tone, so that the general murmurs of the crowd wouldn't all be able to hear him. "Take them into the hall out of sight, make sure you leave the two in tact." They needed to be able to figure out what they actually were and he needed to hear their story, make sure that everything that had happened was documented and understood.

If they weren't shipfish, that had a sharding lot of meat on them, and without it, Fisk wasn't sure whether the fishers would be able to sustain the Weyr. They'd be back on hard rations, and there were many that remember what people turned to when food was low.

He stepped towards the older ex-dolphineer who had stepped in to halt the butcher. "I need you to get records, find the rest of your craft, the ones who remember, I'll get Phenust, and then we can all talk about what we have to do."

And if they were shipfish... then so be it. Animals died all the time. Regardless of their supposed sentience, things died, and the fishers didn't have enough boats to just allow them to sink because of a thrashing shipfish.

"Alright everyone, we all need to get back to work." Having a bunch of young children, and those uneducated in the craft would be useless. No one had voiced their opinion loudly yet, bar the older dolphineer, and he was the only one nearby that Fisk could see that deserved one. But it was not a conversation to be had out in the open, where anyone, knowledge or no could contribute. Fisk needed to find Phenust.

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Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #9 on: August 24, 2017, 10:34:51 PM »
This kind of a mess wasn’t the sort of thing M’rek had in mind for the day. Things had been, well… typical for most of it, filled with the usual work, weather, and vaguely tense tedium as he and the other larger dragonpairs in Beach Wing combed the Cove and the water beyond for any sign of Beach Snakes. Unlike with the at least partial predictability of flying Thread formations, guarding the Fishers and other riders was hit or miss; some days—the best days, but also the most boring ones—nothing happened at all. Others, disaster could strike at a moment’s notice as it had at the start of the turn, in the attack that had killed Iradin and so many others.

So when there had first been a commotion going up around one of the boats—and then the beach itself—M’rek had feared the worst. Polanth, too, had tensed in the riding straps, curving around in a tight arc to angle back toward where the shouting was coming from. The sight that greeted them was better at least, in that there was no obvious sign of snakes.

But what were those large, dark shapes on the deck of that boat?

I’m going to land so you can get a closer look.

Not wanting to be in the way, the large Bronze touched down further along the length of the beach, sand spraying up around his feet as his weight settled on the ground. And with practiced ease, M’rek unbuckled himself from the saddle and slid down off Polanth’s shoulder, his long strides quickly taking him over toward where a small crowd had gathered around the strange catch hauled up on the sand. He even caught C’ace’s eye as he passed, nodding to him briefly since the other man seemed to have been looking for him.

From the mutters around him, M’rek gathered that there was some debate as to whether or not these were shipfish. The crowd itself seemed split on the subject—some apparently buzzing with excitement at the prospect of another large foodsource, and others anguished at the idea that they had killed creatures so friendly to the Pernese in the past.

M’rek wasn’t a Dolphineer. He wasn’t a Fisher, either, and this was hardly his area of expertise. In all his life, he’d never seen a shipfish; but whether or not these were didn’t really matter at now, when the demeanor of the crowd seemed to be getting more complicated. Uglier. So he was happy to hear one of the Journeyman Fishers take charge of his fellow Crafters, issuing orders to them in an attempt to disperse those gathered without further conflict.

So he addressed himself to the other riders that had gathered nearby as well, gesturing to the sleek, dark bodies on the sand. “Help the Fishers get them into the Hall. Then get back to work. We can all speculate about what these are after work is done for the day.”

And if any of his riders were going to stand around to gawk, he’d firmly turn them back to the tasks at hand.

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Re: Look at the Teeth on that Thing [ 16.8.2590; 5:15 PM ] || Event
« Reply #10 on: October 05, 2017, 12:50:36 AM »
"Nothin' to it. Just keep your hand against it, then loop the whatsie through the doovalacky and then just-" Vickmarra tugged firmly at the rope with a soft grunt, a sound more because she had been talking and cut off too quick to not make a noise than any actual effort in the motion. "Tadaa! Easier than baitin' a hook." She proclaimed, holding the small trap out to the gathered apprentices with a face-splitting grin.

Without any further warning, she tossed it to the closest youngster, before doing a quick shoing motion with her hand. "Pop it down now. Should be able to catch somethin' now that the hole's gone." She explained with a  chuckle, paying little mind to the puzzlement on their faces as they tried to understand exactly what she had shown them.

There was a reason Vickmarra wasn't a teacher… She never really did something the same way twice, and it had only been because of the struggle they'd been experiencing as of late that had her trying to teach a few tricks of the trade to the youngsters tasked with helping with the day-to-day fishing. How much they actually managed to glean was an entirely different story.

Any further questions that may have been forthcoming were pushed to the wayside, however, with the commotion starting on the sand a little way away.

She arrived in time to hear the anguished statement, and having only the vaguest recollection of such a creature from a childhood many turns ago she found herself drawn forward, creases lining her forehead as her face contorted into an expression it rarely had reason to - a frown.

It was definitely not the most glorious of sites to be met with, three carcasses each large enough to compete with that of the larger wher's and varying shades of colour despite the blood that marred them. She tried, for a moment, to picture them in the water, a fuzzy overlay for the companion now long lost at a small hold now well and truly gone, but could find no comparison. She listened to the exclamations around her, the words "Sharpfish" and "Shipfish" used interchangeably by the various people who had suddenly become experts in what was and was not applicable to the hall her father had once hailed from.

But there was no comparison between the pointy toothed, armoured beasts, no mention of any attempt to communicate with the fishers who had hauled them in. Shipfish were meant to assist fishers in their hauls, but the dominating statements seemed to be that these were not doing that. They didn't reach out to communicate as the shipfish in her bedtime stories had, nor did they show anything but aggression towards those pulling them up. Surely a shipfish would have communicated, and surely they would have done so before now. Fish were fish. And food was food.

She turned to Fisk when he spoke, the frown deepening for a moment as he indicated that they needed to return to work. He was right, of course, and shipfish or not, there was nothing to be done about the dead  creatures being moved back towards the hold. What more was there for her to do than listen to him?

"Vicky!" The affection to her voice would be hard to miss, and there was every possibility that the exuberance of it may cause some irritation, particularly from those who were caught up on the idea that the Sharpfish were, in fact, Shipfish. But Vi didn't concern herself with anyone else, striding towards her son with little care about whether some might deem it inappropriate.

The fish were dead. They would help alleviate the food issue in weyr and hold. Fisk had said they should return to work, and sitting around arguing about who's right and wrong seemed far less entertaining than finding out how the apprentice had been faring.

"Faring any better on your side of the lagoon?" She asked him, the accompanying hug the sort one would expect to see between two people who hadn't last seen eachother that morning.

When she pulled away, she gave his arm a quick squeeze before turning back towards her designated fishing area for the day. There were nets that needed repairing and she could easily do that while catching up with Vicymus. Chances were something of a more relaxed attitude to the rest of the days fishing would be easily missed in light of the events thus far, and company was always preferable to woking on one's own, rain or otherwise.

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