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Author Topic: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya  (Read 442 times)

Offline Y'vis

Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:15:23 AM »
The fireplace was empty in the corner, abandoned somewhere near the end of winter, if it could be called such a thing. No snow fell, and the air was still full of moisture, barely even passing for gloomy fall weather back home. Now that summer was approaching, the humidity was out in force, eating away at the protective layer on his leathers. Y’vis sat by the fireplace with a handful of brushes and a tin of beeswax, repairing his leathers for the second time that month. Come summer, and fall, when the rains fell near constant, he’d be repeating the process even more often. Sometimes he did hate it here.

The rest of the hall was mostly quiet - though there was little of that at Southern either. There wasn’t the space for it. Some of Jungle were perched over plates of food, and really the saddle could have waited till the evening, but Y’vis was not enamoured with the idea of riding with a saddle strap that might snap in a maneuver, now or in the future. The hunts put strain on their gear as much as the weather. So lunch was a luxury for another time.

There is always time to eat. sent Xnyeth from the ledge above the weyrbowl. He sent an image of a grizzled wherry flank to accentuate the point, effectively removing any appetite Y’vis had been trying to suppress. Y’vis sent another image of him falling from the saddle into the forest below, and Xnyeth huffed. I would catch you. Even so, the bronze’s presence faded as he returned to gnawing on his lunch.

Y’vis returned to the task, his own weathered hands working the leather, brushing the wax into the pores.  He kept one eye on his work, though truthfully he would know it in his sleep after so many years of practice, and the other on his wingmates. The weyr hall’s alcoves were meant for relaxation, and someone might protest him cluttering them with work, but he’d rather not risk losing track of time in the satisfaction of a job well done back in his own weyr. He also was more likely to run into Aya here, while the wings were in for lunch. She’d been awfully quiet, perhaps too quiet, which was both suspicious and worrisome. Though her doting did occasionally make him feel fragile as glass and older than a long extinct tome, there was comfort in its familiarity.

Perhaps you should injure yourself again, suggested Xnyeth. I could conveniently drop you.

// That won’t be necessary, // replied Y’vis, scanning the tables again for any signs of his sister’s effervescent presence. // Tell me if you see Rantasyth. //

As you wish, Xnyeth sent, once again returning to the wherry leg, though Y'vis had the distinct impression the dragon wasn't looking very hard.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@SanctifiedSavage Have at it! Y'vis will probably want to congratulate / intimidate Fisk in person too (with Aya there for supervision reasons), but that's drama for anther thread <3
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Offline Yinaya

Re: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 01:46:35 AM »
There were very few things constant in Yinaya’s life. For the longest time, she’d believed Thread Fall would be one of those things. That had largely impacted how she’d interacted with the world – closing herself off, putting her head down, and being the best dragon rider she could be.

Dragon Rider. That had all but defined her. Oiling her dragon. Tending her gear. Feeding herself so she could continue with her duty to the weyr. It was her life, but it wasn’t really living. In a way, Yinaya had been afraid to be anything more. After getting through weyrling training and the reality of what she was entering into was opened up to her, letting people into her life seemed cruel. Losing family was only proof of that.

How could she get close to anyone – the children she’d had – and experience that loss over and over? But the end of the Pass opened up and entirely new world and, in a way, allowed Yinaya to flourish. To open up. Funnily enough, only three short turns and she’d found herself head over heels for a Fisher. Who said love was only for the young?

Now that Thread now longer fell, there were only two constants that held over from the Pass – barring Ratansyth. Her brothers. L’kan and Y’vis. Both older, though that had never stopped Yinaya from feeling like she had to look out for them and not the other way around. Especially since Y’vis had given her quite the fright and had tried to get himself killed a time or two. Though Yinaya was hardly without injury herself, just none as severe as Y’vis’.

She made her way into the Weyrhall for lunch, along with the rest of her wing, but she didn’t seek to join them. Instead, her attention wandered over to Jungle. While she definitely didn’t belong in that particular wing, she didn’t mind bothering them now and then. Especially since her brother had insisted on his dutiful attendance in it. When she didn’t see him at the main table Jungle occupied, her attention wandered the alcoves until she found him working.

Anyone else might have thought she’d be nervous with her news but Yinaya was just… excited. Happy. And why wouldn’t she be? Fisk wanted to marry her, her brothers were still alive, what could possibly go wrong? It didn’t occur to her at all that Y’vis might be unhappy she, a dragon rider, was going to get married because, really, what did it matter?

So, with a smile of greeting, Yinaya sauntered up to her brother before sliding into one of the seats across from him. Unmindful of all his clutter, she just moved enough to claim some space for herself. “Have you had something to eat yet?” she asked, eyeing him skeptically. Yinaya was certain he’d be lost without her.

