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Author Topic: Sharpfish  (Read 494 times)

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« on: August 10, 2017, 05:06:11 PM »

Contained is all the known information of these mysterious aquatic creatures first discovered by the Fisher Crafthall on 16.08.2590.

Commissioned art by cweinman of deviantart for use on SWW only

The Basics

Not discovered until 2590 when Fishers hauled them up in their nets, little is known about these sea creatures. Originally without a name, since there are no records of previous interactions with them, they quickly earned the moniker of “sharpfish”, both as a play on “shipfish”—which some believe they resemble—and their sharp teeth. Powerfully muscled, mature sharpfish range anywhere between 4-7 meters; they are primarily shades of grey or silver in coloration, but may stray more toward blue, white, or black depending on the individual. Some may also have subtle markings—such as spots, stripes, barring, or underbelly variations—along their bodies, fins, and tails. Their skin is sleek and smooth, but they do possess some protective, armor-like plating.

Little is known about how sharpfish hunt, but it is presumed that they are carnivorous in nature due to the shape and sharpness of their serrated teeth. Their diet likely consists of fish, though whether they also consume each other or even Beach Snakes is as yet unknown.

--- Social Organization
For now, very little information is known about sharpfish social organization. Due to the fact that a handful of what appear to be adults were caught at one time in the Fishers’ nets, it seems likely that they live in groups rather than as solitary hunters. The true structure of these groups with relation to family, rank, and function, however, are still unknown.

--- Interaction
To date, their only observed interaction with human and dragonkind has been getting caught in nets, likely from pursuing schools of fish being harvested by the Fisherhall. While they made violent attempts to escape the nets before being killed, few conclusions can be drawn from what little has been learned about them. Current speculation posits that they were previously unknown since their gills mean they do not need to surface for air, and they may naturally hunt deeper and further out to sea than Fisher watercrafts have currently been able to venture. They may have been driven into the Cove out of desperation, as humans and dragons alike have overfished the waters on the southern side of Fort Island.

--- Controversy
There are those, especially among Fishers and other Crafters, who have mixed feelings about the weyr’s official decision to hunt and consume these creatures. While overfishing near the Cove has made the call a necessary one, rather than simply a decision of convenience, the resemblance of sharpfish to the fabled dolphins leaves some individuals uneasy with the call. However, since none of the sharpfish encountered so far have exhibited any particular form of sentience or telepathy, many believe they are simply another organism unique to the region of Fort Island, much like the Hunters and Snakes, and are thus unrelated to the shipfish that haven’t been seen since the Ninth Pass.
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