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Offline Y'vis

Re: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2017, 09:36:33 AM »
Some small measure of relief crossed his features when Yinaya displaced his aging tools to make space beside him. With the worry gone, the suspicion remained, perhaps she was planning to spring a healer on him for an exam and had been trying to hide it. She did look happy though, happy as he’d seen her in a while. Happy was good.

“Just got here,” he replied, which was a blatant lie given his entrenched position. Putting down the brush and tin of wax, he rummaged among his supplies for a small package of dried berries and nuts - the kind he kept for snacks while out on a hunt. In fact, exactly the type he kept for such things, given he was cleaning his saddle. Ignoring the now slightly oily fingerprints on the leather, he grabbed a nut and offered the satchel in a most unappetising fashion. Were he consuming a proper meal it might be different, but having properly ordered gear was of far higher importance. And besides…

“I’ve had tea.”

Even as he said it he struggled to keep a straight face. Y’vis sighed, already accepting his fate in being force fed something more substantial in given time. She was right too, younger riders might be able to get away with skipping meals, but he couldn’t afford it, not really.

“You’re in later than usual. Something keeping the wing busy?” he asked, arching an eyebrow. He figured he might have to pry deeper for any real information, but at least it might distract her from his shortcomings, at least for a short while.

See if you can’t get anything out of Rantasyth, he sent, though he expected the request to fall on deaf ears.

In good time, replied the bronze, his indifference palpable. What exaclty should I be asking about?

Y'vis wasn't sure himself, and he would rather Aya told him herself, in her own time. Nevermind, eat your lunch.

Offline Yinaya

Re: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2017, 12:56:52 PM »
When Y’vis remarked that he’d just arrived, Yinaya looked around her to show that was a lie. Not that such a playful remark bothered her. If anything, it prompted a snorted laugh before she actually laughed when he added he’d had tea. Like that was some sort of balanced meal.

Because it wasn’t. Him and his damned tea. Though she’d never fault anyone or their hobbies, she did find it amusing he thought it was some sort of substitute for meat and vegetables. With a small huff, and a smile, she slid back to her feet and moved away. Toward the meal line, where she collected a tray and what was available for lunch that day. Fried mushrooms, grilled wherry, and small rolls. All that could be made with the limited bread on the island. But enough for the both of them and certainly a more substantial meal than ‘tea’.

Yinaya returned to the nook with the tray and made space for the meal, leaning to kiss Y’vis’ cheek before she muttered, “Tea is not lunch.” Like she might to a much younger brother.

Once she was settled and everything right in the moment, she picked up a roll and broke it in half so she could load it with the meat and mushrooms for a sort of sandwich. “Nothing out of the ordinary,” Yinaya answered, knowing he’d not let go of his previous question until she did answer it. Which was all fine too.

Before she took a bite out of her makeshift sandwich, Yinaya peered at her brother. “Though, I do have some good news on my own end.” She paused, considered how best to deliver it, before she went with blunt and straightforward. “So, I hadn’t really thought to mention it before because, well… “ Because that sort of thing wasn’t the sort you shared with your siblings. Now, though… “But I’ve been… seeing… a crafter. A Fisher.” Yinaya paused to take a bite and chew slowly, letting that part sink in.

Rantasyth, much like many of her wingmates, had opted for a fishy lunch and was not down with her mouthful of helpings. Now, she was settled in the weyrbowl for an idle nap as she waited for her rider.

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Offline Y'vis

Re: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2017, 07:08:43 AM »
Aya, predictably, was far from convinced by his half hearted excuses. She left him with a laugh to collect something more substantial than ‘lunch in a cup’, though if Y’vis was being honest he truly wasn’t that hungry. Even so, he offered her a smile as she set it down on the table - his saddle forgotten for now - and placed a kiss upon his cheek.

“Thank you,” he said, letting his task leave the forefront of his mind. Aya was in many ways his better half, though he may not admit as much often, lest he give her more ammunition. “Tea is not lunch.”

As a showing of good faith, he waited for Aya to select hers, then picked up a couple of the mushrooms as morsels before making a proper meal of the rolls and wherry. While limited in scope, it had been well seasoned by the kitchens, making for a better showing than a bit of wiry wherry meat might otherwise have. There was a small amount of pride in eating something he had helped catch too.

Aya was being more obtuse than usual - that was normally his job. He took a bite from the roll to prove he was eating it, in case she was intent on seeing him devour half the food stores before giving him a straight answer. Her sheepish expression didn’t indicate anything of the sort however, and very quickly bluntness won out. Y’vis nearly choked, the wherry catching in the back of his throat. He had to swallow hard, his eyes watering, which at least gave him a convenient moment to collect himself.

“A Fisher?” he repeated, again buying time for him to process. Aya like any of them from the weyr had had her share of relationships, but Y’vis hadn’t been aware she’d been looking for anything more serious, certainly not with someone from outside the weyr. If they’d been at any other time and place it simply wouldn’t have happened, though now they weyr and hold were almost one in the same. That didn’t mean the holders were weyrfolk though, nor that all tradition should be thrown out the window.

Y’vis to his credit had managed to regain some semblance of a straight face, though his eyes narrowed slightly. “Which Fisher?”

Y'vis had a wealth of other questions, but that seemed the most basic to establish.
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Offline Yinaya

Re: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« Reply #5 on: September 02, 2017, 03:51:42 AM »
Yinaya nodded a little to herself when her dear brother actually selected something to eat. Like she thought he might. Were he in a difficult mood, that might’ve happened. If that were the case, Yinaya was not above making it a point of contention. He’d eat, and she’d damn well see to it.

But he did without fuss, so she took another bite and chewed. Savoring it even though the flavors weren’t the best. Meat was always welcomed though. Red meat.

His reaction, and choking question, did make her smile once she’d swallowed. Overly pleased to get a rise out of him, even if it was in response to the fact she was seeing a Fisher. All in good fun. It certainly hadn’t occurred to Yinaya that it’d really be a problem. After all, Y’vis and his bedmates were his concern. Who Yinaya actually invited into her life was hers – she just wanted him to be happy too.

No reason he shouldn’t be.

Maybe she was being overly optimistic.

That he asked ‘which’ and not ‘why’ was surely a good sign. She waved her roll a little before she answered, “Fisk.” There was not any part of Yinaya that thought he’d know who Fisk was. Why would he? Jungle generally had no reason to cross paths with the beach, at all. Then, before he could dwell too much on that name, she dumped the rest of the news on his lap, “He asked me to marry him.”

Just like that. She took another bite, smiling a little as she chewed.

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Offline Y'vis

Re: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« Reply #6 on: September 07, 2017, 09:24:00 PM »
Fisk. Like fish? The name meant nothing to Y’vis, though he did idly muse the boy’s parents must have been aiming him down that path from a young age. Fraternising with Fishers was just what happened in Prairie Wing he supposed, the wing and the hall walked closely with each other. Very closely, evidently.

Yinaya looked all too smug for having dropped this news on him, and had she not been so sheepish at first he might have thought she’d done it on purpose. He was almost convinced again when she said the word marry, causing him to nearly inhale his tea. The choking and spluttering was a good distraction, he supposed, if undignified.

“Marry?” he repeated again, mildly annoyed he couldn’t manage anything more articulate. Blinking back tears from the coughing fit, he composed himself a little more, again acclimatising himself to the idea. They were weyrfolk, marriage wasn’t something any of them really entered into, it was unorthodox, going completely against tradition, improper, simply not done.

“And I suppose you said yes?” Y’vis asked, still relatively straight faced, slightly flushed cheeks from the coughing fit notwithstanding. She wouldn’t be grinning like a feline with the cream if she’d said no. She looked happier than she had in quite some time, and it was with a pang of sadness Y’vis noted her couldn’t make her happy like that.

“And he makes you happy?” It was more a rhetorical question than anything, but he wanted to hear her say it nevertheless.

Offline Yinaya

Re: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« Reply #7 on: September 07, 2017, 09:42:37 PM »
Yinaya’s expression twisted some in concern when he had a coughing fit. Well, maybe it was unfair of her to drop it on him like that. Mouthful of liquid and all. When he repeated the word, she nodded a little. Still chewing.

While she would agree that ‘getting married’ was definitely not a ‘weyr’ thing, she also was of the mind that it didn’t really hurt anyone to become a party to Holder traditions. It made Fisk happy and Yinaya liked making him happy. If that meant getting married, she could go along with it. It might not ever have the same significance to her, but that was all the more reason she had no reason to say no.

When he asked if she’d said yes, Yinaya nodded again. She let her chin rest on her hand, smiling a little at her brother. “Yeah, I did. That’s the whole reason I’m here. Thought you should know, being my loving brother and all.” Yinaya looked at the remaining food as she added, “I’d like you to actually meet him. Say hello and all that. Since you’re both rather important to me.”

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Offline Y'vis

Re: Good News Week [16.04.2590 / 12PM] Yanaya
« Reply #8 on: September 21, 2017, 06:47:08 AM »
Y’vis maintained a straight face for a moment more before breaking into a smile. “Well then, as your loving brother, I’d be amiss if I didn’t meet the man.” Meet, interrogate, intimidate if he was lucky. He was practically obliged to. It wasn’t because the man was a crafter, any man looking to build a future with his sister would be subject to the same scrutiny. “I’ll go easy on him, I promise.”

There was little doubt before he’d even asked that she was happy. Even if some of it might come from his discomfort, there was no denying the effect this mysterious Fisk had on her. Provided the man wasn’t a dangerous thug, he was certainly not going to try and stand in the way.

“I’m happy for you, Aya,” he said, smiling again and making the corners of his eyes crinkle. Let there be no doubt, he’d be a lousy brother if he dampened her mood. The food was more or less forgotten by this point. “Congratulations.”


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